CD player recommendations for very young children?

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BroccoliSpears Sat 01-Dec-07 22:16:08

We would like to a CD player for our daughter's room. She's 18 months old. Like most toddlers, she loves her "moomoo" (music) so I don't want to get anything that I'd have to worry too much about her 'helping' with.

I'd hope to spend around £10.00 but could go up to £20.00.

I was hoping for something big, bright and colourful with no sharp bits and a big obvious PLAY button in the middle - designed for children. I've been surprised that sort of thing doesn't seem to exist - or can I just not find it?

something like this? (maybe a bit too pink! grin

BroccoliSpears Sat 01-Dec-07 22:23:52

Wow that's a lot of pink! She would absolutely adore that, I'm sure, but it's a bit pricey.

bodiddly Sat 01-Dec-07 22:24:17

I think I saw something similar to the elc one in John Lewis for a little less money ... may be worth looking there or toysrus?

BroccoliSpears Sat 01-Dec-07 22:29:38

Have tried both. Have tried all the usual suspects. I'm really surprised this isn't a common thing to want to buy - I'm sure my brother and I had a big red plastic tape player when we were kids. It had three big yellow buttons (play, stop and rewind) and a plug in microphone for singing along. Ahhh... good times.

Toysrus do a barbie one but out of stock.

woodenchair Sat 01-Dec-07 22:37:01

I've been looking for one for ds too.

John lewis have the same one but in blue and I think it's a bit cheaper hang on

woodenchair Sat 01-Dec-07 22:39:27

john lewis out of stock

toysrus also out of stock.

Seems to be a bit of a theme there hmm

quite pricy but looks good

ebay worth a try!

bodiddly Sun 02-Dec-07 15:22:18

I just spotted one in the Argos catalogue ... was £19.99 I think.

entropy Mon 03-Dec-07 22:57:38

I've been looking for the exact same thing! I am amazed they don't exist. dd could, at 10 months, work my parents cd player (onn/off) and can now skip tracks at 15 months. but its a delicate machine and she is killing it by lugging it about their house

they've got her the john lewis one for christmas. It seems like it will cope with being dropped a few times (we tried it in the shop ) I didn't want the microphones and extra features but I couldn't find anything simple without them....

I wish I was more practical as I know exactly what I want to invent for her....

bodiddly Fri 14-Dec-07 21:38:56

just to let you know if you are still looking the elc sing a long cd players have been reduced to £25.00 - I bought one in store today!

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