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Can anyone recommend a kids water bottle that DOESN'T LEAK!!

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Pineapplechunks Wed 02-Dec-09 09:47:24

Preferably with a sports cap top?

Thank you smile

NotsoDH Wed 02-Dec-09 10:00:18

IME childrens cups are absolute crap. They usually all leak a little bit. Esp when kids chew the ends they become useless, or they don't shut them properly (usually because it is too stiff for a child to do). DO NOT buy an any way up cup or similar where they create a sort of vacuum or pump effect. It is nearly impossible to suck any meaningfull amount of drink out of them.

I have found the best thing to do is to get the kids using open beakers at home as early as possible, and reuse shop bought water bottles when out and about.

In fact, the only cup I have found that doesn't leak is this: addis cup but this has a screw lid that an adult has to open.

As you can see these things wind me up severely Larry David style angry. If you find some kids spout/lid/sports ones for less than £2 the other option is to buy loads at once.

mamasmissionimpossible Wed 02-Dec-09 10:07:00

Sigg water bottles are good. My ds has one and it does not leak. Expensive though!

water bottle here

florenceuk Wed 02-Dec-09 10:11:08

We use these:
sistema - IME they don't leak as long as your child remembers to twist them until they "lock" shut. I first found them in NZ, and you can get them in John Lewis now.

Pineapplechunks Wed 02-Dec-09 10:14:06

NotsoDH, you are annoyed by cups aren't you? smile

My DD is 7 and needs a water bottle for school so an anywayup cup would be a bit young for her. School have stipulated it should be a sports cap, to avoid spills I assume, so the addis one will be no good either but thank you.

mamasmissionimpossible, wow! They are a bit pricey!

MilaMae Wed 02-Dec-09 18:12:36

Would 2nd Sigg and Hungry Jungle(don't leak but tops go mouldy). Sigg are mould and leak free.

TheFoosa Wed 02-Dec-09 18:35:02

fruit shoots bottles are good (you don't have to drink it !), as are those little water bottles

BonjourIvressedeNoel Wed 02-Dec-09 18:51:32

We got a good one with a twist inner lid in the M and S sale a couple of months ago. The mechanism is really good. A lot of the time its pilot error though.

henryhuggins Wed 02-Dec-09 19:10:12

sigg bottles are great, we've had 3 for few years now, had to replace tops b/c of chewing from toddler, but pretty indestructible

Ixia Thu 03-Dec-09 01:11:06

SIGG, they don't leak (my daughter has one in bed all night) and they don't leach crap into their drinks.

Millarkie Thu 03-Dec-09 07:14:05

We use sigg as well. No leaks and you can buy replacement lids when they get chewed on.

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