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My unborn baby is so cheeky already!

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HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:32:05

I'm 26 weeks and my unborn dd makes me really laugh. She won't let anyone else feel her move. The minute anyone else puts their hands on my belly she goes completely still and will not move again until they have stopped touching me, no matter how long we wait.

I have even had to chase her around my belly because I touch one part and she will kick the other side, and keep moving so I can't feel her.

I can also clearly see her jerking about from the outside now, my whole belly twitches. However, the minute I say 'DH quick, look!' she stops. Even if I say nothing and just grab him and point, she stops!! I'm starting to look like a complete nut, but its so funny!

Anyone else got a funny unborn baby like me?

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:35:30


HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:38:07

hmm to you too...? Any particular reason for your hmm?

greenj1 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:41:05

Lol! Mines the same! I did notice today though that he really wiggles like crazy when my mum speaks to me smile

PumpkinPie2013 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:41:27

Me! I'm only 20 weeks but can feel strong kicks already and see them outside smile

However every time I get hubby to feel/watch baby stops moving!!

Got my 20 week scan tomorrow so he will see him/her then smile x

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:43:34

yes. your post was the reason for it.

I get that it's exciting having a baby. but your baby isn't cheeky. nor is she 'good' or 'naughty' or playing any sort of game. stop attributing behaviours to a baby that is incapable of them.

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:44:47

Mine really starts going every time I go out in the car. Literally the minute the engine starts she starts kicking really hard! DH loves that because he's car mad, and has decided she must be the same!

I do feel a bit silly though the amount of times iv grabbed DH to get him to fee/lookl and suddenly she's still as anything!

greenj1 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:44:55

Omg get a grip imnot!!! The way you are talking maybe u r 14....

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:47:05

Imnotbloody14 - what the hell is your problem? It's a light hearted post and I haven't said anything about her being good or naughty.

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:47:29

I think it's more immature to use txt spk and talk about unborn children being cheeky.

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:48:41

I've told you in my post why I gave you the hmm. it's up there ^^. unborn babies aren't cheeky. to say they are is just weird.

PumpkinPie2013 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:50:25

Blimey ImNot did you get up on the wrong side of the bed grin x

SourSweets Tue 09-Jul-13 17:50:32

I'm not.. You've had a hell of a lot of support and virtual friendship on your post in relationships, I think Heffa is probably just wanting to share her excitement with people in the same way that you did there. I don't understand your problem with that. Heffa, it's lovely to see how you're bonding so well with your baby already! It's an exciting time and you can't help but wonder about your baby's personality even before they're born. There's nothing wrong with that!

greenj1 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:51:49

Oh get of your highhorse, its lighthearted fun! Go somewhere else with your miserable opinion

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:53:52

I'm really not sure why my post upset you quite so much? confused

mynameisslimshady Tue 09-Jul-13 17:54:24

I attributed allsorts to my dc when I was pregnant with them, its a lovely thing to do and really makes you feel like you know your baby even before they are born, not weird at all. Keep on enjoying your pregnany op, and your cheeky baby grin

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:54:45

ok i'll leave all you OMGing lollers to your hubbys and your cheeky foetuses.

Gingerandlemon Tue 09-Jul-13 17:55:14

Goodness, who knew this was such a controversial subject, huh, OP? I'm not sure what you think she meant, imnot but I don't think we really need to judge here do we? Pretty sure it was just a lighthearted post.

In other news, it's only in the past few weeks (I'm 33 weeks now) that I've managed to get my husband to get his hands on my belly at the right time to feel our little one's movements, and at this point he can pretty much see them from across the room! He reckons the baby is soothed by his warm hands, bless him.

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:55:55

If you didn't like it for whatever reason you didn't need to post. I'm rather obviously not trying to attribute a certain behaviour to an unborn baby, it's just a funny set of events that has made me laugh. I really dont know why you have come on here to be so aggressive.

ImNotBloody14 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:55:58

upset? no

cogitosum Tue 09-Jul-13 17:57:32

Mine's still the same at nearly 40 weeks! Dh has felt him quite a lot but it does seem he moves constantly until someone wants to feel him and then nada!

