Anyone with experience of Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton? PinkyNail is here, it could go either way and I'm scared

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BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:30:06

Are they good here? Do the nurses advocate for you? Or am I going to have to fight for her every step of the way? I'm slowly running out of fight.

They think she has NEC. She was doing so well, I can't believe it.

I'm on my phone, just waiting with DP. I need some hope. She was baptised today so I know I'm not in a good place.

snuffaluffagus Wed 18-Jan-12 17:32:36

Aw, I've no experience with it but just wanted to say my thoughts are with you and I hope she gets better soon. Stay strong.x

zukiecat Wed 18-Jan-12 17:35:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 17:37:26

Oh BadNails . I'm sorry she's having a rough ride. I've no experience of that unit, just wanted to offer a hand to hold. What is the treatment plan? DS had suspected NEC. It was treated with heavy duty antibiotics and cleared. Fingers crossed that works for Pinky. Transfers are so stressful and I understand that feeling of running out of fight.

I have been where you are, DS was baptised the day after he was born. I am sure it gave him some strength to pull through. I will say a prayer for Pinky on her christening day, and I am willing her on and sending you all positive thoughts.

ZhenThereWereTwo Wed 18-Jan-12 17:38:10

Oh BadNails so sorry to hear that Pinky is unwell. I am sure the nurses and doctors there will do their utmost for her and your family. Sending you my thoughts and prayers x

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:38:55

Thank you. I know chat isn't the right place for this but I'm trying everything to distract myself. Three people have told me she is very sick. The consultant has said the next 12-24 hours are critical. She's 12 weeks actual age today. I just thought this was all behind us.

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:40:57

WillBean, I remember you. Thank you. Sorry for the short replies. It ain't easy on an htc.

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:42:34

Forgot to answer your question. Treatment plan is antibiotics once the surgeon has reviewed her. Surgery if the problem with her gut is too severe. Watch and wait sad

zukiecat Wed 18-Jan-12 17:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JjandtheBean Wed 18-Jan-12 17:45:48

Saying a prayer and sending love and strength to you bad and pinky take care.

Fwiw when ds was nicu they were the most amazing supportive people working there I've ever met, we were told his first 24hours were crititcal and he's now a moody 4yo!

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:46:16

Thank you Zhen and Zukie

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 17:46:37

Don't think of replying, check in when you can and get some support if it helps. Spend time with her, sing to her, chat to her, touch her if you can. Take care of yourself, make sure you have breaks and eat. Are they considering surgery?

Come on PinkyNail, you can do it.

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 17:47:58

X post. Hope the antibios do it. It sounds as though she is getting good care. Thinking of you all.

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 17:51:02

Can't be with her at the mo. The surgeons are surrounding her sad we're waiting for someone to update us. I'm going into numb survival mode now. It's shit.

breathedeeply Wed 18-Jan-12 17:53:52

My sister's third baby was 8 weeks premature and had NEC and she survived. Nevertheless it was an awful time. Generally the first 24 hours are critical.

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 17:55:56

Oh that is the worst, the waiting, and it's really hard when you are somewhere unfamiliar and don't know the nurses. I am crossing everything that you will hear better news soon.

Positive thoughts en route from DH in Norwich too (he doesn't do prayers).

fergoose Wed 18-Jan-12 17:58:31

I have no experience but I just wanted to say I will thinking of you and hope all is well. Look after yourself and try and eat and rest if possible - difficult I know, but take care x

lucjam Wed 18-Jan-12 18:02:33

Hi, I'm local, I beleive that the TMU is very good. If I can do anything to help at all please do shout, I'm only a 10 min drive from the RSC hospital. Thinking of you.

DreamingofSummer Wed 18-Jan-12 18:06:03

Hugs and prayers for you all

SarahStratton Wed 18-Jan-12 18:19:13

Hugs and prayers from me too. Thinking of you BadNails and little PinkyNail.

Hi I am local too and likewise, anything you need, give us a shout.
I have alsp heard the TMU is fantastic.

{{hugs}} and prayers for you and babypinky xxx

AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 18:25:08

thoughts, vibes, prayers and strength for pinky.

weblette Wed 18-Jan-12 18:25:08

sad Thinking of you and Pinky x


a friend was there with her little boy, who sadly died, and she said the nurses were absoltuely fantastic. in fact, all the staff were, she can't speak highly enough of them

i hope your little girl gets better soon.

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 18:26:18

Thank you everyone. It's not looking good. Surgeons will be back in a couple of hours. Consultant believes surgery will take place even if it's just exploratory. As usual, I'm sat here expressing wondering what the fucking point is.

NearlyDunne Wed 18-Jan-12 18:29:06

My bro was born their 3 months premature he had all kind of things wrong with him. he is in his 20s now.

DeeCrepitude Wed 18-Jan-12 18:30:22

Thinking of you - don't give up hope. x

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 18:31:30

<squeezes hand> It is amazing that you are still expressing. And it is the best thing you can do because as Pinky recovers from this horrible illness she will need your milk to be gentle on her insides.

I know of a few babies who have been through surgery for NEC and come out the other side. One of DS's NICU buddies had a stoma that was reversed before she went home. DS had surgery for his PDA. It was utterly bloody terrifying but he coped very well. These babies are fantastically resilient.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 18-Jan-12 18:33:56

Oh Badnails, am thinking of and praying for you and Pinky.

hiddenhome Wed 18-Jan-12 18:35:10

Sending a prayer for you and your baby.

Medical professionals never like to come across as very optimistic in these circumstances, but babies have a strength all of their own and it's amazing what they can achieve.

Positive vibes for Pinky xxx

Faverolles Wed 18-Jan-12 18:35:59

Also sending prayers and good vibes.
Hope you get some better news soon xx

KinkyDorito Wed 18-Jan-12 18:36:58

I'm thinking of you both. Sending prayers xxx

ranteetheranter Wed 18-Jan-12 18:39:32

Have been around since your first thread. Thinking of you and sending you, dh and pinky all the strength in the world xxx

Tmesis Wed 18-Jan-12 18:51:53

I'm sorry things aren't going better; will be thinking of and hoping for you and PinkyNail.

VeryLittleGravitas Wed 18-Jan-12 18:54:43

Sends hugs and prayers.

Happenstance Wed 18-Jan-12 18:56:53

Sending Prayers for You, your Dh and little Pinky, hoping shes on the mend soon all my love.

lucidlady Wed 18-Jan-12 18:58:43

I havent posted on your threads before but I've been following your story. Thinking of you and Pinky. Sending you big un-MN hugs.

CotherMuckingFunt Wed 18-Jan-12 19:08:40

Prayers to you and Pinky.x

WhiteTrash Wed 18-Jan-12 19:20:26

Im from Brighton. My babies havent been at the TM but at the Royal Alexander.

However, Ive heard great things about the baby unit at Trevor man. Im in Lewes now, so I had a choice of having my 8 month old in Haywards Heath or Brighton. We chose Haywards heath so long as I was 37 weeks plus when he arrived. If it was before we'd have gone to Brighton because they are brilliant for prem babies, the equiptment etc. My midwife agreed to this.

I hope your baby gets home soon.

Prayers to you and pinkynails. x

Combinearvester Wed 18-Jan-12 20:00:40

Oh BadNails I didn't think they could get NEC at 12 weeks, so sorry. Hope they don't need to do surgery but if they do, remember the risks / stats for surgery outcomes are based on the infants who usually get NEC, i.e. the real littlies who get it at 3 days after their first feeds etc. Your DD has been fighting, drinking milk, breathing, getting stronger for 12 weeks - she is strong compared to the others who go through this.

Thinking of you.

hurricanewyn Wed 18-Jan-12 20:04:14

Prayers for you, DH and little pinkynails. I hope you're all home soon xxx

slowburner Wed 18-Jan-12 20:08:58

Sending you every single positive thought I can muster, my DD is asleep in her bed upstairs, we didn't think she would survive her first week but she is here with us x

FoxyRevenger Wed 18-Jan-12 20:09:49

Badnails, I'm lighting a candle and saying a little prayer for Pinky, your teeny tiny precious girl.

Hold on.


Mirage Wed 18-Jan-12 20:25:40

Thinking of you all and will say a prayer for Pinky tonight.

Thinking of you all and fingers ever so tightly crossed xx

ABigGirlDoneItAndRanAway Wed 18-Jan-12 20:48:17

Hope makes a good recovery, you have both been through so much already x

ABigGirlDoneItAndRanAway Wed 18-Jan-12 20:48:42

Sorry should have been hope she makes a good recovery.

BadNails - lots of love to you, thinking of you all and have everything crossed. xx

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-Jan-12 21:00:48

I have lit a candle for your beautiful,strong baby girl.

And the pumping,i know it must feel fruitless,but it isnt,Expressing your milk is the best thing you could possibly do for her right now.

Hold on pinky.x

BadNails Wed 18-Jan-12 21:30:09

Thank you everyone. And I really mean that. MN good vibes are really helping me tonight. I have an update of sorts. Boils down to carrying on watching and waiting, but the night shift consultant has a theory that it could be a reaction to anti reflux meds (gaviscon/ranitidine). The scan of her gut shows areas which have 'clogged up', the highly medical term 'cement' was used! The meds sometimes react with stomach acids and solidify. Who knew?

The positive news is there'll be no surgery for the moment. They're reasonably happy her gut still looks intact and bar the cement and some dilation, fairly healthy. It doesn't explain why she's on a vent, her bp is low and she's awaiting her third transfusion of the day.... Sepsis is what they thought 26 or so hours ago and they're moving towards that again.

