Quick question Having a spring clean - do schools take book donations?

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MrsWicket Fri 13-Mar-09 13:31:49

Sorting DDs(5) room out and have a pile of good condition books (aged 4-5) she no longer looks at. Would her school want them for their library? (Trying to avoid looking a fool when I roll up with them and get told they don't need them grin)

notagrannyyet Fri 13-Mar-09 13:56:40

When mine were at primary they used to keep a box of wet day books for when it was too wet for little ones to go out. All donations went in there.

roisin Fri 13-Mar-09 17:21:43

Yes, I took books in from time to time to the boys' primary school and they were always appreciated.

Toffeepopple Sat 14-Mar-09 11:10:52

Our school would, I think. They have so many places they like to have books (classrooms, for kids to take home, in the playgrounds at lunchtime, etc) that they always need more!

If the school itself don't, the PTA might want them. Our PTA keeps its own stock of books which we use at various events for parents to read to their kids, etc.

Coldtits Sat 14-Mar-09 11:12:38

If they don't a bet a preschool would, or a doctor's surgery!

Lizipads Mon 16-Mar-09 09:34:19

I don't know, but round here there's a school that burned down recently and is therefore asking for book donations to re-stock. If not your school, find one worse off.

Mercy Mon 16-Mar-09 09:37:51

Yes - if not for the library then almost certainly for classroom.

ellingwoman Mon 16-Mar-09 17:30:09

Oooh Lizi I was just coming going to post the same thing! Are you talking about H in BS?

ellingwoman Mon 16-Mar-09 17:32:10

coming? going? Must preview - it was my excitement about someone being close by grin

Our school does, particularly nursery and reception classes as they get worn out and damaged so quickly at that stage. I've done this before and the nursery teacher practically hugged me.

Hulababy Mon 16-Mar-09 22:13:37

oth DD's school and the one I work at will happily take second hand books. I have taken many in since DD started.

Lizipads Tue 17-Mar-09 19:09:25

Hello ellingwoman. Yes, that's the one I was thinking of. Was a bit mortified as had just cleared out about 60 books and given them to our school, when I went to Waterstones and saw the flyer...

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