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Where's the most embarrasing place you've thrown up?

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JoniR Tue 16-Jul-13 10:55:29

I threw up on the bus on the way to work this morning. I'm mortified! Luckily I had a carrier bag in my pocket and I was able to throw up into that, but there was loads of it and it stank and I'm sure everyone was staring at me. Then I had to carry the horrible stuff with me when I got off the bus.

I can't be alone, so where is the most embarrasing place you've thrown up?

beth27123 Tue 16-Jul-13 11:00:06

I was sick all over the back seat of a bus. Several times I jumped off just quick enough to be sick by the wheels. I dread to think what people thought of me.

ExtremeQT Tue 16-Jul-13 20:47:57

I managed to throw up at the customs desk in Moscow... poor girl did not speak English, I did not speak Russian so we just looked at each other. Then 3 hours later I managed to get sick in the reception area of the Ritz Carlton. All this on a business trip with colleagues..at 22 weeks....how professional!

Blankiefan Tue 16-Jul-13 20:52:12

On the local high street - on a busy Saturday morning - directly in front of a police van... Classy!

TangfasticMrFoxalastic Tue 16-Jul-13 20:54:30

Central Line at White City. The shame...

bonzo77 Tue 16-Jul-13 20:57:25

Not embarrassing but bloody inconvenient: all over me, the steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen. Doing 70 odd on the M1.

Avondale Tue 16-Jul-13 20:58:25

Ha, you lot will like this! Knew I was about to vom so jumped off bus and splattered the outside of Greggs! grin

BelleEtLaBaby Tue 16-Jul-13 21:05:08

The only benefit to having 2 hg pregnancies: a couple of good stories for this thread smile

At 12 weeks pg with DS1 I was teaching a new class (drama). About a minute into the warmup everything went wonky. I ran for the bin, a big dustbin in the corner. Threw up noisily then passed out into the bin. My new class of y12 students whom I had met the day before had to pull me out as I was unconscious, head first in the dustbin.

At 16wks and feeling a little improved, DH and I attempted some sexy time. I promptly vomited all over his chest and face.

I threw up into a waste paper basket in a meeting this time, before realising it was a wire basket with no bag in. I just stood there with my puke seeping onto my feet.

Crickey. I'm a disaster lol. I'm sure there's more smile

Longdistance Tue 16-Jul-13 21:05:50

St. Pancras station blush yes I was wine hic, hic, hic.

I was I eating at the time, and had given up the booze. One of my bf's is a bit wild, and ou can guess the rest...

Longdistance Tue 16-Jul-13 21:06:18

I was dieting, that should read.

Longdistance Tue 16-Jul-13 21:07:45

Omg, just realized, this is in pregnancy.

I was not pg at the time. This was pre dh.

<slinks off>

chocolatemartini Tue 16-Jul-13 21:10:15

Hahahahaha grin I threw up into my favourite and not inexpensive handbag and had to finish my commute with the stench of sick coming from there. On the upside I felt so ill I didn't give a monkeys what anyone was thinking

chocolatemartini Tue 16-Jul-13 21:11:40

(I was pg)

EstelleGetty Tue 16-Jul-13 21:12:03

A few months ago, I threw up at the top of a hill in the park. I was coughing, out of breath, thinking how unfit I was then just vommed. All over my shoes. Turned out I had food poisoning! A very nice couple came over to help me then I vommed again, whilst they tried to help me clean my shoes with leaves. That was a shit day.

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Tue 16-Jul-13 21:13:45

HG related for me too - In poor DD's Halloween bucket that was full of sweets in full view of a couple of policemen who were sent by my ex claiming I had broken into his house to steal documents.

I just looked from them, to my huge bump to the pumpkin of sick and said "Do I look like I could shimmy up a drainpipe??"

They made a hasty exit after that grin

Before HG I had a fear of being sick in front of people so the first few weeks were torture. I remember asking the midwife to leave my room when I was in hooked up to the drip!

But after being sick in the gutter several times on the school run I grew out of that.

RNJ3007 Tue 16-Jul-13 21:15:20

During pregnancy with DD, on my CEO!!! Knees down. Including very expensive shoes. Damn HG.

This pregnancy - out of classroom window, in bin in front of Y7, on line manager's floor, in reception of hospital... Driving round a roundabout on way to work - pulled a u turn and went home!!! Again, damn HG!

Futterby Tue 16-Jul-13 21:16:10

The library. Oh god.

Mama1980 Tue 16-Jul-13 21:18:54

Paris denfert rochereau station, 16 weeks pregnant and feeling like hell. Thought I would risk going into work, then smelt the musty air in the station....i threw up on platform, then staggered to throw up in the bin, and all these beautiful Frenchwomen crowded round me fussing and concerned but my basic French flew out of my head so I'm stuck throwing up everywhere and trying to gesture to them that I'm pregnant. They finally dragged me to a chair, fetched me water and called a dr, who I threw up over blush

titzup Tue 16-Jul-13 21:23:58

this thread's giving me nightmares, I'm a bit scared/weird about sick, luckily didnt actually throw up too much when pg, but i loved the pumpkin-of-sick-policemen story!

Oddsocksrus Tue 16-Jul-13 21:27:33

I went in to tell the MD that I was pregnant (my line manager at the time)
Said 'I'm.....' And Threw up into his bin...
'I guessed' said the boss 'errrr congratulations? Are you being sick a lot?'

LottyLikesWindows Tue 16-Jul-13 21:40:45

Hahaha, these are brilliant. I was thinking just the other day how invisible public pregnant puking is. Clearly it's alive and well here.
I projectile vomited out of my car at a busy intersection recently, and once in the staff loos at work. Nothing odd there, except that it was witnessed by a window fitter who happened to remove the glass just as I was hurling apples and cherries all over the cubicle.
The shame!

bailiffsareevil Tue 16-Jul-13 21:46:58

Oh my goodness this has put my sick venues into perspective!!!

