Stationery lovers ... psst, over here to share your suppliers.

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I need some new suppliers to support my habit. Where, other than Paperchase and Artbox, can I get notebooks, sticky notes and other supplies that will make you sigh with contentment? I need a fix ...

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sat 10-Mar-12 22:21:30

My name is ChippingIn and I am a stationery lover.

I'm not sure I can help you with suppliers much though - my problem is resisiting the urge to buy stationery - I never need to seek it out!

I buy all of my writing pens at Muji - 38mm gel pens in dark blue even though that's frowned on, on MN, in favour of icky black and I cried when they discontinued the pink in the 38 mm, it's now only in 50mm. I found some on eBay, but they aren't the same

Hmm Chipping you sound like you might be a mainliner just like me.

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sat 10-Mar-12 22:53:27

The pen has to be perfect - I can't abide 'thick' pens or those with clumpy ink, or those that are too fat to hold... the list of 'can't abides' is endless! The paper has to be nice, white, with narrowly spaces lines in a very pale colour. The note book needs to open nicely. The colour of the cover is very important. Pencils have to be sharp (if arty) or 'click ups' if for writing... I could go on, but I fear boring even you blush

My perfect pen is an Emma Bridgewater Black Toast one - it's quite slim and says 'Write Neatly' on it and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. In addition, I buy many, many purple fine line pens from Paperchase. I also like Stabilo fineliners and Berol purple fine tip felts.

Muji do gorgeous slim small notebooks that open out nice and flat. I also like tiny moleskin notebooks. I like to buy the tiny, fairly cheap ones because I like to replace them often!

DollyTwat Sat 10-Mar-12 23:08:48

Do you know about
I have to keep away or I'll spend loads on different computed inks for my fountain pen

lookoveryourshoulder Sat 10-Mar-12 23:49:04 it still rude to write a letter in red ink ??

Salteena Sat 10-Mar-12 23:55:40

Can I confess to being another Muji stationery addict? I even went to some of their stores in Japan and Oh. My. God.

<whispers in awestruck tones> there is stationery there like you've never seen

wonkylegs Sun 11-Mar-12 00:09:16

I like Blott stationary .... You'll have to google them as I don't know web address but they've got a lovely (if limited) shop that I'd happily buy the contents of.
some nice things on here...

LovedayPan Sun 11-Mar-12 00:15:15

Oooh a Stationery Lovers thread. I can't go near our stationery room at work. Because I need escorting out of it, in a mildly sexual daze. Asking 'who is your supplier?' is like asking me 'who is your favourite pimp?'.

should have name-changed for that, shouldn't I?grin

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sun 11-Mar-12 09:13:59

I must not click
I must not click
I must not click

... I should not be here, I should be in the car by now <sigh>

<drags self away kicking and screaming>

I'll be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

The5thFishy Sun 11-Mar-12 09:19:23

My name is The5thFishy and I am a stationery addict. I like Paperchase, whsmiths surprisingly still have good stuff and old fashioned stationers.

The5thFishy Sun 11-Mar-12 09:21:02

And is brilliant for retro stuff, but £££££

thecarbonaraPan Sun 11-Mar-12 09:25:25

you aren't kiddin' 5th, are you? shock

my ardour has suddenly cooled..

The5thFishy Sun 11-Mar-12 09:28:16

Yes that one is a bit Pedlars but some of the other stuff is AMAZING.

CeliaFate Sun 11-Mar-12 09:28:57

My dd can spend an hour in Rymans, it's overtaken Claire's Accessories as her favourite shop. The man behind the counter even gave her a discount yesterday as she was such a loyal customer and was £1 short of what she needed!

EBDteacher Sun 11-Mar-12 09:32:30


I'm currently after a blue Amalfi journal. I want to go into the shop myself though so I have to wait until I have toddler free time. sad

warmandwooly Sun 11-Mar-12 09:34:12

I recently got three packs of bic stickey notes at homebargains for 15p each they also do to do\notes pads for less than a pound.

I am not too fussy regarding stationery at all

Bunbaker Sun 11-Mar-12 09:35:35

I work in stationery smile

FatPatChatsBack Sun 11-Mar-12 09:40:09

I too am an addict, i read somewhere recently that there is a link between sugar addiction and stationary addicton!!?? Its true in my case, anyone else? Off to click linkys smile

Wilkinsons, believe it or not. Small, but perfectly formed range of notebooks, pens and files (I have no use for files, but I like to stand and look at them on a shelf).

The only pen I ever use is a Black Bic. I will not compromise. I may find 'a good writer' in another pen, but my loyalty will always remain the The Black Bic.

Pancakeflipper Sun 11-Mar-12 09:45:02

My name is Pancakeflipper and I am very particular regarding my pens, pencils, notelets, writing paper, envelopes and cards.

I freak when my mother buys me notelets in folders called "20 cards for every occasion". I need help for this snobbery. It's shameful.

But I lurve finding beautiful cards.. I have a box of stationery porn.

Bunbaker Sun 11-Mar-12 09:46:40

IMO Bic make the best cheap ballpoint pen and Parker make the best more expensive ballpoint pens. It doesn't make any difference to the writing quality of the pen whether you spend £150 or £5 on a Parker pen as they all use the same refills.

I need to work in stationery bunbaker! Tell me how!

My name is threelittleducks and I am a stationery addict.

My current favourite is fine line black sharpie on thick lined paper.


Paperchase recently opened a shop in my town centre. I have never before seen such heavenly goods. Every week I am torn between gorgeous stationery or feeding the family.

It's sick.
In a good way.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sun 11-Mar-12 09:55:21

Oooh, reading this thread had re-kindled a long forgotten love of 'nice writers' and notebooks with crisp, thick, white paper and pretty covers.
Right. I'm off to check out everyone's links (credit card at the ready)!

lurkerspeaks Sun 11-Mar-12 10:02:48

I'm a pen addict and buy all my pens from

I've just ordered a big batch of different kinds to experiment with.

Stationery wise I admit to tending to buy when away on holiday - I have beautiful notebooks from liberty, shanghai tang and il papiro and correspondence cards from liberty, il papiro and the metropolitan museum of art.

YouChangeWithTheWeather Sun 11-Mar-12 10:11:22

The altar I worship at.

thecarbonaraPan Sun 11-Mar-12 10:16:50

Crumbs! I thought I was a bit over-commited to my stationery needs. Until this thread. In a drugs analogy, I've been doing the odd spliff. Some of you are main-lining crack.

And I am clicking. We have a Paperchase in central M/c - for everything else it'll have to be t'internet.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sun 11-Mar-12 10:16:51

Lurker, liberty notebooks & correspondence cards??? I NEED them in my life.
Where can I buy them? My breathing has got a bit quicker with the anticipation of purchasing something so lovely!

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sun 11-Mar-12 10:20:29

Oh i get it, from Liberty.....are they liberty print though?

KateSpade Sun 11-Mar-12 10:35:45

I love stationary, I have about 4 pink parker pens, i just can't resist, especially diaries, notebooks, ect.

I especially like Promarkers for all my hand-drawn fashion illustrations.

Theirs only one place in my uni town, where they stock them and their like £4 per pen. shock but online their quite cheap...

KateSpade Sun 11-Mar-12 10:39:31

Oh, ladies. You haven't let me down. I have a high right now looking at the linkys <sigh>. I suspect this will be an expensive thread in the end!

Oh god, the liberty stuff. I need to give my bank card to DH, don't I.

Also funny stuff - someone brave enough to go overthere (unstylish emoticon) should tell S&B threaders about this!

jinsei Sun 11-Mar-12 12:14:16

<sticks on virtual post-it note to mark place>

stealthsquiggle Sun 11-Mar-12 12:19:07

Adding my virtual page tag thingy...

I will come back when DH isn't looking I am feeling less poor. This could be even more expensive than Children's books threads (but not as expensive as the cake quiche, hopefully)

FatPatChatsBack Sun 11-Mar-12 12:41:01

I love notebooks, preferably plain rather than lined. Have found tkmaxx do a nice selection, picked up two Lisa Stickley notebooks ( both identical, as there were only two left and i couldn't bear the thought of anyone else having them) beautiful quality and so pleasing to the eye. Have a huge drawer dedicated to the storage of my unused collection smile

warmandwooly Sun 11-Mar-12 13:25:13

FatPatChatsBack-the Tk You mention sounds like my TK Maxx who has Lisa Stickley stuff in including pencils

differentnameforthis Sun 11-Mar-12 13:41:28

Can you buy stationary online? I can't. Not even pens.

I need to look at them, hold them & test them. If I need a journal/address book etc, I need to look at the pages, flick through them..


I agree - need to touch before buying.

jendifa Sun 11-Mar-12 14:31:49

Oh my goodness, this thread has made me so happy! I like independent stationary shops. There are a few near me though that I think are chains - Smithsonia is good.

juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 14:35:54

You The Works has some gorgeous notepads, I got one with a picture of two little girls, think it's called Milly & Macy? So cute! and so cheap

juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 14:36:03

Oops you know ^

juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 14:40:38

and I meant "molly and macy" ... fail.

EvenBetter Sun 11-Mar-12 14:51:18

I need nice paper!!
I have pen pals (nerd) who gave all sorts of gorgeous printed paper-landscapes, borders with gorgeous patterns, mad Japanese paper. But NOTHING here. It needs to be A4 sized and lots of it.
At the minute I'm just using coloured paper & decorating it myself. Paperchase only has boring paper, but nice colours & there's no Wilkinson or anything like that where i live.

Not too obsessed with pens as I'm left handed and write 'upside down', so everything is a smudgy mess

Ooh has anyone seen any nice in-tray type things at any of these places? I had some nice ones from John Lewis (black, with black and white London skyline photo inside) but I need some more and they've stopped doing them! I hate the usual ugly wire or plastic trays.

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sun 11-Mar-12 15:08:12

Lots of lovely links smile

If you want to be a 'proper' member of The Stationery Addicts Support/Motivation Group, though, PLEASE make sure you all spell it right. smile I am also a fan of sitting still but this is about stationEry, not being stationAry. Sorry but I couldn't let it lie. smile

See, I like Muji for trays etc but they would be too boring for you, Inigo. Gosh, I love Inigo M almost as much as I love notebooks so I am now doubly excited!

blush grin

HandMini Sun 11-Mar-12 20:43:38 just blew my mind. SUCH nice stuff.

