best scooter for tall 6 year old girl?

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mimsum Wed 05-Aug-09 13:08:18

DD never had a scooter when she was little as she always rode her bike, but quite a few of her friends have them and there'd be plenty of times when getting her to go somewhere would be a lot easier if we could just take the scooter rather than get out the bikes

I'd like one with a carry strap, light but sturdy, enough adjustability for height (she's already 129cm and growing fast) - it doesn't have to be too girly and I hate anything with cartoon characters on

budget - sensible, not rock-bottom but not top of the range either

any ideas?

DS has this one.
It is quite expensive, but has been really sturdy and lasted ages. He uses it for school most days and it gets a real pounding during the holidays! He is nearly 140cm.

brokenspacebar Wed 05-Aug-09 20:27:10

this looks good mimsum, that site has 14 inch wheeled scooters too.

I have been looking for something like this for dd, for going to school over rough pavements/gravel road and for around the garden

brokenspacebar Wed 05-Aug-09 20:35:03

ah but it doesn't come with a carry strap/fold down, sorry.
this is a bit smaller.. aimed at older children

mimsum Wed 05-Aug-09 20:49:49

thanks for those suggestions - does anyone's dc have one of the maxi micros? just wondering if they're considered 'grown-up' enough ...

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