I'm almost at a loss now for what to do. My dairy free diet just slipped up with the bloody awful sandwich I just consumed angry

Before I start banging on about expressing again, I'll stop here. My poor girl. She's made of stronger stuff than I am [proud emoticon]

AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 21:32:41

she gets her strength from you.

MrsJoeDuffy Wed 18-Jan-12 21:35:18

Also lighting a candle for little Pinky

She sounds like a fighter.
I'll be thinking of you both tonight and will check back in the morning. Remember, if there is anything you need, anything at all, let us know. I will be passing that way at least 4 times tomorrow smile
Hope you manage to get some rest tonight and sending positive thoughts to pinky x

Sevenfold Wed 18-Jan-12 21:45:00

thinking of you all.
my dd was in the trevor man and it was a brilliant place. will send a link to the MNetter who really knows the place.

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 21:47:52

Fingers crossed the night brings better news. It's great that they think her gut is intact. If it is infection, I hope the antibios kick in. I remember being told, they can get very sick very quickly with infections, but they can bounce back very quickly too. I hope that is the case for you.

Rant away about sandwiches and expressing. whatever helps!

CervixWithASmile Wed 18-Jan-12 21:50:50

Thinking of you, you both sound like fighters.

jingleyells Wed 18-Jan-12 21:52:34

Hi, I was a senior staff nurse there for 10yrs. It's a really great unit, with well trained and conscientious staff.

Lots of cases of NEC can be treated without surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but she honestly couldn't be in better hands.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 18-Jan-12 21:54:18

Oh Bad, I was hoping for an update, I was there for your birth thread. I'm so sorry Pinky isn't well. I've just googled NEC, and the main part that stuck out for me is, "Most infants who develop NEC recover fully and do not have further feeding problems".
I don do prayers, but I'm sending you positive vibes and a virtual {{hug}}.

JsOtherHalf Wed 18-Jan-12 21:55:00

Thinking of you x

struwelpeter Wed 18-Jan-12 21:55:03

We were in TM a few years ago. They were marvellous - caring, concerned, calm supportive. Good luck and keep strong both of you.

Sending positive thoughts xx

pollilop Wed 18-Jan-12 21:59:22

DH and I brought our DD home from TMBU this time last year so have relatively recent experience. We found all the staff there to be fantastic - I'm sure they'll be doing their very best for your little one. I know it's scary, my thoughts are with you. x

KD0706 Wed 18-Jan-12 22:00:14

badnails I just wanted to post to say I'm thinking of you and remembering you and pinky in my prayers.

I was on your thread back when your waters broke. You are doing so well and being so strong. I know it's hard, but honestly you're doing great.
Well done for the expressing. There is a point to it. Your milk is the best thing for her and you are being a fab mum by doing it for her.

I hope tonight/tomorrow morning brings better news for you.

TeamEdward Wed 18-Jan-12 22:03:06

Sending up lots of prayers for you and your precious family tonight. I pray you'll all feel comfort and rest, and find strength you never knew you had.

ToothbrushThief Wed 18-Jan-12 22:09:05

I don't normally say this on Mn but I have prayed for your baby and you. i hope you are given the strength to bear this time and your baby comes home soon.

awhistlingwoman Wed 18-Jan-12 22:10:20

badnails Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and your little Pinky. I'm so sorry about the suspected NEC, it's great that they think her gut is intact though.

My little girl developed sepsis in the NICU and she made a full recovery. She was baptised in hospital too. It's just such a scary, tough time and my heart goes out to you and your daughter.

I remember being told the same thing as willbean that they can get ill quickly but that they can also make a fast recovery.

And expressing . . . oh groan. I found it so difficult to just. keep. going. after the first couple of months.

Hang on in there and sending you and Pinky all the very, very best.

WillbeanChariot Wed 18-Jan-12 22:18:46

I'm off to bed but still thinking of you all, and will be thinking of you when I wake up. Will check in tomorrow, hoping for better news.

Come on Pinky.

Tiggygirl Wed 18-Jan-12 22:31:25

Thinking of your precious Pinky and sending love to you all .xxxx

DeeCrepitude Wed 18-Jan-12 22:53:05

Praying for a good outcome tomorrow. Hope you get some sleep.

GeekLove Wed 18-Jan-12 23:36:53

Fingers crossed. Can't do much other than offer my prayers.

mancbird Thu 19-Jan-12 00:40:08

Pinky sounds like a little fighter. I'll light a candle for Pinky and your family xxx

Gauchita Thu 19-Jan-12 00:41:53

Badnails, I followed your previous thread. Thoughts and prayers going your way. PinkyNails is a fighter.

SpannerPants Thu 19-Jan-12 02:09:46

Thinking of you both and hoping for the best x

MABS Thu 19-Jan-12 07:09:15

thanks for pointing this out Sevenfold . Badnails - TMBU Is an incredible place. My two children would not be here without it, nor would my goddaughter. I do a lot of support work and fundraising for TMBU so know quite a lot, ask me whatever you want or pm if easier. 2 of the lead consultants are good friends of mine as is a very senior nurse. The staff are wonderful, very approachable and are happy explain things over and over again.

Let me know how today goes, i am sometimes up there but as it happens no plans for next couple weeks. Please let me know if there is anything you need, would be happy to pop up. love and parayers xxx

FootprintsInTheSnow Thu 19-Jan-12 07:21:51

I lived locally, and heard excellent things about it.

sending you our prayers.

Bloodymary Thu 19-Jan-12 07:55:00

Another local here, my friends little boy would not be here if it were not for the TMU.
Also, my DGD was there for a short while. The staff are fantastic.
Love and light to you both.

Morning BadNails how are you and Pinky this morning? More love and thoughts winging their way down the M23 for you xx

LynnCSchreiber Thu 19-Jan-12 08:31:22

No idea about the hospital, but wanted to wish you and your little girl all the luck in the world. Will be thinking of you.

lubeybooby Thu 19-Jan-12 08:41:29

Thinking of you both, all my love and thoughts going your way x

Althalus Thu 19-Jan-12 08:46:40

Sending you and Pinky all our love and lighting a candle for you.

Morning, hope pinky is doing better today.
Still sending positive thoughts over town smile

MABS Thu 19-Jan-12 09:17:04

how is she today? I may well be at TMBU next week as currently doing some fundraising with friends in Brighton Half Marathon next month. Thinking of you both xx

ranteetheranter Thu 19-Jan-12 12:03:25

Sending you and pinky some more love.

WhiteTrash Thu 19-Jan-12 14:47:24

I hope you're all ok.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 19-Jan-12 14:54:39

Thinking of you

BadNails Thu 19-Jan-12 14:59:56

Hi, I'm here, sorry for the delay, I'm not entirely sure if I'm coming or going.

Firstly, thanks for the feedback about the unit. I agree, they're marvelous here, really on the ball with everything, haven't had to pull on the boxing gloves which is hugely reassuring.

Wee girl is the same really. They know what the infection is and it's a bad one. I hate statistics but the mortality rates are 25-40%. I've probably said it before but figures are rather meaningless when you're staring at your child, even if the odds are in your favour.

We were ready to bring her home sad

BadNails Thu 19-Jan-12 15:01:34

Sorry, I'm somewhere between self-pity and using every ounce to will her to carry on fighting. It's hard to write.

It's good that they know what the infection is, as they can treat it in the best way possible.

Turn those figures the other way round and it reads 60-75%, so look at that side..

Big hugs and positive thoughts to you xx

Oh darling, thinking of you and Pinkynails!!! Will light a candle for her tonight! She WILL be fine xx

WillbeanChariot Thu 19-Jan-12 15:19:14

Have been thinking of you all day. It's good that she's in a good place, they know what it is and they can use the right drugs to target it. It's good that she has had these weeks to get strong. It's good that she is so loved and thought about and prayed for. She has a lot going for her.

Keep going Pinky.

KinkyDorito Thu 19-Jan-12 15:41:24

Still thinking of you.

I completely agree with what you say about statistics and your child. sad

StrandedBear Thu 19-Jan-12 15:42:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FoxyRevenger Thu 19-Jan-12 16:07:36

Don't write if you can't. We're still here.

louby86 Thu 19-Jan-12 16:10:36

Thinking of you all x

Oh badnails sad
She really is under the best care and you will bring her home soon.

Combinearvester Thu 19-Jan-12 16:17:39

Oh so sorry to hear this, it is so so horrible not being able to predict or plan for what is going to happen. I'm glad the staff are being supportive and hope the treatment and the next hours ahead are not too hard on you all.

likelucklove Thu 19-Jan-12 16:19:59

Oh Bad sad Sending my love and thoughts out to you and family. She's been such a fighter and the odds are in your favor, just gotta keep thinking positively of how far she has come.

Keep fighting Pinky and hang in there Bad thanks

Red2011 Thu 19-Jan-12 16:29:32

Hi Badnails, I have only just caught up on this thread and whilst I don't do praying either I am sending out positive energies and healing for pinky.
She's in the best possible place, and I am glad that the staff are being supportive, and keeping you informed.
Sorry that you're having such a totally shitty time and I hope that you'll be bringing her home very soon.
Hugs and lots of hand-holding. x

zukiecat Thu 19-Jan-12 16:49:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KD0706 Thu 19-Jan-12 16:55:30

Oh badnails I'm sorry you're feeling in such a bad place.

Still thinking of you and pinky and I'm sure you will be posting good news soon. I know it's a long slog, but it will be worth it when you take her home.

<hugs> badnails

hope that she continues to fight as hard as she has done so far. go pinky!

MissCoffeeNWine Thu 19-Jan-12 17:00:13

Thinking of you both and hoping for the best possible outcome, I'm sorry you're all going through this.