Oh and I think it's a normal bonding process to attribute personality to an unborn child. I'm not sure why people would take umbrage at that. Miserable.

heffalump I was saying the same thing to DH last night. It's as if she hears what I'm saying and stops moving til we stop watching. She'll be class champion at sleeping lions or musical statues wink

imnot really, get the knot out of your panties and go off to play in AIBU if you need to piss on someone's fire... Like a PP said its good to bond with your bump, who made you Gina fucking Ford? hmm

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:03:28

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:07:20

Nice to know I'm not the only one to have this though!! My mum keeps asking if she can feel her yet and I keep telling her she's got no chance!! I said to DH it would be lovely if this continues after she's born. I get a funny picture of her having a good cry and us just touching her and she goes all quiet and still! grin

usualsuspect Tue 09-Jul-13 18:07:23

<turns fan on to cool you all down>


AbiElizabeth Tue 09-Jul-13 18:12:27

Bloody Hell imnot over reaction much? If you didn't like the post then don't post on it. It's simple. It is a light hearted post that meant no offense. So if you want to leave us with our OMGs and Hubbys then I for one am glad. No one likes a sourpuss.

Congrats Op your little ones sounds like they are giving you lots of happiness and laughter.

5madthings Tue 09-Jul-13 18:12:58

Aww bless, its lovely tho, i used to balance things on my bump and wait for baby to kick them.off. Pregnancy is bloody hard work so its nice to enjoy the sweet, lovely bits smile

dontmeanto Tue 09-Jul-13 18:18:49

Aww, I remember DD was like this. I got bored of hearing myself say, "I swear she just kicked right here." Cue DP putting his hand on tummy for a few seconds with a sigh. "Nope, can't feel her."

Imnot: biscuit

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:20:28

Thanks Abi smile

5madthings that's so cute! And I agree, iv had a pretty tough time of it through this pregnancy (not all pregnancy related) and so I'm even more determined to really enjoy the good stuff. It might be the only pregnancy I experience too so these bits are extra sweet and lovely.

SoupDragon Tue 09-Jul-13 18:22:27

Imnotbloody14 you sound like a barrel of laughs.


HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:22:52

Dontmeanto - thats it exactly! If I wasnt so massively huge I would worry DH would start to think I'm imagining it all!!

RJM17 Tue 09-Jul-13 18:31:41

I think it is very immature and down right rude of imnot to post something like that!!!

I have exactly the same at 21 weeks she wriggles and bounces around and then stops when people try to feel it! She is definately going to be a cheeky little madam and very playful!! Haha. She always goes to the opposite side when we try and touch where she is like its some sort of game!

And OP I think its great to think of our little babas having a little personality and it makes them seem a lot more real xxx

FamiliesShareGerms Tue 09-Jul-13 18:36:44

At the risk of being accused of being grumpy too, enjoy your pregnancies but please don't be too disappointed when your "cheeky" babies turn out to be normal newborns who don't show much by way of personality for a little while...

Sephy Tue 09-Jul-13 18:40:37

Another one in the same boat at 25 weeks - really sorry for Dh that he's not been able to bond in that way, and just feel ridiculous and almost apologetic when once again s/he stops moving as soon as he's ready to feel the bump move!

Only seen bump move on a couple of occasions so not been able to show him that yet either - presumably our time will come soon!

Aaw, mine did that too. They were born, and they were all very boring (adorable, but very dull) and showed no sign of personality until about 8 months hmm I would say 'ooh! There she is!' And then my partner would touch her and she'd be gone. I was the only one to ever feel the baby kicking (unless my partner managed to do so in my sleep, without waking me, and if I managed to sleep as I had pregnancy induced insomnia) in all three pregnancies!

BlackDahlia11 Tue 09-Jul-13 18:47:23

My cheeky baby is the same smile

I wonder if it's got something to do with temperature. Your hands may be a similar temperature to your body so baby doesn't notice much difference on the bump. My DH's hands are often a lot warmer than mine so I wondered if having something noticeably hot on bump made baby stop moving. Could be talking rubbish though!

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:48:05

Rmj - I'm not the only one playing chase the baby round my belly then!!

