Best-fit car seat for vauxhall zafira?

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nic06 Thu 10-Jan-08 21:19:05

Does anyone know of a website that checks which car seats are recommended for my vauxhall zafira? I just tried the britax site, but it seems none of their seats fit the car!

gigglewitch Thu 10-Jan-08 21:20:51

WE used the Britax Eclipse for five years (two DC) in the 03 reg Zafira. So what the shock is the website on about???

nic06 Thu 10-Jan-08 21:22:40

No idea! But when you go through and click on seating positions, it has a risk marking in all seats.........who knows? I'm lost!

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:26:53

SOmetimes the risk marking (yellow one?) is just to tell you to turn off the airbag or remove the headrest. It should tell you what the risk is in each case.

The maxi cosi site also tells you which seats fit - but only if they have checked your car. They havn't checked either of mine.

Even with the fit checkers you should still have it professionally checked in RL.

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:29:22

With the Eclipse it says that you have to check the length of the webbing on the seatbelt buckle to check for buckle cruch.

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:29:48

noc06 click on each position in the car and it tells you what the risk is.

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:31:21

Another example - the Duo isofix. It says that the safety is improved by using the top tether. The yellow exclaimation mark just means you have to do a bit more to check or use the seat.

gigglewitch Thu 10-Jan-08 21:32:29

aha! We did get it fitted, and the headreast was always removed when we put it in the middle row. having said that i don't think we ever used it in the back seats. Once you have the seat correctly fitted, you are obv not going to move the back of the seat forward or recline it - maybe they are just giving out idiot-proof info?hmm
Lots of us with 3 or more kids drive a zafira (or used to, in my case) and lots and lots of those who i know have Britax seats. Maybe get to Mothercare / Halfords / Toys R us and see what the folks in the know think when faced with RL car and seat??

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 21:34:37

I used the britax site and have a zafira 06. I am not sure if I have isofit and am using 3 hi-liners and one cosy tot premium. I have an eclipse SI for Callum when he is bigger.

Nemoandthefishes Thu 10-Jan-08 21:35:28

I have 2 britax seats in my 03 zafira.

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:37:31

I know that with Vauxhalls are a sod with the length of the buckle webbing.

The eclipse (or freeway) wouldn't fit in my Vectra because of that - I had topay twice as much for a Renaissance - which is actually a great fit.

I am looking for a seat for DD3 in the 2nd car and think I might buy another Rennaisance whilst you can still get them as it is one of hte few that fit in all positions of both cars.

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 21:40:59

how do I know if I have ISOFIT?

WezzleWoo Thu 10-Jan-08 21:45:11

i have a britax for up to 4 years and a graco rear facing ( so up to 15 months) in our 07 zafira. what reg is your car. i think the last couple of years cars have isofix as standard but it would tell you in the manual thing that comes with the car and never sees the light of day

gigglewitch Thu 10-Jan-08 21:46:25

sparkly, it should be in your handbook that came with the car. plus they tend to advertise it at every possible opportunity wink

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:47:36

IsoFix is the anchors which go at the base of the seat back.

It doesn't have to use a seatbelt. It is fixed to the chassis of the car.

What model have you got? Do you know?

Argh just seen - Cosy tot premium. Do you use a base with that? It is the base which is isofix.

The eclips which you have for when callum is bigger is not isofix.

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 21:51:31

its a zafira life 06. no idea where the handbook is. we dont have the base for the cosy tot, we use the seatbelt

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:52:45

Sorry misinterpretted.

The isofix points are metal 'bars' which are found in the seat of the car which you attatch the carseat too.

these are isofix hooks

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 21:53:59

I am pretty sure that it has been a legal requirement to fit isofix in all cars since a certain date. 2006 should have them I think.

Not all seats in the car may have them. I don't have isofix in the middle seat of my Picasso which is a pain...

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 21:59:07

oooo just went and checked and we have it!! [twirls]

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 22:00:11

might send the eslipe back and get an isofix chair..

SlightlyMadShrek Thu 10-Jan-08 22:03:03

Isofix is much safer, but 3 times the price.....

sparklygothkat Thu 10-Jan-08 22:17:50

lol, I was given a cosy tot carseat by a kind Mnetter and the postman threw it over the fence angry I had to claim and get another carseat, she did offer me the base but I thought we didn't have it (stupid)

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