MABS Thu 19-Jan-12 17:10:06

oh hunny, don't feel you have to write on here, we just want you to know we are there for you xx

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 19-Jan-12 17:16:04

Thinking of you and pinky sending best wishes and a sneaky prayer

Memoo Thu 19-Jan-12 17:27:38

I will be thinking of you my love xxxx

BIWI Thu 19-Jan-12 17:30:07

So sorry to read this. Will think of you all and am sending positive, healing vibes.x

lemniscate Thu 19-Jan-12 17:34:47

I'm local and sending all my good vibes and positive thoughts a few miles down the road to you, your DH and your battling DD x

ZhenThereWereTwo Thu 19-Jan-12 18:54:35

Glad that the staff at TMBU are all doing their best for Pinky. Don't apologise for not posting, we are not expecting anything from you, all your energies need to be focused on Pinky and your family right now.

I am sending my positive thoughts and prayers your way, we are all here rooting for you and Pinky x

sending more positive vibes. xx look after yourself too.

griphook Thu 19-Jan-12 19:12:09

I followed your previous thread, am sending you thoughts and prayers x x

LouMacca Thu 19-Jan-12 19:12:59

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes and ((hugs)) your way x x

Thinking of you and praying for Pinky x

GetDressed Thu 19-Jan-12 20:20:17

Positive thoughts and prayers are with you BadNails. Stay strong for your baby. x

Quenelle Thu 19-Jan-12 20:24:27

Positive thoughts and best wishes to you all x

Quenelle Thu 19-Jan-12 20:24:28

Positive thoughts and best wishes to you all x

Carrotcakeisace Thu 19-Jan-12 21:27:52

Thinking of you all, hope the antibiotics are kicking the infection x

WhiteTrash Thu 19-Jan-12 21:54:59

Positive thoughts going your way badnails. X

Bearcrumble Thu 19-Jan-12 22:27:18

So sorry you are all going through this. Wishing for the best and sending my love. x

WillbeanChariot Fri 20-Jan-12 03:54:53

Hi badnails. Up in the night with snotty child, just wanted to say I am thinking of you at this lonely time of night. Hope you are getting some rest.

peggyblackett Fri 20-Jan-12 04:20:54

Hi badnails. I just wanted to day that I'm thinking of you and Pinkynails - sending you lots of positive vibes.

susimoo Fri 20-Jan-12 05:53:20

Just wanted to send you and yours strength and love from Oz. I will be keep you all in my thoughts.

Lollyheart Fri 20-Jan-12 06:20:11

Just wanted to say thinking of you and your family, I hope you've had a good night. Xx

Morning BadNails how's Miss Pinky today? And, of course, how are you? Love and thoughts to you today xx

NoMoreWasabi Fri 20-Jan-12 10:09:18

Thinking of you and Pinky

NightLark Fri 20-Jan-12 10:12:19

Thinking of you and wishing you and Pinky all the strength you need to get through this.

Gauchita Fri 20-Jan-12 10:53:48

Thinking of you and your family x

pixiestix Fri 20-Jan-12 11:14:23

Oh BadNails I've only just seen this. Poor Pinky. I am sending all possible positive vibes. She is such a little fighter.

Faverolles Fri 20-Jan-12 11:17:43

Sending more good vibes xx

BadNails Fri 20-Jan-12 11:46:03

Good morning everyone, it's been lovely to read your messages, thank you. It's really nice to see names I recognise from October too. What a journey.

I'm expressing (of course and slightly tmi!) so thought I'd take a moment to let you know how we are.

Gen's white cell count has increased, which is good news because it means her body is trying to fight the infection. The consultant is keeping us realistic, explaining that babies have been known to die within a couple of hours of contracting this infection. Gram something? My brain is deliberately not holding onto the name to stop me from consulting Dr Google. The fact that she is still here is very positive.

I made myself take a couple of pictures. Not that I want to remember this, but this is all part of her life so I can't forget it.

Talk of surgery is decreasing. I think they just need the antibiotics to work.

Thanks again. You're really helping x

fergoose Fri 20-Jan-12 11:51:41

I keep checking this thread - I have everything crossed for you both.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 20-Jan-12 12:00:17

That's good! smile I'm so glad she is hanging in there! I know it seems so hard to keep going now, but from the point of view of a mother of teens, you will look back, sometime very soon, and wonder how your tiny preemie turned into a strapping preteen, with budding breasts and attitude!! and wish you were back with a baby!

She's fighting, and each hour is counting.
She really does sound strong.
I wish there was something we could do to take the stress away for you, BUT we are all here for you and are sending positive vibes yours and Gens way smile x

Annpan88 Fri 20-Jan-12 12:21:19

Hello have been checking this thread haven't posted as I didn't feel I had anything to say but I'm so glad she's fighting. I'm thinking oif you all, lots of love xxx

Tmesis Fri 20-Jan-12 12:29:54

It's good that her body is fighting the infection. Continuing to think of you all.

lemniscate Fri 20-Jan-12 12:43:50

So pleased to hear she is fighting the infection (and that you are resisting Google!). She is a Genevieve, I'm guessing from you calling her Gen. I have a Genevieve too smile - it's a beautiful, strong name which is clearly very apt for your beautiful strong battling girl.

Holding you all in my thoughts x

SimplyTes Fri 20-Jan-12 12:44:36

Hello, I am a Brighton mum and have heard amazing things about the Trevor Mann unit. So glad to hear your daughter is improving - sending positive thoughts from Hove to Brighton. Thank you for keeping us updated. S x

It's lovely to hear a more positive posting from you today. What great news re the white cell count. xx

ImpOfThePerverse Fri 20-Jan-12 12:59:59

I'm also keeping you and pinky in my thoughts, it's awful that she has yet another thing to fight, but she has already proved herself to be a fighter so I'm hoping she'll come through this too.

Good luck and stay strong team badnails. xx

whostolemyname Fri 20-Jan-12 13:10:25

I am saying a prayer for you, not read any of your previous threads but saw this in active topics ... lots of positive thoughts to you x

Sirzy Fri 20-Jan-12 13:13:58

Only just seen this and glad things are looking up, you may not believe it now but you will be pleased in the long run you have the pics - I thought people were mad suggesting it when Ds was in hdu but 2 years down the line I am pleased I have pictures and it helped a lot.

DorisIsWaiting Fri 20-Jan-12 13:22:53

postives vibes from here tooxxxxx

thinking of you

MABS Fri 20-Jan-12 13:36:21

so pleased to hear that, is you need anything, just shout x

WillbeanChariot Fri 20-Jan-12 13:43:48

Hello, so glad to hear Pinky is hanging in there. Still sending the prayers and good vibes.

naturalbaby Fri 20-Jan-12 13:48:53

I lurked on your other threads, I can't believe Pinky is 12weeks actual age!

Are you alone? Or have some lovely nurses/staff to support you. I'll be thinking of you and your family too.

Mirage Fri 20-Jan-12 13:58:19

I've been lurking and hoping things are improving.Your baby girl is just gorgeous and clearly a fighter.Thinking of you.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 20-Jan-12 14:03:15

So glad to hear that she's fighting and that surgery is looking less likely. Hang in there, little Pinky!

WhiteTrash Fri 20-Jan-12 14:05:58

Good to hear. I look forward to hearing more good stuff.

FreckledLeopard Fri 20-Jan-12 14:08:27

Sending positive thoughts to you all.

ZhenThereWereTwo Fri 20-Jan-12 14:10:37

So glad to hear that she is fighting the infection, I hope you are managing to get some rest so that you can stay strong for her too x

Pudden Fri 20-Jan-12 14:14:28

sending all positive vibes/thoughts to you and Pinky

QED Fri 20-Jan-12 14:22:36

Am thinking of you and Pinky x

cheekychubster Fri 20-Jan-12 14:23:09

Hiya Badnails.

I have followed your posts from when your waters broke i was mishy mashy thengrin

Its so good to hear Gen is still battling on and fighting back but you must be exhausted.

Ds grew gram ve rods (anaerobes) from cultures, as you can probably tell i have just copied that off of his notes as i was the same as you at the time and couldnt digest the overload of info! Apparently its quite unusual but i like to think that Ds is uniquewink(Thats if its the same Grams as Ds)

Anyway, you know the outcome for us was very good after a terrible start so try and stay strong.

Ds was pumped full of a range of anti Bs, i think the main one was cefotaxime for 14 days but he also had bacterial meningitis so cant work out which drug was treating what! There are so many listed on his discharge papers.

Its amazing what our little ones deal with so dont forget to remember that you also need a bit of TLC when you get a spare 1 minute to yourself.

Hoping you have a very uneventful weekend.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 20-Jan-12 14:23:38

We are all absolutely willing her to get better. Well done BadNails, you are doing a magnificent job just holding it together for your baby girl. Don't forget that local Mumsnetters would, I'm sure, be happy to offer any practical help.

OhTootles Fri 20-Jan-12 14:32:18

Thinking of you all, I've been in that hell, for a different reason, but still with a very poorly newborn. Thankfully it's all just a bad memory for us and I'm praying that it will be just that for you one day soon. xxx

No experience of that hospital but lots and lots of experience of scbu, childrens wards and picu and all have been fantastic. I couldn't fault one member of staff although it can be extremely frustrating as a parent and everything seems to take an age they gave dd the best care possible.

Keep expressing too, my encouragement to keep going came from knowing bm was the most gentle thing for her gut and the best thing for her immune system, but you already know that and by the sounds of it, 12 weeks in, are doing fantastically well xx

Hope you and Gen are good today, badnails.

