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proudhappymamma Thu 13-Mar-14 16:23:58

hi all

i really hope someone can help me here...
we have been to visit Redehall prep school in Horley for our daughter.
the school/teachers/pupils are wonderful. manners of the children are incredible and the level of work they seem to be achieving in the early classes looks fantastic.
however i cannot shake this feeling that its not all that great given their Ofsted report is only 'satisfactory'
that doesnt seem good enough to warrent paying for an education and the comments made in the report seem to be contained in the area of safety and wellbeing.

the school seems like somehwhere my quiet dght would thrive in, small classses etc but im terrifies if i send her there i could be disregarding the Ofsted entirely and making the worst decision possible.

does anyone have any thoughts on the school, please be honest i could really do with some advice

thankyou xx

racmun Thu 13-Mar-14 16:28:07

Hi we looked round a couple of years ago amd weren't overly impressed. From recollection the playground is on the road side and its a fairly busy road. The library was an outside she's type structure full of leaves and wouldn't I feel foster a live of books.

I also felt that it wasn't worth paying for in view if the ofsted report, it is v cheap though.

Lots of private schools have small classes maybe have a look elsewhere and then compare

LIZS Thu 13-Mar-14 17:47:35

Is the Ofsted only for the Early Years ? Most private schools have ISI reports for year 1 up. We looked around it many years ago and felt it was restrictively small. The site is tiny, classes mixed and facilities limited. Nativity takes place in village hall for example (report of parking chaos in nearby roads and entitled parents made the national papers a few years ago!) and they don't do much sport. tbh I'm surprised it remains financially viable and know of parents who a couple of years back took their dc out (to Felbridge School iirc) because they were worried about its size and future and wer much happier. There are other private options such as Copthorne and Lingfield Notre Dame but they will cost more.

proudhappymamma Fri 14-Mar-14 15:12:25

thankyou so much for your responses and opinions, very helpful.
we have visited again and throughly grilled them on their 2011 ofsted and 2012 updated notes!
they appear (and could prove to us during our visit) to have made significant improvements and addressed all the issues in the Ofsted report. they are possibly due another inspection within the next 6 months and said they would welcome this and have no reason to believe they wouldnt at least be given a 'good' rating.
we want to take on board the ofsted report but also hear from parents on their view of the school...its such a big decision isnt it? we really want to choose somewhere that is best for our daughter, somewhere she would thrive.
we are still undecided about Redehall but much happier about the measures they have taken in response to the ofsted.
unfortunatley the other prep schools in the area are out of our budget when the fees increase at prep age, we wouldnt want to have to move her then due to finances.
thankyou so much for taking the time to respond to my question, its been very helpful getting feedback from other mums smile

Ashee8615 Thu 08-May-14 09:50:36

Hello, we toured there yesterday and were very impressed with what we saw and thoroughly went over the ofsted report last night and thought it was pretty contradictory. Education fantastix, teachers fantastic, but then because of not having done a risk assessment it said they failed early stages. I found that quite harsh when the report went on and on about the quality of teaching and results being so great. So we've kind of decided to disregard the ofsted report as the report had nothing to do with the quality of education or actual well being of children as they've all done the qualified courses since ofsted have last been.

That all being said I guess I would like reassurance. It was the first school we went to where my 2.5 year old loved it and didn't cling to me and make me carry her around, but everyone else places so much into this ofsted report its at the back of my mind.

Have you ended up Sending your daughter, and if so are you happy?

jaak198 Thu 15-May-14 10:03:14

Hi All,

My 4-year old currently attends the nursery there are I have so far been very impressed with both the school but more importantly his development.

I understand what people are saying about the OFSTED report and it is important and it's there for a reason however I just felt, like one of the other users above, that in places it seemed a little harshly judged and also in some places contradictory.

I always take the OFSTED reports with a pinch of salt because I've been to many schools which are "OFSTED Outstanding" and you can see that everthing in the school is geared merely to obtaining that tick in the box to give it that OFSTED Outstanding label. OFSTED would obviosuly argue that even if a school does just comply by all the things needed to get an outstanding rating that that would actually mean the school is inadvertedly becoming a good school nonetheless for me what's more important is the development of my child and after seeing and trying 3 or 4 nurseries my son finally settled in very well at Redehall and (not that I imagine this to last much longer!) even said in the school holidays if he could go back to Redehall! I've never had that before with any of my other kids.

I know the school has recently appointed a new Head as well and I am very confident in the changes that she is proposing. So much so that we've decided to put our other children in there too.


