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Pregnancy pillows - seriously?

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LouiseD29 Sat 11-May-13 07:09:07

A 27 weeks and starting to get really uncomfortable in bed with ongoing back pain. Have heard from a few people that 'swear by' pregnancy pillows, but I can't shake the feeling that it would be a pointless extravagance to get one when I would only need it for a few months, and can't believe they really better than just wedging myself in with normal pillows.

Any devotees care to convince me otherwise?

StrawberryMojito Sat 11-May-13 07:11:56

I bought one and it helped a bit but in hindsight a normal pillow would have been fine.

IHateSafeStyle Sat 11-May-13 07:17:55

I found a normal pillows wedged to back and another between my knees really helped, after all a pg pillow is just that but sewn together

alienbanana Sat 11-May-13 07:19:26

I wish I'd had one last time.

normal pillow is fine. and an extra one to prop up on. snuggly loveliness

I loved mine! It was fantastic and particularly in the later stages where I would wrap myself around it. Have leant to my friend now and she loves it too. Less hassle than putting individual pillows in strategic positions

HappyAsASandboy Sat 11-May-13 07:21:12

Normal pillows are better, I think. You can put them in the right places and use different thicknesses where you want to.

I had a pillow behind my back, a pillow under my bump and a pillow between my knees. Turning over was a major operation. DH moved in to the spare room to give me room for my pillows smile

iamfizzy Sat 11-May-13 07:31:41

I used normal pillows to prop me into a comfortable sleeping position. The 'snake' type pregnancy pillow I had didn't cut it after 30 weeks. HOWEVER, this 'snake' pillow came into it's own after the birth. I shaped it into a donut and sat on it after having stitches, in fact the only way I could sit down for a few weeks! Also is brill at proping me into a comfortable position whilst breast feeding. And also baby likes laying in it whilst snoozing. So I would say, for me at least, it was money well spent.

MrsKwazii Sat 11-May-13 07:37:48

I had a bolster pillow which was perfect to drape myself over and around

cupcake78 Sat 11-May-13 07:42:58

You can get bolster or v shaped pillows that don't cost the earth. Or use a big duvet to you and you can put it where you need it.

I have got an E shape pregnancy pillow and there are days it's the only place I'm comfortable. For me its nota waste as I will use it for breastfeeding .

iamfizzy Sat 11-May-13 07:50:22

I used normal pillows to prop me into a comfortable sleeping position. The 'snake' type pregnancy pillow I had didn't cut it after 30 weeks. HOWEVER, this 'snake' pillow came into it's own after the birth. I shaped it into a donut and sat on it after having stitches, in fact the only way I could sit down for a few weeks! Also is brill at proping me into a comfortable position whilst breast feeding. And also baby likes laying in it whilst snoozing. So I would say, for me at least, it was money well spent.

Cordial Sat 11-May-13 08:11:00

I borrowed a dream genie in the hope of crushing my love of belly sleeping. But actually I cheated and just slept on top of it wink. So I moved to lots of regular pillows which as time has gone on is good as the way I can sleep comfortably is different now at 38 weeks than it was at say 22. I say why not try pillows first (if you have spares already is no cost) and if that doesn't cut it invest - there is no price on a decent nights sleep IMHO .

fatandlumpy Sat 11-May-13 08:11:34

I cracked and got a snake pillow about a month ago. I found it far more comfortable and convenient than having to arrange and re-arrange the 4 pillows I had been previously using. The one I got can also be used for breast feeding post-birth, and I like the tip from iamfizzy about it being helpful after stitches. They're some on ebay that are going cheap...

Khaleese Sat 11-May-13 08:16:40

I had a v shaped one ( cheap argos job) it was really good for sleeping, then feeding.

Fozziebearmum2b Sat 11-May-13 08:18:42

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and cracked and bought a dream genie last Sat. Had been having painful hips and kept waking up on my back so was trying to train myself to sleep on my side. I'd used normal pillows but found them useless for me-particularly after getting up for loo in night-I'd end up in a tangle or abandon them altogether... Also they still left me in pain.

Dream genie is great-far easier to use, I was the same as you and debated as they seemed so expensive. Bought one in mamas and papas sale and had far better nights sleep-so far so good!