And how is Miss Pinky this morning? Hope she's improving and the antibs are doing their job swiftly. x

BadNails Sat 21-Jan-12 08:37:33

Morning northern, morning RockStock. I was going to update last night, but didn't leave the nursery until about half ten.

Our little lady has E coli sepsis and was started on new antibiotics yesterday evening. I'm not sure how quickly we'll see a change, it's dependant on a few factors. Her crp reached over 270, I'm pretty sure it should be around 4.

The shower here is useless. I'm pointing this out as a measure of my mental state i.e. I must be feeling better as I have now regained my ability to complain about unimportant things. I can't shake the tired feeling and that is in spite of getting some sleep. DP has praised the bed we have so it's not all bad smile

Our girl has got through another night smile

BadNails Sat 21-Jan-12 08:43:57

Thanks for your post cheekychubster, I've just reread it. Gen was on cef, although I'm not sure if they've continued with it. They were clearly concerned she may have had meningitis, but managed (with a lot of skill I should add!) to avoid using the word! Presumably to protect us as it is a bit loaded.

WillbeanChariot Sat 21-Jan-12 08:57:12

Good morning. Glad to hear Pinky has come through the night, here's hoping for good progress with the new antibios.
Your post takes me back. I remember checking DS's CRP every day, and living in the hospital for days. Make sure you get out and get a bit of air when you can, just for a break. Hope you all have a better day family Nails.

BadNails Sat 21-Jan-12 09:04:04

Thanks WillBean. Isn't strange to get hung up on numbers? That's all I'm looking at now. I was just starting to not look at her monitors and to focus on her, to learn when things were changing based on her colour, her breathing.

sad Now I'm slowly understanding the ventilator and her blood gases.

Good morning badnails.

I hope now is the time to post this as you know what your dealing with. Do you remember when you PROMed early and I said about my cousins DD born at 23+5. She then contracted e coli at a few weeks old and needed to be ventilated. Her CRP was was up in the 4/500's. They also suspected menigitis.

Gen has fought a hard battle and it's unfair she has to fight a little more, and harder. But she's proved what a fighter she is and you've proved what a strong Mummy you are.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 21-Jan-12 09:35:06

I'm so pleased Genevieve is fighting. Remember. She could have meningitis, but she hasn't! That's good. And just think, today is a new day. One day closer to getting her home. X

MABS Sat 21-Jan-12 09:44:56

I am have sat in TMBU twice , both mine were very sick and prem. it is very hard not to look at the numbers i agree. Ds had all the infections you have mentioned, including the dreaded M word, a PDA, numerous surgeries as a tiny baby but he is now 11 years old! You really are in the best unit arounf and the Royal Alexandra is marvellous too. Stay strong, you are doing so well smile and I agree, the shower IS crap! I used one on maternity level i think .

queenrollo Sat 21-Jan-12 09:49:04

I've only just caught this thread my lovely. I have been thinking of you and little Gen often though.
I'm sorry that things are tough for you right now, but Gen is obviously a fighter! And I think you are dealing with this admirably.

I haven't been there so cannot offer words of advice.

I'm going to light a candle for you and Gen in a little while and will sit and meditate some positive energy over to you

Shes still fighting hard and that is fantastic. I'm sorry I don't have anything constructive to say as I dont really have any experience of prem, but I'm here just to offer support and tell you I am thinking of you all xx

fergoose Sat 21-Jan-12 10:13:46

Still thinking of you here too smile

lucjam Sat 21-Jan-12 10:55:27

Glad to hear shes still fighting on, bless her. Genuine offer I am very local and have just had a new bathroom installed with an awesome shower, if you want to come here for a proper shower and a nice cuppa you'd be more than welcome. I can pop over pick you up and drop you back no problem.

Badnails so sorry to hear you are in this awful position with Pinky, she is obviously a fighter.

FWIW my niece had open heart surgery at GOS at barely a week old for a cardiac problem (not the same as Pinky I know) and was all tubed & wired up. It broke our hearts to see this wee scrap in such a mechanical/technical environment. It is hard not to look at the numbers and read all sorts of hidden messages into what the staff say.

My DN was a fighter like your Pinky & pulled through and is now a feisty 12 year old. I'm sending her the positive vibes and fighting spirit that DN had.


Carrotcakeisace Sat 21-Jan-12 11:25:18

Thinking of you all, it's good you have a proper diagnosis and Gen is getting the targeted Antibs now. She has proven to be an amazing fighter already, everyday counts and she is one step closer to being home with you x

Pandemoniaa Sat 21-Jan-12 12:24:00

I'm local and the TMBU is wonderful. Your little girl will get excellent treatment there. I'm sending the most positive healing thoughts across the Downs to you. x

CoffeeCamel Sat 21-Jan-12 12:33:03

What a strong little daughter you have. Wishing continuing strength to her, and to you.

WillbeanChariot Sat 21-Jan-12 17:00:38

Hope you have had a better day badnails. Oh blood gases, I remember those... DS had so many he stopped even waking up with the heel prick. He was ventilated for six weeks and I used to worry so much when the pressures went up. Gen will get her strength back and be off it soon I am sure.

GeekLove Sat 21-Jan-12 17:07:36

Don't worry about updating us. You have far more important stuff right now. You and Pinky are in our thoughts.

Tiredtrout Sat 21-Jan-12 17:54:30

Hey badnails, I've been following your threads. It's so good gen made it through another night, and it's brilliant that they know what it is now. I hope she keeps improving and you get to take her home soon

ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 21-Jan-12 21:02:55

Glad to hear she is still fighting, I hope the new anti-biotics are doing their job and that she carries on improving.

Good morning Badnails, hope Gen is doing well this morning smile

MABS Sun 22-Jan-12 09:54:46

much love today x

ToothbrushThief Sun 22-Jan-12 09:57:53

Thinking of you all Badnails x

Red2011 Sun 22-Jan-12 13:12:52

Just checking in to see how things were going and I'm really pleased that you now know what the problem is, and that Gen is such a strong little fighter. Shall be lighting a candle and sending out positive thoughts for you. x

BadNails Sun 22-Jan-12 13:14:59

First of all I have to publicly acknowledge this act of kindness. I went into the nursery yesterday evening having waited a couple of hours for a long line to be put into Gen. The lady at reception collared us and presented us with a gift bag.

"The lady who left it said you won't know her by this name."


'From one mumsnetter to another', the tag said.

Thank you northernmonkey. I know you have my pm and there is a tea or coffee (or wine one day) with your name on it.

lucjam thank you so much for the offer of the shower. I may just take you up on that! We're waiting to find out if we have a double room in the Ronald McDonald house and will know more tomorrow.

Gen's CRP is down into the 70s now - yay! And she has bowel sounds - double yay! Strange thing to be excited about I know, but slowly I feel we're clawing our way back. The consultant this morning seems happier with her progress and I sense a distinct lack of bs around here - they're very transparent. There's even talk of weaning her off the vent and the morphine, but it's the long game for sure.

The night reg said Gen had turned a corner. I'm trying to not get too excited (made that mistake before sad ) but I'm not quite in the pit that I have been.

MABS I have no idea how you've done this twice. What an incredibly strong person you must be. I can see why you choose to raise funds for the unit, they've been brilliant to us.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

ranteetheranter Sun 22-Jan-12 13:43:22

Oh that's great news hope she continues to improve quickly

WhiteTrash Sun 22-Jan-12 13:47:24

Brilliant to read.

fergoose Sun 22-Jan-12 13:52:21

I agree absolutely utterly brilliant to read - and the gift from Northernmonkey - what an amazingly lovely thing to do. Restores your faith in people when you hear of such kindness.

BIWI Sun 22-Jan-12 13:57:40

Sounds like good progress. And what a lovely thing for northernmonkey to do!

DeeCrepitude Sun 22-Jan-12 14:12:29

Delighted to hear such positive news with everything going in the right direction - long may it continue until you take little Gen home. Thinking of you x

ToothbrushThief Sun 22-Jan-12 14:29:24

Fantastic news and wine to Northernmonkey

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 22-Jan-12 14:30:25

<sniffle at Northernmonkey's act of kindness*>

Thank God for that news, Badnails - so so happy for you! Praying for continued improvement very quickly.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 22-Jan-12 14:35:41

Aww. I just had a little weep, NorthernMonkey you are lovely! Badnails, I am so pleased that corner has been turned! It's amazing how engrossed you get in other peoples lives on here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who logs on regularly to check on Gens progress! Tell her from us to keep up the good work! X

Brilliant news.

Thats lovely Nothernmonkey.

Go Gen grin

FriggFRIGG Sun 22-Jan-12 15:55:18

Fantastic news! Go baby Gen!

And how very lovely of

MABS Sun 22-Jan-12 16:45:10

marvellous news! so pleased! and I know northernmonkey in RL, she is indeed very lovely, how kind of her

BadNails Sun 22-Jan-12 17:12:25

fergoose that was my thinking too. I am incredibly cynical about folk!

Saggy I have passed on your message to Gen grin. Incidentally I'm trying to work out what that book is that you're looking for... no luck so far.

Also, Gen's crp is now 56 smile The numbers make me happy, I know I shouldn't focus on them.

fergoose Sun 22-Jan-12 17:21:53

you should definitely focus on the numbers - is all a step further in the right direction smile Whatever gets you through the day and makes you happy is a good thing so focus on what the heck you like I reckon smile

MABS Sun 22-Jan-12 18:27:53

the numbers are good smile come on Gen!!

CinnabarRed Sun 22-Jan-12 18:32:33

Wonderful news! So happy for you.

GeekLove Sun 22-Jan-12 18:36:44

ThNks for the update! This thread makes me think I need to raise my game and raise money for my loa l NICU unit. Ds1 was I. There for a couple of days and although it was. It that serious the service and the need that this unit has is something I would never take for granted.
Let's hope it is o wards and upwards!

