waterproof coat for 2 year old

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katierocket Wed 13-Aug-03 17:57:18

need to get DS a waterproof coat (properly waterproof not showerproof) as we are going to the lake district in September (i know I'm looking early but my experience with summer shoes is to start looking in April if you want any chance of getting any!)

Any recommendations - the likes of Berghaus and Karrimor don't seem to do child sizes.

ThomCat Wed 13-Aug-03 18:02:52

How old is he. I had a great one from Gap actually, had that material that lets the skin breathe inside and was quite a thik thing with elasticated cuffs. It's for a bub though, about 12 months old size, if you want it and I've still got it you can have it. I think I've seen really good waterproofs in a catalogue recently actually, i'll have a look, but I'm rubbish at remebering these things so I promise to try and remember to look tonight.

SoupDragon Wed 13-Aug-03 18:07:17

Have a look here. If you search for "rain/outdoor wear" you get a whole selection of hats coats and suits. I *think* if you type MUMSNET in somewhere you get 10% off. I've got the "Abeko & Nordic Tells" red coat for DS1. It's kind of rubbery IYSWIM!

Or, there's Muddy Puddles Their waterproof trousers are very good.

LIZS Wed 13-Aug-03 18:11:49

We bought ds a Keela jacket at 2 , which he can still get into aged 5. Got it on the web from a UK site called Active Families but not sure they still exist. Also we now have Aigle for ds and Jeantex for dd, both waterproof, breathable etc and given a successful test run in the Alps, but not sure how available they are in UK. H & M do rubberised rain jackets and matching overtrousers (useful if going in backpack or attracted to puddles ).


codswallop Wed 13-Aug-03 18:13:10

boden? regatta - try millets

princesspeahead Wed 13-Aug-03 18:18:07

There is a very good one that petit bateau have been doing for years - either navy or yellow rubber with proper souwester hood, flap over the zip, lined in cotton, with ribbed hidden cuffs etc. Really good, completely indestructible, and they seem to last them for ages (just get a bit shorter over time). I got one in the petit bateau sale at 30% off a few weeks ago, but they always have them. They have shops all over the place and are also stocked by eg john lewis as well as independent retailers.

LIZS Wed 13-Aug-03 18:39:11

try here :-http://www.youngexplorers.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Jackets_11.html

seems many styles sizes are sold out but they do go down to age 2 in some. No personal experience of the company though.

chatee Wed 13-Aug-03 19:26:52

whatever gives you the impression you will need a waterproof jacket in the lake district???
i live up here......try a snow suit

only joking the weather has(like the rest of the uk) been wonderful this summer and if i remember correctly we had a lovely early september last year

enjoy your hols

katierocket Wed 13-Aug-03 19:34:57

hmmm..chatee, know what you mean. we come up quite a lot - I love it so much. enough to know how unpredictable the weather can be. lucky you living there.

eidsvold Wed 13-Aug-03 19:55:07

sure php do a wet weather suity thing


florenceuk Thu 14-Aug-03 10:01:41

Dont' forget to look at the Mumsnet home page as Little Trekkers do a couple, and you get 10% discount.

outofpractice Thu 14-Aug-03 13:29:16

I got ds a nice cheap summer one from wilday.com. He had an excellent waterproof and very warm winter jacket from H&M which was very good value.

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