anybody had a magnet or moben kitchen, recommend or not?

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widgypog Wed 30-Jan-08 18:46:03

thats it really

Twiglett Wed 30-Jan-08 18:46:41

overpriced and pretty much the same as you'll find it B&Q, Homebase and Wickes

rosybud Wed 30-Jan-08 18:48:05

We have a Magnet kitchen, fitted just over 2 years ago. Have had no problems with it, seems good and sturdy, we had it fitted by our builder not a Magnet fitter.

We have the Shaker cream kitchen. smile

Niecie Wed 30-Jan-08 18:51:27

We have a Magnet kitchen - it was put in just over 3 years ago. It has been fine and seems pretty well built. No saggy bottom drawers or flimsy cupboards. It is generally bearing up pretty well. I am not inclined to rip it out yet although I do wish I had a granite work top but that isn't the fault of Magnet, more my mean DH.wink

I think the trick is to get a good fitter though - they make all the difference to how good the finished product is. Unfortunately, unless you know somebody that can be a bit hit and miss but we were lucky with ours.

The whole thing went according to plan though - no delays or loads of bits missing. I think we would use them again

Niecie Wed 30-Jan-08 18:57:58

We have the Shaker cream too, Rosebud!

We have had a B & Q kitchen too and the Magnet one was better quality. The B & Q fitter kept going missing for days at a time too - they don't have their own fitters just a list of recommended ones that they hook you up with. Magnet fitters seem to be a bit more formally contracted to Magnet.

Mind you the B & Q kitchen was 10 years ago so the fitting may have changed.

FrayedKnot Wed 30-Jan-08 19:02:14

We had a Magnet kitchen a year ago, fitted by them as well.

I can;t fault anything at all with the quality or the service. The fitters were excellent and finished earlier than anticipated.

The previous kitchen that we inherited was Homebase units fitted badly - it had only been in for about 4 years and the drawer fronts were falling off and had to be held together with tape, etc.

Magnet has a 10 year guarantee on the units which in the case of the Homebase kitchen would have meant I was putting a claim in for virtually the whole I am hoping this one will last a bit longer than 4 years.

Twiglett Wed 30-Jan-08 19:05:12

can recommend excellent fitters for within M25

Swedes Wed 30-Jan-08 19:06:58

I had a Magnet kitchen (Charleston Bone) in my last house. It was extremely well made and resiliant and still looked pristine when we left the house after several years' wear.

Swedes Wed 30-Jan-08 19:09:21

Magnet kitchens are not flat pack - their cabinets are put together in the factory and then fitted into your house. Homebase, B&Q and Wickes are flatpack rubbish and not at all sturdy.

widgypog Wed 30-Jan-08 19:17:03

thanks guys.. anyone got a Moben kitchen? We had Moben round last night and the guy gave us a good price (not great) but he said Moben much much better than magnet. I know he would say that but it seems to me unless you have a solid wood kithen they all seem the same.

suedonim Wed 30-Jan-08 21:07:03

We had a Magnet kitchen put in four years ago (Shaker cream seems v popular on MN! grin) and it's been excellent. smile

We also had a Moben chap out to quote and tbh, he was a nightmare, stayed for five hours and gave us silly prices.

Our Magnet kitchen was fitted by a local company who contract to Magnet and I couldn't fault them. The foreman did say they make a lot of money going round and putting right the kitchens installed by the likes of B&Q. shock

WestCountryLass Wed 30-Jan-08 21:22:30

Our kitchen is a Moben but the previous owners had it installed. It was something mad like £12K with a discount which is loads of money as nothing amazing about it. It does have nice draswers I suppose. The Moben tags that go on the door hinges fall out all the time. One door handle fell off and did not have a long enough screw in it but other than that it is fine.

MeMySonAndI Wed 30-Jan-08 21:30:05

The thing that I liked most about MAgnet was that they came to my house, measured my inherited made to measure kitchen, commented in the quality of the craftmanship before asking us why on Earth would we take off such a nice hand made kitchen to put a prefabricated Magnet one in it shock. Very pleased at the sincerity, I still hate my hand made kitchen (or its colour) but I would go for Magnet just for their integrity

As for Moben, I would not let a Moben's salesman/designer or whatever they call themselves into my house without having the means to get rid of them if I don't like the kitchen(say a strong husband or a gun in the kitchen drawer). I received a lot or racist abuse from a Moben salesman and he himself suggested to get a gun to take the next Moben salesman out of my house! angry
By the way, after my bad experience with Moben I started noticed that they are often mentioned in rogue traders sort TV programmes.