My worst was in the middle of waitrose (not very naice) and in the middle of Centre Court mall in Wimbledon. Actually haven't been back since - daren't show my face.

belle you made me laugh, ds1 is looking at me like this confused smile SOrry i shouldn't laugh hg is a bitch sad

With ds2 i got caught on a train and all toilets were out of action and ended up spewing in the doorway between carriages blush Didn't mind too much tho as it was just ms rather than the hg that i had with ds1!

parabelle Tue 16-Jul-13 22:06:36

Waterloo station, in rush hour, hundreds of people walking past tutting, had just finished a carton of Ribena - yuck!

NxYxC Sun 21-Jul-13 12:49:12

In the middle of town near a brick wall. I was crouched down hoping no one would see me when two teenagers came and asked me if I was ok. I could have died haha.

Then about 20ft away I did the same thing. Right outside of a nightclub. I hid in the little alcove thing where it was. Didn't realise at the time how bad that must've looked hahaha. Luckily I had a bag with me that time.

NxYxC Sun 21-Jul-13 12:55:19

With my first I went out for a meal. My food had literally been placed on the table and I darted off to the toilet. I didn't say a word I just ran, lol. Dunno what that must've looked like. Managed to make it a foot away from the toilet before I was sick in my hands. Thank god no one was in the toilets when I went in lmao.

toni1bump Sun 21-Jul-13 15:38:32

Threw up right next to somebodys car boot stall last weekend. The poor man was selling sweets. I took one look at the rhubarb and custards and spewed at his stall. Felt so sorry i just started crying. Worse thing is everyone jus looked at me like crap. Was 20 weeks pg. Some people are horrible lol x

RedRobin1 Sun 21-Jul-13 15:49:40

Customs & Immigration queue on holiday! Bet they loved welcoming me into the country.

Doodlekitty Sun 21-Jul-13 16:01:51

In a bin in the middle of the Metrocentre. Was Very pregnant and had just been to Nandos. Was pleased DH spotted the signs and got me to the bin. Seconds later I bumped into a good friend looking immaculate on a girlie shopping trip with many other immaculate people, and I had a mouth crusted with chicken vom.

agendabender Tue 23-Jul-13 06:16:30

With DS1 (and HG) in front of a busload of Japanese tourists and their cameras outside Ely cathedral. Oh the shame.

Also pretty much everywhere else. Fuck off HG!

bellerous Tue 23-Jul-13 09:29:25

On my doorstep and then all through the communal hallway in my block of flats blush it wasn't fun cleaning that up.

madamginger Tue 23-Jul-13 09:43:11

I was sick loads at work, there was a well worn path to the loo.
I think the worst was on the m62, I had to pull on to the hard shoulder to clean myself up. Grim

Charingcrossbun Mon 19-Aug-13 16:44:42

I'm on holiday and have discovered vomiting on the beach to be quite cathartic - get it all out and then build a little sandcastle over the top! No mess no fuss!!
Did vomit in the sea the other day though (only because a wave took me by surprise and I swallowed sea water which promptly came back up!). The horrified man next to me was not very accepting of my pregnant excuse - I suppose I was in a wetsuit body board in hand so not exactly barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen but might as well do it while I can - in a weeks will be too big to catch a wave!

moobaloo Tue 24-Sep-13 13:32:51

This is making me nervous! I hate sick and I think I've only been sick twice since I was a child (both alcohol related unfortunately!) and now I'm 6w pg and feeling nauseous, but no throwing up... yet... bleugh

IceCreamForCrow Tue 24-Sep-13 13:37:52

Behind the church at a posh wedding whilst the photos were being doneblush

I was so sick pregnant with dts and dragged myself to the wedding determined to go. Big mistake. I then had to sit through hours of speeches and a big meal feeling like hell.

On a tramp - just got off the Tube, feeling queasy, took a deep breath to clear my head, and got a noseful of his stench (poor bloke, I know he couldn't help it, but it was full on rotten fish).
I projectile puked on him. As in, actually ON HIM. He was v sweet, and trying to help; I was trying to gesture to him to keep away.

BummyMummy77 Tue 24-Sep-13 14:57:07

On the tube just at Westminster in front of loads of tourists, all over a dog bed in TJMAXX (like TKMaxx) and in a massage chair in the Espa Spa at Heathrow having a massage off the flight booked as a treat.

Quodlibet Tue 24-Sep-13 16:06:49

In front of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

(I wasn't pg, this was years ago and I must have had a stomach bug. V v posh restaurant and she was at the next table. Feeling dreadful, took 2 bites of my food then had to run whilst projectile vomming through my fingers.) Interestingly the restaurant toilet had a revolving self-cleaning seat, which was handy.

Weegiemum Tue 24-Sep-13 16:08:37

In the "Wines and Spirits" aisle in Morrisons!

nickelbabe Tue 24-Sep-13 16:10:50

ex's parents' toilet room.
yup, not just in the bowl, but all over the floor.
and it was sangria, and a pale carpet.

and i was in just a teeshirt and knickers. and ex didn't help me at all, just let his mum and dad clean up after me.

nickelbabe Tue 24-Sep-13 16:11:33

but that wasn't pregnancy blush

i didn't throw up in pregnancy (sorry!)

i didn't read the topic header!! blush

TheFallenNinja Tue 24-Sep-13 16:13:27

First day of college, sitting at the front. All over the desk.

Mortified. Left and never went back. Joined the Army the next day.

In a bin, by the side of me on a production line where I used to work. In full view of the manager (who was lush) and about 40 odd line workers

TallulahBetty Tue 24-Sep-13 17:34:22

While I was being induced at 39 weeks. I was heaving and spewing while having to lay flat for 45 mins while the pessery took effect. The midwives were all "awww bless, are you nervous?" - cue angry angry angry from me - "just morning sickness!!"

