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Mint Velvet

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Panicatthedisco Sat 06-Oct-12 20:25:15

Any Jigsaw codes around please? Thought I'd seen one somewhere, but racking my brains now....! Thanks!

2dogs2kids Sun 16-Sep-12 17:56:42

Hi, is there a discount code for after 13th Sept please ? Got the stuff in my basket, got interrupted by dogs, kids etc and then discovered it had expired !

BonnyDay Mon 03-Sep-12 19:33:33


NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Mon 20-Aug-12 20:41:36

Thanks Frankie - you saved me £20!

frankietwospots Sun 19-Aug-12 20:20:03

Yes! EASY12 gets you 20% off until 13th Sept online only.

Mosman Sun 19-Aug-12 09:34:32

Bounce pleaseeeeee

InspiredToBoot Thu 16-Aug-12 09:40:18

Hello!! Any Mint Velvet discount codes around please?

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