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Seraphine discount code?

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jem1980 Mon 17-May-10 13:41:54

Does anyone have a valid Seraphine discount code? I used a 10% off one the other day MVC10UK but it won't let me use it again today. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks very much!

PortiaPony Fri 28-May-10 09:49:04

FB10X3 for 10% off. just used it so its good.

vouchermum Sat 29-May-10 09:07:13

hiya - I have these codes good until 1 June

10% off ALL sofas
Enter code SOFA10 at checkout

10% off ALL mattresses and divans
Enter code BED10 at checkout

10% off ALL bedroom furniture
Enter code FURN10 at checkout

15% off ALL York gym equipment
Enter code GYM15 at checkout

20% off ALL pre-order video games
Enter code GAME20 at checkout

vouchermum Sat 29-May-10 09:08:41

ARGH! Sorry - accidentally posted in the wrong place. Those are Argos codes so worthless to you!

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