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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 4

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rosiedays Wed 01-May-13 09:30:08

as i filled the last post on old thread it seemed only polite to start the new one. hope i've done it right confused

To those who have just found this thread, Welcome and congratulations on you BFP. please feel free to join this amazing supportive group of 40+ mums to be. A very nonjudgmental and friendly place to hang out and share your pregnancy.

Blundermum 40, DC2 due early May?
Lotsofcheese, 40/41, DC2 (girl) due May (DS 4y)
Onemoreforgoodmeasure, 40, DC1 due 06/06
cyclecamper, 42, DC1 due 14/06
Newchoos, 40, DC2, due early July
Blueeyes1970,42, DC1 due on 8th July
BadMissM, 45, DC2, due 22/7
Rosiedays, 43 DD3 due 23rd July(ish)
ScubaSarah, nrly 40, DC1?, due July 22-Aug 1
Iclaudius,45, due 29/07
LottieH, 44, DC5, due mid August
Sparklysapphire, 44, DC2, due 28/8
BuzzBee, 40, DC2, due Sept
Notsoold, 41,DC3 due end of October
Animol, 42, DC5 due 13th

cyclecamper Wed 01-May-13 10:10:26

Brill, thanks Rosie. I was thinking of starting a new thread but realised that I just don't have the focus!

rosiedays Wed 01-May-13 10:29:13

you focus on keeping your legs crossed cycle!! lol

eagleray Wed 01-May-13 10:59:15

Quick hello to you all

Huge congratulations to Lotsofcheese - so, so pleased you got through this pregnancy ok and you have your gorgeous little girl safely with you. You may get off the rollercoaster now smile

Thinking of you Cyclecamper hope all is well with you

Lovely to see so many newcomers since I was pregnant (DD is 13 weeks old now). This thread was a great source of support, friendship and useful information during those long days, weeks and months

cyclecamper Wed 01-May-13 11:30:35

Hi eagle and thank you.

I've just seen the consultant and he says that once the waters go, labour is likely to start in 7 days and if it doesn't they will induce me. So it seems as though I'm here for the duration, and I really did catch a bus to the hospital! (Saves on calling taxis or relatives in the middle of the night!) It also saves me several lots of bus fares as I won't go for a blood test tomorrow, the antenatal class today or the midwife next week! I've only done one of the 4 antenatal classes. Do you think I could get a midwife to give me a crash course? grin

rosiedays Wed 01-May-13 11:42:38

OMG cycle grin this time next week you'll be a mummy!!! you've had a really short time to get your head round everything from suprise BFP to birth in 5 months!!! do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?
at least you can spend the next few days with your feet up being looked after. thanks

cyclecamper Wed 01-May-13 11:55:20

still don't know. Still don't really have much idea about names, although I vetoed the Vladimir and Illych suggestions! I did say 'hurrah, no more laundry' when the consultant suggested it would be best if I stayed in! And they have enough loos here grin. Sharing a bathroom/loo with 4 others, including one who can spend nearly 2 hours showering can be interesting when you are 33 weeks pregnant!

Mind you thank goodness for the netbook and smartphone so I don't get bored stiff because I'm really too spaced out to read!

BadMissM Wed 01-May-13 12:05:52

So, cycle you have no idea about names either...DH still insisting this one is going to be called Beowulf.... (oh no he's not!). I favour Caspian.

Have fun, have a good rest, lucky you to still be connected to everything!

I'd ask a MW for a crash course in ante-natal, being as you are there!!!

blueblackdye Wed 01-May-13 12:16:54

Cycle, I had water leaks on a Wed evening and DS, baby #1 was in my arms by Friday 5pm, I had antibiotics on Thu and admitted in clinic on the same day and contractions started at 7am on Fri. Ask for the crash course now ! And if I may, if the ward is not to noisy, try to sleep as much as you can smile

Lotsofcheese, congrats ! Very very very happy for you. We hope you join us on the grads thread.

Wave to all, BadMiss and all new mums to be. I can't keep up with you all but follow your adventures every day !

lotsofcheese Wed 01-May-13 12:29:32

Lack of waters seems to be a theme here! That's why DD had to come out - she was 1hour off being 36 weeks.

I've never had an antenatal class, birth plan or contraction in my life! 2 emergency sections without labour.

She's just woken up - time for another attempt on the boob.....

cyclecamper Wed 01-May-13 12:47:22

Congratulations Cheese flowers. I hope she sorts out the feeding soon!

scarecrow22 Wed 01-May-13 13:32:00

marking place so can return & catch up later x

Tamof4 Wed 01-May-13 14:36:13

Hello. It's my first time on mumsnet. To my great shock, I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive! I am 40 this year and thought I had finished my child rearing yrs. I have four children, 12yrs, 8yrs and 6 yr old twins.
Hopefully someone can reassure me that I'm not too old to be doing this?!

rosiedays Wed 01-May-13 15:07:19

Hi tamof4 welcome brew and congratulations thanks
as you can see from the stats list there are quite a few of us here, a surprising number with shock BFP (big fat positives!!) we really should know how NOT to get duffed up at our age but it seems we don't!! lots of grads pop back in to let us know all will all be ok too.

scarecrow22 Wed 01-May-13 16:29:00

cycle - glad you being looked after. Do you play words with friends? if so will pm you my "name"...which you may or may.or have guessed is not Scarecrow in RL hmm

Rosie, doing a great job rallying the thread smile

Tamof3, I only started having DCs in 40s. Have two - DD 2y 4 m and DS 3wks - and wondering if I can pay consultant to not snip DH properly so I can have another grin

Tamof4 Wed 01-May-13 17:01:57

Thanks for the welcome. Oh rosiedays how true, we know how babies are made but obviously just kind of forgot the memo!
And good for you scarecrow22, just keep going ;-)
I thought i'd got my life back on track esp after the twins. My husband is very supportive though, and if (crossed fingers) it's a single baby, then it should be a breeze!!
Anyway I'm working out that I'll be due in dec so it is early days. Will just take it as it unfolds

sparklysapphire Wed 01-May-13 17:56:22

Thanks for the new thread Rosie. I hope your boiler's fixed now. Our shower was on the blink for months with about a minute of hot water to start then alternating between hot & cold every 30 seconds. DH hoped it'd improve when the weather warmed up a bit, but it didn't so he replaced it. It's so nice to be able to have a proper hot shower. Thanks for the top tip about anti-D, which I also need, and whooping cough jabs, though the latter hasn't yet been mentioned. I hope your arms are less sore today.

It's been a "short" pregnancy for you cycle, finding out late, & now looking like LO is coming early. I hope the ward's not too noisy & you can get some rest.

Welcome tamof4, of course you're not too old smile, everyone is very supportive on here, so I hope you'll stay.

Hi to everyone. It's tea time for me, DH has taken DD to her swimming class, and I should not be MNing, as I'm off to work shortly. Last night of this run, so looking forward to days off.

BadMissM Wed 01-May-13 18:19:13

Tamof4 You'd think we'd be old enough to know better, wouldn't you!

Scarecrow Dh has the idea in his head now that if we move quickly we 'might fit another one in'!!!!

Lotsofcheese Glad that everything's OK!

Waves to BBD

Sparkly Enjoy your shower!!!

I supposedly finally have an appointment with the consultant on the 15th. Here's hoping that LO doesn't arrive before I have the Birth Plan!

Animol Wed 01-May-13 21:25:47

Thinking of you cycle hope you're OK

Welcome Tamof4 - hope you're not too old cos if you are I definitely am! My DCs are about the same age as yours 13 to 6 - it feels like quite a shock to the system even though it was planned!

I had my 12 week scan yesterday and we told the DCs this morning - they were over the moon and had some brilliant ideas for names: my favourite so far was 'Darth Solomon Yoda' - We've told them we'll listen to all suggestions but me and DH will decide and not tell them first!
Told DPs and PiLs and they were amazed but happy too - I think!

Thanks for the new thread rosie

SorryMyLollipop Wed 01-May-13 21:38:10

Hello! Just want to introduce myself, I was 40 last month and this is my first pregnancy (although I am already a mummy as I do have 2 adopted DDs) and it was/is a total shock after 10 yrs of TTC with my STBXH, (who I kicked out a year ago) BF has been great so far. Looking forward to getting to know you all smile

cyclecamper Wed 01-May-13 21:38:50

Animol I love Darth Solomon Yoda! I shall suggest it to my husband!
Sparklysapphire I haven't played wwf, but I'll look into it. smile

Very quiet on the ward so far tonight, I have the bay to myself. They have just announced that they are going to go ahead with closing this unit (St Helier) and Epsom, which is outrageous with no data backing it up. It's absolutely criminal and puts mothers and babies at risk - especially as you would have to be more cautious about going in with any problem if you have to go further (in my case 2 buses that could take an hour), it's criminal vandalism. This unit is clean, well run, well organised and laid out and the food is great! The 2 hospitals that would pick up the 3700 mothers a year from here and however many from Epsom are on sites with no room to expand. Ooh sorry blush. Rant over.

Animol Thu 02-May-13 09:22:09

Hi cycle there doesn't always seem to be a lot of common sense behind these decisions - hope they don't close it before you've had LO. All the best for the next few days.

rosiedays Thu 02-May-13 09:29:46

hi sorry my lollipop welcome to the club and congratulations.
sparkely i chuckeled at your DH thinking the weather would make the shower work better!!!!! i remember believing the washing machine fairy would come and fix my washing machine (I was broke at the time)
animol glad scan went well and you got such a great responce from your family grin
Names are so difficult, I love my Dd1's name, i made it up. i let xh choose dd2 and never liked it or thought it suited her. This one needs a Muslim name that will work here and in middle east and i'm struggeling. thankfully it's a girl as i just couldn't see myself calling 'mohammed it's tea time' LOL. Top choice's at the moment... Summer (until my DM said it souneded like someone from an Ausie soap shock ) or Amira. (Dm said this sounded like someone off eastenders.... something tells me she is watching to much TV!!!

cycle hope you had a good night.
scarecrow i'm Board! hence being on lap top all day.

I'm off to Home town tonight to spend the weekend painting and sorting the house out and hopefully get it re-rented next week, it's my only sorce of income at the moment so really cant afford not to have it empty.
I've decided not to attend the funeral, sad but self preservation is more inportant to me right now. I just can't deal with the people that will be going. I havn't told my daughter yet but i think she will understand (and maybe be quite glad as she won't have to worry about anyone upseting ME!)

Hope everyone has a lovley long weekend..... enjoy the sunshine. smile

Tamof4 Thu 02-May-13 09:31:46

Cyclecamper, our brilliant local maternity was closed, without warning, just before Christmas. Already this is bothering me about this pregnancy as I will have to travel 50 miles to the nearest hosp for appointments.
I had all my kids at said hosp but the mat unit was the only place one could go for advice, reasurrance etc

cyclecamper Thu 02-May-13 10:05:45

Hi Tamof4 and SorryMyLollipop and welcome.

50 miles? That's insane. I couldn't do it - I couldn't afford public transport fares and I don't have anyone I could get to drive me that far. I've been here 3 times in a week - 5 buses altogether - which is do-able, but there are limits and 50 miles is dangerous.

Eyeslikeraisins Thu 02-May-13 10:06:43

Hi girls,

Can I join you? I'm almost 20 weeks preg with number 3 (2 DDs age 6 and 3) and turn 44 in August. I feel ancient but my midwife assured me that i'm not unusual. Not sure I believe her.

Animol Thu 02-May-13 10:25:54

Welcome sorry and eyes - congratulations!

cyclecamper Thu 02-May-13 13:40:37

Hi Eyeslikeraisins You certainly aren't unusual, especially round here. Welcome!

Animol Thu 02-May-13 16:22:33

How's it going cycle - any news?

Tamof4 Thu 02-May-13 16:45:38

Cyclecamper, it prob comes as no surprise that 4 babies from our small town have been born on the way to hosp since the closure!
My good pal has just given birth to her 5th at home, which I thought was ruddy brave esp since umbilical chord was wrapped several times round baby's neck. All was thankfully well in the end.
Taking all those buses must be a heck of a chore. How far along are you?

cyclecamper Thu 02-May-13 17:42:52

33+6. I've found buses are actually the easiest - cars have been too uncomfortable and the local train seats are ok if they have the flip up ones by the bike space: they have flat backs. The normal seats are painfully uncomfortably shaped. It's only one bus here from round the corner from our house then a ten15 minute walk at this end. I've just been here and back twice and then here a 3rd time.

I don't seem to be getting anywhere at the moment, which is a good thing because then the baby will stay put until at least tomorrow when I will be 34 weeks. Even one day before 34 weeks means the baby will automatically be transferred to special care, where as one day after it will depend on the baby and if it seems fine, we will be transferred to post natal together, which is the opposite end of the corridor I am on now. I would like it to arrive before they induce me though! I'm basically vegging around and eating everything they offer! The highlight of my day was the nicest shower I've had this year: lovely and warm (after about 10 minutes) and good pressure - it was fab!

rosiedays Thu 02-May-13 17:52:28

Cycle glad nothing is happening... i'm SOOOOO excited for you!!! (weird!) i'm away all weekend but will try to keep checking on my phone.
I have a 40 min drive to hospital across centre of city... if trafic is bad it can take FOREVER... i have joked with Dh about baby being born on the ring road but really i'm very concerned... my last 2 were very very quick pain free (only felt the last couple of contractions) birhts.
i've run through 'emergency home delivery plan' with Dh and will be calling 999 LOL

SorryMyLollipop Thu 02-May-13 19:22:56

Rosiedays, I like Safia, Amina and Shazia.

notsoold Fri 03-May-13 00:48:01

Welcome to all the newcomers!!!

Rosie I loved Amira....sounds so delicate!!!

Cycle...I am very glad that the hospital is 1.5 miles from our home...as public transport here is not good!!!

I am 14 weeks today and still worried that things will go wrong like my mmc last year....it doesn't help that is early for movements ( although I swear I was feeling them last week) and since Saturday... Nothing....
Sorry...rant over

lotsofcheese Fri 03-May-13 05:15:37

Notsoold: congratulations on 14 weeks. I also had a mmc & while everyone else relaxed after the 12 week scan, I still worried. And I felt movement at 14/15 weeks - but not consistently.

Cycle: yay, 34 weeks! My 35+6 DD initially started on the postnatal ward but was unable to maintain her temperature or blood glucose so had 8 days on scbu. Every day inside counts!

scarecrow22 Fri 03-May-13 06:48:48

cycle 34 weeks - hurrah. Hope you not going stir crazy in hospital and getting some sleep.

Rosie I adore name Amira.

welcome all new joiners. Really look forward to following your journeys.

SorryMyLollipop Fri 03-May-13 07:35:48

Rosie - Amira is the prettiest name! I was trying to think of similar ones to suggest as well.

I feel sorry for those of us with nightmare journeys to hospital. I am very spoilt that my local maternity unit is literally around the corner, 10 minutes walk AND on a bus route if needed. Sometimes city living has its advantages.

cyclecamper Fri 03-May-13 07:36:06

Thank you everyone. I've been having a wobble - it dawned on me in the middle of the night that I'm not going to get to do any shopping for the baby or any more sorting out at home before I take the baby there! I've only done the first of 4 antenatal classes, 2 pregnancy yoga classes and no aqua natal at all. I think it's shock! I didn't get to discus birth plans with the midwife (that was next week), although I'm not going to get much choice, so I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm hoping that the current emotional wreckedness means that something is going to start soon - I really would rather not be induced: I reckon I can manage a 5lb baby, but I'm not sure about induced contractions! I'm generally an un-rushed person, and I fully expected to be being induced at 42 weeks, not 34!

Deep breaths! Sorry for the whinge blush

Animol Fri 03-May-13 08:52:23

Rosie - oh yes Amira is lovely

Brilliant that you've got to 34 weeks cycle - congratulations! I was induced for DC1 when labour just stopped - it's not pleasant - but it's another step towards holding your baby in your arms - and it's worth it!

All your baby is going to need is you - he won't care about yoga - he just wants you - prepared or not! All the best cycle

Hope you can relax soon lotsofcheese - it is weird isn't it not feeling sick but not feeling movement yet either.

Animol Fri 03-May-13 17:36:10

Any news cycle - thinking of you

cyclecamper Fri 03-May-13 18:12:05

Still here! Nothing much happening. I saw the lady from the neonatal ward today, and cried all over her! blush She was lovely and listened to me being self obsessed for ages. I have got myself a bit more together now. I'm gradually getting my head around the idea that the baby might not get to stay with me straight away and we are going to be in here longer than the few hours after birth that I sort of expected. I think in some ways it is because I'm so healthy that I'm being so rubbish- I'm with not used to dealing things when they don't go normally! I've been reading the premature baby literature that the lady gave me, but a lot of it is about the really, really small ones and there wasn't a lot about what is likely happen with a less early one. It seems to be a bit borderline - could need help feeding and breathing, could be fine. Could be with me after birth, could still be in the neonatal ward when I go home. I'm going to look on the bright side and assume it's as healthy as a horse, like me!

Sorry, I seem to still be self obsessing! blush

notsoold Fri 03-May-13 19:03:41

Cycle....don't apologize... We are here for each other and I know it cannot be easy for you ....but I am sure things will go well in the end...just hold on thanks

Lotsof thanks for your post....I read it few times to remind myself that things can go well...

lotsofcheese Fri 03-May-13 19:11:39

Oh Cycle, I really feel for you - having had 2 early babies, it's a lot to come to terms with, even if you have preparation. I was so shocked when I had DS, even though I had a few days notice. And the uncertainty is difficult too, of not knowing if you will be taking a baby home when you go, or later.

I wish I had some wise words - all I can say is prepare for all eventualities & take it a day at a time. Rest up, take it easy & keep posting xx

blueeyes1970 Fri 03-May-13 19:22:23

Hello All,
Welcome to new 40+ mums to be
Thoughts especially with cyclecamper. Hang in there. All will be well. You sound super healthy, optimistic, and generally relaxed (if not now).
My friend had twins at 32 weeks in Feb (had planned ELC at 38w, but didn't go that way) - 5lb each, Twin 1 fine and home in a week, Twin 2 a little longer in NNU but now both home and thriving!

PopcornGrace Sat 04-May-13 06:17:24

Hello ladies
Can I join please
I am 40 and have 1dd who is 2 in July.
And now after 5 miscarriages and surgery for uterine adhesions I am now pregnant due around December 24th shock. I have to thank mumsnet because when i was having the miscarriages I decided to go to see a fertility specialist as my gp wasn't really in a rush to help me out and I found a recommendation here for a doctor. Obviously I didn't know what my problem was but turned out that this doctor (dr trew) was one of the 2 best surgeons for my particular problem.

A question - anyone have recent experiences with st Mary's nhs or Lindo wing? I'm trying to decide which to go for.

cyclecamper Sat 04-May-13 09:55:25

Good morning everyone. Welcome PopcornGrace and congratulations smile

I'm feeling a lot more positive this morning, which is nice. I'm rubbish at not coping. Everything seems to be fine, if not moving, so I'm just waiting it out (and sitting on the pregnancy ball - to the alarm of the night duty midwife who said to make sure that if I started things off, to give them plenty of time to move me upstairs! grin)

BadMissM Sat 04-May-13 13:32:57

Well, 28 week scan yesterday.... he's going to be a big boy, well up the centiles (owch!) Apart from that, all fine!

Welcome Tamof4.... old? I'm going to be 46 before LO is born, and my DD is 14!

Animol Love the name suggestions!!!

Sorrymylollipop Well this is my first with DH, DD was with my STBXH too.... Mine was a bit of a surprise too!

Cycle that's disgraceful...they were going to do the same around here, close Barrow and leave just a MW unit (with no consultant support) at Kendal, and only Lancaster would have facilities....that means women travelling 50 miles and they are already full to bursting point! We've even been told if Lancaster is full we might have to go to Barrow....

Rosiedays Hmmm, names difficult. Aaliyah? Saima? Samina? Zahra? Seena? Mina? Nazia? Safina? Samira? Hasina? Naznine? Aleesha? Hena? Razia? Rosheda? Mariyah? Farzana? I've always like Shazia too (used to teach Muslim girls!). Girls names much easier!

Tamof4 where are you? Sounds like what's happening here! I dread to think of going 50 miles....

Waves welcome to eyeslikeraisins!!!

cycle and babycycle hang on in there, sounds like you are both doing well and having a good rest!

Rosie Took me and DH 90 mins to hospital the other day as they are digging up centre of town for next 2 YEARS! I dread giving birth in rush hour....

Notsoold I also had an MMC 2 years ago.....keep believing!!!

Lotsofcheese it made me nervous too, I couldn't begin to relax til much later....

Waves to Scarecrow

Sorry I live in a city, but one divided in two by one stupid bridge, so it snarls up....

Animol It's terrible when you are in that 'am I really pregnant? stage'

Cycle DD was born at 31 weeks, not in SCBU, fine after about 5 minutes, now about a foot taller than me.... It's just so dependent! Feel free to have a rant and rave all you like!

Waves to blueeyes1970!!!

PopcornGrace Welcome, and, wow, what a journey! I wish I had found Mumsnet when I was TTC, they wouldn't refer me anywhere from here....

Cycle Sending many hugs xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 04-May-13 21:43:59

Cycle wishing you luck and thinking of you. 34 weeks
Is good - praying it all goes as smoothly as possible xx

ClaraColomba Sat 04-May-13 22:14:03

Hi ladies, can I join your thread? I'm 40 & expecting no. 2 in November (12/11). My daughter will be 2 in July. I'm having a really anxious time of this pregnancy. I had a mmc in late October. It was a horrible time - at the time my brother-in-law was in intensive care and I found out about the mmc in the week before he died & had an ERPC the week following. Been seeing a counsellor through the hospital to try to unravel the grief. So far so good with this pregnancy, at least all was well at the nuchal scan at 11.5 weeks last week, but I'm finding it so difficult to relax into being pregnant, despite knowing the odds should be reasonably good at this stage. Is anyone else still feeling SO tired at almost 13 weeks?

cyclecamper Sun 05-May-13 08:47:26

Hello Clara, welcome. that sounds like a very stressful and sad time, it's not surprising that you are anxious. I was definitely still tired at 13 weeks - it was going back to a different dr at 16 weeks to find out what was wrong with me, that made her tell me to do a test.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 05-May-13 09:29:40

Hi Clara welcome I had the most tiring Pg (am41) so v sympathetic. Spatone floradix and pregnacare in rotation helped me between the end of morning sickness and the beginning of a huge third trimester bump (had polyhydramnios and a 10lb baby). I actually felt quite limber for a few weeks!

badmiss wow a whopper! Nice to know I think - mine was a surprise.

Hello to animol sparkly notsoold and all the newbies. Congrats to lotsodxheese hope to see u on grads thread xx

somewherebecomingrain Sun 05-May-13 09:32:29

Ps clara my mum got cancer midway. It's a heady cocktail dealing with mortality - or in your case an actual terrible loss- and pg. I hope you are getting lots of support and take it easy. X

Animol Sun 05-May-13 19:06:39

Welcome clara - I'm due nearly the same date as you: 13th of November - I'm starting to feel like I've got a bit more energy now - but I don't have a 2 year old - my youngest is 6 which probably makes a bit of a difference.
Hang in there cycle

sparklysapphire Mon 06-May-13 02:02:10

How are you doing cycle? I'm glad you're feeling more positive, no wonder you had a dip. Your LO will be here soon, how exciting! Have you made any progress on names yet? No huge rush, you've got 6 weeks from birth, though people will hassle until you come up with a name - we registered DD 2 days before the 6 week deadline cos we couldn't agree on a name.

Rosie, I think Amira is a lovely name too.

BadMiss, did they give you any idea of how big big might be? DD was 9lb12oz, I thought she'd be big, (maybe not that big), but I was 2 weeks over due. If you're going to get your ELCS, big shouldn't be too much of a problem I'm guessing? Hope life is uneventful at the moment!

Notsoold, wow 14 weeks already. I hope you can enjoy it a bit more, but I know it's hard not to worry.

Welcome lollipop, popcorn, raisins and clara, lots of support here when you need it. Clara, it sounds like you've had a awful time of late, I hope the counselling is helping, and you're beginning to relax into your pregnancy.

I need more sleep! Yes, I know I'm posting at silly o'clock in the morning, going to bed soon really. DD has woken up early the last 2 mornings - she who has to be dragged out of bed at 7.50 on school mornings was awake at 6.40 yesterday...and this morning I didn't get a lie-in either, despite Sunday being my only chance for a rest and having let DH lie-in late on Friday & Saturday. To be fair he didn't get home from work til gone midnight on Friday, but even so. And I'm on lates next week. I suppose I should get used to it for when LO is born. I'm now almost 24 weeks, and it's only now I'm thinking that I'm actually going to have a baby....blimey! DH & I haven't talked any more, and he's no more enthusiastic about the prospect, but I think he's beginning to accept it's happening whether he likes it or not, which is progress of a sort I suppose.

Waves to Animol, blueeyes, tam, green and all the graduates popping back to see us.

Have a lovely bank holiday everyone.

cyclecamper Mon 06-May-13 08:38:12

Morning all. Still here. Baby still refusing to budge.

Sparkly hope you got some sleep in the end. It sounds as though your DH is getting there - even small progress is progress.

I don't think they should be allowed to guess the baby's size - there are so many where they were out by several pounds. My sister's 5th was her biggest and they kept telling her it was going to be enormous and she was 7lb 4oz, born on her due date. hmm. Not exactly huge!

I was re-assured to hear that when my sister was induced at 36 weeks with her first, it was all very fast and manageable - no extra intervention at all. There are so many stories of inductions taking ages and then a EMCS after 72 hours of labour, I was getting rather freaked out by the whole thing. But my sister was given the pessary early evening, they sent her husband home and he got the message to go back to the hospital as he arrived and my nephew arrived at 2 am. Fingers crossed that it's a genetic thing grin

Apparently in the family archive there is a photo of me in this hospital aged 5 months, looking through the window of the special care nursery at my cousin who was born here at 30 weeks in January 1971. My Aunt said I look huge and he is small and red and wrinkled. He is now huge (and I'm small and wrinkled, if not red!). A baby at 34 weeks, 42 years later will be a breeze for them smile.

Animol Mon 06-May-13 09:55:42

That's great cycle - are you nearly 35 weeks now?

When they induced me with DC1 he was there within an hour or two.