Oh, I got some lovely intrays in Paperchase - the pink babushka range ...*my nameis*

differentnameforthis Mon 12-Mar-12 03:05:41

Opps, sorry remus blush

I do know that it is an an E.. (late night posting from Australia)

Ooh, I will have a look thanks travail, though I'm not usually a very 'pink' person!

stealthsquiggle Mon 12-Mar-12 11:55:51

oh my word - I think I can safely say that I want everything on

stealthsquiggle Mon 12-Mar-12 11:57:48
ariadneoliver Mon 12-Mar-12 12:08:46

Love Present and Correct too. I may as well just order one of everything for ease. grin

Mm that is rather nice. Wonder if they stack?

I wasn't actually that big a fan of presentandcorrect, a lot of it looked to me like stuff that you would like when you got it but which would just turn into additional lying-around stuff after a while rather than being actually useful. I'm on a (very gradual) clutter-clearing mission at the moment, so have little patience for anything that doesn't earn its keep space!

hathorinareddress Mon 12-Mar-12 13:40:05

I need want a fat pen. A proper fat fountain pen as fat as the No Nonsense ones used to be.

Can any of you ladies help?

stealthsquiggle Mon 12-Mar-12 13:44:14

InigoM - I know what you mean. I want it all, but would never actually buy it because most of it is, indeed, "stuff".

MoreBeta Mon 12-Mar-12 13:54:14

I do love the look and feel of a nice thick sheet of Conquer paper. You can buy it reams all packaged in a nice smart box from staples.

The feel of a making nice signature with a good fountain pen on Conqueror Bond is still one of those little pleasures in life. You can get matching envelopes too.

thecarbonaraPan Mon 12-Mar-12 13:59:23

It's been a while hasn't it, MoreBeta.


MoreBeta Mon 12-Mar-12 14:44:02

Pan - I admit that I do sometimes just look at it and I go all wistful like.


bleedingheart Mon 12-Mar-12 14:48:55

Too much temptation on this thread! I already have a small filing cabinet of coloured paper, cards, notebooks of all sizes, postcards, highlighters, fineliners... How can people NOT love stationery?!

I only have a small wooden box of stationery porn but I NEED your 'small filing cabinet' Bleedingheart. smile

ariadneoliver Tue 13-Mar-12 21:44:16

For anyone with branches nearby, Wilkos has some lovely retro styled stationery at the moment and Tiger has some good Scandi stuff. Very reasonably priced!

kitbit Tue 13-Mar-12 21:51:13

Saw this thread and knew you'd be on it, Pan! grin

<clutches Chipping to bosom and shares handbag full of Muji gel pens>

I like the Pantone B5 size notebooks, spiral with cream paper, narrow lines that fit my writing perfectly. The Muji pens glide perfectly on the paper, tis bliss. However they don't make the books any more <cries> so the 10 I bought about 2 years ago to use for projects at work are running low <gibber>

Onesunnymorningin2012 Tue 13-Mar-12 22:02:49

Muji pens... <dribbles>

Pocketsocks Tue 13-Mar-12 22:43:46

While I have no answer to the question, I feel that this is the only place I will get any sympathy for my plight. Everyone else in my life has just raised an eyebrow and said "oh well"

My favorite, seemingly irreplaceable in terms of the "right feel" fountain pen broke this week. I sat on it

Woe is me!

thecarbonaraPan Tue 13-Mar-12 22:48:09

kitbit gulp. blush

My name is Pan, and I am unnaturally addicted to stationery. And I don't

Wittsend13 Tue 13-Mar-12 22:48:50

This thread has made me laugh. If you lot were my customers I'd be very rich!

MoreBeta Wed 14-Mar-12 08:54:21

Moleskin notebooks. I have always wanted them. For some reason never actually bought one.

MorrisZapp Wed 14-Mar-12 09:08:30

Hello, my people! Yup, am addicted to stationery too. Runs in my family. If me, my mum and my sister all go to paperchase together it's basically carnage.

Bigger branches of Rymans can be surprisingly good, but the only true hardcore hit for me now is stationery bought whilst on holiday. You know, abroad.

There's an amazing shop in (focking) Brugges, Hema it's called. Equivalent to a cross between Woolworths, Ikea and Paperchase. But foreign.

I came out punch drunk, weighed down, and slurring my words.

(they sell beauty stuff too)

Goes into reverie of blissful memory....

Scorchio Wed 14-Mar-12 09:26:07

Hema is great! It's a big Dutch chain and it's one thing that I miss about living in the Netherlands. I bought LOADS of stationery before we moved back to the U.K.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 14-Mar-12 09:38:50

Pens are my thing......I have dispatched with the cheap and nasty biro's provided at work and carry my own personal stash of smooth writing gel pens. I love the uniball signo gel grip ones for work. They make even my appalling writing legible -- most of the time--

Have to write in black for work, so for home I have discovered the most beautiful range of colours in the uniball eye pens. I have green, pink, purple, orange, wine.....oh they are lovelysmile


Salteena Wed 14-Mar-12 09:40:23

Has anyone mentioned this paper shop in London yet?

Oh my goodness gracious. It is heaven. Though pricey. Anyone who hasn't been should make a special trip to bankrupt themselves feed their addiction, seriously.

Salteena Wed 14-Mar-12 09:41:43

Whoops. So excited I mistyped the link, sorry! Here, Falkiners

Superene Wed 14-Mar-12 09:50:14 I had to be prised out of the shop in NY 6 years ago and I still dream about it. Sad.

thomasbodley Wed 14-Mar-12 11:05:47

I have posted about them before (no relation or connection, I swear), but I love Leathersmith notebooks with all my heart. They cost 1/3 of Smythson but have the same sumptuous leather and the blue bleedproof paper.

I have stopped buying notecards at Smythson and started getting my own printed - with bespoke decals designed by a graphic designer friend - and printed at a thermographic printing specialist. Smythson are now so expensive this option is actually cheaper.

I also have a white marble Parker Centennial fountain pen. This is the Olympic medal of fountain pens, and no-one is allowed to use it because it has an 18k gold nib so soft it moulds to your own handwriting within hours. My husband is left handed and once attempted to use it- he was lucky to escape a physical assault. It costs £50 every other year to maintain grin

You lot are mere amateurs. When can I boast about my Dymo 400 label printer, please? grin

Another addict here.

I have a beautiful Mont Blanc pen and some embossed cream personalised cards that I never use because i've got no reason to use them which I love

I love Moleskine notebooks
Anything from Smythsons sale
et al

When I was little, I love stationery in a different way - I liked the functional stuff, so for my 9th or 10th birthday, my mum spent about £40 in Rymans and I got:

1 x book raffle tickets
1 x real teacher's register
1 x Accounting book
2 x tear off (perforated edges) invoice book with carbon sheets
1 x ring binder with dividers
1 x clear clipboard (big thing to have clear plastic back in the day and I think this was from a shop called 'Parrot' on the Kings Road - defo not Ryman'
1 x tear of duplicate 'phone messages' book


I have recently bought DD (6) a 'real' teachers register and she loves it too

Oooh and one of those Dymo things where you turned the wheel to change the letter and could print out REAL PLASTIC LABELS

<faints with happiness>

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 14-Mar-12 11:43:06

I have a label maker, I love the concept and when it works properly it's great but it seems to eat the tape and then I end up with a concertina style label which is crapconfused

I have boys and they don't seem to 'get' the stationery thing at all. I get excited over buying them a new pencil case each year, they couldn't give a monkeys what it looks like!!

I buy them decent pencils to satisfy myself, again, they aren't bothered. They do both appreciate a good sharpener though....maybe there is hope yetgrin

thomasbodley Wed 14-Mar-12 12:17:20

I really, really want one of those old-fashioned pencil sharpeners that clamps to your desk and sharpens when you turn a little lever. They had them when I was at primary school on the teacher's desk; never seen one since.

Someone I know has an electric pencil sharpener [evils emoticon]

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 12:20:42

Superene - pre DC, I used to plan trips to NYC around the happy hours to be spent in Kates Paperie. Every now and again someone is deemed worthy of one of the remaining pieces of wrapping paper from my carefully hoarded supply.

Do they ship to the UK yet? It would be a poor substitute for a RL fix, but better than nothing.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 12:23:48

Doyouthinktheysawus - you need to work on your DSs - mine is more of a stationery addict than DD and a true appreciator of the joy of sets of stuff.

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 12:26:25 I can see why people love this place. grin

thomasbodley Wed 14-Mar-12 12:27:40

OMG squiggle, I'd forgotten all about sets.

Did you have a Helix Oxford Maths pencil box tin when you were little? I swear it was the main reason I applied to Oxford.

MorrisZapp Wed 14-Mar-12 12:30:54

YY Jaded, I was just like that as a kid too!

I'll never forget the birthday when my mum and dad got me a plastic index box complete with index cards and dividers.

I almost expired with joy.

Mini clipboards too... and staplers....

cuggles Wed 14-Mar-12 12:35:37

ooh - how exciting - cant read whole thread just now as babies want lunch but I too am a stationery lover and just in process of opening an online shop for pretty/fun stationery - - mainly just so I can order lots and enjoy upwrapping it all! Should be up and running in a month or so!

I loved papernation, but it's closed for a year while they go travelling - they had fab notebooks in there.

MorrisZapp Wed 14-Mar-12 12:36:52

Oh my life!

<leaves child, abandons job, flies to NY>

bleedingheart Wed 14-Mar-12 12:52:28

One of my best Christmas presents was from an Aunt with a similar addiction. I'd asked for some new felt tips for Christmas. She arrived with a gift bag almost as big as me, filled with pens, notebooks, post-it notes in unusual shapes, those flourescent cards people used to put prices and notices on in shops, a marbled peacock coloured portfolio file, novelty erasers. Oh, it was a great day!