Lindax Wed 30-Jan-08 21:51:51

dont have personal experience of moben, but couple of work collegues used and had a nightmare with them. One took them to court over kitchen installation (dont know details) other was a bathroom installation and they had loads of problems - tiles fell off wall, wrong toilet seat fitted (different shape from bowl), bathroom door wouldnt shut when heated towel rail fitted, fitting of towel rail caused a leak/flood into her dinning room. Fitters were unreliable showing up to fix things, had to contact a lawyer as they refused to take responsibility fof the leak etc etc etc.

widgypog Thu 31-Jan-08 19:08:26

thanks for that. The Moben man was ok to get rid of , in fact he positively ran away . I think we must have apppeared to be time wasters as we werent getting excited enough for him. Magnet seems to be a better option by the sounds of it. She is coming tom so we will see what they can do.

Iota Thu 31-Jan-08 19:12:55

we have a B&Q kitchen from the Select range - it is good quality and was a similar price to the magnet one we also looked at.

the fitters were independent and also did work for magnet smile. they did a great job

Sam100 Thu 31-Jan-08 19:19:26

Have had a magnet kitchen in past - quality of their stuff is good. Only advice would be to choose your own fitters as Magnet subcontract all the fitting but you have no control over the fitters as they end up being paid by Magnet rather than you. So if you are at all unhappy about any of the fitting or have any little odd jobs at the end it is very difficult to have any leverage over them. If you are paying the fitter yourself you have a bit more control over the process! If you cannot find one then you could ask Magent to recommend a fitter but contract with them directly rather than via Magnet.

Would second comments above about Moben - found them to be really hard sell sharks! Whereas Magnet were happy to rely on the quality of their product.

crokky Thu 31-Jan-08 19:19:46

My experience with Moben was horrible. They ripped out my old kitchen when they said they would (OK so far!). The kitchen fitters were due to arrive on the Monday to fit the new kitchen and I got a phone call (from a random man 100 miles away, who was not even a Moben employee, just a subcontractor) saying that nobody would be turning up on the Monday. I had no kitchen, the room was totally bare, no sink, no nothing shock. Moben are totally disgraceful. When you phone the sales line, people pick the phone up and suck up to you. The installation line - you might wait 10 minutes or even get cut off before the phone is picked up!!! We were desperate - no kitchen, no kitchen fitter, all equipment had been delivered into our lounge (at Moben's request!) and we could not contact anyone at Moben installations. We contacted our original salesman and he informed us it was a sacking offence to speak to a customer about installation in these situations!!!!!!! I think they get business because their brand name has a bit of 'quality' about it. Really they are just rip off merchants who let you down. I can't warn you enough about them. It was a totally horrible experience and I haven't even written most of what went wrong.

pooka Thu 31-Jan-08 19:20:57

We have a magnet kitchen. Was fitted over the summer. The kuta one with an oak work surface. I love it, and it was brilliantly fitted by one of their fitters. Who I rather fancied blush
Only had a slight niggle with one of the pan drawers and they sent someone round within a couple of weeks to refit the drawer.
Was quite expensive (can't remember how much now), but is framed and solid wood, which I wanted because I fancied the idea of easily updating it by painting if I wanted in the future.

Swedes Thu 31-Jan-08 19:40:22

MemysonandI - Could you paint your handmade kitchen? What colour is it?

widgypog Thu 31-Jan-08 20:01:16

god crokky that sounds horrid

bobsmum Thu 31-Jan-08 20:05:45

We had a Moben kitchen in our last house. Salesman was dreadful and really hard sell, but the kitchen was fab and gorgeous.

We're looking to get a new kitchen here some time this year, but it's a weird space, although large, and we want to make the most of it.

What do Magnet kitchen owners think of the actual design?

I would extend the mortgage if it meant we got a really well thought out kitchen design.

