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What were your first signs of pregnancy?

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justhayley Mon 03-Jun-13 19:13:51

Hiya I'm hoping to be pregnant - testing on wednesday.
Until then I'm symptom spotting grin
Apart from Late AF, sore boobs, sickness and exhaustion did you have any other pregnancy signs?

My DS is 13 months and I didn't really have any signs with him till I was about 7 weeks.

karatekimmi Mon 03-Jun-13 19:17:05

Cried over something stupid on the radio about a week after conception. I just knew!!

Fingers crossed!

MrsVDB Mon 03-Jun-13 19:17:07

Thrush, constipation and really thirsty! Good luck

SgtTJCalhoun Mon 03-Jun-13 19:20:44

Sore breasts. Cramps as though AF was about to appear but then it just didn't.

CaptainJamesTKirk Mon 03-Jun-13 19:21:09

2 weeks after conception there were 2 days when I constantly needed to wee. I must have wee'ed 2-3 times every hour it was really bizarre. It was only at 6 weeks when I realised I was pregnant and googled early pregnancy signs that I found out it was a very early stage pregnancy symptom.

Dynababy Mon 03-Jun-13 19:23:28

Felt like I had a urine infection just days after conception , later read this can be due to implantation. I also had sore back and swollen tummy (presumably as your digestion slows due to hormones). All this swiftly followed by chin spots and a mouth ulcer. I knew I was pregnancy waaaay before a test could have told me.

lilstar Mon 03-Jun-13 19:38:45

In my first pregnancy my very first symptom was itchy boobs, followed by slight nausea...this was before I done a pg test, urine infection followed for whole first trimester.

This pregnancy, spots on my face (I never get spots) around about implantation time, one day of being sick, then at about 6 weeks, a urine infection followed by around 2 weeks of nausea when I couldn't barely eat/drink anything.

xlatia Mon 03-Jun-13 19:46:10

with DC1 i didn't have any early symptoms - just tested when AF didn't appear.

this time round - a bump! tbf tho, DC1 was only 11 months and i was still BFing, so no periods. went clothes shopping and had a "hang on, what's that" moment in uniqlo.

fingers crossed for your preferred outcome, justhayley!

blondebaby111 Mon 03-Jun-13 20:02:01

Week before I got my bfp I was very hungry and very thirsty and was cramping and had very light spotting. So much so that I thought I was getting af early. The strange thing is we were trying for so long and every mmonth I would symptom spot but the month I found out, it was there staring me in the face all my symptoms and I never had a clue..was pretty shocked when I got my bfp

Bibs123 Mon 03-Jun-13 20:08:29

I kept having hot flushes both times well befpre missed period.

igirisu Mon 03-Jun-13 20:29:39

I cried every day for no reason, period pains but no period

Panzee Mon 03-Jun-13 20:30:50

Took me an hour to drink half a glass of wine at a party. Not like me!

MrsBucketxx Mon 03-Jun-13 20:32:10

really sore boobs, really sensitive to smells, and sharp tummy cramps ( due to implantation)

pocketandsweet Mon 03-Jun-13 20:52:34

nausea <sigh>

blondebaby111 Mon 03-Jun-13 21:11:31

Good luck hayley btw,let us know how u get on when u test x

froubylou Mon 03-Jun-13 21:26:41

Constipation and sore,heavy,itchy boobs. Then about the time I would have implanted I picked a cold bug up off sister which I never usually do. AF was due on the tues. I was pretty sure by the friday before to the point I wouldnt take any senokot to relieve my poor bloated tummy lol.

Got my bfp on the weds.

ladymalfoy Mon 03-Jun-13 21:32:40

Very hot at night,thrush and scarey growing boobs. POAS 7 days after my period should have started because I knew the signs from last time.

Futterby Mon 03-Jun-13 21:34:27

I had spotting and cramping that I just put down to af. Nope, a wee surprise baby grin

Futterby Mon 03-Jun-13 21:35:12

Oh, and sweating. Ungodly sweating :p

enormouse Mon 03-Jun-13 21:39:16

I went off coffee and very sweet things - turned down a bar of my beloved galaxy cookie crumble.
Also sobbing whenever I saw certain adverts, especially the dog one where the man says 'Bad dog…bad food…bad home… etc'. Made me bawl my eyes out. My cycles very regular so when I had the usual pms symptoms with no AF I just knew.

cravingcake Mon 03-Jun-13 21:53:06

Last pregnancy (my first) was crying at silly things on the tv, did a test 2 days before i was due, bfp.

This time my sense of smell has gone mental, can smell the smallest of things a mile off. I also had a lot of cramping at time of implantation, plus my breasts started to get that filling with milk feeling. Did a test 7 days before i was due, very very faint bfp, tested every day that week, by end of week a very definite bfp.

Tulipsandbuttercups Mon 03-Jun-13 21:55:26

Sore boobs and nausea. I'm 9+3, nausea has gone but boobs are killing me! Lol x

Fakebook Mon 03-Jun-13 22:00:56

First and second time, missed period. Third time, implantation bleed but didn't realise it was that and that I was pregnant until I missed my period.

Mutt Mon 03-Jun-13 22:02:10

Weeing constantly.

Well not constantly, but pretty much!

Futterby Mon 03-Jun-13 22:06:46

Oh, and I cried at this

jellyandcake Mon 03-Jun-13 22:10:51

Got my bfp on Sun. Have a spot on my chin (never get spots either), mild nausea, tiredness, irritability, mood swings, disturbed sleep, lots of thick creamy cm and am really windy! Oh; the glamour! Also thirsty, gone off coffee and chocolate and very keen on all things lemony. Last time around it was the irritability, nausea and falling asleep at 8pm that tipped me off.

bonzo77 Mon 03-Jun-13 22:10:55

horrendous nausea. period pains but no period. increased watery vaginal discharge. Had this with both successful pregnancies. With the one I miscarried I had the discharge, but the other symptoms were much milder.

justhayley Tue 04-Jun-13 09:03:32

Thanks all.
With DS I had increasingly wet CF but until I got my bfp wasn't really aware of it. I tested because I had excruciating cramps for about 2 weeks but didn't get any other signs until I was properly into my pregnancy.
CF is currently very wet, AF very late last week I had a few cramps and vivid dreams but apart from that I don't have any symptoms sad.

I plan to test tomorrow - bought a test yesterday & wondering if I can wait that long - may just have to do it today instead

Pegglebot Tue 04-Jun-13 09:08:07

Red gums both times, increased saliva with ds1. Good luck!