Families - don't worry I have no real expectations of my baby to be anything! I have been warned that they are rather personality free zones for a while (in the nicest way possible). I still can't wait to meet her though. You won't be accused of being grumpy as your post was polite and not at all aggressive smile

Sephy - I was feeling that apologetic feeling, but DH has told me not to worry and that there will be plenty of time for daddy daughter bonding time yet. smile don't panic there's plenty of time til our due dates. You never know in a couple of weeks time you might be able to see baby moving loads!!

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 18:51:20

I haven't read much about it but I saw somewhere that they proved that unborn babies can definitely tell when it is one of their parents hands or someone else. I thought it must be something to do with the mothers reaction to being touched. I reckon you might be onto something about the temperature though because DH always has cold hands!

Lj8893 Tue 09-Jul-13 19:10:51

Yep, another one with a cheeky unborn baby here!

Imnotbloody14, get a grip. How dare you tell others how they should or shouldn't experience their excitement in their pregnancies. It doesn't make anybody immature or stupid, its just a normal human reaction!! Pregnancies are meant to be an exciting time.

Excited85 Tue 09-Jul-13 19:23:49

Mine is exactly the same, think dh is fed up of me telling him to come watch/feel nothing!!

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 19:50:19

I know this is a bit silly, but there's a bit of me that likes it. Obviously I want to share the feeling with DH, but once she is born everyone will be able to hold her and cuddle her. Its kind of nice that at the minute it's just me and her sharing this incredible experience if that makes sense? I will have to share her with all our family etc once shes born, but for now she's all mine because she is in my belly. I feel really special that I will be the only one to have ever done this with her.

I heard a really nice saying the other day: your children are the only ones who will ever know what your heart sounds like from the inside. Thought that was so cute.

Going to stop being a pregnant sap now!!

FairyTrain Tue 09-Jul-13 20:27:02

Heffalump your little one will probably be a cheeky baby! I totally disagree with above that babies aren't born with personalities, well DS had no personality til he was about a year, but DD was grumping at me and bossing me about when she was a few hours old and only happy when I rubbed her bum, which was exactly the same when she was in my tummy...

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 21:00:45

Aww that's too cute! How funny, a tiny newborn demanding that you rub her bum!

babyhmummy01 Tue 09-Jul-13 21:38:04

heffa I think.your post is brilliant! My mum is getting really pissed off cos my little one wil wriggle and kick up to the point I walk into her house when she goes totally still and refuses to so much as a small push. I am.only hoping mum has the same sedative effect when she actually arrives! It has caused much hilarity so far.

imnot was there really any need for your unkind and frankly bitchy comments?! I strongly suggest you grow up.

Gonnabmummy Tue 09-Jul-13 21:55:24

Same DP has felt him a few time this morning was fantastic he head his head on bump for around 20 mins of non stop kicking. But apart from that no one else has been able to despite them trying all the pigging time grin

Littleballofhate Tue 09-Jul-13 22:01:02

Awwww...you all are making me feel so broody! Sadly, at 48 I think my baby factory is well closed. How lucky you are to be enjoying such lovely pregnancies smile

fuckwittery Tue 09-Jul-13 22:04:43

Well, I'm with I'mnot, it's a bit silly to say a 25 week old foetus is cheeky. It's just coincidence. It may be funny and sweet for you to experience, but your baby doesn't have a personality or the ability to think in this way yet.
Not really a mumsnet type post, more of a netmums thread really, although I have noticed the ante-natal threads are v fluffy places in comparison to the rest of mumsnet, which is why I'm not on one, and don't worry, before you say it, will head off from this thread too.

Gonnabmummy Tue 09-Jul-13 22:09:28

Oh my so many miserable people and they say the sun makes us happy :/

babyhmummy01 Tue 09-Jul-13 22:10:36

Christ some people on here need to have an attitude adjustment! fuckwittery was there any need at all?!

BlackDahlia11 Tue 09-Jul-13 22:20:59

Fucking hell... god forbid someone starts a lighthearted thread about something amusing. WE MUST ALL BE DOOM AND GLOOM ALL THE TIME AND ALWAYS BE FACTUAL OTHERWISE THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE. It's just a bit of fun, pregnant women connecting with their little miracles. Rain on people's parades much? It's just an amusing observation!

