Is it a waste of money to put stuff in storage when trying to sell?

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specialsubject Sun 18-Nov-12 13:05:46

YES, do it. No-one wants to buy your dirt, as they say, nor your clutter. When I was buying, houses full of crap treasured possessions also made me think 'this lot will take forever to shift'.

storage costs mount up. Be ruthless, otherwise in a few months you'll be emptying the unit thinking 'why did I pay to store all this?'

it is amazing what sells on ebay.

onesandwichshort Wed 14-Nov-12 18:37:00

We did it, and as ISee said, it made the house look so much better for not that much effort. It doesn't have to be too expensive either - we only needed a smallish one and it was £32/month.

PickledGerkin Wed 14-Nov-12 18:27:36

We did it, we went with a packing box and measured out how many packing boxes wide we could fit and how many high and we got to choose which unit we had.

It made it easier than trying to guess whether the unit was too big or too small. So we knew we could easily fit X number of boxes in it.

It was well worth it as it makes you not look like you are spilling out of your house. We had stuff in storage for about 6 months and it was worth it.

I am also very anal organised, each room had its own colour so pink for the lounge, green for dining room etc.

I cut up the children's coloured paper into squares and attached 5 of them to each box, one on each side and one on the top. It made it easier to find them when they are stacked. Before I attached it I marked it with a black marker pen to know what number box it was.

I had an A5 hard backed notebook and wrote down everything that went into each box. When we moved I knew I should have 8 boxes in the lounge etc.

Good luck with moving, you will need wine

ISeeSmallPeople Wed 14-Nov-12 16:20:42

Under stairs cupboard should have coat rack with, shoe rack ( neither so full that you can't see them), small wine rack ( full is fine, you will need the wine for the viewings, waiting, & stupid feedback, like the house is in the wrong location) & maybe the dyson.

ok, I did go overboard & styled my under stair cupboard

soverylucky Wed 14-Nov-12 16:15:40

Thanks so much - so nice to be told I am right!

We don't have a loft so there really is nowhere. We have a brilliant understairs cupboard that is full to the brim and I think that it would be good to empty this so people will think what a useful space it is.
I am going to do it. Thanks for the tip about labels and spreadsheets.

ISeeSmallPeople Wed 14-Nov-12 16:10:35

Ps. It make the eventual move much easier.

You pack & move only the essentials, & know that everything from storage can be shoved in the garage & dealt with later.

ISeeSmallPeople Wed 14-Nov-12 16:08:51

Oh yes do it.

Empty every cupboard, pack up 2/3 that you don't need on a regular basis, & pack, label carefully & store the rest.

Be very anal about numbering boxes & have a spreadsheet with full contents list, for when you just must find the reindeer antlers for school dressing up day with 24 hours notice

People will look through your cupboards. Anything that is fitted to the house is fair game to be looked in smile

My house looked amazing, so much so I was tempted not to leave, then I looked in storage & remembered why we had to move!

ClareMarriott Wed 14-Nov-12 15:53:12

You don't mention if you have a loft or not so if not, yes try Big Yellow Box or the companies near you and you'll probably get a good deal

7to25 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:58:10

It is money very well spent.
Nothing should have anything on top of it.
I was going to qualify that with phrases about ultra desirable locations, but you have answered that yourself.
All you can do is go in with all guns blazing and if that involves storage, then so be it.

Sinkingfeeling Wed 14-Nov-12 09:45:38

We did this - and it was money well spent! We did have an offer on our house within a couple of weeks of it going on the market though, so we only needed to use storage for around 8 weeks in total. Shop around for deals on storage - ours was half-price for the first 6 weeks I think. We used it not so much for clutter but for large items like a few pieces of furniture we'd inherited from various relatives, some pictures, extra kitchen stuff which made the cupboards look too full and for dh's sports gear, which took up masses of room in the garden shed. I do think it's worth making the rooms appear as spacious as possible.

soverylucky Wed 14-Nov-12 09:11:15

We are hoping to go up for sale in the spring and I planning what needs to be done to help us get a sale in a tough market. I like my clutter but I know from what I have read on here and watching numerous house programmes on tv that buyers want a clean uncluttered depersonalised space. Our house is in a tricky location so I really think we need to do everything we possibly can to make it as appealing as possible.
I have suggested to dh that we put some stuff in storage. Large kids toys for example, boxes that usually live on top of wardrobes and cupboards - that sort of stuff. Obviously we are decluttering at the same time. Have already sent loads to the charity shop but as I said before I like my clutter and I want to keep a fair bit of it.
Dh thinks it is a waste of money. I was going to go for the smallest unit I could and don't have any friends or family who could store stuff for us. I was thinking that the right price first and foremost and the house presented the best I possibly can manage would help us sell quick.

Am I living in a dream world? Has anyone else used storage facilities when trying to sell? Is dh right and it is a waste of money and people can see past clutter?

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