Acrylic mirrors - do they actually work?

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pleasechange Sun 13-Apr-08 17:12:40

This may sound like a silly question but I'd like a mirror for baby's nursery and am considering the acrylic ones. I've never actually seen one though - do you get a proper reflection or are they pointless??

Coolmama Sun 13-Apr-08 18:31:50

what's wrong with a regular mirror?

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 13-Apr-08 19:36:35

I bought these for DS's bedroom in rockets, stars and moons - child safe and very easy to put up. Reflection is fine, usually come with a note saying not to use some cleaners on them.

pleasechange Mon 14-Apr-08 10:40:37

coolmama - nothing that I can think of. I've never had one fall off the wall and will be way to high for little one to break! I was thinking of getting normal one and then noticed all these acrylic ones and thought maybe that's what I should be doing (good marketing I suppose!)

happymummy - thanks, I've seen a couple of those and they look lovely ta. That's good to know they work

QueenGina Mon 14-Apr-08 14:28:42

sorry for hijack.
Have been wanted to get acrylic mirror for my 10 month dd for a while now (think they're safer, no?)
Have no idea where I can buy them, can either of you two, allnew or happymum help point me in right direction please?

mindalina Mon 14-Apr-08 14:29:54

DS has got a lovely plastic mirror from Ikea, it has red doors on it so he can play peekaboo with himself when he's supposed to be going to sleep hmm

I will see if I can find a link for you.

mindalina Mon 14-Apr-08 14:30:40


Tis here

RubyRioja Mon 14-Apr-08 14:30:54

Acrylic mirors can be v good - often used in institutions esp prisons grin

QueenGina Mon 14-Apr-08 14:35:09

Wow, Minda, that was quick! I love it, dd loves to play peekaboo too and open and close doors - three toys in one! Only down side is having to go to IKEA.

Ruby - I live behind a prison, so dd will have something in common with her neighbours.

RubyRioja Mon 14-Apr-08 14:35:32


mindalina Mon 14-Apr-08 16:04:52

I know, I was expecting to search for ages but I went to the Ikea website, clicked on Children and there it was! Jojomamanbebe have some as well, but they are a bit more expensive and quite girly - I remember them having a rocket shaped one but I can't find it now which is a shame. Girly ones here and here

QueenGina Mon 14-Apr-08 16:42:06

Thanks v much Minda. know what you mean about the Jojomaman ones.
Ikea definitely better, just need to brace myself for a trip to Ikea now.

HappyMummyOfOne Mon 14-Apr-08 19:32:22

Had mine off here

QueenGina Mon 14-Apr-08 20:35:15

such good fun. spoilt for choice, and so cheap.
thanks happymummy.

CatherineYip Fri 09-Sep-16 08:48:15

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CatherineYip Fri 09-Sep-16 08:49:12

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