Might have to start another thread. We need a designer first and salesman second and also a company that will do the works - tiling/flooring/electrics/plumbing etc. Do they even exist??

Onlyaphase Thu 31-Jan-08 20:06:19

We thought about a Moben kitchen a couple of years ago, but couldn't find a single good review of their kitchens on the internet. Everybody seemed unhappy with the timing of the installation, quality of work and inablity of Moben to pick up the phone.

Got a Howdens kitchen (trade arm of MFI) instead which we were so happy with we plan to do the same in our new house this year.

Muppett Fri 01-Feb-08 19:24:37

I would echo the comments from other mums about Magnet. We brought the units and had our own fitter. A lady rep came out from the showroom, measured up, suggested alternatives to what we wanted and they came up trumps. Some bits were missing when our fitter was installing the kitchen. We rang them and they were delivered within an hour of us ringing. have to say was impressed.

nooka Fri 01-Feb-08 19:43:52

We had a Magnet kitchen and it was lovely. We have moved house since and I miss it! It had quite hard wear over the six or so years we used it and we had no problems at all. My new house has a cheapo kitchen (I think it's a basic range from B&Q) and it's just not the same. We had ours fitted by a relative.

nortynamechanger Fri 01-Feb-08 20:04:35

MemysonandI can you not just change the doors?

I have a magnet kitchen, cream shaker obv!

It was 'fitted' into this house when we moved here, but I have all the receipts etc as it was only 2 yrs old then. It cost £16k. It is very badly fitted - there is not point going for anything other than purpose built/made to measure in a round kitchen.

So it is now 4-5 years old and on some of the lower doors the top of the strip across the bottom of the door (iyswim) has cracked and split, particularly the one under the sink - yes it gets wet sometimes but you would think it would be waterproof!
So not only is it a bodge but it is crap quality.

Just because the cupboards come ready built not flat pack, does not make them better quality - they are still made of the same materials. 75% of the cost of a kitchen is the doors. Magnet does not sell doors seperately, so to replace 4 damaged doors it is going to cost hundreds. And some of the handles have fallen off - although the are only the £1 cheapo (fake)wood ones.

Although technically it is still under warrantee, it is not transferable. As we didn't buy the kitchen, we cannot claim.

My friends handbuilt solid oak kitchen cost less than my crappy Magnet one.

(The people we bought from also had 3 dolphin bathrooms fitted, wow that is a whole 'nother story)

widgypog Fri 01-Feb-08 20:56:29

norty name changer ....dolphin are part of Moben so that doesnt sound promising

crokky Fri 01-Feb-08 20:58:12

dolphin are just as bad as moben. I know someone who works for dolphin and he said "the majority of our customers are old people who have been ripped off by salesmen"


I didn't know this guy when I had my moben kitchen! Shame!

widgypog Sat 02-Feb-08 08:10:54

we had magnet round last night and the woman was fab. She wasnt hard sell at all and had great ideas. we have to go back in a week or so and see what she comes up with.

happystory Sat 02-Feb-08 09:14:23

We don't have a Magnet kitchen but got as far as having them round to design, measure etc. The salesman was a cocky young man who spent a lot of time telling me how marvellous his own uber-trendy kitchen was.

I needed to ask a few questions about moving doors etc and he dismissed it all with an airy wave of his hand saying 'Oh yes, that'll be fine, yes, yes, the fitters will do that'.

I just didn't have confidence in what he was saying and like someone said earlier, was worried he would deny all when the day came.

(but did think some of their kitchens looked lovely!)

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 09:27:15

i just had a kitchen from here fab quality and quick delivery none of this waiting for weeks and a huge range of sizes compared with mfi amd magnet and places

i designed it myself with walnut worktops

better quality than mfi which i have in my main house the units themselves are brilliant with proper backs on and all the parts came first time round aand the people on the phone are great

Trix11 Sat 02-Feb-08 10:06:17

Zippibabes do they come out and measure for you or is it a completely DIY service?

Anyone know any good fitters in the Birmingham area?

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 10:10:56

i measured myself..obsessively...i am going to clean the kitchen up in the spare house tomorrow and take some photos it still has the blue plastic on the doors at the moment

Trix11 Sat 02-Feb-08 10:22:50

I dont think I could trust myself to measure myself and remember to include everything that I wanted/ needed.

