State primary schools in, and around, Haslemere. Info please.

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rabbitrabbit Mon 19-Mar-07 19:28:46

Hello, would be grateful for any feedback on state primary schools in the Haslemere area-which are considered good, bad, etc. We may be moving out that way within the next few months! Thanks in advance.

rabbitrabbit Mon 19-Mar-07 19:32:00

Nurseries also! Thanks

OrlandoTheMarmaladeCat Mon 19-Mar-07 19:35:03

My only experience is of Milford Infant School (about 5 miles from Haslemere) and Chandler Junior School in Witley (maybe 4 miles from Haslemere. Both are very good - Chandler particularly has just had a superb Ofsted.

Re nurseries, I used a day nursery in Guildford years ago - Fitzsimmons - which was hugely expensive but very good. But as the DC are now 10 and 8, things may have changed.

I know of other nurseries locally - Orchard pre-school in Milford, Hambledon Pre-School - which are supposed to be very good.

Any idea where you might end up?

rabbitrabbit Mon 19-Mar-07 19:43:23

Hi, thanks for replying.
Not sure as yet. We're veering towards just on the outskirts of Haslemere itself, or Chiddingfold/Witley...can you see my problem!
I think it'll be Haslemere or close as time restraints mean that will, potentially, give us greater choice in housing etc.

My ds is 4 in May but has been ill some time so he hasn't really attended, unfortunately, the excellent state nursery he has a place in (here in Teddington where we live currently.)
That's also the reason we're making the decision to move now-he isn't settled anywhere as yet so we may as well go now.

indignatio Tue 20-Mar-07 10:13:21

Within Haslemere Shottermill has a good reputation
Just outside Haslemere, Camelsdale, Grayshott, St John's Churt are well regarded.
So are Beacon Hill and Liphook

Actually, around here you are spoilt for choice !!

rabbitrabbit Tue 20-Mar-07 11:08:16

Hi, that sounds really promising-thanks!
Just spoke to Surrey county council and am feeling a bit depressed to be honest. My ds has been ill for a some time so I don't even know if he'll be able to start in September but I've got to assume that he will otherwise he'll never get a place anywhere.

I've asked for all the info on schools to be sent to me so I'll sit down at the weekend and go dizzy from looking!

Thanks again to everyone for their advice-personal recommendations (or warnings) are always appreciated x

foxinsocks Tue 20-Mar-07 11:08:57

hi rabbit, how are things going with ds?

rabbitrabbit Tue 20-Mar-07 11:21:44

Hi Fox, how are you; good to hear from you
We're not too bad. My ds is still no different, he's a little worse at the moment-his blood results still show things that shouldn't be there but we're having a break from the tests at the moment to see if that changes. Nursery has been a bit of a non-starter which is a real shame!
So, we thought we might as well move now as he hasn't really settled anywhere so it's not a huge issue if we do move him-then we can only hope that things improve; sorry, feeling a bit sorry for myself today.

How are things with you? Are you going back to work soon?

HowVeryDareYou Tue 20-Mar-07 11:23:34

St Marys, Chiddingfold - fab school but you need to start going to church NOW if you want to get in.

Witley Infants - again, great, but only goes upto 7

Greyswood, Haslemere - same as Witley - only up to 7

St. Barts, Haslemere - good reputation

Witley & St. Marys are always oversubscribed though.

To be honest I can't think of a single school in the area you're looking at that has a bad reputation, as Indignatio rightly says you are spoilt for choice. Good luck with your search!

rabbitrabbit Tue 20-Mar-07 11:28:22

HowVeryDareYou-would it be over the top to say I love you

Thanks so much

HowVeryDareYou Tue 20-Mar-07 11:36:15

No problem.

Forgot to say, after 7 if they are at Witley or Greyswood they move to Chandler Junior School (also in Witley) but this is not automatic so you do have to go through the whole admissions process again. Chandler does have a good reputation though.

Also, if you go jut over the boarder into West Sussex you have Northchapel & Plaistow Infants - again, both good.

