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London attractions - any discount options?

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laptopdancer Mon 03-Dec-12 11:47:14

Looking to do a touristy view of London in a few weeks and wonder if there is any clever way of discounting any of the attractions...any codes, offers known?

fryingpanalley Mon 03-Dec-12 20:38:51

If you're travelling by train then there are plenty of 2 for 1 offers if you show your train ticket. See daysoutguide

If you're not travelling by train it can sometimes be worth buying a ticket for a short distance as that costs less than what you'll save.

Time Out website section on Cheap London also sometimes has some good ideas. At the moment for example they have half price entry to Kew Gardens and as kids go free anyway that's not a bad deal.

Where were you thinking of going BTW? There is loads that's free or cheap.

Tesco vouchers have great deals.

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