GeekLove Sun 22-Jan-12 18:38:35

Stupid IPhone I meant it wasn't that serious.!

MABS Sun 22-Jan-12 19:03:07

If anyone fancies seeing the baby unit little Gen is at, click on theis link and then watch the video I had made for my last fundraing event for TMBU

You may want to have a tissue ready though! It is an amazing place truly smile

WillbeanChariot Sun 22-Jan-12 19:24:02

Brilliant news. Well done Gen. Well done badnails .

And <sniff> northernmonkey

MN is great.

ZhenThereWereTwo Sun 22-Jan-12 20:12:42

Wonderful news, come on Gen!! So glad she has turned a corner and is still improving BadNails smile

That was a lovely thing to do northernmonkey, makes me feel all warm inside smile

Really good to hear the fantastic update. It sounds like Gen is really fighting hard.
And thanks for the wine but I guessed Badnails just needed a bit of cheering up, which thankfully it did smile

Keep focusing on those numbers if it helps the time pass.
I'm sure I will see you one day very soon for that brew

fergoose Sun 22-Jan-12 20:45:54

Northernmonkey you are an utter star. thanks

friendswithbenefits Sun 22-Jan-12 20:48:42

This is when I know that MN is a totally amazing place.

Northernmonkey thanks you star.

I hope your little girl is still doing well BadNails, thinking of you all.

Well done Gen, well done you for staying strong and well done northernmonkey

Doobydoo Sun 22-Jan-12 21:00:13

Fantastic news re your little one Badnailssmile
How lovely Northernmonkey and you others who live near.
Thinking of you all tonight BadNails and sending positive vibes.

Badnails only just seen this. So sorry to hear Gen took a turn but am so so pleased to see she is fighting back again. How are you doing lovely? You must be exhausted. Hugs to you and dh. What a rollercoaster you've been on.

Northernmonkey <sniff> that is an amazingly lovely thing you did. I do love mn.

Keep fighting baby Gen xx

So pleased with the positive updates,

Stay strong -you are all in my thoughts and prayers still.

RaPaPaPumPumBootyMum Sun 22-Jan-12 22:13:12

Just started reading your thread Badnails and wanted you to know I am thinking of you.

Sending warm wishes and positive vibes to you and baby Gen.

She sounds a real little fighter.

MABS Mon 23-Jan-12 07:12:57

how was your night? x

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Mon 23-Jan-12 18:07:09

Hope all is still going in the right direction with Pinky, Badnails. Thinking of you both.

Florabeebaby Mon 23-Jan-12 18:17:25

Thinking of you and your little girl, you are in my prayers.
I am a mum to a little premie girl and she fought like hell to be here today, I hope you are all ok.

ranteetheranter Mon 23-Jan-12 21:36:07

Hope you are all ok too. You are still in our thoughts.

lucjam Mon 23-Jan-12 22:42:24

Hope all is well, shower here and ready whenever you want! :-)

giraffesCantDonateBoneMarrow Mon 23-Jan-12 23:01:21

thinking of you both x

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 24-Jan-12 10:58:25

How it going Badnails? Is Genevieve doing what I told her? smile

MABS Tue 24-Jan-12 11:30:29

how are you both doing today? x

BadNails Tue 24-Jan-12 12:15:23

Hello, thanks for the continued support! It is good for the soul to read your messages smile I'm really not much of a hippy/spiritual type in rl, but the good vibes are helping.

Big day yesterday - Gen is off the vent and on optiflow and has spent most of the last 12 hours in air! She's off the morphine and the other sedative drug and her last known crp was 33? Possibly 36 confused I'm clearly exhausted!

We just had our first cuddle in a week. Can't tell you how good it felt. Bit like this..grin grin grin grin grin grin thanks

Fingers crossed we're over the worst now.

Great news x

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 24-Jan-12 12:26:38

<<sheds a wee tear>>

zukiecat Tue 24-Jan-12 12:33:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MABS Tue 24-Jan-12 13:10:08

marvellous news! all my love x

Combinearvester Tue 24-Jan-12 13:16:57

Thanks so much for taking the time to update us, this is fantastic news, she sounds a very strong little girl. Hope she is home soon she will be a very stubborn toddler grin

HathorInARedDress Tue 24-Jan-12 13:19:06

God help you when she's 15. The fights will be epic grin she is made of stern stuff.


ajandjjmum Tue 24-Jan-12 13:20:59

Somehow missed this. What a rotten time you've had Badnails, but I bet the cuddles are making up for it now! smile

Mumsnet at it's best.

WillbeanChariot Tue 24-Jan-12 13:35:17

Amazing news. So pleased for you. I've got happy tears in my eyes. Brilliant.


Excellent news gringrin Yay, go Gen xx

Mirage Tue 24-Jan-12 13:38:58

Wonderful news-hope she is back home with you soon.

hiddenhome Tue 24-Jan-12 13:52:30

smile great news, have a brew and a rest.

BIWI Tue 24-Jan-12 14:27:43

That is great news!

peggyblackett Tue 24-Jan-12 14:36:41

That is the best news badnails. So pleased for you all smile. What a wee trooper she is.

Quenelle Tue 24-Jan-12 15:52:47

Great news. I bet you're both loving your cuddles smile

Doobydoo Tue 24-Jan-12 16:12:36

Huzzah! Fantastic newsgrin

cheekychubster Tue 24-Jan-12 16:17:53

Just popped on to see how things are going.
What a relief, great newssmile

Oh badnails that is fantastic new grin
I'm so so happy for you, sounds like you have a real fighter there.

Will keep sending the positive vibes over your way smile

Tmesis Tue 24-Jan-12 16:41:37

That's great news! Hope all of this becomes just a vague memory very soon.

Red2011 Tue 24-Jan-12 16:50:28

Glad to hear things are so improved and you've been able to have cuddles. I too will keep sending those positive vibes out. x

AdditionMultiplication Tue 24-Jan-12 16:56:38

I have only lurked so far on this thread, but wad moved to post because of your latest update. Yay Gen! I actually welled up! Look after yourself and there will be plenty more cuddles to come!

DeeCrepitude Tue 24-Jan-12 16:59:25

So pleased smile Hope you are taking good care of yourself too.

MunchkinsMumof2 Tue 24-Jan-12 17:03:27

Been lurking and hoping for good news, yay for the lower numbers and cuddles, Sending good wishes to you and your family.

BadNails Tue 24-Jan-12 19:01:13

We just got moved into high dependency grin <does a little dance>

And yes, I am slightly fearful of her toddler/teenage years but my god, I'll be so grateful too! I need a brew full of the strong stuff grin to steady me nerves.

Bearcrumble Tue 24-Jan-12 19:09:15

I'm so thrilled for you. grin

KD0706 Tue 24-Jan-12 19:12:19

Fab news badnails
It's been some journey for you but the best is yet to come.
Well done to your wonderful little fighter.

Carrotcakeisace Tue 24-Jan-12 19:17:17

Fab news on the last page and even better news on this one, go Gen x

slowburner Tue 24-Jan-12 19:17:59

Just to say that its utterly brilliant news to log on to, babies that have this much determination stay determined. Our dd is an exNICU baby and ye gods the toddler years leave me exhausted. Not that I'd change her!

AuntingCarse Tue 24-Jan-12 19:23:47


Top news!!

Nice work Pinky.

Yay yay yay yay yay.........

did I say YAY? wink grin

Best news I have heard all day.

Go Pinky.

and agree about the fights - she is one stubborn girly!

ImpOfThePerverse Tue 24-Jan-12 20:11:35

Go Gen! That is amazingly good news. grin

I hope you're all home together soon.

Bitdifferent Tue 24-Jan-12 20:15:15

Wonderful news and continued good luck from a lurker.

ToothbrushThief Tue 24-Jan-12 20:30:36

Great news smile

WelshMoth Tue 24-Jan-12 20:40:58

Have read this thread tonight, from start to finish, and was holding my breath in parts.

You have such a little fighter here, badnails. I'm urging her on.

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 24-Jan-12 20:49:06

Well done Gen! That is great news BadNails, you must be so relieved. Enjoy those cuddles grin

Oh that is absolutley fantastic news!!!!! grin
I think I'll have to get over for a celebratory cuppa before they actually kick you out smile

Go on Gen...keep fighting xx

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 24-Jan-12 22:37:49

Bloody fantastic! What an amazing little baby girl you have there. The rest of Mumsnet is doing a little dance with you BadNails. We should have a fireworks emoticon for celebrations <getting carried away but ykwim>.

MABS Wed 25-Jan-12 08:30:02

Hi hunny - how are you both today?
(not sure who donated to my fundraiser via justgiving for Trevor Mann Unit (anon mumsnetter), but i just wanted to say a big thank you! Every penny makes a difference)

Wooo-hoooo go little girl!

I'm with bibbity we need a fireworks emoticon!

<some seriously bad Mummy dancing going on here!> grin

Hope your day continues to improve on HDU.

Quenelle Wed 25-Jan-12 09:41:28

That's wonderfu. I'm really happy for you and your family x

pixiestix Wed 25-Jan-12 14:41:28

Hooray!! Go Gen!!!! <waves pom poms>

saladfingers Wed 25-Jan-12 14:53:42

This is the best news I've heard all day! Enjoy all those cuddles.grin

WillbeanChariot Wed 25-Jan-12 16:17:04

Fantastic smile

BadNails Wed 25-Jan-12 16:39:19

Might need to pop the fireworks away sad

Gen's crp is 88, platelets are low enough to require a transfusion and they're having to remove her long line as the consultant believes there might be an infection brewing. Her temperature has been fluctuating too. There's no room to manoeuvre on her antibiotics as she's already on the so called big guns, so just got to hope it is the long line and removing it sorts out the issue.