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 04-Jun-13 10:03:51

Swollen boobs, really mild cramps, and I just knew. Wasn't trying so it was still a huge shock, but my body made sure I knew what was happening from before AF was even due.

TheCatIsUpTheDuff Tue 04-Jun-13 10:43:29

Dizzy and lightheaded and couldn't sleep. I thought it was a virus. Did a test just to be on the safe side before knocking myself out with Night Nurse, and lo and behold I was pregnant!

rowtunda Tue 04-Jun-13 10:45:40

sleeping in the day - the only two times I've done it in the last 10 years was when I've been pregnant, my husband guessed before positive pregnancy test when I fell asleep on the sofa after going to the supermarket

Mintyy Tue 04-Jun-13 10:45:59

Sore breasts - I think that's the commonest? but easily mistaken for normal pre-menstrual tenderness.

kalidasa Tue 04-Jun-13 11:00:03

Nauseous within 48 hours of conception every time. Also (to start with, before the vomiting set in) extra hungry, weird craving for malty stuff, dizzy and pink cheeks. Pregnancy tests completely redundant in my case to be honest.

YouSmellLikeBeefAndCheese Tue 04-Jun-13 11:03:51

Mine were no AF, falling asleep in the afternoon and then being too tired to stay awake at 9pm despite the 2 hour nap. I had cramps though and sore boobs. I have never been so sure AF was going to pay me a visit, however it turned out I am growing a person instead :D. Good luck OP

honey86 Tue 04-Jun-13 11:07:15

vivid dreams and tingly boobs xx

somanystripes Tue 04-Jun-13 11:15:08

My areolae changed colour almost instantly. Before I had a BFP at four weeks I suspected I was PG as they were a much darker brown (this also happened in my first pregnancy). I also felt 'off' from about four weeks (and still do at 19!)

Good luck! I think I remember you Justhayley from the boards from our first pregnancies, my little one is now 14 months!

Madmog Tue 04-Jun-13 11:15:40

My breasts were exceptionally sore at the sides. About six days after conception I had started to feel that I couldn't face some foods, so for me I was certain by the time I came to testing.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 04-Jun-13 11:27:07

That nasty metallic taste in my mouth. <<Bleurgh>>

PinkApple86 Tue 04-Jun-13 11:31:24

constipation, hot flush, and blocked nose like I was getting a cold but it never developed. Also went to gym and sauna and didn't sweat which at the time thought was v weird, I assume it was related to being pregnant some howhmm

thepestinthevest Tue 04-Jun-13 11:40:17

Dense heavy boobs at 2 weeks. I knew when I leaned over the bath to reach the tap and I had to grab my boobs with my arm because they were so heavy it felt like they were going to fall off.

FoofFighter Tue 04-Jun-13 11:46:26

I could smell things from miles away.
My nipples felt like ice cold pokers were being shoved through them, especially when on the bus.

This was from a week after conception.

beltsandsuspenders Tue 04-Jun-13 11:50:44

metallic taste in the mouth on my due date

YouSmellLikeBeefAndCheese Tue 04-Jun-13 11:53:08

oh gosh I forgot about the insane sense of smell. I amazed my OH by being able to work out what the smell in the kitchen was. turned out to be mouldy bread under the oven. My nose pinpointed exactly where it had come from grin

First symptom was slight bleeding gums when brushing, never happened before. I brushed my teeth before bed, sat in bed reading and it suddenly dawned on my.... I am pregnant! This was only about 6DPO, tested 3 days later and my first ever BFP. Found out 8 weeks later we were having twins!

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 04-Jun-13 12:12:27

My wee changes colour - from yellow ish to green ish tint. Both viable pregnancies this has been the case from about 7 dpo.

First pg (successful) and second (unsuccessful) I also had a sore right tonsil, but I think that was coincidence.

Snuffleupicus Tue 04-Jun-13 12:19:31

Couldn't even sip a glass of wine. Tasted yuck. Compared to my (until then) usual bottle large glass every second night fri & sat.
That was 1-2 days before af due.

Pain in one side of tummy, smell of toilets and onions made me sick, sore boobs and heartburn for the first time ever before had even taken a test...

tumbletumble Tue 04-Jun-13 12:25:02

I get a peculiar dragging sensation in my belly, it's hard to describe but very distinctive. When I got a BFN with DC3 I knew it was a false negative!

Sore, sore, swollen boobs. I couldn't bear to wear a bra, I wore a bikini top under work clothes and walked slowly so they didn't bounce.

Funny metallic taste in mouth and desire to eat rare beef and horseradish.
Coffee tasted vile and I didn't want to drink wine.

Amazing sense of smell. Which was a bit annoying.

FobblyWoof Tue 04-Jun-13 12:29:20

flutterby that's hilarious, sorry!

First time I was very much in denial so first symptom was missed period. The day after I tested I had very sore boobs and needed the loo all the time so I'd obviously not been noticing it up until then.

With this one my first symptom was constipation but I didn't put it down to being pregnant until my BFP

JewelFairies Tue 04-Jun-13 12:33:26

Constipation. Never had it before or since.

MrsDeVere Tue 04-Jun-13 12:34:18

With my first two it was bone tiredness. I would fall asleep standing up and I ached all over.

I got this with with the last two as well but I got really early symptoms with DCs 4 & 5

Night sweats from about 2 weeks post conception.
Diarrhea (soz) for about 10 weeks.

The night sweats were awful. I had no idea I was pg at that time. It didn't cross my mind tbh so I thought it was menopause or TB hmm

I am also very, very, very grumpy and cold. I get so bloody cold.

Good job I am not having any more.

I went deaf in one ear when I was pg with DS1.

I dread to think what would happen if I had a DC6 (apart from OH having a heart attack).

Oh YYYYYY to the smell. I couldn't go near my poor little dogs for ages. The weird thing was with DC5 it never really went away. I still have a very acute sense of smell although not as superhuman as when I was pg with him.

EuroShaggleton Tue 04-Jun-13 12:36:42

My first symptom was insomnia. It started the night before I tested and I thought I was just anxious about testing, but it just got worse and worse until I was MNing through most of the night!

hedgehogpickle Tue 04-Jun-13 12:41:29

Sore boobs - nothing else. When AF didn't appear after 2 weeks I tested positive - was about 5 weeks.
Keeping fingers crossed for you tomorrow smile

BabyStone Tue 04-Jun-13 12:43:21

My period was a couple of days late but didn't want to test too soon (and had 2 MCs so was kind of scared). I was making playdough and the smell made me feel sick. I told my work colleagues, one said "oh yeah it does that to me too, its the oil and flour" another one said "ooh maybe your pregnant"
Don't know if it was a coincedence but I was pregnant smile

BraveLilBear Tue 04-Jun-13 12:43:44

Around implantation, I fell down the stairs and reacted very weirdly, was faint, shaking and had diaorreah (sp).