Librarina Sat 11-May-13 08:23:22

I have the Dream Genii and feel that it has helped me maintain good quality sleep. I'm 36 weeks now so wake fairly regularly to go to the loo, but I'm comfy the rest of the time and get back to sleep easily.

I find the Dream Genii better than using a stack of pillows because it is less cumbersome, I can mould it around my bump, squish is between my legs and support my back all at the same time. Personally I think I'd find having to rearrange individual pillows more disruptive to my sleep.

The other thing I like is that while it encourages you to sleep on your left side, if you do roll over onto yr right, you are still comfy, which suits me as I'm a bedtime wriggler, even with the hefty bump. i love mine, I take it downstairs when I'm lying on the sofa too so it gets a lot of use.

If you're worried about the cost, do you have a friend you can borrow one off to see if its right for you?

Chesterado Sat 11-May-13 08:23:42

I muddled through my first pregnancy without one, but was on about five extra normal pillows by the time I was 40 weeks. This time round I got a dream genie for £20 in TK maxx and haven't regretted it!

Queazy Sat 11-May-13 09:05:06

I'd definitely buy one. I got mine secondhand and hardly used, and bought a new cover. They're long so you can put between your knees for extra support. I thought it would be a pointless extravagance too, but at 25 weeks I'm already glad I got it smile x

ButteryJam Sat 11-May-13 09:37:09

I bought one, used for 2-3 weeks and now it's just sitting around. Instead of buying the pillow, go and see an osteopath! I wish I hadn't bought mine ...

LouiseD29 Sat 11-May-13 09:45:24

Thanks for the replies! chesterado we have a TK Maxx down the road so might check it out. Tbh it's worry about cluttering up the place with loads of stuff that i won't need in a few months as much as anything. But I guess that'll happen with a baby anyway, so maybe I should just give in and start shopping!

MaryannM Sat 11-May-13 09:59:47

Argos have a full body pillow for sale right now for 9.99. X

Saku Sat 11-May-13 10:02:24

I put normal pillow one side and my husband sleeps other side.. these both make a perfect pregnancy pillow for me grin .. I put one leg on his bum and sleep in hugging position from his behind.. wink

MrsSpagBol Sat 11-May-13 10:09:06

Total Godsend with my SPD.

katkoala Sat 11-May-13 10:18:37

I've not had to use one, however the physio at antenatal class suggested buying a cheap single duvet as an alternative and rolling it up, she'd done that herself in 3 pregnancies.

TeWiSavesTheDay Sat 11-May-13 10:27:38

This is baby 3 and I think a couple of normal pillows are better - more adjustable.

Newtobecomingamum Sat 11-May-13 15:13:04

I have tried pregnancy pillows, v shaped pillows, normal pillows, rolled up quilts... Absolutely everything! Nothing has and doesn't work for me : ( just can't get bloody comfortable so haven't a good night sleep for months!! I only have a few weeks left to go and can't wait! I don't care that I will be up all night when the baby comes as at least at some point in the day or night I can get even an hour decent sleep it will be worth it! : ) I'd save my money! X

Cheffie100 Sat 11-May-13 17:39:42

Have a dream genii and could live without it or recommended highly enough. I'm 34 weeks and not had a bad night sleep yet. The great thing is that they are portable too so you can take to living room or when staying with friends.

Fully intend to use mine when breastfeeding- apparently they come into their own then

Snowflakepie Sat 11-May-13 17:55:44

Haven't used one through either of my pregnancies, I found that a foam topper on the whole bed has been more use at easing hip pain. I'm not sure exactly where a snake pillow would go or how it would help tbh! But then I am a side sleeper anyway. If you have spare pillows or duvets then try that first, otherwise there are some good bargains around it seems.

Lots of people seem to like the snake for feeding so it might help then. But as I didn't do that either, it really would have been a waste for me. You will spend a lot more than £10 on random baby stuff that gets used for a few months and of course, there's always #2 (3,4) and you can sell stuff on when you're done.

plannedshock Sun 12-May-13 04:32:39

I've got the snake one. Was fab for sleeping towards the end. Dd is now 5wks and I've used it for resting arms and lifting her when feeding, to stop me moving when she slept on my chest now use it to lean against when breastfeeding. I'm glad I had it.

somanymiles Sun 12-May-13 05:51:31

Totally loved my pregnancy pillow - banana shaped one. Used it for breastfeeding pillow afterwards so it got used for a loooong time!

tomatoplantproject Sun 12-May-13 05:59:00

I had pgp and insomnia throughout pregnancy and bought a dream genii in desperation. I could not get on with it - extra pillows were better. I thought it would be fab for breastfeeding but I just got in a tangle and pillows/cushions easier. Waste of money ime.

