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A thread for elderberries who are hovering in the bfp helicopter

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All elderberry grads welcome and anyone who fills berry criteria: ttc #1 a long time now finally bagged that elusive bfp, over 30...

Come join the next stage of the journey and compare sickness reports!! grin

Hello hello

I'm here and still a bit of a mess really. Actually I'm ok, just more in denial and staying detached from things. I booked a private scan for next week where I'll be 10 weeks (in my mmc the foetus measured around 10 weeks so this feels like crunch time for me). Scary Mary.

Tallyra Mon 19-Aug-13 17:45:30

Hi thunder! Fingers crossed for you. I'm in the same boat - I won't be happy until I pass 9 weeks and further.

Hello, thanks for the new thread barking, looks like just what we need <nods approvingly> How're you getting on?

Nice to see you Thunder grin, how are you feeling? Think we've all felt a bit lost since those bfps. Can't believe you're 9 weeks already...I'm trailing behind you at somewhere around 5. I'm in permanent paranoia mode, taking every twinge as a sign that something's gone wrong! Fingers crossed for your scan, what day is it? I've also booked a private scan, I'll be somewhere around 8 weeks but thinking of pushing it back to 10wks as the baby stopped developing at 8+2 last time, so not sure an 8wk scan will actually reassure me. Torn between wanting to check that everything is ok ASAP, and wanting to wait until I'm past that horrible 8th week.

Oh hi Tally! Taking too long to type, clearly..

Tallyra Mon 19-Aug-13 17:58:49

and yes, thank you for the thread barking. I did look for some new bfp type threads but there wasn't anything I felt comfortable joining.

Oh I feel really pleased to be here, thank you barking!

boom lost is exactly the word. I have felt totally cast adrift really and the only salvation is how busy things have been. What happened last time at 8 weeks? I have not been that paranoid really because last time my body had no idea what was going on so my biggest fear is knowing that yet again I've been walking around for weeks not knowing things have gone wrong.

My scan is next tues morning

They did actually do a cheeky scan when I saw the endo and it killed a few demons actually seeing a blurry bean and fluttery heartbeat.

So when's everyone's edd?

Oooh only a week to wait thunder...although lovely that you've already seen the little blob flickering away. I sooo want a personal scan machine.

You mean what happened to us at 8wks? I had an early dating scan as didn't know my dates and saw a lovely heartbeat at 8wks, then I had a mmc at 10wk and they measured the fetus as being 8+2. So everything must have stopped literally two days after the scan. What you said about walking around oblivious to the fact that things had gone wrong is EXACTLY what I'm stressing about. I don't think it helps that I have no idea what went wrong last time.

Anyway, in an attempt to be positive, my edd is 23rd April. Are you a March'er?

Oh god boom that is so awful. No indication at all at the scan? It messes with your head eh?

I'm quite lucky in that if we get through the scan on tues, the dating scan is not long after- on the 7th sept. so they're more manageable stepping stones.

Can you do scans? Maybe we should all go in on a machine to share (or would we all end up fighting over it?!)

24th March here....at the moment....

Sorry for talking so much, not being on other threads seems to have bottled up a bit and its all coming out now!

haycorn Mon 19-Aug-13 18:46:45

Great idea to start a thread Barking! I am feeling a little bit crazy at the moment because I have been waiting for this BFP for over a year and really want to be happy about it, but at the same time I don't want to think about it too much in case it doesn't stick around. I think I'm driving poor hubby a bit mad by starting conversations about it and then deciding I don't want to talk about it and cutting him off! I have had a look at a few other threads, and the berry grads seem very nice, but I just feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment, as if I don't really have a right to talk about being pregnant because I am barely there.

Does that make any sense? God, I can only be about 5 weeks. The next 7 are going to be unbearable.

Tallyra Mon 19-Aug-13 20:06:17

I'm 5w3 today, and my edd is 17th April I believe.

I had a nightmare the first time, had hg and a scan at 7 weeks after I was admitted, then got all the way to the 12 weeks, with debilitating sickness the entire way through, to find that it stopped at around about 8-9w and the last 3 weeks of sickness were completely unnecessary. the next 2 times I had the early scan fine (again because I'd been admitted) and I managed to get scanned at about 8/9 weeks for 'reassurance' (i hate that phrase, it is not what the scan was for, for me), and because I was still in hospital they got me in to the operating theatre pretty quickly both times so didn't walk around not knowing, thank god.

However, this time I am preparing for the worst but trying to be positive. I'm not sick yet, so that's a good sign!

tally so hard and horrible for you. 'Normal' first trimester horribleness is bad enough with nothing to show for it but being that severely ill is something else.

hay I feel like a fraud too! At the two scans I've ever had I've still been astounded that anything was in there and I wasn't making it all up!

haycorn Mon 19-Aug-13 20:37:29

Can I ask a couple of stupid questions?

Re. dating - doctors date from last period right? So although conception for me probably happened about 3 weeks ago, they would call me 5 weeks pregnant, is that right? And if so, does that mean that all the big dates throughout the pregnancy (12 week scan etc.) are the longer last period date?

Also, (feel free to ignore if its something you'd rather not talk about) what is an MMC as opposed to an MC?

Thanks ladies

Hi haycorn. Yep they go off the first day if your last period rather than conception. I think this is because they consider a pregnancy to be 40 weeks on average which includes those 2ish weeks beforehand. At the dating scan they measure the foetus and date from there but use the same methodology. I think...?

A missed miscarriage (mmc) is one that happens without any sign- so with a lot of miscarriages you'll get warning that its going wrong- bleeding etc (although not all bleeding means its gone wrong) but with my mmc the foetus stopped at 10 weeks but my body didn't do anything about it idiot

I'm sure the others can explain much better..

Wimwom Mon 19-Aug-13 21:05:35

Cam I pop in and say congrats to you all! I was briefly a berry but realised I was a bit ahead an needed IVF so moved to egg buddies - but have kept an eye on you all! A long time later I am now six weeks - and having all the panics that you guys seem to be having too!

Yes, wise thunder is correct in all she says. All official dates have two extra weeks tagged on at the front. Hence I conceived around about 3 weeks ago but am actually 5 weeks pregnant. Ish.

MMC is where the body doesn't realise the baby has died and keeps producing pregnancy hormones, so you don't miscarry straight away. My body is equally stupid and let me wander round for nearly three weeks thinking I was growing a baby. That's why the thought of a scan is appealing and terrifying in equal measure.

And no, I can't really do scans in that I can't do all the measurements, but fairly sure I could find a heartbeat! Shall we start a collection plate?

Hooray tally, long may the sickness stay away!

Tallyra Mon 19-Aug-13 21:17:42

thunder, that's exactly it. stupid body doesn't know the difference between a growing and not growing foetus.

haycorn Mon 19-Aug-13 21:37:14

Oh god, that's awful. So all this time I've been telling myself that I must still be pregnant because I haven't had any bleeding, but actually it could stop growing at any point without you even knowing. Blooming heck, getting a BFP really is just the first hurdle isn't it?

P.S. Hi wimwom!

Tallyra Mon 19-Aug-13 23:36:46

on no haycorn, we aren't trying to scare you. I didn't realise it was so common amongst us berries, but I'm sure it's not actually that common - we've filled up the percentage chance so you won't have to!

MMC is my biggest fear, since my morning sickness stopped I have been worrying almost 24 hours a day.
I'm due around 24 March too, am 9 weeks tomorrow. Am dreading the scan at 13 weeks as I saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks and am petrified there's going to be nothing there this time

Hi wim and massive congratulations! You going to stick around here for a bit?

Hi merk and sorry to hear you are still feeling stressed. You going to go for another scan when you get home?

One day at a time berries, it is a slow old slog but its the only way forward.

Wish I could sleep damnit!

Hello all! And an extra hello to wim grin
I worked out that I was exactly 5 weeks pg today! And according to google, my edd will be 22 April grin .

At the moment both myself and DP keep saying 'if' before every mention, e.g. 'if all goes well...' and 'if nothing goes wrong'. Neither of us seem capable of stating it as a given, eg 'I will be 5 months pg at Christmas.' Which I'm finding a little depressing. I wish I could be more positive/confident. I'm actually really looking forward to going back to work so I can be very busy and that way half term will fly by and I will have had the 12 week scan and all will be lovely!

Oh, and a stupid question. When I get home, do I just call the gp and tell them I'm pg and then I don't hear anything until I get a letter with an appointment for a scan?

Hi barking, yeah we are in the 'if' camp too and have never been out of it!

GPs - depends where you are I think. With my lot you ring them or the midwife direct and they put you on the system. Then you get your booking-in appt at 8-10 weeks, where you answer questions for 1.5 hours, and from this you are then sent your scan date. Best to give them a ring and see what the procedure is with you.

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 08:37:50

aaand today I feel like crap. trying to force breakfast down isn't easy when you run out of milk and the cereal is all dry, but when you feel shaky and a bit ill its even harder. Here we go again...

Oh no tally. Is there anything else you can nibble on. I've had a banana and currently halfway through a pack of mini cheddars here- my house is full of ridiculous snacks.

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 10:23:15

I've just got a stale pack of hobnobs to nibble on - better than nothing I suppose! and a pack of grapes I just bought in the market on the way past this morning.

Tally I'm certain everyone is different and if another person suggests ginger to me I may commit murder but the couple of things that helped me were torn off pieces of dry baguette, plain crisps and white bread. Fx this is 'just' morning sickness and nothing worse

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 11:39:22

thanks. I may make up a badge or T-shirt that says something like 'no, ginger does NOT help'! I've tried everything, including travel bands, and they just end up hurting after a while.

merk and tally have you tried ginger? I heard it really helps...

Haw haw haw

It's so personal isn't it? I obviously am getting off very lightly with just regular nausea and I find for me that snacking all the bloody time regularly is the only way to keep it at bay. I have packets of rich tea biscuits and bananas stashed everywhere.

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 12:48:42

banana is a good idea. must remember to buy some

Shall I not share that I feel totally fine with no sickness whatsoever then? If it helps, it worries me massively that I'm NOT puking my guts up. Never happy, are we? doesn't help having vom lady putting in an epic performance every morning Tally hope this turns out to be normal ms. Here, have a gingernut <ducks sausage wang>

Hi Wimwom I'm sure I remember you! Hurrah for the bfp, are you joining us for a while so we can drive each other demented together?

So in latest news, I googled 'miscarriage with pcos'....er, why did I do that? 30-50% chance of miscarriage. Great, and I wasn't mental enough before.

Boom don't count your chickens yet, I felt fine until 6 weeks and it came on overnight

I'm getting waves of nausea every morning and then sporadically through the day. No sickness though but it's early days! When I wake up and don't feel sick I panic and I'm so much happier when I feel that first wave of nausea. Ridiculous!

Boom I was just googling miscarriage and the statistics are scary, although vary between 20% and 50% (I think that included those who never knew they were pg) but then last night I turned it round and thought, if last month someone had given me just 50% chance of getting a bfp I'd have snatched their hands off!!! No matter how bad the percentages you read, it's more likely to be good news than bad each time. So why is it so difficult to be positive?!

One thing I'm worrying about it what I can do now - and this is going to out me completely! - I have a zombie run and a mountain bike coaching weekend coming up in October. The zombie run is a 5k run over obstacles (eg walls, under rope nets etc) and the mountain biking is, well, mountain biking. Not crazy downhill racing, but will still involve pushing myself over more tricky terrain.

Part of me doesn't want to pull out of either because it might not be an issue anyway (there's that positive thinking again hmm) . Part of me thinks the zombie run will be ok as long as I avoid anything I could fall off/ensure DP runs it with me and helps me over every obstacle. I was the one who persuaded everyone else to do it and got a team of 10 together so it's going to be difficult to come up with a valid reason for me dropping out if I'm still running other races.
The mountain biking I think I'm just feeling guilty as I know the person running it and I was booked in on a previous course but had to cancel. I don't want to cancel again unless I know I'm safely pg, but I think this would be too close to the date to then cancel. I might just have to tell her the issue.

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 15:53:06

barking, I read somewhere that you shouldn't start new exercise but if you've been doing it for a while, carry on. I know that isn't what is worrying you though. it's weird - some people say gently gently, and others like to say don't change a thing. I'd say the races will be fine, but you don't want to be falling over. its a difficult one!

That's the thing. I'm not going to get much out of the mountain biking course if I'm just constantly terrifed I might fall off even more than usual so it really wouldn't be worth doing. I just feel bad for canceling again. And also don't want to cancel and then the worst happens and I didn't need to. I think I'm just going to have to be honest with the girl running it - tell her I'm pg but it's early days and leave it with her.

The exercise thing is difficult. I've been running regularly again since April (before that had a long lay off due to illness/injury) and I'm back to comfortably running 10k on and off road, but was training towards a trail half marathon in October. I haven't actually booked my place yet and I think I might have to leave it as I've been struggling the last couple of times I've been for a run in California and it's not just the heat as it was really hot when we left the uk and I'd still been racing. As you said Tally all the advice is about maintaining current levels of exercise, and not pushing yourself harder.

