Anyone had any experience of Teka fridge freezers?

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reastie Tue 08-Jan-13 18:38:43

Never heard of them before but our kitchen design independent shop has quoted/used them in our plan. We are having a German kitchen fitted so maybe they're a German make <clueless>.

Tried googling but didn't come back with alot of obvious things about them so just wondered if anyone here had any experience if they are decent/worth getting?

PigletJohn Tue 08-Jan-13 18:51:00

seen this?

reastie Tue 08-Jan-13 18:54:06

Excellent, thanks piglet , don't look too great, but might be OK if they are cheap. WIll investigate prices

MJ73 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:13:25


I am going through a similar dilemma. Have bought a new kitchen (German) and the company has incorporated all Teka appliances into the package. I hadn't heard of them either, so I did a bit of searching. The link PigletJohn has sent through is very very old - years old in fact - so i ruled it out having read it a while back. The only other reviews I could find were overseas and, again, old posts. The designer has assured me that Teka products are excellent - but she would say that, wouldn't she? - and very good value for money. She mentioned that they are owned by Kuppersbusch which supply Masterchef with appliances (I suppose that was supposed to impress me!) and that they have very recently undergone a major revamp. She also told me that they aren't popular or well-known in this country because high street stores don't tend to sell them. They are sold through kitchen design companies - and not the usual high-street kitchen designers either like Magnet. Also, most people buy major brands because they go to big stores like Comet and check out the goods directly (and then probably go home, do some price searching and get a better deal online). So, i figured that the lack of reviews wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I have told my kitchen designer to go ahead with the order, but i have about 3 weeks to make my mind up about the goods (the cupboards take 8 weeks so I didn't want to waste any more time). I have asked to speak to some people who have bought Teka before to gauge whether they are satisfied. I have also sent all the links i could find to the designer to illustrate why I am dithering about the goods and she said that as a company selling high-end kitchens, she wouldn't be selling crap products because it would be bad for her reputation. That makes sense to me, but at the end of the day, i'm the one signing up to it, not her. So, i am still researching........None of that has probably helped you make your decision, but maybe its given you some food for thought. Also, when you consider the number of people buying products and the number of reviews written (ie huge numbers being bought and very few reviews), there is a question whether reviews are that useful as they aren't proportional. Anyway, if you find out anything, please share.

annalouiseh Fri 22-Mar-13 13:01:46

My Dh supplies high end kitchens and has the option for Teka, yet would only ever supply these on a tight budget kitchen.
For him they are very cheap to purchase so the mark up could be why your are being offered these.
Although there owned and produced by Kupperbusch and the chances are if your having a German kitchen it's not the least expensive, go for kupperbusch as these are the higher end of what they supply.
Although you could get Siemens for around or less the same price as kupperbusch.
Its all down to what you want but If your putting in a 10-20k kitchen as you probably are, Teka appliances are on the cheaper side to buy. That does not mean there no good but they might not compliment the spend on the kitchen.

DCIlouisemonroe Fri 22-Mar-13 20:12:15

We had a Teka oven in a house we bought .

It was truly awful and fairly new when we inherited it.

MJ73 Tue 02-Apr-13 22:55:24


thanks for the info. The kitchen isn't massively expensive - about £16k including appliances and quartz worktop (a LOT cheaper than john lewis quoted thats for sure and the kitchen we are getting is fabulous) - and the company has broken down the cost of each item. They told us that they make about £50 mark-up on the appliances. What they didn't say was that Teka is seen as a low-end product. In fact, the kitchen company only sells Teka and Hotpoint appliances. Its a bit odd really because the kitchen company has amazing kitchens yet they only sell those 2 appliance brands. Not quite sure why. They are happy for us to source our own though if we want to go down that route. The kitchen company has negotiated a 5yr guarantee with Teka which is quite a big deal really when you look at other companies where appliances come with standard 2 yr guarantees and you can buy a third year for £60 or something, so i did weigh that up when thinking about the appliances. However, part of me was a bit suspicious about it!!!!Why would we need a 5yr guarantee? Did they have so many problems that the kitchen company was only prepared to continue selling the appliances if they got a good guarantee deal?were things likely to go wrong? I'm still not sure about it all but i'm really not liking Teka that much.....

AliW68 Tue 16-Apr-13 15:58:59

Worth considering the cost of spares/repairs, perhaps? In our new build flat the developer had installed Bosch appliances where they were on show (oven/hob etc) and Teka where they weren't (and we later found out the developer's finances were rather shaky and lots of other hidden corners had been cut, but that's another story).
The plastic surround to the glass shelves in the fridge part of the fridge freezer didn't seem to be strong enough - well ours broke - and the dishwasher basket has always been difficult to use causing the plates to crash against one another. I investigated replacing both items and the cost was silly expensive. Teka's shelf supplier (it transpired Teka didn't make them) produce the whole shelf (glass and plastic surround) as a unit, i.e. you can't have the glass without the plastic and vice versa, which seemed a waste (evidently not that fussed about sustainability at Teka).
Also, although when you Google 'Teka spares' a number of sites come up, all the prices seemed exactly the same and I concluded they were all the same retailer which, if it's correct seems a bit misleading/monopolistic.

AliW68 Tue 16-Apr-13 16:04:46

P.S. Our Teka fridge freezer has just died, I forgot to mention, after five years - might not be that short-lived in today's nolonger-built-to-last world, but I wouldn't expect/want to replace appliances every five years - and a number of other flats in our small development of 19 have already had to replace theirs. No probs with the Bosch things, for what it's worth!

ciarah17 Thu 10-Oct-13 11:30:07

Teka is the WORST appliance company I have come across. I am the second owner of a new build flat (5 years old) which came with Teka appliances. 6 months ago the Teka oven stopped working- wouldn't turn on, heat up etc and last week the integrated fridge-freezer has also stopped working. Complete rubbish considering how long other brands' appliances tend to last. My parents have an american fridge which has is still working after almost 25 years! Best to avoid Teka all together!!

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