Thinkingof4 Sun 12-May-13 09:32:46

I have a long straight pillow, got it when pg with ds1, now nearly 33weeks with ds4 and I've used it through each pregnancy. It's really comfy and I sleep pretty well. Best £20 I ever spent!

Thinkingof4 Sun 12-May-13 09:33:28

Oops I mean dc4 (though may well be another ds)

june2013 Sun 12-May-13 14:37:00

I have a genii one and it's good but sometimes it falls out of the bed and I end of sleeping with a normal pillow between my knees. Also stayed in hotels, etc and used normal pillows. I think the genii is nice, but could have done without it...

Katydive Sun 12-May-13 16:40:49

I bought a Dreamgeni recently at Homesense as it was a bargain, but it has had very little use, it is great for when you are on one side but as soon as I turn (frequently I might add) or get up to the loo (several times a night) it is a faff to climb over and re-position without disturbing DH too much. I have gone back to a large cushion between the legs which is much easier to sling about. The material is also quite thin and when turning split at one of the seams. I wasn't really impressed for the money.

abigboydidit Sun 12-May-13 19:12:28

I loved mine!! Banana shaped one filled with foam balls from John Lewis. Really helped as I needed 2 pillows (1 between knees and other supporting bump) otherwise which was a real hassle every time I needed to turn over. Used it to support DS during BFing after emergency CS & later as crash mat prop when he was starting to sit unaided. Best £30 I spent during pregnancy.

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Sun 12-May-13 19:16:33

Rolled up duvet much better.

gillybeandramaqueen Mon 13-May-13 14:12:24

I got the snake one in Argos for 35 quid... it was money VERY well spent!! :-) X

ButteryJam Mon 13-May-13 17:20:01

I wouldn't bother with one at all - I used it for less than 2 weeks and now it is just sitting around!

What would help more is a mattress topper (if your mattress is not up to it) or a visit to an osteopath! smile

nannyl Mon 13-May-13 21:27:23

dream geni is worth its weight in gold to me.

Im using at again now for my second pregnancy and at 34 weeks i really dont believe i could have a decent nights sleep without it

Orchardbeck Tue 21-May-13 15:05:46

I love my Dream Genii, I couldn't live without it. I'm on to my second pregnancy now, 32 weeks in and got it out again almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant with number two as my hips ached like mad. I like to sleep on my back and it is the only thing that stops me from doing this.

Forgetfulmog Tue 21-May-13 15:08:18

Yes yes yes buy one. Mine was invaluable with bf too

Saundy Tue 21-May-13 22:07:07


I got this one a couple of weeks ago & my sleep has improved tenfold - as has DPs as I don't steal all the quilt any more. It's like a huge hug/cocoon & I have even been sleeping through DPs snoring!

The only bad point is it has pretty much removed all physical contact between me & DP through the night. I find myself cuddling the pillow rather than him & he can't really get near me.

Zipitydooda Tue 21-May-13 22:27:53

I have a long bolster pillow that I still use (my youngest child is nearly 2!)

My DH calls it my boyfriend.

To be fair; I have a bad back and it really helps me to not be v uncomfortable by the morning.

emmyloo2 Wed 22-May-13 04:19:30

I have the dream genie I bought with DS1 and have used it this pregnancy. I really liked it. I just ordered it from Amazon - it wasn't expensive and well worth it.

VestaCurry Wed 22-May-13 04:38:00

I'm still using mine and haven't been pregnant for 10 years blush. I take it everywhere, cannot sleep without it. It could do with replacing but it was made by Grobag and they don't make them anymore sad. Essentially, the right ones can be brilliant but the wrong ones obviously useless. I've tried others as potential replacements but had to send them back.

LouiseD29 Wed 22-May-13 07:10:44

I voiced this dilemma in RL and my boss has now lent me his wife's. Result!

Joskar Tue 28-May-13 15:57:31

I got a dreamgenii off ebay. Wash the covers and it's grand. Less than half the cost of new. I don't know that I would have paid full price for one but it is certainly more comfortable than constant readjustment of loads of pillows.