I don't really do any exercise apart from loads of walking and I'm really struggling with that! Just don't seem to have enough puff- I read somewhere about your oxygen levels decreasing (perhaps because you are sending blood elsewhere?) but maybe this isn't right as loads of people remain really sporty throughout. Just thought it might add to why running is more difficult at the moment?

Tallyra Tue 20-Aug-13 16:45:32

I'm already having trouble with energy walking Tallydog. walked to the shops today with dh and was really out of breath, it's not usually hard work!

Thunder I'm out of breath too so maybe it is pregnancy related
I was on a very very bumpy speedboat the other day and panicked, it made me figure that it seems silly to do anything that could risk miscarriage at this stage, IMO you wouldn't want to be in a position where you looked back and wishes you hadn't done something in a what if kind of way

Yeah I think it is pregnancy related- its weird isn't it?

Because they found out last time that I have rhesus negative blood, I will need an anti-D injection later in the pregnancy if I get there. However I must also get one now if I have any knocks or bumps where blood might cross over from bean to me. A good excuse to go steady!

Agree entirely Merk. I definitely won't be doing the mountain biking course when pg, my issue is purely how long to leave it before cancelling! Again with the zombie run. Realistically there's no way I'll be taking part pg, but I'm struggling to see myself as 12 wks pg so it doesn't seem real.

My only dilemma is cycling. I cycle to work every day. In years and years of cycling as an adult I have only fallen off my bike once, and that was when a white van knocked me over in London. My commute is only very short, less than 2 miles one way, and mostly quiet back roads, but do I stop cycling just in case? Would this be taking it too far?

thunder I have O- blood, didn't know about that until you mentioned it!

When are you 12 weeks barking? How little notice does it leave to cancel?

I definitely wouldn't stop your cycling commute if it were me. Sounds absolutely fine. I am B- blood, I don't know if that is rare <goes to look it up> oo it looks like only 7% of the population are O- and 2% are B-

We are weirdos special!

Haha you bloody weirdos <laughs at own bad joke>

Glad some of you are feeling out of puff. I'm struggling with the stairs in the house - no joke! Keep getting to the top and thinking 'Phewf'! Hooray, I have a symptom and constipation

Barking I think your cycle to work is fine. Personally I wouldn't do anything that is likely to cause a heavy fall, that's why I gave up roller derby last time round fat lot of good that did me but a short gentle cycle to work is hardly high risk.

(Bwahah, how weird to be talking about cycles in any context except ttc)

What are you then boom? Some O+ commoner type?

Ha I think I'm AB pos or something boring like that. You and your posh blood will be laughing on the other side of your face when you have to have your Anti-D wink

Yeah I expect I will! They gave it to me whilst under GA last time but obviously hope I'm awake for it this time. Kind of...

<goes away to count on the calendar> I'll be 12 weeks only 5 days before the course, so too late to cancel. I'll drop her a line and explain the situation.

How close to 12 weeks do you tend to get the scan, does anyone know? Is it anything from 12 weeks onwards <prepares herself for possibly a longer wait>.

I think it's 11- 14 or maybe 13 weeks? Mine is due to be when I am 11+5.

Sounds like telling her is the best option

It's between 11 and 13+6 if you want the downs screening, otherwise it might be a bit later - at least in our trust, scan department is overrun!

Wimwom Tue 20-Aug-13 19:18:34

Would you guys mind if I hang out with you? You're a lovely bunch and I'm too scared of the antenatal boards - they move so fast, and lots of instadiffers or numbers 2+ which I'm just not ready for yet!
I'm so impressed some of you a still up to so much exercise! IVF has really taken it out of me and have been tired for months. Give me some of your energy!
Any one having early scans? I booked one for ten days time - I'm now really worried they won't see anything as I have not felt sick today, but have poked boobs and can confirm still sore (but not growing - grrrr!)

haycorn Tue 20-Aug-13 19:18:44

Hi all!

Re. your mountain bike and zombie races barking, it's really hard to know how far to take the being careful thing isn't it? I had booked a total wipeout style assault course for a group of friends and us for my hubby's birthday at the weekend. I couldn't think of any good way of getting out of it as it was me who booked it, but I really didn't want to come clean to everyone when it is such early days, and I also felt a bit embarrassed about being a crazy lady who refuses to do anything because she is preggers, so I went ahead with it and just avoided anything that could have me to a fall by admitting pretending to be a total wuss. However, as I was going round I suddenly realised that nothing at all would be worth losing the pregnancy when I've tried so damn hard to get it. So my husband probably thinks I'm being a bit of a pansy, but it's soft exercise only for me for the moment, until I feel a bit more confident that its going to stick around.

Also, I am definitely getting out of breath a lot more easily, and my asthma has been really quite bad this last week too. Why do you think that happens? It's a bit embarrassing when all there is inside is something the size of a sesame seed! All in all I'm feeling pretty crap at the moment. Constantly knackered and out of breath and also really fat and bloated. Anyone know if that is going to improve? I always fancied being one of those pregnant ladies with a lovely neat bump and no fat anywhere else. I certainly didn't envisage being a big fat lump who can't even make it up the stairs in one go at only 5 weeks!

I was never going to be a neat bump haycorn, my arse is a wide-load anyway, but actually I've lost weight since I got the bfp which I can't believe as I've been eating like a really fat horse. Only a couple of pounds, but still!

wim yes of course, welcome (back), strap yourself into the bfp chopper! I think loads of us have booked early scans, I've got mine at about 8 1/2 weeks so still 3 weeks to go (meh).

Haycorn I'm with you, I'm not taking any chances this time. Last time I kept up all the fitness stuff I was doing, including military fitness, but I don't want to push myself this time just in case. I'll stick to walking the dogs and the occasional swim for now!

Everything I've read about exercise in pg says research shows it can help make an easier birth. It's also easier to get back in shape afterwards. I'll just stick to running, dog walking and swimming though, and the easier bike rides. basically nothing that has a risk of falling over (not greater than the risk of falling over at any other point anyway).

I'm bloody tired though. And although we're having a fantastic holiday I am ready to come home. I think 3 weeks is my limit, any longer and I start craving my own bed. Just one more night on an airbed, 3 in a tent, two on a sofa, one on the plane, one at MiLs and then I get back to my own bed!!! grin

katatonic Tue 20-Aug-13 22:04:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welcome katatonic!
I would have thought zumba and steps are both fine. Everything I've read so far just says avoid anything that has a risk of falling, and contact sports. Everything else you were doing before is fine to carry on with, other than stomach crunches after 12 weeks not that I've been obsessing over this topic at all

Evening all

Hi kat and welcome. I think we met on the ttc after mc thread. With exercise I think the point is you don't need to stop anything (within reason), its just recommended that you don't start doing crazy new stuff.

barking hats off to you fit girl! Of course it's good news to stay active and healthy not a lazy heifer like me so you go girl. Swimming is a good idea though, am quite tempted by that.

wim stay stay stay!

<feeling smug that I got the questions nearly right as verified by professor boom>

katatonic Wed 21-Aug-13 08:25:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I'm now stressing because I got really lax at taking my preconception vitamins (ie folic acid). After 18 months of taking stupidly expensive vitamins every day for nothing I started begrudging them and got really lazy about taking them.
So basically for the last 3 months I've been taking them now again and then on holiday I forgot completely until I got my bfp and then started taking them again.... Given the number of accidental pgs where they clearly haven't been taking folic acid for over a year beforehand that go absolutely fine I don't know why I'm even thinking about it. Someone please sausage wang me.

Right, back on the road again, another 3 nights in a tent in 3 different campsites shock .

now and again.....


<takes barking gently by the hand, leads her to the armchair of calm (AOC) and sits her down>

Come on lady, please be calm. Millions of women get pg by mistake, millions must never take folic acid ever (my SIL was 12 weeks both times before she realised sh was pg), historically they wouldn't have had it and by the sounds of it you've probably got enough reserves to see you through the next three pregnancies anyway. (Disclaimer: I have no idea if Humans actually retain folic acid)

This is a really scary time because there is so much we are totally out of control of, but that doesn't mean that the tiny things we can do are the deciding factor on whether it works out or not. You are doing really well, just try to take each day, or half day as it comes. And do freak out out loud here!

<ducks in case barking smacks me>

PoppySeedBun Wed 21-Aug-13 19:05:44

Hello berries!
So glad to have found this thread. I dropped off MN shortly after a MMC at 9 wks in April, as I didn't want to think about TTC for a while - sounds like a similar story to yours katatonic

So now I'm 5w3 but still somewhat in denial (both last time and this time on Clomid). I'm kind of going the opposite of all the early scans and waiting for another week or so before telling my doc, don't want to have a scan before 8w and don't want to tell anyone before 12. Telling parents and in-laws about MMC last time was so hard. Had a little bit of bleeding today, so thinking I will do another test at the end of the week to see if we're still on.

Totally with you all on the 'if' thinking - can't work out how I'll reassure myself this time around, especially as MMC was 9 wks but stopped at 6.

Oh, and barking - ditto! Was being really lazy with vitamins,but now back with the programme!

Evenin' all

So I'm in a good mood tonight, just been offered a job. Going to be a real midwife! Eeek!

Barking don't worry about the folic acid. I think a lot of us me forgot them or had a tantrum and threw them away at some point. You can't build 'excess' folic acid reserves per se, but having taken it for a long time (as well as having a good diet which I assume you do because you're uber-healthy) it's likely you wouldn't have been deficient, and it's the deficiency that's an issue. Folic acid is actually more of an issue for people living below the breadline on tinned/frozen food - if you eat plenty of fresh food you probably don't even need the maternity vitamins (although don't stop taking them!)

Hi Poppy, welcome to the helicopter! Sorry to hear about the mmc but glad you made it back here again. What were you on clomid for? I don't want a scan before 8wks either, I've booked one for just after but not sure if it's too soon to be reassuring.. I've cracked and told my sister and my best mate, but won't tell parents until I'm fairly sure things are going well as they were heartbroken last time.

Hello kat loving the lopsided symptoms! Fx for your scan, bleeding can be so common, hopefully it was just part of your miniKat getting snug.

PoppySeedBun Wed 21-Aug-13 22:42:23

Hello boom. Hopefully scan at 8 wks will show good heartbeat. I didn't get to see one last time, so I'm hoping that will be a good milestone for me.
I went on Clomid to help regulate my cycles as I'm slightly PCOS (and the fact that I've got Pg twice in 4 cycles on Clomid would seem to confirm that the problem with TTC for 2.5 years was me (as my DH keeps pointing out, the tests said he has excellent sperm grin))
Sorry - TMI

Congratulations boom!! Fantastic news about the job. So the shorter interview wasn't a bad sign after all. When do you start? and when can you start letting us in after hours to do sneaky scans?

kat I also chuckled at the one sore boob. That came back to me during yesterday mornings insomnia and I couldn't work out if I'd dreamt it or not so I had to come on here to check!

Hi poppy sorry to hear about your mmc. You are in good company here for other people who have suffered and also us all just being generally terrified/in denial.

Where's tally? It's worrying if she goes quiet at the moment- are you ok lady?

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 09:28:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tallyra Thu 22-Aug-13 09:47:06

hi newbies, and thanks for thinking of me thunder. I'm in hospital on a drip. hg kicked in good and proper yesterday and I was sensationally distressed. I'm feeling a but better now I'm on meds and hopefully home later today.

Boom that's great news! Will you be my midwife? The private berry midwife?? Is it nearby and what you wanted?
Tally you poor poor thing. Do the drugs help the sickness at all or is hospital more about just replacing fluids? Thinking of you
Hi to everyone I've not name checked. Flying home tonight so hard to keep up on my phone, can't wait to be able to eat all the disgusting things I've been craving for 13 days (dairylea, walkers crisps, salmon paste)!

Argh tally belatedly realised my food mentioning will not be helpful to you, sorry

MotherOfCleo Thu 22-Aug-13 16:33:39

Hi guys, hope don't mind an old berry nipping in? Just wanted to wish you all well, I remember how hard the early weeks were and have everything crossed that all of you go on to have healthy happy pregnancies. grin

tally FX you are feeling better!

I'm actually a bit jealous of all you girls having each other to compare symptoms with/support each other, I was a bit of a loner when I graduated.

Look after yourselves and don't push yourselves too hard as the tiredness can be a bitch. Also the out of breath thing is something I suffered with really early on, think it is quite common, it went by 12 weeks but is now back with a vengeance and I feel like a big fat unfit blob attractive huh.