BlackCatsAndPurpleDogs Wed 14-Mar-12 13:28:54

I was just going to say that it annoys the hell out of me when people spell it station*a*ry, and just noticed further up that some of you do just that.

LeQueen Wed 14-Mar-12 13:36:12

My name is LeQueen and I am a stationery wedding invitations cost a small fortune, with tissue-lined envelopes, laser-cut filigree edging and embossed gold leaf blush

I wandered into Paperchase yesterday, fooled myself into thinking I would just casually browse (yeah, right) ...and half an hour later I walked out having spent £75 on what basically amounts to naff-all...I kidded myself that I'd share my booty with the DDs...but, no, oh no, it's all neatly placed in my own stationery drawer...and it's mine, mine, I tell you...

[opens stationery drawer, croons over new stationery...]

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 13:46:21

I assume, LeQueen, that by share you actually meant look at occasionally, but not so often that there is any danger of fading by excess exposure to sunlight?

LeQueen Wed 14-Mar-12 13:56:06

ariad don't be insane hmm As if I'd ever let them look at my stationery hmm

They know they'll be put up for adoption if they every so much as open Mummy's Stationery Drawer...DD1 once mistakenly used one of my notelets...I eventually allowed her out of the coal cellar three days later...

Another stationery addict here, another muji pen addict here <glances fondly at pot of muji pens next to laptop>
I love love love going to one of the big big hypermarkets in France when we go on holiday in August. I always insist to DH I need a whole day for the shop. Most of that is taken up with the Back to School aisles of which there are rows and rows of stationery. It is bliss.
Have just looked at that present and correct site, never seen it before and now purse has started twitching

oh gawd why is it all so expensive though <cries>

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 14-Mar-12 14:04:41

I try stealth, I really do but they just look at me like thishmm


Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 14-Mar-12 14:07:54

It doesn't help that pencil cases and the like for boys on the high street are just awful! I bought their last pencil cases online, made by a company that does rucksacks. They are lovely, plain but brightly coloured.

Whsmith and the like just do a few for boys which are either black or camouflagehmm The selection for girls is much larger and more varied.....lots of pink thoughhmm

NoGoodGirlo Wed 14-Mar-12 14:08:58

A stationery addict across the Atlantic here. My local shop is PaperSource. It is the only place I shop where they know my name. For all the Moleskin notebook lovers in the USA they designed a range for Target which, not as gorgeous as the originals but are a fraction of the price.

Tolalola Wed 14-Mar-12 14:29:23

I saw someone upthread mention Scriptum - I love, love, love that shop, and it has completely ruined all other stationery for me damn it. Shame, as you practically need a second mortgage to have a proper indulgent shop in there...

thecarbonaraPan Wed 14-Mar-12 14:39:03

NoGood - they have actual wax sealants in your site. So when you drop a line to your aunty, you can pretend to be a Roman emperor(-ess) proclaiming the granting of freedoms to a whole race of people, when you are just thanking her for your birthday present.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 14-Mar-12 15:03:08

My name is LadyClarice and I am a stationery fetishist.

Too busy to drool over this thread right now, but oh I'll be back ...

KateSpade, those markers! In greys! And 'hues'!
<applies cold compress and collapses onto chaise-longue>

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 15:04:42

Oh LeQueen you are too soft on those girls. grin

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 15:06:42

Actually, the pencil case discussion reminds me shamefully of a time I went to the Tate to catch a relatively small exhibition and spent longer fondling to goodies in the gift shop that I did looking at the art. And yes, since you ask, I did need a big chunky triangular wood pencil.

NoGoodGirlo Wed 14-Mar-12 15:28:43

Yes, Carbonara I actually own one - never used it but it looks gorgeous. My very favourite thing is my envelope template. You can use any piece of paper or photo to line an envelope. It takes seconds but looks brilliant.

Posting and running, but I was given some Fraser & Parsley personalised notecards for Xmas, very cool, came in a pretty beribboned box and everything! Don't know how to do links, but here it is:

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 16:18:46

My name is Sanuk and I have a Secret Stationary Stash

I am very particular about pens, as I am left-handed and write (as a former client once told me) 'like a left-handed boy'. I need a smooth write that I don't need to press down too hard on, and which preferably won't smudge all over my hands.

I like Selfridges Stationary Hall. I daren't go into Liberty's - it would get messy.

I like rollerball pens, and am most upset that I seem to have recently lost 2 lovely Cross silver ones.

I also like notebooks, and have deliberately chosen a career where note-taking and notebooks is ALL IMPORTANT. I don't think I could show my face at an industry gathering without at least one Moleskin notebook in my bag. I currently have at least 4 on the go - all with a different defined purpose. Then there's my paper diary.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:28:23

My not very secret stationery guilty pleasure is Costco. Today I have acquired a set of sharpie pens in every imaginable colour (we are talking 2 shades of pink here, not just red/green/blue/black), some reversible wrapping paper and 200m of gorgeous wide ribbon (I know wrapping stuff isn't strictly stationery, but it is one and the same fetish enthusiasm for me).

As for pencil cases, DS spurns all shop-bought ones and allows me to makes me make him them to order. His current one matches the school bag I made him and has appliqued dragons on it grin

evilgiraffe Wed 14-Mar-12 16:41:40

Oh my god, this thread is wonderful.

<marks place>

NoGood I need an envelope template maker. It is a thing of delight and I can spend hours lining envelopes instead of doing the ironing

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 16:50:47

Sharpies in two shades of pink? <hyperventilates>

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:55:17

"Paper Source does not currently ship to international overseas locations"


stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:56:14

Sanuk I would describe the colour range in full but they are currently hiding in the back of my car.

Astronaut79 Wed 14-Mar-12 17:30:53

Can't wait to go back to work after mat leave. FOrget new work clothes, new pens, pencil case and a whopping great notebook.

My mouth is watering.

personal fetish: little teeny weeny tiny things. Mini highlighters were a great find last year, but utterly pointless.

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Wed 14-Mar-12 18:24:38

Hmm, I confess I became a convert to the cult of stationary obsession when I lived in Japan in 96. They had wonderful free-flowing, non-blotchy, glide from the nib gel pens and such like, which I'd never come across in England at the time.

I can't abide to suffer a Bic biro these days blush

Only problem is I now seem to be supplying the world population, as my lovely pens are always going missing. Nicked by DH from where I suspect he supplies his whole company. And by the DCs who must supply all the kids and teachers in their schools.

Anyone else have this problem ?

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 18:33:17
ChippingInNeedsCoffee Wed 14-Mar-12 18:59:22

<peeks out from kitbit's bosom>

MorrisZap - please tell me that shop isn't in the centre of Bruges!

I'm not into 'fussy' stationery, so some of those links are a bit much for me... I like the newness of stationery and I like what I like, I'm not a snob like Thomas Bodley I don't care where it comes from, as long as it meets me exating standard grin

Muji - if anyone is overseas and can get the 38mm hot pink gel pens I will trade you pretty much anything you need from the UK grin

Juggling - clearly you have not made yourself clear enough. Perhaps take lessons from LeQueen??

worriermum Wed 14-Mar-12 19:07:25

Havent read the whole thread but has anyone mentioned Lamy pencils ? And pens but it is the pencils that light my fire. Nice chunky hold, vivid primary colours, fabulous write...

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Wed 14-Mar-12 19:08:11

Ooh yes ariad Nice box ! And lockable has to be good !

< wanders off tangentially to collect beautiful wooden boxes - for secure storage of stationary obviously smile >

BabyGiraffes Wed 14-Mar-12 19:08:51

<runs in, bookmarks all links, wipes drool off keyboard, runs out to put children to bed>

dots and spots anyone?

yoropens for left handers

Liberty of course

These links are costing me a LOT of money .... lining envelopes <gasps>

stressheaderic Wed 14-Mar-12 19:31:44

<rushes DD to bed to settle in and devour thread>

I'm a teacher and I have written everything in my planner in the same pen for the last 3 years <proud> (black ink Staedtler fineliner since you ask)

No pupil dare touch a single item out of my pencil case. For them, the cheap Bics and YPO's-own HBs.

Incidentally, the day of re-ordering next year's stationery from the YPO is my favourite of the year.

vanillamum Wed 14-Mar-12 19:43:31

I wanted an envelope liner too BUT found this to fulfil my yearning.

Now I just want the gold nibbed parker fountain pen, and the yoropen, and some of those friskers and parkers things,, ooh too much.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 20:01:39

Don't get me started on boxes, please <<hides credit cards from self>>

maddywest Wed 14-Mar-12 20:14:50

I want to join in! BUT I never know what to use all the beautiful notebooks for - do you all write your shopping lists/to do lists/diaries in them? please inspire me!

severnofnine Wed 14-Mar-12 20:23:06

does anyone know where I can buy a nice writing set which isnt girly? DS1 is 8 and likes to write letters to my gran etc but writing sets tend to be pretty and pink. paperchase used to have them but there are none suitable in our local branch. he doesnt really want notecards but paper and envelopes instead.
any ideas??

I am a luddite and dont have a posh phone so I use notebooks for to do lists/ shopping lists. I also have a paperchase "filofax" style leather diary for work

This thread is amazing. I thought I was the only one!

I went to Bicester village once just to go to the Smythson outlet. I've yet to find anywhere decent in Brussels sad.

I made discussion of the day <preens as never happened before!>
MamaBrussels I used to buy gorgeous stationery in Brussels but for the life of me I can't remember the street where the papetiere was I spent hours in. Isn't there a shop at Woluwe?

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 20:42:10

maddy there's no real need to use notebooks, by and large they are far too beautiful to despoil with ink. Best just keep and admire them. grin

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 20:43:24

The stationery part of my local TK Maxx has halved but I have had filofaxes, a Smythson Blue Nile notebook, a Celia Birtwell notebook and recently picked up a large notebook and small notebook for a pound!
I have some Giles Deacon Smythson stationery (somewhere!),other assorted Smythson books, Anya Hindmarch and Mulberry notebooks.
I may treat myself to a Smythson mid year diary as my current little one--isn't luxurious enough-- doesn't have the space I need.