MoosMa Sat 02-Feb-08 10:30:13

Our Wickes kitchen cost less (for a much bigger room) than my parents' Magnet kitchen and ours still looks lovely whereas theirs is looking shabby.

If we get to do our barn conversion DH is going to build the kitchen himself in the wood of my choice

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 10:38:23

they go through your list with you to make can discuss it with them

MeMySonAndI Sat 02-Feb-08 14:03:06

I didn't want to paint it as I thought that a flat colour rather than texture would show more how different sized the door are. And I couldn't get different doors as the units I currently have come in non standard sizes. Main problem with it and its design is I have a triangular kitchen.

In any case, I also hate the worktop and after the heavy work it has provided is already looking a bit tattered.

newgirl Sat 02-Feb-08 14:19:44

my builder said that homebase b and q, moben and magnet all have the same carcasses - the doors vary

he might be talking twaddle but have a very good look inside before you buy

we had shaker cream from homebase a few years back - cheap and cheerful - was fine - prob not very trendy now though

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 14:21:59

homebase wall cupbaords are deeper than those others

the co i linked to the carcases and hinges and doors are all different

if you get a second nature brochure from an independent kitchen shopwrrom then those are the doors

MoosMa Sat 02-Feb-08 14:31:57

Oh, and Blum hinges are good

Piffle Sat 02-Feb-08 14:34:56

moben have a well deserved bad rep. Woeful thieving bastards...

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 14:35:46

i can never understand why moben are in business, because they seem to have a consistently bad image

widgypog Sat 02-Feb-08 14:38:00

zippi..that looks really good..will show DH.

P.s love that you have a spare house!!!wink

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 14:39:56

all the carcase measurements are on their website you can print them off to look at

and you can get sample doors sent

i have buiklt a house in my back yard

pigleto Sat 02-Feb-08 14:46:25

We have had a magnet kitchen for 10 years. We installed it ourselves so the installation is very good grin. It is still fine, the drawers and doors are still just as good as new even after 3 dcs slamming and swinging on them. They used to make the cabinets with nylon injection into the joints so they were much better quality than flat pack but someone told me that they don't do it anymore.

If you want individual door fronts you have to buy them from the magnet trade counter. We fitted some new wall units a couple of years ago and had no problems.

zipster118 Sat 19-Sep-09 23:52:58

Your can buy the doors separate and yes the Guarentee is transferable as long as you have teh relevant docs etc.
So get those doors and make that Magnet kitchen look great again.
Ps i work for magnet

ettebel Thu 24-Nov-11 15:29:13

This is an update to an earlier post with a bit more flesh on it.

This relates to an Innsbruck kitchen bought from Magnet Lichfield branch in Staffordshire.

We had a good start with magnet. The Sales staff were pleasant and helpful and after 3 iterations we got the design exactly as we wanted it.

We opted for the Innsbruck kitchen. We did want the Studio White but this was £2,000 more expensive.

We paid a total of £7,169.

They asked us to pay all the money up front which we weren't happy with, but did because they were a large and supposedly reliable national firm. We had a magnet kitchen before but a friend fitted it - this time we had moved area so this option wasn't available and we went with their Magnet fitter to get the guarantees.

With hindsight we would never pay up front again even with a big national because once they have your money there is no incentive for them to put right any snagging items.

The fitter's first efforts weren't good. The worktop wasn't fitted right, end panels also not right, doors not adjusted properly, and the worktop had both manufacturing marks and tool marks in it, two of the doors were warped, plus other minor issues.

After that fitting it took 8 weeks to get the same fitter back in - after 2 further site meetings and numerous phone calls and e-mails badgering them to get it sorted out. So we lived with all our kitchen stuff in the dining room for 8 weeks. this was because the worktops were coming out and new ones were being fitted, which meant a lot of disruption. No point putting all our stuff back in at that point.

The fitter wasn't known to the branch but recommended from another branch because our branch (Lichfield, Staffs) had a lot of response to the sale offers. We debated with our contact at Lichfield whether to have him back for some time, and eventually decided (with misgivings) that we would give him a chance to rectify the faults.