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 18:54:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 18:57:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PoppySeedBun Thu 22-Aug-13 19:38:56

Good grief, katatonic - no food and standing on tube? Double cake I think!

katatonic Thu 22-Aug-13 19:44:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PoppySeedBun Thu 22-Aug-13 21:49:52

Ok, I just need to share that I'm so bloated right now I could be 5 months along, not 5 weeks. It's like a beach ball!
Sorry, I know TMI, but I had to share and DH is in another time zone grin

haycorn Thu 22-Aug-13 22:17:15

I am really bloated too poppy. My jeans are way too tight at the moment, and I am flat out refusing to buy any new clothes until I am more confident that I am definitely going to need them. Is this bloating normal? And if so, when does it clear off? Obviously I am g

haycorn Thu 22-Aug-13 22:18:55

....oing (sorry!) to get bigger if all goes well, and I don't mind that in the slightest, but I do mind it right now when there is such a teeny tiny thing inside me and yet I seem to be doubling in size every day!

haycorn Thu 22-Aug-13 22:20:56

We are currently staying at in laws, and I only packed PJs for bed wear, but they are so tight I can't sleep, so am having to go bottomless. I don't know why that bothers me in someone else's house as I'm sure they aren't planning on walking in on us, but I still don't like it!

Poppy I was super bloated until about 8 weeks, its died down now and I can just about zip my jeans again!

haycorn Fri 23-Aug-13 07:14:17

Morning berries. How are you doing today tally?

Morning berries

Tally so sorry the hg arrived, hope you've been suitably rehydrated and dosed up and that they keep a close eye on you x

Hi mother nice of you to pop in, it's always good to be reminded that there's light at the end of this early pg panic tunnel!

No bloating here. No nothing here, in fact. No indication of pregnancy whatsoever, and major panic starting at lack of symptoms. No symptoms last time either, so maybe it's just normal for me or maybe it's a sign that it's going to go tits up again I'm finding this wait unbearable. I'm so sure it's going to go wrong again sad, just wishing the time away until I can have my scan.

PoppySeedBun Fri 23-Aug-13 08:25:23

Morning boom -don't worry about not having symptoms. As far as I could tell from last time, almost anything is normal for someone. 5 wks is early to be getting symptoms anyway - I don't think I had anything apart from tiredness until 6 wks last time, and tbh I get the bloating sometimes anyway, so I wouldn't be chalking it up to PG if I didn't have a bfp smile

tally hope you're improving and they let you home today - fx

haycorn know what you mean about it coming and going - back to a somewhat normal size this morning smile

Have done another test this morning to help reassure me - still bfp! I know it's a bit meaningless, but still helps a bit. Might even get the courage up to book to see my Gp and tell her today ...

katatonic Fri 23-Aug-13 08:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katatonic I don't have an appointment for a scan as I've not told anyone I'm pg yet! Found out on holiday and I'm still away (I know, teachers and their holidays wink) so will be calling the midwife when I get home next week, I googled the number and have it ready grin .

Boom congratulations!!!!!!!

Tally hope it's easing off, so sorry it's hit you again sad

Hi Poppy, and hello Cleo!

Merk I don't have any cravings (yet) but I have been eating a ridiculously healthy diet considering I'm on holiday. Loads of fruit and veg, and salads for lunch every day. I haven't had any sweets or chocolate since I got here (over 3 weeks ago now), and only one slice of cake!!! I am known for my ridiculous sweet tooth so this is unheard of!!!! (It was sweet of you Boom to assume my love of running etc necessarily means I eat heathily as well wink but you were a long way off!)

Thanks for the vitamin reassurance berries. I had horrendous nausea yesterday when we spent over an hour driving along a horribly winding road (nothing like you're going through Tally though). DP actually pulled over and stopped the car to give me a break from it! Running is not going well, just not feeling it, and I'm tired all the time so poor DP is doing way more than his far share of driving.

Wimwom Fri 23-Aug-13 21:07:29

tally that sounds awful - can't begin to imagine. Do any of the drugs help or is it a waiting game?

To all bloated berries - I am with you! I look pregnant though obviously this is just impossible. Well that and IVF has put loads of weight on me - and I am just so tired. So long I can't remember where the gym is! Been in bed by 9 every night this week - party party party.

Right, feeling slightly less morose this evening. Have a shiny new haircut <poses so fellow berries can admire> and having tried on my dress for the wedding tomorrow, I can confirm that my bazookas are enormous. So at least something's happening, although they were an E already so I could do without them expanding much further!

Is it weird that even though I'm technically diffed, it hasn't stopped the crazy-lady jealous reaction to people's scan pictures on facebook or seeing a preggo waddling round the supermarket in front of me? Suppose it's just because I can't picture myself at that stage or because I'm mental

Tally how are you feeling?

Merk working on a cunning plan to liberate a scan machine. Sure they won't notice if I just borrow one for the next 8 months..?

Kat hope your tum feels better today!

Shattered. Bedtime for this little berry x

PoppySeedBun Sat 24-Aug-13 11:28:52

boom <admires haircut> Have you had your hair done? It looks really nice! smile

I know what you mean about the crazy-lady bit - I'm still giving everyone with a bump a bit of an evil look. Maybe just habit now? smile

wimwom I have a strange thing where I get really tired between about 7-9pm, then wake up again and can't sleep until about 1am - gaah!

barking I'm with you - still keeping it v quiet until I get a few more days under my belt. Currently trying to focus on 7wks as the next milestone, but might change my mind if I start to vom next week confused

Urgh feeling grim again. Feel bad moaning when I wished for this for so long and when lots of people have it much much worse but it's just so miserable feeling like this all of the time

PoppySeedBun Sat 24-Aug-13 14:32:11

Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish merkin
Don't worry - you can always come on here and have a good old moan. Just because you wished for it to happen, doesn't mean it has to be fun!
Sending hugs your way flowers

Tallyra Sat 24-Aug-13 14:36:33

hugs merk, it's rotten isn't it? I'm home, the drugs are keeping the nausea at bay for the moment. I'm working at a quarter speed at the moment and I can't get my head around doing anything, but it's better than being sick all the time.

BelissimaLol Sat 24-Aug-13 17:06:13

Hello berries this is where you have been hiding grin
Think it's a great idea to park your helicopter here for a bit. I too found the ante natal threads too much until after I gave birth so understand you feeling safer over here.
I'm sorry some of you are feeling rotten and yes we have been waiting for this but it's still hard! I had no MS but was so incredibly tired from 6-9 weeks, all I did was sleep and whinge . I promise you it gets better.
Are you all having early scans? I had one at 6 and one at 8 weeks, both on Nhs due to previous mc. But I would have happily paid for it as well.
Well congratulations on these recent bfps- we do seem to have them in groups- maybe twice a year??

Tallyra Sat 24-Aug-13 18:49:24

well I was too ill to get to the scan I had booked, but hospital sent me for one anyway. my dates said 6+1 and the scan said 5+3 so not too huge a difference. all ok so far. they are giving ne another on the 2nd, so I will be over 7 by then.

Glad you're home and a bit improved Tally, hope it keeps getting better.

Nice haircut Boom.

I'm not feeling so sick today which of course I'm worrying about rather than happy because I'm an idiot.

Having a wonderful time away but really lookong forward to getting home and calling the gp or midwife, get myself on the system. Maybe then I might believe this is happening? but probably not until I get a scan

haycorn Sun 25-Aug-13 09:22:14

New symptom to add to list - hair falling out whenever I wash, dry, brush, touch it. I thought your hair was supposed to get all lush and thick during pregnancy? I know I asked for this, but I am not enjoying being an exhausted, fat, sick baldy.

My hair had gone very dry and horrible but isn't falling out! I am covered in spots though.
Counting down the last 16 days until 2nd trimester when hopefully it gets easier!

MotherOfCleo Sun 25-Aug-13 11:11:57

Hey guys, sorry your suffering. Just a thought but Merk, check your vits, I suffered with spots at the start and changed from vitabiotics to a different brand and my skin cleared up within a week or so. Just a thought.

Sorry, sodding off again now.

Cavort Sun 25-Aug-13 12:17:14

I second the vitamins comment. Pregnacare gave me the worst skin I have ever had... switched to Seven Seas and cleared up immediately.

Sympathies to all you who are suffering flowers

Ooh thanks ladies for the tip, will swap tomorrow

Very interesting about the vitamins. My acne came back with a vengeance when I stopped taking the antibiotics before ttc and all visits to the dermatologist were a waste of time as they couldn't give me anything while we were still ttc. They did helpfully mention once or twice that getting pregnant would probably help my skin due to the surge in hormones. Thanks, not like I wasn't trying....

Anyway, skin is worse than ever and I have been taking pregnacare (although as stated earlier, not very regularly recently). I can't really blame the bad skin purely on the tablets but if there's any chance they might make it worse I shall definitely switch brands when I get home! Cheers for the heads up!

boom and poppy I'm still jealous of pg ladies as well. Was with one tonight and she looked so 'comfortably' pg with her third I was v jealous. All my pg symptoms have disappeared and I don't feel remotely pg. I'm struggling to convince myself I actually am, keep reminding myself that I definitely had a 3 bfp 's and I haven't had any bleeding since so I probably am. Part of me doesn't even want to tell my mum when I get home (although I had intended to) as I feel like a fraud and want to wait until a medically qualified person tells me there is definitely something with a heartbeat growing inside me. Doesn't help that everyone was on the beer and wine tonight (catching up with DP's family in New York) and pg woman was obviously not drinking, and neither was I, but for no reason I could really think of. First time I've met his step sister so didn't want to come across as the boring one and actually really, really fancied a nice glass of red!

Hello all,

I've been out of signal for the past few days but I'm still here and still going. For those who are bloated- I still am, massively so. It gets worse throughout the day so I look like a right porker come evening time. I'm also eating constantly to fight the nausea. Had to jump out of the car to throw up the other day. All reassuring but still very hard work!

Got my private scan tomorrow. Have just had loads of weird dreams about it, so think I'm going to be a bit of a basket case by tomorrow morning. I'm around 10weeks now.

tally great news that you're home- hope the drugs are working. barking I know just what you mean about feeling a fraud. I've told only one friend this time. My mum won't know until there's a scan picture of a real foetus for get to hold.

Brodicea Mon 26-Aug-13 11:14:17

Hello all,
I occasionally nipped into the elderberries thread on conception and got my first BFP yesterday! I can't really believe it's real (like you barking I've tested multiple times!), and it must be so much more surreal for those of you who have had miscarriages. It does feel like step one of a game of snakes and ladders, except, there are only snakes! I did get pregnant as a teen, and although I decided on a termination I have always felt conflicted about it and i'm surprised how much is coming back to me about that (albeit very different) time. I've felt deep down that due to that I don't deserve a healthy, successful pregnancy - which is of course, madness. Still, weird feelings from the deep.
Fingers crossed that everything in unfolding smoothly womb-wise for all of us.

Brodicea Mon 26-Aug-13 11:15:40

Here here for the bloating BTW and also eating like a pig - trying to keep it healthy... but so excited by cheese right now!
Actually - nothing new there!

Hi brod, and massive congratulations!!

Wahoo Brodicea congrats! Welcome to the terror joy of being early pg! First things first, when did you get the BFP, and have you worked out how far on you are? grin Oh, and feeling the cheese love here too!

Well berries I'm pleased to report that today when I was walking down the freezing cold yoghurt aisle in Sainsbury's buying fudge flavour yoghurt healthy snacks, my boobs suddenly started hurting like hell! Wahoo to nipples finally noticing that I'm pregnant! Also at the wedding at the weekend I was bloated as hell, although that may have been a combo of suck-in pants and eating too much hog roast...still, feeling reassured grin. Also poas on a spare stick today and the bfp practically thumped me in the face, so feeling pretty happy overall. Until tomorrow, I expect hmm

Thunder is your scan tomorrow? All appendages crossed for a happy little beating bean-heart on the screen x

Barking are you home yet?

Hello and congratulations Brod!

Boom I'm still not home! Due to flying at silly o'clock on Saturday and then DP going out and getting v drunk with his step brother last night then keeping me awake I've had about 3 or 4 hours sleep for the last two nights and I am not on best form.. Walked round New York for a few hours this morning before giving up and coming back for a nap (DP's hangover was just kicking in so he was happy with this idea as well) but couldn't sleep so still feeling rubbish. One more night then start the journey home tomorrow but won't be back in our house until Thursday. Can't wait!

Going from date of last CD1 I am 6 weeks today. I cannot wait to get back to work and be far too busy to be over thinking everything all the time!!! Roll on the first scan so I can stop being so crazy like that's going to stop me .

Hooray for crazy nips boom! It's good when you get a bit of confirmation that your body knows something's up eh? I wore suck-in pants at the weekend too and they had to go halfway through (they were replaced, don't worry ladies) as they got so uncomfortable.

Yep it's my scan at 9 today. Been either awake or dreaming about it all night. Thank you for the good luck! Decided now if its all gone wrong again I just need to know so I can start dealing with it.

barking I'd be on my knees with that lack of sleep and long journey ahead. I hope you manage to catch up a bit next time it's night time for you. I bet you can't wait to get into your own bed now.

barking I'm 6weeks tomorrow according to CD1 so only just behind you! The CBD sticks kept making me a bit further on but we all know they're a bit dodgy so I'm sticking to my dates for now.

