Any experiences of Forest School, E17?

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tricot39 Mon 04-Jun-12 19:44:26

Any experiences of Forest School, E17?

DS is currently 3 and we would go for entry at 4+ in 2013.

How many applications are made per place?
We are not wealthy - are we likely to be the poor people and have DS's life made hell for not having more cash? <goodness knows how we would afford it emoticon>

Having been considering state until yesterday, you may be able to tell that this is all a bit of an afterthought/panic! Please help!

tricot39 Tue 05-Jun-12 18:44:14


Blossom8 Tue 05-Jun-12 20:12:29

my DD is 3 and entry for her would be too at 4+ for Sept 2013 entry. I was told by the prep school five months ago that there are around just over 100 applicants for 32 places.

Like you we are not wealthy so will be one of the poorer parents if we decide to go for the 4+ entry. Did you go to the open morning a few weeks back? Their recent interim Inspectorate report has rated them outstanding and the headmistress, Ms Garner seems pleasant but as you say it will take a huge chunk of your salary month and the fees does not cover after school and holiday clubs!

What state options were you thinking of? We are still in a dilemma whether it is worth paying for private primary but with the state of the state primary in my local area, it does cause me some concern!

StarlightMaJesty Tue 05-Jun-12 20:15:54

Well, I was in the location in th 80s and it had a real drug problem then.

I was offered a place after sitting the exam at 11 but we decided not to go.

Having said that, I can see why your considering it given the options, although I believe the primaries aren't too bad.

Blossom8 Tue 05-Jun-12 20:23:51

Interesting StarlightMaJesty. Did you go to another independent school instead? We are based in Waltham Forest so the primaries are not as good as the Redbridge ones and we have no chance of getting in faith schools which seems to perform and are rated better.

It's difficult to decide whether Forest is worth the money primary age. We love the grounds and facilities etc and as mentioned their recent report rated them highly but we ourselves need to decide whether paying a huge amount each month is worth it at primary age.

StarlightMaJesty Tue 05-Jun-12 20:28:07

No. I went to a state school that prepped me well for secondary, but the secondary was experimental and shite bu I'm not altogether convinced it wasn't largely influenced by it being an 80s education more than anything else.

shalom Wed 06-Jun-12 17:20:54

i have two children at forest and every time i write a cheque for their fees i always close my eyes and say tomyselfd that this it is an investment. i really do like the school and they have vast activities to occupy them and even at primary age i can see a difference in them and their cousinn who attend state school. i always say to myself its not only academic but all round e.g sports- my son is in the cricket and football team and he is only 8. there are some things which need to be instilled in them at a young age which may be difficult after they are set in their ways. all i can say is go for it and hope for the best

tricot39 Wed 06-Jun-12 21:22:06

Thanks Shalom - I suppose that answers my question about whether all the other parents are all terribly wealthy! I think we would have to do the same mantra as you!

Are there lots of extra costs on top of the fees?
Was there a lot of competition to get in at 4+?

shalom Thu 07-Jun-12 15:24:10

to be honest my son did the 4+ but he was put on the waiting list and then there was a space as someone left.

there are not to many extras, as all the class trips seem to be inclusive in the fees as do afterschool activities like swimming club and lunch. you would have to pay if you made use of breakfast club or afterschool club-- we really only pay for music lessons. Ithink the extras start to kick in about year 4 when they go on residential trips, or go abraosd to France for the day.

i think they now have more classes in the pre prep i.e 4+ as to when my son sat the exam

BlueberryPancake Thu 07-Jun-12 16:55:16

My friend sends her children there and the extra activities/trips are more expensive as the kids get older. I am sure that there are quite a few parents who send their children there and are not wealthy, but people I know who send their kids there are either lawyers, business people, professional with high payed jobs. There are other good schools in the area - whereabout do you live?

BlueberryPancake Thu 07-Jun-12 16:56:38

oh and yes it is difficult to get in. have you thought of a plan b?

tricot39 Fri 08-Jun-12 15:02:59

Oh crumbs! This was sort of my plan b! How difficult are we talking?

shalom Sat 09-Jun-12 20:36:47

why don't you put your childs name down for other schools in the area. like St aubyns even though they only go to age 13, Bancrofts, chigwell- though that may be far out. i cant remeber other ones from the top of my head. but did quite a few that even after he got into forest they were calling him up for assessments.

emmaforestschools1 Mon 29-Feb-16 15:48:14

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