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Sun £9.50 hols - tokens/code words start today

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TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 10:49:25

I can't get out to get the paper until later so thought I'd start a thread in case anyone gets it before me or else I will post todays code word on here later.

Nbg Sat 05-Jan-08 11:03:27

How do these work?
Would someone please explain to someone slightly dim grin

TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 12:06:31

todays word = KEEP

TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 12:08:25

Sun Hols. There are loads of threads on here about them as well. You need to have been sent a priority booking form to be able to book online though and they are usually sent to people who have been before

1dilemma Sun 06-Jan-08 02:31:17

SO what's the best place to go then?

DelGirl Sun 06-Jan-08 10:44:15

Is there a token/word printed in the NOTW today does anyone know before I traipse around with me broken foot to find one? grin tia

TwoToTango Sun 06-Jan-08 11:44:36

yes there usually is - if you only need the code i'll be getting it later so will post it on here

TwoToTango Sun 06-Jan-08 13:11:07

I've got the NOTW but can't see a token/code. There's a page in the paper adverting the £9.50 hols and say they "continue tomorrow" I will have another check through but there doesn't seem to be one.

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 13:13:37

Oh i am glad i read this! I was about to go out to get the NOTW but if it doesn't have a token i will stay here lol

DelGirl Sun 06-Jan-08 18:46:00

that's odd because they say to collect 6 words by Thursday so unless 1 day has 2, it will be Friday before we can book hmm. I didn't manage to get one. Did you get happen to get another look TTT?

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 19:14:26

I looked in Yesterdays paper and it said next token monday.

Sixer Sun 06-Jan-08 20:53:42

it starts monday. where did Keep come from? now i'm confused and we have a priorty booking form! I'm sure it says collect from mondayhmm

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 20:56:07

Starter token was Saturday.

Sixer Sun 06-Jan-08 21:01:36

so what did it say, STARTER? and was KEEP todays?

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 21:06:30

KEEP was saturdays word. No token today. Next one is Monday.

TwoToTango Mon 07-Jan-08 09:42:08

Code words

Sat = KEEP
Mon = LOOK

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:59:22

I have read the link posted above but it says only about collecting the tokens.

Where would you apply online (and use the code words?).


tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 14:28:33

You need to have been sent a priority booking form to be able to book online. You usually get a letter if you have booked a holiday through this deal before.

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 14:34:29

Oh, thank you.

Would I have had it yet?

I've not had anything but thinking about it...I usually do.

tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 14:38:53

I guess you would of had it by now. I had one but it looks like i won't be able to do it this time.sad Haven't got any money!

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 14:53:30

To be honest last time I went it was awful and it put me off a bit.

But I am prepared to try again

lovelymoo Tue 08-Jan-08 14:58:49

has anyone got the word for today as newsagent had run out of papers by this afternoon else i will have to go to sains

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Jan-08 15:42:13

will post it when DH (hopefully) brings home the paper.

lovelymoo Tue 08-Jan-08 16:03:08

Thanks chippy
I asked DH to get it on his way to work but he forgot

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 17:18:40

word for today is cash

sat- KEEP

mon- LOOK

tues- CASH

i am going to try and get a break for me and the dd's for the feb half term, will be on my own because dh is working [panic]

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Jan-08 17:21:55

kerryk beat me to it

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 17:22:07

we did this for the first time in october and ended up at crimdon dene (sp??) next to hartlepool and about half a hour from durham. we had a fantastic time, the bar was pretty basic but the childrens entertainer was fantastic and they had 3 mascots who took it turn about coming out at night, the dd's loved it.

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 17:23:05

sorry blush just got a bit excited when i seen the thread because i missed saturdays paper, i never thought to look on here for the code word.

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Jan-08 17:25:50

moneysavingexpert is another good place to look for codes

tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 17:28:25

kerryK we had a great time at Haven last year too. Mine love the characters!

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 18:01:51

tortoise what park were you at? do they have the same sparkle,sparky mascots at diffrent parks?

tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 18:06:11

We went to Weymouth.
Haven have Rory the tiger, Anxious elephant, Bradley Bear and Polly ragdoll who come out doing shows for the kids in the evenings.

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 18:12:23

that sounds good as well.

tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 18:20:12

I think there are photos on my profile of dc with them!

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Jan-08 18:52:53

There was a bonus token on the bingo card in Saturday's Sun BTW - just found mine in the recycling bin.

TLSM Tue 08-Jan-08 21:15:57

crap I got Saturdays paper then forgot to get the will ring nanny and see if she has kept them how many do I need in total? then tomorrows paper is the one with the pull out bit in it isnt it?

MegBusset Tue 08-Jan-08 21:28:23

Has anyone got a link to the bonus token that is/was online? I saw it a few days ago but forgot to print and now I can't find it!