Enjoy the bank holiday everyone - we're in Germany so we had ours on the 1st - last wednesday but we've got another one on Thursday for Ascension Thursday smile

cyclecamper Mon 06-May-13 10:18:07

Thanks, Animol smile

34+3 today. Sometimes you forget the good stories because you hear so many awful ones!

cyclecamper Tue 07-May-13 20:40:12

Well, I'm still around! I got taken up to the labour ward to be monitored just as someone came in and had a baby in 10 minutes flat, so I ended up hanging around there for about 2 hours before they found the drs to do the pessary. I used the time with the feeding support worker learning how to harvest colostrum, which was cool. I managed some then and some this evening on my own, so that was good. smile

I'm now waiting for a second pessary as the remains of that one fell out. Hopefully that will start to shift the baby! I feel as though something is happening, but in a very desultory manner! Not really developing into anything at the moment!

SorryMyLollipop Tue 07-May-13 20:47:58

Cyclecamper, hope things get moving for you. Harvesting colostrum sounds interesting, never heard of that before.

Animol Tue 07-May-13 21:09:01

All the best cycle - thinking of you

greenlizard Tue 07-May-13 21:36:06

Good Luck Cycle hope your LO arrives safely and soon. My sister who had her first at 41 was induced and gave birth 3 hours later with just gas and air and was up and about very quickly afterwards. Good luck flowers

Ladies, could I ask your advice please? I am 5 +3, I will be 44 in June (eek - how did that happen shock).

DP and I are thinking about getting a private scan done at about 8 wks to check if everything is where it should be although not sure how I go about doing this. Do you think it is a good idea? Has anyone done this and found it reassuring?

I have also been reading about what tests you can/might get and have been reading about the Harmony test. Has anyone had this test or others done that they would recommend?

I have made an appointment at my GPs but assume I don't need to do anything else?

Feeling a bit clueless as my first! Thanks..confused

lotsofcheese Tue 07-May-13 22:14:01

Good luck cycle. Thinking of you & looking forward to hearing your announcement.

Greenlizard: I think a private 8 week scan is a good idea. It will hopefully reassure you that all is well. I had 8 & 10 week nhs scans due to previous mmc/molar pregnancy. It was pretty nerve-wracking but I got there in the end. Good luck! Xxx

notsoold Tue 07-May-13 22:42:21

Cycle....good luck!!! thanks

Green I had an early scan at 9+0weeks and it did help me to stop fretting so much ( still am actually).
I also considered ( with dh of course) going for the harmony test but as my nuchal test was very good in measurements I waited for the letter ( it said -low risk). So we did nothingsmile
Otherwise we would have gone to London for the harmony test


sparklysapphire Tue 07-May-13 22:56:16

Good luck cycle, I hope you have a quick & relatively painless labour, & you and LO are both ok. Thinking of you.

Green, good to hear from you. I can't advise, but an early scan sounds like a good idea. I know several people here have had the Harmoni test &.found it very reassuring.

Hi to everyone else, I hope you are all doing ok.

scarecrow22 Wed 08-May-13 04:44:30

cycle thinking of you lots. brew thanks

Animol Wed 08-May-13 08:41:16

Thinking of you cycle

cyclecamper Wed 08-May-13 09:58:09

Thanks all smile.

Still nothing happening - in fact even less happening than before! Last night I lost another swoosh of waters, which shocked me slightly - I though that having lost them a week ago, it would just drip till it arrived with the baby. Oh well, it's all a learning curve! grin

Trying not to freak out at the thought of the drip this afternoon. I've never had a drip for anything in my life!

The colostrum harvesting is to build a store so that if Tiddles needs extra or can't suck well to start with, it doesn't miss out on the colostrumy goodness. I was amazed to find that I could actually extract some. Not a lot (.8 and .9 ml yesterday), but apparently that's pretty good for a first effort. You massage the breast a bit, then express by hand. Very odd!

rosiedays Wed 08-May-13 10:23:45

Hi cycle your doing fab. I've just scan read through posts please don't worry, i'm sure you'll be fine. great that baby stayed put for these extra days. so drip today and maybe baby by tonight?? the to top tips i remember for coping with my (incredably short so not sure it they count) labours were ' pain with purpose', and my all time fav, 'this too shall pass' wishing you all the best Cycle thanks

Waves to All and welcome to newcomers. will have a good read later.

been a LONG LONG weekend, got home yesterday and have to go back down tomorrow. it's been Awful. i've done far to much, hurt everywhere and need to sleep for days...... this too shall pass!!

scarecrow22 Wed 08-May-13 13:36:28

cycle that's fantastic colostrum production! when T born they said he only needed 1ml for first feed. it increases with feeds but so will your production. colostrum super rich protein (like body builder shake wink) so little goes long way.
keep strong this afternoon. not sure if this is true but hopefully will be strong and quick or lazy and slow: same pain distributed differently; both have heir cons and pros.
will be checking in lots and sending unscientific but we'll meant strong thoughts.

Animol Wed 08-May-13 14:43:41

Another top tip for labour cycle put your hands on your bump and talk to your baby through the contractions - or sing! Sang about a million verses of Happy Birthday to You when DC4 was being born smile

somewherebecomingrain Wed 08-May-13 21:31:23

Cycle thinking of you and looking forward to hearing your news xx

rosiedays Wed 08-May-13 22:07:35

Just checking in. ... hope you're doing well cycle x

cyclecamper Thu 09-May-13 07:39:10

Baby boy Cyclecamper arrived at 2348 last night weighing 4lb12. (I think)

All a bit hazy - first midwife said she'd only known 2 women manage labour on a hormone drip without an epidural and they were both Dutch. She ruptured the membrane, then found another one to rupture, which confused her! I was totally freaked out at the idea of an epidural, having had a bad back that has made me feel ill every time I've had to lie still on the monitor, and really didn't want a needle in my back to make it worse and limit my movement if I could help it. Obviously, having a premature baby meant that pethedine was a really bad idea.

The contractions were really, really intense - at one point they were 6 in 10 minutes, without a break, and they had to dial the syntocin down to be be able to give me an internal. I'd given in on the idea of having an epidural about as the anaesthetist went awol shock. By the time he'd turned up, it was too late and I had fully dilated so I managed to evict the baby on nothing but 2 co-codamol for my back and somewhat industrial quantities of gas and air. More gas and air for the stitch as the local anaesthetic started to wear off (I had told her this would happen! My dentist knows to give me double quantities grin - I was shrieking and giggling and crying and saying 'told you so - I love being right!' all at the same time!) So about 5 hours, start to baby with my husband and sister there and me mostly in a world of entonox on my own!

I'm sitting here with a baby up my nighty having some skin-to-skin grin.

They have given me a private room because of his prematurity, and it's at the antenatal end of the corridor with the staff I know smile.

Happy, happy, happy!

Morning all. Firstly apologies, I've neglected this thread dreadfully (NC'ed from SarahScuba) I'm now the big 40 and due date is 30th July according to scans.
Hi to everyone new and waves to Eagle Hope all is ok with your LO

Cycle congrats! Sounds like a roller coaster of a week. Hope all is well today thanks

Another positive vote for an early scan - I had one at 6 weeks and it helped me relax knowing at least everything was in the right place and looking good at that point. Well worth £99 IMHO

rosiedays Thu 09-May-13 08:35:52

Hey Mummy cycle thanks well done you! sounds like you did an amazing job.A private room is a god send, peace and quiet for cuddley baby time. hope your enjoying those magic first skin to skin cuddles. A BOY!!! congratulations i'm jealous How is DH? 4.12 is a good weight, (and no SCABU!) he will be a little baby for so long. DD didn't get to 7lb till nearly 3 months, she still looked like a new born. grin

remember are you an pro diver?
Animol Love your top tip, going to add it to my as yet unwritten birth paln grin! ( i talk to bump all the time)

thanks for all the Amira votes, unfortunatly DH is pretty stuck on Summer. still have a few weeks to change his mind.

rosiedays Thu 09-May-13 08:37:05


Rosiedays I am a (lapsed) dive instructor but still fanatical diver (next dive trip planned for November with 3mo DD and hoping to get back into UK waters next summer!

somewherebecomingrain Thu 09-May-13 08:56:45

cycle congrats! What a birth story! Well done and welcome to baby cyclecamper! Have lovely snuggles and I look forward to hearing your updates. Your attitude has been tremendous throughout I have to say, x

rosiedays Thu 09-May-13 09:08:42

remember Me too (IDC Staff) also planning to blow bubbles when DD in 3 months old grin Always happy to chat diving... ( don't want to out you but did you train at Mermaids pattaya??)

eagleray Thu 09-May-13 09:53:40

Congratulations cyclecamper!! Am so pleased for you and you have been so brave throughout

Great to see you back remembering and by some very strange coincidence you find me currently abroad with 3mo DD!! I have lots of advice for anyone foolish/brave enough to try travelling with a tiny baby...

Actually, its not too bad and we have pushed our luck slightly by living out of a hire car, going wherever we fancy without booking accommodation ahead, and also hiking in the mountains!! Baby Eagleray is currently lying one the bed in her summer clothes enjoying an after-storm breeze blowing through the balcony door, listening to a cacophony of chickens and dogs in the streets below. Later, the beach, to try out snorkels, goggles and an inflatable boat just big enough for a little baby...

Big wave to all

Animol Thu 09-May-13 11:03:31

Wow congratulations cycle !!!!!!!!!

Wonderful news - so great that you can have your baby with you - -have lots and lots of fun getting to know each other

rosie what about some sort of combination of Amira and Summer like Sumira or Samira?

blueeyes1970 Thu 09-May-13 11:18:33

Major Congratulations to cyclecamper on the arrival of little cyclecamperboy! Been following the story... also thought of you when out for a long cycle on Monday despite nagging from petrolhead friends to cease and desist.
Waves back to sparkly and BadMissM and all the fab 40+ ers. Welcome to Clara and PopcornGrace!

sparklysapphire Thu 09-May-13 13:55:42

Congratulations cycle, & welcome babycycle. How lovely to be able to keep your baby boy with you & enjoy the cuddles. It sounds like you coped with labour really well, I hope you're making a rapid recovery thanksthanksthanks.

lotsofcheese Thu 09-May-13 17:25:18

Congratulations Cycle!!! Welcome to the world, baby cycle - a lovely wee boy to enjoy!! Xx

blueblackdye Thu 09-May-13 19:26:17

Cycle, I m so so happy for you. Welcome baby cycle to the world ! You both have been brilliant, patient and here you are, happy healthy Mum and baby. Enjoy the first days and skin to skin. Lots of love !
Wave to all

scarecrow22 Thu 09-May-13 20:10:48

Oh cycle am so delighted and relieved for you. You have been so gracious and centred (at least pretended well!) throughout all this, I'm so pleased you have a healthy baby boy (I'm discovering this delight myself smile) to snuggle skin to skin with. Do heal soon, and take each day as you have been, as it comes...before you know it he'll be taller than you and eating saucepans of pasta as a snack grin

blueeyes (I think) with DD I cycled to all my NCT classes, ante natal yoga and every hospital appointment except the 39week one where I had a sweep (just in case it worked!) ...I so wish I'd been able to do so again but was trailing everywhere with DD and in winter plus felt so much idler this time...but feel a lot weaker now as a result. Good on you!

Rosie I didn't train there and in fact haven't been to Pattaya so a different Sarah diver smile
Eagle - would love to hear any tips gringrin where are you? Any diving for you (I seem to remember you were a diver too?)
Sorry for dive themed posts for you non bubble blowers out there x

eagleray Fri 10-May-13 08:44:57

We're in Greece - no diving on this trip but having lots of fun driving around and just staying wherever we fancy.

Didn't book it til a week before departure - always had a vague plan to do it, but wanted to see how I felt post birth. Been accumulating lots of baby travel equipt for a while though (lightweight pushchair, sunshade, travel cot, slings/carriers, beach/hiking clothes etc)

It's been good so far, but you do have to be realistic about what you can achieve. Baby E is fed every 2.5/3 hours so that has to be factored in to the day's activities.

Having said that, we've managed a spectacular day hike, some days at the beach and planning another hike today if the weather stays dry. It's not everyone's idea of a fun holiday but we've never been very good at staying in one place and sitting on loungers.

Last time I dived was 2 years ago in Santa Catalina in Panama - was crapping myself as hadn't dived for years but then a massive ray leapt out of the water and then I couldn't get into the water quick enough - it was amazing

What sort of trip are you planning Remembering or are you going to wait until nearer the time to organise it?

Btw, flight was fine, in fact couldn't wake her up when we were coming in to land!

blueblackdye Fri 10-May-13 12:40:49

Anyone interested in boys clothes from 9 months to 3 year old ? a friend of mine is moving back to her country on 6th June and wants to get rid of all sorts of things, baby equipment too, potty, bath tub, Mamas and Papas pram, can be converted in pushchair.... PM me if any interest, I will put you in touch with her.
She has a cot with one missing screw so she is giving it away for free if there are DYI people on the thread.

I love to hear about your diving experience Ladies, it seems so far away for me although I was more a snorkeling person than a diver. One day soon, I will get back to it.

Eagle, you are so relaxed, I wish you could share some of this peaceful mindset with me. smile

rosiedays Fri 10-May-13 14:01:46

eagel oh a holiday in the sun and the beach with a yummy new baby. enjoy. I love random, unplanned, take each day as it comes road trip holidays.
remember where are you going? we're going back to Egypt so my beloved Red sea for me. grin
cycle how are things? any names yet? do you know when you'll get home? Please pop back often now you've graduated smile
animol samira is my top top choice from before we knew she was a girl. unfortunatly DH, DSL & DML all fell about laughing as aparently it's a bit like calling a baby 'Gladis' or' Gertrude'
green I didn't get any tests extra tests done (just 12+20 week scans) tbh I really dont worry about Downs ect, anything can happen any time in a childs life pre birth made no difference to me..... Just my opinion.
Hi popcorngrace you've had a rough ride, hope it's plane sailing from here. thanks i've found MN to be such a great place for advice and support.
clara flowers you've had a tough ride too! How are you feeling now? at 13 weeks i was unable to function AT ALL. didn't get out of bed except to be sick for a few weeks (felt like forever at the time) started to feel better at about 18 weeks. 29 shock weeks now and in full 'bloom' most days .
badMissM glad scan was all good. can i ask why you had scan at 28 weeks?? (am i missing out on a sneeky peek?)

AFM, funeral day today. sad I'm sad i'm not there but glad i didn't go... if that makes any sence, I should have been able to go without fear of what could happen. and it's a very real fear, DD1's Father would have no issue with verbally assulting a pregnant woman (especially if that pregnant woman was ME!!) comments had already started on FB (not something i ever look at but was told about!)

It was fun seeing the faces of the friends i did see whilst home, Most of whom had not seen me since well before BFP and lots didn't even know !so seeing my ample bump caused quite a few LOUD laughs. It also felt really good to say she was 'my little hoped for suprise baby' as for DH she was and now i can't wait to meet har or imagin being without her. blush

cyclecamper Sat 11-May-13 00:47:57

That's lovely Rosie. Little hoped for surprises are wonderful.

My 22 year old step son and his girlfriend came to see us today which was lovely. He held the baby in complete terror! He did mention a name that we are going to think about for a couple of days to see if it fits. The 17 year old is still in shut down panic mode. I do hope we are discharged soon, because I think that is the only thing that will help.

Baby cycle is eating so much that he keeps getting wind and then grizzling for 4 hours.

eagle and rosie we're heading back to Dahab in Egypt in Nov - a good friend runs a club there so it's a known quantity with on hand babysitters wink hoping to get a few dives in between feeds as we'll be there for 2 weeks!
Eagle your hol sounds like bliss too and it's great to know its ok with a 3mo grin
Is anyone heading to the BabyShow next weekend? x

BadMissM Sun 12-May-13 19:33:04

Greenlizard I had the Harmony Test, as I was a bit worried being 45, it was brilliant, and put my mind at rest. If you get in touch sooner rather than later, you can get the rate of £140 for the two scans and test, but you have to go at certain points to get that... My trust don't even do Nuchal scans...

Waves to Animol and Rosiedays

Cyclecamper Colostrum harvesting...sounds interesting!

OMG am off line for a couple of days and everything happens at once....have had friends here from Belgium....

CONGRATULATIONS CYCLECAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks thanks thanks thanks So glad to hear you and BabyCycle are doing so well, it's been a rocky journey xxx

OMG, only five hours! I was about 13 with DD and that was a natural labour! No epidural, you brave woman!

Waves to RememberingmyPFEs and somewherebecomingrain
Hello eagleray Holiday with LO sounds fantastic! We're planning to take LO on a trip round Europe just after he's born! Greece sounds lovely <just a bit jealous> here is torrential rain!

Waves to blueeyes1970 sparkly lotsofcheese bbd

Rosiedays That's the problem picking names from a different culture, you don't know when you're calling a baby Doris or Mavis smile. Having a 24, 28, 32, 26 week scan because I have Gestational Diabetes so they have to keep an eye on the baby's size. Probably a wise move to avoid stress of funeral x

Cyclecamper Glad to hear going well with stepson 1, good luck with Stepson 2 xxx

Been a bit mad round here with my Belgian friends visiting for a few days, and before that MIL having a boyfriend crisis (she's 79, he's 87...worse than teenagers....). Ran around Manchester too mcuh with Blegian friends, am knackered now.... this week nothing but medical appointments all damn week.... DD has toe op on Thursday too, so have to spend all day at hospital....

Hmmm, who's next then?

I'm 29+6 today.....but DD turned up at 31 weeks....

rosiedays Mon 13-May-13 12:38:35

Hi everyone, been quiet on here this weekend. how is everyone?
6 of us with July baby's.... it's gona get intresting soon!!

badmiss i'm 30 weeks today and also had 2 early babies. (dd1 at 33 weeks and dd2 at 35 weeks) which kind of makes me feel..... 'any day now' but gona make the next 10 weeks bloody long if i go to term!
thinking about writting a birth plan but it's all so random there doesn't seem much point, In an ideal world i'd like a no interventions water birth! wouldn't we all! reality is i'll do what ever is best at the time...

Those planing overseas trips, are you waiting till baby has had all jabs before you go? I want to go ASAP after birth as it's DMIL first grandchild and she is SOOO excited, we get on really well and i feel awful that she can do so little as she is so far away. DH doesn't see the need to wait as his thoughts are baby is 1/2 Egyptian and could have been born there so whats the difference. (typical Egyptian mentality) i also lived there for 7 years so will have passed on some immunity i guess. My UK head says wait though. It will also be Ramadam and bloody HOT! a lot will depend on how well baby is BF. We will be staying with her in the family home (with air con) to start with then taking her with us to the beach. DH will have 4 weeks AL to take so will be a long trip. grin

cycle are you home yet?

bad miss sorry about the GD!

soupmaker Mon 13-May-13 13:58:14

Now that I am 29 weeks I'm making the leap onto here. DC2 due 29 July, just before I turn 43 in August. Already have DD1 who is 5. Had a couple of MC since DD was born so was a bit reticient about coming on here until thing were well along.

Am so knackered. Still managing to get a decent nights sleep, but the tiredness is overwhelming and the heartburn is just awful. Apart from that feeling pretty good. Shame I have to work 4 days a week.

Big waves to you all.

rosiedays Mon 13-May-13 14:37:50

Hi soup welcome. that makes 7 july babies grin
I didn't join this thread till about 26 weeks, didn't want to Jinx things!
I'm glad i'm not working but do get board at home all day. gaviscon is your friend.

Rosie, I hadn't thought through the jabs thing but presumably if I'm BF exclusively then she'll be pretty safe? Assuming shes more or less on time she'll be 14/15 weeks when we go...
Embarrassed to admit I don't even know what jabs they have and when - where do you find things like that out?

Google is my friend! Found this quite easily.
She'll have had her first 2 sets of jabs. I guess if you wait for them all it could be 3.5 years til you travel...

cyclecamper Mon 13-May-13 21:53:28

Hello! Thank you everyone. We are home! Discharged on Saturday and my sister brought us home, via boots an mothercare to get some bits from the list that was never finished. Still no matress!

Stepson 2 and my husband read the whole of the boys section of the baby names book that my sister brought out loud. We settled on Thomas Nye and we'll use Nye. If he wants to use Thomas or something else, he can choose later.

He's still feeding well and sleeping really well on my chest. Less well when I put him down grin. He is awfully cute - like a small furry dolly!

The 17 year old has calmed down a lot and been unusually helpful and less awkward than normal! H e even spotted that there was laundry out when he came home and it had just started drizzling and fetched it in! [swoon]!

The more I think about it, the more excellent I think my midwives were! I think they took on board what I was scared of (an epidural) and made sure that they pushed me on fast so that I didn't have one. Totally excellent.

Sorry for another me me me post blush. Am totally vague on hormones

Wave to everyone again!

heidipi Tue 14-May-13 13:18:56

hello! I hope it's OK to post randomly on this thread - I posted a few times about a year ago then mc'd and was too superstitious to go public when I got pg again (no idea why, but hey)

just wanted to chalk another one up for the fab 40s - DD2 was born this morning and is just fab. all was fine, induced at 38.5 due to my high bp (+ old age [) but once I'd had the prostawotsit it happened gradually like a 'normal' birth (so it seemed to me anyway) with no other interventions. chuffed to bits, she has fed and pulled funny faces, currently snuffling into my ear and about to meet big sis.

I'm 43 btw and had DD1 at 41 in same circs. not doing it again mind grin

thanks for listening while I ramble, wishing you all happy pregnancies and lovely babies.

eagleray Tue 14-May-13 20:45:35

Oh wow heidipi I remember you from the very very first thread!! So pleased for you - many congratulations!! flowers and so chuffed that things worked out so well this time

Btw I have just had DD1 at 41 too and teetering on the cliff of possibility of contemplating trying again...

BadMissM Tue 14-May-13 23:13:06

Waves hello to soupmaker !!!

Rosie rememberingmypfes Also, jabs would depend where you're intending to go...would say anywhere in Europe probably OK for BF baby until has jabs....

Glad to hear you're home and everything's hunky-dory, Cyclecamper Nye is a lovely name too, unusual, but easy to use at the same time....

Glad to hear your 17 year old is coming round to the idea too xxx

Congrats to you on your DD heidipi!!

Eagleray DH now really carried away with the idea of this and wondering whether we can 'fit twins in' before it's too late...as I'll be 46 by the time LO arrives, think he may be pushing his luck!

Seeing consultant tomorrow and hopefully, finally, sorting a birth plan.....fingers crossed for a yes to my request for an ELCS!

heidipi Wed 15-May-13 08:16:11

thank you badmiss and eagleray - yes I'd forgotten about the earlier thread from when I had DD1, great that it's still going smile

rosiedays Wed 15-May-13 09:32:16

cycle so glad your home and all going well, flowers Nye is a lovely name. I'm glad you feel you recieved great care, it's very reasuring to hear. Hope step son carries on being helpful. maybe the change in family dynamics will do him good. (not being the youngest and focus of all attention)
remember LOL re Jabs, must be your first!
Hiedipi welcome back grin wonderful news congratulations. The fact you on here within HOURS of delivering!! Wow. thanks
badmiss hope you get the birth plan sorted.
My DH too is wondering (a little too often) if we can squeeze another in after this one!!! i've just said we'll see...... AAHHH!!!!

scarecrow22 Wed 15-May-13 09:46:52

badMiss really hope you get the birth plan you want. remember the rules say you have a legal right to an ELCS so just stand firm. Your DP so lovely and supportive hopefully the combined force of will will quickly persuade them. We are keeping a special comfy chair in the snug for you smile

scarecrow22 Wed 15-May-13 09:48:43

Heidi huge congratulations. and if you are so minded please come and join us on the 'grads' thread on the parenting boards - all fabulous 40 plus mums

Welcome and congrats Heidi
Rosie blush yes, first time and a complete naive newbie. I've spent so long reading books about the pregnancy and birth I REALLY need to look at what happens when she arrives as I guess I won't have time for reading up on stuff then hmm

soupmaker Wed 15-May-13 14:01:20

Hello Remembering. The best bit of advice I got when I had DD was do what your instincts tell you and just use the books to get a few ideas. Wise words indeed.

I was convinced I needed books - guess I'd always managed to learn about how to do things up to now - but I quickly learned babies do not conform to your idea of what they should be doing and no amount of book reading and following advice contained within them will make them. I nearly ended up demented and then threw the books away, relaxed and just did our own thing.

There is an entire industry making vast profits on manuals to tell us how to make our babies do what we'd like! Babies have other ideas.

I'd suggest borrowing from the library and saving your cash.

Good luck.

soupmaker Wed 15-May-13 14:02:33

Oh, and when in doubt consult MN!

rosiedays Wed 15-May-13 14:42:05

remember i totally agree with soup My best friend drove herself demented with her first who wouldn't do what the books said he should do. She's just had her second and is compleatly different, going with the flow, both her and baby are chilled and happy. the HV will give you a record book which has all the dates for jabs etc in (i think)
I feel like i remember nothing but i'm sure it will all come back when she arrives.
been having a sort out of 'under the bed' and took all my dive stuff out OMG will i ever get in look good in my wet suit let alone a bikini again. really missing the beach life.

BadMissM Wed 15-May-13 17:58:53

Yep, remember, babies do wheatever they like, learned that with DD! Just go with the flow and save yourself a mega-headache!

STILL no Birth Plan or ELCS decision. They have told me they won't decise on a 38 week ELCS until 36 weeks at least. Let's just hope I don't give birth before then. I have 5 hospital appts in three weeks, but they refuse to make a decision before then.

Also now have the joy of insulin injections for the GD.....

Frecklers Thu 16-May-13 13:25:15

Hi all! I'm 42, DH's first baby, I have to teenage DD's (19 & 13 )..all very exciting really! grin

Thanks for the advice smile I won't drive myself demented but I'm thinking a vague notion of what's to come might be a plan!
BadMiss hope all is ok and injections aren't too crappy thanks

BadMissM Fri 17-May-13 20:12:46

Welcome frecklers!!! Another one with a big gap then....I have a 14 year old DD, and DH has a 19 and a 17 year old!

remember Don't drive yourself mad! Injections don't hurt, I just hate injections!

Am getting kicked as I type. He doesn't like my arm resting on him!

OxfordToLondoner Fri 17-May-13 22:32:07

Hello! What a very lovely thread. Can I join in please?
I'm 42, have one DS who's 5 and a DSS who's 19 and off to uni soon.
Our DD is due early August. Much wished for and very exciting after 2 MCs last year.
I'm feeling really good at the moment - feel like I have more energy this pregnancy compared to my younger days (though may be kidding myself). But really feel like I'm ageing super quickly...what am i going to look like when all those sleepless nights kick in?! Am trying No7 serum, to no avail thus far....think i'll have to have Botox before i return to work!
Anyhow...it really is fabulous to be pregnant at 42, and lovely to have stumbled upon this thread.