TheSilverySoothsayer Tue 24-Sep-13 17:48:18

Back in the 50's my DM threw up on a bus while pg with DB.

Then another woman on the bus threw up in sympathy.

The bus was taken out of service and all the passengers had to wait for the next one.

On the dog's head.

Let him out for his morning poo in the garden. Went to pick it up, the smell made me boak, he turned round to see why I was groaning, and I threw up on his head!

He forgave me.

lavenderhoney Tue 24-Sep-13 18:14:16

I couldn't stand the smell of tescos. It came on very suddenly- got out of the car, headed to tesco entrance, felt queasy, stopped went to car, was ok, kept going, got to entrance as desperately wanted foodsmile

Stood in entrance with scarf wrapped round face trying not to breathe and making little shuffles in, looked like really crap robber. Retching, tried to get basket, tesco lady comes over ( holding her short straw) and says " can I help you?" And I am gently sick into my scarf shock

She was very nice, got me some tissues, sent me back out, and took my cash and got my shoppingsmile

commonsenseplease Tue 24-Sep-13 18:40:50

Another one who filled her handbag - to the brim. Then could only think of puking down inside my jumper til the bus stopped. (I cleaned cars and buses during the hols in my school days and didn't want to subject some poor cleaner with that... not to mention other passengers.)

flowersinavase Tue 24-Sep-13 18:54:42

Looking around a nursery for DC#1: had to interrupt the Head's welcome and ask for a bathroom. Had to be helped to a (tiny) seat and fed sips of water by the (lovely) carers there. I was only about 7wks by then, so it wasn't even obvious to everyone what was going on...

rightsaidthread Tue 24-Sep-13 19:12:47

Had a rather nice pie and chips in Little Chef when pg with ds1, unfortunately by the time I got back to the car which was parked in full view of the diners it made a return visit blush I still feel bad for driving off and leaving my vomit pile in the car park

BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Tue 24-Sep-13 19:24:50

Down the phone to a dear friend. Whereas the vom merely covered the handset, the noise conveyed itself perfectly.

DwellsUndertheSink Tue 24-Sep-13 19:26:53

asda carpark, I was with DS1, who just kept saying "you bin sick mummy?" in that lovely toddler voice that carries... I did manage to puke into an old box that previously held terry chocolate orange slices.....

In my next-door neighbours bathroom. I didn't make it to the toilet in time. Mortified doesn't even come near how I felt.

Up my carpeted stairs. Trying to get to the bathroom.

Spot the theme....

Zara1984 Tue 24-Sep-13 19:39:32

I threw up IN MY HANDBAG on the bus. My handbag that had my shoes in it. The bus was going way too fast, in the rain, and all hot/steamy inside, through windy estates. I vomited in my handbag. Some young teens hollered "she's drunk". Yes. At 6pm on a Tuesday. Granted I wasn't showing as was only 14 weeks.

I also threw up at 15 weeks on a main street just outside the bus stop. Spread my legs wide so I wouldn't spew on my shoes. 9am. Classy.

I stopped taking the bus after that for a while....

krazipan Tue 24-Sep-13 19:41:22

I'm sorry you were sick LavenderHoney but I can't stop laughing! wink

moggiek Tue 24-Sep-13 19:43:40

Oh, Ladies. I haven't been pregnant for a quarter of a century, but you are bringing it all back .....

The Post Office, just 2 months ago. No I'm not pregnant but was coming down with a corker of a migraine. They were lovely - gave me a Pudsey bucket smile I politely said I would wash it and return it. They were like - no you keep it.

moggiek Tue 24-Sep-13 19:45:15

and the 'memorable boaks' in the title brought tears of laughter to my Ayrshire eyes!

Queenofknickers Tue 24-Sep-13 19:46:20

A hg one here..... In a bin in an open-plan office - approx 50 people heard/saw blush

Sorry didn't realise this was on the pregnancy board. I wont be there again sadly. Picks up hat and coat and exits stage left, whistling.

moggiek Tue 24-Sep-13 19:50:20

Dwellsunder - now, that really IS precision boaking! Congratulations!

At work, on the walkway in a food distribution warehouse.

Every evening on my way into the warehouse office, I'd pass pallets of ready-made chilled pizzas. It became a massive aversion. I'd walk into the warehouse dreading it, and this one evening it was too much. I got two paces past the pizzas before the smell overwhelmed me and I puked right there.

I was so embarrassed.

At work, in the middle of a presentation to sector colleagues. I did make it to the loo though. Mortifying.

Regularly threw up too in the hedge outside my office (not making it to the loo)

In the car in a busy shopping centre car park in the run up to Christmas. A bloke walking past looked at me like shock. I almost got out and showed him my 40 week bump. But couldn't be arsed.

LaTrucha Tue 24-Sep-13 19:58:22

In the back of a tutor of mine's brand new, leather upholstered Jaguar. I was in the back seat, squeezed in between DD in a car seat and a box of course materials. I put my hand in front of my mouth to try to catch it which in fact meant is sprayed around the sides of my hands and got both into the hair of both the people in the front seats and all over the upholstery.

Never to be lived down, that one.

ThisIs Tue 24-Sep-13 20:00:24

Pregnant - went out to get some fresh air as feeling nauseus at work. Realised I was going to be sick - dived into Costa and legged it downstairs to their loos managing to be sick into my hands as I dived into a cubicle.

Then there was the infamous Chinese take away incident. I didn't fancy eating much so just asked DH to get me some Yuk Sung and prawn sesame toast. Sat down with the bowl on my lap, took one bite of toast and puked into the bowl.

Funnily enough, I haven't been able to eat Yuk Sung or prawn sesame toast since!

