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cazza40 Thu 24-Jun-10 14:44:46

Hello all - we are moving to Surrey later this year and I am looking for a school for my daughter - I have applied for state primaries but am still waiting for Surrey County Council to get back to me ( v v stressful ) I need to consider private options in case there are no state places and Edgeborough ( near Frensham ) was recommended to me - has anyone been to visit it / has any thoughts ? Any ideas appreciated !

Elllie Thu 24-Jun-10 20:25:24

Hi - we are making the move back to UK and I was about to ask the same thing! Have you found out anything useful, if you don't mind me asking?

cazza40 Fri 25-Jun-10 09:17:21

Hi Ellie - nothing useful sorry I know there are a few private prep schools around Farnham - Edgeborough is one another is Barfield another is Frensham Heights - they are all co-ed.I think state primaries in the area are all good but I worry that we wont get a place !

mummytime Fri 25-Jun-10 12:16:49

South Farnham Primary is wonderful, but you'll be lucky to get a place. Barfield has great outdoor facilities, but fees keep rising massively (and has recovered nicely from it scandal - financial). Don't know anyone at Edgeborough. I loved Frensham, but it is very alternative, all first names and no uniform. I didn't like the Junior school library but they may have improved that. Theater and grounds are fabulous!

Elllie Sun 27-Jun-10 03:52:32

We are moving back to the UK and we are struggling to find a house in the 'right' areas of Farnham. This is why we might consider a prep. We are looking at Rowledge too as that has a good primary.

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