(oh and hello I Claudius, hope you're good!)

notsoold Sat 18-May-13 00:00:48

Hi frecklers and oxfordto ....!!!
Welcome to the thread! I also have a dd18 and a ds 13..!!!

rosiedays Sun 19-May-13 12:15:07

Hi freckles & Oxford
(Oxford* enjoy your bloom smile I.'m finding pregnant at 43 a lot easier than I thought it would be. Sleeplessness nights worry me to.
Another long weekend here, back to home town again (for the last time before baby lhope) 4 hour drivers are hard work. B. H all the way up m4 yesterday. sad
Bough dh a lawn mower yesterday and now have a beautiful garden to sit in. Have travel system in pieces giving it a good clean and scratching head as to how it works!
Waves to all enjoy the sun x

Blueberry68 Mon 20-May-13 13:36:52

Lost you all for ages when thread moved to No 4 - duh!
Bit down here had NT scan on Sat & although nuchal fold & bloods good have x2 'soft markers' which make result high :-(
Having a CVS tmrw - feel rubbish....

rosiedays Mon 20-May-13 13:48:10

Hi Blueburry glad you found us. sad re results. thanks be kind to yourself. hope all goes ok tomorrow. xx

sparklysapphire Mon 20-May-13 14:11:03

Hi blueberry, welcome back. Sorry about your screening results, crossing my fingers and hoping CVS comes back clear.

Cycle, I hope you're all continuing to adjust to having babycycle home and you DSS's are still behaving!

MissM, why won't they decide on an ELCS til 36 weeks? It seems ridiculous and you must be finding it stressful. I don't know many people who've had an ELCS, but those who did, had it sorted out well in advance. I hope you're coping with the insulin injections ok. I have my GTT on Friday, I'm really hoping it'll all be fine and I don't have GD.

Rosie, I hope your home town trip wasn't too stressful & you've recovered from the journey.

Welcome remembering, oxford, frecklers & soup, this is a lovely thread to be on.

Your holiday stories are encouraging, DH now says he'd like to go on hols at October half term when LO'll be about 8 weeks old, and I'm wondering if this is too little. We took DD to Europe at 4 months, but there's a big difference between 2 and 4 months, so any thoughts appreciated.

I was midway through writing a post on Friday night when DH came home so I had to abandon it. I am going to ban myself from MN until I have completed my Open University assignment next week, as it's just too distracting because I have no self-discipline and am hoping to avoid a late night essay crisis next Monday!

Hi to everyone, hope you are all doing ok.

heidipi Mon 20-May-13 16:19:51

Ooh hello again and thank you for the congrats smile . Been mainly searching for sore nipple solutions on the feeding threads since last week but hopefully coming out the other side now.

Yes I'll look up the grads thread

heidipi Mon 20-May-13 16:21:52

....and will prob press Send too soon on some posts over there too!

Hope everyone is well and blooming.

Blueberry fx for clear results tomorrow. It's stressful this pregnancy lark isn't it!

Well, I've completed my Hypnobirthing and Ante-natal classes and still feel like a complete clueless newb... Everyone tells me instincts will kick in - I really hope so! grin

cyclecamper Mon 20-May-13 20:19:09

Hello to all the new people smile.

We've had a bit of a wobble sad. We're back in hospital after baby cycle was poorly last week. A week to the hour after he was born here, we were in a and e and he was being admitted to neonatal intensive care with jaundice well into the levels of requiring a blood transfusion shock. Even the a and e Dr said he was shocked because he didn't seem that bad. Fortunately whilst they were sorting out the blood transfusion his levels fell enough under the lamps that they decided to carry on with them. Because the levels were so high, he had to have lots of tests including a lumbar puncture. He responded well to the treatment and so far all the tests have been negative. He's still on antibiotics and beginning to breast feed again and just being topped up with the tube feed. He has to stay in until he's feeding properly and finished the antibiotics. Today is hard because I have been staying so I could feed and express here but they needed the room I was in, so I've got to go home. It feels like a set back just as he was beginning to feed again. [Sad].

cyclecamper Mon 20-May-13 20:36:30

Hello to all the new people smile.

We've had a bit of a wobble sad. We're back in hospital after baby cycle was poorly last week. A week to the hour after he was born here, we were in a and e and he was being admitted to neonatal intensive care with jaundice well into the levels of requiring a blood transfusion shock. Even the a and e Dr said he was shocked because he didn't seem that bad. Fortunately whilst they were sorting out the blood transfusion his levels fell enough under the lamps that they decided to carry on with them. Because the levels were so high, he had to have lots of tests including a lumbar puncture. He responded well to the treatment and so far all the tests have been negative. He's still on antibiotics and beginning to breast feed again and just being topped up with the tube feed. He has to stay in until he's feeding properly and finished the antibiotics. Today is hard because I have been staying so I could feed and express here but they needed the room I was in, so I've got to go home. It feels like a set back just as he was beginning to feed again. [Sad].

rosiedays Mon 20-May-13 22:46:31

sad just wrote long post and lost it. .. bloody phone!
Oh cycle flowers what a little trouper you've got. Sounds like he's on the mend. Try to get some sleep tonight. Feeling really sad for you. sad well done for sticking with the bf. Xxx
Will post again in the morning. X

Cycle so sorry to hear that sad it's appalling that there's not enough space for Mums to stay and feed/ support their LO's. Sending unmumsnetty hugsthanks Hope BabyCycle is on the mend and home again soon.

rosiedays Tue 21-May-13 09:12:17

cycle thinking of you flowers hope you got some sleep last night, really hope you get baby cycle home soon. do you have an idea of how much longer he will be in?
my DD was under the lamp for 6 days when she was born, she got a lovely tan smile

Blueberry Fx for scan today.
sparkly I've recovered from the trip thanks, I can't believe how uncomfortable traveling in the car has become. I always seem to get lots of BH??
where are you thinking of going for you holiday? i think it makes a big difference, is it somewhere you have been before? do you speak the language? 1st or 2nd world services?? I would not be taking baby to Egypt if i didn't know it very well, speak enough to get by and know i have a lot of support there. I would however go on a camping trip to france or spain. it's so hard to plan now though, so much depends on how baby does once there here. (nice to make the plans though grin

remember did you enjoy / learn much from your courses? i've never done any! Please dont worry, you'll be fine. you body really is preprogrammed to give birth. women have been doing it for years!! LOL and we are SO lucky in this country. we have acsess to wonderful health servises if any assisstence is needed. My advice arm youself with the information and keep an open mind. No way is the 'wrong way' as long as you have a baby in your arns at the end. x
I'm working on my birth plan at the moment.... mostly a DH to do list which will read like a dive plan (as it's what he knows best!) I'm not really doing it for the hospital but as a prompt and reminder for me. things i want to remember to do.... like breath!!!
happy to share

I'm Officially on ML now grin (smp started today smile ) and although i haven't really worked for the last 2 months it feels different now. No presure that i should be working. I don't know how those working cope some days. I have the worst pregnancy brain ever,

Rosie I found the Hypnobirthing classes really good though could have got 75% of it from the book. The NHS AN classes were pretty crap tbh.
I was hoping to meet other mums in the area as we moved here in Sept and haven't met many ppl yet but no-one else was on the Hypnobirthing class (tho1-1 was nice) and the AN classes were done in 2 weeks so no time to develop any bond. Looks like I'm set to carry on being billy-no-mates for a while...

rosiedays Tue 21-May-13 09:43:05

remember i hear you, I'm Billy-no-mates here. we moved up here in sept too. I've never really lived in a city before and hate it. I just want to walk along the beach and hear the sea. The one friend (also an instructor married to an Egyptian 1st ds at 41 dd at 43!) i did have here has moved 30miles away and has gone back to full time work. I did bravely go to a NCT mum's and bumps coffee morning a few months ago (found it on Mnet Local) It was OK and i really should go again but......

eagleray Tue 21-May-13 14:37:35

So sorry Cyclecamper to hear you are back home minus baby - v unfair the hospital can't accommodate you. I hope he's feeding properly soon and sending you big hugs.

Sparkly love that you will have a holiday to look forward to at half term. You planning to go abroad? I think 8 weeks is doable (am assuming you won't go overdue and so therefore won't be younger than 8 weeks), but a little bit of planning may be needed for the passport (I had to fast track DD's). Do you have to book something now or will you leave it til nearer the time?

By the way, I did 6 years of OU and even now have nightmares about unfinished assignments and then wake up so glad I don't have the last minute all-night essay crises!

Remembering don't worry about the instincts - I had virtually no baby experience before DD was born! The early days weren't a walk in the park by any means, but by the 3 month mark things do get a lot easier (feeding issues resolved, either baby sleeping longer at night or you are used to being woken!) I didn't do any antenatal groups such as NCT as I didn't really fancy it, but I do have a few like-minded souls with similar aged babies that I meet up with from time to time, which is nice. Have met people through baby cinema, sling meets, in the doctor's waiting room and also picking up Ebay purchases! Not sure if any of that helps but you will also find that when you have a cute baby in your arms, everyone will talk to you smile

notsoold Tue 21-May-13 18:42:12

Remembering.... I was clueless when dd was born and a single mother... But everything works out in the end so don't worry!!!

Badmiss my dh reckons we can have another after this pg as well!!!I wish I was as optimistic...

Cycle...hugs from me to you and baby cycle!!!

Love to everyone here!!!

cyclecamper Tue 21-May-13 20:03:07

Baby cycle had a bit of a wobble in the night and was back under the light when I got here this morning. It didn't last long and he was out again by lunchtime. He's been very tired and harder to feed today, but hopefully he'll pick up now. The Dr was pretty reassuring.

Animol Tue 21-May-13 21:02:33

Sorry not posted for a while

Oh cycle that is awful when you can't be with them - DS1 had jaundice just after birth and they took him away to the Children's clinic and I couldn't go with him and I could howl now just thinking about it - but of course he was fine after a few days - hugs to you and baby cycle

welcome to all the new ladies!

remembering I'd never held a baby or changed a nappy before my DC1 - on the first day at home I changed about 10 nappies and soon realised that DC1 just carried on crying til we realised what was needed - food, change, sleep etc - you'll be fantastic

rosiedays Wed 22-May-13 10:48:47

Thinking of you cycle.x
Well I decided last night to go through the birth plan with dh. It didn't go quite how i thought it would! !! confused He, bless him, has an unfailing believe that I am a supper woman and of course I will give birth without any problems and
be discharged 2hours later. He has No idea of what's involved or what could happen.
He will not except that he knows nothing therefore will not be told anything. The fact I have delivered 2 baby's without horror stories means it's a done deal this one will be the same. I was 21 last time I gave birth.!!!
These are the times when the age and cultural differences really show. He has not had any exposure to birth s or babies. Never held one till last month!
He's so excited about buying her a swing and teaching her to swim he's completely bypassed the next 2 years.  
His belief in my ability is lovely but how do I get him to take his part in the birth seriously? ?? I have a vision of me screaming 'if you're not going to be helpful fuck off' just when I need him most. Lol
Now been waiting 1hour 20 minutes to see dermatologist. Postings from phone so sorry if it's a ramble. X

iclaudius Wed 22-May-13 11:27:15

Hi all marking my place as had lost the thread for a while there. Got whooping cough vaccine this am yeuch I don't want it !!
Welcome Oxford to Londoner ! So jealous of your girl!!

thanks for the encouragement ladies - I get overwhelmed from time to time then figure out of a 19yo can do it, surely I can!?

Blueberry how did you get on yesterday?

scarecrow22 Wed 22-May-13 21:14:09

Remembering Another here who knows you will find it much easier having a baby than thinking about it (well if you discount the tiredness etc!)
Like the others I did not follow one book to the letter, but read a couple for ideas and adapted to me/DH/baby. The one I probably found the most helpful was Tracy Hogg's Baby Whisperer. The simple premise is that you are looking to evolve to a pattern dubbed EASY: baby Eats - does Activity - and Sleeps (giving you Your time). What is good is a/ it gives you a sense of what you are doing (on a loop), and b/ after baby does the immediate post milk power nap if you can seize their wakeful moment or wake them up eg. with a nappy change, then when they are ready for a sleep they are more likely to sleep through the "ooh, it's an hour or two since I fed and now I'm getting peckish" phase when they will cry for another feed, and instead you can gradually get a pattern of 3-4 hours between feeds. Initially the activity period will be tiny (my 6wo does up to 1.5 hours early morning and late afternoon, but still very little in the middle of the day), but gradually you will get up to say two hours of activity (I use this term very loosely!)
I also find a feeding ap on my phone helps both keep track of when I fed and which breast/how much from bottle/ etc, but also allows me to see the gradual evolution towards longer feeds and gaps. My motto is 'mummy is not a snackpot'!! I can then be very relaxed if he wants a feed after only an hour etc; each day is different, but the direction of travel is good.
Some other very random things that we found helpful:
- let baby suckle finger to see if s/he wants to suckle for comfort (finger will be enough) or wants milk/food (they will suckle and then cry, most likely)
- if baby is fretful and it's not a normal feed time, put finger by mouth and gently almost tickle cheek, they will turn and latch to finger thinking it is nipple/teat if they want milk, or not...
- there is a hold called the tiger or leopard hold, where baby's head is nestled in the crook of your elbow, usually facing out, and body lies along forearm, with legs dangling either side of your hand/wrist: some babies love this (mine did/do) as it puts a lovely pressure on their belly, and they can see what is going on but are well supported; this often helped 'settle' an unfathomably unhappy baby
- babies cry. They do. You cannot give them a life where they never cry. I'm super soft really and hate it, but they are not 'unhappy' like we are when we cry: they are telling you they WANT something or do NOT WANT something. We all know this, but I find reminding myself helps me get on and go to the loo and find my hat and keys when the baby is wailing and I need to get out the house, and so on. Sometimes baby T cries while I'm settling the toddler; with her I would have run in; with him he goes to sleep five mins later before I can go back and he wakes up totally fine
- babies are more likely to cry from tiredness than hunger (This is probably my number one tip ever)
- when babies are tired they often need to cry to get to sleep; it helps block out stimulation

I do not advocate a permanently crying baby! Just reminding you not to worry too much or feel guilty about a little crying.

<slopes back to the grads thread hoping she does not sound too mean or patronising.

scarecrow22 Wed 22-May-13 21:19:43

Cycle so hope that babyCycle keeps making progress and you can spend more time with him and get feeding better established. Thinking of you every day (and night seeing as I'm up for quite a bit of them!)

Blueberry Don't really know you but also thinking of you for scan yesterday and so so hope all was well

Finally I have a bundle of newborn (up to 7.5lb ish) baby boy clothes which T has grown out of. There is probably as much as any newborn baby would need - babygrows, long and short sleeved vests at least. As we sadly will not have any more babies I'm happy to offer to any of you if you are near enough and need stuff. You can have it for free - pick up or I can post 2nd class. Otherwise I'll put on freecycle or give to local charity shop. The bundle (some used before me, some only used for 4-5wks for T) would probably pack fill a standard John Lewis bag (which very much outs me as a shopper!) PM me if you are interested

scarecrow that's amazing advice, thank you thanks and thanks for taking your time to write it all out for me too. thanksthanksthanks
I will go find that book on amazon now too

sparklysapphire Wed 22-May-13 23:50:36

Cycle, I'm so sorry babycycle is back in hospital, I hope he's now properly on the mend and you can have him back home soon. It must be really horrible.

Thanks for the holiday tips. We wouldn't go further than Europe, most likely somewhere we've been before. Eagle, that's a good point about the passport. I think we'll wait to book until LO is here, should be 8 weeks ish if/when we go, as consultant says I won't be going overdue. grin at your OU experience with assignments, I'm glad it's not just me with the last minute stuff.

Rosie, good luck with DP and your birth plan, I hope you can convince him that he does need to know stuff!

Remembering, you'll be fine, when I had DD at 39, I was baffled that youngsters cope with babies all the time too, but they can so you can. NCT classes were great for me for making friends, though possibly less so with the actual stuff about birth, but in our area we also had NHS post natal classes, and I made some really good friends through those too.

OK then, back to it....self imposed MN ban not going well so far, obviously.

Blueberry68 Fri 24-May-13 12:29:58

Hello to everyone this thread is huge might be a lurker as cant keep up!
Great news cvs was clear - all systems go - very relieved & have told both DD's who want a boy! Might be a bit quiet but still here - good luck everyone xx

rosiedays Fri 24-May-13 14:52:50

Wow scarecrow great advice. Notes taken. smile
cycle how's things? Do you have baby home yet? Sending flowers
blueberry great news. Lurk away. We're here if you want to chat x x
sparkly if you're reading this I hope the essay is done smile
Me... in the doldrums. Board and dondon't knknow what to do with myself.
Hi to everyone. X

somewherebecomingrain Fri 24-May-13 18:52:35

Wow scarecrow a tour de force - glad I saw it. Never understood baby whisperer till you explained it just there,

Came on here to wish camper well, I am thinking of you hon and your little boy. I hope you are home together soon xxx

Hugs to all you other lovely pg ladies waves to badmiss

I lost the thread hmm so glad I found you again...
Hope everyone had a good BHol weekend!
How is cyclebaby getting on?

BadMissM Tue 28-May-13 14:02:15

Hi to Rosie, RememberingmyPFEs, Blueberry, Sparkly, iclaudius

Big wave to Scarecrow

How's Cyclebaby doing, Cyclecamper?

Just really tired atm, and have had constant stream of visitors....wish the weather would realise it's supoosed to be sunny!

Animol Tue 28-May-13 16:12:17

Hi ladies - i keep losing the thread as well! Feeling pretty good at the moment - 15+6 - was at docs this morning and everything seems to be going Ok smile

rosiedays Wed 29-May-13 10:18:05

Hi Everyone, it's been very quiet on here, thread keeps falling off first page! Hope this means everyone is doing really well.

cycle how are things? would love to hear how you and Baby cycle are doing.
animol glad you finding your bloom. i started feeling better from about 18 weeks, other than a few days it's been pretty good since then.

remember DH and i had BBQ in garden on sat, real dahab style, Kofta, (made by DH) taheena, salad, bread. sat on Dahab rug in the sun. Oh i miss Dahab days.

All good here, DM is causing a few problems (nothing new there) she is making lots of comments (to every one but me) about the baby being 'Egyptian' ( = muslim) and how she is not being 'allowed' to be involved. I commented months ago that i didn't think i would need her at the birth!!! (why would i??) and i've not given anyone my due date further than Baby is due in July.... which she is. i don't know when she will come. I know my mother and if baby comes early (which she may well do) it will be ' Oh well, you didn't manage to carry to term!!' So now she has booked a holiday for ALL of July, sailing to America (on queen Mary) then visiting family. She told me last night, she will see her 3rd GD whenever it 'fits with her plans' and as she's not 'going to be around long' she will not be getting involved as there is no point. (she is only 68 and fit as a fiddle and could live another 20 years!!!)

She spent 2 hours on sunday telling my DD2 how great my DD1 was as she had done everything right, went to Uni, got married, bought house, now pregnant. DD2 is a great sahm, has a lovely (rented) house and has been with her DP for 5 years!!!

thankfully DH is being wonderful and MIL is so excited (dispite some very strange parenting of a young baby ideas confused ) I'm very used to disapointing my Mother and knew from BFP that she would not be happy about this little one.
I'm so glad my hormones are under control..... if not I might have said a few home truths to her.
wow vent over!!

Rosie I hadn't realised you were a Dahabite in particular! A very good friend of mine runs a dive club there and I've probably spent about 20 weeks out there diving! Small Small world!
Kofta and Tahina, yumyumyum! Roll on November, I'll have another 2 weeks there!

I had my 31 week appt today, measuring 35.5 so being send for another sodding GTT despite MW agreeing it's probably fluid and bub feels normal size. grrr. In other news she is head down already and nice strong HB at 144

Waves to everyone, hope all is well flowers

rosiedays Wed 29-May-13 15:45:14

remember i'm old school Dahab! first went in 1998! when it was really beautiful. It changed my life. it was my first diving holiday in warm water. (i was a BSAC UK wreck diver!!) I dived with an amazing german female instructor who inspired me to one day be an instructor, at the time my girls were young but it set a sead in my mind. I saved every penny possable and went back at least once a year. in 2002 i went to thailand and did my dm and instructor. I then went back to Dahab in 2004 and lived and worked there for 6 years. summer in Dahab, winter on safari from Hurghada.(did alsorts of other jobs while ther too) Dispite promising myself i'd NEVER fall for an Egyptian Diver, I'd seen go wrong it so many times, Met DH in 2006 he was only 23 and i was 36!! We are however one of those for who it just worked.... 7 years later we're as happy as ever, living in UK and expecting a very unexpected baby. DH still works for PADI. Life is a strange thing.
Which dive center does your friend run?

Grrr re appointment today... will you have another scan? nice strong Heart beat though. grin

Life is strange indeed! How funny... My friend went out in 97, met an Egyptian (think he is about 15 years younger than her) and stayed - they set up and run Dive-Urge on the Eel Garden and have 3 DC's out there. I've been going since 2001 and did my DM there in 2009. I can't imagine you don't know her and I suspect we may have happened across each other at some point?

Sorry everyone - dive bore stuff, ignore us wink

They will do anther scan if the GTT comes back clear, which it will... yay for another chance to sneak a peek at the LO :-)

rosiedays Wed 29-May-13 17:19:11

I know Dive Urge, beautiful dive centre smile and right next to
El derado (sp) yum yum.

Question for any wize old heads out there, my LO is going crazy today... i mean really crazy... hasn't stopped all day and really BIG movements. much more than usual.... should i be worried?? I've called MW and left message on machine but it's gone 5 now and she's not got back to me.... should i ring labour ward? feel fine in myself, have had quite a few mild BH along side her outbursts.... just not sure what to think.

cyclecamper Wed 29-May-13 17:59:25

I've just realised that I haven't updated on here! Babycycle and I finally made it home on Sunday. He's finally gaining weight, although the Health Visitor who came today nearly wrote 2225 on his notes instead of 2250 which would have gained us some careful scrutiny! confused He's feeding well, which makes all the stress and trauma of expressing in hospital worthwhile! The Health Visitor was very firm about me resting and concentrating on the baby, so I'm trying to do as I'm told!

Thank you for all your good wishes smile

notsoold Thu 30-May-13 02:29:20

Cycle....excellent news about baby cycle....
Rest and relax....xxx

NewChoos Thu 30-May-13 07:53:09

Hello all,

I have been reading the thread from time to time but found it hard to keep up. 33 weeks now and 3 weeks left at work. I am tired but plodding on... DS finally in his bed and on the whole sleeping through. Feeling abit sad he won't be our 'only' anymore (does that sound weird?)
Baby is breech, scan at 36 weeks, would be having induction/c section for GD at 38 weeks away. Want a section even if baby turns but not sure if I will need to fight my corner. At 32 week scan baby was measuring fine for dates.
cycle pleased to hear you are home and baby is feeding well.
rosie sorry to hear your mother is being so difficult.

Sorry not to name check everyone. Will try harder!

rosiedays Thu 30-May-13 10:23:11

cycle thats great news, i was worried when we didn't here from you for so long. well done for sticking with the BF. that must have been hard work. so glad all is going well. please pop in and give us an update from time to time. flowers
welcome newchoos glad to have another poster. Re Section, i believe you have the right to have elective section. (seen it on here lots) i'd say arm yourself with the facts and stand your ground.

well i ended up in assessment unit last night as LO was still going crazy (feels like fits!) and the tightenings were getting worse and more frequent. the monitor showed HB ok and tightenings going from 20 to 45. I have UTI and thrush!! cervex still tightly closed thankfully so sent home.
bump aparently mesuring small for dates so back in this morning for growth scan and have a look see what she is up too!

4boysthatilove Thu 30-May-13 11:53:33

Hi, I'd like to join the group too please grin, I was 46 in January, have 4 boys already and found out a month ago I was already 22 weeks pregnant with another little boy! According to the scan all is well - nothing short of a miracle considering I was on the pill and had a huge bleed in March which I assumed was a miscarriage. My due date is 2 September and consultant has already told me I won't be allowed to go over! Hoping for a nice quick birth, DS4 was 4 hours start to finish. My other boys are 19 and 14 from my first marriage, and 6 and 4 with my new hubby. Just when I thought I would have some free time with my 4 year old starting school in September it will be all change, but I wouldn't want to change any of it.

Animol Thu 30-May-13 15:30:02

Great news cycle - enjoy!!!
Hello new and 4boys - oh wow how could you not notice til 22 weeks?! Friends of ours have got 5 boys - so cute to see them all running round playing cowboys and indians etc smile
Only slept about 2 hours last night - no idea why - feeling pretty rough today - although a bit better now that DH has taken all the kids out for the afternoon smile

rosiedays Thu 30-May-13 18:38:13

OMG just hit me.... I'm not just having a baby but becoming a MUM again. ... its 22 years since I last looked after a baby for more than a few hours! !!
All good at scan. She is transverse and weighing approx 4lb

rosiedays Thu 30-May-13 18:42:44

Ah pposting from phone.
Spent all afternoon picking up everything I've dropped in the past few days.... I will turn her.

sparklysapphire Fri 31-May-13 23:29:04

Cycle, great news that babycycle is back home, and you can enjoy having him with you again.

Rosie, great that all is good with your LO at the scan and you got a bonus peek at her. I'm a bit worried about having a baby after 5 years, so can't imagine what 22 years feels like. I'm sure it'll be fine for both of us though.

Hi to 4boys, you must have had quite a surprise with number 5! My due date is 28/8 and I've been told I won't be going over due either, so I'm a bit apprehensive about having a late August baby for schooling, but of course it may be completely out of my control anyway.

I finished my OU assignment and now have to attempt to learn the entire course in just under 2 weeks for the exam as I feel I haven't taken any of it in. Then I can start to think about baby stuff properly. We spent a few days at my mother-in-law's, where most of the baby equipment & clothes have been stored in her loft. We've located the basics - car seat, carrycot, 1st clothes etc, but I had absolutely no idea there was so much stuff there, boxes & boxes of clothes DD has grown out of, which we'll be getting rid of when we've finished with them this time (or sooner if it's a boy).

And I don't have gestational diabetes, which is a relief, or at least not at the moment but I suppose it could develop later.

I hope everyone's doing ok, have a lovely weekend.

Rosie the becoming a Mum thug is terrifying me completely. I had a pretty poor role model so I'm hoping I can do a better job...
I'm sure it'll all come flooding back to you, even after all this time thanks

cheznic Mon 03-Jun-13 13:43:45

Hi rosie days,
I had my dating scan today and due 31st dec 2013
44years unplanned. Is this all you need to be added to the list x

Congratulations Chez

Eagle are you back from your hols yet? Hope you had a great time!!

Rosie I've just booked flights for me, DH and bub to head to Dahab for first 2 weeks of Nov. Can't WAIT grin

BadMissM Mon 03-Jun-13 17:39:28

Sparkly Well done with assignment!