I adore my silver tiffany ballpoint pen, it is yummy when you take it out of your bag and feel the weight in your hand. Also love beautiful crisp white thank you cards, with scalloped edges.

warmandwooley you have to love smythson their beautiful blue boxes and tissue paper. yummy. Did you get the fashion edition Giles Deacon they were scrummy)

I think I might have my own scrummy writing paper made with a watermark and emobossed. Yummers. xx

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:09:08

Here is some stationery porn from Net a Porter.


Off to have a proper look now

warmandwooly I actually put my chocolate down need the yummy mummy book. xx

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:15:41

Yummymummy 1-yes I got them in 2009 they remain untouched.
Ps there is a smythson notebook with your username(minus the one) on...just saying.

I have a lovely Smythson where I chose what decoration and where to put it with a clasp..
They are way too gorgeous to use!
Luxury stationery addict here.
I picked up two lovely little Preening note notebooks in a sale a while back for less than a ten quid each!

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:18:53

Ooh YM- its very nice!

BlackSwan Wed 14-Mar-12 21:21:47

Present and correct. Wow. I can never go back there. I can't spend that much twice.

That link to Net a Porter is NOT helping, I tell you. NOT helping. That Gil Sander notepad and cover ... OMG. I need to spend next months housekeeping on this.

well my resolve is weak and a book with my usename on is fate (might buy 2)I deserve nice things making a baby. xx

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Wed 14-Mar-12 21:29:57

My name is toomuch and I confess I would happily spend my son's uni fund on a flight to NYC and a raid on Kate's. <swoon> <pant>

Sadly my son doesn't have a uni fund, but I live in hope .....

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:30:15

Travail- the Smythson would therefore in comparison be the budget option. does that help?

Hmmm .... that shopping math equates .... <reaches for credit card>

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:59:31

Inhales smell of leather notebooks.....

newlark Wed 14-Mar-12 22:00:35

oh no - why did i click on this thread - must stop clicking links and move away from the computer...

Hollyfoot Wed 14-Mar-12 22:02:28

My name is Holly and I'm a stationery addict.

It all started during childhood (doesnt it always) when I discovered Lakeland by Cumberland crayons.

And its been an ongoing struggle ever since grin

Nothing to add except a contented sigh

I love stationery and this thread is going to cost me a fortune!

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 22:07:20

Marks place
Night all

MadameMessy Wed 14-Mar-12 22:09:03

now this is just the thread I've been looking for smile
I have a kind of project ongoing at the moment, like the fly lady control journal sort of. I have an a5 binder that I have lovingly decoupaged, with poly pockets and sections for recipes,knitting and crochet patterns,lists of books I want etc.
Dp calls it my domestic goddess guide!

am lookin for a notebook in a5 with lovely perforated pages for transcribing all this lovely info onto, and then protecting in the poly pockets. who has ideas where I can find one?

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 22:14:55

Madame-Project books-orla keilly do some books that fit your decription. I also have some of these..
As for boxes to store all this leather goodness-home bargains do some cheap ones!

Wolfiefan Wed 14-Mar-12 22:38:16

Websters pen shop. Go online and drool!!

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 22:45:40


notpodd Wed 14-Mar-12 22:47:11

<bursts into thread with enthusiasm> Come to my arms stationery strokers!

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 00:18:41

We haven't sort of asked as to why stationery addicts choose to suffer so? What are we asking for? Order? Perfection? Ease? A small corner of life which we can call our own?

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 03:54:20

I am living in Japan. It is unbelievable when it comes to stationary. Things you never knew you wanted, line the shelves. Paper clips, where the wire has been bent into the shape of people, flowers or animals. I bought myself a 5 speed pencil sharper the other day. It sharpens so you can have a smaller point for colouring pencils compared to your standard pencils smile
copy and paste&#25991;&#25151;&#20855;into google i dare yah

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 03:56:17

bunbogu only in kanjii. can't post in japanese sad

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 04:02:56

As to the writing paper! It is on a completely different level

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 06:24:37

carbonara - one must ask how many of us have what I like to call "ocd tendencies"? If I can't control the world, I must at least be able to colour coordinate my sharpened clutch pencils. DD1 (8) was in my office the other day, stroking my paper clips in their designated lined mini-drawer and making me anxious and she said to me "Mum why is your office so tidy and organised when the rest of the house is such chaos?". I suggested it was because it is my room and I like order and tidiness. She said "Oh I thought it was because no-one ever goes in there?" grin

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 06:31:50

Finally had time to reply. I too am an addict. I have a stationery cupboard in the study to store it all as I now work from home and can now legitimately have an account at my local staioners - which can be a very dangerous thing - but great smile

I officially love this thread. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys stationery and then can't bring herself to violate use it.

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 08:25:35

Yes Mamma, I have the annual angst if resisting writing anything at all in my new diaries forthe New Year. It just messes them up and suddenly detracts from their aesthetic beauty.

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 08:26:16

of resisting, you fool.

MrsHoarder Thu 15-Mar-12 08:33:51

Notebooks: I keep diaries, research notes, craft project designs etc in them. I also have filofaxs a filofax for day to day planning and organising.

A lot of my naice stationery comes from TKMaxx too, especially notebooks.

jetstar Thu 15-Mar-12 09:04:56

haven't read the whole thread yet but have been umming and ahing about getting a paper guillotine. Worth it do you think?

P.S. I am not an addict, I can stop any time I want............

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 09:15:40

I have a beautiful Messenger fountain pen, which has a gold nib, and just writes sooooo smoothly.

When I'm feeling especially poncetastic I fill it with violet ink, and pretend to be a Victorian heroine, scribing her memoirs...

[not an easy thing to image when you're just writing a note to school asking that DD1 be excused swimming because she has a tummy ache...hmm ]

Jetstar, it is my ambition in life to own a laminator. A paper guillotine may follow this.

maddywest Thu 15-Mar-12 09:29:20

smile at all of you who have the lovely things just to look at! I have to confess to buying a paper guillotine in the sales just in case it came in useful (still in the box).

Need a fix

ParkView Thu 15-Mar-12 09:31:40

i love stationery... so much I bought a cupboard for it all, and told DH it was for the children's craft supplies blush
Japanese stationery is fantastic, but so expensive to get hold of in UK, Muji aside.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 09:35:07

Ooh you can get laminator pockets at my local pound shop

lolaflores Thu 15-Mar-12 09:40:53

Promarker pen fan here also. recently discovered them and am in complete love. sometimes I just line them up and look at the colours. i have been on line and watched tutorials but just love looking at all the other colours i don't have yet.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 10:09:31

Can I suggest that we need some sort of badge or sign or better still a notebook so that when we see each other in paperchase etc we regognise each other as kindered spirits?

Can I sduggest that MN HQ gets on to Smythson and makes available to order a dedicated note book for MNetters. I am thinking of a snappy title...will start a new thread for suggestions....
It could have a special section...perforated pages for shopping lists...

lolaflores Thu 15-Mar-12 10:10:20

plastic wallet for wipes.

NoMoreInsomnia12 Thu 15-Mar-12 10:20:55

I love stationery. And cookware.

A Smythson 'AIBU' book would be awesome!

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 10:38:40

Mamma- I would totally buy that book!

I have:

Dymo label maker
Personalised embossed stationery
Many, many pink/clear/colourful Muji files and folders
Perspex Muji desk organiser with little drawers and lidded section with coloured paperclips/pins etc
2 x Moleskine notebooks
Smythson travel notes book
Mont Blanc Fountain Pen (30th Birthday present)
William Morris pattered matching stapler, hole punch, staple remover set
Sticker file. Yes, file
Various paperblanks notebooks

<obsessed proud>

However, all of this is 'old' - mostly bought pre DCs when in full time work. I now have to get my stationery fixes from our local WHSmith (though I will never, NEVER I tell you, use a bic biro and a spiral bound notebook. As long as there's life in me, etc...)

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 11:09:58

I respect you all

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 11:10:12

respect and fear!

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 11:15:24

Japanese stationery shopping is bliss. I still have some hoarded from when my parents lived there, and DS's own hoard contains stickers which they brought back when they went on holiday there.

Unless it has moved in the last decade, Kate's Papierie is even in a bit of NYC with lots of cool coffee shops / bookshops to park DH in for several hours so that he doesn't have to suffer through my stationery drooling and dithering and isn't there to mutter about luggage allowances.

DartsAgain Thu 15-Mar-12 11:34:41

I'm another stationery addict. I have a Waterman Fountain pen and use purple ink. I also have a parker fountain pen for everyday and use Diamine ink to refill (I saw 70 shades of ink for them on one website and picked one of about 20 shades of blue). I have to keep my stash in a drawer or everyone else in the house raids it. I like any stationery, but fountain pens are at the top of the list. Good job I don't have a credit card at the moment (due to a fraud, new card in post to me) or I'd be spending right now having seen this thread......grin

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 11:41:21

Feels the urge to laminate something coming on...

MoreBeta Thu 15-Mar-12 11:43:02

Japanese stationery is quite unlike what you can buy in the West.

We still have some from DW lived there. We only use it very occasionally one sheet at a time.

Cubtrouble Thu 15-Mar-12 13:07:44

God i thought I was the only one with this "problem".

I spend waaaaay to long choosing thankyou cards the other day, and I have seen some waaaaay to cute baby announcment cards in the local paper shop.
my favorite pen is a vintage mt blanc from my dad. i do LOVE a sharpie though and moleskin notebooks. heavenly. There is nothing as nice as opening a brand new notebook

ThePinkPussycat Thu 15-Mar-12 13:08:48

Anyone remember wooden pencil cases with a sliding rotating lid?

I like Bic ball point pens, index cards, paper must be narrow feint no margin, or Quadrille ruled. Used to have some nice polar graph paper too. After many different filing attempts, use ring-binders and plastic pockets (not cheap ones, which can be too flimsy and not properly transparent) Favourite ring binder is recycled and says 'I'm afraid I got a bit trashed, but I'm much better now' on it.

Recently found a site where you could print all manner of different graph papers - hope I bookmarked it.

So I am more functional than pretty in appoach. But still an addict.