Futterby Tue 09-Jul-13 22:24:37

Live and let live, what's the fucking big deal?

Congrats OP smile my DP felt our lo kick for the first time last night smile

dontmeanto Tue 09-Jul-13 22:52:19

I find it incredibly rude, actually. OP didn't ask if she WBU or if she was being silly...she wanted to share her beautiful experience with other pregnant mums, and has given her baby a personality based on some patterned movement.

Since when did we elect MN police to come crashing in a thread, squawking "too much like Nethuns, too much like Nethuns, not enough dry sarcasm, or use of the word "cunt" for my liking!"

It's getting boring, now. And very unoriginal. We get that you don't like the other site. Seriously, we get it. You really don't have to call it out, every fucking time.

dontmeanto Tue 09-Jul-13 22:53:36

Meant to say, congrats OP, to you and your very cheeky baby. Thanks for adding a little sweetness to MN.

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 22:56:30

Babyh - my mum is desperate to feel so I'm sure she would sympathise with yours!'

Gonnabe - aw my DH would love to be kicked in the face!

Don't worry the rest of you, I have realised my error. I posted a lighthearted post that stated I was in some way happy and now realise this is not allowed on mumsnet. Lucky they were here to point out my serious lapse in judgement! I was obviously wrong in thinking that the pregnancy section was the place to chat about pregnancy things, apparently it's an aibu section in disguise! (enough sarcasm for you? grin)

babyhmummy01 Tue 09-Jul-13 22:56:49

Well said dontmeanto

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 22:57:41

And aw futterby, my DH will be jealous!

Thank you dontmeanto smile

babyhmummy01 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:51:38

heffa roflmao at your post! And my mum bitches constantly about it, she bends down and tells my bump off, begs her to move etc and not a sausage.

Heffa my 2 dcs are 7 and 2 now but the strange thing was that the sort of personalities that they seem to have before they were born have really persisted and they are both very much like they seemed before birth (if that makes sense!).

Enjoy this time because it's lovely and you won't believe how quickly it all goes by until you're telling someone the same thing in a few years smile

All the best. x

SaylorMoon Wed 10-Jul-13 05:28:58

Heffa..your thread has made me smile and brought back memories of being pregnant with my own dc. You just carry on, after all you did post this in the PREGNANCY section. People should keep their bitterness to themselves..

froubylou Wed 10-Jul-13 07:22:39

Heffa what a lovely post and a change from some of the whinging/bitching/complaining/oh lets be so bloody PC cos we are posting on mumsnet threads that dominate some areas of this board.

The Pregnancy section is to share experiances of being PG, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. That's all the OP was doing. Sharing her positive experiances.

Anyone who doesn't want to read it or thinks its silly then thats fine. Trot on somewhere else.

I'm 16+4 and got a swift kick yesterday, the most definate one I've felt, whilst eating an ice lolly. My conclusion? Baby likes ice lollies. Its not true, we all know that. If the baby was responding to anything it was probably the sugar rush. He/she certainly doesn't have an opinion on refresher ice lollies, and doesn't prefer the green bit to the pink bit like I do.

But it made me, DD and DP smile.

And with regards to babies not being born with a personality every newborn I've ever met (and I have 10 nieces and nephews) certainly do have a personality. Perhaps you just have to be interested enough to want to see it?

Dylanlovesbaez Wed 10-Jul-13 07:43:54

Fairy train I agree. My dd had bags of 'personality' straight away and she's the same now! Her patterns in the womb gave me a good idea for sleep patterns when she arrived!

rundontwalk Wed 10-Jul-13 08:16:00

Of course babies are born with personalities! What's with all the grumping? OP I'm glad you are enjoying this bit of your pregnancy & totally understand you feeling secretly pleased when baby 'performs' just for you!

For anyone not feeling many kicks,my ds was very active in the womb & never sits still now but is v laid back. With my dd I had to be monitored more than once as I hardly felt her move,esp in comparison to ds. But there she was,dancing away like mad! Must have been in a funny position. And now,at 11weeks,she hasn't stopped moving!

