behaviorist coming to observe DS - what should i expect?

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Marmalada Mon 15-Jul-13 18:39:15

Are they from behaviour support? Some LAs have specialist teachers who can act in an advisory capacity and identify strategies to support a struggling child.

In my area paediatricians diagnose ASD but speech and language therapists can also identify it. It has to be diagnosed through the health service but educational specialists like Educational Psychologists can flag concerns.

visits been arranged through school SENCO, i believe its one of the LEA's behaviourists, beyond that i dont know.

I'm told getting this done might leap frog some of the CAHMS waiting list.

We're after an official dx for autism if thats what it is in case he needs extra help or support in school. I have a family member who has AS and wasnt dx'd until an adult, i dont want DS to go through the same stuff he did if we can get him help in school.

Yes, what are their qualifications, and who has arranged their visit?

What do you want from CAHMS?

cornypony Mon 15-Jul-13 17:18:23

What are their qualifications?


I have a behaviorist coming to observe my yr1 nearly 7yo DS in school tomorrow morning.

We want to go down the CAHMS route with, but its an 18mo waiting list, so the school SENCO suggested we do this first to see what they think, then the report can be added to the CAHMs papers next term.

We believe he's HFA, possible aspergic.. showing some massive red flags with emotional outbursts, food phobias, obsessions...etc. He's very intelligent, nearly 18mo ahead of his peers in maths and literacy.

They're only in for one morning and i'm a little concerned they're not going to see all they need to.

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