Not Pregnant - puked plenty of times while 'down the park' getting very drunk on cheap cider when I was 16, but the most memorable one was in the back of my mates dad's car on the way home where I managed to projectile vomit all over the back of his head, my other friend sitting next to me and myself.

Apparently, he made friend A (who was also a bit drunk) clean it all up when they got back while he showered. Friend B who I was sick on said it made the lace top layer on her skirt disintegrate. Funnily enough, Friend B also puked on Friend A's parents sofa later that year at a new years eve party after drinking too much of a bright red alcho pop of some description!

massofmess Tue 24-Sep-13 20:12:12

I threw up on a war memorial patch - the ones with lots of poppy crosses planted into soil - am still mortified to this day. Granted I didn't do it on purpose, my ms was particularly bad for 2 weeks and I would literally just throw up without any warning (hence not having chance to miss the memorial patch), and I managed not to actually hit any of the crosses but I felt so awful, like I'd done something really disrespectful. Stayed in most of the time after that until it eased somewhat (until I at least got warning!).

Dashed out of the classroom, across the corridor, through the door to the playground & chundered into the bin, much to the amusement of the year 9 class I was in the middle of teaching English to at the time & who observed the whole sorry spectacle.

hoarseoldfrog Tue 24-Sep-13 20:23:59

Waiting for the bus at the beginning of a 3 hour journey, in a queue of 20 people. Felt the urge, tried to make it to the hedge across the road but projectiled all over the middle of the road to a full audience
Made it to train station. Vommed in underground car park, behind an advertising stand.. spent 40 min train journey puking in loos.
Took tube.... Only option was to heave repetitively into my bag for life, to the disgust of all my fellow passengers. At each stop the coach emptied as they tried to escape me... Only to be replaced by more unsuspecting victims...
Eventually made it home and stopped chucking after 3 days. And not pregnant so didn't even get a lovely baby as compensation.....

GeekLove Tue 24-Sep-13 20:28:25

Mine might out me but I don't care. I was in labour with DS1 and we decided to go to the hospital. Just as we were turning in we heard the soul destroying fwap-fwap sound of a flat tire. So we had to drive VERY slow to get to the entrance. So we are in the main entrance which turns out to be the wrong entrance for labour where I have the tremendous urge to be sick. I have just enough time to shout 'im going to be sick where's the toilet!?' before I throw up spectacularly in the middle of the open plan entrance.
Meanwhile DH is told to move the car from the drop off where he explains that he cannot as he is a wheel down. Fortunately he is able to change the wheel and park the car within the time limit before he can meet me. I was grateful for the small mercy that I didn't get it on me or anyone else!

Wahla Tue 24-Sep-13 20:29:33

At my son's nursery. A child with a slimy green snot river came towards me to ask if I would help her with her coat and I answered by puking in the shrubbery.

Three times at the dentist whilst trying to have a cast for a crown taken. During the second attempt the dental nurse kept saying "just sit up and be sick in the bowel if you need to". Yeah, easier said than done when your 32 weeks pregnant and in a semi reclined position. I did not hit the bowel and they had to close the room for cleaning blush.

catslave Tue 24-Sep-13 20:37:33

In a bin outside Notre Dame cathedral in front of hundreds of tourists and many, many chic French ladies. The shame.

And on the Lewisham to London Bridge commuter train at 8.30am. Had to literally shove someone out of the way to clear a bit of landing space on the floor for my ex-porridge. They didn't look very grateful, though. Bastards. I was only 11 weeks gone with my first so not showing at all, which probably had a lot to do with it.

onlysettleforbutterflies Tue 24-Sep-13 20:39:56

I threw up everywhere when I had ms hell until 30 weeks, always had a carrier bag on my knee in the car as I always threw up on the motorway on the way to work. Probably most public puking was as me and dp took a romantic stroll through a pretty therefore heaving cornish village, it came out of nowhere, no time to run to a quieter place, just stood there doing an impression of the exorcist, whilst tourists ran for cover, dp just kept trying to move me to a grid but I was rooted to the spot. I was only 9 weeks so not showing, think they all thought I was drunk and just looked disgusted.

crazynanna Tue 24-Sep-13 20:47:15


bigbuttons Tue 24-Sep-13 20:47:20

I was about 6 months pg and had a bug of some sort. Was standing near the kitchen sink, but not near enough. I managed to vomit all over my 6 month old baby who was playing happily at my feet. She was covered in it and proceeded to splash around happily in the disgusting mess!

DownyEmerald Tue 24-Sep-13 20:49:21

Into a crisp packet in my drawer at work. In my self-deluded mind my office-mate didn't notice. Tho' I expect he was just too polite to mention it.

Non pg-wise, in the back of someone's car into a carrier bag. Too many pints of Murphys Oyster Stout - never touched it again.

crazynanna Tue 24-Sep-13 20:50:52

Heatwave of 1983
29 weeks
Middle of Notting Hill Gate
Bag of laundry in each hand....and quite impressive hurl with remnants of 6 peaches.
Just glimpsed from corner of my eye 2 Japanese tourists clicking away with their Nikon.

Emily7708 Tue 24-Sep-13 20:58:15

My worst one was when I was doing my friend a favour by looking after her 8 month old whilst she went to an interview. I was changing the baby's nappy and the stench was so bad that I puked all over her, it was literally everywhere. I can still remember the shock on her little face and still feel guilty about it.

The other time was when I was sitting on the toilet at work, needed to be sick immediately and stupidly thought I could puke in the small gap between my legs. It didn't work out well.

minouminou Tue 24-Sep-13 21:17:55

I had two HG pregnancies, and out of the many, many, many public vomming sessions, my favourite and classiest one was in Waitrose car park....on a Saturday morning.