10 days later I was still having cramps but no AF, was convinced I was about to come on every time I went to the loo - by the sixth day of this, someone on MN nagged me to do a test. Went positive before I'd even stopped peeing!

FreckledLeopard Tue 04-Jun-13 12:44:40

First symptom was missing a period as well as having a funny 'vision' that I was pregnant (sounds very 'woo' but I just 'knew' I was pregnant, that the father wouldn't stick around and it would be me and the baby).

I POAS that evening and lo and behold, extra line.

Almost from that point on, the main symptom was exhaustion. I was absolutely shattered. And I was very nauseous and sick from six weeks onwards too.

cravingcake Tue 04-Jun-13 12:58:20

If you are unsure and want to do a million a test every few days then try ordering off the internet. I got 15 tests for about £3 from amazon.

beela Tue 04-Jun-13 13:11:13

I didn't notice any symptoms - even the missed period - until I was 8 weeks pg blush

In my defense, my cycle is extremely irregular, we weren't actually ttc at the time, and I didn't get any other symptoms apart from tiredness for a good few weeks after that.

Now we are ttc #2, every slight change is a potential symptom (oooh, I can smell that coffee from across the road, maybe I'm pregnant! ooh, my big toe is hurting a little bit, maybe I'm pregnant!). I hate it, I much prefer being totally oblivious about what my body is up to!

MrsRickyMartin Tue 04-Jun-13 13:25:01

Nausea/being sick. I've got coeliac and I thought I had eaten something with gluten. Even now I joke about my 'tiny piece of gluten', as I was told it would be difficult for me to have babies, did not believe I was pregnant until the urine test at the GP. Thank God I was always (and still) taking folic acid.

BumpAndGrind Tue 04-Jun-13 13:40:46

Missed AF prompted me to test. Hindsight symptoms was that migraine I had...so odd, dated day after conception. The day I tested I was very sweaty and had a rash on the back of my neck, like a heat rash.

I had a feeling it would be positive, even though it had been negative every month runnign up to it this time I just knew it would be positive.

I was late and feeling odd.

BumpAndGrind Tue 04-Jun-13 13:42:57

I should add as we were TTC, I generally tested a couple of days before af but this time I didn't, I sort of knew I was and didn't want to know yet, IYSWIM - I didn't want to ruin the weekend I had planned.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Tue 04-Jun-13 13:43:22

Sore boobs and exceptionally vivid dreams.

FoofFighter Tue 04-Jun-13 13:47:06

Oh yes and wee, it smelt sweet like sugar puffs! Still does now at 30w

no symptoms whatsoever

but i tested 5 days before period due and got a positive so i guess i didnt have time!

itsonlysubterfuge Tue 04-Jun-13 13:54:55

I thought I was starting my period, I keep rushing to the bathroom, convinced I was going to be ruining my underwear. In fact I have a distinct memory of being in the middle of checking out at Tesco and telling me husband I was sure I was starting my period and trying to rush to the loo while keeping my legs crossed so I didn't bleed through my pants. I was so confused, there was never any bleeding. Also had cramps too. I was also starving and kept eating all the time.

SeriousStuff Tue 04-Jun-13 13:56:21

My breasts were in the way! They always used to increase in size before AF, but this was different. I couldn't sleep on my side properly as they were in the way so badly! 2 weeks later and I got my BFP...

CoraBear Tue 04-Jun-13 14:05:40

3 days post-conception and I was throwing up everywhere. And it hasn't stopped and I'm now nearly 10 weeks. I knew the second I woke up feeling a bit off that I was pregnant. It took 2 weeks to get a positive test result though.

I'm pregnant with DC2 but I was the same on DS. Also have super human smelling capabilities. I can tell what people have eaten from about 4 feet away, it's awful.

MiniPenguinMaker Tue 04-Jun-13 14:34:10

Sore breasts, funny feeling in tummy...

RosinaCopper Tue 04-Jun-13 14:41:52

Weirdly, I just knew. 36 months of ttc and 6 days before af due, I tested first thing as usual (I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests!) it was negative. At midday the same day I just felt different than usual and tested again using a first response and got a faint positive. At 4pm I tested yet again with a 4 days early test and got a stronger positive.

My twins are nearly 3!

TwitchyTail Tue 04-Jun-13 14:58:09

Positive pregnancy test, followed by two weeks of blissful nothingness, followed by VOM VOM VOM VOM VOM VOM VOM.

HTH grin

ToTiredToBeWitty Tue 04-Jun-13 15:00:43

I am 6 weeks.

I am tired, grumpy and thirsty.

Also had the constant need to wee a few weeks ago.

So irritable today that I pity anyone that has to come near poor dc

ToTiredToBeWitty Tue 04-Jun-13 15:02:41

And the night sweats are a joke tbh.

ToTiredToBeWitty Tue 04-Jun-13 15:03:35

I know from the previous posts it might not seem it but I am actually really happy to be pg .. just very grumpy! grin

hardboiled Tue 04-Jun-13 15:06:44

Sickness. I thought it was food poisoning. That was about five days after conception. It was that quick!

The amazing sense of smell came next. I could smell EVERYTHING.

First time with DS - felt tired in a spaced out, dreamy kind of way and very cold (well it was December!). It was needing to wee ALL THE TIME that made me realise I might need to poas before getting stuck into xmas party season!

Second time (ended up mc sad) - just feeling very tired again

Third time (31 weeks and counting atm!) - Finding myself standing in front of the fridge eating slices of cooked ham out of the packet and not being able to stop. And I don't even really like ham (or meat!) all that much, and in fact have barely touched it the rest of pg lol

Good luck with poas tomorrow OP!

BubaMarra Tue 04-Jun-13 15:16:47

Sense of smell and very very vivid dreams. I remember how I (silently) judged my colleague at work for putting so much perfume on. Few days later when I got BFP I realised it was me and my sense of smell, not her blush.

