Primary schools near Ewell village or in Epsom

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surreygirl Fri 19-Apr-13 22:47:08

My DS is in Ewell's a lovely school, smashing Head and teaching staff. It was my second choice but I am very pleased that he's there. As others have mentioned the downside is that most children leave and move to Danetree for Juniors in Year 3 which isn't easy to do if you have two DCs, one in infants at Ewell Grove and the other at Danetree as you will need to drive between the two schools. And yes parking is a nightmare at EG! This year's info re distance / places allocated for Sept 2013 will be on the Surrey County Council website next Thurs 25th. Hope this helps OP

Kaekae Tue 16-Apr-13 12:20:43

My child went to Nonsuch nursery but didn't get a place at the school. Most places went to siblings and then the very few other spaces went to people living virtually on top of the school. Others who didn't get a place went on to Meadow or Ewell Grove. Ewell Grove is nice and well regarded but no feeder school so juniors usually go on to Danetree and as mentioned difficult if you have two children, one at infant school and the other at junior. Very difficult to park near Ewell Grove too. Again, as mentioned Meadow is a lot better than the ofsted suggests, its a three form with a strong Head Teacher who is really thriving to improve the ofsted. The school puts on a lot of fun educational activities for the children - larger school, fab PA, more money etc. The breakfast and after school club is good. My child went there for a year until we moved house.

Blanners Fri 12-Apr-13 13:27:18

Epsom Primary School has a government grant maintained nursery which will have 52 morning places from september 2013 (altho there is probably a wiating list for this year) It is also going to offer paid for "wrap-around childcare services" for working parents in its nursery block for as current rules allow - children over 3. It is a primary school too so caters for 3 - 11 year olds.

kla73 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:23:42

I don't have personal experience of Ewell Grove but it seems like a lovely school. You would need to think where she would go after the infants. I imagine that most go to Dantree. You also need to consider the logistics of getting both children to different schools. This would be a negative for me.
Your daughter may get into Nonsuch nursery in September although you will have missed the date for applications so would be considered after all the on time admissions. Most years they have the odd free space though. You are very unlikely to get into the school though from 0.8 miles. Have you considered Meadow primary. It is better than its ofsted suggests. A significant minority of children from Nonsuch nursery go to meadow primary. It has a breakfast and after school club. Most of the other schools (that may be perceived as more desirable) in the area have very tight catchment areas.
Good luck with the move!

tiggytape Tue 09-Apr-13 13:20:06

Many schools in Surrey and Surrey/London borders are oversubscribed so you may not have a free choice as such. It will largely depend on where you live.
You can call the council or the schools themselves and ask the 'last distance offered' to a child in the relevant category last year (you will be in the category of relying on distance since your DD won't have siblings at the school which often gives higher priority)

As a rough idea, the 2011 figures are:
Nonsuch Primary 617.80 metre (just under 0.4 miles)
Wallace Fields 688m (about 0.4 miles)
Ewell Grove 1.19km (about 0.7 miles)

You can also look at the admissions criteria on the Catholic School. Some faith schools hold places for non baptised children but some only priorotise Catholics and may not have any spaces left for people applying who are not of that faith.

It can seem daunting but you should apply for a place at the correct time (at the end of this year) and perhaps wait to see what you are allocated before you arrange nursery places.

Lalaloot Tue 09-Apr-13 12:30:22

Does anyone have any experience of or opinions on Ewell Grove primary school?

We're moving to Ewell or Epsom in 2 months, largely because we'll have help from my in laws who are in Ewell. We have a daughter turning 3 in July and a baby 6 months old so we're enrolling our daughter into a school for sept 2014.

I haven't found any comments about Ewell Grove school, can anyone comment on that school at all? The ofsted report is good and it's a pretty looking school but that's all I can tell about it.

We are really interested in a house that is 0.5 miles from Ewell Grove school and 0.8 miles from Nonsuch primary. It's also 0.5 miles from a catholic school but we are not catholic. Even though Nonsuch primary is one of the three closest, I'm guessing we wouldn't stand a chance of getting into that one, am I probably right? I'm trying to find nurseries near primary schools but the majority do not have space for my daughter. If we bought this house we're looking at I would rather put my daughter in Nonsuch primary because there's a nice looking nursery with spaces nearby.

I would really appreciate any advice as I'm getting in a bit of a panic about it all! I just don't see how I can work nursery, primary school and commuting to work in time!

I have noticed that Stamford Green has a breakfast club. Does anyone know if any of the other desirable schools offer that?

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