I was leaning against a wall, with my hair in one hand and an apple in the other, going for it. A lovely Scottish guy appeared by my side, and said "I know you're not well, love, but you're blocking me and some other drivers...."

I nodded at him, staggered a couple of feet and managed to splutter "I'm not hungover, I'm pregnant..."

"The wife said you were when she saw the apple, love."

He got back into his car and his missus waved and congratulated me out of her window.

Then there was the time I chucked up in a neighbour's driveway, thought I was all done so knocked on the door to apologise and tell him I'd be coming back with my (by then well-known) pan of hot soapy water. His adult son opened the door, and I narrowly avoided vomming in their hallway by throwing myself to the side....

Again, he was lovely, told me to go home and lie down, and that he'd sort it out.

My second pregnancy was so puky that DS started to imitate me - we'd be walking along and he'd suddenly stop, put his hands on his knees and do a series of pretend retches...

Classy, classy, classy....

I was working at a nursery. I took a little girl to the toilet, where she proceeded to do the stinkiest poo in the universe. I had to leave her balancing on the loo, while I rushed to the sink to throw up. Lovely. She nervously called our 'are you ok Horse? Do you want me to get a teacher?' Bless her cotton socks.

singaporefling Tue 24-Sep-13 21:55:50

Oooh this thread brings it all back grin - with dd2 at about 38 weeks, was feeling FAB and nipped into the loo of a lovely coffee shop and suddenly projectile vomited all over the walls, dryer, wash basin grin - and continued to retch whilst trying to maneouvre my 'bulk' in a very small space and a few handfuls of damp loo roll - oh what joy

moonbells Tue 24-Sep-13 21:57:41

Heck, this brings back memories, though the worst I managed was to throw up in a poor colleague's car while she was trying to get me to hospital after the HG got too bad... fortunately I'd got a bowl but that didn't help with the pong.

When I finally got out of the bedrest-starvation phase some 5-6 weeks later I drove everywhere with a large, open lock and lock box on my knees and the lid within reach. Had to use it several times while desperately trying to find somewhere to pull over.

LazyGaga Tue 24-Sep-13 22:03:10

I was young and pg and working in a cool record store. In the middle of serving a customer I had to pause to vomit liberally into the carrier bag I was about to put customer's CD in. Went something like this:

Me: That's £9.99 ple...BWOOOAAARGGGHHHH..ugh..ugh..ugh...uuugh...oh dear, sorry about that. Ahem. blush

Customer: shock

Mortified. I did give them a different bag by the way.

FitzgeraldProtagonist Tue 24-Sep-13 22:07:10

This will out me. 16 weeks, bug, into a garage forecourt plastic glove doing 50mph. Horrific.

Spent the day of my hen do on a drip in the maternity unit. Was not happy. Pampering out of the window.

Worst though, with DS1 was my trying to get around the fish counter at Waitrose - it made me feel so ill. But I didn't get around it quick enough. On my hands and knees, retching in front of the fish counter, trying to crawl away with my sick all over me. All over the floor. But I HAD TO GET AWAY FROM THE SMELL ????!!!!! and people were trying to help me.

God it was awful. But hilarious I suppose. In some ways. Them asking do I need an ambulance. No. I needed some dignity and the floor to swallow me whole.

Good job I like DS1 after 20 weeks of that. Day and night.

PigeonPie Tue 24-Sep-13 22:19:15

Was quite sick with my first pg, but the worst place was probably in the Senior Common Room of an Oxford College - fortunately I managed to get to the loo, but I was rather concerned about the smell.

elQuintoConyo Tue 24-Sep-13 22:19:55

In the hoody of a lovely man in a wheelchair on my morning bus.

I still see him about and he nods at 'the one who caused mummy to puke on him'. Nice fella. I still blush

On the new kent road, south east London one Sunday afternoon
with my two dc. I felt rotten; had been struck down with norovirus. I phoned my brother and yelped down the phone asking him to come and get me.

wonkylegs Tue 24-Sep-13 22:22:14

It wasn't embarrassing but it was vile. I was in the middle of a meeting with an important client. I had to swallow it back down again. Nobody noticed except my fab male colleague who quietly sidled a bottle of water in my direction.

samu2 Tue 24-Sep-13 22:24:10

I had HG with two of mine so I was sick every time I even drank something for 9 mths straight with my first dd and 20 weeks with second dd (I have three boys too, bad MS but not HG)

I had to leave BIL's wedding speech to be sick. I then choked loudly on it. I was just glad I made it out of the room in time.

I was also sick outside the butchers.

With the girls I could barely leave the house so didn't get to be sick in many interesting places.

Sindarella Tue 24-Sep-13 22:25:29

HG too!

I'm a chef, went out to talk to some customers, as i have to, and threw up on their dinner.

I offered to fetch them new food, table etc but strangely enough they had lost their appetite grin

LazyGaga Tue 24-Sep-13 22:42:06

These are hilarious and awful in equal measure.

Pantomime Tue 24-Sep-13 22:53:13

I was running to get to the bathroom, had left the lid down... threw up all over the toilet. I got the lid up and managed to puke all over the seat before the other half grabbed me and helped steady me. So much mess...

Oh and in the street on my way from the shops with a new dog bow, threw up in that. People just stared at me it was so embarrassing.

Was so violently sick before I had my first scan... made an awful noise. The OH said I sounded like a demonic segull. I had the admin staff staring at me in shock as a nurse put me in a private room.

Such bad morning sickness the list is endless...

Ginger4justice Tue 24-Sep-13 23:14:06

Feeling better about mine now. Not as bad as others.

I threw up everyday, twice a day just outside the chinese takeaway on my way to and from work for a good two months (the smell - boak). Had so many people offer help though it cheered me up. Especially the hard looking old teenager/young man with his trousers far too low who literally ran away when I said "No I'm ok, I'm just pregnant", as if I was claiming it was his.

