World Bookday Costume angst

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StarWarsStanley Wed 29-Jan-14 15:13:23

It will be upon us before we know it - tell me about your winning costumes so that I can shamelessly copy start considering what to suggest to my DS and is within the realms of my very limited cobble-up-ability.

mumndadov2 Sat 27-Sep-14 18:02:03

I sent my DS aged 5 as the Highway Code! He loves anything to do with cars so reads it often! Was dead easy to do and cost me nothing!!!grin
I "pinched" a builders high visibility vest so was nice and long on Ds, sewd the sides in so fitted him a bit better printed off tons off road signs and stuck them on simple as that. I sent him in with the highway code book and made sure he knew what the road signs meant! He came home from school with 3 first place prizes! God knows what I'm doing next time around. DD sorted her name is Madeline so yes you guessed it she's going as the French girl Madeline

Needingthework Thu 06-Mar-14 09:45:44

Ds3 is going as one of the skeleton crew from Funny Bones. A mix of Halloween Skeleton outfit and pirate outfit. He initially wanted to go as Michael Rosen hmm.

DS2 is going as one of many Charlie Buckets, although I may try and persuade him to go as George with some 'medicine' or the dad from Fortunately the Milk. Neither costume needs much work, thankfully.

madeindevon2 Thu 06-Mar-14 09:38:03

irrationally annoyed at the whole thing. wouldn't let son Go as Anakin Skywalker but seems 3 or 4 are star wars characters :-((
before school he was happy with his...

thaliablogs Wed 05-Mar-14 21:42:31

dd is being pippi longstocking - we've sewn a patch pocket and some fake patches onto a pinafore dress and she's wearing a long sleeve top underneath, we'll plait her hair over a wire coathanger to get them sticking out, bought 2 pairs of long stripy socks and she'll wear one of each. Even sewed a tail onto a teddy to make him look like a monkey although now he just looks like a mutant teddy....

ds is being tim, from the edward ardizzone books. He's wearing a red jumper and blue shorts, which he already had. NO one will have a clue who he is (he is in reception so I'm guessing everyone else will be a superhero), but he chose Tim and he's happy.

Spink Wed 05-Mar-14 20:23:50

hogwash 'don't let the pigeon drive the bus' is a marvellous pigeon based book.
Here, dd is going as puss in boots & ds will be Mr Magnolia.

Vickiyumyum Wed 05-Mar-14 20:19:37

Alice here. Although I cheated and brought a costume from amazon blush

Mugglewhump Wed 05-Mar-14 20:04:58

Dd is going as Sophie from the Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Handy as her name is Sophie!
Purple pinafore (charity shop womens top, which will be fashioned into a dress) blue long sleeved t-shirt, blue ribbon in hair, tights, school shoes.
Tin of tiger food (made from old paint can)

I am sure no-one will have a clue who she is but hoping the tin of tiger food may point them in the right direction.grin

Hogwash Wed 05-Mar-14 20:04:31

DC3 wants to be a pigeon - marvelous! How in the hell do we do that? (and more to the point, I can't think of a single book with a pigeon of significance in it!).

PatriciaHolm Wed 05-Mar-14 19:03:47

DS hates dressing up, so is going in school shorts, white shirt, waistcoat bought for Victorian day and a cardboard evacuee label that says " Edmund pevensie" (lion witch and wardrobe). After much discussion!!

Ihatecobwebs Wed 05-Mar-14 18:13:13

I was tempted to do DS as the invisible man, but DH didn't think that was quite in the spirit of the day -DS and I would have been happy doing something on our own for the day, while I got DH to walk to school on his own and pretend to hand him over at the door.

So, he's going as a fireman from Fireman Sam.

Adikia Wed 05-Mar-14 17:59:02

Damn it, I read that as 3 year old not year 3, Vicky from the Pirate School books?

