Sun £9.50 hols - tokens/code words start today

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TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 10:49:25

I can't get out to get the paper until later so thought I'd start a thread in case anyone gets it before me or else I will post todays code word on here later.

Nbg Sat 05-Jan-08 11:03:27

How do these work?
Would someone please explain to someone slightly dim grin

TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 12:06:31

todays word = KEEP

TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 12:08:25

Sun Hols. There are loads of threads on here about them as well. You need to have been sent a priority booking form to be able to book online though and they are usually sent to people who have been before

1dilemma Sun 06-Jan-08 02:31:17

SO what's the best place to go then?

DelGirl Sun 06-Jan-08 10:44:15

Is there a token/word printed in the NOTW today does anyone know before I traipse around with me broken foot to find one? grin tia

TwoToTango Sun 06-Jan-08 11:44:36

yes there usually is - if you only need the code i'll be getting it later so will post it on here

TwoToTango Sun 06-Jan-08 13:11:07

I've got the NOTW but can't see a token/code. There's a page in the paper adverting the £9.50 hols and say they "continue tomorrow" I will have another check through but there doesn't seem to be one.

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 13:13:37

Oh i am glad i read this! I was about to go out to get the NOTW but if it doesn't have a token i will stay here lol

DelGirl Sun 06-Jan-08 18:46:00

that's odd because they say to collect 6 words by Thursday so unless 1 day has 2, it will be Friday before we can book hmm. I didn't manage to get one. Did you get happen to get another look TTT?

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 19:14:26

I looked in Yesterdays paper and it said next token monday.

Sixer Sun 06-Jan-08 20:53:42

it starts monday. where did Keep come from? now i'm confused and we have a priorty booking form! I'm sure it says collect from mondayhmm

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 20:56:07

Starter token was Saturday.

Sixer Sun 06-Jan-08 21:01:36

so what did it say, STARTER? and was KEEP todays?

tortoise Sun 06-Jan-08 21:06:30

KEEP was saturdays word. No token today. Next one is Monday.

TwoToTango Mon 07-Jan-08 09:42:08

Code words

Sat = KEEP
Mon = LOOK

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 13:59:22

I have read the link posted above but it says only about collecting the tokens.

Where would you apply online (and use the code words?).


tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 14:28:33

You need to have been sent a priority booking form to be able to book online. You usually get a letter if you have booked a holiday through this deal before.

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 14:34:29

Oh, thank you.

Would I have had it yet?

I've not had anything but thinking about it...I usually do.

tortoise Tue 08-Jan-08 14:38:53

I guess you would of had it by now. I had one but it looks like i won't be able to do it this time.sad Haven't got any money!

EmmaJW1976 Tue 08-Jan-08 14:53:30

To be honest last time I went it was awful and it put me off a bit.

But I am prepared to try again

lovelymoo Tue 08-Jan-08 14:58:49

has anyone got the word for today as newsagent had run out of papers by this afternoon else i will have to go to sains

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Jan-08 15:42:13

will post it when DH (hopefully) brings home the paper.

lovelymoo Tue 08-Jan-08 16:03:08

Thanks chippy
I asked DH to get it on his way to work but he forgot

kerryk Tue 08-Jan-08 17:18:40

word for today is cash

sat- KEEP

mon- LOOK

tues- CASH

i am going to try and get a break for me and the dd's for the feb half term, will be on my own because dh is working [panic]

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