Where can I get replacement doors for mfi kitchens?

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Dolcegusto Sun 13-Mar-11 16:03:07

We want to enlarge our kitchen, had a new mfi one a few years ago but don't know where to get cheapish matching doors and worktops. Where do people go to get bogstandard cheap kitchens now that mfi is no more?!

haggis01 Sun 13-Mar-11 16:20:38

Try B&Q or wickes - a lot of their kitchens are very similar (or the same as MFI stocked). Howdens and Magnet( trade catalogue) also do doors. (Always IKea too)

Dolcegusto Sun 13-Mar-11 20:37:40

Thanks, had looked at wckes but they don't have matching doors. Don't know why I hadn't thought of b&q but they do have the right doors.

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