Crayons/ markers suitable for 18 month old

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Chellsmum Fri 03-Oct-08 22:40:50

Am looking for crayons or markers suitable for an 18 month old but any i've seen are only suitable from 3 years up. Am looking for something that can be wiped easily off the walls, clothes etc. Have tried the tomy aquadraw but its not really what i'm looking for.
Does anyone have any recommendations on what they have used for their LO's.


nannynick Fri 03-Oct-08 22:56:01

Chubbie Crayons from ELC. Use under supervision only, to avoid as best as possible them going on walls, furniture etc.

weddingcake Sat 04-Oct-08 10:14:22

I've just bought some crayola 'super washable' first markers because I found my 15 month old wasn't strong enough to make a mark with most crayons. Have only used them once but with baby wipes they came easily off both his skin and high chair tray so so far so good!

EBenes Sat 04-Oct-08 10:23:34

Tesco own brand crayons are absolutely awful. They don't draw on anything! There are tons of cheap crayons (lots come free on children's magazines) that don't draw and you wonder what the hell they're made for, when that's a pretty fundamental function of a crayon.

I like Crayola but little kids are very good at snapping them, and sucking the paper. As nannynick says, they need supervision and draw everywhere with them. If you're playing along with them, these are the nicest for Mummy, the colours are absolutely beautiful, they don't break as easily, there's no paper wrapping and they're easy to hold, every bit makes a mark.

link are fab they are expensive but they don't break and last for ages.

EBenes Sat 04-Oct-08 10:36:40

There's a tiny glitch in our link - just have to take off the These - but I really love that web site!!

EBenes Sat 04-Oct-08 10:36:54

Your link, sorry!

blush here sorry.

lemonlady Sat 04-Oct-08 11:14:46

Crayola felt pens wasshble ones,
can get chubby ones for little kids. i wont use anythig else after my new table is ruined by disney shop felt pens.sadsad
I just spray shout on any clothes before wash.

Bumperlicious Sat 04-Oct-08 11:19:30

We've got the crayola jumbo ones for DD (15mo) and they are really nice, once I can get dd to stop putting them in her mouth!

Chellsmum Sat 04-Oct-08 11:23:13

Thanks everyone. I have been looking in shops this last week and could only find things suitable from 3 upwards.
The Spirit of Nature ones look realy nice but they would probably get lost so I don't know if I could justify spending that on them. Will probably go for the crayola ones they look nice and chunky for little hands
Thanks again

Chellsmum Sat 04-Oct-08 11:40:22

Forgot to ask are these easy to get off walls? Just in case...

EBenes Sat 04-Oct-08 12:54:33

Well... here's the bad news...

They are baby friendly, but I think our walls are done for. I haven't, mind you, tried getting the marks off, but I assumed it would be impossible.

notsoteenagemum Sat 04-Oct-08 13:10:25

I got my god son aged 18 months some of the crayola egg shaped animal pens, he loves them.

We got DD some of these twist up ones from Staples, but I know Crayola do some too. Found them easier for her to hold than normal crayons, easy to draw with and not very edible! She has caught the computer desk with them, but a quick swipe with a baby wipe cleaned it off.

castille Sat 04-Oct-08 15:41:39

Crayola doesn't come off painted walls, at least not without the paint

<bitter experience>

Chellsmum Mon 06-Oct-08 09:59:50

Thanks, got the crayola superwashable markers and the jumbo crayons. Will just have to keep a close eye and hopefully off the walls

lookingforthebest Sat 12-Feb-11 20:55:19

Giotto say their crayons are good for toddlers over two and they seem washable to me. Lovely colours too.

reallytired Sat 12-Feb-11 20:59:32

I think that chalk is good for children to draw with. Chalk tastes disgusting and most children learn its a bad idea to eat chalk.

Oh dear, never thought about my dd using crayons labelled as over 3. She stolen big brother's crayons and lived to tell the tale.

lookingforthebest Sun 13-Feb-11 13:08:58

Chalks are great, especially the jumbo street marking ones for patios, playgrounds - great fun!

NickiAndAlex Mon 14-Feb-11 09:19:46

The crayola super washable marker pens are great for coming off, though I have to admit, we haven't had to wash them off walls yet (though wooden floors and clothes were easy). They're also labelled as suitable for 12 months+.

lookingforthebest Tue 15-Feb-11 13:55:37

I've found the Crayola pipsqueeks are some of the best for different surfaces but really I prefer good crayons - they last longer (no looking for the missing caps), are more sustainable and nicer to hold(especially the wooden ones)and the pictures are nice colours. My vote's Giotto for younger kids and there are loads of good artists materials for older children.

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