Instagram for an 11 year old?

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footballsgalore Fri 26-Apr-13 20:43:28

Thanks Flighty. Your comment on it not causing/inviting bullying is sensible.
Do you know if a user can look at any other public profile/picture despite his own being private, like FB?

FlightyAphrodite Fri 26-Apr-13 20:23:08

If his profile is private, only people he accepts will see his photos. No way around that. But of course he can accept whoever requests him...

Tbh I don't think its a big deal, its photos with effects, that's it. I don't think it would solely cause/invite bullying, and he's not "safe" from bullying if he doesn't have it. As for the "constant need to get photos liked" this is more to do with your ds and his personality. It seems to be a teen/preteen "thing" to have loads of likes on pictures but that doesn't mean he will instantly become desperate for his pics to be liked.

In summation (sorry I have rambled) I can't see a problem with it.

footballsgalore Fri 26-Apr-13 20:02:48

DS is just turned 11 and apparently ALL his friends have this app and he is the ONLY one who hasn't and I NEVER let him do anything and he is ALWAYS left out.....

You know the story! I think this is a bad idea after doing a bit of research online. Also I know that 13 is the minimum age, but as ALL his 11 yr old friends are on it he thinks this is unimportant.

Anyone think it's harmless fun? Or are the internet warning stories correct? They talk about bullying and a constant need to get photos 'liked'. Not to mention world wide viewing of the photos! I would have the settings on private, but not sure if that stops everything getting through?


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