AbyCat Tue 04-Jun-13 15:48:51

Apparently my assistant knew before me when I asked for tea in the morning rather than my usual double espresso for three mornings on the run. She was waiting for over a week before I twigged what was up!

ouryve Tue 04-Jun-13 16:11:08

With DS1, I went right off tomatoes. The texture made me gag. Went out and bought a test and, yep, it was positive.

With DS2, before I could even test positive on the early tests, coffee and chocolate gave me incredible heartburn. Coffee I could live with, but chocolate? That was so unfair!

MightBeMad Tue 04-Jun-13 16:12:03

Light bleeding a week too early for af and really, really sensitive gums when brushing my teeth - nearly binned my brand new electric toothbrush until I put two and two together grin

ouryve Tue 04-Jun-13 16:15:48

The sign I missed with DS1, which only made sense afterwards is that I felt really ill and thought I had a water infection. I couldn't stop weeing and was crampy and tired - plus I was bleeding lots. I thought I was ramping up to a pretty awful period.

Glup Tue 04-Jun-13 16:20:17

Another one here who 'just knew'.

I was also wierdly constipated.

Pyrrah Tue 04-Jun-13 16:39:48

I was charting and am also a total POAS addict (bought about 100 of the cheapy tests on eBay for about £2 and got through about 30 despite getting PG first go - even when I'd got the BFP I kept doing them just to watch them get darker!)

The sore boobs came later - around 3 weeks after conception, and the sickness hit hard at 7 weeks.

The only symptom I can think of is that my skin smelt like hot butterkist popcorn (the toffee kind) which I never eat. I've since heard from a couple of others that had this as well.

JennySense Tue 04-Jun-13 16:53:05

Sense of smell - I had implantation spotting with DD1 too.
I had fertility drugs to conceive our youngest. I knew I was pg because I had not had such a long luteal phase before [I was a chart demon]

Osmiornica Tue 04-Jun-13 17:12:14

I went off beer and had a dizzy spell - I never feel dizzy and love beer so knew straight away. Took a test a week later and it was negative. Didn't get a positive until a few days after that.

Great thread! Each time I've had a slightly spaced out feeling, sensitive breasts and couldn't stand the smell of freshly ground coffee. This last symptom was what alerted me to my ahem surprise pregnancy ( I know people claim there is no such thing...), I bought a test as soon as I realised and there was the line [smie].

smile obv!

Frizz1986 Tue 04-Jun-13 18:08:56

I needed to pee lots, had a week of random cramps and had the worst heartburn/indigestion. Never get heartburn EVER so I knew something was up!

Thechick Tue 04-Jun-13 18:15:57

I went off tea and was very thirsty. The smell of coffee made me want to vomit with ds2.
With ds1 my ear really itched and I had the worse headache Ive ever had.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 04-Jun-13 18:23:23

extreme tiredness and feeling over emotional

Going off coffee, needing to wee more, sensitive nips and feeling pregnant

rockerrock Tue 04-Jun-13 19:07:48

#1 - felt sick and like someone was massaging my boobs way too hard (at about 4dpo)! Rolls of nausea until a test went positive and then until 13wks.

#2 - felt like I had the flu from about 7dpo. Shaky, sick, exhausted, just horrid. Continued to feel ill (rather than just nauseous) t/o first tri.

#1 was a girl and #2 a boy so interested to see if #3 will fit the pattern when we have him/her!

EvidenceBasedMum Tue 04-Jun-13 19:22:27

Inability to finish my glass of wine (not usually a problem...)

Intense loathing of coffee and nutella (chocolate in general but especially nutella)

YY to superhuman sense of smell - I was once woken up by someone who had eaten garlic who was sleeping in another room!!

shufflehopstep Tue 04-Jun-13 19:45:03

I had a faint metallic taste in my mouth about 5 or 6 days before I was due on my period. I also had a few mild weird cramps that felt a bit like very mild period pains but were about a week earlier than they should have been. I was convinced I was pregnant though so was looking out for signs.

BookTart Tue 04-Jun-13 19:57:23

I spent the whole day beforetesting being inexplicably furious with partner. I was literally sitting indoors all day muttering about how crap he was and generally avoiding him. I cheered myself up with a lovely whiskey, which was probably a mistake in hindsight wink Looking back, I had a migraine a couple of days after conception, but that was pretty much it for me.

Ruby1080 Tue 04-Jun-13 20:08:01

I had IVF and felt the implantation of both embryos a couple of days after they were transferred. A couple of days after that, I glanced in the mirror as I was getting changed and all I could see was blue veins all over my boobs and chest. I had a positive test the next day.

Tigglettchic Tue 04-Jun-13 20:34:52


I had the usual nausea, tiredness boobs that felt they were on fire but I also got a blocked nose and weird food aversions!

Good luck, don't be disspondant if it is negative, wait a try again!

EugenesAxe Tue 04-Jun-13 20:36:16

Very sudden and strong urges to go to the loo.

This was early as it was in the first week of our honeymoon; I kept having to dash off to wee behind bushes. Although I knew I'd be ovulating on or around our wedding day I didn't think we'd really manage it, but when that happened I started to cut down on my alcohol and bought some folic acid just in case...

redexpat Tue 04-Jun-13 20:57:48

A craving for cheese and pickle sandwiches.
I'd ofrgotten about the metallic taste.

woozlebear Tue 04-Jun-13 21:21:51

Also sobbing whenever I saw certain adverts, especially the dog one where the man says 'Bad dog…bad food…bad home… etc

I cried every time I saw this for weeks, no pregnancy required!

BoffinMum Tue 04-Jun-13 21:30:42

Swollen boobs and sore nips.

Ds, who's 3 came running up to me and said "mummy you have a baby in your tummy" that was a few days after I would have conceoved.
4 days before my period was due I was ravenous and polished off more food than normal for me and had period pain but only a tiny spot of blood and so tested the next day and go a faint positive. I tested every day for the next few days and they gradually got darker.

Ds, who's 3 came running up to me and said "mummy you have a baby in your tummy" that was a few days after I would have conceived.
4 days before my period was due I was ravenous and polished off more food than normal for me and had period pain but only a tiny spot of blood and so tested the next day and go a faint positive. I tested every day for the next few days and they gradually got darker.