Enjoy your pregnancy smile

Queazy Wed 10-Jul-13 08:25:53

Some very rude posts on this thread. If people are allowed to share and celebrate lighter topics on netmums, can't help but feel I'm better off there.

My baby stops moving everytime my DH puts his hand on my stomach - it's really frustrating but funny! You should read a book called 'Love Matters' written by a clinician, who cites a whole host of research to suggest personality does in fact start forming in the womb.

Have a lovely, sunny day all smile xx

Champagnebubble Wed 10-Jul-13 08:40:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 08:48:42

dylan my mw said patterns of movement in pg often mirror in rl sleep patterns. I get a huge amount of movement at about 430am so am expecting an early riser which is in complete contrast to my dp and I.

My friend had her dd in Feb and she definitely had a personality from day 1 and she says that her cheeky responses in the womb have continued

BlueSprite Wed 10-Jul-13 08:50:09

Absolutely agree with dontmeanto. Please, enough of the raised eyebrow faces and insisting a thread belongs on netmums for being too 'fluffy'. Probably best step away from certain parts of Mumsnet if you start feeling a worrying urge to police them in this way.

For what it's worth, this thread makes me smile. It brings back memories of my pregnancy and how much I adored my DS even then. The soppiest point was singing 'Baby Mine' to him at about 24 weeks and being unable to finish the song after crumbling into a sodden, teary heap awash with hormones.

Congratulations OP!

SoupDragon Wed 10-Jul-13 08:58:53

There are a couple of po faced posters who clearly need to be reintroduced to their sense of humour and good nature.

There's nothing "unmumsnetty" about this thread and I was virtually dug up with the foundations.

SeriousStuff Wed 10-Jul-13 09:38:27

This thread has made me laugh.

Heffa I'm 26+4 and the baby is really active. But whenever I call my DH over to see, or to touch my stomach, it completely stops. I think he's actually getting a bit of a complex about it...we're having a girl and I like to think she's already got her dad wrapped round her little finger!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 09:58:26

Thank you so much for the congratulations and support smile its so nice to hear your experiences too. Sorry to those we have made get all broody!!

I've got to be honest, I really struggled with the idea of being a mum (very unplanned pg) and had previously told myself it probably wouldn't happen for me (fertility problems) so to feel this bond with my baby is really amazing to me. It gets stronger everyday and little things like this are just awesome. Glad to hear there are others who are enjoying/remember enjoying these quirky bits too!

Don't worry bout the nethuns police, I feel sorry for them.

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:09:10

Iv just seen I had a post deleted near the top of the thread. Very confused confused mnhq how did I break talk guidelines? I asked someone what they got from coming onto this thread and being so aggressive and whether they felt better for it. I think I also told them to get lost if they were going to be nasty. What was wrong with my post?

Smitten1981 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:10:15

I'm 25 weeks and mine does exactly the same. DH has only seen him move once and as soon as he stops looking the baby goes mental. It's really annoying me as I'd like him to be able to at least share in seeing a kick now and again.

YoniRanger Wed 10-Jul-13 10:13:08

DD used to wait until the midwife had her heartbeat on the Doppler then kick it!


beckie90 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:15:43

Dear me, some people need to find a grip. And cheer the hell up abit, just no need. If a posts not your cup of 'fluffy' tea then simply don't comment.

heffa mine also does this, I'm 35+4 and think dp has managed to feel him twice, and it was only teeny moves when usually he does massive ones lol. Congratulations too smile xx

EeyoreIsh Wed 10-Jul-13 10:22:36

Ah I think this is a lovely thread other than the posts from the fun police

I'm ten weeks with my much wanted and waited for pregnancy and I can't wait until my baby starts moving. I know it's little legs are already starting to wiggle, so I can't wait until I feel the kicks. I may be regretting saying this at 35 weeks with kicks to the bladder

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:26:46

Disclaimer - I know my baby is not really doing this, but it makes me giggle to think of her playing this game to make me seem like I'm bonkers!

