Remote Control - rc Cars for 6 year old and 2 year old? Which one to choose?

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Hi there,

my ds who's nearly 6 would like a remote control car for Christmas. And I want to give his younger brother (2 1/2) one as well as otherwise there will be a huge fight...

I had a look on Ebay and have to say that I'm completely overwhelmed. I think some of these cars are more geared towards older children or adults (?) but then I have no clue.

For the older one it should be one that doesn't look too baby-ish, more like a "proper" car, but it should still be easy to handle and safe and quite robust nevertheless.

Also it shouldn't have to be recharged all the time. We have a little car like that - and it has to be constantly recharged to run for just about 2 mins which spoils the fun a bit.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated!!
It shouldn't be too pricey, definitely no more than about ?20 - I'd be happy to buy a used one as well.

Also, I'm looking for sth for the 2 1/2 year old. I've seen the Tomy Roadster rc type of thing which looks fun and hopefully suitable for a younger child but is it any good?
He can break anything any minute so whatever I get him must be as sturdy as possible. It shouldn't be too pricey either, no more than a tenner or so.

Again, I hope for recommendations (or also advice what not to buy...).

Many thanks!!

MrsBoo Thu 30-Nov-06 15:05:17

HI, We bought the Tomy 'race car F1 look-a-like' version Christmas 2003 (when my DS was 4).
It's still working, and he still plays with it; and DD (3) is now trying to play with it - really sturdy and very easy to use/play with. I'm not sure if a 2.5 yrs boy could manage it properly, but they would still enjoy it.
The next stage up - is really the petrol type (you need a big space to play with it); but i think they're more suited to older children.

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