I have no idea how I did that!

rufusnine Tue 04-Jun-13 21:46:12

with dd3 I felt the familiar nausea whilst innocently waiting for my sister outside a Thorntons coffee shop - the smell - boak!! I wasn't overly late, normally 30 - 35 day cycle, was on day 34, wasn't trying and yet I knew!! The test were on special offer and on a whim i bought one and bfp!!

mymagaret Tue 04-Jun-13 21:52:11

I had absolutely no symptons. Even went to a theme park because i was totally unaware. Then on the day of my missed period woke up in agony! Never had any period pains before, and i couldn't even move with the type of pain. OH suggested the test and it was positive. Now 12 weeks and seen our very active baby on the first scan yesterday. Good luck, fingers crossed for you smile

Forgetting words, being v clumsy, just in a world of my own (also fell down some steps, totally unlike me). Then aversion to alcohol/strong flavours and a massive dairy craving (which I still have!)

Whistleforit Tue 04-Jun-13 23:17:01

So have totally screwed up and discovered am 6 weeks unplanned just starting new job. We always wanted three but... Anyway first I change i noticed was that my weight dropped every day for a week after conception despite not changing diet. Good luck with the test smile

theQuibbler Tue 04-Jun-13 23:55:47

With my 2nd pregnancy - it was night sweats. Woke up drenched a few times in a row. Had a horrible scary time thinking about what else that could mean and then I developed the ridiculous, bloodhound sense of smell and I was, like, oh, right... Took a test and there he was. He's nearly 2 now and completely adorable smile when he's not throwing tantrums because I gave him the wrong yoghurt

1944girl Wed 05-Jun-13 01:28:18

Bleeding gums, both times.

angusandelspethsthistlewhistle Wed 05-Jun-13 01:40:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Namechanger012345 Wed 05-Jun-13 02:34:56

The main one for me was feeling exhausted. I wanted to sleep all the time and I could barely keep my eyes open. I also had the strong sense of smell and some nausea, completely went off coffee and couldn't stomach the thought of alcohol but didn't know why.

LesserOfTwoWeevils Wed 05-Jun-13 02:48:19

Couldn't bear to eat yogurt or drink coffee.

LottyLikesWindows Wed 05-Jun-13 05:36:02

I woke up with a bleeding nose on the day my period was due. Also had ridiculously vivid dreams which felt frighteningly real. Oh and I couldn't keep my eyes open no matter how much I slept.
Good luck OP!

very vivid blue veins in boobies.
heightened sense of smell.
and sobbing all the way to work one day as I felt guilty for telling my son off!

DaniZ Wed 05-Jun-13 06:55:27

I was just hoping I was pregnant so I've been seeing signs everywhere- if you named it, I had it smile

moominlike Wed 05-Jun-13 07:50:38

Thrush (haven't had that since I was a teenager and my school uniform included awful woolly tights!), sore throat which didn't come to anything, tender boobs (didn't normally get that even before AF), period type cramps and bloating.

Took a test just to check before a night out where the drinks would be flowing and got a faint positive. Was really surprised! I think I would've known anyway a few days later when I nearly fainted at work shock

Good luck for today OP!

SignoraStronza Wed 05-Jun-13 08:01:01

What I thought was raging, angry pmt - right down to the cramps (which obviously came to nothing). Combined with horrendous tiredness (dropping to sleep the moment my bum hit the sofa) and second time round I just knew well before testing. grin

rosiedays Wed 05-Jun-13 08:12:21

Took me weeks of being dog tired, emotional wreck, went square shape (totally lost all signs of a waist) travel sick every day on 1.5 hour drive to work. Eating toast (i hate toast) and generally feeling awful. Made gp appointment to discuss symptoms. Day before thought Mmm he'll ask if i could be pg so took test to rule it out. Very surprise BFP.
Good luck op

IsItMyArseOrMyElbow Wed 05-Jun-13 10:50:52

OP!!!!! It's Wednesday! Have you POAS yet?

I am doing the 'sign spotting' thing myself at the moment, AF not due until at least next Wednesday. Had a little bit of spotting on Monday night (possible implantion bleed?), got cramps higher up than usual period pains, achey boobies on release of bra at night, mad urges to clean things (did oven last night), filled up at the sight of a group of parents waving their LOs off on a school trip this morning etc.

Heather1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 10:55:11

Absolutely nothing - and the 3 months beforehand that we were trying, LOADS of imaginary symptoms!!

TeuchterWahine Wed 05-Jun-13 12:13:41

AF cramps but no AF and daily morning squits. Delightful, got some of the lesser known symptoms.

lucidlady Wed 05-Jun-13 18:15:30

Veiny boobs, bloodhound sense of smell.

blondebaby111 Wed 05-Jun-13 18:22:17

Have you tested yet op??

MrsO27 Wed 05-Jun-13 20:13:57

Tiredness and AF like cramps around time it was due. Also had light implantation bleed around 1 week before AF was due. Other symptoms (sore boobs, nausea etc.) came a bit later for me but everyone is different!

mrscookie78 Wed 05-Jun-13 23:25:34

with my ds I had sore boobs and my temp was a bit higher than the couple of times I remembered to take it. This time ive had thrush, been constipated, had a sore throat, odd sharp pain by my right hip and eating all day long. It was the thrush that convinced me this time as the pharmacy couldn't sell me anything so I tested and got a bfp yesterday at 13 dpo grin

Jammies Tue 11-Jun-13 11:31:01

Early signs for me were constipation, heavy boobs (sore near armpits), shooting pains in nipples and extreme thirst.

But at about 6 weeks it was all about the sickness. Dry retching in the street, after passing a curry house and butchers.

Am now 9+3 wks (with my second). Last time I was sick all day, every day til about 12 weeks. This time it's on and off nausea, but when it happens it's full on.

Heart palpitations, bloated to size of a water melon, shattered, severe irritability and generally feeling like shit.

How could I have forgotten this from last time??

LFM80 Tue 11-Jun-13 13:07:33

Sore boobs straight away. And spots round my mouth and chin. I also had achey cramps every morning for a week or so before.

memz9090 Wed 12-Jun-13 02:08:54

Hey i am only 6-7 weeks and my symtoms are itchy/sore boobs, very thirsty and tired

I was tired and emotional, crying at anything and everything. Increased sense of smell and went off coffee. Got my bfp 11 days after conception. Then I had a blissful couple of weeks till the sickness started!

Good luck with testing op smile

Protego Sat 15-Jun-13 13:30:56

Three days after - on implantation - the hormones kicked in!
My DH always puts on a pot of filter coffee first thing and I said - what is that horrible smell??? He figured out it was the coffee and took the machine out to his workshop for the duration of both pregnancies! I love coffee when not 'in pig'!