Thinking of you today Thunder x

Have my booking appointment with the midwife tomorrow. It's ridiculously early on but the GP seemed to think she might be able to wangle me an early scan based on the risk of multiples from Clomid, so I'm prepared to give it a go!

In other news, just ate two pain au choc for breakfast. Have been trying to be healthy, why does my traitor belly crave all things bad for me?!

Good luck thunder, make sure you update ASAP (as clearly that is more important than updating family etc!!) as we will be waiting. Sure all will be fine.
I have booking in this Friday but scan not for another 2 weeks. My belly has suddenly gone pop this weekend... Not sure how long I will be keeping this hidden from work for!

BelissimaLol Tue 27-Aug-13 08:20:37

Good luck thunder. Do let us know ASAP grin
I'm another one who hated pregnacare. My favourite vitamin turned out to be centrum pregnancy. I'm still taking them as I bought loads and they are supposed to be good for breast feeding too! They are also cheaper than seven seas.
Sorry for those of you feeling bloated and knackered!!!! Wait until you get piles gringrin

Brodicea Tue 27-Aug-13 08:34:33

Good luck thunder !

I'm only 4 weeks and 2 days, so very early days here, was trying for about 12 months with a few interruptions (off work with stress so didn't have a period for two of the months also had a bout of thrush!) - being so ridiculously early doesn't stop me swatting up on the development of the various kinds of cell that are hopefully in there smile I just can't believe it's actually happened - and now there's a whole load of other things to worry about, although I am pleased that his sperm and my egg have managed at least to meet.

Before TTC I was looking at maternity clothes, baby clothes, prams, and then when it took so long I just stopped being able to imagine having an actual baby. It must be so much more so for y'all who have been waiting for years plural.

My nips were bad yesterday, but this morning there's no feeling - I reckon these things must fluctuate throughout the day..

Brodicea Tue 27-Aug-13 08:37:43

D'oh, my friend really wants to go for sushi tonight... think I'll be ordering the hot food! Don't really want to tell her yet confused I hope she doesn't work it out...

PoppySeedBun Tue 27-Aug-13 08:46:04

thunder hope the scan goes well today. Fx for you
barking good luck with the journey home!
I've properly joined the morning sickness bandwagon today at 5+6 sad Still in bed waiting for my stomach to settle, so going to be a bit late in to work. Hoping it doesn't go any further downhill from here...

Thinking of you thunder, guessing you must be in there now.

Sorry you're sick poppy.

Brod does it have to be sushi? Can't you plead an urge for curry?!

boom I would love to see someone as early as possible! I'll be calling the gp/maternity services as soon as I get home. I read on the NHS website for my area that they like to have the booking in appointment early on so they can give advice etc. I don't know if their 'early' matches up with mine though!

4.30am here and I've been wide awake since 3 with a headache thanks to the very loud air conditioning. Third night of very little sleep, and a 7 hour flight tonight. Yesterday I had to apologise to DP's step brother for my grumpiness, and a couple of comments at dinner had me very close to tears (eg DP's 3 year old niece was being quite loud and her mum said 'so is it putting you off having kids?) I really don't know how I'm going to get though the day!!

Brodicea Tue 27-Aug-13 09:46:11

Oh dear barking sounds like fun!

It's her and her friend visiting from the states, and they're both dieting so they 'need' sushi apparently. They're visiting me in my town (she lives in London) so I did suggest some other places, but we've been to this sushi joint before so she insists. I guess I can have a few cucumber makis and then say 'oooh I really feel like a chicken Katsu' or something!

Drums fingers waiting for update from

Hello hello, I'm here. The clinic was an hour from home so have been driving. All is ok! We have a little jumping bean with a good heartbeat. Measuring 2 days ahead at the mo so I'm around 10+3. The relief is like nothing else. The anxiety will be back before the next scan but its another small step in the right direction. Thank you for all the good wishes!

Sushi is on the NHS OK list as long as the fish has been frozen beforehand. So if you can ring ahead/subtly ask about this then you're good to go brod

Hi everyone else x x

Tallyra Tue 27-Aug-13 10:38:25

hi all from my sofa. I've been having up and down days, just glad I'm still on holiday at the moment, I'm not sure what I'll do when work starts again.

I'm sorry you are ill poppy, and I have my fingers crossed that it's just normal ms for you xxx

Tallyra Tue 27-Aug-13 10:39:28

Yay thunder!!!

Thunder that's brilliant news! Yey! Enjoy a worry free day!
Tally FX things get better for you soon... Is it expected to get better towards the end of the first trimester?

Just popping in quickly to check on thunder, amazing news grin

haycorn Tue 27-Aug-13 12:04:07

Brilliant news Thunder! smile

Ah thank you ladies, I really appreciate it.

Sorry to tally and poppy on the sickness. tally if you're home does this mean its not as bad as previous times? And will you be getting early scans?

Wish I was back in bed- adrenaline comedown and no sleep = very tired thunder. Still relishing happy positive thoughts though- well, trying to convinced self it's real!

PoppySeedBun Tue 27-Aug-13 14:30:42

thunder so pleased! Very exciting news. Hold on to that positive feeling for as long as possible!

tally keeping my fingers crossed too. Don't know how I would deal with what you've been dealing with. hmm How have you been coping?

Just today has made me feel like a total zombie. I'm getting hardly anything done at work, but I think it's marginally better to at least attempt to distract myself in front of a computer rather than sitting at home. Also don't feel I can credibly pull a sickie today in case it gets worse later hmm
Trying to do some easy tasks that don't require too much brainpower.

PoppySeedBun Tue 27-Aug-13 14:30:44

thunder so pleased! Very exciting news. Hold on to that positive feeling for as long as possible!

tally keeping my fingers crossed too. Don't know how I would deal with what you've been dealing with. hmm How have you been coping?

Just today has made me feel like a total zombie. I'm getting hardly anything done at work, but I think it's marginally better to at least attempt to distract myself in front of a computer rather than sitting at home. Also don't feel I can credibly pull a sickie today in case it gets worse later hmm
Trying to do some easy tasks that don't require too much brainpower.

Tallyra Tue 27-Aug-13 15:16:11

I cope by lying on the sofa and cuddling the dog. dh is home too as this is our holiday week. however dh doesn't have the greatest tolerance level for me being ill, so he's going to start making things difficult soon by not helping me get food and drink soon I fear.
I will be getting regular scans all though the 1st trimester. had one in hospital and the next one is on Monday 2nd.
the sickness is different for each person so I don't know whether it will stop at 10 weeks, 16 or even carry on for the whole pregnancy. that's the scariest bit, not knowing if it will stop or not.sad

Tally stay positive, it will stop. Otherwise the berries will be around to scare it away! Could you perhaps ask DH to help you prepare and keep topped up a big tray of food that can be near the sofa, eg all things that don't need the fridge. Thinking biscuits, crackers, crisps, fruit, nuts and bottles of water. That way you won't be so reliant on him and he may be more likely to prolong his help with hot food etc

Brodicea Tue 27-Aug-13 16:21:33

Nice one thunder !

Good advice from merkin there on the big tray of food... I think I could do with a nose bag at the moment. I hope you feel better soon!

Will check out the sushi beforehand, although it's all 'freshly caught' and 'local' that so it might not be frozen (you never know! I will check) - actually meeting them tomorrow so should have time.

Wimwom Tue 27-Aug-13 17:55:57

Great news on the scan thunder - I have one this coming sat, hoping for a heart beat like crazy.
tally glad your home - sounds awful, really hoping you will feel better soon. My mum had awful HG and keeps telling me when I complain about feeling sick how lucky I am.... Though did spend most of yesterday in bed trying not to vom. For me I feel better if I eat so DH has installed a box of breakfast bars next to the bed for noshing on during the night. I have put on so much weight during IVF that my trousers are already straining - when can I legit buy mat clothes?! Not helped by still on loads of progesterone drugs that all cause weight gain and bloating.... Nice.
Hope everyone is getting some lovely sunshine today!

Wimwom have you looked at belly bands? Allow you to continue to wear your existing trousers unfastened for a while

I'm another one who feels better if I eat constantly so have placed mini cheddars, rich teas and snack a jacks all over the place so I can grab them quickly.

wim not long til Saturday! Will have everything crossed for you.

PoppySeedBun Tue 27-Aug-13 19:38:11

tally I know what you mean - not knowing when it will end is hard. If I knew there was only a few weeks of this, it would be easier to deal with. The prospect of the whole 40 weeks is not good. hmm Still, trying to take it one day at a time. Hope you get a few good days in a row soon.

I bought the most obvious 'I'm pregnant!' shopping on the way home - pretzels, water biscuits, crackers, ginger beer smile finding white rice with soy quite soothing ATM.

Oooo, lovely news thunder! grin

I have had a very productive morning shopping at a discount mall (and I HATE shopping). Got new jeans, a shirt and a denim jacket from Gap and a pair of very colourful trainers from Skechers and the whole lot cost less than £100!!!

Quodlibet Tue 27-Aug-13 19:50:48

Just popping over from the Elderberry grad thread to say congrats to everyone and what great news from Thunder. Sorry to hear that the twin evils of MS and general anxiety are running amok, the first trimester is such a pain in the arse and feels sooooo slooooow. Time speeds up remarkably later on though - I'm 24 wks now and the last two months have flown by in a blur.

Brodicea Tue 27-Aug-13 19:56:23

I too have a stash of crackers by the bed in preparation as I woke up in the night sooo hungry.
Glad to hear that time speeds up Quod - I only got my BFP on Sunday and I'm on tenterhooks!

Hello quod! Nice to see you. Sorry for being too chicken to make it over to grads so far. In awe of your 24 weeks!

barking good shopping, girl! I love it when it all comes together in a discount place. Better make the most of wearing them jeans before you outgrow them!

BelissimaLol Tue 27-Aug-13 22:26:05

Aw most amazing news thunder!!!!!! You're officially over the horrible landmark of mmc!!! That calls for huge celebrations!!!!!
I'm hoping the other berries are not feeling top crapgrin

Woohoo! Back in the UK! And landed to find out SiL has had her baby. I was dreading this day arriving before I'd even had a bfp, I'd prefer to have been a bit more secure in believing I'm pg but it's definitely easier to bear than it would have been, even if she's used one of my favourite boys names! (doesn't matter as DP had already turned his nose up at it!)

Would love to be heading straight home now but due to waiting around for buses (the later ones were a lot cheaper) and going home via DP's mum then my parents to tell them we're engaged (and now fit in a baby visit as well) we won't get home until tomorrow late afternoon. Yawn.

I get to call the midwife services and check in now though! Will it start feeling a tiny bit real then?!

Ah thank you lol! You're right it is a good milestone to pass after last time. Yesterday just feels like a strange dream already now.

Welcome home barking and well done for getting through the new baby news. Hope the visit goes ok too and you get back to your own bed soon! The midwife bit does make it feel more real I think, but only temporarily for me, then everything goes back to the normal surreal/paranoia status.

I'm in to see the midwife for a booking in appointment next Thursday. Didn't think the first available appointment would be suitable given it was on the first day back at school! So, just a week tomorrow to wait... I don't think I'll get a scan then though, as I'll only be 7 weeks? Does anyone know?

Tallyra Wed 28-Aug-13 16:59:43

unless you can persuade them of a good reason, you probably won't get a scan til near 12 weeks. stingy buggers.

Barking I got 2 separate appointments, one for booking and one at nearly 12 weeks for the scan. It's quite clear from the letter I got (ie answer some questions and bring these forms to the first app and come with a full bladder for the second app) - are there no hints whether you will e getting a second app for the scan from the letter?

Hi all!

Had my first contact appt with midwife today, bloods taken and mentioned that I'd like a homebirth and she was very supportive, although it all seemed very surreal talking about having an ACTUAL baby.

Barking you won't get a scan at the booking appointment, it's always a separate appointment. If you can persuade the midwife that you're not sure of your dates then you might get an early dating scan which is what I did today which will probably be around 8-9 weeks. Oh and welcome back to the UK, sorry you got hit with baby news straight away but at least you're not still waiting to get diffed!

Tallyra Wed 28-Aug-13 18:11:16

oh, and that full bladder thing is a killer when you sit in a waiting room for over an hour.....sad

Tallyra Wed 28-Aug-13 18:13:09

should we start a list? I'm getting confused...

tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!

boom you had a scan today???

BelissimaLol Wed 28-Aug-13 18:37:18

I had a scan at 5-2 and another one at 7-2. You can't see much but on the first one I saw a little pulsating blob which confirmed it was in the right place and with the start of a heartbeat. On the second one the blob was bigger as it looked like a baked bean. The beat was stronger and that was it. Still very reassuring in my opinion. I had both on Nhs due to previous mc so I guess it depends on your trust really.
Are you all planning to have early scans?

I'm not going to bother with the full bladder tally, my uterus is on backwards anyway so they always have to do dildocam hmm Is 'mild' hg an improvement then? Hope so!

A list is a good idea, I've totally lost count..

tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.

Oh no sorry thunder, I had my booking appointment today and asked begged for an early scan grin

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it

Sorry boom I'm being slow- did they say yes to a scan then?

