A place to be proud of your reception age DC for who they are, not academic achievement.

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SeriousWispaHabit Sun 14-Jul-13 21:07:54

Following on from the 101 threads about what our 4 and 5 year-olds are 'achieving' I would like to say that I am very, very proud of DD1 for the following comments in her report:

'continuous smile lights up the room'
'sensitive to how others are feeling, particularly if they are upset'
'a 'can-do' attitude to all tasks'

Please share any comments that make you proud of your DC and the person they are becoming, and not if they are 'emerging', 'expected' or 'exceeding'.

thaliablogs Sun 14-Jul-13 21:10:36

I was particularly proud of "dd perseveres with her tasks, particularly writing and drawing, and will work independently for long periods of time until she is happy the work is as good as she can make it"

simpson Sun 14-Jul-13 21:13:01

I was most proud of DD for getting "expected" levels in PE when she needed physio to help her walk when she was 2 (hyper mobile) and still has weekly physio/OT combined now.

Periwinkle007 Sun 14-Jul-13 21:13:31

those are lovely comments.

I am hoping that they will recognise her efforts at being good. She takes school so seriously and has tried so hard all year to be good, helpful, listen etc so I hope she gets some blurb like that.

simpson Sun 14-Jul-13 21:13:58

Sorry, did not mean to mention the level but am so proud of how hard she has worked smile

What lovely personal comments.

SeriousWispaHabit Sun 14-Jul-13 21:16:44

I think I can make an exception about not wanting to hear about 'expected' achievements for that thalia , that's amazing.

And periwinkle , thank you. I hope your DD has teachers that have recognised her efforts, my DD is like that, she can take things very seriously at times.

kapin Sun 14-Jul-13 21:25:35

"His cheeky smile and friendly manner have made him a popular member of the class and he is never short of boys and girls to play with". "He is always full of enthusiasm- during 'show and tell', he captured his audience with his 'new type of mushroom'.

I reckon that these attributes will be as valuable to him in life as any academic achievements. At not even 5, we are thrilled to bits with what a lovely little chap he's turning out to be smile

AlienAttack Sun 14-Jul-13 21:32:53

Great post.

She's not in Reception, and we haven't received her report yet, but I am super-proud of DD this term. She found the courage to report a crime, and on the strength of her interview, the alleged perpetrator was arrested. DD is only 8, and has shown a level of courage that would be admirable in a grown woman.

Periwinkle007 Sun 14-Jul-13 21:44:33

ooh a new type of mushroom? that sounds interesting Kapin.

tumbletumble Sun 14-Jul-13 21:46:37

DD's report says that she 'shows great interest in everything covered in the class and confidently offers her own ideas and thoughts'.

I am so proud of her. I can't believe it when I remember the tears last September!

Your DD sounds lovely, OP smile

kapin Sun 14-Jul-13 22:11:03

Oh yes Periwinkle, the new type of mushroom was a very elaborate drawing but we never quite got to the bottom of it really. It was something from his imagination rather than real life.

Aren't our kids all so adorable? Our DS has really made some great progress in reception by the sounds of his report, but as others have said, he is still so so young and we should really cherish these lovely moments and try not get hung up on all these numbers and comparisons just yet.

Fluffymonster Sun 14-Jul-13 22:55:46

I like this thread smile

"Impeccable manners"

"...has been a delight to have in the class. She has a kind, caring and considerate nature. She is a sociable and happy little girl with a large circle of friends."

steppemum Sun 14-Jul-13 22:57:35

for dd1 (age 8 so I am cheating a bit) I always get something about her being a joy to have in the class.

(quiet and well behaved = joy I think grin)

PoppyWearer Sun 14-Jul-13 23:00:07

How lovely. My DD is also just finishing Reception but not yet had her report.

TA did say she has a lovely smile, in passing, and that made me very happy. (She does.)

DS is good at reading apparently smile I'm glad he's doing well, but the reading books can be quite boring (see name!)...