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 13:24:30

Thanks to whoever mentioned TK Maxx first. I popped in today and managed to bag myself the last Liberty notebook (purple leather embossed with the art deco design); some rather fab post it notes and a TeNeues notebook. All under half price. smile

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 13:27:28

I remember those? With a top and bottom tray? And the lid was a ruler!

I'm all about pretty. I have a monsoon pencil tin with matching hole punch, stapler, ruler and calculator. I didn't need them but had to have them. They are in pride of place in my office. I don't think I ever used them.

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 13:46:22

look at this
for a child who loves stationery

And what about a wooden squirrel tape dispenser?
i want one!
I could spend a heinous amount at the V and A shop......

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 13:50:26

Ariad- Liberty notebooks you say. Please take a photo and post (or tweet!)!
I have -lots- a few V and A notebooks that have leather and sort of rubbery covers from there.

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 13:59:40

Back when I was a librarian...I had my own laminator (yes, I really, really needed it, it was a highly vital aspect of my job, okay) and I was in charge of the department's stationery cupboard...

I fucking loved that job.

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 14:02:04

Ahem...also does anyone else regularly buy beautiful wrapping paper and beautiful cards, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than that they're soooooooooooo pretty blush

Technically speaking...technically I genuinely don't need to buy another birthday card for the next 11 years...

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 14:03:54

woody it's this one only in a rich puple colour.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 14:14:27

OOh. I want that notebook! I shall pop in to my local TK Maxxes and have a look. I love Liberty. One year I was given a Liberty diary for Christmas. It has really necver been bettered!

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 14:18:55

I buy birthday cards on spec. The problem comes when they are too good to give away. I may have been known to buy two of a particularly nice one in order that I can bear to let go of one.

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 14:31:31

I'm quite envy over that notebook, and LeQueen - librarians are the queens(and kings) of stationery porn, no question. Stamps - you don't even need to mention the laminators, guilotines, craft knives, sharpies etc - stamps. Librarians and primary school teachers.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 14:37:27

Home bargains as I have said are great for bits and bobs.
15p a pack for Bic sticky notes (bought three)
And 99p for a to do/notes pad.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:46:15

LeQ I have an entire (large) cupboard full of gorgeous wrapping paper and ribbons and the like, and a large basket of cards. Wrapping things is one of my favourite occupations, but I do have to match my special paper (a lot of it from Kates Papierie) to deserving recipients which may be why I still have some left 10 years after I last went to NYC. I love bulk buying ribbons from ebay and Costco because it means I can use it without giving away all of a particularly lovely ribbon in one go hmm

While we are recommending suppliers, may I commend to you minor mail (especially when she has periodic 2 for 1 sales and I stock up for the decade year)

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:47:06

lowlandlady my DC would love that postal service set

<<adds it to wishlists>>

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:49:58

I really can't drag a poorly DD to TKMaxx in search of notebooks, can I sad?

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 15:07:43

Stealth-TK Maxx sell toys too...

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 15:35:14

Notpodd yes, be honest the books were really very much a secondary consideration for me blush...but my the department's stationery cupboard was A Thing of Beauty To Behold...

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 15:41:30

jetstar - a guillotine is a necessary part of life (we have two - an A3 one and an A4 one for different jobs!), we also have a laminator, but it's only A4 and I have a feeling we now need an A3 one as we have an A3 printer.

The addiction only gets worse, though, I'm afraid. I've got two sorts of label printers for doing different jobs (one of them DH was given at an IT show grin actually as was the A3 printer), I now have special boxes to store the wrapping paper and I can't go past a card shop without buying one even though I could probably stock a card shop with what I've already got (nicely organised in a Family Circle box).

All my work notes have to be in spiral bound notebooks with proper covers and elastic to keep them shut. I have four so far for my different jobs all different colours so I pick up the right one when rushing to a meeting.

I will only write in my fountain pen and have one on my desk and one in a beautiful Cross wallet (together with pencil and fibre tip) in my handbag.

I really do need help don't I?!

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 15:42:28

LeQueen I used to run my organisation's stationery cupboard too. It was a work of art and I used to get very grumpy if people let themselves in and left packaging everywhere.

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 16:03:00

Why on Earth would you let people into your stationery cupboard Pigeon hmm

Surely, that way lies madness???

I never let anyone, unescorted, into my stationery cupboard...I closely chaperoned them at all times, and entrance to the cupboard was only allowed under very specific circumstances.

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 16:11:45

It was terrible - I did ask the maintenance team to change the lock but someone objected. The key was one that was a standard one to get into most of the offices of a Oxford College and so lots of the staff had it. It was awful sad

Sanuk Thu 15-Mar-12 16:24:31

lowlandlady - LOVE the V&A stuff. I have a friend who works there; I'll see if she can get me a discount. It is a great shop for present buying. The stationary kit is a thing of genius. 2 yo DS loves playing post offices, so I could be the person writing the beautifully presented letters, and he could deliver them .... to, er, toys perhaps.

Sanuk Thu 15-Mar-12 16:25:41

Oh, and I also have at home a laminator and a guillotine!

Flubba Thu 15-Mar-12 16:30:22

Ooh, envy I'd love a laminator too!! grin grin

A shredder is also on my secret wish list blush confused

But for pretty stationery things, look what I just made for my mum for mother's day smile

Ineedalife Thu 15-Mar-12 16:30:54

Don't suppose any of you stationery lovers could help me to locate a "chikko" note book.

It has a penguin or owl on the front of it we can't decide which.

Dd3's ex Brown owl has mislaid hershmm. Dd3 wrote her holiday diary in it for a badge at Brwonies and now it is missing.

Dd3 is extremely upset as it was a presentsad.

Please don't suggest google, I have tried it several times.

Hope someone can helpsmile.

Ineedalife Thu 15-Mar-12 16:32:11

Oh and by the way, I also have a laminator and guillotine and a shredder. grin

I work in education though, does that still countgrin.

Sanuk Thu 15-Mar-12 16:32:43

Flubba - that is bootiful. I am now quite resentful that my eldest child is only 7 and isn't capable of such craft-ery.

I have a shredder. It is a fantastic de-stressor.

my name is accidentprawn and im a stationery addict
Wilkos is good for cheep pens
Paperchase - shall i feed DD and me or buy stationery?

Oh a stationery thread......

<marks place and prepares to neglect the children settle down for a read>

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 16:43:17

Ineed is it this design? Or am I on the wrong track?

I have found my people!!!


<and marks place>

Flubba Thu 15-Mar-12 16:47:04

Thanks Sanuk

When I was 6, my parents bought me a fab stationery whirly crayola thingy - it had places for crayons, pens, paints, paper etc etc - and twirled round a bit like a lazy-susan thingamy. I loved it sooo much! blush


accidentprawn there's no contest in your decision making. DD will survive sans food. No problem.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 16:51:06

turns out poorly DD was not in fact malingering - she is now fast asleep in my bed which is completely unheard of when she could have chosen to watch TV, so probably best that I did resist the urge to drag her to TK Maxx. I may have to buy her a large pack of post its to make up for not believing her blush

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 17:00:27

Stealth-passing youe love of stationer on to your daughter

kipperandtiger Thu 15-Mar-12 17:09:53

Really good stationery is a work of art in itself. And a thoughtful handwritten letter on good stationery is a gem - and a dying art form. One day I heard that people were going to stop sending wedding invitations on good stationery and send e-vites by Facebook or email instead. Shock horror.

CeliaFate - Love the story about the £1 discount in Rymans. Awwwww.

M&S occasionally has nice stationery, just to surprise me. And some independent gift shops. Smythsons for those who really want/need/due a treat.

LovedayPan - did you mean "dealer" instead? A useful double meaning!

I like good stationery but the prices are usually enough to stop me getting addicted.

Ineedalife Thu 15-Mar-12 17:13:52

Yes ariadne, that is exactly it but in the note book. Dd3 also has a pencil tin. smile

Hope someone can find one[fingers crossed]smile.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 17:19:08

warmandwooly - she's already hooked grin - I can make her day (or DS's, come to that) by bringing home pencils/pads/post it notes from work seminars and the like. DS has more of my love of sets of pens, pencils, etc and inclination to hoard - he has stacks of unused sets of stickers . DD likes to cover the house in use her stuff (but she's only 5, so she will learn grin)

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 17:42:11

Stealth-the fun of traing days and conferences is the freebies.
Free pencil-don't mind if I do
Post it notes-don't mind if I do
Free foldaway bag-lovely
Notepad-also lovely

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 18:03:09

Gift-wrapping with our lovely stationery. I discovered how the curly ends of the ribboning is created. Just quickly pass the underside of the straight ribbon between your finger and the edge of some scissors. It springs back all beautifully curly!

<many of you will know this already, but if you didn't it can provide hours of mindless fun, and enhances the overall appearance of your gift-wrapping. hth.>

lazarusb Thu 15-Mar-12 18:56:50

I got really excited today. I was in a shop on campus buying an A4 lined pad when I spotted....coloured lined A4 paper! I was so excited I started ranting on to the sales assistant about how wonderful it is. I can use a different colour for each module!!! So my desk organisation will be so much easier grin I am in love.

MrsHeffley Thu 15-Mar-12 19:12:01

God I want that envelope template and that cute owl stamp on Papersource,very sad they don't ship.

Ihaveaveryleakybrain Thu 15-Mar-12 19:18:00

Ooh for lovely bonkers scandi bits these people are good.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Mar-12 19:19:00

oooh I love a stationery thread.
I am posting on this to move it out of chat so that it doesn't disappear....
I for one am a sucker for a novelty post-it™ note - DS' teacher had speech bubbles today.

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 19:21:17

Ooh Olivia do you think we could have our own section like the Pedants' ? Maybe called 'the Stationery Cupboard' or something?