Hi everyone else. Do we need some more furniture and comforting features on this ere copter?

Bought a Doppler yesterday... Should arrive today. Will either be amazing or v disappointing that its too early to find a heartbeat!

Which one did you buy merk? I have an angel sounds one (cheapy) from last time but never heard one.

Yeah it's an angel sounds, found a YouTube of someone getting one at 10 weeks. Am waiting impatiently at home for it to arrive!

How exciting! I hope it works.
At my scan the nurse said she thinks my placenta is at the front- guess that might get in the way!

barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.

I would love an early scan but I'd want to mention to the midwife that it was the first cycle on clomid, which means I knew my dates as I took my tablets on cd2-6! However I did have some spotting yesterday which freaked me out just a little bit so if I mention that then just maybe? And the 6 days of spotting I had around when AF was due is still playing on my mind even though I got my bfp after it. This 12ww makes the 2ww feel easy hmm .

Finally home this evening so will be pimping on a clearblue digi - hoping it tells me the number of weeks I think I am! Should I still wait until tomorrow to use fmu or should it not matter as I'm not testing early?

It works!!!! WOW! Took me a while to find it (and I have a painfully full bladder) but I have a baby in there an it sounds like a train!!! Whoop whoop

MotherOfCleo Thu 29-Aug-13 10:36:55

Whoop whoop Merkin!!!! Congrats :-)

Definitely me ntion the spotting barking, that may be your key to an early scan.

Wow!!! Fantastic merk!!

Wow, Merk that must be amazing!!!!

More spotting here this morning, after waking up with what felt like mild period pain. Hmm. <whistles a happy tune and gets ready to smile sweetly at MiL before visiting DP's new nephew....>

Still unsure about telling my mum on the way home about pgy - (we're going round to tell them we're engaged but I was intending to tell mum about being pg as well for the moral support). I think I might just break down though. Had a great night's sleep last night but that was the first in 5 nights, so still feeling tired and irrational.

Berries please send me sanity vibes for dealing with the in laws and new baby this morning!

Brodicea Thu 29-Aug-13 11:34:01

I didn't know you could buy those things!

barking eeuurgh, sorry to hear about your day. I gather spotting is quite normal, and the pain could just be movement in your womb (stretching etc). I feel your pain about the nephew, my SIL gave birth recently, but it felt like a stab in the heart when we were TTC and she was all bumpified and pregnant - I was totally suppressing eye-rolls whenever she complained about it. My advice, just remember the good things in YOUR life and try not to dwell on their situation - I bet you'd rather have your relationship, and your life, your outlook etc.

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it
barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.
brodicea 4w+4, very tired and occasional nausea.

Can someone please sausage slap my MiL? We just told her were engaged and she was very happy. Then she said 'and of course the next happy news will be a baby on the way'. DP told her firmly that when we had news she would know. She wouldn't let it drop, kept going on about it. Then turned to me and said 'will it upset you, seeing the new baby?'
'I'll be fine'
'Are you sure?'


PoppySeedBun Thu 29-Aug-13 12:21:50

barking <sausage wang!> smile
Nothing like a 'helpful' MIL!

Argh barking, big slap for the mil. I would call your midwife /epu about the spotting, it is probably nothing to worry about however they are the people who can help, check and put your mind at rest

Urgh not sure my new pregnancy vits agree with me! Just took one (centrum) with some water and walked to the shop. Had to run home (just made it) to violently puke orange fizzy stuff into the toilet!

Oh barking you need some super powers to get through today! I don't envy you that but have done sanity vibes from here if they help. Definitely call your epic about spotting. I'm sure it's fine- it's so common but I think you would feel reassured if someone was really looking after you. You could probably get a scan too.

merk did you take them after food? I think the acid can be a bit much if there's nothing to absorb it- I was getting quite a sore stomach after taking pregnacare ones if I didn't have a full belly.

I'm sure your epu is epic barking gringrin
I read the packet and it said take with water (unlike the pregnacare which specified with food) so I just glugged it down! Lesson learnt. The fear that I was going to be sick in the street had me running home pretty fast

PoppySeedBun Thu 29-Aug-13 12:47:42

Ugh. Only day 3 of MS and I've already played the 'going home sick' card. Feel ridiculous for using it this early on, when I will almost certainly need it again (and again), but just couldn't focus on anything or anyone. I even made it into work (1hr tube commute) before having to declare.
Now at home and hoping a duvet day sorts me out. Feel like a bit of a failure though - I'm sure this is nothing like what you've been having tally

Re: early scans, I'm in two minds. Quite want an early one to check I'm not going through all this for nothing. But after MMC last time, I'm acutely aware it can still go wrong afterwards, so tempted to wait a bit longer so as not to get hopes up.

merkin amazing - glad that those things work! Sorry about the vitamin incident. I've been taking mine in the evening with food, which seems tobe working so far (pregnacare tho)

barking you might be able to persuade them of an early scan because of the Clomid - I think it helped me last time. Good luck with the rest of your visits.

Can someone add this, as I'm on my phone:
PoppySeedBun 6+1, MS and sore boobs plus TIREDNESS, MMC last time, TTC 3 yrs.

Brodicea Thu 29-Aug-13 13:49:26

Grr for you barking I would have been cranked out!

Brodicea Thu 29-Aug-13 13:50:35

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it
barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.
brodicea 4w+4, very tired and occasional nausea.
PoppySeedBun 6+1, MS and sore boobs plus TIREDNESS, MMC last time, TTC 3 yrs.

crazycranberry Thu 29-Aug-13 15:37:38

Erm, sorry if I am being a little dense but what is 'elderberry'? Not sure if this is a niche thread and wether or not I should post?
Thanks guys

Hi crazy The elderberries are a group of 30+ woman who have known each other from an ongoing TTC thread. This thread is for people from the elderberry TTC thread who have recently got a BFP. Having said that we're a friendly bunch (all over 30, have been TTC over a year and now between 4.5 and 10.5 weeks pregnant) and if you want to join us and want some support in early pregnancy feel free to hop on board!

Quodlibet Thu 29-Aug-13 16:18:44

Crazy it originally came from 'Elderly Primigravida' (term for a woman having her first child over the age of 30!) which we all thought sounded like Elderberry Pavlova.

If you fit our criteria you're very welcome crazy, all the other pregnancy threads seemed to be full of very confidentally pg women, and it took all of us at least a year (some a lot longer) to get pg and due to being older and this being number 1 for us all, we're here for mutual support as we're all in a similar situation and quite worried rather than just excited blush . We're only a niche in that we're all waiting for baby #1, over 30 and struggled to conceive.

Speaking of which, I feel weird calling anyone about the spotting as I haven't 'booked in' yet so have no one to officially call, and I doubt they could do anything to stop anything going wrong anyway. Unless it gets worse I'll just wait for my appointment next week. Hopefully the spotting plus clomid might sway an early scan.

barking the epu is there for you before you book in. Last time I was pg I went to the gp first who said if I had any spotting at all or persistent cramping I could go straight there. That's why it's called early pregnancy unit. Obviously you don't have to if you don't want, but don't not go because you feel you shouldn't- that's exactly what it's there for.

Hi crazy. Yeah quite niche if 'old, mad and petrified with no other kids' is niche!

crazycranberry Thu 29-Aug-13 17:28:51

Thanks for explaining. I am 39 and this is my 2nd child. I am 7weeks but I fell straight away so certainly haven't been through the heartache and frustration that you lovely ladies have been though!
Might just pop back now and again to see what's new x

Good luck with your pregnancy crazy, feel free to drop in whenever you fancy
Berries I do not recommend getting a only £20 bargain from amazon Doppler. Have worked from home today and in between every bloody meeting I have been whipping it out to give it another listen grin

Have you heard it every time merk?
tempted to dust mine off now

I received photos of the bean today from the scan. Bit disappointing they didn't catch it looking a bit more baby shaped as we saw at the time.

Congratulations on your bfp crazy, exciting times ahead for you and your family. And we like hellos here!

Yes every time, but its taken at least 10 mins to find it (am getting the hang of it now) and its quiet without a seriously full bladder. My technique has been to find the placenta (about an inch above the hairline) which sounds like a slow heartbeat, then move gradually around from that point. If I can't hear placenta or baby I go back to the placenta and move in a different direction, really really slowly. The bit I didn't get at first is that the sound isn't instant, so you can't have it in constant motion. You have to move a mm, pause and listen, then move again iykwim

Tallyra Thu 29-Aug-13 19:16:11

Grr. today it seems to have turned into medium hg. retching multiple times today and unable to eat sad

Oh tally you poor thing can you get more help?

merk do you know any alternatives for the gel they provide that one might have around the house?

Tallyra Thu 29-Aug-13 19:24:42

not really. I either stay like this or go into hospital which I'd excruciatingly boring.

Can they make you more comfortable in hospital?

Poor you tally.
Thunder seems for just sound that the gel is less important, so baby lotion, cream, olive oil, Vaseline, lube wink etc all will work according to the Internet!

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 19:52:32

Oh tally - poor you, I hope it goes back down the scale to mild soon.
merk thanks for the belt advice - def going to look into one as it's getting tricky getting dressed these days! The Doppler sounds like so much fun.
Hello to everyone else - am I allowed to join the list or strictly long term berries only? I was one for a while.... X

<pictures a situation involving a lot of olive oil later>

Thanks prof!

Get yourself on the list wim! You are in the copter now aren't you?
2 days til scan eh? How are you feeling?

Wim get on the list, you're a berry now!
Not sure if you know but this is a temporary thread while we all get more comfortable and start to believe we are actually pregnant! Then we will graduate for real and join the other berries on the grad thread

yeah or maybe just hide in the corner here on my own

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 21:00:57

Ok - dunce that I am now can't add to list as not iPhone compatible! Ooops. The other grads have real life babies though don 't they? I can't imagine that yet!

You can do it on an iPhone wim. Well I think you can because I did it and I only ever do mn on my iPhone!

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 21:13:52

Merkin, 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra, 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom, 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it
barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.
brodicea 4w+4, very tired and occasional nausea.
PoppySeedBun 6+1, MS and sore boobs plus TIREDNESS, MMC last time, TTC 3 yrs.
Wimwom - 7&2 on off a bit of all symptoms. IVF baby. Scan at 7+4

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 21:15:35

Am so proud of myself - it's me that's not iPhone compatible clearly!

Well done wim

Next challenge: do it again and make the names bold...


Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 21:56:25

Merkin 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it
barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.
brodicea 4w+4, very tired and occasional nausea.
PoppySeedBun 6+1, MS and sore boobs plus TIREDNESS, MMC last time, TTC 3 yrs.
Wimwom- 7&2 on off a bit of all symptoms. IVF baby. Scan at 7+4

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 21:56:49

Love a challenge! grin

Bosh! Technowhizz!

Wimwom Thu 29-Aug-13 22:01:58

Lets not overestimate my abilities wink
Off for my two nightly injections.... Bummer.

Haha! Thunder are you sure you're not a teacher?! Sounds just like me in the classroom:

- I can't do it.
- Yes you can.
- There you go, I've done it!
- Very good. Now go and do it properly.

haycorn Thu 29-Aug-13 22:32:30

Adding myself to the list...

Merkin 10w, sickness has thankfully gone leaving me to be permanently emotional and tired!
tallyra 6w+6, suffering mild hg on the sofa. dog breath is my current trigger....
boom 6+1, hoping to wangle early NHS scan. Slightly sensitive nips, otherwise drawing a blank on the symptoms.
thunder 10+5, feel rough in every way but eating my way through it
barking 6w+3, struggling to believe it is real. Random nausea, headaches and tiredness.
brodicea 4w+4, very tired and occasional nausea.
PoppySeedBun 6+1, MS and sore boobs plus TIREDNESS, MMC last time, TTC 3 yrs.
Wimwom- 7&2 on off a bit of all symptoms. IVF baby. Scan at 7+4
Haycorn - 7+1, constant (but luckily mild) nausea and hair loss (is that even a pregnancy symptom? Maybe it's just old age?)

I'm so sorry that your sickness is getting worse Tally. I really don't know how you are managing to cope with it. My nausea is only mild, no actual vomiting at all, but it's still really getting me down. I hope it gets better for you soon.

BelissimaLol Fri 30-Aug-13 05:44:24

Wim I was on the way to the hospital in full blown labour and still could not think of life with a real baby so you're not doing too bad there gringrin

Bel is life with a real life baby the reason you're posting at 5.44?!

After the first solid night's sleep in a long time last night, I'm finally back in my own bed and I woke up at 5am with a headache and needing a wee. sad Can't get back to sleep now! I pimped on a cb digi (didn't dare try yesterday, waited for fmu) and it immediately said pregnant 3+ weeks. It's nice to see after seeing so many not pregnant but I immediately told myself that it didn't mean anything as even if something had gone wrong I'd still have the hormones to give that result <sigh>.
However the headaches, the insomnia and the nausea that has kicked in now I'm awake are definitely real!

