Alton Towers, 6 July

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mttum Tue 30-Apr-13 20:46:16

Anyone taking their little darling(s) to the concert at Alton Towers on 6 July? Interested in forming a bit of a "mutual support group". I am taking DD (10) and two friends (hers not mine), and rather apprehensive to say the least. Any tips on how to survive what appears to be 8 hours of preteens' fave pop groups? (Apart from earplugs which I have already bought!)

MNBlackpoolandFylde Sat 04-May-13 01:35:39

Possibly! If she does not forget about it [mean mum]
I remember my mum taking me when I was younger, even I remember it to be a bit of a slog tbh.
When I went I was a bit older so mum sat at the side and left me too it giving me a point so I could find her.

Book, ear plugs, chocolate...

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