Congrats ChezNic

Rosie I thought a 14 year gap was bad enough!

4boys Congrats, and what a surprise!!!

Me...33+2 today, hanging on in there, absolutely knackered. Have a humungous bump, and at 32 week scan told me he was measuring 35 weeks. Still no decision on the ELCS, just hoping I don't give birth first!

eagleray Mon 03-Jun-13 23:09:46

Hi Remembering yes back from hols a couple of weeks now I think. It was great, although not terribly relaxing. The good thing is that DP and I were never good at relaxing hols anyway smile

We are contemplating long haul in the next few weeks - bit of a last minute trip which may or may not go ahead (accompanying DP on a business trip but he's v ill at the moment so we may have to abandon it). Feel quite relaxed about doing it last minute though as we are reasonably well-versed with travel now.

That's lovely that you've got some winter sun to look forward to, and 3mo is a great time to go away.

Wow Badmiss how did you get so close to your due date?? I seem to have lost track of time, and it seems like only yesterday you were on the train to London for the tests. Hope you get good news re your ELCS

Congratulations Cheznic - and what an exciting due date!

rosiedays Tue 04-Jun-13 09:36:21

morning everyone,
loving the sunshine, fingers crossed this is the start of a great summer.
I will update due date thread with all our lovely new BFP's in a seperate post... if i miss anyone please let me know (baby brain in overdrive here)

I'm having some really strange thoughs (like day dreams!) the pure panic the other day about being a Mum again started when i realised i needed an ironing board??? I've not owned one for YEARS!!! had a flash back to ironing school uniforms.
I can't believe how much 'stuff' we have. I'd been traveling for so long where everything i owned i could carry (my life weighed 27kgs including dive equipment) now i would need a truck to move! since moving into our lovely new flat we have had to buy so much (bed, wardrope, washing mashine, hoover bla bla bla) add baby stuff on top and it's crazy. having this baby has changed my life so much, still struggeling some days to get my head round it. I know i was very lucky to live the lifestyle i did, footloose and fancy free, traveling the world with 2 grown up daughters, and i know deep down i'll make a great life for this little princess too.... but some days i just can't see how. it feels like we've become part of the system... DH goes to work, comes home, we pay the bills and watch TV!!! AAHHHHHHHHH my worst nightmare.

sparkly congrats on finishing assignment flowers i'm sure you remember more than you think you do. can i ask what course you did? you have got me thinking maybe i could look at doing an OU. would love to do Marine Biology or something similar... MMMMM

Remembering grin wow booking filghts and adding 'infant' must have been strange.... (nice strange) did you get a good deal? we might be in Dahab at the same time!! I'm holding off booking as DD1 is due 23 october and really really wants me with her when she has her baby, HOW i'm going to do that with a 3MO and she lives a 4 hour drive away i just don't know, she is still resentful of this baby and not very good at not getting her own way. If i was to be 'away' when her baby comes it would cause her a lot of issues, I really want to get My little one to Egypt ASAP as it's DMIL's first GC and she is so excited, DH has also not been home for nearly 2 years and were both missing the beach so much. feeling very pulled in oposite directions.

Newchoos, 40, DC2, due early July
Blueeyes1970,42, DC1 due on 8th July
BadMissM, 45, DC2, due 22/7
Rosiedays, 43 DD3 due 23rd July(ish)
ScubaSarah, nrly 40, DC1?, due July 22-Aug 1
Iclaudius,45, due 29/07
Its getting close ladies..... wonder who will be first??

Eagle glad you had a great hol and are thinking about long haul now. DH has a race meet in Thailand in April and we're discussing if we're mental or if it would be ok... Oh, and thanks for bringing the sunshine back with you thanks

Rosie - It did feel a bit odd, also surreal booking a flight for "Infant tbc" as we don't want to jinx anything by 100% deciding on the name yet...
It would be great for meet for a Sakara if you are there at the same time smile

The list update can replace:
ScubaSarah, nrly 40, DC1?, due July 22-Aug 1
RememberingMyPFE's, 40, DD1/DC1, due 30/07

32 weeks today grin

Enjoy the sunshine everyone

PintandChips Tue 04-Jun-13 13:25:53

Hello - can i join?
i'm 8 weeks with 2nd pg... aged 43. DS1 is 6. Told BF of last few years that of course i'd love to try for a baby with him, thinking it would never happen or would at least take years and money... 3 weeks later, up the duff.
So we're currently trying to quickly buy a house together and feel like a family before the new addition comes in Jan 14.
If i'm honest i feel really ambivalent about it... i'm basically shitting myself at the thought of going back to baby days, i found it so hard last time. And it's such a shock, i really didn't think it would really happen (i know I sound like a stupid teenager!) and now that it has, i feel a bit trapped!
i'm sure I will get excited once it feels more real and actually like a baby, not just a pregnancy IYSWIM.
BF is not dad to my DS, and this will be his first baby. He is waaaaay more excited than me, which i'm actually finding annoying (thanks to my hormones making me even more irritable than i usually am). This is all assuming i carry through - aren't we oldies more likely to miscarry before 12 weeks?
is anyone else struggling with the idea of it?
i feel like a cold-hearted cow.
Pint (not any more!)

BadMissM Tue 04-Jun-13 19:56:36

Eagle I know, it's just crept up on me all of a sudden...only seems yesterday that I was looking at all the grads thinking 'Oh, I have ages yet'!!!

Rosie I'll actually be 46 before LO is born...my birthday is 24 June!

Goodness knows who'll actually be first though!

RememberingmyPFEs and people think we're mad taking the LO to France and Belgium.....

PintandChips I have a 14 year gap....took a bit of getting my head round too!

Me...33+2 today. Just so tired, have to keep stopping every two minutes.....

blueeyes1970 Wed 05-Jun-13 10:05:59

Waves to everyone... back after absence...
Pint - you're not alone in many ways. I was partially thrilled, partially ambivalent and completely terrified when I first had the "result" last November. Thought we would be TTC for ages but happened quickly. Then terrified of miscarriage, chromasome problems etc. Then psychotic hormonal anger at DH for not making enough effort/indulging me. Then guilt at not being excited enough. Finally at 18 weeks, decided to relax, enjoy, celebrate and see the glass as 98% full. Now 35 weeks. 10 more days of work to go (9 days straight from tomorrow) and looking forward to DC1 with excitement and trepidation in equal measures. Best of luck with pregnancy. Lucky you that BF is excited from day1 (DH now is).

PintandChips Wed 05-Jun-13 15:13:50

OOOOhhh, blueeyes and BadMissM, that's great to hear, feel much encouraged.

Have also decided to pay for an early scan on Monday so i can be sure I'm actually growing a creature in there, so that i can start relating to it as such, instead of simply seeing it as an annoying thing coming between me and a decent G&T smile

rosiedays Wed 05-Jun-13 17:25:52

Hi pint welcome to the *OH S*T club! My bfp was huge surprise! 33 weeks now and the roller coaster goes on. Spent last 6 months focusing on the practical stuff. Just beginning to except that after pregnancy and birth bit there will be a baby needing a life time of love. Don't thinkit will really sink in till she arrivessmile
Just spent an hour in garden listening to hypnobirthing app dreaming of a g&t!!! Enjoy your scan.

Hi everyone else. ..sorry not updated due dates yet, willdo as ssome as I get back on laptop.

BadMissM Thu 06-Jun-13 16:26:22

Rosie wish you hadn't mentioned that G & T...

Pint I had the Harmony Test too, as well as early scans, really put
my mind at rest....

Me...knackered. Keep trying to do things, then have to sit down.....

notsoold Fri 07-Jun-13 10:23:38

Just popping in quickly to say that my 20 weeks scan went well and we are having a baby boy!!!
So happy!!!

rosiedays Fri 07-Jun-13 13:51:28

badmiss I'm so with you on the tired thing. I've lost the will to be bothered doing anything. sad hope this passes. I want my bloom back! !!
Congratulations notsoold glad scan went well

iclaudius Sun 09-Jun-13 11:22:03

Rosie days we have also been too busy to focus on baby at all.... Worrying !!
We are almost twins as I am 33 weeks tomorrow despite measuring three weeks ahead
Exhausted here!!

iclaudius Sun 09-Jun-13 11:26:23

I am getting sectioned ( !) though so hoping 38/39 weeks

NewChoos Sun 09-Jun-13 19:21:20

Congrats pintandchips
Glad your scan went well notsoold
Hello to everyone else.
Approaching 35 weeks now and tired and hormonal. I am trying to avoid news stories that are making me tearful.....
Scan next week to see if baby is still breech, will definitely be having a section if so.
Are you having a section through choice iclaudius

iclaudius Sun 09-Jun-13 21:33:42

Yes I am new choos - last time they gave me one as baby was big and I was worrying about my bits surviving it after so many deliveries - this time ( 16 months on) they just said 'I assume you wAnt one'

rosiedays Sun 09-Jun-13 21:54:31

Hi everyone. Still on phone so please forgive me for notIupdating due dates. I have to open lap top tomorrow so will try then. I've been avoiding my email's for too long. Just can't be arsed lol.
Big hugs newchoos sorry you're feeling emotional. [Flowers] won't watch the news or ANY hospital drama! ! Spring watch is wonderful, though i had to turn that over the other day as it got a bit yuccy.

Well 34 weeks tomorrow. 34 was always a big mile stone for me as dd1 was born at 34 weeks. I know it could be any day now! !! Really scary but so excited. Mybbiggest worry is that she doesn't turn in time. I'm pretty sure she's gone from transverse to breach. (Dancing on my bladder) anyone had a natural breach delivery? ? I really don't want a section sad
Also think i might have lost a bit of my plug today. .. had snotty stuff when pant checking.

rosiedays Sun 09-Jun-13 23:08:47

Sorry posted early as dh came to bed. I hate him askingwwhat I'm talking about.
I must say he has and continues to be amazing. If I'd known he would be like this i would have ttc long ago. We were talking today about when we got our bfp. It was so unexpected. We were in shock for hours. Him happy shock, me devastated. lol.
Ok going to try to sleep although I think I'm getting a bit of insomnia at night despite being exhausted.

rosiedays Mon 10-Jun-13 11:56:07

ok here goes.... update (first draft) 10 june 2012

Blundermum 40, DC2 due early May?
Lotsofcheese, 40/41, DC2 (girl) due May (DS 4y) Graduated.
Onemoreforgoodmeasure, 40, DC1 due 06/06
cyclecamper, 42, DC1 due 14/06 Graduated

Newchoos, 40, DC2, due early July
Blueeyes1970,42, DC1 due on 8th July
BadMissM, 46, DC2, due 22/7
Rosiedays, 43 DD3 due 23rd July(ish)
RememberingmyPFE, 40,DD1/ DC1, due July 22-Aug 1
Iclaudius,45, due 29/07
LottieH, 44, DC5, due mid August
Sparklysapphire, 44, DC2, due 28/8
4boysthati love, 46 DC5 due 2nd sept.
BuzzBee, 40, DC2, due Sept
Notsoold, 41,DC3 due end of October
Animol, 42, DC5 due 13th November
chezmi, 44 due 31 December
Pintandchips 43, due Jan 2014

If i've missed anyone or got it wrong! let me know and i'll put it right.

NewChoos Tue 11-Jun-13 13:41:00

Thanks rosiedays I am feeling really sad about the poor polish boy- I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. I don't watch loads of tv, but DH and I do like a good box set! We started homeland but haven't really got into it yet, we are really enjoying series 5 of the mentalist though.
Section sounds like a good choice iclaudius I am either going to be induced or have a section before 39 weeks due to GD. If baby still breech will definitely be a section and I must admit this is my preference. I will hopefully plead my case next week post scan.

As an aside, when did you wean your DC off bottles. DS is just over 2 and loves his bottles of milk but I am aware I should have stopped them by now (according to HV but I generally ignore/avoid their advice anyway).

rosiedays Tue 11-Jun-13 14:05:14

Hi everyone.
newchoos my dd2 went from baby bottles to the sports type bottles at about 2ish (i think) )she was still taking one to bed last time I asked. She's 23!!!
I'm just back from MW 24 week appointment. Bump still measures small (31 weeks) but baby is still transverse so she's not worried. Nor am I really. Just hope she gets head down soon. I'm trying to get my head around the idea that I might have to have a selection. ( my biggest fear)
Other than that I'm just BOARD.

notsoold Tue 11-Jun-13 16:12:16

Newchoos I weaned dd around 2 and it was hard work as she did not like her milk in anything else!!! In the end I found a tall narrow mug that became the substitute...
My ds never really enjoyed the bottle and went straight to a cup. Now he is 13 and 5'10 and drinks 2 glasses of milk every night before bed!!!

Jammies Tue 11-Jun-13 21:26:10

Hi ladies

May I join you all please? I'm 44 and 9+3 wks with DC2 due 12 Jan 2014.

DD1 is 3.4 and I adore her. Dh and I decided to try for another, not really expecting it to happen at my tender age, but here I am. shock

I'm in awe of my quarter of a century old eggs and at the same time I'm wondering what the hell I've done and like Pint I can't imagine going back to changing nappies and being up half the night, every night. Eek

I have a dating scan next week and a cvs planned for early next month. I'm usually quite cheerful but I'm feeling as rough as toast right now so I'm sure I will cheer up some when the sickness leaves!

I'm enjoying reading all your stories, it's good to see so many of you out there!! smile

rosiedays Thu 13-Jun-13 08:45:04

Hi jammies congratulations flowers hope the sickness passes soon. It was the work bit for me!

How is everyone?

sparklysapphire Sat 15-Jun-13 01:55:44

Congratulations and welcome to pint, chezmi and jammies. I still have days when I wonder what I've done and I'm nearly 30 weeks now, the time is flying by.

I hope everyone is doing ok. I'm tired, but not getting enough sleep, I dozed off with DD this evening and woke up at 11pm which is why I'm still up now. I've finally finished this year's open university course - exam was on Wednesday and not as bad as I'd expected, so now have to focus on sorting stuff out in preparation for the baby!

soupmaker Sat 15-Jun-13 06:19:49

Waves to all. Had lost you guys so haven't posted for ages.

Now almost 34 weeks. Had scan and was informed baby massive so had GTT but all clear. DD was only 6lb 3oz.

Now being seen every week and sweep already booked. Thankfully baby no longer breech.

One more week of work thankfully. I seem to be nesting like mad already so need a few days to just to relax and do nothing before school finishes.

Loving that no-one seems to believe I'm 42. Will be 43 in early August, but could easily look about 50 when the night feeding commences!

Squidwoman Sun 16-Jun-13 20:51:02

Hi there - can I join? 41 and 29 weeks with DC4, due Sept 5th. My others are 13, 12 and 8. Have been told by consultant I won't be allowed to go over which is fine but on other hand don't want him in August if I can help it. Can I refuse induction if medically all is well??

Eagleray Sun 16-Jun-13 22:55:19

Congratulations on DC4 Squidwoman! Regarding induction, you can't be made to be induced - the decision is yours but the hospital/consultant may recommend it. I'm 41 and had DC1 in January, and induction at 40 weeks was recommended due to my age alone (I had no other risk factors). I then discovered that induction policy varies from one hospital to the next, and decided I would see how I felt closer to the time.

In the end, I refused induction but had expectant management, and went into labour at 40+8 (but was then induced anyway due to failure to progress!)

I don't see why you can't refuse the recommendation of induction if there are no other risk factors, but unless there was a specific problem with your pregnancy/health, they may not recommend induction before 40 weeks anyway.

Good luck, and remember it is your choice re induction (all too often see people posting saying they have been told they are being induced!), but make sure you get all the right information about risks etc smile

Squidwoman Sun 16-Jun-13 23:08:22

Thanks Eagleray - that's very useful. I've had 3 normal deliveries with no complications so in theory all should be well (but I was younger then!). Mind you all 3 were a bit early so I doubt I'll make 40 weeks!

Eagleray Sun 16-Jun-13 23:49:33

Ooh - sounds like you won't have much of a problem popping out no. 4 before 40 weeks (is the not wanting to have the baby in August thing to do with schooling?)

By the way, do you have a consultant for any specific reason?

I agreed beforehand to commence regular stretch and sweeps from 38 weeks onward in order to try and avoid induction - what a waste of time that was! There probably won't be a next time, but if there was, I would spend those last few days parked up on the sofa stuffing my face rather than squealing in pain and having a midwife telling me I'm effaced/anterior/closed/open/dilated/posterior/whatever

BadMissM Mon 17-Jun-13 03:07:47

Gaaaaah. Tired, pissed off and can't sleep. DD hosting baby shower for me next weekend. Which would have been good but now have to invite horrible SIL along with lovely one, MIL, SIL with special needs who is hard work in company and can be immensely selfish, and DH's poisonous daughter from marriage 1. This will all then be reported back in detail to DH's first wife.... I also now have to find room for 16 bloody people in my house...the rooms are tiny and the layout difficult. I don't even have 16 chairs, and there's no outside space at all. Will have to have proper food, not just cakes as they are all fussy as hell...

DH doesn't see the problem...well, he's not going to be here, as he's picking up his son from uni all day. This has gone from being something fun to a nightmare overnight....

rosiedays Mon 17-Jun-13 11:04:21

Hi squidwoman welcome and congratulations. Eagle is right. Your body your baby. they can't MAKE you do anything. I have had 2 easy (no interventions) deliverys a fair few years ago and thought that after 20 years things would be harder... 2 MW's , Consultant ect have told me that your body does not forget. So hanging on to that and beliving all will be well.
sparkly congrats on finishing your course. hows the baby prep going?
soup just realised you not on the due date list!! SOOO sorry. will add you today
Hi badmiss Boo re the not sleeping.... it sucks, I've downloaded a hypnobirthing app on my phone which has helped me sleep a couple of times. Re Baby shower, could you arrange to have it in a local Pub or somewhere other than home??
Eagle so nice that you pop back to see us. how are you and baby Ray ? intrested that you would refuse sweeps next time. i have sweeps booked for week 38 and 39 (if baby turns and i last that long) but the more i read and think things through the more i think sweeps are just the start of interventions???

Me 35 weeks today... Yey. all getting very real. baby still streched out across (cant help but think she's got arms behind her head and legs Up just like her dad on the boat) smile last week was tough, had no energy or motervation at all. felt really down and board, didn't leave the house ALL week (except for MW appointment) then exploded at DH on friday that my life was over and i hated everything.. [Embarrassed] He kindly pointed out i still had my car and could do as i pleased all day.... if i chose to sit in house that was up to me. them reminded me that i had not been swimming for weeks. (was going every day for a while) So.... I'm off swimming today. smile

catdoctor Mon 17-Jun-13 15:13:05

Hi, come to say hello! Haven't had a chance to catch up on all your stories yet.

I'm 45 and 15+5 with DS2. DS1 just coming 3. Due 4.12.13.
Had sensible nuchal results at 12 weeks and thought I could get happy now but DM stressing and I've had the NIP test, gone to the States so now 2 more weeks worrying - and after I've told everyone. Thanks, Ma! Will I stop worrying, do you think?!

Interested in the induction talk. I've been referred to consultant, as first pregnancy, as over 38. I went to 40+13 last time and got very stressy 'negotiating' over induction so not looking forward to arguing with a 27 year old senior reg again.

Best wishes to all and stay chilled.

Squidwoman Mon 17-Jun-13 16:26:40

Hi again
I'm with the consultant for being old but she did add having 4th child and having a big gap between 3 and 4 (9 years) as other risk factors.
The September thing is for schooling. Mind you an August baby means a whole year less of nursery fees!

As for sleep - this time round I have a memory foam mattress and it has made a massive difference. The bigger I get the further I sink in and I've got to 29 weeks without resorting to pillows between legs etc. Doesn't cure insomnia but I've had no joint pain yet.

rosiedays Mon 17-Jun-13 17:36:37

Isn't it strange how different areas and different consultants have such different attitudes. I was discharged from Consultant at 20 weeks and was only seen due to thyroid problems
The only person that sees my age as a real issue is my mother.
Hi catdoctor glad test results are good. Does worrying ever stop? ?

Eagleray Mon 17-Jun-13 23:55:24

Sorry - meant to say hello to all of you when I last posted but had to post hastily due to baby screaming...

We are mostly fine - Baby Eagleray is growing fast and I'm trying to get fit again after so many months gaining weight.

Rosiedays - sorry if my moaning about sweeps put you off! I think I had reasonably high hopes that the sweeps would do something because of how it was sold to me, but it did feel like a waste of time. However, they can make you feel like you're doing something to make things happen, and they don't do any harm. I think if I had my time again, I would have one and if it didn't trigger things I would just get on with trying to relax (although easier said than done). Did you have a nice time swimming? I don't think I did much really in my last few weeks apart from go a bit irrational and mad!

BadmissM - I hope you survive your baby shower - it sounds like a soap opera! If it all gets too much you will have to feign tiredness/sickness/labour and escape upstairs!

CatDoctor - I think I recall your name from the 40+ grads thread from last year? (my memory works in mysterious ways). Congratulations on your return to the mums-to-be thread! Sounds like we had similar experiences regarding induction - I went through hell arguing the toss with doctors over what seemed to be a very hospital-specific policy. And one doc I had a rather emotional discussion with happened to mention she'd had a home birth which made me feel 100 times worse! It wasn't that I out and out disagreed with their recommendations, I just wanted to know what their policy was based on, given that it does differ from one hospital to the next. And I never got any straight answers, apart from a MW who later let slip that the hospital had had a couple of stillbirths recently and so they were v paranoid...

Oh god I hope my rants about induction, sweeps etc haven't blighted this thread - they do actually have their place, but just remember as Rosie said - it's your body and your baby and you can make informed choices. And if your body has done it before, it will almost certainly know what to do again.

As for worrying about everything, I vowed I would stop worrying the minute my baby appeared safely... oh yeah confused

DianeDavies Tue 18-Jun-13 09:38:01

Hello. May I join this thread pretty please. I am expecting my 2nd baby, 14 yrs after my 1st and I will be 40 when he/she arrives (*cringe*)
I cant believe how different this pregnancy is - in some ways better in other ways more difficult. Its not quite the doddle it was 1st time round, ha!
Just saying "Hi!"

Diane x

rosiedays Tue 18-Jun-13 09:41:25

Morning all.
Swimming yesterday was wonderful. We moved recently and there is a big new sports centre just 10 mins away but I don't like it. It's very unfriendly and somehow snobby! The changing cubicles are too small and the showers are rubbish ! !So yesterday i drove back to the pool i used to go to on the other side of the city, built in the 60s and in a rough area but full of lovely people. There is always a mums and baby's swim class going on + a lane for over 60s. great mix of people who all seam so friendly. Going again today just the drive that is a nightmare!

remembering are you ok? Not heard from you in a while.
eagle no worries. You haven't put me off. I'm obsessing about having no intervention!! Not overly sure why as the pre pregnant me though very differently. I know when the time comes (soon i hope) i will do what needs to be done for both baby and me to be safe and if the little tinker doesn't get head down it will be a bloody c section sad

NewChoos Tue 18-Jun-13 13:39:23

Congratulations jammies Squidwoman Catdoctor and Diane

badmiss do they have to be invited? Or could there be a separate thing for them, I am a bit fan of separating out difficult family members!

rosiedays Hope your baby turns!

I have got a scan on Thursday, I am not convinced my baby has turned. But I don't mind a c section (think probably prefer to have 1 rather than an induction).
Last week at work, starting to feel tired now. Have loads to do, pack hospital bag,wash baby clothes, get moses basket from loft etc

I am having a hungry day - off to forage!

NewChoos Tue 18-Jun-13 13:42:22

CatDoctor know what you mean re young dr's.
At 32 week scan, Dr had me confused with someone who had IVF and Polycystic ovaries. Would not make any decisions or give me a date - I gave up in the end. DH is coming to scan with me on Thursday and we won't be leaving without a plan!

sparklysapphire Tue 18-Jun-13 22:01:34

Badmiss, your baby shower sounds like a lovely idea which is going horribly wrong. Can you feign illness or something?!

Rosie do you think your LO will move in time? I'm glad you enjoyed your swim despite the drive - I wish I liked swimming, but I've never really got on with it, but I know it's a good way of excercising when pregnant.

Welcome squid, my due date is 28th August so we're very close. I've been told by my consultant I'm not going over due and I can't decide whether I'd prefer an August or September baby. I was referred to a consultant solely because of my age (45 last month), but he says everything's completely normal. I'm really not keen on intervention as I had to be induced for DD who was nearly 2 weeks late, and would prefer to avoid it if possible. I don't expect this baby to be early, but I suppose that's out of my hands.

Hi catdoctor, nice to see you here, and welcome diane too.

I'm still not getting enough sleep, not helped by a bad combination of early and late shifts this week, and have realised that the lie-in I thought I might have on Sunday is out of the question as we're going to a party and staying over in a hotel (not as glam as it sounds - it's a travelodge, and DD's coming too) so will have to get up. And Sunday is the only day I can lie in cos of schoool and DD's Saturday class which starts at the same time as school - far too early in my view. Sorry for the rant, I'm off to get a peppermint tea for the heartburn, and put my feet up as I'm getting really puffly ankles now. Otherwise I feel fine.

Hi to everyone, hope you are all coping with the various stages of pregnancy.

Animol Wed 19-Jun-13 09:12:04

Hello everyone - not posted for a while - welcome to all the new ladies.

I'm 19 weeks today - feeling more and more movement smile Got to the stage where everyone can see I'm pregnant

Got talking to a mum at nursery yesterday - she's got 4 kids aged 33, 31, 5 and 3! She was 49 when the last one was born - makes me feel like a spring chicken and that a 6 year age gap is nothing!!!!!! She went on to tell me about what a horrific experience each of her births had been - why do people think you want to hear that when you're pregnant???!!!!