Haylstones Wed 09-Jan-08 12:15:52
Helenmellowyellow Wed 09-Jan-08 13:49:45

Word for Wednesday is DATE

Theresa Wed 09-Jan-08 14:25:58

Now I am confused. have just re-read my priority booking form and says booking site opens on thurs when the sixth word is printed' but by then there will only 5 tokens and five words. Our bingo bit from saturday is gone as the recycling came yesterday. I've checked the link that haylstones kindly printed and it says 'email' do you think that will be the word. Has anyone actually got the token from the bingo bit?

Haylstones Wed 09-Jan-08 14:29:26

It#s not email. It is SAND

Theresa Wed 09-Jan-08 14:39:19

Thank you so much, it doesnt say sand on the token in the link. You are a star

Haylstones Wed 09-Jan-08 14:42:09

No probs, think the email link is only for postal applications. SAND was on the bingo bit

MegBusset Wed 09-Jan-08 14:56:03

So if applying by post, I can use the two starter tokens from Saturday, the email token plus Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs tokens?

TLSM Wed 09-Jan-08 15:33:02

You can only use one bonus token then all the rest need to be numbered! so Sats started bonus plus 1-6 in tokens (3 being the booking form) I have filled in my form now just need the tickets! Does anyone know the likelyhood of getting your first choice if I send them forms back on Monday?

MegBusset Wed 09-Jan-08 17:00:49

But there were two starter tokens in Saturday's paper... so I can only use one of them? <wonders what the point of the second one is>

TLSM Thu 10-Jan-08 10:12:38

i only had one in mine! ok this is what it states in the paper step 2

Collect 7 different numbered tokens from the 12 we are printing. Token 1 was in Mondays sun Token 2 was in yesterdays token 3 is on the booking form token 4 will appear in tomorrows paper and so on. We will print some bonus tokens but use only ONE bonus token per application.

Hope that helps!

Theresa Thu 10-Jan-08 11:33:31

Todays word is 'MEET'. Went and bought paper at 6.00am sad and tried to book and it wouldnt let you, kept saying i was using too many bonus tokens. No-one was on here but there were plenty on netmums & moneysavingexpert by about 7.15 having same problems so went to school in a strop! Came home and decided to look on chat forums again and on netmums it said to try again so I did and i've got my first choice, Seton Sands nr Edinburgh, first week of 'late easter' holidays. Good Luck to everyon else

kerryk Thu 10-Jan-08 13:44:56

i have got booked for blackpool, just me and the kids shock i hape the park is good, i have never been away on my own before.

Scramble Thu 10-Jan-08 13:47:44

So if I start now can I catch up???

Can I get enough?

Do I really want to have to buy the sun each day? hmm

kerryk Thu 10-Jan-08 13:56:55

i think you can still start, it says on todays paper there is still time.

i just rip out the page i need then throw the paper away, its worth it to get a cheap holiday all my money is being saved for going to new york later in the year so this is a nice extra for the kids.

Scramble Thu 10-Jan-08 14:08:00

Snap I am desperate to take the kids to NY but don't think I will save enough, but fancied a little xtra.

TLSM Thu 10-Jan-08 14:09:36

I am confused how come you can book all ready when there have only been 6 tickets available?

MegBusset Thu 10-Jan-08 14:23:05

TLSM, I think those who have been on one in a previous year get a code so they can book online.

kerryk Thu 10-Jan-08 14:29:05

yes, we went on one last october so we got a priority booking number sent through to us, it also meant we only needed 6 tokens instead of 7. i booked mine online but i am not sure if this is available to everyone.

TLSM Thu 10-Jan-08 14:36:15

ahh explains it! thought i was missing something!

KTurner Thu 10-Jan-08 16:33:47

Was yesterdays word SAND or DATE?

Theresa Thu 10-Jan-08 17:08:37

Sat = keep AND sand
Mon = look
Tues = cash
Weds = date
thurs = meet
but you can only use these onlne if you have priority form, otherwise you need to do it by post and have the actual vouchers, rather than just the words.
Good luck

KTurner Thu 10-Jan-08 17:11:30

Thanks. I haven't got a priority form this time- even though I've booked before.

I emailed them and they said I hadn't been selected from the computer this time!

But my friend has one so this is for her.

kerryk Thu 10-Jan-08 17:14:03

i have just realised that i booked the wrong dates, i booked it for what i thought was the 2nd week of the easter break but it is infact the week that the schools go back blush oops.

looks like i will have to talk nicely to my boss and dd1's school and see if they mind me taking time of, dd is never of school so hopefully it wont be a problem.

unknownrebelbang Thu 10-Jan-08 23:05:30

I've booked the wrong blardy dates too - the week before October half-term, as it's later than usual.

Grrrr. And there's no way I can take mine out of school for the week - DH is chair of governors at the school of the younger two.

Scramble Thu 10-Jan-08 23:09:17

When can the rest of us that don't have priority get too book?