If your hips are sore get a referral to a physio straight away. SPD/PGP is common but not normal. The physio can help and if they say they can't ask to see a different physio. Believe me. I speak as one who can no longer walk the length of a room because of a stupid physio and my own naivety in believing that I needed to suffer.

Chunderella Tue 28-May-13 19:41:47

DH got me a long thin one, it was about £20 and honestly it's the best present I've ever had. I wanted to marry it.

So I'd definitely recommend getting one if you can afford it. Especially since you, like me, will be doing your third trimester in the summer and it will be cooler than a rolled up duvet. You can get something pretty useful for twenty quid and I hate to say it, but at 27 weeks your comfortableness levels are only going one way. It won't get any easier. Do anything that will maximise sleep now. You'll miss it when it's gone.

omohfaith Thu 15-May-14 01:06:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

coletteJohn Sun 18-May-14 04:59:48

Frankly speaking, I was not interested in buying a pillow but my husband was insistent that you should buy a pregnancy pillow. So, he ordered a snoogle from amazon store and I used the pillow for couple of weeks. If you haven't got one, then you should get one for yourself. It's a reasonable choice for moms, who are having pain in neck, back, belly and hips. I was having pain in my back, so it did help me a lot. If you are looking for a review, I got it here: pregnancypillowreviews.org/leachco-back-n-belly-chic-review. The pillow helped me because I was having a pain in the back. If you are not having any pain, then you probably don't need a pillow. Any standard pillow can help you adjust and wrap your body like the way you want it. But remember, you will need at least 4-5 normal pillows to adjust with your body based on your body size and shape. I hope that helps!

VaselineOnToast Sun 18-May-14 20:24:51

You can get a cheap curved pillow like a pregnancy one but much cheaper at Ikea

NaturalBaby Sun 18-May-14 20:28:00

I treated myself to a v shaped beanbag style one. It was the comfiest thing I've ever slept with and I used it to sit up with when doing night feeds.

Barbsta Sun 18-May-14 20:30:47

I'm 34 weeks and if I'm struggling I use a normal pillow or put the blanket between my legs and that works for me smile

I bought a v-shaped pillow from (I think) John Lewis when I was pg with DS, who turns 8 in the summer.

I found it good for getting comfy when sleeping (wedged between my knees), used it loads when breastfeeding DS and second DC, also used it when aforementioned babies were learning to sit up and it made a soft landing.

Now use it for sitting up in bed reading, it was a good buy!

PurplePunkPrincess Sun 18-May-14 20:54:56

I spent £40 on one, it's too thin and soft and I use pillows and a cushion from my sofa. Anyone want to buy a slightly used pregnancy pillow?! Lol

hubbahubster Sun 18-May-14 21:10:47

This is a zombie thread that was resurrected by someone advertising pregnancy pillows!

PurplePunkPrincess Sun 18-May-14 21:48:16

This was in the topics section, I'm not actually advertising the pillow for sale - it was a joke, after saying how much of a waste it was! hmm

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sun 18-May-14 22:26:02

Not you Purple, omohfaith's post was deleted, and came a year after the thread was started. I presume it was an advert.

Personally I hated mien too. Used it a couple of times with DD1 and just used normal pillows for 2 and 3.

Mybellyisaneasteregg Sun 18-May-14 22:27:31

I was going to get one in second trimester, as started being uncomfortable, put it off due to not wanting to spend money and just used an extra regular pillow.

Am now 34 weeks and for some reason my body has adjusted and I'm not uncomfortable and I am sleeping well once again. So at this stage I would say it was unnecessary for me personally.

Loujim2 Sun 18-May-14 22:29:32

I've got one but I'm sure normal pillows will do the same job! x

derek10 Mon 19-May-14 07:27:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

dennant Mon 19-May-14 11:55:07

Hello, i was having agonising back and hip pain so bought one from argos, half price at the mo, like a really long pillow, and its worked a miracle. Really really worth it. Was 11 pounds on sale i think. Would defo recommend!

dennant Mon 19-May-14 11:56:08

Hello, i was having agonising back and hip pain so bought one from argos, half price at the mo, like a really long pillow, and its worked a miracle. Really really worth it. Was 11 pounds on sale i think. Would defo recommend!

beanynamechange Mon 19-May-14 12:14:36

I use a single duvet folded in half length ways.... Does the same!