Squidwoman Wed 19-Jun-13 20:33:10

I feel like a massive raw baking potato with arms and legs and people are asking how many are in there. This always happens to me when I've still got 11 weeks to go!
I too can't decide if I'd prefer an August or September baby. I guess I won't need to choose anyway.
I'm looking forward to the end of term (teacher...) and seven weeks of lying around. I had my whooping cough jab on Monday and my arm still hurts. And turning over in bed is becoming a major operation. Apart from that, all is well!

rosiedays Wed 19-Jun-13 23:41:57

Hi all
Thanks for the baby turning vibes. I'm still bouncing etc and can't decide if she's moved or not. Seem to be getting movement all over the place and haven't a clue what is what. I think only a scan will convince me. My mw is ok and think she will send me if i push for it. Last visit she couldn't decide what was head and what was bum!
Squid dd1 is an August baby. She's amazing (stroppy and demanding) but I did have to take her out of state education at 9 and put her back a year in private school. She was just not emotional old enough to keep up with kids 12 month older than her.
Animol. 49! !! Wow. And hmm to the birth story! Why do people do that? ?

rosiedays Wed 19-Jun-13 23:48:15

Bloody phone.
Sparkly. Boo re the lie in. .. you can ask for a late check out and send dh with dd to discover where the nearest place to get coffee and breakfast to bring back to you.

rosiedays Thu 20-Jun-13 00:00:43

Again! !!!
I'm struggling to sleep although once i am asleep thats it and can stay asleep till 10 am. (The luxury of having finished work)
Dh invited our upstairs neighbour to join us for bbq tonight. Very odd!!!! He said he had to ask her as in islam if your neighbour can smell your cooking and you think they may be hungry you have to invite them for food. I've tried hard to avoid them as they are a bit weird. Very young and argue horrendously (think Jeremy Kylie) she is 23 and has Never had a job! And is proud of it. it was awful. Lol
Ok time to sleep

rosiedays Sat 22-Jun-13 16:43:15

How is everyone? Been very quiet on here lately

BadMissM Sat 22-Jun-13 21:15:36

I survived both the baby shower and the handfasting/solstice I went to on Friday.... managed not to kill awkward SIL (who ate all the cake and didn't bring a present), MIL, or SIL with special needs who threw a strop!

Animol 49...makes me feel better (am 46 on Monday....) I have a 14 year age gap....

I have a date for ELCS finally! 10 July. I am also finally getting the neuro tests I have needed for years, so feeling a bit more positive...

picklepen Sun 23-Jun-13 17:01:02

Hi Ladies- may I join?

I'm 41, currently 25+1 with my and DH's first... Sooo glad to have found this thread! gringringrin

I've found it so reassuring to read all your posts and stories; and I have found a book I like- How NOT To be a Perfect Mother by Libby Purvis. I'm going to refuse to read any more (until the next one!)

Is it ok to find MN a bit daunting at times? I thought I was well prepared and then find threads about things it had never occurred to me could happen/would be good/I should have done/be doing/be thinking about/etc! blush

soupmaker Sun 23-Jun-13 21:01:52

Hello Picklepen. Congratulations.

I ignore lots of stuff on MN just as I would in any book/manual!

It's second time round for me and I just feel so much more relaxed and confident that my own instincts are what matters.

I'm now bloody massive, only 5 weeks to go. Heartburn keeping me awake. Everyone appears to think I look amazing - amazing what a touch of fake tan on the face will do!

Have now finished work - yippee.

Hope everyone else doing okay and that breech babies are turning and annoying relatives being given a wide bearth.

NewChoos Mon 24-Jun-13 07:33:16

Morning everyone - hope you all had good weekends.
Congrats picklepen Agree threads can be very daunting - just don't read the ones that might make you worry...

Very true soup maker I definitely feel more relaxed this time round. Also drinking Gaviscon straight from the bottle!

Glad baby shower went ok Littlemiss and you got your section date.

3 ish weeks to go. 1st day of mat leave, DS has gone to nursery and I will be going to John Lewis/Boots to get my last minute bits and bobs so I can pack hospital bag.

rosiedays Mon 24-Jun-13 08:43:16

Morning all.
Could I pass update of stats over please. Lap top officially kapoot. sad just need to copy and paste and add yourself in.
Badmiss glad you survived the baby shower and got Cs date. 10th not long.
Hi pickle pen congratulations. Mn can be a bit daunting and some people are not very nice ( as in life) but most are very supportive and I've learned loads. (True some i wish i hadn't) lol
Soup, welcome to the ml club. Not working rocks
Newchoos ml too. Enjoy your shopping. I finished my shopping weeks ago and really regret not spreading it out a bit. (In the believe that she would be early) Not bought any baby stuff for ages.
Remembering. Not heard from you in ages. Hope you're ok.
Afm.... I'm having niggles! !! Started on Saturday but had been in the car for hours so put it down to sitting too long and needing a drink/wee. Finally got home and had a couple of really strong bh wit back ache. Got on ball and bounced! ! Asked dh not to have another beer at which he got really excited then went and took engine on car apart hmm (his car....I still have mine (just) by 11pm all stopped so I went to bed. Sunday was the same a def change but nothing regular or painful ( bounced a lot) today woke up at 6 with real back ache. It's really brought it home finally omg I'm going to have a baby.
Dh has gone to work and i need to take his car for mot. Trying to keep things as normal as possible. Dm called yesterday to say they would pass by on Wednesday on their way back from my sister's. As long as i will meet them somewhere as they are not driving through the city! !!!!! I said oh maybe baby will be here by then to which she replied ' we're not driving round that city looking for a hospital. If your in we will see you and baby when we get back from usa on August! !!! I'll stop there before i really start to rant. ( she made a lot of very racist remarks which are still smarting)
Hope everyone else is well. Xx

picklepen Mon 24-Jun-13 22:42:31

Hi Rosiedays, thanks for the welcome and sorry to hear about your DM. Is she giving you her real opinion or tailoring it to fit her DP do you think? it seems to be all of a piece... the "I don't like your choice of DH" and "I won't get involved (but that's your fault as well)".
Stuff her. If she did come round she'd only make you feel bad anyway.

Your DH sounds lovely.

my DM is nowhere near as bad but she still manages to say the wrong thing. DM didn't get asked her opinion before I moved to be with DP and he turned into DH, so she assumes I didn't think it through. And that I'm still 5 years old...Thought I should tell DH he was being pathetic when got stressed over my BFP turning out to be a boy. Like that's going to help. hmm
DH has very rocky relationship with his father and was soooo hoping for a girl as well.

rosiedays Tue 25-Jun-13 08:55:20

Hi picklepen
My dm is a nightmare. I have been a disappointment amf embarrassment to her for as long as i can remember. I am a successful, independent,degree holding, house owning 43 year old but did it My way. She only sees divorced, remarried to Muslim 12 year's younger than me and now embarrassingly pg with a non white/christian child who it fully intend to raise on a beach somewhere beautiful.
My dh is wonderful. We've been together 7 years. We met while both working on dive safari boat in Egypt.. ( we're both instructor's) a bit of fun that has lasted.
She just can't be proud of me. I'm used to it now and see it for what it is. The only thing she has ever done is to marry my wonderful df who has done everything for her. She is jealous of my independence and free spirit.
Has your dh got his head round the blue bfp yet? I'm sure he will. I so wanted a boy but can't wait for my little princess now. (Dh thinks we should try again!!!! )

36week mw appointment today. Still getting niggles butnow ththinking it's just the way of it rather than the imminent start of anything. I will really miss being pregnant.

NewChoos Tue 25-Jun-13 09:55:12

Sorry to hear about your mother rosiedays I did not have a good relationship with mine and just learnt to adapt the way I responded to her and really distanced myself.
Are you still having niggles? I have been getting quite few aches but don't know if it means anything as DS was breech.
Hope all well with you picklepen

Forgot to say - I finally got a section date. Less than 3 weeks to go now!

picklepen Tue 25-Jun-13 10:11:32

Sort of... he's doing his best. I'm 25 weeks so he has time and I'm sure it will be ok. And I can't talk as I was worried that if it was a girl I would repeat the merry mother go round. DM had an awful relationship with DGM. Who was a proper cow, to be fair grin
Feeling of inadequacy all round tbh!

Sounds like your DM and mine were carved out from the same rock-face! My wonderful DF died last year and I really miss him.

Hope your MW appt goes well smile

picklepen Tue 25-Jun-13 10:14:15

Xpost with Newchoos!

Glad you have your date- it must be a weight off your mind.

rosiedays Tue 25-Jun-13 12:04:08

Just back. newchoos glad you got cs date. Is bump still breach? It's getting close for us.
picklepen ya know babies are babies and gender doesn't really matter. When there older you have got used to them.
History does not have to repeat it's self. I have a great relationship with my girls and always have.

Mw thinks she has turned. Yey. But I'm measuring a bit small (32 weeks at 36) So going for scan hopefully laterthis wweek. Also I've only put on 6kg since bfpsmile not over worried as i just think I don't grow big babies. Xx

NewChoos Wed 26-Jun-13 09:25:55

No longer breech but having a section for GD.

Good luck with scan rosiedays and hope baby has turned.

I have so much to do but seem to be wasting time faffing!

rosiedays Thu 27-Jun-13 13:01:16

All good at scan smile she has turned and is 2.6kg ( 5.9lb) just where she should be
I'm proper p**ed off with my mw for her underweight comments. I'm not underweight. (But maybe a bit oversensitive! ) I've always been a size 10. Spent year's working in a bikini ( with girls 1\2 my age) So have been careful not to put on too much also take 200 mgs thyroxine daily so my metabolism is mostly medical managed. Grrr. i don't have a sweet tooth and have a no empty calories rule. Grrr. Now feeling shit and don't have stomach space to eat much. As baby is good enough weight I'm trying not to be stressed about it.
I'm now more pg than I've ever been before and can't quite believe she's still not here. Twinges have all but stopped so not looking like she's coming any time soon
Which is good as I'd really like to get to 38 weeks now.

Hope everyone is ok. Thread has been quite. Wondering if any of our July babies are here yet?

blueeyes1970 Fri 28-Jun-13 18:46:03

My baby is doing lots of kicking and internal acrobatics but - 10 days to go to EDD on 8th July, I've a feeling he/she will be late... In fact, I hope he/she won't be early and will at least give me a few more days to get the flat into some state of readiness. Not to mention my brain...

Got a belated nesting bug today (second day free of social engagements/ work handover) and while DH is on 10-hour photography shift, found myself being a total bloke and drilling a near-collapsing shelf after clearing out a wardrobe. Anyone else similarly afflicted?!!!

NewChoos Fri 28-Jun-13 18:47:19

Oh that's good new rosiedays Some midwives do not have great interpersonal skills. I used to work with a girl that went off to do midwifery training and she was just such a rude person, I used to think when she went on and on about how great and autonomous she was going to be, that I'd try and go to another hospital if I saw her in the room!!

Hope everyone has good weekends. I am feeling so hormonal. Had an email form work which p'd me off. I find it hard to switch off from work anyway. Also anxious re DS and how he will find having a new baby around and having to share us.

Only around 2 weeks to go for me, keep getting texts but I am being deliberately vague. My sisters like the glory of a new baby but aren't any actually help which really p's me off too. 1 sister in particular will post the worse pic ever of me on fb as that is what she did last time (her issues), but still....
Rant over.

blueeyes1970 Fri 28-Jun-13 18:57:09

One other thing: do any of you have Lactivist relatives? Or (god forbid) lactivist mums?!! DM keeps insisting on reminding me to "make sure to prepare your nipples" for breastfeeding. Quite apart from the whole "eeew" reaction getting such advice from my mother provokes in me - it's also out of date advice. I know I'll laugh about it in the future... right now, it will provoke a row.

Scatty13 Sat 29-Jun-13 17:56:17

Hello everyone. This is my first day on the site as I am feeling pretty alone and overwhelmed at the moment. I'm 43 and 7weeks with my first.

Was pleased to see this thread as feeling like the oldest preggo woman in the world. Keep freaking out and wondering if I am too old to do this.... my mother had me at a similar age so maybe it's in my blood!

At least I feel like I have lots of life experience behind me I guess. Does anyone else have experience of feeling like this?

I'm also petrified of the whole thing, the responsibility and the physical side of this, although I know I have always wanted a family, however small. What a wuss eh... Plus got am, pm and eve sickness so losing all sense of perspective on this.

How are other expectant 40 somethings coping? xxxx

Animol Sat 29-Jun-13 19:22:02

Welcome Scatty

blueeyes - is that out of date about preparing your nipples? I've never done it but a friend told me how she use to brush hers with a nail brush or something - sounds dreadful obviously but she said it helped

rosie very curious what your job was where you had to wear a bikini - the mind boggles!!!

I must admit I've been feeling a bit low the last few days - headaches, aching legs, people telling me how fat I look and being surprised that that would upset me - and just terrible tiredness - but I had a great scan on Wednesday - LO is moving lots and I'm over halfway smile

Listened to my hypnobirthing cd for the first time - had to stop in the middle as 2 little boys ran in the room screaming - when I stopped I realised that I my head hadn't hurt at all while I'd been listening so hopefully there is something in it!

rosiedays Sat 29-Jun-13 23:27:37

Hi ladies.
blue eyes your next on the list I think. Not had a baby on here for ages! Are they happy for you to go over 40 weeks? My constituents have said they will induce on due date if she's not made her own way by then. I love the squrms although they are getting more uncomfortable. Just keep telling myself she's wriggling down.
[Sad] re the hormones new choos anything in particular bothering you or just life in general? How old is ds? The best advice I've heard is to make sure you're not holding baby when ds first sees you after s/he born. Present from baby to i believe is often done too. Can't remember doing anything special when dd2 arrived! Dd1 would have been just 2.
Your sister sounds lovely! !!! I have only ever given July as my due date i won't be pushed for exact date as, really who knows! Has stopped some of the silly texts. I also don't have to deal with dmil, dsil as they don't speak English smile dh is so excited i don't think he minds. Dmil is lovely and really gives dh sound advice most of the time

[Confused] re the nipple thing. A nail brush wtf!! A soft sponge in the bath is about all i could manage. .. there Soooo tender.

rosiedays Sat 29-Jun-13 23:59:33

Hi scatty welcome and congratulations smile your far from the oldest round here! ! I think 40 s is a great time to have babies. How did you find it growing up with an older mum?
The sickness is horrible flowers but it does usually pass. I coped by being very nice to myself, having whatever i wanted when i wanted it and sleeping lots.
* anomol * great news about the scan, was that the 20 week one? [Flowers] for feeling low. It's bloody hard work at times. Yay over 1/2way. That's a great glass half full attitude (smile)
The bikini. ... lol. I was a scuba diving instructor in the far east and red Sea for years. Miss it so much. Dh promised we will go back to the beach next year. Just have to grow the baby first.

Been busy today, cleaned all the carpets in the flat. .. not nesting but necessity. Our--lovely--neighbours dog has flees! !! ( we don't have any animal but do have a shared hall.) I have bloody bites on my legs and couldn't work out where i was getting them from till yesterday when i actually saw one jump on my phone screen! !! Omg spent a small fortune on flee spray which dh sprayed, then we went for 3 hour walk ( 2 hours walking and 1 in the pub 1/2 way) along the river which was sooo lovely.
There was a new baby ( with parents) sat next to us and dh kept starring at the baby then at my bump. .. He couldn't get his head round the fact that something very similar was wriggling inside. Was software funny to watch.
37 weeks on Monday and eviction notice being served. Tbh i feel very lucky as I still feel really well and am still enjoying being pg.
Hope everyone is enjoying the sun. Xx

rosiedays Sun 30-Jun-13 00:04:20

Mmmm' software' should read 'so funny' and smiley not really working on phone. Sorry! !

Scatty13 Sun 30-Jun-13 13:00:55

Hi rosiedays Thanks. It was fine growing up with an older mum, she really encouraged me to do whatever I wanted and pursue any ambitions I had. The only people who had problems with it seemed to be a couple of bullies at school, who always found something to bully someone about.

Funnily, after your comments about being accused of being underweight, according to my mum I was born a tiny-ish 5lb 6oz at full term, so fully expect the little 'un to be small as well. Spent most of my teenage years defending the fact I was skinny as other girls always assumed I had an eating disorder, which I never did. I'm still a size ten and I guess that's the way it is. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for not putting on tons of weight - everybody is different surely, and as long as you and baby are healthy that's all that counts x

Nail-brushing nipples - oh good grief.... I am so unprepared for SO much shock

Animol Sun 30-Jun-13 14:03:53

Ladies - I'm really really NOT suggesting anyone starts nailbrushing their nipples! Just someone told me it had helped her to 'harden' hers up.

Ah - scuba diving - I've read that before but I forgot - still sounds pretty cool!

Feeling a bit better today - thanks for the flowers rosie

rosiedays Sun 30-Jun-13 16:01:25

Nail brushing nipples has had me laughing all day! !!! Think I'm official nesting again. Everything looks dirty. Just scrubbed out the inside of the washing machine! !!

Animol Sun 30-Jun-13 17:49:24

Glad I made you laugh - should you decide to try it please make sure you use a different brush to the one you used for scrubbing out the washing machine with!!

NewChoos Sun 30-Jun-13 20:31:52

Hope everyone had a nice sunny day.
blueeyes fortunately not. Although with DS, my mother thought I should stop bf and gave marvellous advice such as why don't you give him some orange juice - when he was 4 weeks old!! Hope all going well with you.
Welcome scatty I think it's normal to be apprehensive, it's a normal part of being a mum. My advice would be not to pay too much attention to advice...!! It's amazing how many people think they are experts and I used to get quite stressed with all the comments, was much better when I didn't take on board and we did our own thing ie we coslept for ages which was something people always had an opinion on.
animol Hope you are feeling brighter now. People are so insensitive. DH and I take bets on how long it will take my sister to say how enormous I am. The record is 15 seconds without saying hello first! Lovely that you had a wriggly scan.
rosiedays Amazed you managed a 2 hour walk! You're sounding very energetic. We have been busy decluttering and sorting out some storage. Had a lovely afternoon with DS in the garden. That's interesting about not holding the baby, we are also buying him some presents from the baby.
Not hormonal for any particular reason. Although my mum died in March and although we weren't very close it added stress etc and my middle sister I have always found moody/jealous difficult, there are some strange family dynamics. I prefer to keep my distance but they are intrusive when they choose to be ie post pics on fb, bring people round to my house, expect to be waited on when they are here etc etc but don't actually offer any support. DH would love to tell them where to go but I thinking trying to keep the peace is so ingrained in me now. However, my patience is wearing thin...

I'd really love to take DS somewhere lovely next weekend as it's likely to be our last as a 3. Do you think a 90 min drive is too far?

Not persuaded by the nipple philosophies!

rosiedays Mon 01-Jul-13 09:08:50

Hi everyone.
Official made it to term! ! !37 weeks today. Amazed.

Glad you're fee a bit better animol Bloody hormones. How is it that stuff we deal with every day somehow seems a big deal. Sorry to hear about your mum newchoos that's tough.
i bite my tongue with my mother but have not had contact with my sisters for years. They disapprove of my life style choices and are very vocal about it. I really feel for my dad , he's lovely and just wishes we would all get on. I know it hurts him a lot.
Cleaned flat from top to bottom over the weekend, left dh up watching the news (he's egyptain) last night, got up this morning and the place is a bloody mess again! ! Don't know how he does it! Lol. oh well. ... I've nothing else to do!

NewChoos Mon 01-Jul-13 15:18:12

Yay a term baby! Family dynamics are tough rosie I am determined to do things better. Must be a sister thing to be vocal...
We seem to be nesting furiously, DH is the same, just does not see mess, every now and then I have a 'will you put things away' rant.

I am feeling more achey. This is going to sound stupid, but is it obvious when labour starts? I had a section with DS at 38 weeks and don't have a clue really. I have felt quite achy the past few days.... also back ache.

beckytastic Mon 01-Jul-13 16:09:49

Hello all! Just found this thread, great to see others around my age! I'm 15 weeks' pg with my 3rd, have 2 girls 9 and 3 and decided to have one for for the road wink! Haven't told anyone in work yet, going to spill the proverbial beans tomorrow - and have my first nhs scan on Thursday so a big week ahead! Oh, and I'm 40, will be 41 by the time bubs makes an appearance.

Nail brushing nipples?! Sounds interesting, lmao!

rosiedays Mon 01-Jul-13 17:33:09

Hi b beckyfastic welcome to the fab 40 thread. Glad to have some new members to hand over to!

newchoos i have wracked my brain this last 2 weeks trying to remember what labour feels like. Both mine were natural births but I didn't know either time i was in labour. With dd1 waters went at 32 weeks. She was born 4 hours later i was only 17 and just me and midwife. Don't remember anything except thinking ' surly it can't be this Easy.' Dd2 i was 19 again just me and midwife. I went to 36 week check and just said i felt a bit funny
She did internal and said i was 5cm dilated. Went shopping, cooked tea? Hospital rang said iHAD to go in exh went to work (nights) had waters broken at 6 am she arrived by 7. can only remember her saying ' are you sure you don't want pain relief, use the gas and air
. So hope this one is as easy. My worry is I'll not realise till it's to late and end up popping her out at home on my own! !! I am symptoms spotting constantly and keep thinking my waters will pop any minute! Loving it though it's so exciting.

Animol Mon 01-Jul-13 20:16:05

Congratulations rosiedays

Welcome becky - I had fairly obvious waters breaking signal and did also just somehow know - I don't think everyone's the same though

sparklysapphire Mon 01-Jul-13 23:15:38

Rosie, congratulations on making it to 37 weeks, are you hoping LO hangs on in there for a bit longer?

Newchoos, sorry to hear about your mum, still difficulte even though you weren't particularly close. You sound admirably patient with your sister. Good news that you've got your CS date, and for badmiss too. Lots of babies imminent then.

Animol, I hope you're feeling a bit better. I've got a hypnobirthing book from the library, but doesn't come with the CD. I haven't started reading it yet, and it's due back at the weekend.

Nothing very interesting to report here. DH still not coming round, I'm pretty sure he won't until LO arrives, but I very much hope he does then. My mum came down last week to look after DD for a couple of days as I was on nights (that's all night shifts done now - at least until baby arrives!) and DH has been working away the past few days. I had to tell her that MIL will be coming to look after DD when I have LO as while DM is very good with DD, she's no practical use whatsoever and we will not need to be looking after her as well. I think she managed to make me 1 cup of tea while she was here, and if I hadn't provided every meal for her, she wouldn't have eaten. I know this sounds ungrateful as she was doing us a big favour but I could do without having to wait on her at 7 months pregnant. It was nice to spend some time with her though. I'd much prefer that we have a few days getting used to being a family of four without MIL either but can't see what to do with DD otherwise. And MIL is not afraid to express her opinions/query every decision I make regarding DD, so I expect it'll be even worse with a newborn. At least I'll have a better idea what I'm doing this time so should be able to stand my ground better. MIL came when DD was 5 days old and stayed for 5 days which was too much but she can't just pop round as she lives nearly 300 miles away. Sorry, that seems to have turned into a bit of a rant.

The 60th birthday party we went to last weekend was lovely. I did manage a bit of a lie-in on the Sunday, as instead of having to take DD back to our room about 10pm as I expected, she just kept on going til the end of the party at midnight, and consequently slept til 10am the next morning which was lovely. I also met someone there who I know through work, but only see at social gatherings, who's expecting her 1st baby in November, just before she turns 46. She always said she didn't want kids, but changed her mind. It's really nice to know someone in RL having a baby their mid-40s too.

Welcome picklepen, scatty & becky, and hi to everyone else, I hope you're all doing ok.

NewChoos Tue 02-Jul-13 14:55:48

Hello to Becky

You're labours sounded good rosie if that could be guaranteed I'd be tempted to skip my section....
sparklysaphire waiting on family members is very familiar to me... I am also having in laws to look after DS which will annoy my sisters but he does't know then well enough (and I don't think they'd cope with an active 2 year old!). I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be a 4, stand your ground with MIL. It's difficult I know. Could DD go to nursery some days so MIL doesn't need to stay as long?

Had insomnie last night, couldn't get to sleep until about 0130 so I did the most sensible thing a 38 week pregnant could do, I booked a holiday to Florida! Now a bit apprehensive about having a baby and 2 year old on an 8 hour flight - what could possibly go wrong???!

Went and did some last minute shopping today and some prep for me, eyebrows threaded, hair has already been cut and glossed, wish I could summon up the courage for a bikini wax.

Is there a thread the new mums go on to?

rosiedays Wed 03-Jul-13 12:15:25

How is everyone?
anomol just seen your on baby no 5! Respect! How do you do it. Makes me feel very lazy as i only have dh to look after and am knackered just doing that. Are youroothers old enough to help out?
newchoos I'd say go for the weekend away. Just take notes, hospital bag and car seat and check out where nearest hospital is. Chances are if you take everything nothing will happen.
Oh and holiday to florida sound wonderful. I need to book flights to Egypt but can't bring myself to do it until baby is here. Now thinking maybe flights will go down ifttroubles continue.
Glad you enjoyed the pampering and hope you're getting some better sleep
sparkly I'm happy for her to come anytime she's ready. I will miss being pg though. Love feeling her squirming away inside. Dh on the other hand is desperate for her to come. First thing he says every morning is ' is she coming today' with big hopeful eyes. He calls from work then when he gets home he says. ..' shall i keep my shoes on' again with big hopeful eyes. Bless him.
I hope your dh comes round soon. I'm sure once lo arrives he'll be happy. Exh was awful when I was pg but came round (ish) when she arrived.
Missing my laptop, makes it hard to remember everything that has been said. So sorry if I've missed anything
Parents are due any time now. Flat is scrubbed clean but knows mother will find fault. She has decided that at my stage of pg i should be going out so will stop off and buy some salad for lunch. [ confused] but she does expect me to drive across the city while they follow to get them on the motorway! ! She had 4 of us and dad worked overseas. .... not sure how she coped if she didn't leave the house from 37 weeks.

rosiedays Wed 03-Jul-13 12:17:06

Oh forgot to say. There is a post natal thread hopefully someone will pop back and give us a link

BadMissM Wed 03-Jul-13 13:15:16

Yoo hoo everyone.... am at 37+3, going in on Monday finally for an elective section on Wednesday next week.....was 46 last week for those of you feeling old!

House? Hell, if it's a mess it's a mess...... !!

Animol Wed 03-Jul-13 14:10:40

Hello badmiss oh that sounds really exciting - all the best for Wednesday!

I'm 21 weeks today smile

rosie the big ones are 13 to 6 - certainly old enough for me to think they should be helping - whether or not they do is an entirely different matter!!! We got a new cleaning lady today - yippee - we had one before but she left in October and I've just been skimming the surface since then - this one took one look at the place and said right I'll come twice for 5 hours and do a really thorough clean and then settle into a weekly routine - after months of living with ever increasing chaos it felt a bit like Mary Poppins coming and clearing up!

Anybody who's already had a baby at 40+ - how did you manage with the sleepless nights? My DS3 woke up crying in the night about something or other and it hit me that we might have months of this coming sad

NewChoos Wed 03-Jul-13 20:37:03

rosie Hope your parents visit is not too stressful. I do think mothers have very selective memories..... Also hope your DH is ok and not too anxious re the situation in Egypt. I couldn't book the flight for DC2 but BA said no problem to book in a couple of weeks time. BA have a sale on at the mo, might be worth you taking a look.
Good luck for next week badmiss
Animol I was almost 39 when I had DS, he fed 1-2 hourly and for about 6 months has only just started to sleep through the night. I found the lack of sleep much easier than I thought (but then I did not have any other children to look after).

Hope everyone had a lovely day - and is preparing for the heatwave next week!!