With me she also seems to go the most nuts when I'm in a position where DH can't get his hands easily to where she's kicking. So I have to move and then she stops because I have dared to move!! Funny child smile

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:29:12

Eeyore - you won't have to wait until then for the karate chops to the bladder. I'm 26 weeks and on several occasions have had to literally run to the loo because my delightful little angel has decided to bounce on mine! Did it in town yesterday only to get to the loo and do a measly trickle!

josiejay Wed 10-Jul-13 10:33:27

I do think babies show personality in the womb..I'm sure I saw something on TV once where they showed unborn twins 'playing' and the more dominant twin continued to be that way once they were born. And in both my pregnancies the baby never moved when DH tried to feel! They can feel the difference between their mother's touch and someone else's, and they recognise voices too. It's really amazing and wonderful, actually, so why not share the excitement?

Congrats OP on your pregnancy and I hope nobody on here has put a dampener on it for you.

kd83 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:44:09

hee,hee, Heffalump, mine is the same. Wriggling around all over the place, kicking the midwife when she tries to get a heartbeat.

it also responds loads to DH's voice. As soon as he puts his hand on my tummy and talks to the baby it goes mental!

Baby also likes a good party in there, or practising some form of martial arts, between 11 pm and 4 am which I'm not best pleased about!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:48:56

Josie - thats amazing about the twins!! I have read in my pregnancy book that once baby is big enough to feel a hand or a foot from the outside, they can play with you. You poke a hand/foot, they might poke back. And they play with their umbilical cord, that's really cute smile

Bunnylion Wed 10-Jul-13 11:11:25

OP congrats on your pregnancy! It's such a wonderful time smile

My baby also freezes as soon as anyone else tries to touch him. I have a theory (medical professionals please correct me if this is impossible!!) that when you suddenly freeze to listen or look for something you might release a chemical that could get through the placenta to the baby - causing the baby to do just the same without the baby actively controlling this action. So when you suddenly freeze and grab someone's hand to let them feel the baby, the baby freezes too.

Then, if that's possible, I was thinking about how when I'm hormonally up or down, or full of energy or very sleepy maybe my baby is feeling the same to some degree, possibly even frowning or relaxing his face with the involuntary feelings! It's a lovely thought that's made me feel very connected to my baby.

We all connect to our babies in different ways.

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 11:27:53

heffa I have had the same issues connecting for the same reasons ironically. So I am loving the little personality developing inside me. She is a proper little character. She loves to scare the dog, I am sure she knows when my patterdale is asleep on her cos all of a sudden she will punch out really hard and the poor dog gets skittled off my lap and winds up in a heap at the other end of the room. The look she gives me is hilarious, I am certain the dog thinks its me doing it.

28+5 here and the same happens to me all the time. If dh lies his head on my tummy she like to give him a good hoof though grin

TigerSwallowTail Wed 10-Jul-13 11:38:33

I see the mn snobs are out in force hmm

My daughter was the same heffa, dp didn't get to feel her move for quite a while as she's stop moving every time he put his hands on the bump. In the later stages I used it to my advantage as she'd dig her feet under my ribs at nighttime and kick me really hard, so I'd grab dp's hand and put it on the bump to make her stay still and give me some peace.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Wed 10-Jul-13 11:50:10

Mine makes me giggle (apart from the bit where he or she gets some exercise by running on the spot on my cervix or stretching his or her heels out against my bladder hmm).

Baby is a pro at hiding from daddy but we discovered the other day that the baby is a Rolling Stones fan - specifically, Get Off Of My Cloud smile

It almost makes up for the haemorrhoid the size of a blueberry I am suffering with

SoupDragon Wed 10-Jul-13 11:54:41

I see the mn snobs are out in force

i wouldn't say 2 were "in force"

Monka Wed 10-Jul-13 12:01:31

I'm nearly 36 weeks and always rubbing my belly and always talking to the baby especially at home. Still at work so don't do it all at work have to maintain professional image even though at times the mask slips! The baby's movements are much more defined now and they move at specific times during the day and night so I know when to expect their movements. It really is amazing and something only you will ever share with the baby so just enjoy it and who cares what other people think!