Then when the guy came back he offered no apology for the standard the first time around, blamed everything else but himself and STILL didn't do it right. In fact we had some different issues after he left to the first time!

Another site meeting and snagging list later, numerous e-mails to fix a date which never arrived, people going on leave without doing what they promised first, a visit from a new fitter (a good one this time), then a visit from the customer services manager, and then the fitter back for the last time to provide an adequate solution. All in all from fitting to resolution took over 3 MONTHS.

There have been some plus points. We got a good design. We opted for Magnet because they did the extra tall wall units in many of their ranges, and having a small kitchen meant extra storage was really important. Using the extra tall units also gave us the ability to use the space over the doors with 300mm deep top boxes, giving even more space and making the kitchen feel much larger.

So the kitchen achieved the storage and look we wanted, but it should not have taken 3 months to achieve it. It is only because I would not give in that we got where we are now. However it has been stressful and depressing at times, and what annoyed us most of all was phone calls not answered, calls not returned after messages left, poor communication between staff and e-mails also not replied to.

We even got to the stage of threatening legal action and contacting the local paper to see if they wanted our story.

Magnet offered £400 towards the cost of finishing off the kitchen as a goodwill gesture. Welcome as it will pay for much of the tiling but it's a bit 'too little too late'.

I would not recommend them and will never use their service again. If you like their ranges I would do what we did the first time and det a design, then have a local fitter (who comes with a local recommendation and can give references/photos) buy it trade and install it for you.

The last time we did this we got a better quality kitchen for a larger kitchen installed for £2,500 less than we paid this time round. And it was done in less time even though our friend had to do most of the work at weekends.

greasegun0304 Mon 27-Feb-12 01:17:40

We had a Magnet kitchen installed in December at a cost of around £12k. The quality of the worktops and units appears to be of good quality. I would, however not use their recommended installers again, as I am currently in dispute with their Bishopbriggs branch about the quality of installation. I am also in dispute with them about the wiring and plumbing, and have reached the state of reciting the IET 17th Edition wiring regulations chapter and verse to them. I honestly am struggling to find any part of the electrics that reach a legal standard, and I am a fully qualified Industrial Electrician, who did not have the time to spare to fit the kitchen myself. Now I wish I had done, but didn`t want the hassle of it taking longer and organising a Gas Safe installer for the hob around work myself, which is why we used the Magnet installation service. The installer has even tried to tell me he used the 18th Edition wiring regulations which will probably not be written for another 10 years, as the 1st ammendment for the 17th edition only came into effect on the 1st of January 2012. I am currently dealing with the branch manager, and have managed to stop him giving cheeky answers designed to shut up people who do not know the regulations, but have received my reply by e-mail with photo evidence attached detailing the regulations breached, and why, including the regulation numbers. I will update soon as the branch manager is due to come out to meet me to discuss my grievances.

Bunbaker Mon 27-Feb-12 18:03:20

We had a Magnet kitchen installed several years ago and was delighted with it. One of my workmates was a cabinet-maker by trade and he rated Magnet's quality as well. We moved house three years after the kitchen was installed, and I remember people viewing the house exclaiming at our lovely, new kitchen. They couldn't believe it was three years old.

annalouiseh Tue 28-Feb-12 23:29:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Becksfifty Tue 12-Jun-12 21:49:08

We had a £12,500 kitchen fitted 6 months ago, we are generally very pleased. the fitter was excellent (aside from the installation of the waste disposal unit).

BUT: make sure you get the fitter to do and test everything before you sign the kitchen off. We have a couple of minor niggles, and we have lost count of the number of calls we have put in to the show room and failed promises from the sales staff to sort things.

So assume that once the basic installation os done you won't see them again.

Bluegirl77 Wed 17-Apr-13 00:33:22

Worst decision i made going to magnet. Pd £12k last year and still having loads of problems. Took 7 weeks to fit as so many issues with damaged carcasses( downfall of having them built offsite, often damaged in transit) worktop issues, Doors warping. I had to write to MD in the end. Colleague in work having similar issues after 2 years... Wish i had known!!! I get no pleasure in seeing that kitchen every day and being reminded of stress of the last year...and its not over... Most of the doors are bowing !!!

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