What I meant by that is, he has learning difficulties. He is not 'good' at reading. He enjoys and outs effort into it.

simpson Sun 14-Jul-13 23:19:04

I do like your name grin and yes it can (fuck off!!)

iclaudius Sun 14-Jul-13 23:22:53

for being 5 today and have smiled through the whole year at school despite being a mere babe !!

timtam23 Sun 14-Jul-13 23:24:34

The nicest comment in DS1's report was that he is "cheerful, kind and sensitive to the needs of others, and we have recently discovered that he has a great sense of humour"

We knew that already, so I'm glad they discovered it too!

Lorelai Mon 15-Jul-13 07:23:02

The comments I was particularly proud of were that she is 'a mature and sensible girl', and that she is able to sort out small disagreements between other children, also several comments about how well she has settled in, enjoys school and works hard.

SeriousWispaHabit Mon 15-Jul-13 07:44:57

I am so glad I started this. I have to admit, that I was getting a bit too into the 'numbers' of it all and what it all means.

All these lovely comments are so much more important at age 4/5 than if they can spell high frequency words and what book band they are on. I am going to try and remember all this at parents evening tonight!

After all, what I really want for DD is for her to be happy, healthy and a nice person. Also hopefully, that she will end up in a job that she enjoys in an area she is good at, be that something academic or something creative, or whatever.

mamadoc Mon 15-Jul-13 07:50:27

The head teacher wrote that DD is 'quietly unassuming' which is completely true!

AWhistlingWoman Mon 15-Jul-13 08:01:29

Well DD2 got the (seemingly) dreaded 'emerging' for everything except one I think! I read a few of those thread and felt (temporarily) deflated. But I am SO proud of her.

She was born 17 weeks early right at the end of August and, despite various developmental delays and struggling with toilet training, she has kept smiling. I hear you iclaudius smile

Her report says that she is friendly and kind and that is more important to me than anything else. Although I have to admit that, to my mind, 'quietly unassuming' is quite the compliment mamadoc

AND she is ALIVE and walking around. She couldn't breathe unassisted until she was nearly one and, sometimes, I can still hardly believe that she actually made it out of the hospital. Let alone all the way through a whole year of reception!

Here's to all our amazing children wine

Cat98 Mon 15-Jul-13 08:16:43

Lovely thread.
In the social aspect (a section that doesn't come naturally to ds) he was described as a 'kind hearted' boy who 'brings warmth to all his friends and staff'. I told him that pleased me more than any of the academic stuff smile

Gosh these are all so lovely smile. We have yet to receive DD1's report, and all I really want it to say is that she's kind, caring and happy.

Farewelltoarms Mon 15-Jul-13 09:21:47

Mine was 'kind and charismatic'. I'd love to be both those things.

"is able to listen attentively"
"he did not find xxx easy but has approached it with determination ... will persevere even when he is finding a task difficult"

but most ::howl:: of all...

"he is sensitive to the needs of the other children and is always willing to lend a helping hand if required".

May that always be true.

impecuniousmarmoset Mon 15-Jul-13 10:42:32

Sorry, another 'levels' one - got an 'exceeds expectations' on the social skills section, after spending the entire first term not speaking to anybody.

mumat39 Mon 15-Jul-13 10:46:04

OP, suh a lovely lovely thread.

AWhistling, that's so so lovely. Your DD sounds like a very determined little girl. I don't normally drink so early in the day, but sod that. Here's to your amazing DD2 wine

My DD has multiple allergies to lots of everyday foods and I was a nervous wreck at the start of last year. She has had only 4 reactions, which the school managed brilliantly. She has managed to eat school lunches with any reactions, apart from the 4. She has been on a couple of school trips, learnt to swim, hula hoop, and has exceeded the teachers expectations in all areas. The only area they said they need to work on was her speed. She is very meticulous but this makes her slow.

It's so nice to be able to talk about it. I've spent the whole year pretty much at home, by the phone, in case they called to say she'd had a reaction. Each time they did, my heart was in my mouth but the staff have managed her and the allergies so so well. I will be eternally grateful to them.