MrsEngland Tue 20-May-14 16:22:40

My daughter goes to Redehall (currently in year 1), I too had the same worries with regards to the OFSTED report. However, I realised that the OFSTED issues were actually down to the risk assessment paper work not having been complete etc... I believe they are on track or hoping for an OUTSTANDING within the year. My daughter was a very very shy child at nursery and joined Redehall at the start of Reception. Within the first term she was a whole different child, so confident she stood up in front of the whole school and parents to recite lines during the nativity, which does indeed take place in the local village hall (the turn out is always so good, that we have to go to a larger venue to fit everyone in, and we get the bonus of a stage and refreshments during the performance). We also have a speech day at the end of each year which takes place at Chequers theatre, it's a end of year play, speeches from head boy and head girl, an awards ceremony and talk from head teacher and chairperson. It's a very emotional day and absolutely brilliant for everyone involved. We have a new Head Mistress starting in September, who plans to bring many new sports and extra curricular activities etc.... News has travelled fast and because they cap the class sizes to 14 children I believe that the reception places are near to capacity. I think that once up to 14 children they do hold a waiting list. I can certainly say that enrolling my daughter into Redehall was the best decision for us, and I wouldn't change it!

Concmum1 Mon 22-Feb-16 14:22:23

Hi All,

We are trying to decide if to take our child to Redehall, but the 2015 Ofsted report has not been helped.'Pupils do not achieve as well as they could. Teachers’ expectations of the standards pupils could reach are not high enough' . Any thoughts from existing parents whose children attend the school would be helpful.

Hunterj Wed 24-Feb-16 20:10:44

Hi, my 2 daughter currently attend Redehall, 1 is in yr 2 & 1 in Nursery. They absolutely love it! The teachers are lovely and all the children are so polite and friendly. I am very happy with how my girls are doing academically and socially. The head had only been in that role for a term when the last Ofsted took place, she has now addressed all of the issues that were highlighted and I am confident that the next inspection will be really good! Don't go on the Ofsted report, it is a great school, we love it!

Concmum1 Mon 29-Feb-16 13:09:08

Dear Hunterj,

Thanks so much for the feedback, very much appreciated.

Gwen01 Thu 23-Jun-16 14:47:54

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downinthejunglewherenobodygoes Thu 23-Jun-16 17:23:56

Gwen is that news hot off the press? My DC is down to start there soon and have been v impressed with Mrs W so I'd be disappointed if she's really just left! Sorry to hear your GD didn't have such a good experience though

Gwen01 Thu 23-Jun-16 21:28:38

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hamiltonday Fri 24-Jun-16 11:22:28

Not impressed with the school at all. For an independent school I don't feel the children progress for a paying school. Find a good primary you'll get the same or better results.

Always considered teachers to be average nothing special. Classes far to small and a definite lack of individual, creative teaching.

Lots of smiley people!

You get what you pay for no more no less, glorified childcare.

Cantsleepwontsleep123 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:15:33

Where do the children go onto when they reach 8?

downinthejunglewherenobodygoes Sat 25-Jun-16 12:06:06

Hamilton do you or have you had children at the school?

LIZS Sat 25-Jun-16 16:02:04

Does it not go up to y6 anymore?

hamiltonday Sun 26-Jun-16 21:39:16

Yes to both questions still have a child attending but presently the lesser of two evils principle. If the child is naturally talented they go on to further independent schools such as Notre Dame Lingfield, but due to the size of school this can be counted on one hand, otherwise parents seem to opt for Hazelwick in Crawley.
Unfortunately I have seen no evidence of outstanding teaching to get a child to the caliber of raising an individuals academic aptitude level from just below average to average and progress through the school to gain a place at a secondary independent (Purely my observations ) I suppose you could ask the question.

It is what it is I pay the fees for my own reasons, but I guarantee it is not for an excellent education I still have to top it up with other things for my child. If I could afford Copthorne Prep or another I would.