Foxeym Thu 04-Jul-13 09:41:13

Morning, can I join too, DS1 due in October when I'll be 42. Already have 2 DDs age 15 and 12 so I've completely forgotton everything and feel I've never done it before! So excited to be having a DS and the girls are coming round now although the eldest found it a bit difficult to deal with at first (I think it was more the eeewww mum, your too old factor lol)! Definitely not expected in my forties but I'm now counting down the weeks smile

rosiedays Thu 04-Jul-13 12:32:39

hi all. welcome foxeym
Copy and paste the due date and add yourself.... same for the others still not included, i would do it but lap top not working and can't do it on my phone.

Hi badmiss WOW wednesday.... looks like you'll be the first.... how exciting. and happy birthday.
blueeyes and remembering if your lurking would love to here how your doing.

parents visit was ok. mother managed to 'let slip' that my sis (the only one i speak to) is Pg. really happy for her, thankfully we all know what my mum is like so i called her last night to say congrats.

animol you deserve a cleaning lady!!! enjoy.

newchoos my DH loves a bit of political drama.... i missed the end of the Murrey game as he came home and turned over to arabic news. He was in Egypt fot the last revalution and loved it. His generation are determined to change things, they have seen what life can/should be like and want it for there own country. Egypt is an amazing country and the people are wonderful and very peaceful. it will all be fine i'm sure.

lilyjaye Thu 04-Jul-13 17:51:28

Hello, I'm a new joiner to MN...
I'm a 43 year old single lady and 12w along. Looking to chat to others in the same boat...I've left it all to the last minute and decided to go it alone .. so both happy and terrified !

rosiedays Fri 05-Jul-13 10:12:46

Morning all.
Hi lilyjayne glad you found us. hope everything goes smoothly your very brave.
I had an awful night. It was our anniversary yesterday we went for a lovely walk by the river then a drink. (No alcohol for me) when we got home I suddenly got headache from hell and felt so sick. Laid down for 20 minutes and felt much better but couldn't eat anything. Bump went lala and was sticking feet out in strange places.. feels like she has moved transverse again. Can that happen? ?? Heartburn from hell and pain in hips and lower bump. Loo trips ever 1/2 hour and no sleep
Finally got to sleep at about 5 this morning only to be woken up by someone knocking the door relentlessly at830 turned out not to be someone for old Tennant who wouldn't except they weren't here anymore.
So pissed of as can't get back to sleep. Still got headache and heartburn really constipated and piles from hell. Bump not moving much either. Bit worried. sad

BadMissM Fri 05-Jul-13 15:29:43

Rosie That was me last night too. Had hardly any sleep either. Today tired and tearful and have so much to do before I go in on Monday....

NewChoos Fri 05-Jul-13 16:03:16

Quick post* rosie why don't you cal the midwife for peace of mind. They can have a wuick listen to heartbeat.
Enjoy the sun everyone x

rosiedays Sun 07-Jul-13 15:58:10

Ok it's getting tough! ! Up till last few days I've loved being pregnant. Now I'm not so keen!
Feeling rubbish, no signs of arrival and lack of bladder control, constipation, piles, heartburn, insomnia, swollen feet, clumsiness, forgetfulness, and lethargy all vying for top spot in most annoying stakes. 38 weeks tomorrow. ... never thought I'd need the sweep booked for Tuesday! !!!

Sorry for moaning! At least it's a beautiful day to be having a bad day smile I love the sun.

How's everyone else? Xx

cyclecamper Sun 07-Jul-13 19:07:24

Hello everyone! Loads of new people smile

Good luck next week BadMissM.

Babycamper is doing well now after his rocky start. Mainly by trying to feed ALL day! At least he sleeps pretty well at night. At eight weeks old, he's finally grown into the newborn clothes, although they are still rather baggy because he's grown in length but not outwards grin. He's now 7lb7oz. I'm hoping he'll settle a bit in the day soon so that I can do something other than feed!

rosiedays Tue 09-Jul-13 08:14:25

Morning all,
How is everyone?
I'm feeling better in myself thankfully the heat is not to much of an issue, how is everyone else coping? I can highly recommend long cool baths.
Dh announced yesterday that he plans to do Ramadan! !! (Starts tomorrow) I'm so angry. I can't believe he's even thinking it's a good idea. He even said it won't be too bad as he'll have 2 weeks off work so can sleep. In 7 year's I've Never known him do it for more than a few days. He turns into a selfish moody miserable git while fasting, and then has to deal with the guilt when he gives up. It's 19 hours here from 0330 till 9.30 pm.

rosiedays Tue 09-Jul-13 08:27:36

I've tried calmly saying. .. we're having a baby darling, I will need your help. To which i was told yes we're having a baby that's why I have to do it this year. I'm so so so angry. I'd been really happy about having a Ramadan baby (she gets 2 birthday's) it is a special to be born in Ramadan ( a bit like being born on Xmas day) now I'm dreading it.
Also I'm now having to deal with the guilt of hoping he gives up quickly. In this one unfortunately i can't even turn to his dm for support. (She is usually wonderful) oh the joys of cross culture marriage. Ahhh just thought about my family visiting while he's fasting. ... another minefield.
Rant over.

38+1and sweep booked for 10.30

iclaudius Tue 09-Jul-13 12:15:09

Hello all just found you again and it seems a lot of us are at the same stage
I'm 37 + with baby 8 and a bit scared and panicky ...
Not seen mw much but might try and Ho to allay fears. Am v big bumped and baby obviously going to be a big un
Been easy pg but feeling it ATM I suppose it could be the weather ... Might unwrap my pram today.
Nesting like mad tbh painting every chip I see and cleaning madly!
Oh and to make you all feel better 45 and nine months!!

sparklysapphire Wed 10-Jul-13 02:01:13

BadMissM, I'm not sure if you managed to sort out a smart phone/internet while you're in hospital, but just wanted to say that I hope your ELCS is problem free and looking forward to reading your news.

Rosie, I hope you're feeling a bit calmer, but understand why you'd be so cross. I've always thought doing Ramadan at this time of year in Northern parts must be really tough cos of the very long days. Do you think DH will change his mind when DD arrives/when you go into labour, or are you hoping before then?

Cycle, lovely to hear from you, and that baby cycle is making such good progress.

I hope everyone's coping with the heat, but we've had it much easier than it could have been, the gloomy weather before this has definitely made being pregnant more bearable I think

NewChoos Wed 10-Jul-13 07:50:39

Morning all.
Badmiss thinking of you today. How lovely you will meet your baby smile
Rosie Hope you are feeling better. Think most people feel like this at the end of pregnancy - today will be a bit cooler apparently. Difficult re Ramadan. Have you got anyone else who can provide some support if DH reverts to sleeping/moodiness. Feel for you, I would be going mad....
cycle so pleased to hear things going well.
iclaudius Try to rest a bit too, although I am have been like a woman possessed trying to get the house in order. DH looks a bit harassed.
Hope all good with you sparkly

DS is in nursery for 2 days so I can get final things done, he is not impressed, wants lots of mummy cuddles at the mo. Did yet another Boots trip yesterday, purchased a small fan and some face spray also a lighter nightdress in M&S (on sale £6!). I remember the ward be steaming hot last time and that was in March. Bags are now packed, washing done and cleaner coming today. Just need to tackle bikini line.....!

rosiedays Wed 10-Jul-13 08:34:31

badmoss thinking of you today
Hope all goes well and you're enjoying baby snuggles this evening. Xxx

Animol Wed 10-Jul-13 12:30:17

badmiss hope all goes well - perhaps you've already got your baby?

rosie that sounds very difficult

Despite it being so hot I've managed to get a dreadful cold - sleepless nights coughing and coughing sad Starting to get better at last.

blueeyes1970 Wed 10-Jul-13 16:21:34

Waves to everyone!
This heat is no fun "in our condition". Then again, don't want to curse the sun. Especially in Scotland!
Rosiedays I could have written an identical post to yours on Sunday re headache/ sleep. Beautiful day, hot for Scotland, DH & I went out to coast, then watched Andy Murray do his tennis thing.... but I developed a ferocious headache that remained until 4pm yesterday (Tues). Probably caused by heat and Aggravated by 2 nights' poor sleep. But drank lots of sparkling water yesterday, and met up with a sparkling former colleague and headache dissipated. Had sweep yest morning. Lots of braxton hicks & kicks but Cervix still "not ripe", so booked in for induction on Sunday 14th. Am currently 40+2... Anyone else being induced? Or do I really want to know.... sounds scary.

blueblackdye Wed 10-Jul-13 21:12:32

BadMiss, blueeyes and everyone almost ready to meet baby, I m thinking of you wishing a smooth birth and lts of tears of joy when meeting LO. I will get the snug on the graduate thread refreshed and ready to welcome you and baby when you feel like joining old friends.
Good luck and warm wishes.... From a 11 1/2 mo baby's 2nd time 40+ Mum !

ChairmanWow Wed 10-Jul-13 22:26:27

badmissm I heard about your section. Just popping back from the other side to say I hope all went smoothly and you are getting to know your beautiful baby. Look forward to seeing you on the other thread.

Big wave to all those suffering in this heat. All this will be a distant memory one day! X

Animol Thu 11-Jul-13 09:03:16

22 weeks today smile

rosiedays Thu 11-Jul-13 09:06:03

Morning all.
Hi cycle and the other ladies from the snuggly side.
blue eyes hope the sweep moved things along. Good chance you'll have baby before Sunday ( although i can't believe how fast the days are passing with no sign of baby! !!) At least with induction booked you know you'll get snuggles very soon. I've done my homework re induction and there are a lot of very positive stories
Sure it will be ok
animol hope you're feeling better flowers
iclaidius good to know that even after 7 baby its still daunting. Makes me feel much better about my little panic attacks. Hope the pram therapy worked
* newchoos* how old is ds? Do you think he knows baby is any day? Enjoy the shopping

No sweep for me on Tuesday as lo not engaged so mw did not see the point. I didn't like to argue to much as want to avoid intervention if possible
Over all I'm still feeling Much better than i expected. ( mnot thats i expected to still be pg at 38+4) apart from the odd meltdown \bad day.
Day 1 of Ramadan was lovely. It cooked all dh favourite food from home and we broke fast together at 9.30. It was a bit like being back 'home' i posted on a lovely mumsnet thread called 'Muslim tea room' and got some great advice. I love mn. dh will break his fast if I need him to. (I won't be driven to from hospital by someone who hasn't drunk/ eaten for 18 hours
It's just not safe. )

blueeyes1970 Thu 11-Jul-13 18:49:15

Waves to all the visiting graduates and Rosiedays and all other imminent 40+ mums, hope you are coping with the heat and Ramadan. Glad you are feeling better.

Not sure how folk feel about yoga but I have just been to the most amazing Yoga class. The founder of www.birthlight.com was delivering (!) yoga teacher training here in town and they needed a few pregnant ladies as practice pupils - so I went along. She is amazing! I could actually say that I am (almost) looking forward to the event. And maybe I'll be able to beat the induction monster... Any mums earlier along... check out the website! Anyway - must do a few stretches and wiggles...

soupmaker Thu 11-Jul-13 21:06:30

Hello everyone. Tracked you all down again!

I'm now 37+3. Due 29th July. Was at hospital for another scan on Monday. Having been told baby was off the scale big at last scan now been told its normal and scan was wrong. Didn't bloody stop be having to have a GTT which came back normal.

The heat is so getting to me. And of course it's school holidays in Scotland already so got DD to deal with when just want to lie on the couch. I have very fat feet - just lovely.

Kitchen being decorated next week - fingers crossed - got a pal visiting for a couple of nights and its DH's birthday too. Going to be a busy week.

Have been booked in for induction. No amount of pleading has worked for giving me a weeks grace. Policy seems to be once over 40 there is no way I'm getting to pass 40 weeks. Grrr.

Having reflexology weekly in the hope of getting things started.

somewherebecomingrain Sat 13-Jul-13 08:34:56

Hey badmiss hope your section went well and looking forwards to hearing about baby m! So pleased you got the section hope you are recovering well xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 13-Jul-13 08:36:16

Postnatal thread

somewherebecomingrain Sat 13-Jul-13 08:41:23

Postnatal thread - it's usually in activr threads and its further freakingly fantabulous .... If you want to search can't cut on my smart phone x

rosiedays Sat 13-Jul-13 10:23:26

Morning all.
Worrying times. In dau all day yesterday with reduced movement and fluid leaking. They did a sweep at about 6. And sent home at 8. Lo had a little dance for about 1/2 hour when we got home which was reassuring. No other signs of sweep being successful. Lots of talk of induction.. very little movement so far today so will be heading back in soon. scan showed she's still head down which is good. Also established weight 7lb so good weight. 38+5 today.sad

Animol Sat 13-Jul-13 10:37:48

Oh crikey rosie thinking of you - glad little one is dancing about - all the best.

I've still got this awful cold and terrible pain in my ribs when I cough which is most of the time sad But also got a dancing LO inside which is good smile

EagleRay Sat 13-Jul-13 14:42:31

Hope all ok rosie

Hope to hear from badmiss v soon

Best wishes and good luck to everyone else

Grads thread here www.mumsnet.com/Talk/parenting/1761718-Further-freakingly-fantabulous-adventures-of-the-40-Mummies-Part-2

Sorry for brief message - typing on phone as we head off on camping holiday. Have a lovely weekend y'all and hope you aren't suffering too much in the heat

soupmaker Sat 13-Jul-13 15:05:43

Hi Rosie. Oh you must be worried. Hope things are going okay today. thanks

sparklysapphire Sat 13-Jul-13 15:38:07

Rosie, it all sounds worrying, I hope things have improved, and you'll be holding your DD soon.

BadMiss, looking forward to hearing from you when you can, I hope section was ok and you & LO are doing fine.

Animol, your cold sounds miserable, especially combined with the heat, I hope it goes away soon.

Blueeyes, all the best for the induction tomorrow if it comes to that, however it goes, I wish you a speedy pain free labour (if only)! I've been going to ante-natal yoga for the past few weeks and agree it's fab, even though I'd never done yoga before - always wanted to try it, but shifts & small child make getting to any type of class tricky. This one's on the one day of week when I'm not rota'd to work and DD's in school so it's worked really well, but I don't know if I'll be able to go in the school hols, only when DH isn't working I guess.

I'm struggling a bit with the heat, but I'm sure I'm not alone there. DD has been sobbing at the slightest little thing today because she's so tired, so after 90 minutes, I've finally managed to get her to sleep - she doesn't usually need an afternoon sleep, but it's been such a long term, all the little ones (and bigger ones I imagine) are exhausted. So I'm enjoying a few minutes to myself as MIL has gone home today (she was here from Monday) and DH working away again. They've sent him somewhere where there's very poor mobile reception and no landline, we have managed to speak so I said it's not good anyway for it to be so hard to get in touch but especially when I'm due a few weeks, which he agreed with. We had a bad week last week as he's still very unhappy about the baby, I'm trying not to think about it too much as it's too upsetting. I finish work next week though, just in time for the school holidays - hooray!

Hi to iclaudius, soupmaker, remembering (if you're still around), notsoold, and anyone I've missed. And sorry for long rambling post, it was just going to be a quick one!

BadMissM Sat 13-Jul-13 21:57:33

OK, for those of you that missed it, I was admitted to hospital early, on Sunday the 7th..then spent two days on a steroid/glucose/insulin drip.. in the sauna of a delivery suite. Had quite eventful elective caesarean on the 10th (apparently I have extra blood vessels!).... lost quite a bit of blood, then all the canulars fell out (long story) . Finally, my son Caspian Albert Sebastian Alexander was born at 2.34pm, by ELCS under general, on 10 July. He weighed 7 lbs or so (3kg 400). He is gorgeous.... photos to follow!

I've had no internet/clever phone for a week.... still a bit sore from everything, but was finally allowed home this afternoon....

sparklysapphire Sun 14-Jul-13 15:42:56

BadMiss Lovely to hear from you at last. Congratulations on the birth of your son thanks. That's quite a spectacular set of names he's got there. I hope you're both doing well and the soreness subsides soon.

Rosie, how's things?

I hope everyone's enjoying the weekend and not struggling too much in the sunshine.

rosiedays Mon 15-Jul-13 09:02:21

Congratulations bad mis good to hear your both back home and doing well. Lovely name. Xx

blue eyes how's the induction hping?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine.

I'm currently being induced. Baby's heart rate is a bit irregular and movement reduced but she is moving.
Started induction at 4pm yesterday ( when they finally found a bed) had regular strong contractions by 10pm took a couple of paracetamol, laid on bed and was woken at 06.30 by mw! !!!! Grrrr was good to get a nights sleep but I'd rather have a baby. Lol.
Pains returning this morning which is a good thing.
Using hypnobirthing and really enjoying it. Have been able to forget about the pessary and think of it as a natural labour ( for now it's working)
Dh is being amazing. Is not fasting thankfully.
Focusing on baby snuggles and my body's ability to do this
See you all on the other side inshalla

rosiedays Mon 15-Jul-13 09:15:13

Oh and top tip....... anyone going in soon TAKE A FAN. However silly you feel walking in with it you'll be glad of it.

soupmaker Mon 15-Jul-13 09:49:15

Congratulations BadMiss. What a fabulous name for your little man.

Good luck Rosie. Keeping everything crossed for you. Xx

somewherebecomingrain Mon 15-Jul-13 09:53:59

Good luck Rosie! Looking forward to welcoming you and lo on other side xx

NewChoos Mon 15-Jul-13 11:48:36

Congratulations badmiss Hope you make a good recovery. Lovely names.
Lots of luck rosie lovely baby snuggles soon.

DD was born on Thursday, an ELCS ended up a bit traumatic but all well now. She's currently snuggled on my lap smile

Good luck everyone and I second taking a fan!

sparklysapphire Mon 15-Jul-13 15:13:28

Congratulations newchoos on your DD, I hope you're recovering from your CS well.

Rosie, I hope you're holding your new DD by now, and labour was ok. It's reassuring to know that the hypnobirthing can help even with an induction.

blueeyes, are you doing ok?

So the July baby rush is underway smile, good luck to everyone else anticipating your new arrival very soon.

I went for my whooping cough jab today. But I haven't had it as the nurse was off sick, so I was allocated a doctor, which would have probably been fine if anyone in the entire surgery had been able to locate the required vaccination. They were very apologetic, but that's an hour of my life I won't get back, especially on my last "day off", (not working, DD at school, DH not back til later) for probably a very long time.

rosiedays Mon 15-Jul-13 15:34:25

Yeah congratulations newchoos wow sounds like you had a bit of a time. Xx hope you're okay now and both doing well.

Still waiting here. I think she's remembered how much i prayed she'd be 'sticky' in the early days and proving just how sticky she is.

July baby boom well underway! ! Hopefully next post will have arrival news.

rosiedays Tue 16-Jul-13 04:03:25

12 hours later, I'm still waiting for a bed on delivery ward. 2 births on anti natal ward so far tonight. ... this place is crazy and I wish I'd never agreed to induction. No garentee of bed tomorrow. .... stuck in no man's land.

NewChoos Tue 16-Jul-13 08:54:14

Oh rosie you poor thing. Wishing for a bed for you very soon xx

Animol Tue 16-Jul-13 10:00:51

Congratulations badmiss and newchoos

All the best rosiedays perhaps you're enjoying those new born cuddles already - I hope so

My cold that won't away is now officially bronchitis with a trapped nerve from all the coughing - it's a bit grim but actually I feel quite relieved that it's nothing worse! Had an extra quick ultrasound at the docs this morning and all seems well with LO and the Doc let me have some stronger stuff for my cold - so feeling hopeful.

JBrd Tue 16-Jul-13 16:41:15

Hi all - tentatively marking my place on here. Again... I've been on here twice in the last 6 months, fingers crossed this one sticks!

About me: 41, 1 DS (2 yrs), 2 MC (both in 2013).
I thought I'd wait before joining again, but any support I can get at this stage I am grateful for - currently walking on egg shells, freaking out at every twinge confused

Still seeing a few familiar names here! <<waves>>

rosiedays Wed 17-Jul-13 13:40:20

Baby rose born yesterday afternoon. She had clearly not listened to the birth plan. Humdulla we're both home and well. ( vaginal birth no stitches) hypnobirthing really helped as did amazing egyptain Dr Who took over delivery and saved me from section.
Fighting feeling of being very let down by midwives and loving snuggly sleepy baby cuddles. Xx

Animol Wed 17-Jul-13 16:35:50

Congratulations rosiedays great news - enjoy those cuddles - how exciting to be delivered by Dr Who !!!!

Great to see you here again JBrd sticky thoughts coming your way

blueeyes1970 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:33:48

Yes folks, thanks for your good wishes and concern. Mildly dramatic few days but with a happy result. A beautiful baby boy, 8lb, 3.63kg, cherubic mouth, supersoft skin, angelic face, ....ok I'll stop now. Went in sun pm, all fired up to use yoga to avoid old age induction. But pesary went in, dull pain started, that became stronger and heavier. Walked outdoors w DH trying to stretch and shake hips yoga style, no help. Baby happily wriggling inside, even descending, but no contractions. Slept terribly. Monday, was dreading oxytocin hell, so asked midwife if I could go for walk (to try again to start labour). 'Yes, but havent you had your morning check?' Me, um, no. Puzzled glance at watch by nurse, 10.45. 'let's do that first'.11.15 they came w machine, established off the scale heartbeat, signs of fetal distress, and though I was only 1cm dilated at 12.10, they broke my waters, found loads of meconium, and so I was rushed to theatre for Emergency C-section. DH just made it on time. Before I knew it, at 1.25 on 15th July, had my wee boy in my arms. But to keep drama going, at skin to skin and first taste of boob, he seemed happy sleepy, but then scary sleepy, then blue as the little hat on his head. Happened twice more, so he spent first 24hrs in an incubator. All fine now but only starting to hit me what a near miss we had! Question now is, did induction (pesary) CAUSE fetal distress, or is it THANKS to me being induced, in hospital, because I'm over 40, that a dangerous situation was spotted, and acted upon quickly.... guess we'll never know. Glad I didn't get to do that walk!

NewChoos Wed 17-Jul-13 20:15:14

Super congrats Rosie enjoy your cuddles. Hope the midwife memories fade. Have you a chance to do a birth reflection?
Congrats also blueeyes how scary for you. So glad all well now.
Sending lots of positive baby vibes to Jbrd

Hello to everyone else, hope you are not suffering too much in the heat. Gosh it's so busy with a 2 year old and a newborn. He's not to keen to see me cuddling or bf her, so it's all a bit of a juggle at the moment.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 18-Jul-13 12:59:04

rosie and nooshoes congrats!!!

blueeyes that is a terrifying story - but what a happy ending xxxx

gringringrin Three smileys for each new human! Xx (already done baby miss m smiley)

soupmaker Thu 18-Jul-13 17:51:38

Oh what fabulous news from Rosie and Newshoes. Congratulations both. So looking forward to joining you soon. At most it'll be 10 days.

sparklysapphire Fri 19-Jul-13 02:46:55

Congratulations rosie & newchoos. It sounds like you both had a difficult time for different reasons - continue enjoying those newborn cuddles. Newchoos, it sounds really scary, and as you say you'll never know cause and effect. Rosie, I was sort of coming round to being induced if necessary (I was last time at about 41+ 6 I think), but you've rather put me off again!

JBrd, it's good to see you back here, wishing you a full length stay on here this time.

I've finished work today smile so now should have plenty of time to get sorted and make some room in the house for this baby!

rosiedays Sun 21-Jul-13 14:34:17

Hi everyone ;) baby days are amazing.
Great news newchoos and blueeyes. Congratulations. Will go back and re read when i can see straight. Baby rose is feeding 2 hourly at night and sleeping like an angel all day.
Sparkly please don't be put off by my induction story. I have no regrets for making the decision . just wish I'd had epidural was 4 hours earlier. My advice would be if you get as far as the dripping get the epidural too.

catdoctor Mon 22-Jul-13 14:00:18

Hello to all and flowers all round, lovely lovely lovely

Back at work after 4 weeks holidays- poor old me.

Interested to read all these (bit hairy) stories. I was 42 when had DS1 and went to 40+13 and though labour was fine he ended up in SCBU for 4 days I think basically due to birth stress. Maybe that was related to my age, didn't really think about it that at the time. Does anyone have any useful sources of info on maternal-age related birth issues? I spent hours trawling NICE guidelines on induction last time and struggled to find any evidence base just the conclusions.

I'm 21 weeks this week and LO squirming well now.

Best wishes to all and brew/sympathy as required

sparklysapphire Fri 26-Jul-13 01:18:29

Hi all, just checking in. I hope all those with newborns are enjoying the cuddles despite being knackered no doubt!
Soupmaker, you're imminent I think? Assuming LO hasn't made an appearance already.
Not much to report, all fine at m/w appt today, despite rather uncomfortable anti-D jab, and realising wearing a long dress wasn't ideal as I had to hitch it right up. It's so comfy though. Next appt is with the consultant in 3 weeks. I'm really not expecting this baby to arrive before the due date, and will get a shock if that happens. I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, I don't know whether I'm being relaxed about it or just irresponsible - I'm 35 weeks. I have thought about it, but don't yet have very much to go in it. DH still isn't happy but we've hardly seen him as he's been mainly working away. But he has bought DD a couple of books about babies, so at least he's giving it some thought.

I hope everyone's doing ok.

Morien Sun 28-Jul-13 16:34:54

Hello everyone! Having had my 12-week scan on Friday and seen the baby wriggling around, I think it's time to start believing I really am pg (had a MMC last year so have been very nervous this time around), and make the move from the Fabulous 40s TTC thread. Good to see some familiar names here - hello [sparkly], [notsoold], [jbrd] <waves>

I'm 41 (that's the first time I've said that! It was my birthday last week), and this will be DC1, due in February.

JBrd Mon 29-Jul-13 13:43:47

Yay, morien, good to see you here! Not been very active myself, but planning to become so, once I'm a bit further along wink

6+5 today, time couldn't go any slower. Got a consultant appointment on Wednesday, then my booking in appointment on Thursday. Still debating if I want to get an early scan, I can't make up my mind. Probably not before I'm 8 weeks anyway.

Told my boss I'm pg today, just so that she knows. I'm coming up to the point where both my mcs kicked off, so currently walking on eggshells confused

soupmaker Mon 29-Jul-13 20:34:18

Hello. Baby Soup born this morning weighing in at 8lb 1oz. Was induced late last night and baby decided to arrive quick smart. DH only just made it. Had forgotten just how fab little babies are. Been feeding and snoozing and cuddling. Bliss.