It's never simple, is it? I'm worn out by the rollercoaster nature of this journey. Even DP, who I really see as a true rock seems tired today.

MABS I'm really pleased someone donated to the TMBU. Hope they were inspired by Gen's story <cheekily takes some credit> grin

Alas northernmonkey, we may have plenty of time for that cuppa.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been thinking about a cigarette today sad blush Instead I blew out my dairy free diet by eating one of those wonderful Portuguese tarts.

Sorry it's not a better update.

KD0706 Wed 25-Jan-12 16:50:00

Oh badnails I don't know what to say. It seems like two steps forward and one step back for you.
Genevieve has already shown herself to be a little fighter and I'm sure she'll continue to do you proud.

I know it's been such a long and stressful journey for you all, but I remember back when your waters first went and you thought you'd lose her even before she was viable, you and she have both come such a long way since then.

FriggFRIGG Wed 25-Jan-12 16:54:51



WillbeanChariot Wed 25-Jan-12 16:57:16

Oh badnails how upsetting. I hope they are right about the long line. DS got several infections from his in the early days. Hopefully a transfusion will give her a boost. DS couldn't maintain his platelet count for weeks and weeks and had many.

Still thinking of you all and hoping for a better night. You must be bloody exhausted, the rollercoaster is so draining. I know it doesn't feel like it, but you will all be home together soon.

BadNails Wed 25-Jan-12 17:05:07

KD I often think back to that weekend in the side room and how close to the wind we've sailed. I just can't help the voice in my head screaming for it all to be over. How are you though? Spotted you over in Prem, hope you're ok.

Thank you for the hug frigg. I'm not the touchy feely type but I've even been accepting hugs from doctors!!

Thanks Willbean. It gives me strength to know other babies can get through all this. It breaks my heart to think of all the pain she's enduring.

DeeCrepitude Wed 25-Jan-12 17:05:09

Keep positive, Gen is in good hands and has done so well, so far. (( Hugs )) for you and the babe.

Carrotcakeisace Wed 25-Jan-12 17:14:29

Keep fighting, hugs to both of you because you both deserve it x

Doobydoo Wed 25-Jan-12 17:21:06

KEEP GOING...Am sure it is the longline.Theses can often cause issues.Gen is a true fighter.If you would like a cig blimmin have one!

Doobydoo Wed 25-Jan-12 17:22:13

Theseshmm I type like Gollum speaks!

Oh badnails sad
Gen is doing so well, a so are you and your dh!!
Don't worry about breaking your dairy free diet, your only human after all.
More positive thoughts coming your way xx

MABS Wed 25-Jan-12 18:03:39

Definitely inspired by Gen AND YOU, you are being so strong. Ds had the longline in and out a couple of times so try to stray calm sweetie. And excuse the swearing, but fuck the diet, you eat what you want when you can. Take care and I may well gatecrash your coffee with Northernmonkey if allowed xx

Oh badnails sad

Sending positive vibes to you. Do what ever you need to do to get through this my lovely dairy and cigs included.

Hope to hear better news soon x

Oh badnails sending positive vibes to you and Gen. Do what you need to to get through this lovely xx

ToothbrushThief Wed 25-Jan-12 19:07:11

Oh sad
Stay strong - you are being a fantastic mum. I wish I could wave a magic wand over your Gen

cheekychubster Wed 25-Jan-12 19:13:43

Lots of positive thoughts from me and Ds for you Badnails and lots of love to Gen. Stay strong, tomorrow is another day. XX

ranteetheranter Wed 25-Jan-12 19:21:42

I just wanted to say you are so strong and brave. The only words of comfort I can give is to say, as someone who has been on the receiving end of a transfusion, it is unbelievable how much of a difference a bit of someone else's blood can do. It may well give her the little bit of extra strength to fight she needs. Thinking of you xx

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 25-Jan-12 19:25:03

Positive thoughts and love to you all. Hope your cold is better and you have a reasonable night. I am in awe of your resilience and strength.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 25-Jan-12 20:12:08

Her CRP WAS 270. Compared to that 88 is not so bad!
Keep positive Badnails. She has fought so far, and she is still fighting.
You are so brave and strong, I really admire you and how you've kept going through all of this. We are all here with you, just stay strong for a little longer.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 26-Jan-12 01:11:13

Just had sudden urge to check before I go to bed.
Night night.

Doobydoo Thu 26-Jan-12 07:15:34


BadNails Thu 26-Jan-12 11:15:05

Well our little lady had a good night. Still waiting on blood results to check infection markers. Sorry for my misery yesterday, I had stepped back into my pit and was over reacting. Thank you Saggy, it was your post that made me realise that.

Bewitched my cold is worse! I haven't gone to the nursery today because my nose is streaming. DP has been texting me updates. I have had that much lemsip I'm turning yellow!

Thanks again everyone. If you could see me now in my old pjs, wrapped in a blanket watching This Morning blush, you wouldn't attribute any strength to my character!

And MABS, you're more than welcome to join me for that cuppa. It'll be my treat and my pleasure.

Red2011 Thu 26-Jan-12 11:18:26

Glad to hear that she had a good night. And hey, you're allowed to be miserable - you're doing amazingly, as is your DP and your little lady.

I too have had a blood transfusion and it made a world of difference.

Sending you some virtual hugs, and hand-holding. smile

Faverolles Thu 26-Jan-12 11:23:30

Glad she's had a good night smile
If anyone has an excuse to watch This Morning in old PJ's, it's you! Hope you're feeling better soon.
Also sending more good vibes for Pinky smile

BadNails Thu 26-Jan-12 11:28:54

Thanks Red, the transfusion itself didn't worry me, it was that it was an indication of her infection. And I guess I'm sad that she still needs all the cannulas. The results are always amazing, I'm definitely with you on that, so in that respect I'm always happy she gets them.

I think Gen has had either 14 or 15 transfusions now and half of them have been in the last week! I'm going to become a blood donor again after this and DP certainly will as he's the one with the rarer blood type.

BadNails Thu 26-Jan-12 11:30:50

Cheers Fave, ah I'm not sure, it's really lightweight rubbish isn't it?! Might have to enter the competition though grin

MadgeEstic Thu 26-Jan-12 11:31:29

No need to apologise - you've coped brilliantly under so much stress and worry. Looking forward to more positive updates. Look after yourself. xx

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 26-Jan-12 11:34:18

So glad Gen had a good night and that you're feeling more positive. Fingers crossed for good results.

MABS Thu 26-Jan-12 17:30:12

you are doing so well, will defo get over for a cuppa. (had bit of bang in car today so will leave it few days..)

GeekLove Thu 26-Jan-12 17:49:29

Every day she has is an extra day to get bigger and stronger. She will still be developing even though she's ill.
Glad you had a better day!

Hope all is OK with your, DP and little Gen.

Hope your feeling better soon too.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 27-Jan-12 00:10:23

Still here, still thinking of you. All offers still stand and I have a slow day tomorrow. Cake? Soup? Pizza? Bubble bath?
Hope you all sleep well. xxx

BadNails Fri 27-Jan-12 00:26:01

Thanks Bewitched, I've actually come home for the weekend. The cold has gotten the better of me and the temptation to go into the nursery would've been too much. I won't risk Gen (or other babies for that matter!) getting a cold. It's shite.

MABS - hope you and the car are ok??

I'll be back Sunday/Monday, got DD1 this weekend and a ceramic pig to finish painting grin

BadNails Fri 27-Jan-12 00:28:41

Forgot to say - Gen's crp is 76, so climbing down slowly. She's getting her voice back too! DP said you can now hear her down in the family area. That's my girl!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 27-Jan-12 00:36:41

That's good to hear. She's a real little fighter! smile

MABS Fri 27-Jan-12 07:36:01

good girl Gen! I got a cold when ds was in tmbu and was stressed that i had to go home for 2 days, BUT in long run it was best thing to happen to me, i came back refreshed and ready to go!! (i just bit tight, car is fine, just a skid to avoid major rtc sad )

badnails sorry we tempted fate with the fireworks sad but it sounds like Gen is a real fighter like her Mum she is fighting this infection with all she's got!

I hope you get some rest this w/e, the cold probably took a good hold because of the stress and lack of sleep, you must both be sooooo tired.

Lots of vitamins and OJ for you & get back to bed where you can.
<Bossy at her bossiest>

I know you're not a huggy person but for you & DH {{{Badnails}}}
& a gentle handstroke for Pinky.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 27-Jan-12 08:29:25

Oh good, that will revitalise you and hopefully you'll shift the cold.
Happy painting.
Keep shouting Gen!

BadNails Fri 27-Jan-12 19:54:58

Don't apologise bossy, I was getting excited too. And yes ma'am, I have been resting today!

In fact I'm getting excited again because... Gen's crp is now 27, the consultant is aiming to get her off o2 tomorrow, and milk feeds will be resumed on Monday. And not the neocate crap, oh no, breastmilk grin And I've been told I may as well start consuming milk products as the dietician is not convinced she has an allergy. Hoorah!

Maybe I'll sleep a bit better tonight.

Glad you're unscathed MABS. Hot bath for you.