How are you doing Tally? Are you sitting it out at home or have you gone back to the hospital?

Morning berries

I'm so exhausted. My face is full of spots and I really struggled to keep it together at work yesterday, I was so tired and hungry! All of which are potentially symptoms..(?) so in a perverse way I'm pleased that I feel like cack.

Merk ooooh well done finding the heartbeat! I've got a doppler too (tsk, because we're not supposed to encourage women to buy them, but seriously...who wouldn't) but won't try and use it until a lot later, my uterus is retroverted so no chance of finding a heartbeat until it tilts forward at about 12wks. Incidentally, that slow sound you're finding isn't the placenta, it's your own pulse. The placenta/cord pulses at the same rate as the baby's heart, but is a 'whooshier' sort of noise, whereas a heartbeat is a crisper sound. Either is a good indication that all is well in utero though! <lecture over>

Barking hurrah for CBD confirmation! I think it might do you good to get down to EPU, you're perfectly entitled to as that's what it's there for and maybe you could do with the reassurance of an early scan.

Tally boo to the sickness. How are you feeling this morning?

Thunder I don't know if I'll get the scan, the midwife has requested it but it's up to the ultrasound department to allocate scans according to urgency, so I'll just have to wait and see if I get a letter. Going on last time, usually takes 2 weeks minimum to get a referral anyway.

Right, off to work to prod some bumps. It's a bit surreal thinking that might be me in a few months...I can't picture it at all. I think the day I can't do my jeans up any more will be the biggest shock of my life!

Boom I need more details on the difference between wooshy placenta and crisp heartbeat!
Also, anyone know what q's they will ask me in booking about OHs medical history (as he's not coming with me this morn)

It's hard to describe Merk! The heart sounds more like knocking, or sometimes it sounds like a train or galloping horses, but quite a well defined sound. The placenta sounds a bit more, er, liquidy? Like water gushing in bursts I suppose. My powers of description aren't great, remind me never to try and write a novel!

OH's medical history - they're unlikely to want to know much apart from any genetic conditions in his immediate family. Poor dads don't get much of a look-in at the booking appt.

Thanks, was definitely an obvious train so going to take that as baby!
Off to get ready for my hour and a half shock with the midwife!

BelissimaLol Fri 30-Aug-13 09:00:46

Yep barking was posting with baby attached to my boob -- where she is now and spends most of her waking life-- smile
Good news on scans.
I've no idea on Doppler merk

Morning all. It's Friday, hooray!!

barking you made me choke on my coffee with the teacher comment! Poor wim was subjected to my encouragement and empowerment bit. Sorry about the headache - lots of water (and I found a bit of caffeine because I'm addicted) might help. Regular good too to keep sugars up.

merk sounds like you definitely heard bubs which is fantastic. I tried last night but got nothing apart from my own blood which I hear really clearly on both sides just inside my hips. Just too early for me I think.

boom tired and hungry- you know that makes sense! It's hard work but I know what you mean, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Hello hay, how are you doing??

I have a week and one day til dating scan. Am trying desperately not to feel confident about it. Just need the week to pass and to get past that point! Can someone just fast-forward the week please

An hour and a half merk!? Holy crap! That's pretty hardcore!

Isn't that standard boom? That's how long both of mine have been...

Was an hour and 15 mins in the end! I now have my maternity notes so am 'official'. Midwife was lovely

Nope, we get 40 mins to do a booking where I work. My booking appointment took 15 minutes the other day (different area to where I work)! I think they split the booking into several appointments, because I didn't get my notes, so I'm still hovering on the unofficial sidelines hmm

Hmm, so Mr Boom has just revealed that he's told his mum that I'm up the spout. A bit annoyed, I didn't want to tell people until we were safely past 10wks at least, but I suppose I've told my sister and best mate so couldn't be too annoyed. Guess I'll have to tell my mum now or she'll be upset if she finds out, looks like the cat's out of the flipping bag!

haycorn Fri 30-Aug-13 18:12:40

Hi all, think I could do with a wang if anyone is available and wants to get a bit of upper arm exercise?

Last night was first night in over a week that I haven't had to get up in middle of the night for a wee. Today is first day in over a week that I haven't had to lie down on the floor at some point to deal with nausea. Instead of feeling relieved to have had more sleep and an easier day, I am now panicking that my symptoms have disappeared because I'm not pregnant anymore. Is that likely to be the case? Please tell me I'm overreacting.

Haycorn I do not have any sausages handy but I can improvise with a baguette....
My symptoms disappeared between 7 and 8 weeks very abruptly, the bloating, insomnia, nausea and sore boobs all disappeared. I panicked then too. However remember that hormone levels increase at different rates and also plateau at times, and that your body also gets used to them hence the symptoms appearing to come and go. We have all been there hence why the first tri is so bloody worrying with a new worry round every corner. Deep breath, you will be fine, even if that's hard to believe today

Boom it is annoying to have not been prewarned! I've told my mum but I said to DP that although it was his decision I'd rather his mum didn't know until the scan. He knows what she's like and he agreed grin.

Haycorn it doesn't mean anything at all <<<< WANG! >>>>

not that I didn't have exactly the same reaction when I woke up one morning without nausea and was so happy (briefly) to get it back the next day

Oh and Boom I would be cross too. Give him a slap with a sausage for being naughty

Ok, I thought I was being overly negative and anxious, but I've just told my best mate (didn't intend to, called her to tell her we were engaged and to ask her to be a bridesmaid and somehow I just couldn't help myself...) and she practically told me I needed to be more pessimistic! shock. She had two miscarriages before her successful pg so she's being realistic, but very harshly so I thought! 'Make sure you don't go to the scan on your own' (she did, and that's when she found out there was no heartbeat) 'Don't expect anything from the scan, then you're prepared in case it's bad news'. 'There's so much that can go wrong, don't get your hopes up'. 'We didn't really relax until (their son) was born'.

Ok, ok, I get the message!!!!

Was expecting it to be a more upbeat reaction, I have to admit!! The most positive thing she said was 'at least you know you can get pregnant now'.

It's almost had the opposite effect and I'm more determined to believe everything will be ok! hmm

For those of you who have told people, what has the reaction been?

Ooh barking that's a bit harsh! She might have had a bad experience but I think a 'congratulations and I have my fingers crossed for you' would have been more appropriate.

I've only told my sister and best mate. My friend has been overexcited, in fact I've had to tell her to calm down (she started getting her MIL to knit baby cardies!); my sister's been more reserved, she's pleased but suggested very strongly that I don't tell mum until I'm 12wks at least because mum was so devastated last time and would be worried sick all the way through early pg. which is true, but hard to hear!

Glad you haven't let it shake you though. Has the spotting died down? Xx

No spotting yesterday smile . Awful insomnia again though. Gave up trying to get to sleep at 1am and started a new knitting project instead! Had about 3 hours sleep and now feel really nauseous. I think my plans for the day are pretty much scuppered! DP on a stag do so dog walks up to me as well. Dog already giving me the eye.

I was in two minds about telling my mum but figured I would want to tell her if anything goes wrong so I might as well tell her now. I decided the same with my friend, especially as she had confided her pg and then MC in me. However my other friend I'm meeting next week to ask to be another bridesmaid is an instadiffer with 2 kids who has always been full of confidence that it would happen for me, it was just a matter of time. She's the only other one I would tell but I don't know if I want to now! I think she's more likely to be the overly enthusiastic one and I don't know if I can cope with being pulled both ways!! Woken up feeling quite upset about first friend's reaction although 3 hours sleep could have something to do with that.

MotherOfCleo Sat 31-Aug-13 09:06:33

barking that does sound harsh sad my best mate is a doctor and was the first person I told after my OH, she was thrilled, she did say 1 in 3 pregnancies end in mc but once we had the early 8wk scan an saw the heartbeat she said that it was really unlikely things would go wrong.

Plus every day gets you closer to a healthy baby, I think you need to be able to believe and be positive, so I would try to ignore her as much as possible, this is meant to be an exciting time so just try to be as calm and happy as you can. Hard at times I know.

I wish I could knit barking! In fact, do you know what the best way to teach myself would be? Can you buy starter kits?

I'm not surprised you're upset. I can sort of understand her comments, she's trying to protect you from being hurt the way she was, but negativity isn't going to change the anything anyway so she may as well be hopeful for you!

I taught myself to knit using this book Boom. Very simple to follow grin.

Wimwom Sat 31-Aug-13 12:57:48

Am impressed - so crafty! Will knitted cardies be coming for all berries grin
Running in to say - little wim is def there and has a heart! Hooray! Scan was exciting, and my booking in and nhs scan dates turned up today - a big step in the thinking this is actually real states!

Oooo!! How exciting Wim!! grin

I knitted a cardi for my mate's 18 month old and it took me forever. Currently trying to get 5 teddies knitted in the next 2 weeks. Only started this morning (as in 2am). The insomnia will help....

Great news Wim! It's a good feeling and such a short lived relief!

Oooh Wim that's awesome! How far on did they make you?

Thanks Barking will have to get on Amazon!

Quiet today, everyone ok other than the expected fretting?

Fret fret fret!

I have been entertaining yet again. And now I'm awake at this silly o'clock yawnnnnnnnnnn

barking re your friend. There's realistic and cautious and then there's just downright negative and it sounds like she has got the balance a bit wrong there. Yes things can go wrong, like everything in life, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate the successes we have! Getting pregnant is an amazing thing and despite the worry we should probably all stop and have a mini celebration. We wouldn't enjoy anything if we were held to ransom by possible future events which are far more likely NOT to happen anyway.

Woah feel like I've just given myself a pep talk there.

wim fantastic news on the scan!! So when's the next one now?

Having a panic, blood when I wiped. Problem is, I only noticed as I flushed the loo (blasé me, not checking the loo paper for once) so I flushed the evidence away.
Wiped again and got a small spot of red blood. Not sure of the source iykwim, as there was definitely more when I went to the loo so hoping it could be a uti (again) and blood in my wee. However have a sinking feeling it's not. Have no sanitary pads in the house so am sitting in my dressing gown with loo paper in my knickers wondering whether I should wake OH and what to do next.
Can I have a hand to hold please

I'm here merk, hand hold away. Have you thought about calling EPU? I know we all know, but going to dredge up the line anyway - bleeding is relatively common in early pregnancy and often for no obvious reason (unless you had sex last night? which is a common cause). Fingers crossed that's the case here. Try not to panic, I'd call down to the EPU and see if you can go in. You could also phone your community midwife (there will be someone on duty even if it's not your named midwife), she can dip your wee and see if it's got blood/leucocytes in it.

And I'd wake up Mr Merk, it's scary and you need some support. Hope it all turns out to be a false alarm xxxx

katatonic Sun 01-Sep-13 08:51:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thanks guys. I'm 10w4d. Had a rummage (even when scared shitless I can still raise a smile at the word rummage) and its definitely vaginal. I'm holding off ringing EPU because I know the first question they will ask is how much, and I don't know yet. Unfortunately no sex last night so I can't blame it on that...

There's quite a lot of blood. Just rang the 24 hour maternity triage line and they don't see anyone under 18 weeks so said to go to A&E

Merk I'd bypass A&E and get yourself to EPU, A&E is fine but doesn't have scanners/specialists so would only have to refer you on. I'm hoping so hard for you that everything's ok and it's just one of those random bleeds xx

katatonic Sun 01-Sep-13 09:16:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

On the front of my maternity notes there isn't a number for the epu, only the 24 hour triage number which was the one I rang. The midwife I spoke to said they only saw people from 18 weeks and she said a and e so I assume the epu is closed or she would have given me their number. I looked online and epu seems only to be Monday to Friday. Argh, I'm with you that I think a and e will be useless but not sure what else to do. Although I'm not sure there's much epu can do either other than deliver good or bad news.
My plan is procrastinate as long as possible to walk to the shop for some san pro and then decide based on how much I'm bleeding. At last look it was quite a lot, mostly brown it some pink. The walking to the shop is kind of important as weird fact I only bleed when I'm stood up so sitting down at home doesn't really tell me anything.
Can you tell I'm all over the place? Apologies for multiple posts

Another hand here Merk. It's very easy for me to say but my friend lost loads of blood one morning when around 12 weeks. 'Gushed' out of her in the shower, more than AF would have been, and her and her DH both thought she'd mc again. Everything was absolutely fine and she had a healthy baby.
fx you get some reassurance from whoever you see. thanks


I'm the same merk, don't bleed until I'm walking. Further to my account of my mate, this happened to her on a weekend and she had to wait until Monday for a scan. Didn't want to put that bit in as hoped it would be different where you are blush .