Guitargirl Thu 15-Mar-12 19:40:04

I have just bought notebooks for a friend from work (who shares my obsession) from

Also of cabbages and kings have some nice stuff

This shop does great cards, I could spend ages in there: Pall Mall Stationers

And you can't beat here for gorgeous paper.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 19:47:44

If anyone is looking for a Leathersmiths diary 2012 on the cheap Liberty is your place/site

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Thu 15-Mar-12 20:04:36

Evening all smile

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 20:21:13

"It was terrible - I did ask the maintenance team to change the lock but someone objected. The key was one that was a standard one to get into most of the offices of a Oxford College and so lots of the staff had it. It was awful "

OMG Pigeon the stress of that must have been awful. It would have kept me awake at night...the mere thought of random people having access to my carefully colour coded post-it notes and coloured laminating pouches ...[shudders]

MrsHeffley Thu 15-Mar-12 20:28:08

Has anybody seen mouse mats that are notepads? Saw one on a US site and thought it was a fab idea as I'm always loosing notes I make whilst online.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 20:28:58

Coloured laminating pouches.have I been living under a rock here? Never heard of em!

When ever I have started in a new office (freelancer so quite a few times), I sit on my hands for what I consider to be a decent amount of time about two hours tops before looting inspecting the stationery cupboard.

I judge the whole business and all its employers/employess on the strength of its contents and orderly storage.

employees Bah

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 20:33:49

Heffley- I did get a mousmat-ish shaped pad from The British Museume about ten years <shocked ten years> ago

Yes yes I have one, I bought it in a stationers in Winchester, that one at the top of the hill up near that shop that sells you know, those things you like ... <unhelpful>.

Will go for a little google and be back, maybe being more helpful.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 20:43:58 - here <proud>. That's where.

Sorry, still not that helpful.

Lusts, actual lusts, after the Liberty elephant mousemat pad <swoon>

whereismywine Thu 15-Mar-12 20:54:45

If only Aussie kikki k had good shipping costs, so so lovely.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 21:00:37

Whereismywine_that all looks lovely <sigh>

Agapanthii Thu 15-Mar-12 21:31:45

Oh lordy this is the best thread EVER. I feel the need to share. Laminator? Pah! Guillotine? Pah! When I left my last job I stole adopted the binding machine. I can take my dc's pictures and make my own books, with beautiful wrapping paper covers.

I have my own stationery board on Pinterest full of stuff I want to buy but can't afford. Thanks to this thread I'm going to have to add about four million new pins.

Has anyone yet mentioned hellolucky?

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 21:48:41

Oh my word that elephant mouse mat pad is heading for the top of my wishlist.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 21:55:01

I had another quiet gloat over my set of sharpies today. I did them a disservice - there are 3 shades of pink. I need to find or make a special pot for them to live in before I can open the pack, though.

SmellOfBurntWiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 21:57:10

Stealthsquiggle inspired by your earlier 2 shadesof pink sharpies claim I realised what I really want for Mothers Day is a red.
Just that. Thank you!

Sharpies? Pah! No these are the fabbest felt tips ever. DS2 and I can spend hours just colouring in those Usborne doodle book thingies and despite hours of colouring they are still going strong. I have the brush nibbed ones but they do other types which I must have. I covet the gift box at the bottom of the link big time.

I have instilled a love of stationery in DS2 - I was getting worried that I would be a lone figure in our house after DS1 steadfastly refused to get excited about pens pencils and notebooks (weird child, takes after his father) but DS2 is coming along nicely. I ended up buying him 4 different types of pens and pencils for Christmas so the poor boy has no choice (had a very satisfying thread on pencils for him in the run up to Christmas but still couldn't chose between them hence the multiple packs. blush) but he doesn't seem to be complaining. I even bought him a Really Useful Box to put them in as a normal pencil case won't hack it.

I am off to dribble over admire some of these lovely links.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 22:57:52

Bertha those are lovely and I can see me using the prospect of me owning some which they might occasionally be allowed to use look at as an incentive for my DC.

Being permanent, the Sharpies are indisputably all mine, though.

notpodd Fri 16-Mar-12 07:09:51

MY DCs are not allowed near my sharpies, although DD1 in particular covorts them. She gazes at them lovingly in their little drawer in my office.

The Faber Castell ones are permanent too.

I only have black Sharpies. Maybe I should be investigating the coloured ones....... (sits on hands to avoid driving to Hobbycraft and paying over inflated prices for them)

stealthsquiggle Fri 16-Mar-12 09:52:21

Ah - permanent pens and DD who is currently incapable of colouring without getting pen all over her hands, face and most of the kitchen don't really mix.

So I had better add that box set of Faber Castell pens to my wishlist instead of to the DCs ones, then.

Good idea. DS2 is 8 so fairly trustworthy now. At 5 or 6 he wasn't putting the lids on properly and wouldn't have been allowed near my lovely pens!

I did a note book making course just before Christmas. That was fun - make your own lovely stationery. A bit time consuming though and, it has to be said, by the time you have bought the materials, not that cheap either.

thomasbodley Fri 16-Mar-12 10:33:44

Inspired by this thread, yesterday I bought a card-corner cutter. It cuts the corners off business cards so now all mine have rounded edges. I am in heaven. I haven't had such a stationery high in quite some time.

And when I was doing my intravenous dealing in my posts above, I forgot to tell you about the crocodile exercise book cover I have from Pickett [totally pwnthing this thread emoticon].

I am properly devastated that someone has their own binding machine. That's just showing off, that is.

JulesJules Fri 16-Mar-12 10:51:08

I love this thread.

Can't get out of Paperchase without a bag full of stuff, last time they had some lovely novelty post-its OliviaMN - leaves and petals.

I buy things for the children and and tell DH that it's important they have good quality pencils like THESE look, less than half price on Amazon! and these Letraset ProMarkers because 9yo likes drawing Manga style Then I can nick borrow them.

This morning, Pedlars sent me an email about these Best Pencils In The World and I'm sooo TEMPTED.

Can't even go into Accessorise without getting a pen and matching mini notebook covered in glitter and jewels.

Choccies? Flowers? Nope, I'd rather have a good quality tape dispenser and one of those electric pencil sharpeners.

I need help.

<sits back down>

Can you chose a style of corner rounding, thomasbodley?

Whilst I share your enthusiasm and could see many happy hours being spent cutting the corners off my own business cards, you've got to wonder at the kind of mind that makes and markets this sort of thing. The capacity the human mind has for invention never ceases to amaze me. grin

Oh Jules - you have given me a good idea for a mothers' day pressie. Should anybody ask that is - bejewelled notebooks and pens!

Has anybody got a battery powered eraser? I kinda covet one of those although I can't see why a bit of elbow grease can't do the job just as well.

<realise the last 3 posts have been mine and I should have gone out half an hour ago. Kicks self up the backside>

JulesJules Fri 16-Mar-12 10:59:15

Oh and my favourite diaries are the Redstone Press ones - I have had one every year since 1988.

JulesJules Fri 16-Mar-12 11:09:42

Love these travel journals at Papergrain ...

Haven't got time to read all this massive thread, there are clearly many of us hard core addicts!!! I was in Partners (ages ago obviously, not so keen now it's Rymans) with my sister once; opened a notebook and said 'cor, look at the lines on that!'. My sister collapsed in hysterics, not 'cor look at the bum on that bloke out the window', but 'cor, look at the lines on that.

Plus, I teach my son at home, and so there is almost endless potential for every avenue of stationery purchasing and calling it legitimate.....[Homer Simpson drool emoticon]

stealthsquiggle Fri 16-Mar-12 11:37:49

Bertha - no battery powered erasers, but I did buy my engineer Grandfather a battery powered stapler which he loved. My DM has it now, but I have made it clear that she is only looking after it...

maddywest Fri 16-Mar-12 11:44:21

But WHAT do you write in your notebooks?? Only MrsHoarder has divulged: diaries, research notes, craft project designs

battery powered eraser sounds a bit euphemistic ...

Stop it at ONCE. This thread is about to ruin me. grin

I'm not so much of a stationery whore as I used to be (stashes of Florentine papers from an Italian holiday, Italian notebooks, very picky about my diaries, etc) but I still can't pass up a pen that writes in brown ink. It used to be my poncy 'signature', to write everything in brown ink with a fountain pen (cheapy Parker's one). Then the bastards discontinued their long brown ink cartridges. I did buy up every single packet I could find though, and still come across little stashes of them in drawers in the house. grin

I do like the Japanese brown ink fine-liners you can buy in Paperchase. I usually have four or five of those on the go in various places.

That NY paper shop is doing my head in. I want ALL of their giftwraps.

Sanuk Fri 16-Mar-12 13:14:15

Maddy - I answered that above

I'm a writer.

I have a diary, then lots of Moleskin notebooks for various different projects. I also have a few small ones to pop in my handbook so I can write To Do Lists or misc. notes.

LeQueen Fri 16-Mar-12 13:17:30

[can't believe she neglected to nick the binding-machine when she left the library...gets tearful...]

dotty2 Fri 16-Mar-12 15:14:55

I can't read all 11 pages of this thread, but has anyone referenced the recent Lucy Mangan programme on stationery on R4? Made for a lovely half hour's ironing (it's on listen again under S).

Maddy - It does sound euphemistic yes, but not as bad as battery powered rubbers which is what I typed first before I decided it might lower the tone and changed it to eraser. grin

As to the question, what do you write in notebooks. Nothing. I save them for when I have something worth writing in them. That has yet to happen. blush

Daft really. I love it when people have notebooks and diaries stuff with so many things that they need elastic bands to hold it all together but I just haven't been able to get to that level of used-ness myself.

LAF77 Fri 16-Mar-12 15:48:37

Japan is the Mecca for stationery. Ito-ya has 5 floors of stationery stuff. When I'm in Tokyo, I block out an afternoon to rummage around. I bought such beautifully coloured pens from there. The notebooks! The sizes, the shapes!

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Fri 16-Mar-12 15:50:31

Ooh, I want to go back to Japan ...

jinsei Fri 16-Mar-12 16:09:16

juggling me too!

Salteena Fri 16-Mar-12 16:41:14

Agree about Itoya If we're talking Japan and stationery. Also - Tokyu Hands. It's like wonderland <drools uncontrollably>

Pseudonymity Fri 16-Mar-12 17:04:21

Oh goodness, this is the perfect thread for me. Just going to say "Smythson" and then I'll be off to scrutinise the thread in detail.

jinsei Fri 16-Mar-12 17:10:53

Ah yes, tokyu hands. Spent many happy hours browsing there! smile

stealthsquiggle Fri 16-Mar-12 17:14:04

Tokyu Hands is bliss. It is chock full of things that you have no use for whatsoever and yet you want them - I loved their cardboard tube furniture. I feel deprived that I never found/went to Ito-ya, though sad.