Next night had to get up to go to the loo - and every night thereafter

Was also thirsty and drank lots of water from day three on

Very soon needed a nap in the afternoon

Same with second pregnancy - booking midwife non-plussed that I had not had a pregnancy test!

bingeddybongo Sat 15-Jun-13 16:28:00

My first symptoms were the sore boobs, then I realised I was late... and then I went to a wedding and really didn't want to drink - I think that was the clincher!!

JulesJules Sat 15-Jun-13 16:32:10

Really weird, slightly metallic taste in my mouth. Had a sip of wine and it tasted like mouldy old vinegar (tragically it still does, and dd1 has just turned 11!)

Desperate need to eat a packet of Mark and Spencer's fizzy fish grin

jacquiemccloy Sat 15-Jun-13 16:42:26

I got really sore breasts, felt tired more (although I was doing a lot at the time moving house) and just sorta felt like something was different. Killed headaches also. I tested the very first day I was due my period and it didn't come and I got 7 positives!! smile

SorryMyLollipop Tue 25-Jun-13 21:27:15

I was exhausted. Then on the day AF was due, I had period pain but no sign of a period. Normally I have spotting for a week then I bleed properly, then about an hour later the pain kicks in. I felt a bit sick too and my boobs were sore.

SorryMyLollipop Tue 25-Jun-13 21:29:05

protego that happened to me but I assumed it was coincidence. I was randomly sick in the morning about 4 days after ovulation. I never heard of anyone else having symptoms so early.

Emmabombemma Wed 26-Jun-13 20:42:02

Heightened sense of smell, extreme exhaustion and a very loud rumbling stomach.

MissingMyMarbles Wed 26-Jun-13 22:25:59

Insomnia, followed by mild nausea (6dpo), then seriously bad fettle, then horrendous nausea (10dpo), then no period, then bfp. grin

embaker112 Wed 26-Jun-13 23:08:35

Metallic taste in mouth, completely overwhelming tiredness and darker nipples! All of which faded a few weeks later but then the nausea started!

Sparkeleigh Mon 08-Jul-13 15:18:29

I had really bad cramps I put down to period pain, then DH looked at me when I was naked and went "wow, your boobs are huge!" grin he actually worked it out before me...

Good luck!

SignoraStronza Mon 08-Jul-13 17:02:00

Raging pmt-like behaviour.
Dropping off at the drop of a hat.
Strange disinterest in chocolate.
Period type of pain.

Edamame Mon 15-Jul-13 06:56:33

Sore boobs at around 12 DPO, more painful than the usual PMS. Plus bloating & constipation from the same day.
Sense of smell more acute I think.

Champagnebubble Mon 15-Jul-13 10:22:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quickdowntonson Mon 15-Jul-13 13:08:12

Tiredness, period type cramps, and dizzy/lightheaded at times. Also, very bloated.

flowerpotgirl12 Mon 15-Jul-13 13:10:59

exhaustion, sickness, and bad lower back pain, started pretty much within a week, wasn't due on for another couple but tested week before AF due and got bfp. good luck.

flowerpotgirl12 Mon 15-Jul-13 15:38:36

oh and breathlessness, i go up 2 flights of stairs to get to my office, normally no problems, first 4 weeks it was like climbing a bloddy mountain was so out of breath, so ended up getting the lift and being looked at with disgust by most people for my laziness.

elliesmum07 Sat 20-Jul-13 12:24:35

i had really sore boobs, dizzy spells, weeing more often and raised body temperature which is good for me because i hate feeling cold!

mejypoo Sat 20-Jul-13 12:37:56

Hot sweats for me

On the morning I did the test, I kept having to go to the loo, much more than usual. I was out in town and bursting for a wee again so I bought a test on my way to McDonalds to use their loo, just in case, and I got a bfp. I was rather surprised!

juzernejm Mon 18-Nov-13 17:15:07

Sorry to hear that :/

Mammylj Thu 21-Nov-13 10:56:32

Found out I was pregers yesterday. I'm thinking I'm around 5 weeks. Excitedgrin

Had tender nipples about 2-3 weeks ago.
Heartburn for the past week, woke up last few mornings feeling mildly sick which has now developed to actual vom. Bad cramps, gas, feeling/ looking flushedblush, heightened smell, and felling repulsed by certain foods.

I haven't need to wee more than usual, not really that tired and my boobs fine now too.

dimdommilpot Thu 21-Nov-13 11:16:10

Smell, i had the nose of a bassett hound. Could smell people smoking from a mile off, and i could smell the toilets at my desk at work.
I also had a couple of dizzy spells.
I knew a week or so after conception that i was pregnant. Just had to wait for AF day so I could test. When i woke up and i wasnt on i didnt feel the need to test (though i did) because i am like clockwork.

MERaws Mon 23-Dec-13 14:48:32

Wondered if anyone could help. WE've been trying for 4 months now. AF due Christmas day.. had a few symptoms and not sure if they mean anything.... don't want to get excited. Bad cramping (especially on my right side), was cooking pate the other night and the smell made me gag (literally had to get the husband to take over I couldnt cope with it), had a ulcer in my mouth, got a bad cold/virus (feeling quite shit to be honest), off coffee (drinking hot water with lemon and can't get enough of it), little to no CM, mood swings like when AF is here, hot episodes (but think this is due to the virus/cold). Think there are more, but that's just a few. I did a test this morning and it was negative. Not due until the 25th... what do you all think?!

NSEPWM0814 Mon 23-Dec-13 15:09:25

Hi MERaws, you could try one of the ClearBlue tests that give you an indication of how many weeks along you are. I found out I am pregnant on Friday past and the indicator stated 2-3 weeks pregnant. I'm only due my period now.

Mmmm.....symptoms, sore breasts (its a different kind of tenderness, more like a bruising to me), fatigue, swollen abodmen and believe it or not cramps like my period was coming - still have those but apparently its normal and yes.....mood swings, cried all morning yesterday.

Glad I found this site as I've felt so freaked out since I found out. I think visiting this site will end up a daily ritual smile

MERaws Mon 23-Dec-13 16:12:26

Hey NSEPWM0814 - congratulations!!!
I used a bog standard test thing morning, might try a ClearBlue - but also don't want to try too early because getting a bfn is just veyr depressing!! Would be the most amazing Christmas present if I found out I was pregnant. I've got everything crossed. That's the problem too, because I want it so bad you don't know if you start imagining the symptoms!! Fingers crosed. Congratulations agin!