BelissimaLol Sun 01-Sep-13 09:31:31

Oh merk try as keep calm yeah right
I don't think epus open at weekends and everyone will send you to A&E which in my opinion will be useless and are very unlikely to offer you a scan. Why don't you call Nhs direct? They will ask you to describe exactly what you see and feel and then prob tell you to get emergency gp tomorrow. Then EPU of course. You are right, none of them can do anything but they can reassure you.
Let us know how u feeling x

I too am wondering if I am best waiting it out until tomorrow as A&E are going to be a waste of time.
Got a bit teary walking back from the shop but now have huge, thanks to crap selection at corner shop towel in place and red blood has def turned to brown, even if there is a fair amount of it. Currently having no pain either, so clinging on to those two things as positive. What do you think? Sit tight until tomorrow unless the bleeding gets worse?
I'm trying to be calm, and I know lots of people bleed without anything to worry about, but surely if my cervix is supposed to be closed this cant be a good sign? Think small cat is worried about me as he has plonked himself firmly on my knee which is a rare privilege

Offering a hand to hold here as well merk. Lol's NHS direct is a good idea I think - they are usually great on there. And epu will scan you tomorrow if you can go- don't know what a&e will do- unless the bleeding is threatening your own life iyswim.

Bleeding isn't uncommon and so it might be a good idea to take a bit more time to work out exactly what's going on before you do anything.

I can't believe there's nowhere to get support on a weekend unless you're more than 18 weeks. Nice one NHS confused

Having read some more stuff it suggests only to go to a & e if soaking more than one pad an hour, or hving severe cramping. Think I'm a long way off that so am going to hold out.
Thunder I had the exact same thought about having nowhere to go and the midwife being a bit off with me on the phone. But again I suppose they don't want to say it but there's nothing they can do if something does go wrong.
Am sitting here worrying over every twinge so am going to wake OH up so we can go and do something to take my mind off it.
On another note having not bought sanitary towels since I was 12 why have always got bigger??? These are not heavy ones or anything as far as I can tell from the packet, although they are extra long. I've got my biggest pants on and they're wider than my gusset (snigger) and almost from my belly button to my waist band at the back!!! Had totally forgotten the nappy like feeling when wearing them

MotherOfCleo Sun 01-Sep-13 10:05:45

merk it is definitely a good sign if it is brownish/pinkish blood, although I'm sure one of the other girls cavort perhaps, had bright red blood a couple of times and all was fine. I have everything crossed that all is ok and it is just one of those random bleeds. My friend bled all the way through her pregnancy, I forget how many times she was hospitalised and she now has a happy healthy 2 year old.

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes and healthy thoughts to bubs! Plus lots of brew and biscuit to keep your sugars up.

merk what on earth have you bought?! Are you sure you haven't got pampers by mistake. I have some always and they're thinner than they used to be but quite gusset shaped/sized.

Or perhaps you have a smaller than average gusset circumference yourself? wink
Wake him up and give it a bit of time. Another anecdote but I have a friend who bled quite a bit and they did do something after scanning her. They signed her off and told her total rest for 2 weeks. And it stopped and all is fine now.

So there is a point in telling someone, its just it might be better to be epu first thing tomorrow rather than spending your day stressing in a&e waiting room for no avail.

Grrrrr to bolshy mw as well.

Always ultra long. For experimental purposes I just measured one and they are 9.5cm wide at the ends and 8.5cm wide in the middle so hardly shaped at all (no wings). And 27cm long!! I had no choice anyway so they will have to do.
Bleeding seems to have stopped but maybe because I'm sitting down. Am debating not saying anything to OH at all yet as it will only panic/stress him and there may be no need.
Thank you ladies for being amazing, don't know what I'd do without you. Will keep you posted but hopefully there'll be nothing else to update

Ps my heart is still going like mad... Not sure I will survive this much stress for another 6 months!!!

Cavort Sun 01-Sep-13 10:41:01

Merk this happened to me at 9+3 pretty much exactly as you describe and the resulting baby is currently on my lap trying to stop me typing on my phone so try not to panic, which I know is near impossible. If you search there are loads of stories online of early pregnancy bleeding (some really bad) resulting in healthy babies which I found reassuring to read when it happened to me.

Get yourself on the sofa with a box set and a supply of drinks and snacks and don't move for the rest of the day. There is no point walking around to make it worse when you actually want it to stop! And also don't panic if you can't find a heartbeat with the Doppler as it's far too early to reliably find it every time and some MW's even struggle to find it at 16 weeks.

It also happened to me on a weekend and I had to go through the torture of waiting until EPU opened on Monday morning. I couldn't self-refer to mine (I think some you can) so I phoned my named MW first thing Monday morning and she arranged for a scan Monday lunchtime.

EPU shouldn't want to see the towel unless it is unusual in some way, they will want to know about the colour, whether there are any clots, quantity, duration and any accompanying pain. I got the impression that brown blood isn't seen as a potential problem so if you want to get a scan make sure you emphasise how red it was.

I would only go to A&E if you have symptoms of ectopic (which you definitely haven't if you've already had a scan showing a baby in the right place?) and phone your out-of-hours GP number if bleeding gets heavier or is accompanied by cramps and they will get someone to assess/advise you over the phone, although all they can really offer is pain relief. NHS Direct were useless IMO and not worth bothering with for early pregnancy.

You've seen a good strong heartbeat already so I'm sure this is just one of those unexplained incidents which don't indicate a problem. smile

Thanks Cavort. Feel a bit like this is teaching me a lesson for finally starting to feel a bit more confident. Am not getting the Doppler out as that will just worry me more I think.
The weirdest thing is that I woke up after a random dream where OHs friend was asking me what to do with his bed sheets because they were covered in blood. Strange.

I'm back... Beware TMI. Final knicker check before leaving the house was lots more brown blood and a v small black clot which left a red blood mark on the loo roll. Doesn't change anything, however full blown panic is back. Am willing this baby to stick with me but so worried its not going to be.
Not sure what i think telling you all this will do...

Quodlibet Sun 01-Sep-13 11:53:58

Oh Merk how stressful. I really feel for you.
One very normal thing it could be is a subchorionic haematoma - when I had my early scan she noticed I had one of these and said that I might experience a bleed, or it might re absorb. It's basically when the implantation causes a little bleed outside of the amniotic sac and the blood just hangs around (hence why old brown blood and not worrying). I know it's very very hard not to get wound up about it - likewise can't believe EPU is not open on weekends!

Oh Merk, have you got anything to keep you occupied? Is DH being helpful? I wish I could send you a time machine and whizz you forward to when the epu opens tomorrow. thanks

BlindKitty Sun 01-Sep-13 14:20:57

Just came in for a nosey (nowt good to report!)

<throws arms around merk> not that I know anything about this sort of stuff but from what can gather this can happen to list of people and be nothing to worry about. Like barking said, go and put on a box set or listen to a relaxation cd or something. Thinking of my fellow berry smile xxx

Still here, have had 3 hours on the sofa dozing during the football... Thought my back and stomach were starting to ache but I suspect that might have been my imagination from worrying.
Still brown blood when I wipe,but as per before lying/sitting down isn't going to give me a clear picture. However I don't really feel like doing anything other than sofa hugging so am going to just stay here and assess in the morning. Thanks for all the positive thoughts

PoppySeedBun Sun 01-Sep-13 16:42:48

Sending lots more positive thoughts, merk
Can only reiterate what others have said - brown is good, hang on until you can get to EPU in the morning. But I know that doesn't really help with the waiting and worrying. Hope that OH is fully up to speed and being supportive.
Fingers crossed for you, and hoping you get a nice straightforward all clear in the morning. thanks

MotherOfCleo Sun 01-Sep-13 20:13:32

Thinking of you Merk

haycorn Sun 01-Sep-13 22:35:14

Only just checked in today. There's another hand to hold over here Merk if you need it, although it seems that you are weighed down with hands at the moment (now have image of you buried under pile of disembodied hands - much creepier than the supportive image I was going for).

I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight, and that your mind is put at ease tomorrow.

Sending thanks merk, keep us posted tomorrow and hope you get some good rest tonight.

Woken up this morning with a tightness across my abdomen, not quite cramps but close and uncomfortable, and its on and off every few mins. Braved a trip to the loo to see the expected red blood. Have now got back into bed (wimp) as EPU doesn't open for another 2 hours and im not sure what else to do. Feels quite inevitable now I'm afraid. Thanks for your lovely messages. Feel like I'm clinging on to the helicopter by a frayed rope that isn't going to last today x

Oh merk <massive bearhug> keep hanging on! It's not over yet, just get yourself through the next couple of hours and down to the EPU as soon as you can. Wake the OH up for some support, have some breakfast and just take yourself down there. So sorry you're feeling so worried (wins prize for understatement) but there's still hope. Thinking of you xxx

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 06:30:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thinking of you merk, wake DH up, don't stress on your own. It's not over until a scan says so, fx for you thanks .

Same from me, merk. Wake him up and get a cup of tea and some biscuits and a cuddle. I hope the epu are open on time and lovely thanks

Cavort Mon 02-Sep-13 07:44:41

Merk I know you won't feel any better until you get that scan, but this really is exactly what I had for 3 days and all was fine, so please don't give up hope. Unexplained bleeding really is very common thanks

haycorn Mon 02-Sep-13 07:45:51

Thinking of you Merk, and hoping against hope for good news.

On our way to a and e, cramps are unbearable and making me physically sick

Wimwom Mon 02-Sep-13 08:04:26

Oh merk - am so hoping everything will be ok for you and this is just one of those horrid bumps in the road. We're all thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

Cavort Mon 02-Sep-13 09:03:14

Thinking of you Merk. I hope everything is ok x

Brodicea Mon 02-Sep-13 09:14:43

Thinking of you this morning merk will keep everything crossed xxxx

MotherOfCleo Mon 02-Sep-13 09:31:47

Thinking of you merk, hoping against hope that all is ok! xxx thanks

I'm back home. Went quickly through a & e triage (as all the pain was on one side so i think they were particularly worried). Saw a doctor in the EPU after about 90 mins, by which point, after 3 hours of agony, the cramps suddenly disappeared. Anyway, doc says my cervix is closed which is potentially a good sign and I've to go back on wed for a scan. Currently no pain and only brown spotting. Two other women in EPU/gynae were looking down their noses at me as they were all glam and immaculate and I had not brushed my hair or washed my face, I looked like I had got dressed in the dark and then been dragged through a hedge backwards. However whilst kneeling on the floor in pain I didn't really care.
Am going to have to tell work now (awkward as my boss and I don't get on and he is a complete prick) and am planning on taking days off til after the scan, assuming I can get a sick note from the doctor. Anyway that's a long way of explaining I'm back in bed, ok but petrified iykwim, and sitting on a fence precariously until wed morn. Thanks for the support x

PoppySeedBun Mon 02-Sep-13 10:26:31

Ohmerk so sorry you have another wait. V. annoying that they couldnt scan you today. Still, glad you got seen quickly, and it must be a good sign that the docs weren't too concerned at this stage. Rest up and try and distract yourself with some rubbish telly or something. Hope your boss is helpful for a change, and if not, he can have a wang from all of us!

MotherOfCleo Mon 02-Sep-13 10:28:02

Everything crossed for you merk! Thinking of you. Closed cervix is definitely a good sign!

Screw your boss, tell him you have D&V if that is easier, I usually find that stops questions being asked and nobody in the office wants you around anyway in-case you're contagious. Plus you can't come in for 48 hours after you're clear so gives you 2 days of potential working from home too.

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 10:31:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Merk you poor thing, what a morning. Do you feel at all reassured? I'm so glad the bleeding's stopped (ish) and the pain's gone, that's all good. Can only speak from experience, but once I got to the point of painful cramping that was it, everything happened very quickly. So the fact that it's stopped seems to be hopeful.

Find it hard to believe that they wouldn't scan you today, especially with concerns re: ectopic. Just a suggestion, but there's always the option of an earlier private scan, although of course there's no guarantee there'll be appropriate medical staff there to support you.

Couldn't you tell work that you've been off with acute abdominal pain? It's true, and could be any number of things...the doctor might even be able to write you a sick note to that effect.

Oh, and I'm sure the women in EPU weren't looking down their noses, but if they were they deserve a good sausage-slapping!

Sending you love, brew, cake and a bear for hugging while you watch crappy telly x

Good merk! I'm so glad you are home safe, the cramping has stopped and you are resting in bed. What an awful morning you and DH have had- definitely time for some treats. And yes, sod work- say you're not well and you will need at least the next couple of days off. When I had my mc I just said 'gynaecological' and that shut em up.

kat do you have your scan today? How far are you and what time is it? Are you feeling ok?

Cavort Mon 02-Sep-13 11:50:22

Glad things are looking up Merk and I hope time passes fast until your scan.

Those women in EPU sounds like the kind of arseholes who turn up in labour with full hair and make up done - definitely not normal. After an unfortunate series of events I accidentally found myself being induced at zero notice when I hadn't had a shower or even a wash that morning, but in the grand scheme of things who actually cares?

And can't you self-certify with work for a few days without needing a doctors note? Unless you specifically want to tell him you can just be vague with your prick of a boss until 25 weeks.

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 11:54:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Good luck for your scan Kat, hope it all goes well! Coming up to 7 weeks here, dying for/dreading my scan at 8+3 and totally understand the batshit-craziness.

