Mcflurry maker refills

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Janey273 Sat 18-Mar-06 16:52:37

Does anyone know where I can buy refill packs for the Mcflurry maker please? The main stockist no longer supplies these and I have tried the usual toy retailers without success. Thank-you.

blueteddy Sat 18-Mar-06 17:27:38

Message withdrawn

Janey273 Tue 21-Mar-06 19:23:11

Yes and I did send off for these to the company named in the leaflet, but they returned my cheque saying they no longer supply them, without any help as to where else to try. The ones I have in the box are now past their use by date, so I'm wary of using them. Where is nursery and toys?

jmb1964 Tue 21-Mar-06 23:18:24

Here is (are?) nursery and toys nurseryandtoys they keep sending me emails..

Janey273 Thu 23-Mar-06 20:20:32

I've checked out nursery and toys - they are still selling mcflurrys but with out of date ingredients. They are not selling refills separately. Any other ideas please of where I can get these refills? Many thanks.

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