MissIshbel Mon 23-Dec-13 17:09:50

With both this almost full term pregnancy and an earlier ectopic pregnancy I experienced really easy bruising as a symptom. This would have started at about three weeks both times and before any other symptoms. Maybe a sign of anemia? Anyway something I will always keep an eye on from now on!

NSEPWM0814 Mon 23-Dec-13 19:58:43

Let me know how you get on MERaws, I'll keep everything crossed for you smile

Onkennn Wed 08-Jan-14 22:44:28

My first (unsuccessful) apparently quite normal but I had a very very hairy stomach, chronic heartburn and I could not stop weeing! Such a glamourus job being pregnant! Hopefully we conieve again soon and get to the end!!

Groovester Sat 25-Jan-14 22:36:51

I am now about 8 days late but getting BFNs. Very sore lower back, daily squits (TMI, sorry!), crying at EVERYTHING (today it was the film "Free Willy" - inconsolable that the whale missed and was separated from his family! Yesterday it was a twee, hallmarky FB post about enjoying the little things in life and the song "More than Words" by Extreme coming on the radio), vivid dreams, bad tummy cramping (which I don't usually get), nips that go erect if I so much as think about them (whoops - there we go - bullets!) and DH is complaining that I now snore like a warthog. I had brown spotting on morning AF was due and when I wiped that night it was bright red but that was it. I didn't have to use as much as a panty liner. I have a very regular 28 day cycle and the pattern my period takes when it's here for its 5 days is always the same so this is very out of the ordinary for me.
I have a DS (aged 4) and with him, I noticed that my boobs very ENORMOUS one night when lying in the bath.

I handed a sample into GP for testing yesterday and will get result on Monday. Really confused as I feel pregnant, have all these symptoms (physical ones as well as " am I really feeling that" ones) but have had 2 BFNs now.

Newbie on here so sorry if I've posted on the wrong thread. Would appreciate your thoughts?!

perfectstorm Sun 26-Jan-14 09:02:12

Sore throat. Very sensitive nipples. Temper/over-sensitivity!

squizita Sun 26-Jan-14 09:41:43

Spotting 4 days before AF was due ... Then no actual AF. May have been emosh but mistaken it for pmt.

danika89 Sun 26-Jan-14 21:20:18

hi smile
this past week i have been exhausted, really itchy boobs, constant weeing and now vomiting and very clumsy!!!
could i ne pregnat even though i have recently had a period??

danika89 Sun 26-Jan-14 21:30:10

hi smile
this last week i have been exhausted,itchy boobs,constant weeing,nausea and alot of clumsiness!!
could i be pregnant even though i have had my period? x

MaybeProbably Mon 27-Jan-14 01:15:26

5+3 first pregnancy. First sign was sobbing at an action movie 5 days before AF due. Sore boobs at the usual time of the month but worse than normal and sensitive nipples (which isn't normal for me pre-AF). First couple of cheapy tests were negative but first response day before AF due was bfp.

ImBrian Mon 27-Jan-14 07:23:00

Dc1 I had no symptoms apart from usual pre period ones. Was so sure I was going to come on that I didnt test till 6 weeks. DC2 I was trying so poas stupidly early before I had any symptoms. With my mc I was late but only realised when I couldnt manage my sunday dinner!Dc3 I had an implantation bleed and usual af symptoms. Dc4 wasnt planned so when I started fallingasleep after work I realised I was 2 weeks late and tested!

Anendze Fri 31-Jan-14 12:53:04

Period was late by 2 days, I spotted for a day. My boobs were sore before I spotted and there still sore, and getting worse. Plus now my nipples are hurting. I took 2 pregnancy tests and both say not pregnant. Could I be pregnant and it be too early to tell????

Aoifebelle Sat 01-Feb-14 09:12:45

I suspected I was up the duff a good week before even the early tests picked it up and knew for deffo two days before a positive test. First symptom for me always increased thirst and weeing. Then the sore boobs, similar to what happens with my monthlies, but nipples also really sore. Then the sudden and all consuming hunger. Can happen even within a hour of eating. If I don't eat I can get dizzy. Wierdest of all is the inside out burps, like a single really long hiccup. I guess it is the diaghram doing something weird. I find it sooo amazing that within a week of the egg being fertilised I can detect changes in my body. That said there seem to be women who have very few symptoms and feel nothing until junior is kicking them in the bladder. Being a woman rocks.

moonbear27 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:15:50

Been feeling nauseous, dizzy, mild headaches, horrible metallic taste. AF not due till 7th March. Can't bear not knowing!

Dazedconfused Mon 24-Feb-14 16:10:17

I had had really strange spotting etc early Jan and thought it was weird AF but anoint a week after stopped I went to work and realised I had completely forgotten to put a bra on while getting dressed (not the kind of body shape that can get away with that) laughed a lot about this after!!!! and then I was sick after lunch...did a test the following morning and it was bfp and using dating one worked out was about 6 weeks gone.

Iona1651 Mon 24-Feb-14 16:19:48

I had sore gums and my urine smelt very strong. Just did a test in case I was - expecting a BPN - but surprise BFP!
That very morning I'd been sat in a surgeon's office to get the results of my laparoscopy and told to get a referral to a fertility clinic asap because of my age! Was a weird day telling my fiancé the news from the surgeon in the morning then our good news that evening!

CestelloAnnunciation Mon 24-Feb-14 16:22:15

Went off booze and fags with DC1 grin. had done several pregnancy tests, as period was slightly late, but all came back negative. Went to the pub with DH and ordered a G&T and went to light up a ciggie (shows how long ago it was) and instantly dry wretched and the smell of booze and cigs. Got another test from the late night chemist and hey presto...up duffed I was.

With DC2, I had to stop the car on the way home one day to be violently sick. Alarm bells rang, did a test...pregnant with DC2

Longlive2014 Mon 24-Feb-14 17:14:47

crying, tired, sore tingly numb boobs... on day af due I had morning sickness

Candycrush75 Mon 03-Mar-14 15:42:46

Hi I'm new here but wanted to join this discussion. I'm a bit confused with all these abbreviations lol but I'm sure I will pick it up..maybe someone could help me out there.
Well I had mirena removed on 10th Feb after 10 years (had another one fitted) my youngest (twins) are 11 and I'm feeling bit anxious that I could be preg. Only did the do once and no idea when I would ovulate. Had a bleed after coil removed but didn't last long. Now I'm feeling sick, headache for last 4 days, weird taste in my mouth, sore boobs, cramping, tired, off food. Did a test but it's neg. prob too early to tell but how do I know when to do a test??? Any advice welcome x

Curare Tue 25-Mar-14 14:38:58

Candycrush, I found this link pretty handy for abbreviations: www.babymed.com/pregnancy-fertility-abbreviations-acronyms

hoboken Tue 25-Mar-14 14:40:09

A strange, metallic taste in my mouth. Feeling exhausted and sick.

