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Discount code order now "out of stock"

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Sephy Sat 01-Dec-12 13:23:10

Decided to post again in case anyone else comes across this, the company was Uniqlo and they've agreed to refund the £10, so I'm very pleased with their customer service.

A polite email or two and its all sorted, so don't despair if in my situation!

Sephy Thu 29-Nov-12 21:30:32

I ordered some presents using a "£10 off when you spend £50" voucher code, and, predictably, ended up buying slightly more than I really needed to make the total spend up. Still happy with the freebie though.

Then 4 days later I get an email to say some of the products I ordered are out of stock, so they'll have to refund me for them. It turns out that this brings the order total below the £50 for the discount, so for 3 £10 items not being delivered I'm only being refunded £20.

I'm really not happy about having to pay full price for the other items - can I insist they take the whole order back (at their own expense, not me paying postage) for a full refund?

This is just a load of hassle, and I'll have to find some new presents, and I don't see why when it's not my fault something that was available for me to order on their website is out of stock! Thanks for anyone who has read this - grateful for advice.

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