I found these today - Crumpler, more famous for bags, also make fabric notebook skins. They wont be for everyone but I love the one I just got, and the paper is divine - thick crisp white unlined paper.

McNaughty Fri 16-Mar-12 19:37:48

Oh, can I join in too?

Been a complete stationery addict from as long as I can remember. Still searching for the elusive perfect pen, but getting through a few along the way smile

My latest fix was a box of Liberty notelets in Waitrose (slipped them in the trolley with the milk and bread) so not really a proper fix, just a treat to help me through the bore of grocery shopping.

I've used two of them now and already am thinking that they'll need replacing as I might just run out.

Thank goodness for a thread where everyone understands... and tomorrow I'm going to sort out my own stationery box. What a brilliant idea to have everything together.

shaky Fri 16-Mar-12 19:54:07

I love stationary to, I have personalised pens, post it notes and notebooks and my own business cards, all came from vista print and were all free, just had to pay postage. They send me free offers every month and I just can't resist ....

whereismywine Fri 16-Mar-12 20:12:34

Drooling at Japan stationary - my brother lives there and when I visit he fails to understand my need to mooch at envelopes for hours...

whereismywine Fri 16-Mar-12 20:13:22

Also - I've always been made to feel its just me that's a stationary oddball. Hurray for this thread!

LeQueen Fri 16-Mar-12 20:23:49

I have a confession to make blush

I was inexorably drawn into Paperchase again today, its Siren's Call was impossible to resist...even though there was no stationery feasibly left to buy, having already spent £75 in there on Tuesday...

...20 minutes later I walked out with 2 gawjus overnight bags for the DDs and the matching toiletries bags and the matching aluminum drinks bottles...I was sorely tempted by the matching i-Pad covers, and only managed to refrain from buying them too, on the grounds that the DDs don't actually have i-Pads yet blush

I need professional help, don't I hmm

warmandwooly Fri 16-Mar-12 20:27:17

LeQueen- I have a gorjus diary that I bought in Boots as part of their christmas present deal. I am glad I did as there was none left in the sales by the time I went in.
Its vv nice.
You can follow. Gorjus on Twitter too!

warmandwooly Fri 16-Mar-12 20:32:10

@gorjuss is the Twitter name Le Queen and others. Smythson is also on Twitter!
I get lovely Smythson catalogue/brochures through the post.
Stationer porn at its best and all lovely and glossy --so you can wipe up the drool--so very very luxurious. (Maybe hide the debit/credit cards before hand though, yeah?)

warmandwooly Fri 16-Mar-12 20:36:32

Oh LeQueen-i have a feeling its not the Gorjuss I meant however do check out Gorjuss. Your dd's may like it -and so might you- just a thought

Cremolafoam Fri 16-Mar-12 20:52:45

Omg stationary porn thread where have you beengringringringrin
I have recently formed a bond with all Korean stationary which is a maz ing.
Hard to get thosad

Cremolafoam Fri 16-Mar-12 21:02:43
Cremolafoam Fri 16-Mar-12 21:09:23
Lovely diaries from Sukie are any year and come with glassine pockets - yessssss!

applecrumbleandcream Fri 16-Mar-12 21:29:38

My husband is a stationery addict - his idea of heaven is sitting on the toilet with the Staples catalogue grin

warmandwooly Fri 16-Mar-12 21:41:50

I remember being on holiday as a kid and they had machines that for a pound or so dispensed little bits and bobs. So happy when I got a little ink stamp with its own stamp

warmandwooly Fri 16-Mar-12 21:42:39

Own ink...

PigeonPie Fri 16-Mar-12 23:20:29

In answer up thread to what I put in my notebooks - well notes!

Every project / organisation I work for has a separate one as I attend a lot of meetings for which I take minutes; so I have one for Playgroup, one for each of my parish councils, one for other projects and so on.

TooMuchFuckingPerspective Fri 16-Mar-12 23:46:16

I farkin love stationery. Gel pens, planners,diaries, storage solutions....all the perrrty colours and possibilities. It's ace having girls cos I can subtly feed my obsession through them: 'don't you need more paper honey?' dribble

Yes I know boys can like it too.

notpodd Sat 17-Mar-12 07:00:40

Morning paper strokers - Now I have this theory that the stationery fetish is genetic and goes with being a superior being left handed. Anyone on here left handed (apart from me, obviously) or have leftie tendancies?

ThreeLittleTinkers Sat 17-Mar-12 07:38:13

Hope you don't mind if I plurk on your thread!!

Was just wondering if anyone knew where I might get some decorated box files or file boxes. Nice ones. Or am I just going to have to decorate some normal ones myself?

And yes, I am a bit of a notebook addict. I have loads around, but just end up writing rubbish in them and get hyped up because it's not neat enough. I would love a notebook I could fill with stuff I can look back in years and smile at. And for my kids or grandkids to get an insight....sounds a bit nobby, sorry blush

But yeah, decorated box files, anyone?

notpodd Sat 17-Mar-12 07:49:23

I have accepted that people will not buy my pretty notebooks anymore if I don't use them, so I am using one for work, and have another in my handbag.

Box files - Independent stationers? We have one in our shite little town that sells such things. Or not on the highstreet?

notpodd Sat 17-Mar-12 07:54:29

sorry that's buy ME, not by my. I am not selling my pretty notebooks, clearly

lowlandlady Sat 17-Mar-12 09:18:26

that Liberty book has made me need to go and lie down in a darkened room with a cool wet cloth over my face and try to breathe very slowly until someone comes with a cup of tea and my special medicine.

warmandwooly Sat 17-Mar-12 09:19:19

Bos files-paperchase?
Boxes-home bargains. I got myself some decorated ones v v cheap!

lowlandlady Sat 17-Mar-12 09:20:10

Tokyopanda shiz is fabulous

hermioneweasley Sat 17-Mar-12 09:26:01

Last year I treated myself to personalised notecards from honey tree . Ridiculous money, but lovely quality <whispers>you get to choose your edges. Also comes beautifully packaged. Only a few people have merited one of those beauties, I tell you!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 17-Mar-12 10:22:40

Hello fellow stationery fetishists fans grin

Don't want to lose this thread full of fab ways to prioritise, diarise and alphabetise not to mention ruminate, communicate and laminate. grin

SO I am going to move it out of chat to our lovely products section where threads don't disappear.

<tries to resist clicking on some of the links>

thomasbodley Sat 17-Mar-12 10:44:09

In answer to the question, "What do you all do with the notebooks etc".

I don't actually have a lot of stationery. I have ONE paper diary, ONE notebook per project, ONE to-do notebook, ONE "best pen", ONE set of notecards etc. I only start another when the original runs out.

But as I go for quality over quantity, this minimalist approach doesn't work out any cheaper blush

ariadneoliver Sat 17-Mar-12 10:50:09

Don't resist Olivia, those links are chock full of things you need.

SuiGeneris Sat 17-Mar-12 12:26:01

Have resisted clicking on this thread for a few days but this morning I had to and... Remembered I would really like some new ink for my fountain pen, and maybe some red ink with a dedicated pen for it, and a small handbag pen...

Thanks to whomever added the cultpen link.

Question: which is your favourite fountain pen ink make and why? I like Aurora but cannot find it in the UK, Parker seems a bit too liquid and Waterman is ok, but not earth-moving...

ProcessYellowC Sat 17-Mar-12 12:38:44

London Graphic Centre There's one around the corner from my work

Not so good if you're a fountain pen fan, but there are so many goodies in it.

I am excited that DS' nursery is going to start doing a project on 3D shapes, I have planned in my head the neat set of white cubes, prisms, etc I am going to make and had to buy a compass in preparation for this blush.

warmandwooly Sat 17-Mar-12 12:46:22

Once I get myself more motivated I will get myself clothed and do a recon mission to TKMaxx to get something exchanged AND look out for that amazing Liberty notebook. Will probs be disappointed though

warmandwooly Sat 17-Mar-12 14:22:01

Yes I did spot a Libery notebook at TK Maxx. It wasd pretty and hardbacked but only plain paper. Will look in a bigger branch next week!

ariadneoliver Sat 17-Mar-12 17:24:38

You won't regret it wooly. grin

warmandwooly Sat 17-Mar-12 17:33:19

I hope not!I am hoping that they remain untouced if there. My chances? If they are there I hope they are good given that I have purchased other well known quality names for bargainous prices! I have an eye for the designer bargain

purplemamfa Sat 17-Mar-12 19:39:21

I LOVE this thread. I have never posted before and would like to thank all you fellow stationery lovers for making me feel normal, lol.

I also lust over things of paper, card and writing implements but would prefer not to use them as my handwriting is rubbish.

JoInScotland Sat 17-Mar-12 21:31:56

Can anyone recommend a really good quality, lined A5 notebook? It is what I use for my personal diary, but last time I finished one, I went to Rymans and I found the paper is very thin in their A5 notebook.... using my lovely black gel ink pen means you can see the writing (faintly) through the back of the page when you turn it over. I am looking for another notebook with lovely thick paper, like I had before. Any suggestions? (A pretty cover is nice too!)

PigeonPie Sat 17-Mar-12 21:36:00

I found a Paperchase one a while ago and it has much much nicer paper than the cheap ones I've found since. Once I've used up my cheap ones (I do get through them at quite a rate) I think I'll be going back to Paperchase grin

elizabecca Sat 17-Mar-12 23:16:18

I have to confess to being a stationery addict too, and failed miserably in trying to explain both this fact and this thread to DH earlier ....
But I am also worried as now have 9, yes nine, tabs open for yummy stationery shopping, and as ever there is too much to choose from (can't hide parcels from DH as he works from home - useful for taking delivery of said parcels but then they can't be hidden in my stationery store...) Oh the quandaries of life confused

IsItMeOr Sun 18-Mar-12 12:27:37

Well, it's good to know that I don't have a problem.

