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MelLeith Mon 14-Dec-09 20:05:45

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Mumsnet (and very new to Mumsnet chat!).

I'm looking for an online community of people who are involved in pre-school committees. I was Chair of ours last year, and this year have taken on Vice Chair role. It would be good to have a community to talk to about things that crop up and need to be dealt with.

Are there many pre-school committee members here?



Kylie1 Wed 03-Mar-10 18:29:49

Hi does anyone know any info or have any advise about pay rises. I'm a chair of a pre-school and have to do apprazel and pay rise. has anyone else done this? Is there a precentage rise? confused

misshardbroom Wed 03-Mar-10 19:46:56

If you look back on this thread to around 15th - 20th Feb there's quite a bit of conversation on this subject.

The other thing that we found useful was that our local Sure Start office does an annual audit of staff salaries, and publishes all the statistics (anonymously, of course) to all preschools in the area. That way you can make sure that what you're offering is competitive / realistic. Might be worth enquiring with Sure Start if they do anything similar in your area.

PigeonPie Sat 06-Mar-10 12:22:45

I've got a completely different question now about Accident Books. Do you know if you have to have an Official one (like the one from the PLA) or can you make up your own and put it in a folder?

Reading through the PLA blurb at the front of their book makes me wonder as you aren't supposed to remove the pages and you could do that with a loose leaf folder for example. Has anyone else done this?

misshardbroom Sat 06-Mar-10 16:28:49

in one of our settings we have the official PLA one, in the other we have an exercise book.

Ofsted have been into both settings this term and seemed fine with it.

Loopymumsy Sun 07-Mar-10 20:56:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5ofus Sun 07-Mar-10 21:56:16

PigeonPie - at our pre-school we use the official PLA book, but the key is in making sure pages can't be removed without it being very obvious that a page was missing.

Helennn Mon 08-Mar-10 11:21:26

Thanks to those that have offered to share your non-payment of fees policy with me, this thread was a great idea!

Fortunately our worst payer (a new committee member!) has now paid up in full after we spelled out at the last committee meeting how non-payment of fees was causing us difficulties. We still have one lady who is running up bills faster than she is paying them off, so we def need a policy. However, our chair has pointed out that it is often the kids whose parents are struggling to pay who need pre-schoool the most, so don't want to have to bar them from coming, so tricky.

We have our AGM in a few weeks so need to adopt the new policy, so I need to get on with it.

Loopymumsy Mon 08-Mar-10 12:51:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Helennn Mon 08-Mar-10 13:22:03

Thanks Loopy, but what was our "worst offender" is not yet entitled to the funding, both parents work and he def benefits from coming. The other's mum is a single mother who has to work more than the 12.5 hours a week, so it is not easy to see how they could cut back.

It is tricky, I also think there are some people that run up additional bills with no intention of paying them off, their child leaves pre-school and we can't get the money at all. We've only had it once for a small amount of money but they have no intention of paying it back, and its too small an amount to bother with small claims court!

I have contacted you by your web-site, so look forward to receiving a copy of your policy.

thanks all

Wendy1504 Tue 15-Mar-11 22:03:42


I am a secretary from a committee ran playschool which is charity registered.

We have 3 parents who's children have now left and owe us money, can I take them to a small claims court if we are a charity?

I just don't want to fill all the forms in and then not be able to claim anything.



5ofus Wed 16-Mar-11 13:33:48

I would contact your local business support team at your local council. Do you have a written policy to follow?

MrsBeaver Tue 28-Jun-11 22:40:47

Hi there, I am looking to setup a website for my DD's preschool - can anyone recommend any low-cost software to use? Thanks

camdancer Wed 29-Jun-11 15:14:21

MrsBeaver, do you mean to write it and upload it or to host the site? I use KompoZer and FileZilla for the actual writing and uploading. Both are free. Hosting the site is something I haven't looked into. Sorry.

MrsBeaver Wed 29-Jun-11 21:13:07

I am looking for software to write and upload the website content, I have a contact that can host it if the software providers don't provide a hosting service too.

I guess my concern with the free services is the possible lack of support and what happens if the software providers decide to discontinue its availability?

camdancer Thu 30-Jun-11 07:53:01

You wont get support with the free software but it doesn't matter if they discontinue the software - there is always something else you could use. I guess it depends how confident you are with html and ftp. Generally you get what you pay for!

Uspy Tue 12-Jul-11 17:19:38

Hey, I am glad I just found this. I am also looking to improve website for the charity Pre-School I am now Chair for. I am after a software that allows for editing without too much entering into html...Will follow this closely smile

MrsBeaver Wed 20-Jul-11 23:33:26

I am using Moonfruit and think it is great.

Littlemillennium Mon 26-Mar-12 12:47:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

lou2321 Mon 26-Mar-12 21:30:10

I have been Chair/Treasurer and just about everything else at a community pre-school (registered charity) for 4 years.

When I took over we were in an awful financial situation and very low numbers (just 8 children registered). We were only open 5 mornings.

To increase numbers we improved the practice first and foremost as things were not particularly good, we held open days, did the usual flyers (we find asking local infant schools to put them in book bags useful). We also took a few risks to try and increase our popularity. We added additional afternoons, 1 at a time, we also started taking 2 year olds rather than 2 years 9 months, its a strain on staff resources but they are your future 3 year olds!! We are also very flexible with sessions and offer pretty much any variation including all day.

We are now open (and full) every day and have 75 children registered, 12 members of staff, a small committee still and I do the bulk of the committees work but now have a super-numery manager and administration manager to take the day to day running away from me.

Our biggest fundraisers are always the graduation & christmas concerts, we write to local businesses (soft play, co-op, anywhere really) requesting raffle prizes. We also held a ladies shopping/pamper night that raised over £500 and also a quiz night for adults only that was really successful. We also use yellow moon, spend and raise and school photos to get the commission.

I think it is really rewarding but wish that other parents would realise if more people helped out then it wouldn't be a HUGE job for just one or two people.

cazza92 Sat 17-Nov-12 17:30:45

Hi i am on our local Pre-School commitee. We are struggling to attract children and since i started i have tons of advertising and sorted a website. Just started looking at redundency figures for staff if the worse happens as financially we are struggling and we don't have enough to cover it all just half. really worried as of course we are all personally liable! They want me to be chair next year but not sure if i can personally take on the risk of a struggling pre-school.

We are in rural area and open every day in term time from 9.15 to 2.30. We are based in a church hall. Anyone have any ideas/advice x

l8000r Thu 22-Nov-12 10:25:11

Hello everyone. I have just been reading your thread. I am a Mum of 2 and created a website last year to help Mum's and Dad's look for pre-schools and nurseries in their local area. At this stage it is a completely non-profit free of charge service. I give up lots of man hours to create it in the hope that one day it will make money from advertising! The idea is to have a comprehensive database of small village pre-schools and day nurseries alike so that parents can compare the facilities at both.
We already have 10,000 on our database - if anyone would like me to add their pre-school to our website please email me on:
Kind Regards

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