Good luck and best wishes to all the other 40+ mums and mums to be.

sparklysapphire Mon 29-Jul-13 22:26:20

Congratulations soupmaker on baby soup! Which flavour - I'm sorry I can't remember if you knew beforehand? It's good to know induction can be speedy as I may well end up with induction, though Im not keen. I hope you're recovering well, enjoy the cuddles!
Morien, lovely to see you here, what a relief all was well with scan.
JBrd, no wonder you're feeling twitchy at this stage, I hope consultant appointment is helpful, & I have everything crossed for you that this pregnancy sticks for you.
I'm ok I think, but had a major wobble this evening while DH & DD were out as if I think about DH still not getting to grips with the fairly imminent arrival, it's really upsetting & I feel isolated & unsupported which isnt fun so mainly I try not to dwell on it.
Hi to all, I'm on my phone so apologies for any typos.

soupmaker Tue 30-Jul-13 07:04:41

Baby Soup is DD2. We didn't know before she was born.

I was really concerned about being induced too Sparkly. Thankfully I had a few mums in RL to ask about it. I just had a pessary. It was fine although I went from 4cm to 9cm in less than 5 minutes which was pretty full on. Second stage only lasted 10 minutes, she came fast! So I was really lucky and had a good experience.

butterybiscuitbass Fri 02-Aug-13 22:06:00

Hello lovely ladies, thought I'd better check in after a long absence, to announce the arrival of gorgeous dd (albeit 5 weeks ago...it has flown). What a huge relief she is here and healthy. I'm 44 years young and this is my 3rd baby since age 39, plus 3 mc. Time to call it a day now. What a ride. Good luck to all those patiently waiting, ttc or with babies in tummies. Bless you all and your little ones.

JBrd Sun 04-Aug-13 14:35:26

Ladies, I saying good-bye. I had my reassurance scan this morning, and all they could see was an empty sac. No foetal pole, no heartbeat. Measuring 4 weeks, but I'm 7+4, and there is no doubt about my dates.

I am utterly crushed and heartbroken.
This is my third miscarriage in a row, and I don't know where I'll go from here.

All the best of luck to all of you, wishing you sticky pregnancies and healthy, happy babies xxx

butterybiscuitbass Sun 04-Aug-13 17:11:26

Dear JBrd, I am so so sorry and nothing anyone can say can make you feel any better right now. And good luck if you can find the strength to carry on.

catdoctor Sun 04-Aug-13 19:54:46

Don't know if you'll be back to read this, JBrd but so very sorry to hear your news.

Morien Mon 05-Aug-13 14:47:38

JBrd - I've already left you a message on the other thread, but in case you see this first, I'm so very sorry. What a huge disappointment. Take good care of yourself.

I had blood taken for the Harmony test last week so now waiting for the results. Have had a busy weekend (getting married grin ) so haven't had time to fret about it - starting to think about it again now though...

catdoctor Mon 05-Aug-13 15:48:57

Just checking in - seems to have gone quiet around here- plenty have podded I think and the next batch presumably busy irl.

Hello Morien - is the harmony test the new blood test for Down's? I had this too, at 15 weeks as DM was anxious - my nuchal results were pretty good. Point of interest to my NHS midwife and ultrasonographer - quite a novelty. Will be interesting to see how long till it's more cost effective for NHS to do this than scan (I suppose only once the bods with the patent have paid all the R+D off).

A friend of mine (much younger than me) couple of week more pregnant has just heard her baby has died in-utero. After all the worry and now this I just can't seem to relax. Off to see consultant next week, more worry.

DS1 announced yesterday that the new baby couldn't play with his toys - so off to checkout the threads on sibling jealousy!

diege Mon 05-Aug-13 16:16:19

Hello! I'd like to join if that's ok grin. I do know a few of you from the ttc 40 plus thread of course <waves> and now that my pregnancy is getting on a bit (29 wks tomorrow) it'll be nice to bore you all with my ailments/anxieties before October (due date 22nd Oct). Quick potted history: age 43, baby number 6, pregnancy uneventful so far (had harmony and scans at FMC). Only slight 'glitch' is low lying placenta (still low at 28 wks) but getting rescanned at 34 so fingers crossed it's 'moved' up a bit. Looking forward to joining in all the chat smile

BTW Jbrd I have been thinking about you a lot today - I am so upset for you sad. I know it is absolutely no consolation at the moment, but will this mean they will start to do some investigations into the mcs?

butterybiscuitbass Mon 05-Aug-13 20:49:43

JBrd I second what diege says, re investigations, further tests, medication etc. which of course may or may not make a difference- sorry I really don't mean to cause further distress if this suggestion isn't helpful- at least you know we on this thread can fully empathise with you. You're in our thoughts.

sparklysapphire Mon 05-Aug-13 23:25:03

Congratulations buttery on your DD.
Hi diege, nice to see you over here.
Catdoctor, what dreadful news for your friend, does she have lots of RL support.
It is quiet, there were lots of July babies, so I think everyone's disappeared to the 40+ mums thread!

Morien Tue 06-Aug-13 08:40:17

catdoctor yes, Harmony is the new blood test for Downs. I'm in Belgium, and my gynae reckons it'll be refundable here by next year some time - not that the cost will have come down, but that the Belgian health service won't be able to justify not refunding it (here you pay for all treatment upfront and claim it back - or in this case you don't claim it back). My nuchal results were good too (1.2 or 1.7 at 12 weeks, don't remember), but I wanted more reassurance (I have 3 small DSCs who are with us 50%, and we would really struggle with a child with a disability - although I have to say that DH is much clearer on that than I am). I'd have had an amnio had that been the only option, but was keen to avoid the (admittedly low) risk of MC.

We announced the pregnancy on Sunday - I kind of wish we hadn't as MIL has already gone into over-drive hmm My own family have a very pragmatic, live-and-let-live approach to most things - you can tell me whatever you want to tell me, but whatever you don't tell me I'll assume is private and I won't ask...and I certainly won't tell you you're doing it wrong or that I think you should do it differently. DH's family's not like that at all, his mum and sisters like to impose their views and tell you you've got it all wrong; I guess it's just a different approach, and had I grown up in DH's family I wouldn't have a problem...but I struggle. So I've already had several lectures from MIL, and I just hate it - I can't stand people interfering, and I react quite badly. Yesterday she called DH and told him that we 'have' to do an amnio; instead of agreeing and changing the subject DH told her all about the Harmony test and so on - it's probably not a big deal and I'm probably over-reacting, but although I talk about it on here, to me that kind of thing is private, between DH & me...at least while we wait for the results. DH said, 'but it is private - she's my mum!', but I can't help thinking that he didn't tell her (I presume) about his sperm analysis at the fertility clinic, did he? I couldn't bear for MIL to be on the phone every day now asking after the Harmony results confused Apparently she's also fretting about what nationality the baby will have, and whether it'll have double nationality, which I could understand if I came from outside the EU (although even then it would be a little premature), but there ain't a lot of difference between having Belgian nationality or British, frankly. More importantly, I can't even think about that right now (nor do we need to!); I just want to live this pregnancy one step at a time. (What baffles me about MIL is that she already has 6 grandchildren, all of whom live locally to her (including my lovely DSCs), and she's just not interested in them! So why this interest in my pregnancy?)

Hello diege - good to see you here!

catdoctor Tue 06-Aug-13 13:39:00

I've been musing on why DMs and MILs seem to have these bonkers streaks - following a few threads to the same effect - my DM frustrates me as used to be a very savvy, finger on the pulse type of career woman and since retirement/marriage to DSF has gone well weird. I've come to the conclusion that once retired and families left home they've nothing more important to worry about and so all these minutiae that pass us by as we're too busy with jobs/DCs etc are a cause of genuine concern to them.

Interesting too when different family cultures collide. My lot are of the, well you'll tell me if you want to train, whereas DH's are more inclined to come over huffy if not in the loop. Frankly, I haven't the energy for it.

sparklysapphire Tue 06-Aug-13 23:13:16

Catdoctor, I think you could be right about DM/MILs having nothing else to worry about. In both cases mine live on their own, having been widowed many years ago, which means they totally follow their own agenda. Infuriating in opposite ways - my mum is useless in all practical matters, eg next to no food in the house when we went a couple of weeks ago, and didn't seem to see the importance of feeding heavily pregnant DD and 5 yr old GD. But she did bring up 2 teenagers and work full time after our dad died, so she must have been more practical then. MIL is completely the other way, and just does things without being asked, or checking if it's ok/appropriate, when she's staying with us & it can make me very cross. MIL is coming stay when LO arrives as she will at least feed us, but DH is going to have to stick up for me if I'm not up to it.
So Morien, I sympathise with your MIL troubles, I hope it gets easier as your pregnancy progresses! When do you get your Harmony results?
I'm 37 weeks today so officially full term - eeek! But I have finally started to make some progress sorting out so may have room for the baby after all!

Morien Thu 08-Aug-13 09:39:26

Wow, sparkly, full term - it doesn't seem long (to me, probably not to you!) since you announced your BFP. Any progress on the baby's room? BTW, how's your DH now the baby's arrival is imminent?

I get my Harmony results any day - the doctor said he'd call me as soon as he got them.

Catdoctor I like your theory. My DM is retired, as is DSF (they've been together since I was 9), but they're so busy (active hobbies like hiking, the allotment, then looking after elderly relatives, playing bridge, etc) that they've got more than enough to keep themselves occupied without fretting about my sister and me. That said, they find the time to be brilliant grandparents to my niece and they really help take the load off my DSis and BIL (particularly now, as DSis is just 2 weeks more pregnant than I am!) MIL, though, is exactly as you describe - lives alone (divorced from FIL), pleases herself. She's very nice, but on her own terms. Very difficult to get her to do anything for or with my DSCs, but the minute she needs my DH to do anything for her, he's expected to drop everything (he doesn't, and she gets cross and quite manipulative). I'm just sorry that it's DH's side of the family we live near, whilst mine are abroad - I'd love to think we'd have the support my DSis will get when her new baby's born sad (Even before he met me, when DH was on his own 1 week in 2 with 3 very small children, his family did nothing to help, despite all living less than 5 mins away shock)

Isabeller Thu 08-Aug-13 16:23:47

Hello, I hope it's ok to join this thread I'm forty-cough years old and 15 weeks pregnant after DE IVF. (1st baby for DP, I have adult DD)

Feeling a bit rough today hence doing MN not laundry grin but on the whole better than a few weeks ago.

Morien Thu 08-Aug-13 16:27:14

Hello isabeller - good to see you here.

notsoold Fri 09-Aug-13 07:18:13

It is brilliant to see you here diege, isabeller and morien!!!

sparkly 37 weeks!!! Wow!!! Are you ready for all the fun???

jbrd praying for you today xxxxx

We just returned from a holiday ( what do you call a romantic getaway before baby arrives??)
It was great!!!
29 weeks today and finally believing that it is going to happen. My dh is happy as always and we are decorating the nursery and buying few things ( had hand me downs for other dcs but all our friends had their kids a while ago?).
The gestational diabetes is coming along nicely however as I plan the baby shower ( different custom in my country) I am making plans for yummies that are nice to eat and not necessarily healthy!!!smile. Baby shower is a big celebration for us and in my case people was asked to bring nappies or wipes ( cheap and easy to find). The decorations are here and on the day dh is together with one of my brothers going for a day out and my other db is playing guitar during the party. Although a man he plays so well that I decided to overlook the fact. Plus he has 5 dcs and is a hands o dax so have plenty to talk about to the ladies.....
Sorry to rant awaysmile

diege Fri 09-Aug-13 08:26:18

Hello!! As posted on other thread had a bit of a fright yesterday after getting hit in tummy by a tennis ball. Had to go in for monitoring last night (all fine) but will need some more anti-D today...had 28 week dose last week but apparently need a 'top-up' today <sighs>
notsoold baby shower sounds fab - I bet your db with the 5 DCs will be a real draw grin
Love to all x

notsoold Fri 09-Aug-13 09:23:19

diege good luck with another injection today!!!

rosiedays Fri 09-Aug-13 09:40:49

Hi everyone smile big congratulations to those who have just joined this amazing thread.
Heart felt hugs * jbrd* flowers
Congratulations soup hope your loving baby snuggles and all going well.

Baby rose and I are loving getting to know each other. She is so cute and yummy. Apart from a few feeding problems (sorted with great thanks to the lovely 40+ grad ladies) we're really enjoying life. Can't believe baby rose will be 1 month on Tuesday.

sparkly congratulations for getting to term. Not long now. How is dh? Hope things have improved. Looking forward to seeing you on the grad thread. Xx

Morien Fri 09-Aug-13 11:32:11

diege what a fright! Glad all seems to be well though.

rosiedays congratulations on your little girl! Hope to join you on the grad thread in 6 months or so...

diege Fri 09-Aug-13 17:42:06

Congrats rosie smile.
All fine after anti-D - when I was there someone else was in for the same after being kicked by a deer shock. Put my tennis ball incident into the shade!

Morien Sat 10-Aug-13 15:23:44

Just had a message from the doctor at the Fetal Medical Centre to say that he got my Harmony test results last night and that they're absolutely fine. I guess I'll get more details on Monday but that's good enough for me for now grin

sparklysapphire Sat 10-Aug-13 23:29:02

Excellent news about your Harmony test morien, you must be very relieved.

Diege, the incident with the tennis ball sounds unpleasant, but not as bad as the deer! Though having anti-D 2 weeks running can't be much fun - I'm not a fan of that particular jab.

Isabeller, lovely to see you here, I hope you're feeling a bit better.

Rosie, I can't believe baby rose is nearly a month old, that seems to have gone really quickly.

Hi notsoold, how are you doing?

I'm just hot all the time, I don't think it's that humid in the house but it just feels it to me. Tidying up is underway, but still loads to do and the dishwasher has decided that now would be a good time to stop working sad. DH and I haven't had a great week, he's barely come near me which makes me sad, also we're operating at different ends of the day as he's on lots of late shifts at the moment. And he thinks we're going to need a bigger car - we have 2 family sized hatchbacks, but he's thinking we'd need a people carrier with 2 kids which seems over the top to me, but we'll see. Sorry for the rant.

knickyknocks Sun 11-Aug-13 07:28:50

I used to be on this thread a while back and just wanted to pop in and say hello to *sparkly as I see you're nearly there! I so hope that things between you and DH are gradually improving. Can't wait to hear about a smooth and safe delivery.

Just to also say recognise Diege from the etc thread - being in your third trimester means I'm very late in sending my congratulations on your pregnancy. I always enjoyed the snug in the TTC thread!

Lastly so sorry to read jbrds news. You've had such a tough TTC ride. Sending you hugs and positive vibes for things to have a happier oume for you soon.

Wishing all the other lovely ladies on this thread smooth pregnancies and safe deliveries - I remember the support on this thread with great fondness.

notsoold Sun 11-Aug-13 18:36:42

morien that such good news! And so nice of him to phone so you didn't worry over the weekend!!

sparkly oh I do hope your dh will come around when the lo is here on the outside world. I admire your resilience in dealing with the situation...
Is the dishwasher sorted??? Regarding cars it is a typical man, huh? Hoping for a new toy!! Take care my lovely...

knicky lovely to see you here!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

rosie congratulations!!! smile

isabeller are you feeling better???

Everything is quiet on our household. Dd is not coming to see us ( away on a holiday) and ds is away at a camp. It is unbelievable how quiet it is without him!!! I can hear myself think!!! Miss the teen though! We just bought a wardrobe for the nursery from IKEA so I have a toy to put together with dh. And making the most of getting laid now as I know I won't feel in the mood until baby is around 6 ( months not years)....sorry tmi smile
Have a great Sunday!!

Isabeller Mon 12-Aug-13 08:11:43

Thank you notsoold I am feeling a bit rubbish which is fantastic smile I can function! I felt completely fine and normal last Monday - bliss - then woke feeling dreadful on Tuesday and just got worse really as the week went on. I happened to have an obstetrician appointment in the middle so was reassured the baby was fine but by Friday I was desperate and my GP prescribed a couple of things which have taken the edge off the nausea and headache so I can more or less get on with what I need to do.

Just as well because the second I got back to DPs Mum's I was knee deep in hoists and incontinence pads! grin.

Hope everyone is enjoying being less sweltered, we've had just enough rain to keep things feeling fresher which is a tonic in itself.

diege Mon 12-Aug-13 08:45:15

Morning! 'bit rubbish' does indeed sound fantastic isabeller grin Just enough to reassure without rendering you useless!
Hi knicky! Good to hear from you - how are things with you? You've reminded me that we haven't had a bistro in the snug for a while!
sparky hold on in there - I to can't believe how resilient you've been with 'd'h - that man needs a good shaking talking to xx
30 weeks tomorrow shock which seems to me a lot closer to term than 29 weeks grin. Enjoying the gloomy weather here too though have prospect today of taking 4 dcs into town to buy school uniform hmm. Wish me luck!

knickyknocks Mon 12-Aug-13 10:17:25

diege things are going well thanks. DS is almost 5 months old and we're on the brink of starting to weaning. Sleep has taken a bit of a hit but with the smiles that I get, I've got a gorgeous distraction. Thought this was number 5 for you. Hope the MS this time round was an improvement on previous pregnancies (seem to recall you've really suffered before)

Lovely to see this thread still going strong and us over 40's defying the doom and gloom stats and having perfectly normal pregnancies smile

diege Mon 12-Aug-13 15:42:00

Number 6 here Knicky grin. Have 3 dds and 2 ds's and this is another ds...Was a bit of a surprise as hadn't been ttc (sod's law -must have conceived on cd 3 - that was the only day the deed was done that mth) and was 8 weeks when I found out. Had hyperemesis again but responded well to cyclezine tabs, and pretty much gone by 20 weeks. Ds sounds adorable with his smiles - will you be dipping your toe in the ttc pond again?

knickyknocks Mon 12-Aug-13 18:03:08

diege look at you and your surprise! Number 6 - that's fantastic (I'm in awe of your stamina grin) As for dipping my toes again into the world of TTC, I suspect not. Had 3 mcs before Ds came along and feel I may be pushing my luck. I have been feeling bloody since DS arrived but think that's because I know in my heart he's our second and last. Very pleased to hear the MS was more under control this time for you - I still think the first trimester is the worst with the tiredness, nausea and worry that everything is ok. The Labour feels like a walk in the park after that grin

diege Mon 12-Aug-13 18:12:04

I agree, first trimester def the worst, plus the constant worry...I am hoping that I'll even get a labour this time as placenta low. Rescanning at 34 weeks and really hoping it's 'moved' up so that I don't have to book a section (would also be admitted for a few weeks beforehand due to issues around bleeding and low placentas which is Not Ideal At All!!! I don't even formally finish work until 37 weeks!
Re: ttc I totally understand where you're coming from, though I do suspect you would be ok in the end. You know the thread if you need it!

sparklysapphire Wed 14-Aug-13 15:10:58

Knicky, how nice to hear from you. I can't believe your DS is nearly 5 months, it seems you announced his birth only a few weeks ago! And rosie, where did that month go? It sounds like you're really enjoying baby Rose.

Diege, the uniform shopping sounds like a challenge to say the least. As I only have DD to buy for, I'm doing it as and when and think she can get a bit more wear out of last year's stuff too as I bought it quite big.

Isabeller, it's good that you're only feeling a bit rubbish, but I hope you feel properly better soon.

Notsoold, I hadn't thought of a new car as a new toy, but it makes perfect (if expensive) sense.

Thank you all for you support regarding DH. He's been quite distant, no sex for over a week which is a long time for us even at this stage, so I'm feeling quite rejected. DM is staying for a few days and while she's been great with DD, I've waited on her with food and tea, and it hasn't occurred to her to even ask about washing up with the dishwasher out of action (it's fixed now, thank goodness). So I'm kind of feeling that the two people who should be looking after me, at least a bit, given that I'm about to have a baby, either can't or won't, so I'm feeling a bit low today. And now DM is talking about coming to stay in a local B & B when LO is born (MIL is going to stay with is for practical support which is necessary but I'm really not looking forward to it), which still means we'd have to feed her and she'll sit around reading the paper oblivious to anything else going on. I need to try and talk her out of it without hideously offending her. Maybe one for DB to deal with.....

Sorry for the rant. I tried to post a couple of days ago, but the computer ate it, then DH arrived home so wasn't able to re-write.

I hope everyone's ok. Morien, any more details on your Harmony results?

Morien Sun 18-Aug-13 19:05:46

How are you, sparkly? Hope you've been feeling brighter than you were when you posted last. And I really, really hope your DH is being nicer to you and giving you the support you need. I suspect we may have the same DM grin When my DSis's LO was tiny our DM went to 'help' and spent 4 days reading the paper (which BIL had to go and buy for her) and not lifting a finger. She's not good at staying with either of us as she has this huge fear of being a nightmare DM who mothers her adult children to death...so she goes to the other extreme. To be fair she looks after my DN a lot at her own house now and she is brilliant with her, really helps my DSis a lot.

notsoold I imagine you've got DS back by now so things must be back to normal? Did you get the wardrobe built?

How about you, isabeller? Really hope you're still feeling just a little bit rubbish (if at all!) Today I've not needed an afternoon nap of several hours, for the first time in weeks (have been on leave for a month, really worried about going back to work as I just get so exhausted in the afternoons - maybe today is the start of a new phase wink?)

I got more details about my Harmony test a few days ago - I'm in the lowest risk category for all 3 trisomies, less than 1/10,000. Can't ask for better than that.

At this point (15+1) I can still wear all my normal clothes (although I had to use an elastic band with a favourite pair of jeans last night); I can see that I've got a bit fatter around the waist, but it's not noticeable to others, and I have no bump at all - and I'm starting to want one! I hadn't bought any maternity clothes as I really don't need them yet. Anyway, SIL passed on a bag of maternity clothes which I tried on last night - and as if by magic I had a little bump!

Isabeller Mon 19-Aug-13 04:51:27

Hello grin no idea why I am awake and waving at this hour.

I do appreciate the good wishes. Most days now I am a lot more functional by taking as little as I can get away with of GPs prescription to take the edge off the nausea and headaches.

It's great to hear everyone's news, despite being somewhat old and fat all my tests and monitoring are coming up with good results which puts some of the scaremongery into perspective. A particularly nice dietician unfortunately went on a bit about the risk of [thing I don't want to name] which is now haunting me a lot of the time despite the fact I know it is incredibly unlikely.

When I said it was upsetting she basically justified the idea of scaring me/whoever into weight gain management hmm. Pity because otherwise she's good.

Has anyone else found themselves breaking into a sweat at the mildest (and perfectly manageable) exertion? I do quite a bit of moderate to heavy physical work and it's become quite dramatic. I'm pacing myself and using slightly different lifting techniques and I feel fine just drenched!

It's really inspiring to read of large families. I am wondering a bit how I will handle the last few weeks of pregnancy reading your situation sparkly. I'm trying to guess how long I'll be able to stay on DPs Mum's care rota.

Hooray, feeling sleepy again, night night.

sparklysapphire Tue 20-Aug-13 00:05:41

Morien, you must be really pleased with your Harmony results. I went into maternity clothes at about 5 months I think this time (probably 6 months last time), but wasn't in a mad rush to do so. Also I didn't go public til after the 20 week scan and mat clothes might have been a bit of a giveaway! I am feeling better thanks. To be fair to DM she did lots of reading with DD, who can read but is very reluctant to, though we don't really know why. But I still could have done with a bit more practical help. DH is on lates again this week so we're a bit out of sync again. It is a little better I think but we haven't really talked about the imminent arrival.
I had a hospital appointment on Friday, I'll be induced on 2/9 if no baby before then, which I doubt, as not engaged yet. I'm not keen, and I think the induction is later than they'd like, but it gives a few more days for LO to come naturally.

Isabeller, great to know that your test results are all looking good. It's unfortunate your dietician has been scaremongering, I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm just hot and sweaty most of the time or so it feels, particularly my neck which just feels odd. You sound like you're doing a great job with DPs mum. I'm sure it'll be obvious when you need to stop.

Diege, I hope you're getting to relax a bit in Whitby.

Notsoold how are you doing?

I've sort of packed my hospital bag, I put some baby clothes through the wash today, but it's still not in a grab and go state - because I don' think I'll need it for a while.

WarpKitten Tue 20-Aug-13 14:11:50

Hi everyone just thought I'd say hello as I'm an oldie ;-) too at 40. I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first one. It's reassuring to meet other over 40 mums. Do we really have more complications? DH says it's because all the research and stats were done in the 70s when not so many mum's were having little ones at our age...

catdoctor Tue 20-Aug-13 14:45:18

Afternoon, just checking in - Sparkly what is your EDD? I'm currently obsessing carefully evaluating induction as feel convinced I will end up with one this time. Trying to get straight in my head what are acceptable risks.

Hello Warpkitten I've tried to find the relevant info but just so many variables to take into account.

When am I expecting DS2 to assume head down position - midwife says 34 weeks which seems alarmingly late - he's currently head up - that's a prob with having an ultrasound at work - something else to obsess over! Must go get on my ball.

Morien Wed 21-Aug-13 20:34:39

Hello warpkitten <waves> Can't answer your question...interested to see what anyone else thinks, though.

catdoctor you've reminded me that I need to dig out that ball that's hidden in the depths of the garage...

Getting really close now, sparkly! I can't remember - do you know what you're having?

I've had my most active day for several months (since BFP) today, and this evening I feel pleasantly tired rather than completely wiped out and tearful - hope I've turned a corner! First thing this morning DH & I went out for an hour-long bike-ride (we live in the countryside on the edge of the rolling hils of Wallonia, so it's not flat - very pretty though), then I did work stuff on the computer for several hours, got lots done. Then I spent the afternoon batch cooking to get the freezer stocked, and made dinner. Long may it last grin

F1onajb Fri 23-Aug-13 14:16:25

Woo hoo!! I had my first non retching, non nauseau, no sickness day yesterday and so far so good today smile

I really hope I've turned a corner ..... I'm 14 +5. I have felt so horribly ill from week 7.

Hope everyone is doing ok xx

DietPregnancyResearcher Fri 23-Aug-13 14:47:37

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fancyanother Fri 23-Aug-13 21:10:47

Not PG just lurking and wishful thinking, but warpkitten I was told by my doctor when I raised the subject that the research was done a long time ago, when most of the people having babies in their '40's were on their 8th or something, adding to the risk factors. Don't know how true that is as other doctors have said different...

sparklysapphire Fri 23-Aug-13 23:07:19

Hi all, I was hoping to catch up properly but our internet is down so just a brief post from my phone. Catdoctor, my EDD is 28/8. There was a press release earlier in the year from the Royal College of Gynaecologists/Obstetricians on why older mums should be induced earlier, due to slightly higher stillbirth risk, something like the same for us oldies at 39 weeks as 25-29 yr olds (lowest risk) at 42 weeks.I've got no idea how to link to it, but it was definitely on the BBC website too. I think my LO went head down sometime between 28 & 32 weeks, and is now engaged. Sweep is next Thursday, which I expect to need.
Morien , sounds like you had a lovely day on Wednesday.
DH is working away overnight tonight, as he was on standby and work needed him to do it. We discussed it, & he agreed to go, then spent the rest of the evening wondering if he should have. I don't expect a baby in the next 24 hours though.