Although thanks to this thread I now have some fantastic pie chart stickies (fun retirement gift for statistician at work) and two moleskine lego notebooks on their way to me. grin

IsItMeOr Sun 18-Mar-12 16:16:58

...and a new pen. Been looking for a smallish one without a pocket clip for a while. Found one at cultpens, yay!

ilovemyteddy Sun 18-Mar-12 18:59:05

I went to TK Maxx yesterday and managed to get two Liberty notebooks - black leather covers with a lovely Art Deco design, and boxed. £45 for the two. One is for a gift but I may just have to keep the other one grin

stealthsquiggle Sun 18-Mar-12 20:35:17

The idea of a trip to TKMaxx (minus poorly DD who should hopefully be back at school tomorrow) is sounding more and more attractive. I am kind of counting on the fact that, should they have any in stock, the local branch should also have remarkably few customers who would understand quite what a bargain they are.

warmandwooly Sun 18-Mar-12 20:53:28

Stealth-that is what I am hoping for too. That us, in the know mumsnetters,<taps nose> will have first dibs on them. [Wink]

Perhaps we need a secret sign or something so that we acknowledge the stationery passionate mnetters everywhere and lurking in TK Maxx.

Longstocking2 Mon 19-Mar-12 09:53:37

If I had three grand to spare I would definitely want a pen designed by Sylvester Stallone.

thomasbodley Mon 19-Mar-12 09:55:14

I can't keep away from this thread. Google Moma Shop. Some of their organisation tools and stationery are AMAZING but the feckers don't ship to the UK.

Check out the Indice tabbed bookends [swooning].

warmandwooly Mon 19-Mar-12 12:57:33

Off to TK Maxx now. Libery stationery if you are in there I am coming to get ya!

warmandwooly Mon 19-Mar-12 13:47:26

Plenty of Hello Kitty Liberty things but no notebook. On the other hand I could not resist a mousemat writing pad!

ilovemyteddy Mon 19-Mar-12 15:46:59

thomasbodley - I have just clicked and swooned at those bookends. I NEED them!

warmandwooly - sorry there weren't any Liberty notebooks at your TK Maxx. I work around the corner from one of their stores so will keep
stalking checking their shelves and let you know if I find one.

warmandwooly Mon 19-Mar-12 17:26:39

Teddy-thank you! Only tried two localish ones out of three I will not give up!

warmandwooly Mon 19-Mar-12 18:10:52

I havew looked at the make of the mousemat pad and its at

Lots of pretty stationery to behold on the site...

ariadneoliver Tue 20-Mar-12 20:41:39

wooly I can't get your link to work. sad

warmandwooly Tue 20-Mar-12 21:00:55

ariad- I typed it that's why. Look in the sale section of galison(hope it is spelled correctly) its in the sale section for five dollars

ariadneoliver Tue 20-Mar-12 21:07:13

I've found it, and enough lovely Christmas cards to last pretty much the rest of the decade.

warmandwooly Tue 20-Mar-12 21:30:44

ha ha! what do you think of it?

ariadneoliver Wed 21-Mar-12 09:42:44

I think I like the elephant one best, although the retro birds are pretty.

<sits on credit card>

stealthsquiggle Wed 21-Mar-12 10:07:33

I know it is Pedlars, but... I want it all anyway

ilovemyteddy Wed 21-Mar-12 14:58:27

warmandwooly you have mail!

daddyc Fri 23-Mar-12 21:26:59

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

daddyc Fri 23-Mar-12 21:29:24

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sat 24-Mar-12 19:26:56

MNHQ - PLEASE you have to let us know what on earth someone could have possibly said on a stationery thread to get them deleted grin

<or is it one of the FFJ tossers??>

ariadneoliver Sat 24-Mar-12 23:18:47

It was a link to a site selling children's stationery, I suspect it was removed because it was for advertising purposes rather than information. You didn't miss much it was a bit sub Hello Kitty in style.

I saw some of this stuff on a stall at a fair today and thought of you lot, take a look! Typografika

PS and I promise I don't work for them grin

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Sat 24-Mar-12 23:57:58

Ariandne - thanks smile (boring reason for deletion!!)

I once (very briefly) considered being a Phoenix rep - but it was really only to justify buying lots of stationery!! [grn]

ThePinkPussycat Sun 25-Mar-12 00:32:41

I must report an absolutely lovely time in my local Ryman's this afternoon, which included a very interesting discussion on Richard Dawkins and evolution with the shop assistant - we are both fans of Dawkins and had a very interesting exhange of information.

And he was very helpful when I needed him to be, but did not hover! I have a workshop to plan, and got ordinary but inspirational stationery.

A pad of Quadrille ruled A4
A pack of 3 reporter's notebooks
10 black Bic biros
I pack 5"x3" index cards, ruled
4 matt cardboard ring binders - one red, one blue, one green, one yellow
1 shiny ring binder, finely striped horizontally in shades of orange, blue and white
350 spot sickers in 5 different colours
90 shiny star stickers in 5 different colours including gold
7 gram small feathers individually dyed in about 8 colours (oh dear, now I'm going to have to count them blush)
and a packet of about 50 teeny-weeny little clothes pegs

This, for me, is stationery heaven grin.

ariadneoliver Sun 25-Mar-12 09:24:20

I can see using the other things, but what are the feathers for?

Dear Collective, I feel that i must confess as my conscience won't let me continue without being truthful. I cannot explain my behaviour and I know it is abhorrent, I am going to sign up for support groups.

I went into Paperchase and came out without having bought anything.


ariadneoliver Sun 25-Mar-12 11:13:25

That's worrying travail, have you called NHS direct? grin

ThePinkPussycat Sun 25-Mar-12 11:51:26

TBH I don't know what the feathers will be for, hence the term inspirational (meaning I don't know what I'm doing yet!) But the 1st world war thing of handing white feathers out suggests itself - only obviously these ones would be handed out for positive attributes. Or people may select their own feathers. Or I might not use them.

DarrowbyEightFive Sun 25-Mar-12 12:46:05

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Paperblanks collection, which I drool over. This year I have the Safavid design as a dayplanner. They are just stunningly beautiful objects. I often just open mine for the hell of it - they feel wonderful too. The Book of Kells journal also looks cool.

On the inside front cover is printed: This dayplanner is very important to me. If you find it please can you phone me (or something like that, as I have the German version). Isn't that sweet? And it gives public holidays from all the major world religions, which is so considerate.

Oh dear god, Darrowby ... i feel I may be cured. I LOVE the designs of some of those books ... <feels better>

ariadneoliver Sun 25-Mar-12 17:07:55

Those paperblanks books are gorgeous. Maybe in a past life I was a monk who copied out the Bible on vellum. Can you imagine spending all day in peace and quiet scribing with beautiful inks and top quality materials.

Fenouille Sun 25-Mar-12 21:28:42

I have just spent more money than I care to admit on pens - how did I never know about cult pens before? Luckily most of the websites linked don't deliver overseas.

My local stationery fix comes from here, they have a lovely display case full of the most fabulous pens. I'm so happy I'm not alone in my obsession.

ariadneoliver Mon 26-Mar-12 20:52:35

This thread has inspired me to make more use of my (too many) fountain pens. Does anyone have any recommendations for brands of inks, I can get up to two. I was thinking maybe purple or brown or maybe red/pink.

ariadneoliver Thu 29-Mar-12 18:04:34

Looks like I killed the thread, but I felt I should report that I nearly had to be helped away from TK Maxx today. I restrained myself and bought only a Designers' Guild pencil case with four colourful pencils in and a Designers Guild notebook with a cut out front and lovely liner. Fortunately they are both packaged so they can be saved for Christmas presents. Possibly.

Shesparkles Tue 21-Aug-12 16:51:41

Just resurrecting this thread to say that I got a great 18 month diary fom TK Maxx last week.....soft pink leather covers and proper paper pages, not the kind you usually get in diaries that you could spit pas through! I may have had a bit of a frenzy buying lovely pens from all the back to school stuff that's on the go just now....

JackieZ Wed 29-Aug-12 14:12:21

TK Maxx are pretty good for random stationery bits, but because of this randomness, you never see the same thing in two different stores. I've bought lovely craft sets in there in the past, for half the price of somewhere like Hobbycraft!

BN3MUM Wed 17-Apr-13 15:52:05

A friend told me about this thread, I can't believe there are so many stationery lovers! I recently got married to a stationer whose family have been doing it since 1863 so loving stationery is very much a necessity!
If you like design and stationery I can recommend this site for nice designs etc we took some inspiration for our wedding invites from here.

PKTidy1 Mon 03-Jun-13 14:38:18

The Pen & Ink Co do lovely illustrated stationery like correspondence cards. I went to a wedding recently and they had also designed all the wedding stationery

temple22 Thu 20-Jun-13 14:41:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

DoYourKegels Fri 18-Oct-13 17:30:03

Just marking. Coming back later. smile.

greewenfe Mon 21-Oct-13 02:29:52

Paperchase recently opened a shop in my town centre. I have never before seen such heavenly goods. Every week I am torn between gorgeous stationery or feeding the family.

Ohwhatwitcheryisthis Mon 21-Oct-13 06:36:01

my habit is pens. My dealer is cultpens. (Sorry on phone cant link) For the poster who needs a smooth write they do a ballpoint to called a slider which is amazing. free postage over a tenner and next day delivery. They also have other stationery related crack stuff. But the fountain pens. ooooooooooooooogrin

3bunnies Mon 21-Oct-13 06:43:46

How could I have missed this thread all these years. <strokes laminator and looks longingly on amazon at frixion pens for dd1's spy party - though not mixing the two>

Alwayscheerful Mon 21-Oct-13 07:07:15

I have spent several hours perusing purple inks, I would like a "liberty" purple, can someone advise please?

Ohwhatwitcheryisthis Mon 21-Oct-13 08:36:34

yes-see my previous post. there are ballpoints, rollerballs, fudes and most importantly fountain pen ink-cartridges and bottled including some gawgus french stuff that is scented. when i learn to do links properly will show you. but google cultpens. for pen porn

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