Well do to all our children! The year seems to have flown by. Here's to an equally happy Year 1!


mumat39 Mon 15-Jul-13 10:46:40


chocoholic05 Mon 15-Jul-13 10:48:33

"He is a kind and caring child who gets on well with everyone"
"He is a very polite child who always says please and thank you as appropriate"

HalleLouja Mon 15-Jul-13 10:51:57

I am still waiting for DS's report but it must be dusty in the room I am sitting in. Especially when I read Whistling Woman's post.

Hopefully they will point out all the things we know already about him.

Elibean Mon 15-Jul-13 10:58:05

A thread on Primary Ed that made me smile

Well done, OP!

steppemum Mon 15-Jul-13 14:29:54

whistling, your posts makes me well up. Makes you realise what is really important doesn't it?

I am pretty on the ball on levels etc with older kids, but dd2 is in reception, I read her report and didn't even notice the emerging/exceeding points until I came on here! I was only looking for the reception type comments, and I loved these:

dd is independent and lively with a good sense of humour..she loves to share her ideas and make people laugh... She won't give up until she has finished.

Summed her up well, and made me realise she has had a good time!

noramum Mon 15-Jul-13 16:17:53

"DD especially loved baseball and is quite competitive".

DD can't throw a ball if her life depends on it so I am proud that she is enjoying something she may never be good at.

SeriousWispaHabit Mon 15-Jul-13 18:16:30

I've just read the rest of this thread and I definitely have something in my eye, or my hayfever is playing up...

I went to the parents open evening with DD after school and she was so proud to show me her classroom, and her work. The teacher said she was always happy and helpful, and she is massively excited about going into Year 1.

So many amazing sounding children on this thread and mumat you are so much braver than I would be. It must be so hard to walk the fine line between making sure she is safe and not stopping her from doing things. Sounds like you are doing fantastically well.

BabiesAreLikeBuses Mon 15-Jul-13 19:44:40

Dd: she was shy at first but has shown us her funny and cheeky sides... She can use scissors without needing direct supervision (such an important lifecycle i am v proud of her cutting!)

Ds: approaches everything with enthusiasm and is always busy

Periwinkle007 Mon 15-Jul-13 19:46:34

some lovely ones here

your reports seem much more personal than my daughter's was. there isn't anything really to say from hers

SeriousWispaHabit Mon 15-Jul-13 20:48:41

I think it helped in DD's case that her teacher only had to write 14 of them as it is a small village primary - it was very long and detailed and I'm not expected the next one to be so detailed when she is in the mixed Y1/2 class of 28!

Lovingmybabiesbottom Mon 15-Jul-13 20:58:44

Lovely lovely thread. My children too young for school so Nothing to add, but I have a big lump in my throat!

Mamafratelli Mon 15-Jul-13 20:59:08

Lovely thread!

My favourite bits are

Shows a firm awareness of the needs of others, showing consideration and kindness always.

And...is a lovely child and has been an absolute pleasure to teach; I will miss her greatly. Sob!

BabiesAreLikeBuses Mon 15-Jul-13 21:00:36

Mine are in classes of 30 and still have personal examples under several subheadings, they jot things down all year to help.
I think the handwritten teachers page is the best - and also dc's pages, dd wrote 'I have enjoyed learning the parts of a plant' and drew a bunch of flowers. Cute.

weblette Mon 15-Jul-13 22:13:14

Ds3's was its usual 'characterful' mix! Some lovely bits about how he helps the others and is always looking out for anyone who feels sad. Helped to gloss over his 'developing' listening skills...

My favourite line though explained that he seems to have a good grasp of money. When he was asked how to make up 7p in change when they visited the local greengrocer he suggested using a credit card.....

TheSecondComing Mon 15-Jul-13 22:19:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheSecondComing Mon 15-Jul-13 22:20:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SeriousWispaHabit Mon 15-Jul-13 22:30:43

What was the response TSC?