Rollermum Wed 10-Jul-13 12:07:55

My baby is exactly the same - I am 31 weeks and every time I grab my husband to feel movement the baby goes completely still. I wonder how / why this happens?

Hefflalump - that would be a useful skill!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 12:18:11

Babyh - I don know if you were the same, but I was scared I would never have this. I was so shocked and scared at first that I thought i would never feel this bond. I had convinced myself that I was a failure at it from word go. I didn't get that instant swell of love after poas, but it's grown and grown as the weeks have gone by. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm still terrified, but I feel so warm towards my baby now it's lovely.

Tiger - that's not a bad idea, my baby has just discovered my ribs. I think she thinks they are a xylophone! Always on the right side, right at the bottom!

Comtessed - a blueberry?! Fucking hell you poor woman.

TigerSwallowTail Wed 10-Jul-13 12:35:29

soup what they lack in numbers they make up in attitude!

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 12:35:49

Heffa - snap! 17 years of being told I would never conceive as didn't produce viable eggs and then out of the blue I had to poas to prove a point that it was my meds making me sick and nearly passed out with shock when the line appeared. It's not so much the worry of failing for me, more the fact I still can't quite believe its actually happening. Just keep thinking that someone is gonna rock up and tell me its all a joke. But the closer it gets the more the fear is setting in. So I love the fact I can feel her personality developing, and the fact she torments my mum is hilarious!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 12:44:19

Wow that's quite a story! Mine is much more boring! Got told I have pcos, very thoughtless sonographer told me my ovaries were both in a bad way and I would be unlikely to conceive naturally. She shouldnt have said any of that really. I wasn't having periods for at least 6 months at a time, but we had one split condom and I fell pregnant. I didnt think there was any need whatsoever for the morning after pill as I had really convinced myself I was in for years of ivf etc. Shocked isnt even the word!! DH is ever so proud of his "supersperm"! Glad to hear your little one is bringin you giggles like mine is for me grin

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 12:54:21

Snap on the pcos, but that alone isn't enough. I know tons of ppl with it who have conceived naturally so the sonographer was a prat! I got told when I was a teenager that the amount of cysts although small and the years of no periods meant the ovaries weren't producing eggs just theses cysts so chances were I would need IVF with donated eggs. I always said if I was meant to be a mummy it would happen on its own but never had. Left exh in June, got with someone else very quickly (long story) and never saw point in contraception as both knew our history and colour us both shocked at a positive lol. My parents have ribbed dp about his supersperm too which makes him highly embarrassed but I think he is secretly puffing up his chest so to speak with pride too

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 13:12:14

DH has since had some testicle issues which we aren't sure whether they will have affected his fertility or not. I am very much a believer of things happening at the right time, and so wonder if this might be our only baby and thats why it happened how it did. I wonder if you were meant to be parents with your dp, rather than your ex, so that's why it happened now? Funny how these things work out!!

Gonnabmummy Wed 10-Jul-13 13:19:46

babyh I hope your right my little one has never woke me up through the night maybe he will sleep crosses everything grin

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 16:26:29

Heffa that is my thought too!

Gonnabe you will have to let us know although I am sure feeds will count lol

Gonnabmummy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:51:49

babyh are you due in August? Think I noticed your name in the antenatal thread and if bf goes to plan I'm sure there won't be much sleeping at night sad

babyhmummy01 Thu 11-Jul-13 08:43:52

Yes hun!

shellandkai Thu 11-Jul-13 09:04:25

My baby is the same I'm 27 wks today, she loves it when my ds talks to my belly, and when he puts his head on my belly she gives really good kicks she kicks for her daddy too but if it's anyone else she just stops moving lolgrin

poachedeggs Thu 11-Jul-13 09:57:53

Haha, I wonder how many people have read this thread, rolled their eyes, sighed, and decided against commenting for fear of seeming churlish grin

valiumredhead Thu 11-Jul-13 10:02:44

I have no businesses on the pregnancy boards seeing as I haven't been pregnant for 13 years, but I remember how exciting it is to feel your baby move.

Of course babies have personalities, not cheekiness, but we all knew what the OP meant.

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