Where can I find a list of excludable diseases?

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cktwo Fri 17-Apr-09 20:49:41

The PSLA policy book refers me to www.patient.co.uk for an up to date list but theres nothing on there, nor can I find anything on Google.

Does anyone have a copy in their committee policies and procedures I can have?

Many thanks in advance

gagarin Fri 17-Apr-09 20:50:29

Health Protection agency I think....I'll have a quick look!

gagarin Fri 17-Apr-09 20:53:11


It's in this link....

cktwo Sat 18-Apr-09 08:40:07

Thank you so much. I did look on their website but I'm obviously rubbish (or too tired) to see. grin

gagarin Sat 18-Apr-09 17:30:13

No prob - when you want these things athey're always buried several screen in...

Burstingattheseams Tue 28-Apr-09 22:06:28

Search for the spotty book i think its called...??

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