Adikia Wed 05-Mar-14 17:54:08

Pirate Gran. It's a picture book about the adventures Gran had when she was a young pirate on the Black Barnacle, before she saved Grandad from the pirates and fell in love.

knickernicker Wed 05-Mar-14 17:32:21

Need some quick advice. dd is year 3 and had a girl pirate costume. Thing is there isn't a pirate she could say she is. Can anyone tell me a girl pirate story character in a book that,someone if her age might read or know of? Thanks

sbutt78 Wed 05-Mar-14 13:23:26

my kids are easy. Yr1 DD is going as Fireman Sam LOL.... she loves him and the book and well we have the costume already and DS Yr3 is going as roman footballer from the Frank Lampard books. :-)

Easy peesey

Ds doesn't like dressing up. He's going as John Grogan, author of Marley and Me. This involves normal clothes and ddog's lead. Think I will take care of the lead once everyone's seen it, though!

BlueFrenchHorn Tue 04-Mar-14 23:42:07

Dchildrens nursery is asking for costumes. Dd is 2 and ds 6 months, any ideas? We have the following items of clothes:

A pink tutu
Fairy wings
Black and white stripes dress
Red and white stripes top
Black top
Purple spotty top

Baby has mainly sleepsuits and leggings, tops, dungarees.

Any suggestions?

Churmy123 Tue 04-Mar-14 13:14:36

My DD who is in Yr 2 loves Book not so much! She is currently working her way through the entire Roald Dahl collection and has decided she wants to go as Veruca Salt this year. Purple skirt, cream furry coat, bow in her air and carrying a golden ticket and a wonka bar. And possibly a bag of nuts as we've failed to track down a cuddly squirrel! Last year she went as the Roly Poly Bird.

BirdintheWings Tue 04-Mar-14 11:13:25

Gandalf, get him any cheap pale brownish or grey onesie, add paper crown? Stick on a furry tail if your resources stretch that far.

Bloomin school only told us yesterday they are doing it they don't normally (which I've always thought was a shame) but 2 days notice! I've ransacked the house this morning and come up with The Little Princess for youngest big white t shirt, homemade crown, wellies & messy hair, older daughter Esmarelda, sandals, floaty gypsy skirt, white blouse, scarf around waist another round her hair which I'll plait the night before so it goes curly. Just hope they'll go for that or it'll be down to asda for a couple of Disney Princess dresses envy

JuniperTisane Tue 04-Mar-14 10:30:59

Fuxache. DS1 is bloody 3! He detests dressing up. I knew I shouldn't have picked thursdays for nursery hmm.

If I send him in wearing jeans & top holding a bucket and some dinosaurs that he will promptly put down and lose the moment he gets in the nursery door will I get away with it?

tobiasfunke Tue 04-Mar-14 08:47:15

Counts yourselves lucky folks our school has decided to forgo the bookday theme and instead opted for Fairtrade fortnight so DS has to go dressed as a Fairtrade fruit. There isn't a pair of yellow trousers or top to be found anywhere within a 20 mile radius.

caitaria Mon 03-Mar-14 21:50:12

I let my child dress up as any thing and say its from the dicsonary

emmaMBC Mon 03-Mar-14 19:43:51

Some cardboard & tin foil = the Saucepan Man from The Faraway Tree!

Elibean Mon 03-Mar-14 19:22:55

dd and her friend (Y5) are going as the twins in 'My Sister the Vampire' hmm

No problem with costume, as just girly clothes (light and dark), but they apparently NEED identical green rings. One more year, one more year, one more year...

(dd2 is going as Matilda, which is basically school uniform - phew)

KermitsGreen Mon 03-Mar-14 18:38:57

Faced with DD's request to be the White Witch from Narnia on Friday (we possess no white dresses) I came up with a solution - choice of
1) jeans and red and white striped top - Where's Wally (thanks Mumsnet for that one)
2) DH's brown dressing gown, DS's PJs and a small box with 'Don't Panic' on it - Arthur Dent from the Hitchhikers Guide (she has read it but I don't think her classmates would recognise it)
3) Track suit and a home made MockingJay brooch - Catniss Everdene.

The first 2 were non-starters as I'd suspected but she jumped at the third, changing it to a blue dress (which she already has) for Catniss at the Reaping.

Bingo (and as she's in year 5 only one more year to gosmile)

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