JoJo2010 Mon 27-Jun-16 23:42:44

Hi. Redehall has had 20 lovely children join the school this year alone and has continued good progress and attainment since I joined the school. Prior to that results had been dropping consistently for 3 years leading to the requires improvement ofsted. Redehall has a lovely happy stable teaching team who all do their utmost for every child and family. Sadly for every success story there is someone who wants to take it away. We have had no upheld complaints in the last 3 years and sadly are vulnerable to individuals fabricating complaints as an attempt to get out of fees. There is a great program for preparing students for whatever path they wish. Children go to Lingfield Notre Dame, Dunottar, Copthorne Prep, Reigate Grammar in the independent sector and Gatwick School, Hazlewick,Oriel etc in the state sector. It is correct that I have resigned from post. I have worked hard in evenings, weekends, all holidays for three solid years and because of this type of malicious behaviour that pollutes an otherwise very sweet school have decided I don't wish to do it. You have no idea the personal sacrifice we make to create such a great school. Our numbers are at 76 without a year 5 and 6 so are the healthiest ever. They have never been 90 in recent history ( going back to 2008) and were 80 fee payers at most in 2014. The school values of integrity, respect, honesty, wisdom, tolerance and perserverence are modelled daily by the teachers and heads comment that our leavers are delightful children. The care is second to none and your comments not based on any truth at all. I pity your malicious intent and insulting comments to the wonderful teachers at the school.

JamieRButler Wed 29-Jun-16 08:09:34


I have 3 children at Redehall Prep and my step son attended the school until last year, when he moved on to the Gatwick School.

It is an excellent school, with fantastic staff and a great ethos of learning. Children do achieve at Redehall, but as with any child you have to spend time as a Parent doing reading, maths and spellings of an evening so as to support what they have learned in school.

JoJo2010 has been a fantastic Head of Redehall Prep, parents will miss her enthusiasm and we respect her decision to move on, wishing her and her family the best of luck in the future. A new Head will be recruited by the excellent Directors of the school and the ethics of integrity, respect, wisdom etc. will continue under the guidance of the next Head.

For me, Ofsted is a contentious reporting authority. My eldest son left Redehall Prep with the ability to read fluently, write coherently, calculate numbers and analyse data. These are the main skills any child needs to learn at the higher level in secondary school and Redehall delivers them.

Redehall is a safe environment in which my youngest three children are flourishing. Last Friday the school play was performed on stage at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley. That performance demonstrated the confidence that the children at Redehall Prep gain from smaller class sizes and being empowered to learn.

Like JoJo says, malicious comments aren't very nice and those that ultimately suffer are the children. Problems ought to be taken up and resolved in private with the utmost discretion.

So to all those parents joining Redehall, you will be welcomed by all of us like minded, hard working Mum's and Dad's who see Redehall as an excellent school within an affordable price range that develops children to the highest standards through education, music, sport and foreign languages (the children learn Spanish from an early age!)

Am new to this, but feel free to message me if you have questions that you want answered.

JamieRButler Wed 29-Jun-16 08:12:33

Ps, you can follow the school on Facebook, just search for Redehall Preparatory School

JamieRButler Wed 29-Jun-16 08:23:08

Also to answer the question, the school currently does not have a Y6. This is as a result of the recession 8 years ago when numbers declined. It does go up to Y6 though and there will be one by Sep 2017 as the Y5's come through. All other years exist.

downinthejunglewherenobodygoes Wed 29-Jun-16 10:59:12

Thank you Jamie, most helpful. We are still very much hoping to become part of the Redehall family as everything we have seen still feels right for us, although we are sad Mrs Wright will not be part of the school any more.

No school will be right for every child, and everyone will have their own opinions based on their own experiences, but from what we have seen it seems to be offering something unique locally which will suit our DC brilliantly.

As you indicate, it is both the family feel of the place and the extracurricular opportunities available which set it apart for us. We had not intended to choose private school for our kids before seeing Redehall as we did not like what we feel to be the elitist and pushy academic side that some places have. But other people might prefer that and deem it aspirational and excellence! As I say, different horses for different courses

Hopefully everyone will pull together behind a new head because it looks to me like everything is still in place for a successful future!

JamieRButler Wed 29-Jun-16 12:22:55

Hi there, there is no elitist atmosphere at Redehall, just hard working like minded families.

Everyone will make you feel welcome in September.

Kind regards,


Alice03 Thu 30-Jun-16 14:18:20

Reading some of these latest comments has made me laugh. Redehall is not a good school. If you are looking for private education I would go for Copthorne Prep or Notre Dame. Unfortunately we couldn't afford to send our children there and so chose Redehall as we didn't want a state education. We had 2 children attending and have since taken both out. The school has no money which is very evident from its lack of facilities. They can't afford the best teachers. Teaching levels are not great. Both of my children are now in state school and were behind which is shocking as they were considered very bright at Redehall. We are fortunate in that we have very good primary schools in the Horley area. I would advise to look at these schools and opt for a good state school rather than a second rate prep school. None of the past year 6 who have left had an easy transition to senior school. Most have had to have extra tuition to pass 11plus and entrance exams to senior private. One private school has said how behind Redehall pupils are and are shocked at this. Think very carefully before sending your children to Redehall.

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