Rosebud29 Thu 27-Mar-14 12:19:36

Sore boobles was the first thing. Extreme fatigue set in at about 6-7 weeks. The fatigue was harder to deal with than the nausea. Heightened sense of smell in the very early weeks. I'm prone to bloaty tummy anyway but it got much worse very early in pregnancy, I was in maternity jeans at 10wks and struggled to hide my tummy.

eepie Thu 27-Mar-14 13:33:18

Main/only symptom before missed period was that my boobs were sore and hot to the touch - whereas apparently normally (when not pregnant) breasts are always slightly cool. Positive pregnancy test the next day after I noticed this !

ImBrian Thu 27-Mar-14 16:59:28

Dc1 - nothing at all just realised my period was Mia, dc2 and 3 I tested really early and can't remember any symptoms, dc 4 I kept falling asleep and was exhausted. This baby I had implantation pain/headache,dry mouth and then my cervix went back high! I've also had 2 miscarriages, the first I realised I was pregnant as I felt sick and the 2nd I had a dry mouth and high cervix.

ImBrian Thu 27-Mar-14 17:03:24

Forgot to say I always cramp like af is coming and get sore boobs but not tht bad.

Frogcatcher Sat 29-Mar-14 15:20:50

Oh dear. This is not making comfortable reading! I've been laid up in bed all day with what I thought was flu but a little thought popped into my head from nowhere that maybe I was pregnant & it's morning sickness as I have terrible stomach cramping too. DS is only 12 weeks old shock
I didn't really have it with him except occasionally feeling like I had a hangover late afternoon. I was charting so tested before I even got AF last time whereas this time I haven't even had a period yet. I've also got greasy hair which I got with DS. Boob symptoms difficult to spot as I'm BF so nipples tingle anyway when he wants a feed. Guess I'd better dig out those tests before I totally freak out OH!

MissHobart Sat 29-Mar-14 16:35:55

Frog - keep us updated! grin

Me23 Sat 29-Mar-14 16:38:30

I didn't hav any signs until 8 weeks but I just knew I ass pregnant even before af was due.

Frogcatcher Sat 29-Mar-14 18:32:56

Done a test & it was BFN. Phew! We may want another but I wasn't thinking just yet!

Tranquilitybaby Sat 29-Mar-14 23:21:20

Hot flushes & extreme tiredness during the day.

Jabean Fri 18-Apr-14 20:37:12

so I have been trying a bit for a few months now(not particularly strict on dates etc) AF due next Thurs but this monday starting cramping then bleeding, a bit worried as only day 19 of cycle (usually quite regular) now think it maybe was implantation bleed but not sure, still spotting, am quite tired, went to bed last night at 9.30pm and also fell asleep on sofa this afternoon, have done a test each morning for last couple of days but BFN have stocked up and will keep testing each morning until I get a proper period or BFP. Boobs are quite sore also, also had quite a few spots last few weeks. This wait is torture! Just would like to know either way, had to cancel night out tonight just in case (although feel too knackered to be hitting the town!)

Mummytobeforthefirsttime Sat 19-Apr-14 14:19:45

I tested on the Monday before my AF was due on the Saturday as I had had chronic headaches and wanted to take strong painkillers, I got a really faint line on the Monday, 5 days before AF due. I just a had a feeling I was pregnant. The test lines got stronger everyday after that.

Good luck!

beebop100 Sun 20-Apr-14 12:16:56

Cried on the bus at a song on my iPod, cried in a cafe when telling husband about crying on the bus, sent hubby a furious text at 2am because he was snoring (he was right next to me!), constipation, SORE boobs, one stonking headache. I'm now 5 weeks.

beebop100 Sun 20-Apr-14 12:22:05

Also tiredness, chin spots, period type pains going right into vagina

Jabean Sun 20-Apr-14 17:53:53

Im still showing BFN, still have sore boobs and a bit of cramping, I am very regular usually get AF on a Thurs night so would say 5 days before at the moment , going to do a early first response tomorrow morning. I'm not holding my breath though think it might just be hormones and wishful thinking :-(

Hattie86 Tue 22-Apr-14 23:01:08

Hi guys
I'm new on here so don't know if I'm in the right bit!!

I had unprotected sex on 6th April, was sick on 7th! Came on what I thought was a period in 16th April, (normally lasts 7days heavy for 4) however this time I was very light an the blood was brown/black an was them off 18th so only 3days. After this I've been very bloated, been having cramps that feel like period cramps, been getting bad headaches, and feeling sick. Taken 2 hpt and they both came back negative. Unsure whether it is just in my head..

Would like if anyone can relate??

Jabean Wed 23-Apr-14 21:19:49

Hi Yes me! My 'period' came on day 19 of my very regular 28 cycle, much lighter than normal, I have had extremely sore boobs this week, my normal period would have been due tomorrow, have done a test every day but negative so far. Dont want to get my hopes up. I have a daughter, didn't know I was pregnant with her only tested a week after I was due just remember having pmt symptoms, my now husband said I was a bit of a bitch too haha :-) I know some people don't test positive until later in the pregnancy but I can't help thinking thats a minority, perhaps my cycle has just got out of sync, I guess only time will tell, Good luck Hattie xx

SLVM11 Fri 25-Apr-14 02:12:30

hi everyone, im confused so need advice hopefully someone can help me. I have the implant fitted and have had it in for 3 years now its due to be taken out in 2 weeks, ive still been having unprotected sex as I assumed it would still be working but recently ive been getting a lot of symptoms. for the past 7 months all my periods have been regular but I haven't had one since a month ago I only realised how late I was the other day because I started noticing changes to my body.
around about three weeks ago I started getting a creamy white discharge, a lot of it and its everyday, I then started getting headaches, heartburn, slight nausea and heightened sense of smell. my breasts don't look any bigger but they feel a lot heavier. im constantly tired and waking up sweating even though I feel cold a lot of the time, my emotions are all over the place atm but I put that down to time off the month but ive still not came on my period.
last week I had horrible cramping pains in my lower stomach and have constant backache so starting to get worried could this mean im pregnant????

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