Grossest was after I thought morning sickness was over and me and DH were brushing our teeth at the same time. No warning what so ever so I just threw up in the sink over both of our toothbrushes and hands.

MrsHoolie Wed 25-Sep-13 00:08:58

I was about 7 months pregnant and caught a vomiting bug,I left work as I was feeling queasy and managed to drive into my road when I had to pull over to puke. I leaned out the car door but was still sat in the seat.
Obviously because of being pregnant I had no bladder control and completely wet myself too. Thank God if managed to not puke/piss myself on the train journey before the car journey.

grants1000 Wed 25-Sep-13 00:28:02

On a train from Putney to Waterloo, 11 years ago, hot having train, stuck just outside vauxhall, overwhelming urge to boak, managed to do it into copy of Hello! I was reading, which I just held on to and folded over a couple of pages, there was nowhere for anyone to go to escape. The train eventually moved and there was a mass stampede to get off. I felt fucking faint and rough and two floppy haired city chaps helped me and my puke off the train to a bench, hard nosed career bitches could not give a shit about me; who probably now all have kids and regretted the day they were so heartless wink

I had an ambulance take me to St Thomas because I was so ill and white, I got put on drip because of dehydration. Hideous it was. Babe in question now 11 and such a fabulous boy! grin

The entrance to Heathrow Terminal 4, of course all over my trousers and shoes. It was the only time I grinned, 15 minutes later while being patted down by security!

Also, Claridges. The bathroom attendant frowned and frowned at me.

And Waterloo station, much tutting.

Lastofthepodpeople Wed 25-Sep-13 06:26:22

Jubilee line in morning rush hour. I was wedged in, in one of those nose to armpit time. Fortunately just as I couldn't hold it in any longer, we pulled in at Canary Wharf. I remember shoving people out the way and hearing them complaining. I managed to vomit on the platform though, which was a definite improvement over in the carriage where it would have hit everyone.

FatPenguin Wed 25-Sep-13 08:13:03

In tesco into a bag for life.
Not an embarrassing place but embarrassing fact - at 20 weeks I have started to lose control of my bladder when I'm sick....it's all so glamorous

FatPenguin Wed 25-Sep-13 08:15:18

Lastofthepodpeople just the thought of being on a train is making me heave,

With DS1, about 12w but not official, one memorable day:

In loo at home.
In kitchen sink at home.
At home station.
In train toilet.
Getting off tram an hour later, into bin on platform.
Into bin further down platform.
Having crossed road, into drain.
Fifty yards down road, another drain.
Into loo on ground floor at work.
Into loo on my floor at work.

Finally sat down at desk, green as a leek, to meet new colleague who looks at me slightly catsbum but says nothing.

Day after, late into work after scan, announce pregnancy.

"Oh congratulations," says new colleague. "I thought you were just hungover." hmm blush

campocaro Wed 25-Sep-13 09:03:20

I feel sick just reading all these
My story. Sick EVERY DAY of pregnancy
Had a layby on way home from work which was christened sick layby...
One evening I got back home but didnt manage to get out of car and was sick all over myself , steering wheel, windscreen etc Mopped up as best I could and went inside.
Next morning got in car and pulled down the seat belt...or should I say sick belt...

HappilyChatterly Wed 25-Sep-13 09:52:33

I'd taken the morning off to go to 20week scan with DH, the bus route went straight past work. I had to get off the bus as I knew I was going to be sick. I was vomiting violently on my hands and knees, I lok up and my manager and senior are stood across the road having a fag looking at me in horror. The bus driver drove off despite DHs pleas. We made small talk across the road with each other until anothere bus came along, mercifully soon after.

It was horrible, but I think it helped them be a bit more understanding when I was late for work because of sickness.

pindorasbox Wed 25-Sep-13 09:54:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snelldog Wed 25-Sep-13 09:56:10

I came within an inch of being sick in my Boss's office. Thank God I managed to rush out of the room and the loo was close!

Sultanajo Wed 25-Sep-13 10:03:05

I am loving the Dogs Head! Poor dog! grin

Just stopped after training all day at a little chef after a 3 hour car journey at 12 weeks - was in that "ravenous but may vom" stage. Wolfed down my dinner and it was only during the last mouthful I thought "uhoh" - ran towards the toilets taking deep breaths, but unfortunately the smell of the air freshener that you could smell before you even got to the toilets made me heave....I suspect the diners sitting near the toilets heard me vomming in the toilet. Everytime I thought I had finished it would start again because of the stupid air freshener - it was like a vicious cycle!!!

Layl77 Wed 25-Sep-13 10:13:32

Out of the door/window of my car lots of times. Used to pull over, vom and drive on.
Shop floor was pretty grim I'd just eaten and took one sight of the food. After that I used to go straight for the little bags in the fruit& veg aisle and throw up into them hiding behind my trolley.

ShadeofViolet Wed 25-Sep-13 10:19:57

In Wickes while shopping for a new kitchen.

catslave Wed 25-Sep-13 11:02:41

Not pg related, but I have just recalled a spectacular vom of ds's.

He ate an entire Sunday dinner, then 10 seconds later puked in back up onto his plate. It looked pretty much the same as when it went it, just mushed up a bit.

Put dh off roast for ages...