There are a number of primarys in Godalming (Busbridge etc)but I don't really know much about them, sorry!

foxinsocks Tue 20-Mar-07 11:38:28

oh sorry to hear things are no better. Was the consultant any help?

No {blush] I'm not back at work yet. We are about to start having work done on the house so I figured I'd wait till it had started (and the bathroom was at least done) before I went back!

Have you sold your house?

rabbitrabbit Tue 20-Mar-07 16:23:36

Sorry Fox; didn't mean to make you blush! No reason why you should be back to work, I just remember you saying that you were...or at least considering it.

Consultant was good to be fair. We've had multiple blood tests and everything seems to be moving really, really slowly. I think they don't want to jump to any conclusions (the particular enzyme that is showing in his blood is usually referred to as a 'tumour marker') at the moment and to see if the bloods return to normal. We're trying to be positive whilst slowly going mad!

rabbitrabbit Mon 26-Mar-07 14:58:58

Just bumping this in the hope that HowVeryDareYou gets to see it (or anyone who can shed some light).
Does anyone know if particular nurseries have links to schools in the same area?

Thanks alot for the help so far

notnigella Wed 27-Jun-07 13:31:32

i love mumsnet. did a search on schools in haslemere and resurrected this thread!
we too might be moving to haslemere and i am worried about primary schools. i am told that camelsdale is the best school, but is in west sussex rather than surrey to we would be unlikley to get in there. the nearest school according to the county council wesbite is st barts, which has just had an awful ("satisfactory") ofsted report last month. on first child so not sure how possible it is to get into a school other then the nearest one? and are ofsted reports really accurate? i'd like to think that in paying a small fortune for a house in the area the schools would be good - naive? any advice appreciated, thanks in advance

notnigella Wed 27-Jun-07 20:12:10


Jaws72 Thu 28-Jun-07 10:05:33

Thank goodness I'm not alone!.We too are about to move to Brook/Haslemere. Although I was brought up in Godalming the thought of leaving London and returning to the area is still pretty scary!
Have 4 and 5 yr old, and am also desperately worried about primary schools. It is proving very hard to get them into the same school since Reception places at all but St Barts (awful results) are full. We might be high on the waiting list for Shottermill, but first hand knowledge is what I need. Does anyone know what these schools are actually like? Any info gratefully received. Grayswood is full, Camelsdale too. Witley and Busbridge (godalming) also huge waiting lists so there is no chance given our address.

notnigella Thu 28-Jun-07 19:38:30

i hear that chiddingfold has a good reputation, dont think its too far from brook

notnigella Thu 28-Jun-07 19:38:56

bump - any info / advice much appreciated

Jaws72 Thu 28-Jun-07 23:27:41

yes chiddingfold is good but is also full and we would be way down on waiting list. Really don't think we have much choice between shottermill and st barts - unless we want to drive a long long way. Just frustrating not knowing anyone in the area to get the inside track. Not used mumsnet before today - clever init! chuffed that there are a few of you out there with some opinions! thanks so far

hotcrossbunny Thu 28-Jun-07 23:33:45

Some schools may ahev places nearer to September - parents still deciding about private/moving etc. Keep ringing round I think. Think Most schools in our area are good - avoid St Marks in Godalming...

Jaws72 Fri 29-Jun-07 00:58:18

Thanks, yes had checked out st marks on ofsted - v v v poor! good tip on the phonecalls - will keep pestering grayswood since this is top choice at the mo. thanks.

hotcrossbunny Fri 29-Jun-07 17:31:42

Good luck. Its all so stressful. I know they say we have a 'choice' but it doesn't really feel like it.

Jaws72 Tue 21-Aug-07 15:19:50

Thanks to hotcrossbunny and notnigella for tips re Haslemere schools - finally got both my children into Grayswood School, phew! keeping in touch every week seemed to do the trick! no doubt I was a complete pain but in the end they worked really hard to help me!

So now I'm asking, who knows a great childminder/nanny looking for some extra hours on Tuesdays and/or Fridays? They would probably need a car to help with school runs. Any ideas of best places to post ads or even names etc, let me know please

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