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Boden discount code

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longlongway Wed 22-Feb-12 11:01:59

I have been sent a £10 boden voucher and wondered if anyone has a discount code i could use with it. Thanks.

ElizaDoMore Sun 23-Sep-12 20:28:32

Sale starts tomorrow - up to 40% off.

BonnyDay Sun 23-Sep-12 21:41:54

a sale?

willowberry Sun 23-Sep-12 23:19:30

I take it it's a Mid-season Sale?

Thanks for the heads up! thanks

BonnyDay Mon 24-Sep-12 08:55:42

no sale

willowberry Mon 24-Sep-12 09:36:37

can't see any sale- got all excited there for a moment sad

pootle123 Mon 24-Sep-12 12:23:05

It's on now. Nothin I had my eye on is reduced though sad

Marjoby Mon 24-Sep-12 12:44:29

There is indeed a sale.
For non-sale stuff, the best code which still works is "TNKS" - was delighted to use it for free delivery and 15% off...thank you so much everyone. Wish i'd known when put in a bigger order the other day!
(by the way Q235 and Q222 still work for free deliv only, DDAF doesn't work)

gymboywalton Tue 25-Sep-12 13:31:55

tkns now expired
anyone got a new code?

gymboywalton Tue 25-Sep-12 13:57:52


Flossiechops Thu 27-Sep-12 09:02:49

Tkns still works confused to give free p&p and returns plus 15% off non reduced items wink

agateonyx Thu 27-Sep-12 13:20:49

enter Q235 at checkout on Boden and get free delivery and returns on your order can use a cashback site for your purchase..

PuddinAforeDinner Thu 27-Sep-12 13:42:02

I have a code for £10 off on top of 15% off plus delivery & returns if anyone wants it.

PM me smile

PuddinAforeDinner Thu 27-Sep-12 14:38:12

Offer now take up smile

IsabelleRinging Thu 27-Sep-12 14:50:50

Be warned. I had a £10 off on top of 10% off code which I found by googling, but the £10 voucher was invalid as a once only use by the person they sent it to, hence I had a phonecall telling me they couldn't honour the voucher.

IsabelleRinging Thu 27-Sep-12 14:52:52

Also, customers are no longer allowed to share vouchers on the Facebook page. if they do they will remove your post. I think it is a shame but only a matter of time before they head down the same route as Next and stop discount codes altogether, and only email customers their own individual codes.

PuddinAforeDinner Thu 27-Sep-12 15:39:12

IsabelleRinging, I accept what your saying but I did have this offer posted to me, I didn't find it through google.

Please accept my apologies if they won't accept the code because of a different name etc. I just thought as I wasn't going to use it, someone else may find it useful.

IsabelleRinging Thu 27-Sep-12 17:27:52

The voucher should be ok for someone else to use if you haven't used it yourself, all I am saying is that the voucher can only be redeemed once, so you can't give it out to several people to use otherwise they won't honour it. I wasn't having a go grin just letting you know to save people possible embarrasment or hassle.

PuddinAforeDinner Fri 28-Sep-12 08:14:21

IsabelleRinging, sorry if I sounded harsh blush I didn't mean to.

I have only given the code out to one person as I haven't used it myself. Just didin't want to waste a freebie smile

beepbeep Fri 28-Sep-12 18:06:49

ECOV gets 15% off and also free delivery & returns

Buddhastic Tue 02-Oct-12 10:09:08

Anyone got a preview code? TIA

willowberry Tue 02-Oct-12 11:42:21

Does any body know of any 20% codes around at the moment- I've got quite a big order I want to make- Pretty Please! x

I've just be sent A462 which is 15% off and free delivery

IWishICouldThinkOfAFabName Thu 04-Oct-12 17:51:07

I am also looking for a 20% code. I have clearly done sometihng to upset Johnny as I have had no autumn preview, no 20% code and no boden voucher.
ECOV works for 15% - thank you.

hattymattie Thu 04-Oct-12 17:55:44

Has anybody received their winter preview stuff yet? <nosey>

CaroleService Thu 04-Oct-12 20:16:12

Mine came today - going back though.

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