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ntvirus Sat 24-Sep-16 13:19:12

Dear Ladies

I am new to mumsnet and would really appreciate your advice on Falkner House school and nursery.

Falkner is opening a new nursery/ school near Earl's Court and my daughter has just been accepted for a place at the nursery. I know it is a top ( and very expensive!!!!) pre prep school in London but the nursery only offers 4 hours sessions so i will need another childcare arrangement after the sessions since i am in full time job.

I want to put her to nursery only if it will increase her chances of getting through their school. Could any one share any experience with the school or nursery.


MMmomDD Sat 24-Sep-16 18:21:28

Well - the prep school at Earls Court is for boys. Nursery is mixed.

I had two comments:
- All good private nursery schools in this area are only 4hours/day. Just how it is. By good - I mean the ones that help kids pass assessments to good private schools in the area.

- No - being at the nursery doesn't really help with getting to the main girls school. Br doesn't hurt your chances. All kids go through assessments. Year after year only a few from the nursery get in, just like only a few from those arriving at the assssments.

Finally - if you are hoping for a place at a private school in this area - you need to get onto more assessment lists - from more schools. Competition around here is tough.


ntvirus Sat 24-Sep-16 18:46:17

Thanks for replying to my post... This is worrying that my daughter will not be any better prepared even after being in there own nursery. Private nurseries ( not attached to any schools) offer full day care and many of these have outstanding rating from Ofsted. How do these stack with the likes of Falkner and Redcliff?

We also have offer from Redcliff although Falkner probably is a bit more desirable.

BlasianFashionista Sat 24-Sep-16 18:53:34

Hello ntvirus

A good friend of mine has a daughter at Falkner House school (she was also offered a place at Glendower) she is striving and loves it there, no complaints what so ever, I am yet to hear anything bad about Falkner House.

I wish they would have agreed to open a boys school sooner as my two are at GHS and I would have loved them to go Falkner House.

Good Luck!!

MMmomDD Thu 29-Sep-16 13:10:18

ntvirus - it's not about "better prepared".
Falkner House school is a highly competitive school - getting into it requires a right mix of the kid being academically inclined, and the family being of the kind Mrs Griggs wants to have in her school.
So - as I said, it is NOT about preparation.
Falkner House nursery kids do well in assessments in other competitive schools in the area - they are confident and well prepared.
Radcliffe - is a gentler nursery, and kids can stay on in the school. BUT - it doesn't have an academic reputation. Just an ok, gentle school.
All depends on what you want.

The nurseries you seem to be comparing these two with - the ones with full day and wrap around care -
arw a whole other ball games. Those are day-care places. Very few of the kids from those nurseries would end up at Fakner, Glendower and the likes.

Sorry to sound harsh. But it is a tough and competitive world around here. If your kid is bright and, potentially, academically inclined, AND you want her to end up at one of the "academic" schools in the area - take Falkner House offer and get a nanny/childminder for the other hours. It is the best way, at least around here.

ntvirus Fri 30-Sep-16 08:09:49

Hi MM, thanks for replying. You make an interesting point re kind of family mrs griggs like. What kind of family does she want to be associated with school would you know? I think this will help me decide.
Btw did you or your daughter go to FH?

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