Purplefrogshoe Wed 25-Sep-13 11:33:58

In sainsburys beside the pet food, in court where I work, that was particularly embarrassing as court was very busy and I was desperately trying to hold it back until I caught the eye of the magistrate as your not allowed just to stand up and leave while court is in session, I was excused from court work for the rest of my pregnancy ;) I was sick just about everywhere, morning sickness is awful

BergholtStuttleyJohnson Wed 25-Sep-13 12:41:29

Asda carpark, it went all over my shoes, clothes and hair too. I stank so bad! I was mortified so walked the five miles home in the dark rather than get a bus reeking of puke. I was five weeks pregnant.

kitstwins Wed 25-Sep-13 13:53:42

When pregnant with my twins I had horrible ms and was commuting ever morning. Even worse, my sense of smell is massively heightened during pregnancy so I could just smell people. I'd get on the tube and just smell hair or breath or clothes. I could smell what people had eaten for breakfast! Christ, even now (8 years later) the memory of it makes my gorge rise.
Week 14, a packed tube full of people and their hair and I could feel it coming between Gloucester Road and South Ken. Never has a stop felt so long coming. I practically fell out of the carriage when the doors open and proceeded to puke and retch loudly and endlessly in front of the packed carriage, on my hands knees on the platform. I'd been eating Jacob's Crackers on the way in to try and alleviate the nausea so this huge lump of mushed cracker just rolled back up followed by everything I'd ever eaten. I was like an animal.
The shame of it afterwards was awful as I just felt people probably thought I was drunk or hungover.

It used to take me ages to get to work as I was forever jumping off tube trains after each stop to retch into a bag get my breath back.

Somewhere on the London underground on a tube train.
Worst thing was our bestman told the story in his speech on our wedding day, supposedly to illustrate how I am always so calm under pressure!
Hey, I though you're meant to be telling stories about him not me grin
And implying I might have had too much to drink, whereas actually I was suffering with one of the worst cases of food poisoning I've ever had.
(honest guv)
I felt too ill to be embarrassed but I think we did get out at the next stop anyway.

fl0b0t Wed 25-Sep-13 15:33:08


I threw up in a bush on the way home from the pub (looked like I was drunk). And inside my favourite Gap jumper when getting dressed in the morning. Half way over my head......

curiousgeorgie Wed 25-Sep-13 15:41:08

I used to work in TV and was working on a cookery show with hg.

They were revealing a roasted chicken or something equally greasy (that had actually been sitting there under hot lights all day) and the smell hit me and I started loudly wretching and promptly threw up behind a monitor.

Unfortunately it was very loud and was clearly picked up by the presenters mic, who then had to apologise on air.. "Excuse that noise if you can hear it, that's just my floor manager throwing up at the back of the studio... Now, about this chicken!"

Mortifying. The director was screaming at me through my ear piece and all the camera guys were laughing!! blush

froken Wed 25-Sep-13 20:25:23

I had to have about 5 seperate blood tests at 12 weeks due to family blood clotting issues. The nurse was busy taking blood, the needle was in my arm, I couldn't move without the needle being ripped out of my arm.

I kept sayin

"I feel really sick"
"dp I feel really really sick"
"retch...dp... retch...dp...I feel sick"

He just kept patting me and holding my hand, I had to actually say "I'm going to BE sic!!" before he got me a hospital sick bag. I puked in the sick bag whilst the poor nurse took the rest of the blood. I gave the bag to dp and he tried to tie it in a knot and tipped the vomit all over the floor.

The only thing that stopped me feeling sick was full sugar coke, I tried really hard to not drink it too often but that day I drank a can and had a sugery bun. We then had our 12 week scan and the fetus was jumping around my womb. I was so worried that my coke consumption had broken my baby.

IneedAsockamnesty Wed 25-Sep-13 20:48:05

My first child. DR had been treating me a bit like a over dramatic child but in reality I had HG.

I had puked at the top of the stairs promptly passed out and fallen down the stairs so in a heap still retching. My dad loaded me into the car to take me to DR I had to wait in the waiting room for him to be available.

Cue puking again and passing out again in a pile if foamy puke so I'm led on the floor unable to stop retching and shaking and by this point had become a little delirious I had to see the dr in the actual waiting room where he made me drink a full cup of water after actually man handling me up of course said water did a very quick and forceful rebound right in the DR's face and rather interestingly dripped in a very slimey sort of a way all down his front and pooled in his crotch.

And after labor it was puking that helped my placenta out it landed on the end of the bed in a wobbly mess.

honey86 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:07:53

primark next to the jeans area confused

honey86 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:15:25

tell a lie it was a few weeks ago arriving back from holiday. plane had alot of turbulence as we landed, kept swaying n dipping... then bounced as it touched down...

~bump~ ~bump~ <vomits> confused

luckily easyjet have little sick bags behind the seats so i heaved in that. it was a cram-packed flight and i was sat next to a stranger. confused

I threw up on a Delta airlines flight coming into Heathrow from NY. We circled for ages and, yes I was pg at the time but also am not a great traveller. I threw up spectacularly and simultaneously pissed the seat blush

Nowhere embarrassing, but I learnt when pregnant that you can't discreetly throw up in to a tissue even with a supposedly empty stomach!
My car was a mess! blush

kalidasa Thu 26-Sep-13 16:00:34

I had HG and was in hospital a lot. To be honest the worst was in hospital - I would throw up EVERY TIME they brought food round for the others in my bay and despite my pleas they would almost never remember to draw my curtains first so my poor ward-mates had to try to muster some appetite to the sound/sight of me hurling yet again.

Then I'd ring the bell and a nurse would eventually arrive and poke around in the vomit (just acid and saliva as couldn't eat at all) to determine whether she could see the latest anti-emetic they had given me (the irony!). The rule seemed to be that if they could recognise it I could have another . . .

Also threw up everywhere in labour - including all over the floor - but that wasn't so bad as I didn't really feel sick, I just WAS sick.

ChrisTheSheep Thu 26-Sep-13 18:45:28

In a bin, in the middle of a very smart street in St Petersburg. DH was worried that we'd be arrested for being drunk and disorderly (we weren't, but I was 12 wks pregnant), and I just hung onto bin, hueying and claiming that I knew how to say in Russian that I had morning sickness. I couldn't, but I wasn't leaving the bin in a hurry....