Have a good weekend everyone.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 27-Jan-12 20:07:21

<<tentatively excited>> smile

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 27-Jan-12 20:08:20

<<runs out of thread where nobody can see, jumps up and down, yippee!>>

BadNails Fri 27-Jan-12 20:16:47

No good Saggy, I saw ya! <joins in with jumping up and down cos sod it, I've been miserable for too long grin>

Carrotcakeisace Fri 27-Jan-12 20:23:28

Business first- sleep, multivitamin and OJ for you Badnails and have a fab weekend with Dd1

Woohoo for superstar Gen smile

BadNails Fri 27-Jan-12 20:25:31

I have ticked those boxes carrotcake grin Think I'll squeeze a hot bath in too.

ZhenThereWereTwo Fri 27-Jan-12 21:18:11

Glad she is on the mend again, what a fighter smile

Rest well at home BadNails, you must be rundown, time to rejuvenate ready for breastfeeding Gen.

MadgeEstic Fri 27-Jan-12 21:22:24

Aah, lovely news, so pleased. Nothing wrong with being hopeful and positive - gives you more energy than being down. Hope you get better soon and are soon snuggling with Gen at home.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 27-Jan-12 21:22:32

So very happy for you all.

KD0706 Fri 27-Jan-12 21:39:30

I'm so pleased DD2 is doing better. Well done to both of you. Big well done to you for the fact you're still expressing for her. It will all be worth it.

Enjoy your weekend with DD1.


scaryhairydroopytits Fri 27-Jan-12 22:32:18

Read the whole thread with my heart in my mouth. So pleased things are looking more positive. My newborn was also seriously ill (different condition) and it's a terrible terrible place to be. Thinking of you.

BIWI Fri 27-Jan-12 22:38:08

Yay! grin

FarloRigel Fri 27-Jan-12 22:53:20

Coming to this thread rather late, but I just wanted to say I know the fear of your child being very seriously ill well and I'm sending you loads and loads of good wishes. I'll be cheering little Gen on every step of the way. My DD's a tough little warrior too - dear help us when they're older and stroppy but at least we'll have the benefit of a huge dose of perspective! Hope you get her home where she belongs really soon!

Yay what a positive w/e for you,despite the cold, a rest and news of Pinky's improvement!

Time for you to eat loads of good milk producing foods and rest so you can be giving Gen "Gold Top" to boost her energy levels! grin

<joins Saggy in a muffled yee-haa over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ButterNoParsnips Sat 28-Jan-12 00:18:24

My 2nd DC was in TMU for a week, he had a random genetic disorder so was never going to survive. The staff there were brilliant, really supportive and lovely. She's in very good hands. Big hugs. xx

So pleased there are positive updates. grin

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Sat 28-Jan-12 11:06:57

So good to hear news of consistent improvement.
Have a lovely weekend.

MABS Sun 29-Jan-12 10:38:37

hope you are feeling bit better after the cold today smile

ranteetheranter Sun 29-Jan-12 15:52:19

Hope you had a good weekend with dd1 and both you and Gen are improving. How is dh holding up?

fridakahlo Sun 29-Jan-12 16:04:55

Hope things continue to go well x

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 30-Jan-12 17:14:54

Everything crossed that all is well.

Carrotcakeisace Tue 31-Jan-12 15:40:14

How are things? Have been keeping you in my thoughts x

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 31-Jan-12 15:42:16

How is Gen today? I hope things are still going well. X

ranteetheranter Tue 31-Jan-12 20:42:21

Hey badnails just want you to know you are all still in our thoughts. I hope all is going well xxx

BadNails Thu 02-Feb-12 09:12:26

Sorry for the huge delay in responding, we lost our room at the weekend and we're commuting each day. We're so very tired, but at least I've got my fab shower back!

I've only got a mo, so in a nutshell... Gen's crp is normal, and her antibiotics have finished. She started milk on Monday (1ml every two hours) which is slowly increasing each day. When I say slowly, she's now on 3mls grin.

I am pretty much crapping myself as I now feel I'm waiting for something to go wrong. She reaches her due date on Saturday. The nurses are referring to her as an old lady! They tried her off the optiflow but her sats kept hovering in the 80s so she's got nasal cannula. Only on 0.01 hmm think maybe she just likes having something in her nose.

We're here for one more week minimum. I just wish someone could guarantee she'll be okay. Guess everyone wants that for their children. We're slightly reassured by a few nurses commenting that she's done really well for a 25 weeker. I do try to hold on to that, as I know that in spite of everything, we've been blessed.

Thank you for checking in everyone. Sorry this is a rushed message but it's non stop at the minute. And I haven't forgotten those I have promised a cuppa to! grin

xxDebstarxx Thu 02-Feb-12 09:20:30

Lovely to hear she's improving smile

Oh what lovely news!

Keep looking forward, she's done SO well and you & DH have been unbelievably brave. grin

Bloodymary Thu 02-Feb-12 09:58:02

Great news, you are both doing so well smile

Red2011 Thu 02-Feb-12 10:29:06

So glad to hear that things are taking a positive spin. You must be delighted and exhausted! What a bunch of fighters you all are smile

Keep on the milk-producing foods, and keep yourself stocked up/topped up on vitamins. x

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 02-Feb-12 12:25:37

Thank you very much for the update. So glad to hear that all is still going well.
You're right to hold on to the positive. Keep it up. x

ranteetheranter Thu 02-Feb-12 12:53:38

so pleased to hear all is on the up! you are all amazing.

JenniferLaunders Thu 02-Feb-12 15:01:06

Ah, good, onward and upward now. All the best. smile

MABS Thu 02-Feb-12 15:26:54

i am sooooo pleased xx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 02-Feb-12 16:41:29

WOOHHOOO! Genevieve and Beatrice! GO GIRLS! smile

NatashaBee Thu 02-Feb-12 16:51:02

Glad everything has taken a turn for the better.

Oh glad things have got better (except the commute) and that Gen is doing well. Lovely to hear talk of coming home.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 04-Feb-12 23:52:02

Happy due date birthday Genevieve. smile I hope everything is going well. Xx

ImpOfThePerverse Sun 05-Feb-12 20:40:51

Another huge milestone smile congratulations team badnails.

I hope everything just carries on improving.

BadNails Sun 05-Feb-12 23:30:47

Ah bless you Saggy for remembering smile what an odd feeling I had all day. As it happens, Friday was the 100th day of Gen's life. We were given a card from the staff.

All in all, I just felt sad. Sad for the pregnancy I had lost and sad that we weren't home yet. But DP and I had a nice meal to celebrate (nothing too fancy, we're not proud grin) and toasted our wee fighter.

We're making slow but steady progress. Feeds are just about being tolerated but her gut is still sluggish. This week we'll know for certain if she needs surgery as she might be having a contrast study.

Oh and no more commutes - we're in the Ronald McDonald house. It's nice and takes the stress away.

To the ladies who fancy meeting for a tea and a cake (you know who you are!) - what are you up to from Wednesday onwards? I would pm you, but it's hard work on a phone with no WiFi and I'm not sure the crap system allows for more than one recipient.

So we're doing okay! What a distance we've come in two and a half weeks. Thank you all so much smile

BadNails Sun 05-Feb-12 23:41:53

And I've added one new photo. She's awake a lot now..

Bloodymary Mon 06-Feb-12 10:23:20

Aww, thanks for the photos, she is gorgeous!

The one of her teeny tiny hand in yours smile

ChasTittyBeltUp Mon 06-Feb-12 10:28:20

Oh bless her and you and well done for being so amazingly strong. She is beautiful...she looks very strong and her eyes seem to be looking right at me in one picture!

I am so happy to hear that things are looking good. xxxx

MABS Mon 06-Feb-12 13:48:57

well done you smile so very pleased for you, funny coincidence eh...? 4 Feb was when dd was born, she was 17 on sat but she should have been mid April!

NatashaBee Mon 06-Feb-12 13:55:33

OMG - that tiny hand!

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 06-Feb-12 15:48:13

Lovely new photo, Gen looks very alert.
Very glad you're not having to commute any more, that must have been tough.
Love to meet for tea and cake later this week. I'm more flexible than the others as my kids are grown up. Maybe one of them could let me know what you all arrange, but quite understand if you don't want an old fart tagging along!

Ah she's gorgeous. So glad to hear she's doing so well. I'm glad you don't have the commute anymore.

Wishing you all the best for getting home soon. x

Carrotcakeisace Mon 06-Feb-12 19:23:04

So pleased things are going well and good news that you no longer have to commute
She is looking more gorgeous in her little hat

IheartmyPanda Mon 06-Feb-12 22:23:11

Long time lurker... I'm so glad Gen's doing well. I have everything crossed for her!

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Tue 07-Feb-12 01:38:30

You probably haven't been following recent threads, but apparently I'm not an old fart but an old hag! According to AF.
All kinds of lurkers coming out of the skirting boards.
Encouraged by MaryZ and the aforementioned Patron Saint.
MN will never be the same again. x

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Tue 07-Feb-12 02:56:26

Er, ok. ^^

Badnails, I don't 'know' you and I haven't seen this thread before, but I'm so very glad to see that your little dd is slowly getting stronger.

You have been through such a lot and kept your sense of humour - I really admire you.

IheartmyPanda Tue 07-Feb-12 08:18:33

Was that at me? I meant a lurker on Badnail's thread...

I have been on MN for years.

Reckon MrsD was wondering WTF Bewitched was on about!

Another thread lurker here cheering for Gen's progress grin

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Tue 07-Feb-12 09:45:14

Very sorry. It wasn't "at" anyone. Was a ref. to the plurkers thread!
Was a bit the worse for wear last night. blush

PeanutButterCupCake Tue 07-Feb-12 09:54:40

Shes beautiful badnails so tiny smile
Born at 25 weeks shock she has done soooo well and fought so hard.

