Where to live in Leicestershire?

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BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 21:44:23

We are contemplating a move to Leicestershire as we are both currently commuting from Warwickshire - me to Leicester city centre, and the hubby to Looughborough.

I am not really sure where to start looking!

Can anyone living in Leicestershire please recommend somewhere nice to live? Good state school catchments, nice shops/ restaurants? We currently live in a smallish town so would probably prefer the same or a nearby village either an established nice place or an up and coming nice place!!!

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 21:44:48

That's Loughborough (and am still not sure if I've spelt it right! blush)

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 21:58:29

Its a big county, do you have any areas in mind or any that you definitely don't like?

How long a commute can you manage and how old are your children?

If the shops/restaurants are the most important then you're probably looking at Leicester itself.

Loughborough has very little in the way of shops, think Primark and Peacocks.

Melton is nice, more of a market town, I don't think there's much in the way of night life.

maxmissie Thu 28-Oct-10 22:09:51

Loughborough is OK but fairly ordinary, quite a big town as well.

Coalville is nothing special either - shops/town centre/pubs etc really not great.

Ashby de la Zouch is smaller and has a nice town centre, not sure about schools or quality of pubs/restaurants though. Only about 15-20 mins from Loughborough and 40 mins plus to Leicester. No train service though.

Melton is probably similar to Ashby really. Bit further to Loughborough than from Ashby but don't think it's too far.

Shepshed is really close to Loughborough but smaller than Melton and Ashby, more of a large village.

Most of the villages around these areas are nice, can be quite pricey tho as close to Leicester, Nottingham and Derby.

Sorry to be a bit vague, I work in Leicestershire but don't live there so can't give too much detail - hope it's a start tho.

Jackstini Thu 28-Oct-10 22:11:51

Burbage/Hinckley - my sister lives there and we have had some lovely meal/days out and there are some good schools.
Takes about 10 mins to get onto the M1 at J21

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:12:12

Have two littleys (4 and 1), eldest has just started reception, so primary school catchment is the most important factor I suppose.

What we have now is small town, good schools, town centre with smattering of independent shops and nice coffee shops, delis, restaurants etc which we can walk to from our house, countryside in easy access so in a perfect world would be somewhere similar - it's not like we get out much of an evening blush so nightlife is not a big deal!!

Are currently both commuting for 45 mins - 1 hour so would want to cut that down to 30 mins max?

Am looking at Melton and my jaw has dropped when I see what we could afford housewise!! (a lot more than we get here!)

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:15:53

Am just looking at Burbage on Rightmove, thanks for that Jackstini - am wondering if it might be just a bit too far in the wrong direction though, current commute is fine until I get off the M69 and then horrid from there so would probably go the same way into Leicester?? very helpful though as helping me narrow down an area!

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:17:37

Hmm. Shepshed might work - looks like schools are quite good?

Jackstini Thu 28-Oct-10 22:19:14

Yes might do; I will ask my sister tomorrow for some other suggestions!

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:23:32

Shepshed would be OK in terms of your commute but tbh doesn't really fit your other criteria.

If that's the area you like I'd suggest one of the smaller villages round there. You won't have much in walking distance but the village schools are good and there are lots of great places for children and Loughborough is easy to get to.

greenlotus Thu 28-Oct-10 22:29:22

Leicestershire schools are quite good generally. Ashby has a popular secondary school but to drive to either Loughborough or Leicester from there would be awful.

DH suggests it might be easier to live in Loughborough & commute to Leicester on the train. If you want a smaller place how about Quorn (IIRC rather upmarket looking village) which has a station although fewer trains will stop there than Loughborough. Alternatively how about Newton Linford near Bradgate Park (has coffee shops etc) and is in good location, near to park & ride.

Or you could try say Kirby Muxloe or somewhere on the fringe of Leicester, good primary & OK secondaries, good buses into Leicester and easy drive to Looga.

Good luck, we moved from Warks to Leics too but only about 3 miles over the border!

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:35:18

greenlotus is right Quorn and Newton Linford are both very nice villages, as are all of those in the Bradgate Park area.

Don't know what you budget it but this is one worth looking at

www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-270 18187.html?premiumA=true

greenlotus Thu 28-Oct-10 22:35:49

The small towns of south Warwickshire like Kenilworth & Leamington with their gorgeous shops don't really have equivalents in north Leicestershire - places like Ashby, Lutterworth, Market Harborough are too far away, and Coalville/Shepshed are a bit post-industrial. Villages are better TBH many of them have a restaurant (ours does) and one or two shops if they aren't too small.

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:37:17

greenlotus you know, I'm so used to driving I didn't even think about the train! Good suggestion, thanks. I can't find Newton Linford or Bradgate Park on Rightmove though, am I being dense? hmm

lborolass we're planning to go and have a drive around in a couple of weeks but no concrete ideas of where to look - we got caught out with our first house as we fell in love with a house in what we thought was a quaint village - but it turned out to be a crime hotspot hmm Which is why your local advice is really helpful - thanks! smile

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:39:16

Hahaha thanks lborolass for the property porn wink We're more around the £450k mark but it can still buy you a bigger house than we have here!

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:40:36

Bradgate Park is a fantastci area of parkland so you won't find that but I'm surprised there's nothing in Newtown Linford - let me check.

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:41:52

Ah ok there's a 'w' I missed. That'd be why I couldn't find it!