In church. I told my parents I was poorly but they made me go.
It was a memorial service. There were hundreds of people and it was the noisiest puke ever witnessed by man.

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 26-Sep-13 18:50:06

I'd just arrived in Hong Kong, jetlagged and laden with cases and 22 weeks pregnant. I threw up all over the bus from the airport to DH's friend's house. Mortified doesn't even begin to describe it. Even DH and his friend looked embarrassed. A kind Chinese lady handed me a pack of tissues, but the whole pack of tissues was still inadequate for the colossal clean-up job required blush

handcream Thu 26-Sep-13 18:56:49

Went into labour, decided to have a bath, body in shock, DH thinking he knew it all, said I needed to call the hospital myself as the 'training' had said midwives could tell whether you were in labour by how you sounded over the phone. Took the phone and was sick all of him (good!) and the phone (not so good as it had to be thrown away). Not surprisely no one wanted to use it afterwards even though I cleaned it up....

smellysock Thu 26-Sep-13 22:53:22

Basically in every corner of my classroom, bin, sink, cupboard, poor little kids got to the stage where they didn't even notice "Miss" not feeling too good. Made for speedy & interesting labour as still hg to the end and wretching so violently poor DD2 came out with a massive whoosh as I threw up all over hospital blinds, floor, down back of the bed! Often think of poor cleaning lady who went into that room after my carnage!

puddeycat Fri 27-Sep-13 04:51:11

I'm a bus driver in London and at 18 weeks I was driving a packed bus, full of commuters across Waterloo bridge, to Waterloo station, when I suddenly threw up all over myself, the steering wheel, dash etc! With people standing next to me!
I managed to pull the bus into the last stop at the station jumped out and threw up a few times in the kerb. Not one person on my bus asked if I was ok. sad

mathanxiety Fri 27-Sep-13 05:41:04

I used to have to walk along a stretch of street that was usually littered with syringes, bottles, pools of puke, pools that were probably pee, and the odd sleeping drunk on my way to work. One hot morning the stench overwhelmed me and I upchucked in full view of a busload of commuters stopped at a traffic light. They probably thought I was one of the street people having a rough morning.

Full sugar coke helped here too.

mathanxiety Fri 27-Sep-13 05:43:45

And puked all through labour each time. Had blanked that out for some reason.

PermanentMenstrualTension Fri 27-Sep-13 07:37:23

Ooh this takes me back, I feel quite nostalgic.

I was on a bus replacement service rather than the usual train, because of rain/flooding, and foolishly read the metro. After a while the lurching, stopping and starting and overwhelming wet dog smell emanating from the passengers got to me and I thought I'd best get off.

Then I did a very clever thing. I rolled the metro into a neat cone which I could tidily vomit into and throw away when I found a bin. Sadly the bottom of said neat cone was open and the vomit trickled down my coat. I also wet myself copiously and had to squelch home.

Would do it again though if there was a baby at the end of it!

CbeebiesIsMyLife Fri 27-Sep-13 07:59:02

Not exactly unusual but dh find it funny (just like I find snipping his balls of with blunt scissors funny really)

Dd1 (2.11) occasionally uses the potty to poo. Every time I have to clean it I end up throwing up all over the bathroom floor then cleaning that up too. When she poos in the toilet we have no problems, I keep hiding her potty and she keeps finding it sad

Bohemond Fri 27-Sep-13 08:03:27

St. John's hill battersea. It was blue and projectile as I had just drunk a bottle of powerade.

AngelinaCongleton Fri 27-Sep-13 08:06:26

On stage singing in a concert.

Spoo Fri 27-Sep-13 09:36:35

On Bennetts Hill in the centre of Birmingham on a Tuesday morning in the rush hour! The shame. I can't walk past the spot without wincing.

Spoo Fri 27-Sep-13 09:37:16

I was preggers btw

Junebugjr Fri 27-Sep-13 10:18:10

Christmas time, suffering from HG, dragged myself out Christmas shopping while feeling awful, it was my first HG pregnancy so I didn't know the 'tricks of the trade' then so downed a innocent smoothie before I went out to settle my stomach. Big mistake. Queuing in marks an sparks packed with christmas shoppers, the smoothie unexpectedly made a reappearance, thankfully I had a plastic bag with me just incase . I still cringe now, people were looking at me as if I was some pisshead, while I was trying to explain I was pregnant between heaves.

WoTmania Fri 27-Sep-13 12:10:09

at the dentist's. I did warn him that I was very sick in pregnancy and that if he put the instruments any where near the back of my mouth I would likely vom but he clearly didn't pay attention.
Otherwise I've vomited almost everywhere. I used to carry plastic bags around for times when there wasn't anywhere else.

wendle70 Fri 27-Sep-13 19:51:45

These have made me laugh out loud - they are genius..the puking in a wheelchair bound man's hoody, the falling into a bin...I have been feeling so sorry for myself being sick. At Home. In my Bathroom. In a clean toilet. Now I know it could be MUCH worse. I had to hold in a large puke for a 30 min taxi ride while listening to a work colleague earlier this week but managed to hold it in till through my front door. Oh and when I was not pregnant I puked from a big night out into a leather glove when I was old enough to know better. Shame. Your stories are gold dust though. I think I am going to travel with one of those plastic bags they give you for airport security.

fancyanother Fri 27-Sep-13 21:32:45

I once threw up back into my bowl of porridge in the morning. It looked the same coming out than going in- it was disgusting! DH saw it and just said 'err... do you think you might be pregnant?' and I was! Put me off porridge for about 2 years. I threw up a whole Dominos pizza when I went into labour with DC1 6 years ago- haven't had one since!

On a silver Astra in sainsburrys car park blush

Catsize Mon 30-Sep-13 22:41:09

All suited and booted in a Crown court car park.
Into a plastic filing sleeve.

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