I hate raising stuff with the teacher and I'm not very good at it (although today I had to speak to her about some of the girls teasing dd about a mole on her face, saying she is ugly and couldn't play with them hmm)

Mamafratelli Mon 15-Jul-13 22:32:59

That's terrible thesecondcoming but that's about the teacher not your dd. Hopefully she will have a lovely teacher next year.

Mamafratelli Mon 15-Jul-13 22:34:59

Sorry worded that badly. I meant you shouldn't take it to heart. Your dd is lovely. Unfortunately she has had a shit teacher. I'm sure she will have lots of lovely teachers in the future.

TheSecondComing Mon 15-Jul-13 22:37:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KrazyKurls Mon 15-Jul-13 22:41:36

What a lovely thread, how sad for you TSC - and your DD when she looks back at her report in years to come!

DS1 "approaches everything that is asked of him with the biggest smile in the class"

I can't ask anymore, he has been critically ill on more than one occasion and if he is breathing and smiling I want for nothing else smile

BlackeyedSusan Tue 16-Jul-13 07:51:39

not picked up in the report. but ds can throw a ball straaight nd hard, and has done since he was 2. I like to imgine him on th england cricket team. shh, it is only while he is little that I can dream and not be disillusioned by reality!

BlackeyedSusan Tue 16-Jul-13 07:53:17

tsc. I had to push for ds to get a rewrd when others were getting their second and he hd not yet received one. he got it the last week they did them in the year.

hurryup Tue 16-Jul-13 08:00:42

Dd5 report isn't out until next week but I'm willing to bet it will say something along the lines of - lively and energetic, always smiling unless she is giggling and had an amazing array of information about the world and nature from watching too much tv I just adore her and she is my last reception child sad

DD2 is just finishing reception and turns 5 at the end of August, her report includes:

'DD2 is sensitive towards other children and their needs and interests'

'she is very imaginative and will often come to an adult to show us what she has been making'

DD2 has a great sense of humour and you can't help but smile when she smiles as she looks so happy when she does'

'It has been a pleasure to teach DD2'

Head teachers comment includes

'Every time I see DD2 she looks so happy'

I'm so proud, especially as she scream when I dropped her off for the first few weeks in September!

BabiesAreLikeBuses Wed 17-Jul-13 00:01:04

flowers for all whose little ones have gone through much bigger stuff than mere school to get to this point...

Ds finally has his report: he shows great curiosity and asks specific science questions such as how far is it exactly to the moon?

mumat39 Wed 17-Jul-13 13:32:52

Thanks SeriousWispaHabit

I'm not brave at all. I think in my case the drugs anti depressants help with the anxiety. blush

MissBetseyTrotwood Wed 17-Jul-13 21:50:10

My DS2 is 'the only boy in the class who can stand up and keep the class entertained by telling them a story he's made up himself.' (He still can't read or write btw wink )

mathanxiety Thu 18-Jul-13 06:05:02

<Fwiw - If your DCs were in school in a lot of places outside of Britain this would be what their report comprised (if they even got a report) until age 7.>

I remember when DS was in 3rd grade (so going on 8 iirc) and the first thing his lovely teacher said to me when I sat down at the parent/teacher meeting was 'Mrs M, you have a kind son'. I forgot everything else she said. 12 years later he has turned out great.

This is nothing I didn't know anyway but my fave thing about DS's Reception report was about how much he enjoys school and loves the challenges and is happy all the time. His older sister has been nothing but worry for me ever since she started school - she hated it, had to take time out from it etc., needed to see a counsellor etc. it got really bad. So to have a child who is actually happy at school beats any academic achievement and just makes me BEAM smile

morethanpotatoprints Thu 18-Jul-13 23:00:47

What a fantastic thread OP
All the dc on here sound wonderful, well done to all of them.

kilmuir Fri 19-Jul-13 19:11:52

beautiful manners, beautiful smile and always ready to give a hug if someone upset, .

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