ChicaMomma Mon 19-May-14 12:16:01

Normal pillows are the same, if not better.

My dream genii YOKE actually makes my hips feel worse from what i can tell. have put it back in the bag and now use regular pillows.

dont waste the money..

gatti Mon 19-May-14 13:09:36


I got one from my sister and I absolutely love it! It is super comfortable you can hug it or use it to support your back. It is absolutely worth the money and also it will be helpful for breastfeeding.

I found regular pillows bit tricky to use as I toss and turn and they were always ending up on the floor.

To save some money you can try to buy a used one - they have removable and washable cover.

I loved mine during pregnancy, I think it's the only reason I slept in the last two months. I now use it for feeding in bed, and also as an extra squishy long pillow whenever I need it grin

hubbahubster Mon 19-May-14 14:56:46

What penguins said.

This thread is a year old!

FreeSpirit89 Mon 19-May-14 18:47:23

I bought a V shaped pillow, and my son is 4 and I can not sleep without it know. Best think I bought xx

MichelleDerek Thu 29-May-14 06:51:01

I bought the Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow from www.thepregnancypillows.com when I was first pregnant and it is has been my favorite until now. And I am also too quick to refer it to my friends.

Lozmatoz Thu 29-May-14 11:46:50

Hated it! Made me feel stuck and unable to move. Normal pillows were much better for me.

squizita Thu 29-May-14 12:04:28

I have a wedge pillow (like a cheese wedge shape) £10 mothercare.

talulahbelle Thu 29-May-14 12:07:13

Love my Dream Genii pillow, it was my first proper pregnancy buy at around 13 weeks when I didn't really need it. Definitely keeps me comfortable at night, and hopefully it will be useful for breastfeeding too.

violetlights Thu 29-May-14 12:30:04

I bought a pregnancy pillow as I had lots of aches. It wasn't great. Then I bought a huge kingside pillow from John Lewis and it was brilliant (in fact bought two). I still love them and use them everyday post baby. Would highly recommend if you have particular hip or back pain.

PoppyAmex Thu 29-May-14 12:35:38

I own a 2 year old and a 7 month old and I still use my Dream Genii at night; they're fabulously comfy.

pregnancypillows123 Fri 25-Jul-14 17:48:15

I am a mom of a 7 months old, I had got bought a pregnancy pillow after almost 30 weeks. I still use it !!

squizita Fri 25-Jul-14 18:26:58

I tried to use normal pillows because the 'wise ones' always say that is all you need... not for me unfortunately. I needed something joined together and a bit bigger for any kind of sleep!

I ended up with a V shape pillow (which will be useful after birth in a chair for feeding/sitting) £9.99 Dunelm Mill, and a 'wedge' pillow for under the bump £9.99 Mothercare.

cyclecamper Fri 25-Jul-14 21:57:01

My lad is 14 months and I still use my dream genii at night - to support him when I do the evening feed then to support me when he's asleep!

Heatherbell1978 Sat 26-Jul-14 09:06:50

I'm 37 wks and have never used one. My DH bought me a Dream Genii as they help you to stop rolling on your back. I still rolled onto my back but instead woke with a small pillow wedged in it! Now I just lie on my side and tuck some of the duvet under the bump. Never felt the need to put a pillow between my legs either. Maybe I'm just lucky but I think it depends on the shape of your bump and how your hips are holding up.

JanetLewis Wed 30-Jul-14 20:57:46

Hey I am very happy after using pregnancy pillow. But it is very important to know how to use it properly so as to get the very best in pain relief and comfort. U shaped pregnancy pillow are the best according to me in terms of comfort.For more info you can check this out

Rosebud29 Wed 30-Jul-14 23:35:45

I vote pregnancy pillow. I've got one of these www.amazon.co.uk/PILLOW-PLEASURE-MATERNITY-SUPPORT-COTTON/dp/B004T31A8U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1406759483&sr=8-3&keywords=pregnancy+pillow.
It's so comfy and as I suffer with severe pelvic pain in bed it saves me from shifting individual pillows around when I need to turn over. I'll definitely still be using it after I give birth.

Maryblack Sun 05-Oct-14 21:46:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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