Stop being so nice all of you, I'm a blubbery mess! grin
The doc did mention that my womb looked the right size for my dates, which is reassuring, but not sure how much she can really tell from a quick internal. And I think the reason they didn't scan me there and then was because they knew I'd had a private scan at 6 weeks and therefore were ruling out ectopic on that basis.
The cramps had me scared shitless this morning, so here's to hoping they don't come back later/tomorrow, however doc seemed to think if the cramps were my womb trying to clear something out that they would return until I'd seen some more blood loss.
Laid up in bed (which is obviously heaven considering I could sleep for a month anyway) and trying not to think about it.

Kat good luck for your scan today. Waiting until this afternoon has got to be hard work, I'd be very impatient if I were you!

Oh kat you poor thing- 4pm is a terrible time for a scan. Luckily mine have all been in the morning which cuts down the scan-day angst at least. I know just how you feel, and can only hope that the time passes quickly today until you get in there. Those first few seconds are horrible too, but then I'm sure all will be fine. Everything crossed for you that they are!

boom ooo getting there- just over a week to go. One day at a time.

I have an app which tells me each day how far I am along and I allow myself to look at it once a day- usually as soon as I wake up- to see the number go up.

The doom is now setting in for my scan on sat so we can all be basket cases together

(The bear's gone damnit!)

merk also surely hearing the heartbeat on your Doppler is a very very good sign too?!

Yesss, got in there with the bear just in time!

Merk get yourself cozy in that bed, I prescribe hot chocolate as an absolute must. Hope the cramping stays away x

I have that app Thunder, but I can't help scrolling ahead to where I want to be and then being infuriated that I'm so far away! <impatient nutjob> Also it keeps telling me about the symptoms that I'm 'probably' getting, none of which I am actually getting, which increases the nutjobbiness...hmm. I should delete it, shouldn't I?!

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 13:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oh mine doesn't say symptoms boom. I had one last time that started talking about '...as your partner lovingly strokes your belly and you discuss baby names...' Blargggggg so I deleted it.

This one has a calendar and mostly says you're probably feeling sick, but you may be one of the lucky ones who isn't.

Erm kat...?! D'oh!
Just 2 hours now though, getting there x

<bork> at Thunder's app. Maybe I should get it, in the absence of morning sickness it could certainly make me feel nauseous..

Kat you silly billy! Time to get drinking now though grin

haycorn Mon 02-Sep-13 14:39:47

I'm so glad that it wasn't bad news Merk. The wait until Wednesday is going to feel endless, but all you can do now is look after yourself as much as possible, with plenty of comfort food and comfort telly!

Brodicea Mon 02-Sep-13 14:58:01

What haycorn says merk! Listen to the lovely ladieees.

I feel like shit today, stomach roiling, everything smells terrible (DH managed to melt something onto the hob so when I went to make lunch it smelt like melting evil and I had to stick my head out of the kitchen window - reasonable enough, but even the smell of normal stuff like tea is making me gag).
I work part-time and study part time, and should have handed in a load of words (20,000) to my PhD supervisor last week which are still half-done (9,00 words of absolute crap). Still I just don't care about any of it! Not sure why, only want to sit by the window with a breeze in my face and eat plain crackers and dry toast.
I feel a bit daft feeling like this at just five weeks (plus one day).

almost 4pm now kat!

'Melting evil' awesome description, if not actually awesome smell!

The smell of a coconut based curry the other night made me want to hurl. Odd, because I love both coconut and curry, and it's the only smell reaction I seem to have had hmm although now I mention it, I cleaned the kitchen floor earlier and can now smell the cleaning spray on my hands, and it's making me a bit gippy. Maybe that's because I associate cleaning spray with clearing up dog poo though!

Don't think there's a time limit on feeling grotty brod, you're every bit as entitled as anyone else to have random symptoms!

Brod grin at melting evil! Raised a smile
I think I felt at my worse between 5 and 8 weeks... I didn't give a hoot about work and was cancelling meetings left, right and centre because I couldn't face them. So don't feel too bad, enjoy the breeze by the window! Can you speak to your tutor and explain and ask for an extension? Whilst you mightn't want to tell people yet, I think you'll need to give a reason, and sure you will feel relieved if you can buy yourself some breathing space

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 15:13:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Try to stay positive kat. You don't have to feel pregnant to be pregnant! Fingers crossed x

Good luck Kat. Concentrate on your bladder not bursting to take your mind off it

Brodicea Mon 02-Sep-13 15:51:32

Thanks merk - glad to see it's not just me - my plan is to see what I can do tomorrow, send that to him (so he sees I have done something) and explain what's going on. I also need to meet with him anyway to talk about re-jigging my timeframe as I'm just not going to meet my targets at least until I start feeling a bit less ill - ie, hoping after 12 weeks if all goes okay. He's pretty laid back and has two kids so I'm hoping he gets it.

Fingers crossed kat!

Well that was embarrassing. Went to a meeting which was outside. Halfway through everything starts swimming and I can't see or hear properly so j have to sit on the ground. The other people were telling me to put my head between my legs etc. that'll teach me to try to skip lunch!

Brodicea Mon 02-Sep-13 16:31:35

oh dear thunder! Take care (wags finger in a nagging mother way)!

Lesson learnt Thunder! You ok now?

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 16:44:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yey Kat fantastic news. So pleased for you. gringringringringringrin


Hooray kat!!!! Fantastic news!

Yes girls, I'm ok now thanks. I scoffed a snickers as soon as I could get to a shop and feeling much better. Have had lunch too before you tell me off again smile

Wahoo Kat hooray for the heartbeat! So pleased grin grin can't be bothered to write 'grin' as many times as Merk but you get the picture

Thunder you silly sausage. But well done for finding an excuse for a guilt-free snickers.

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 17:10:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Weirdly I have mostly been living on biscuits the last couple of months and I haven't gained any weight. This surprises me as I am sure that each of my breasts is at least a stone heavier.

How are you feeling merk?

kat we will love to see your blurry bean if you want to share it? I've got one of mine and she managed to snap it looking the most un baby-like it did the whole time!

I'm ok, wavering between positive and downright petrified! Wish I could fast forward to wed.
Kat was your scan a private/early scan or the dating scan?
I'm wondering if fingers crossed, touch wood everything is ok on wed will I still get my dating scan the following Tue?

I would have thought so Merk, I think the EPU scan will probably just be a quick reassurance scan to make sure everything's ok. It takes a bit longer to do all the measuring for the dating scan, and if you want the nuchal screening that takes longer still, so you'll probably get both!

merk they might be able to do two in one on weds as you just need to be more than 11 weeks I think. Depends on the nuchal part perhaps? Would you prefer two?

Ps can we see the beans? PURLEASE Thunder and Kat!

Yup I would obviously prefer 2 greedy

Yeah I can see that now you say it merk. Hope for the best I reckon. Presumably the one they've set you up for on weds is for reassurance so they might not have the nuchal person/kit(?) ready?

Can you see the photo? Just done it on my phone and not sure where its gone!

Errr...honest answer, I don't even know how to find your profile Thunder!

katatonic Mon 02-Sep-13 17:47:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Am I really so thick that I'm the only person using MN who can't find anyone else's profile, or is there some sort of weird cryptic system of secret knocks and handshakes?

Can you click on my name, boom?

My epu and scan place are the same. My endo appointment was also in the same room, which is where they reluctantly gave me a quick scan at 7 weeks but they don't offere reassurance scans so I don't know.

Good idea I reckon kat, small stepping stones!

Nope Boom... Simply click on their name. If their profile is visible their name is blue I think
Obv you have to do the secret knock while clicking or it won't work

Is mine not blue then? I put the photo to be visible to all mnetters but perhaps I need to do something else?

Hmm, well either Thunder hasn't got a public profile or my knocking isn't up to standard..!

Ps merk it hit me in the night that you measured the dimensions of a sanitary towel in disbelief and that tickled me!

Nope Thunder, you are unclickable!


Still no!

I am! Surely?! I can now click on myself!

The knock is as if you're saying thundercats HO!

I can see it! Looks like a baby to me!

Arf at thundercats ho

I am still blown away by the size of the sanitary towel! And they make my bum sweat which never happens to me normally smile clearly me and always are not a match made in heaven

Phew, the Thunderbirds HO tip got me in eventually! It's a beautiful baby blob Thunder grin Was that your 10wk scan?

Merk arf at the sanitary towel bum-sweat problems!

Yeah boom that was last Tuesday feels like a year ago

Thank you boom and sweatymerk x

Very happy it sounds positive merk. I had to sneak on to my phone at lunchtime and wait hours for the 'H' rather than 3G to load this page and tell me you were ok! Didn't have enough reception to post though!

I can't see your bean/profile from the app on my phone thunder (well, not by clicking on your name anyway) so I shall have to log on later on the laptop.

First day back at school today and another member of staff announced she was pg. It's a nightmare for me for so mnay reasons but won't go into detail on here as it would out me! hmm

Doesn't sound good Barking, you could always come for a whinge over on the Dark Side if you like!

How are you doing today merk?

And tally?

And everyone else?!

I'm still in bed, didn't sleep too well with worrying. However on the positive side no cramping yet

Spotting stopped?

Brown spotting but no red, thank goodness. Am keeping my feet up today and crossing everything for tomorrow.
How's everyone else? Tally how you feeling?

MotherOfCleo Tue 03-Sep-13 08:49:33

Everything crossed merk.

Sounds good merk, lots of rest for you!

I'm feeling ropey but I'm sure it's small fry compared to poor tally

MotherOfCleo Tue 03-Sep-13 10:49:44

Lovely bean pic thunder grin

Brodicea Tue 03-Sep-13 13:02:13

Loving the pic thunder !

I hope the cramps and red blood have gone merk

I feel a little more energetic than yesterday, and managed to do quite a bit of work this morning. Feeling very sleepy now though... (zzzzz) what am I going to do when I'm back in work tomorrow - thinking of painting pupils on my eyelids so I can doze off at my desk.

In other news, I bought some maternity jeans on ebay yesterday: yes I know, I'm only 5+2, but I am so bloated that I can't do any jeans up without feeling sick.

TBH I fantasised about getting them even before I was upduffed! (Now I dimly see Martine McCutcheon or Gok Wan coming at me with yoghurts)

Afternoon folks!

Really just popping in to check on Merk, glad all seems to have gone quiet on the western front. Everything is crossed x

Brod I very nearly bought a maternity dress yesterday - not because I need it (6+6) but because I've got a wedding to go to next year when I will hopefully be a whale and just happened to see a very pretty evening dress in the sale! I resisted though which I will regret when I'm whalelike and have nothing to wear

Any word from Tally?

Brodicea Tue 03-Sep-13 16:55:59

I know what you mean boom - I don't want to 'tempt fate' but another part of me knows that's superstition talking and maybe I should take advantage of the sales. Still, others' stories have taught me not to get carried away.

Aye, I hope tallyra is okay...

katatonic Tue 03-Sep-13 18:27:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lazy... While day in bed mumsnetting to take my mind off it. Barely there brown spotting and no pain so FX it was a one off and everything is fine in the morning

Kat don't forget to put your pic up

My mind did start to drift today to wondering if I still had any symptoms... My boobs are 2 cups sizes bigger but no longer sore, my sickness has gone (although feel a little queasy now after drinking water too fast) and I'm tired, but seem to recall being tired pre pregnancy anyway....

katatonic Tue 03-Sep-13 19:05:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alexandra6 Tue 03-Sep-13 21:50:04

Hope you're ok merk and tomorrow goes well, fingers crossed for you x

MotherOfCleo Tue 03-Sep-13 21:50:59

thinking of you merk everything crossed for you for tomorrow.

Good luck tomorrow merk. What time is the scan?

8.50am so nice and early. Will keep you posted as soon as I know

Nice and early, that's good. Hope you manage some sleep tonight.
I'll be sending positive berry thoughts from 8.30 onwards smile thanks .

BelissimaLol Tue 03-Sep-13 22:29:05

Good luck merk. I also had no symptoms and was almost wishing a bit of morning sickness!!! But I was not sick once through whole pregnancy!
All I had for first 8-9 weeks was extreme hunger and tiredness. Even the sore boobs kept coming and going. So that's nothing!!
Try and get some sleep and let us know as soon as you can. I will say a little prayer for you grin

Cavort Tue 03-Sep-13 23:58:33

Good luck for your scan Merk. Looking forward to hearing your good news in the morning. smile

Good luck merk, thinking of you! Hurrah for the kind EPU giving you an early scan at least!

Argh don't know if it will be dildo cam or not so not sure whether to be drinking or peeing!

Drink drink I reckon. Gives you both options and they'll start with belly cam seeing as you're 11 weeks

PoppySeedBun Wed 04-Sep-13 08:45:01

Well, you might as well drink - you can always pee when you get there! grin
Good luck! Fx for you

MotherOfCleo Wed 04-Sep-13 08:52:59

Drink!!! grin Should be tum cam, I never had dildo cam and had my first scan at 9 weeks. Everything crossed for you.