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Does the micro scooter website ever offer codes for money off? Looking for deal on joystick maxi.

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I want to buy dd a pink deck for Christmas so she can have ds2's old mini micro, but also getting ds1 a maxi joystick scooter. I thought I saw somewhere that if I buy from the micro scooter website they might send me £10 off or more if I'm lucky! DS1 only wants a joystick, so can't get it cheaper anywhere else as very few places do the joystick ones. He's going to have it for years and it's his only christmas pressie but if I can save money that would be great! Is it worth doing two orders so I'll get a voucher?
If anyone knows where I could get a joystick maxi cheaper by all means tell me! I could get a t-bar maxi for £74 grrr.

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