Knee high boots for people with big legs

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grumpyfrumpy Mon 22-Nov-04 14:32:12

Anyone know where I can get a pair of knee high boots to fit over my muscles?

Standard boots just won't go over my legs and I really want a nice pair of pixie type boots.


spacemonkey Mon 22-Nov-04 14:33:12
ponygirl Mon 22-Nov-04 14:35:11

I'll second Duo. Bought some this year after years of searching and very pleased. Good quality, good value.

grumpyfrumpy Mon 22-Nov-04 14:35:45

Wow, how cool are they.


pepsi Mon 22-Nov-04 14:37:23

I saw something on This Morning a few weeks ago about knee high boots for people with larger and thinner legs, I cant remember the shop they recommended but I guess it might be on their website.

grumpyfrumpy Mon 22-Nov-04 14:42:42

Do Duo ever do a Christmas sale? or has anyone got a discount code?

Yorkiegirl Mon 22-Nov-04 14:48:21

Message withdrawn

spacemonkey Mon 22-Nov-04 14:48:53

or evans might have something

nasa Mon 22-Nov-04 14:50:45

ooooh, I like those duo boots
what an excellent idea

ponygirl Mon 22-Nov-04 14:55:13

There was another thread on this here . There may be some other ideas for you.

listmaker Mon 22-Nov-04 15:20:56

This is fantastic. I've been searching for ages for a pair to fit my VERY wide calves!! Thanks!

grumpyfrumpy Mon 22-Nov-04 15:27:51

I'm so glad it's not just me, I was beginning to feel a freak amongst my skinny legged friends.

dot1 Mon 22-Nov-04 15:32:01

I've got HUGE legs but Evans knee high boots fit me!

redshoes Tue 23-Nov-04 20:30:32

I got some lovely knee-high suede boots from m&s which fit my big calves...

lavender2 Tue 23-Nov-04 20:32:31

bought some lovely boots from M&S a couple of weeks ago, they have quite a selection at reasonable prices (£70-£80)ish..

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