Am I right in thinking if you don't have the priority thing you have to have the actual vouchers not just the words?

MegBusset Fri 11-Jan-08 08:30:39

Yes, you need the vouchers to book by post (the form was in Wednesday's paper, but the earliest you can have a full set of vouchers to send off is Saturday).

MagsChook Sat 12-Jan-08 18:16:34


Just Booked My Holiday So For Those Of You Doing The Proirity Online Booking And Dont Need The Actual Tokens, Here Are The Codes :

Sat = KEEP
Mon = LOOK
Tue = CASH
Wed = DATE
Thu = MEET
Fri = WAVE

Good Luck, Hope You Get What Your After

MilaMae Mon 14-Jan-08 23:01:48

I've got a token with out a number on it, is it a bonus one???

TLSM Tue 15-Jan-08 09:18:13

Yes you can use one bonus (one without a number) the the other 6 need to have different numbers on I sent mine off yesterday does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back to you if its by post?

kerryk Wed 16-Jan-08 13:07:17


Eddas Wed 16-Jan-08 16:58:45

does anyone know if they are still being printed? the website says they are in the sun til sat 19th but dh said yesterday's didn't have a token and I couldn't see it in todays. Only had a quick flick through though whilst in Tesco!

I have one left to get and will be sad if I miss out! The form's all ready and waiting for one more voucher!

TLSM Thu 17-Jan-08 08:55:51

It is in every day but they are hard to find I had to look three times on Monday to find my last one - study each page its there somewhere

MegBusset Thu 17-Jan-08 09:04:06

Eddas I have a bonus token spare if you haven't already used one, if it's any use I can post it to you

MegBusset Thu 17-Jan-08 09:05:39

Oh, didn't read TLSM's post properly, sounds like they are still running in the paper anyway.

Eddas Thu 17-Jan-08 16:18:48

Thanks ladies, DH found it in yesterday's paper so we're sorted. I don't think he looked hard enough on mondaywinkgrin

Disenchanted Thu 17-Jan-08 16:20:17


does anyone know if you have sent this off but changed your mind if you can cancel and get your full money back?

Theresa Thu 17-Jan-08 20:53:41

I'd think the only way to stop it is to cancel the cheque, the bank may charge you for this although i've done it once and if you tell them its been lost in the post they cancel it for free but that was ages ago.

Theresa Thu 17-Jan-08 20:53:42

I'd think the only way to stop it is to cancel the cheque, the bank may charge you for this although i've done it once and if you tell them its been lost in the post they cancel it for free but that was ages ago.

Theresa Thu 17-Jan-08 20:56:46

KerryK, that sounds a bit worrying, i cant remember if i used debit or credit card, i'll have to check. TLSM I remember from when I've done it by post it takes an absolute age, 4 or 5 weeks easy, however they dont cahs your cheque unless you're getting a holiday so the best way is to keep checking your bank statement, if you see cheque has been cashed, you know you've got a hol, although you still need to wait for conf to see whihc choice! Console yourself that next time you should be able to do it online!

HAPPYMUMOF5 Thu 17-Jan-08 21:01:44

Disenchanted where have you booked to go to?

Also has anyone got some spares? Have also missed the boat and need 4!

Disenchanted Thu 17-Jan-08 21:38:41

We put about 4 down, mostly in wales.

We have another pontins holiday and not sure we can sctratch together spending money for both and get the other things we planned to do done this spring.

Eddas Fri 18-Jan-08 08:13:49

happymumof5, they are in the paper today and tomorrow so that's two for you. Someone on this thread offered me a bonus one which i don't need as found one in the paper.

Fingers crossed you get some from someone. I was very sad when we thought we were one short

Mind you we still have to send the form off and get them saying yes before we can go [hopeful]grin

MegBusset Fri 18-Jan-08 09:05:36

HMo5 I have a spare one but it's a bonus token and you can only use one per entry. If it's any use to you then let me know!

MegBusset Fri 18-Jan-08 09:06:20

In fact you can use this one instead, which someone posted below!

HAPPYMUMOF5 Fri 18-Jan-08 12:49:36

Thanks ladies!

MilaMae Fri 18-Jan-08 22:05:01

Has anybody ever got one after booking a week after the first date you can book IYKWIM? I sent mine off today but don't want to get hopes up, def not telling kids. All my dates were midweek, not school holidays.

MegBusset Mon 11-Feb-08 09:44:06

My cheque was cashed on 31st Jan but I haven't had written confirmation yet... has anyone else who applied by post?

ChippyMinton Mon 11-Feb-08 11:43:57

IIRC we should hear by the end of February. Fingers crossed for a good offer

ChippyMinton Mon 11-Feb-08 13:14:38

Ooh, mine has just arrived in the post. Isle of Wight here we, have to decide whether to upgrade or not?

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