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:42:12

Ok, here you go - its a vvvvv desirable area so you'll have to ignore the first two pages smile

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:43:28
greenlotus Thu 28-Oct-10 22:45:18

I have saved the brochure of that house in Cropston to inspire me for our extension grin!

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:45:48

Ooooh lovely thank you!!

I've fallen in love!

BOOamireally Thu 28-Oct-10 22:49:44

I think they have White Company shares!!

lborolass Thu 28-Oct-10 22:53:36

Well if you can afford that area you really won't go wrong.

Its a really beautiful part of the county, Bradgate Park is gorgeous, it has deer running free, rocks to climb, flat paths which are perfect for learning to ride a bike and historic ruins. If you visit there on a sunny day you won't look anywhere else.

I don't know the schoos personally but it has great catchment areas so I think it will be good


I don;t know about the drive to Leicester but your DH would have a lovely commute - about 15 mins depending on which part of L'boro and all through lovely countryside

CarGirl Thu 28-Oct-10 22:59:47

Ashby has fantastic schools, my friend lives in the village coleorton - absolutely lovely

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Fri 29-Oct-10 21:32:52

We live in a village just south of Melton.DH works in Leicester and it takes half an hour,I think Loughborough is the same.There are several outstanding primary schools in the area,but property is a lot more expensive than in Melton itself.,by about 60%.

mollie1968 Fri 29-Oct-10 22:00:31

we live just north of melton near Belvoir castle fantastic schools,lovely countryside good commute to all areas, road and rail links, Leicester/ Lough approx 45 mins. All lovely villages with mixture of houses.

BOOamireally Sat 30-Oct-10 19:22:46

a couple of votes for the Melton area - what's Melton itself like? (not necessarily to live but to pootle round the shops in, go for a gastropub-type meal etc)

lborolass Sat 30-Oct-10 22:18:37

I don't know much about Melton except for Twin Lakes park which would be great for your DCs and the fact that there always seems to be a traffic jam for through traffic to the east smile

sambalina Tue 02-Nov-10 12:08:29

OK this is my first post. My advice as i live in the area you are wanting to move to is to look just off the A6 at the villages. You will find it's a doddle to get to loughboroug and liecester and the main bus route runs through these villages. I think it's about every 15 or so mins.

The only downside is that when it floods and it does some of the slip roads are unuseable so you have to find another route. But don't let that put you off you just get to know the area better.

As for schools the nicer the village the better the school stats pretty much.

Also if you like to just nip to the shops for a bit of retail therapy Thumaston has a shopping center that has just added a M&S food supermarket and topshop in outfit. Not to mentoin TK Maxxaroony! perfect it's soooooo close and free to park. OK I know it's not the high cross but it's alot nearer.

BOOamireally Tue 02-Nov-10 13:08:47

Ooh great! Hello sambalina and welcome - do you have problems with house flooding or is it just the roads? I should have asked earlier if there is anywhere I should definitely not go house hunting grin

lborolass Tue 02-Nov-10 14:01:19

There was something on the local news this morning about flooding in that area, I wasn't listening fully but I think it was about defences not working as well as hoped.

Afaik its only the roads and fields that flood not houses but it would be inconvenient.

In that area Rothley has some nice houses.

sambalina Tue 02-Nov-10 20:17:29

Tis the roads that flood. Not the A6 as long as iv'e lived here and thats only 2ish years. It's the some of the roads you take leaving the A6. They tend to be the ones near the canals and like. Alot of the field get all covered too it can look pretty awsome.

I noticed you want gastropubs. the best places round here are Woodhouse Eaves ....very nice area..... and great for food. Also Quorn which is a gorgeous village with loads of places to eat. Althoug i dont get the chance to get out with three sprogs 5 and under. Can't do with the stress of taking them anywhere too nice yet blush

bigdom Tue 12-Aug-14 00:43:38

I found this thread on Google. In a bit of a predicament because the GF landed her dream job in Birmingham. We've been dating 3 years, but not living together (in part because her job took her all over the country - and she was never in one place long enough). We see each other every weekend.

I work out of Lincoln. I run my own business. Things are going well with it - but its still early days, so can't really move too far from the area. I've also incurred significant (but manageable) debt setting the business up... so cant really afford to move.

She wants to live in Birmingham city centre as there is lots to do and its near a decent rail line (for me). I've worked out I'll be spending up to 5 hours on a train, or 4 hours in the car.... So she has persuaded some of my friends to put me up one night each week. But I cant take them up on their offer - its unfair on them - and a sure fire way to lose friends.

She doesn't want to travel more than 30mins each way... and I don't really want to travel more than 1hr 15mins. Having played about with google maps - suggested locations are in Leicestershire along the A42 (although her commute will go up to 45mins each way... as 30mins just didn't fit). Really stumped on where to go / what to do here. Can anyone recommend nice places to live along this route? She starts the new job in 30 days... I have suggested Nottingham, as its then an hour for both of us on the train - but she hates trains....

justjuanmorebeer Wed 13-Aug-14 00:11:15

Leicester is good. It is 45 min to Brum on train about the same driving. Direct trains to Lincoln central but longer than your journey now. I can't remember exact train line it is on but check if the same line as Beeston? Equidistant between Leicester and Notts and affordable. Are you renting/buying?

justjuanmorebeer Wed 13-Aug-14 00:12:23

Are you both in office every day?

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