Hope things continue to improve and your all home very soon thanks

Lollyheart Tue 07-Feb-12 09:59:24

Another lurker.
What a beautiful strong little girl you have smile

MABS Wed 08-Feb-12 18:14:50

how is she doing today? much love hunny x

BadNails Thu 09-Feb-12 13:53:42

Just a brief update because I am so very tired. I've been at home since last night as I had DD1's parents evening (she is a star, naturally grin) but last night Gen was seen by the consultant as she has spent the last two days moaning and groaning with colicky symptoms and was getting the worse. The final straw was an aspirate of 25mls - two and a half times her usual feed.

The consultant said to DP 'She is a hard case'. No solutions, no diagnosis. Thank you that is very helpful angry

So I'll put it out to the floor - colicky symptoms, lack of bowel movements (needs a glycerin chip), greenish yellow stools, large aspirates a couple of times a day, skips a feed once each night at the moment. Should I be putting this down to simple prematurity, that favoured catch all? Can e coli damage the gut? Should I really just count my blessings??

MABS that is a coincidence - happy belated birthday to your DD smile

Bewitched I am sure you are neither an old fart nor an old hag grin and besides I likes someone who likes a wine but alas tea will have to go on hold as I want to see how Gen does over the next few days. However, as they are now increasing her feeds at snails pace we are going to be here for another month plus sad DP returns to work next week, so I'll need to have some adult/non medical company no doubt!!

MrsDistinctly thank you smile I don't 'know' anyone on MN. I lurked for years, occasionally posted, went through a couple of name changes and didn't really get involved properly, so to speak, until the week my waters decided I didn't need them anymore!

But thank you everyone. I particularly like the hand photo too (totally staged of course grin) She weighs over 5lbs now!! Can't believe it!

Also, I have requested that this thread be moved into that less oft tread thread called Premature Birth. It belongs there really. I spent a lot of time reading message boards and not posting when Gen was small and before I had her. Maybe someone could gain some hope from our story and I don't want it to go 'poof'!

MABS Thu 09-Feb-12 14:18:17

hi darling - so good to hear from you, all i can say that ds was totally like that in scbu and dd was totally different. Two of my very good friends are very senior consultants at TMBU, if you want to pm me i can you their names if you need advice/reassurance. Will defo sort that cuppa out when you need some adults company after dh back at work. take care you xx

BadNails Thu 09-Feb-12 14:22:22

MABS, thank you. That would be appreciated (plus wouldn't want to think I was bitching about a friend of yours!!)

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be in a better place for a brew

MABS Thu 09-Feb-12 17:13:05

you can bitch away about a friend of mine honestly! Sure i have ;-) sEND ME A pm whever you can face it

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 09-Feb-12 19:21:14

Thank you Badnails, you are very kind. I did feel a proper tit the next day! I did have a good excuse tho'.
Super news that Gen is 5lbs, even with skipping a feed every night.
Sorry to hear about the more worrying symptoms. It's a shame that medics can sometimes seem insensitive as to the effect of their words, I'm sure they don't mean to be.
I'm here for whatever, whenever. x

Has Gen been having breast milk? I only ask because when my nephew was bf, if my sister had a beer, he got colicky and mucusy (sp?). He was eventually diagnosed as coeliac. I am no expert, it's just that you threw it open so I thought I'd add that to the list of choices for diagnosis. Of course, if you're already GF then feel free to scoff and laugh at me.

Gentle cuddles sent for you and Gen.

johnworf Sat 11-Feb-12 22:10:41

Hi. I'm a mum of ex 24 weeker. Is your LO taking anything for reflux? It really does sound as though that's what she has.

clabsyqueen Sun 12-Feb-12 23:24:40

Hi badnails, only just seen this thread and from a quick scan through I can see you are having a bloody tough time but come so far too. My 28 weeker was almost out of the door after 9 weeks when no pooh+ dodgy x-ray+bloated tum = suspected NEC and she was swiftly sent back to intensive care and nil by mouth for 10 days. Pure hell after 9 tough weeks. Took another 10 days to get her back on full feeds. Had contrast study (no damage seen) Has glycerin chips. Strained to pass green watery stools. Reflux was terrible. In short - a tough case with no easy answers. All the younger doctors would sweat over every symptom but one very experienced consultant was so curt and dismissive about my little lady that I used to get upset. She was adamant that she had seen it a thousand times before and it would all come good in the end. She would almost roll her eyes when the registrars asked for another test. She would tell you YES!!! YES!!! YES!! this all down to prematurity and the solution for your little one is simply time. I really resented her approach at the time but having seen so many stories end the same way I thought I would share with you. I really hope it helps. This is not to underestimate the anguish that all these things can bring. I was still begging for a glycerin chip and higher doses of reflux meds as we were being discharged!

clabsyqueen Sun 12-Feb-12 23:26:56

Hoping that all goes well got your not so little lady! 5lbs is a VERY respectable weight! Well done!

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 16-Feb-12 14:04:48

Thinking of you all. Hope Gen's feeling better. x

dressmeplease Sat 25-Feb-12 20:08:16

Hi badnails I just want to let you know you are still in our thoughts xxxxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 25-Feb-12 22:18:23

How are you and Genevieve getting on Badnails?

BadNails Sun 26-Feb-12 16:06:21

What a difference a couple of weeks can make. Sorry for the delay and sorry if this is short but I'm one handed on my phone... whilst I breastfeed my baby daughter... in my bed grin

Last week, after 120 days in hospital, we came home. Gen turned her feeding around in days and before we knew it, she was exclusively bf and then, there was simply nothing else to be done!

The only low point was her hearing test, where she failed both parts but it's our understanding that owing to her gestation she'd have been referred anyway. I don't feel worried. She's alive.

I don't plan to continue updating this thread. Our journey has been charted on here since my waters broke in early October and now, I shall return to my lurker status smile but not before I have thanked everyone who has willed Gen on and supported us. So, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't get to buy people that cuppa, especially Northernmonkey who truly touched my heart at one of the lowest points in my life.

And do you know, they never did get to the bottom of what Gen's problem was! Prematurity, I guess...


ZhenThereWereTwo Sun 26-Feb-12 18:17:41

Fantastic news, so pleased for you all, enjoy your time at home bonding as a family. All the best x

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Sun 26-Feb-12 19:06:21

Oh sweetheart that is so wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for bringing us up to date. I'm a little bit teary, in a good way.
Really fabulous news. Maybe we'll have that drink one day. xxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 26-Feb-12 20:18:51

What a lovely ending to such a long journey. I'm so pleased that you are home and happy. Good luck for the future and see you around. Xx

clabsyqueen Sun 26-Feb-12 20:26:45

How great! :-)

dressmeplease Tue 28-Feb-12 22:19:36

all I can say is wooooo hoooooo. So so pleased for you all. Good luck for the future xxxx

Carrotcakeisace Thu 01-Mar-12 22:15:33

Brilliant news, I have been wondering how you were getting on so pleased you are both home and go Gen x

Lovely! Big hugs all round and a little squidge for pinky.

bishboschone Fri 09-Mar-12 12:30:31

I just wanted to say my ds failed his hearing test in scbu , he was born at 33 weeks . He later saw an audiologist and his hearing is fine smile

Allthewhitehorsesarestillinbed Tue 13-Mar-12 11:17:50

Just sneaking back under my nc... Gen's repeat hearing test was good. Slight loss in left in the middle ear believed to be caused her cold smile

We're doing really well and I'm still on cloud nine some three weeks later...

PoppadumPreach Tue 13-Mar-12 17:37:28

I've been lurking. so so pleased to hear your news.

all the luck in the world to you and Gen! xx

beatofthedrum Wed 14-Mar-12 19:57:36

Wow, so amazing for you both. Very happy to hear such good news.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 28-Mar-12 18:33:52

More good news, long may it continue. x

I know that the very hard journey Badnails had to make was recorded here and she has said that this thread is 'put to bed' but I was wondering if she's still on MN, and how they all are now?

themadfiddler Mon 06-Aug-12 11:22:19

just read this thread all the way through. how amazing that she is home, what a wonderfully strong child. and you are incredible too! i wish you all happiness smile would also love to know how she is doing

BadNails Tue 07-Aug-12 21:33:53

Hello, yes, still here but have reverted back to lurker mode the last few months. I do still pop onto the Prem thread from time to time so was pleasantly surprised to see this one at the top smile

I am more than happy to update! I actually think it's important for those in NICU to see/read what happens next - I know I needed to believe there could be a life outside of the incubator, there were so many days where I thought we would just stay there forever like in stasis.

Gen is just over nine months actual age now, roughly six months corrected. She is still on the wee side at a little over 13lbs but she is (proud mother emoticon) doing bloody amazing grin

Milestones are being met, food is loved and she is just a very happy, chilled out baby. Of course we have appointments with physio and audiology coming up and I long for the day when she is just 'ours' but it's a small price to pay considering the alternatives.

I still have fleeting moments of darkness, it's very similar to the worry that all parents have about their children but this is different to how I feel about my eldest in that it's tinged with real fear, the knowledge that comes with seeing your child in hospital. I cannot go near the memory box. I can only just about look at the photos.

It's nearly ten months since my obs consultant offered me a termination. When I look at Gen (and I am now, she's right next to me) I can't believe we lived through that. I can't believe how lucky I am smile

Thank you for the well wishing x

Thankyou for updating, Badnails. When I joined MN you were just detailing all of this, so I am really glad to hear that things are now on the positive side.

Both Gen & you have been amazing! x

themadfiddler Fri 10-Aug-12 00:16:17

how lovely smile i am very happy for you badnails

NatashaBee Fri 10-Aug-12 00:18:57

So glad everything is going well... Great update!

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