Hi warpkitten, I don't really know if its true,we have,

sparklysapphire Fri 23-Aug-13 23:11:46

Arrgh, stupid phone. As I was trying to say,I don't know if we really do have more complications, apart from higher chromosomal risks, & more m/cs or if its just over cautiousness in the part of the medical profession.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoy the bank holiday if you're in the UK.

catdoctor Sat 24-Aug-13 13:10:50

Thank you for that Sparkly that sounds a useful lead.

So what's the low down on sweeps - presume you need a 'favourable' cervix, how early do you start, do they help, do they hinder?!

sparklysapphire Thu 29-Aug-13 12:03:52

It's very quiet on here. I have nothing to report, I don't think this baby is ready to come out yet, and therefore I don't anticipate the sweep this afternoon working. As far as I understand it catdoctor, a sweep separates the membranes and can stimulate the production of hormones (can't remember which) which can kick-start labour. It works about 50% of the time I think, but if your body's not ready, it won't make a difference. I haven't yet filled in my birth plan (going to do that now!) as I'm working on the basis of being induced and so I expect whatever I'd ideally like to be irrelevant anyway. My m/w says the pregnancy has been "obstetrically normal", so I may be able to go to the midwife led unit, which looks much nicer than the delivery suite - and they're very close anyway so a transfer would be easy if needed.

My MIL is coming on Saturday not Sunday as I expected, working on the basis of induction on Monday, which I'm a bit gutted about as I'd like to spend some one to one time with DD, and that won't be an option as MIL doesn't always see that I sometimes need that. DH is still being pretty distant, and not showing any affection which I'm finding really hard, but has been pretty good about taking DD out to do stuff, as he's off this week.

Apologies for the ramble. Hello to all, would love to see some other updates on here, I hope everyone is well.

Isabeller Thu 29-Aug-13 17:21:04

Hello sparkly I hope your sweep goes/has gone well. My cousin had one last Christmas and it did get things started for her.

I wonder what "obstetrically normal" means I'm sure it's totally good, I'm just curious really.

I've got to 18 weeks now and still having quite a few really rough days and feeling incredibly tired the rest of the time (sorry to moan) I'm just going to have to accept it, now the bump is undeniable, and stop expecting to feel normally well and energetic. DP is about to have hip replacement surgery and I will just have to cut myself some slack.

On the nice side DP felt some wiggles for the first time this week.

I'm trying to research the evidence about ELCS vs VBAC in various scenarios as I have a few risk factors and need to get it clear in my head before I see the consultant.

catdoctor Thu 29-Aug-13 21:01:51

Evening all; Sparkly your lead re inducing older preggos earlier was interesting, but I think an opinion as opposed to a study - interesting too that it was felt there would be no increase in numbers of sections. I'm v cross about it all - suspect I will end up coming forward for induction but really don't want to aarrggh.
Sorry to hear you feel unsupported by DH - I havn't caught up with your story. I feel much more vulnerable I suppose than usual. I have made an internet diagnosis of Asperger's in my DH, and he causes me extreme distress at times.
Isabella I could do with a daily kip now - but work/toddler generally puts a stop to that! No need to apologise for moaning! I think that must be a very hard call ELCS vs VBAC - I guess an ELCS would be a better experience for all than an EMCS. I suppose I'm more of a 'it ain't broke, why fix it' kind of person, ie pro 'natural' but risk factors are risky!!

Poppy954 Thu 29-Aug-13 23:04:29

Just wanted to say hello. I'm 40 and 16 weeks with DC3. My GP said not to worry about extra risks due to age apart from increased Downs risk. My NT results came back as 1:10,000 which I found amazing as much lower risk than my other two. I do have to see the consultant though - apparently for my age and because of previous treatment on my cervix ( LEEP). Has anyone else had this and if so what difference has it made to your care?

sparklysapphire Fri 30-Aug-13 11:47:26

Isabeller, sorry you're still feeling rough, tiredness is completely to be expected. I think you're right about adjusting your expectations, I was lucky and felt ok until the last 3 or 4 weeks, but have realised in the last fortnight that I just have to go with being more tired than usual.
It must be tricky to make a decision about ELCS vs VBAC, a friend of mine had to do this a while back - all the evidence suggested she'd be better having an ELCS but the medical team wanted her to make the decision which she found really hard, because they wouldn't recommend either way. She had the ELCS in the end.

I think obstetrically normal just means I've had a total normal pregnancy, so if the induction works quickly, my m/w says there's no reason I can't use the m/w led unit in hospital. I'm pretty sure the sweep hasn't worked, no bleeding, no cramping, no sign of anything. It was much less uncomfortable, and quicker than I expected though.

Catdoctor, I have seen a graph somewhere showing an slightly increased stillbirth rate in over 40s, but I'm not sure where. I don't want to be induced again either, which is why I asked them to put it off til next week, when I think they'd have rather done it this week. Also it means I'll have a September baby which should be better school wise though means an extra year of childcare fees. Anyway after the RCOG came up with that press release about how pregnant women should avoid things like shower gel & tinned food to be on the safe side, I'm not entirely convinced by them.
As for my DH, he doesn't want to have another baby, he wanted me to terminate, even though we'd been trying for 10 months. He thought I wouldn't get pregnant - so did I to be honest. It's been really hard, he was like this last time, and I very much hope he'll be ok when LO is here, as I'm very concerned that this time our marriage won't recover, although he has said he won't leave. I'm sorry your DH upsets you so much sometimes, but hope he's supporting you better than mine at the moment.

Hi poppy, I saw a consultant at about the midway point, purely because of my age (45) but he was happy everything was normal, and said he'd see me at 38 weeks to "make plans". I in fact saw a doctor and induction is booked for Monday at 40 + 6, but otherwise it's all been midwife care. I haven't had any cervical problems so I don't know how much difference that would make.

Morien Fri 30-Aug-13 18:21:36

Hello everyone, nice to see so much life here!

sparkly sorry your sweep doesn't seem to have worked. And sorry you're not going to get the one-to-one time you wanted with DD.

isabeller I hear you about the tiredness! Mine's not every day any more, but it's completely unpredictable, and when it hits it really hits.

catdoctor I don't know how you and sparkly manage with anything other than completely supportive OHs - but as sparkly says, I really hope yours is doing a better job than hers is at the moment. Mine was pretty crap last year when I was pg (ended in MC), despite having agreed to TTC - I got my BFP the first month and I think it was too soon for him. Was quite worried about what would happen this time but he's been great.

Hello poppy! I can't answer your question as I'm in Belgium, where you see your gynae all through pregnancy (no midwife care).

I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and suddenly I've grown a noticeable bump. Trousers I was wearing last week are now too tight. By the time I got back from work today MIL had delivered a pair of maternity jeans she'd been turning up for me - I bought them on Monday because I had time, thinking I wouldn't need them for a few weeks, but I was so glad to put them on this evening! Saw my gynae earlier this week and everything was fine. I got my date for my scan, but as here it's the '2nd trimester scan' rather than '20 weeks', it's not till 8th October, which seems ages off.

angelcocker13 Mon 02-Sep-13 21:48:45

Hi all I'm new to here. I was told back on march after trying for 3yrs that I was unable to have my own child unless I used an egg donor. We went on list then hubby changed his mind & asked for us to be removed. After a trip to GP's Friday to discuss painful breasts & abdominal pain (which I was praying wouldn't be the big C - father died from bowel cancer) she asked if I could be pg. said no as told march impossible. She insisted I do urine test to rule out prior to her doing other tests so in agony my shock / surprise / disbelief when she said "congrats you're 14wks pg!". It's my 1st baby & just hoping all goes well as this prob my one & only chance. It all hasn't sunk in yet x

angelcocker13 Mon 02-Sep-13 21:50:51

In my shock I forgot to mention I'm 45 x

Poppy954 Mon 02-Sep-13 22:15:38

Thanks ladies and congratulations Angel!

Isabeller Mon 02-Sep-13 22:16:06

Good gracious angel and congratulations! flowers

Poppy954 Mon 02-Sep-13 22:25:29

Angel - just out of interest wondering how your gp knew you were 14 wks in the gp surgery? I love medical knowledge so hoping to add to it!

williaminajetfighter Mon 02-Sep-13 22:31:32

Hi. Wanted to join this thread but first say a big congrats to angel. I'm 30 wks pg at 43 will be 44 when Dd born. Bonkers.

Falling asleep but wanted to get myself on here and shall read everyone's posts in the am.

Morien Tue 03-Sep-13 08:50:37

Wow, angel, what a way to skip the stress of the first semester - congratulations thanks And congratulations to you too william

Meerka Wed 04-Sep-13 11:19:20

seconded! what a lovely surprise smile best of luck to you both

sparklysapphire Wed 04-Sep-13 11:57:56

DD2 was born in the early hours of Tuesday mornimg,after quick labour following hours of waiting after induction. We're all fine,DD1 thrilled 2 have litlle sister, DH seems to be doing ok.I'll.uodate further when I can.

rosiedays Wed 04-Sep-13 12:20:34

Yeah sparkly. Well done you. Xx enjoy your yummy baby snuggles. Plumping a cushion and ordering your favourite drink in the grads snug .x

Isabeller Wed 04-Sep-13 17:53:44

Congratulations sparkly flowers

Morien Wed 04-Sep-13 22:41:16

Congratulations sparkly!

angelcocker13 Wed 04-Sep-13 23:33:26

Thanks everyone & congrats Sparkly! xsmile

angelcocker13 Wed 04-Sep-13 23:35:59

She knew usual way I suppose (forgive me but I'm totally new to all this!!!wink) by last date of period & then her spinning date circle card thingy wink x but will obviously know more once 1st scan done x

Poppy954 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:26:13

Congratulations sparky.

Angel- sorry, I sounded really intrusive there and I made a massive assumption that you mustn't have known when your LMP was / irregular ( hence finding out so far on) good job I'm not a real doctor ( only in my head!!!). Anyway it must be really good to miss the first trimester constant worry. I know the worry never goes away but the first trimester is the worst.

In relation to my earlier post I've seen the consultant today and he's not worried about my cervix. Good news.

Poppy954 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:32:19

Oh and consultant said they might induce me at 39 weeks as they don't like over 40s to go over edd. Anyone else been told this?

4boysthatilove Fri 06-Sep-13 13:57:54

Hi all

Its been months since I posted but here I am, 40+4 and feeling pretty fed up. (This is baby number 5, boy number 5) - surprise pregnancy we only found out at 22 weeks. I'm 46 and due to my age I was told I would be induced at term (Monday 2 Sept), managed to avoid that as the only reason was my age. Settled for today but then when I saw my midwife yesterday she said as the head was still high, and all well otherwise, I could perhaps rebook for induction on Monday. Fingers crossed this little one arrives at the weekend. My last 2 boys both turned up 2 days after their due date, I had an induction with my first son and 19 years on it still haunts me. Very keen to avoid if at all possible. Its been lovely reading the posts and catching up - we are all fantastic proof that baby making isn't over once you hit 35.

williaminajetfighter Fri 06-Sep-13 16:16:41

poppy I wasn't told about induction but I was told about all the risks in labour including having a longer labour, bleeding out etc.

Delightful! I feel they brought me in specifically to scare me, the fuckers! I am almost 44 btw and baby conceived by surprise and naturally.

No problems with my first birth at 37 but this one --- well I now have the fear!

Poppy954 Sat 07-Sep-13 08:24:18

Good luck 4boys.
William - seems that all the advice is different. I've
Had two normal pregnancies and deliveries and all planned natural conceptions ( in first month of trying). And I've been told by one mw that if I was one year younger -39 the consultant wouldn't have even seen me. Happy to take advice though. They do, on the whole, know best.

Animol Fri 13-Sep-13 22:05:10

Haven't been on for ages

Congratulations sparkly

Welcome and congratulations angel

Hello williamina - don't I know you from somewhere?!

I'm 31 weeks now and things seem to be going OK except that getting up out of chair my is getting harder and harder! Next week I've got big scan and the diabetes test and my Mum coming to visit

Isabeller Sat 14-Sep-13 15:08:49

I hope all is going well 4boys (or 5boys now?). I've had an incredibly challenging week since DPs hip replacement last Saturday. I was signed off work by my GP the day before due to feeling too rubbish to cope but had no chance at all to pace myself and I feel really ill a a result. I am clinging to the hope that eventually something will improve <pathetic self-pitying emoticon>.

Unfortunately the too-much-to-cope-with-while-feeling-ill has got me down but I know this is 99% physical so today I have given in and taken all the GPs meds for sickness, headache and other symptoms and I am trying to get on with making my half finished building site nearer to a bedroom smile. Just as well I am unconvinced about avoiding heavy lifting.

My 20 week scan last week with DP in a wheelchair was comical, the baby totally refuses to sit in a good position for scans so I'll have to go back for a couple of the measurements but everything found was fine. Consultant appointment on Monday, must get my head in gear.

angelcocker13 Mon 16-Sep-13 06:57:31

So saw the midwife for 1st time last week & also had our scan!!! Even I could tell it was an actual baby!!! (Instead of doing a "Rachel" from friends! - when I've seen others previously I can never make them out!!!). Due date is 10.3.14 & still so surreal! Keep forgetting! My sis who has 4 was kindly my personal shopper yesterday as we bought maternity essentials including (thank god!) I bra that actually fits! So I know how I'll be spending next w/end - clearing out pre bump clothing in wardrobe to make room for my new stuff!!! Quick question to all - when do you have to tell work? Not sure of the correct protocol.

Morien Mon 16-Sep-13 07:50:59

Isabeller, poor you; hope you feel better soon. How's your DP getting on? Glad your scan went well, although shame the baby didn't cooperate! I've got mine in 2 weeks. Hope your consultant's visit today goes well.

angel I got new bras last week - it's made a huge difference. What other 'essentials' did you get? For the moment (apart from the bras) I've only got a pair of jeans, a pair of black trousers for work, and a couple of dresses (v nice dresses which I'm looking forward to wearing, but too big for now). Apart from that I'm hoping to get by for as long as possible with several pre-pregnancy tunic dresses - they'll do me for a while yet, I think (19+2).

Feeling quite uncomfortable today - am abroad for work, and by the time I got to my hotel yesterday I had what I presumed was quite bad indigestion (never had it before), sharp pain in my upper abdomen just under my sternum. It got better over the afternoon but didn't actually go away, but I went to bed assuming it would have gone by this morning - but it hasn't. What's more it's moved a bit - it's now a kind of general knotted feeling throughout my abdomen (not sharp pain like yesterday, much duller). Think I'll see the GP tomorrow (going home this evening) to be on the safe side.

4boysthatilove Mon 16-Sep-13 11:06:06

Hi all, just to say I had my baby a week ago, Monday 9th, I was a week overdue and gave in on the dreaded induction due to my age (46), longest labour I have had, despite being told it would be really quick. My last one was 4 hours so had been hoping for about 2 this time, rather than a 16hr marathon. I won't go into the gory details as I don't want to scare anyone, but did have a massive PPH afterwards, but the main thing is I am now fine and my baby arrived safely - he weighed 8lb 13oz and we have named him Samuel Joseph. Good luck to all the other ladies waiting - now I must go and change my username to incorporate the new addition ;) x

Poppy954 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:16:17

Congratulations 5boys! Lovely news although sorry to hear about labour and pph. Glad you are
Ok now.
Lovely scan news. I've got my 20 week scan next
Week. Counting the days now!

sparklysapphire Mon 16-Sep-13 11:32:32

Congratulations 4boys (or now 5boys?) on the arrival Samuel. I'm glad you're ok now, despite your long labour and PPH. I hope baby Samuel is settling in to your family well.

And congratulations on your pregnancies angel and williamina, I hope all is going well.

Isabeller, are the meds are helping you feel a bit better? It must be hard with everything else you have going on. How is DP recovering from his hip replacement? And I hope your consultant appointment goes well.

Morien, are you feeling a bit better now? It sounds like a good plan to get checked by the GP. I didn't get round to getting new bras til about 30 weeks, but it did make a difference. But obviously then I didn't get much wear out of them as I'm now in nursing bras. Except I bought 3 and can only find one and one from last time I didn't wear much. I expect they'll turn up under a pile of other stuff.

Thank you all for your good wishes. DD2 is almost 2 weeks old now and still without a name! She's still sleeping and feeding well, and is now above her birth weight having lost a few ounces last week, which explains why I spent so much time feeding on Thursday and Friday. I'm feeling fine apart from the to-be-expected tiredness. DD1 is still very pleased with her baby sister - she wants to hold her all the time, but isn't very good at holding her still. But rather that than she's not at all interested. DH is interacting a bit with his new DD. He's been pretty distant with me but he went for a drink this weekend with my clever DB who got him to talk, probably for the first time since I found I was pregnant. DH and I still need to talk, but things have improved already, thankfully.

I hope everyone is doing ok. I definitely prefer not being pregnant to being pregnant! And I'm finding it so much easier this time.

notsoold Mon 16-Sep-13 13:41:29

Found you guys!!! I somehow lost the thread but here I am!!!

Will catch up with everything and post later!!smile

Netguru Mon 16-Sep-13 15:17:01

A tentative hello. Just had my viability scan at FMC and heart beat banging away confirmed I am indeed expecting - 8 weeks today.

43, three children already - 22, 14 and 12.

Irishmammybread Mon 16-Sep-13 18:01:05

Hi, I see some familiar faces on here!
I'm cautiously joining in!
For those I haven't met already, I'm 45 with three DC 20,14 and 9. Last year we had a surprise pregnancy which sadly ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks .We then decided to actively ttc, lost another at 6 weeks,got pregnant again but had a MMC,growth stopped at 8w6d but I actually miscarried at 12 weeks. We had given up trying so I'd ditched the opks, temping etc but now find myself pregnant again,we're hoping this little one will make it!
I had a scan at the EPU last week which showed a heartbeat and measured 7 weeks,so correct size for dates. I should be now 8 weeks and am counting down to the next scan next week and hoping and praying!
Netguru , it sounds like we have very similar age gaps and EDD,spooky !

Netguru Mon 16-Sep-13 18:10:52

Irish. More similar than you think. I remember you from the ttc threads of early this year but like you had given up. Funny what happens when you relax!

Irishmammybread Wed 18-Sep-13 15:24:50

Netguru I remember you from the ttc threads too!
Have you told your older DC yet?
We're trying to wait as long as possible in case something goes wrong again, DD1 especially was devastated after my first miscarriage.
I had a panic yesterday when I felt my nausea had subsided and I thought I felt less pregnant,it didn't help that DH is away on business so I had no one to calm me down. I booked a private scan for today and was reassured to see my little one has more than doubled in size since last week and is measuring 8w4d. I got to hear the heartbeat too, which doesn't happen at the EPU, it was amazing.
When is your next scan?

IWantAnotherBaby Wed 18-Sep-13 17:09:48

Can I join? I'm 40, and (despite my mumsnet name) have been completely taken by surprise by this pregnancy. I am a GP, on the Mini-pill for 5 years (and taking it flawlessly, I might add!) and needed fertility help to conceive my older children, but have just discovered I'm 12+ weeks pregnant. Very shocked; we had agreed we wouldn't have more children, and my broodiness was under control. DH has been great, although had a bit of a wobble when I showed him my scan pictures and it started to seem real! Phew! Great to find this thread.

Irishmammybread Wed 18-Sep-13 21:12:30

Hi Iwant ,it must be great to find out you're pregnant at 12 weeks and avoid all the stressing of the early weeks,though it must have been a shock !
This little one was obviously just meant to be.
How old are your older children?

Isabeller Wed 18-Sep-13 21:32:24

Congratulations IWant flowers

Thanks to the medication I have felt a lot more normal today and it has been such a relief. Despite being reluctant to take anything I think I have to give myself a break from the worst of it. I really felt I was going under whereas today I felt tired but able to cope and generally positive.

I hope there is no adverse effect and I can have some easier days for now at least.

Waving to everyone smile

Netguru Wed 18-Sep-13 22:30:58

Congrats Iwant.

Irish - next scan at 10 weeks when they take bloods for the harmony test. We haven't told children yet - same as you don't want to have them upset.

Eldest is refusing to eat anything I have touched saying he doesn't want to catch my sickness bug smile

IWantAnotherBaby Thu 19-Sep-13 20:48:52

Thanks, everyone.

Irish the older 2 are 10 and 5. They have been begging us to have another baby for ages, and we've been explaining all the sensible grown-up reasons why we weren't going to have one. We'll tell them soon - but not until we've got our own heads round it!

I am very pleased, really. Partly relieved. I went to my own GP because I had become convinced I needed a scan and bloods for possible ovarian cancer (several weeks nausea, bloating, pelvic pain etc, and then I found a pelvic mass...). Now I feel a bit stupid (pregnancy was the last thing on my mind for all the reasons in my last post), but also relieved I'm not actually ill, and also now increasingly excited about having a DC3!!

rosiedays Fri 20-Sep-13 08:20:00

Hello ladies flowers and congratulations to all of you.
It's great to see this thread continue. Hi notsoold notsolong now. How are you? Plumping up a comfy chair in the snug for you.
Rosebud is 9 weeks now, she's amazing and doing something new every day. She has the super chubby legs I just want to eat grin and is growing into a lovely little person. I miss her newborn days already. pregnancy seems so long ago ( thankfully)

notsoold Fri 20-Sep-13 09:11:07

Irish!!!! Welcome here!! I am so glad that your scan went well!!!
I hope as times passes that joy will be replacing the uncertainty . I understand as somedays fear seems to be my companion and I will be glad when baby notso is here in my arms!! Xxx

Isabeller glad to know you are feeling better. How many weeks are you???xxx

Iwant....welcome to the thread!!! It must have been a wonderful surprise!!! Have you got yourself a mw already?? Xxx

Netguru!! If is consolation to you my ds is the same and he is 14!!! Xxx

Rosie thanks!!! I am 35 weeks today !!! Still few weeks to go! Rosiebud is 9 weeks already??? Time flies!!! How are the vaccinations coming along???

Morning to all!!! Sorry I haven't name checked everyone but it is a pain on the phone.
I am still recovering from my cold and I thought that baby notso might turn being a full moon ( turn cephalic position not into a werewolf smile)
But nope!!! Happily snug under my ribs.

notsoold Sun 22-Sep-13 08:29:54

Good morning everyone!!!!
I hope everyone is ok and enjoying the autumn sunshine!!!
Very quiet here!!!

Irishmammybread Thu 26-Sep-13 19:42:09

Hi notsoold ,it is quiet on here isn't it! Hope you're getting over your cold. I can't believe you're 35 weeks already,not long to go now.

Netguru we caved in and told DD1 (14) ,she was starting to notice my changing shape anyway. She's delighted though we have told her it's still early days. DD2 seems oblivious and we are probably going to wait and tell DS when he's home next in a few weeks. He's doing an internship this year as part of his degree and is working near London.

I had another scan at the EPU this week and baby is growing and looks fine. I'm 9w4d today! There was an area of bruising/haematoma on the uterine wall however which the sonographer said could be incidental. It might reabsorb on it's own or might bleed. I've been told not to worry but not to do anything strenuous or too active for now.Also she couldn't see a yolksac but said it may be shrinking as the placenta takes over. My next scan is the routine dating scan at 12 weeks, unless I bleed before, but being a worrier I've booked a private scan for next week anyway!
Has anyone had any experience of uterine haematoma and what was the outcome? I wondered if there was any connection with the aspirin I'm on affecting clotting but the nurse seemed to think it was unlikely.

Isabeller hope your DP is recovering from his surgery and you're feeling better.

Iwant have you started getting over the shock yet? I'm sure your DC will be delighted when they hear the news!

quickdowntonson Thu 26-Sep-13 20:54:32

Hello everyone - I'm actually a lurker, and shouldn't really be posting on here because i'm not actually pregnant!
I'm 41 (almost 42), have had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months, and i'm awaiting the dreaded AF since I miscarried at 6 weeks, about a month ago.
I just wanted to say a massive congratulations to everyone on here - particularly Irishmammybread and Notsoold! I read some of your posts on the conception thread and have been rooting for you! I was genuinely delighted to read your news, and even gave a little cheer!

Anyway, I'll shuffle off now - hopefully I'll be posting legitimately soon! xxx

notsoold Fri 27-Sep-13 07:43:58

irish...I am so glad that everything went well during your scan!!! I have been with friends for earlywife scans ( as an informal translator)and seen that sometimes after 9weeks they couldn't find the sac and these ladies went to have a normal pregnancy. But I would be like you and go for a private scan as much as necessary for my own peace of mind.
I even found that having an angel heart monitor later on helped me with my fears....
I don't have anything to say about haematoma but hopefully someone else will pop in and help! smile
How long do you have to take aspirin???

isabeller how are things??

quickdown I am so sorry for your mcs!!! It is sould destroying so I hope you will recover from the experience...xxxx
Glad you came forward to say hello! smile

diege how are you???

I had another scan yesterday and baby is still breech.at 36 weeks. They offered me an ecv ( I refused) and elcs is booked for the 18th , unless baby moves the right way . If he does than I will be induced on the day.
As I have been able to keep the diabetes at normal levels they let me go until 39 weeks before inducing/ elcs. So I am glad!!!
Going to have my whooping cough and flu vaccine this morning !!! And today is my last day ( officially) at work!!!smile

Have a good day everyone!!

Irishmammybread Fri 27-Sep-13 13:47:06

Hi Downton, thanks for the congratulations,I'm so nice you posted!
I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriages, it's such a difficult time. I know the first AF after a MC is hard, obviously a sad reminder of the loss, but also can be a relief that your cycle is getting back to normal. Look after yourself x
notsoold at least you have a definite date now so you can plan around it, exciting! Enjoy your few weeks off work before the new arrival.
I don't know how long I need to take aspirin for. When I had my third miscarriage the midwives were surprised I hadn't been advised to take it after the first two miscarriages. I enquired about referral for investigation after my third loss but was told I wasn't eligible due to my age and the fact that DH and I have already three children without health issues. The advice from the hospital via the GP was that if we wanted to try again to take aspirin daily but any pregnancy had at least a 50% chance of ending in MC anyway.
I presume the aspirin is for most of the pregnancy ,I must ask the midwife at my booking in appointment next week,or see if I could speak to one of the consultants at the hospital. I suppose I'm still trying not to think too far ahead,one day at a time !

mellie45 Fri 27-Sep-13 14:03:56

Hi, I am new to this forum. You can add me to the fantastic, fabulous 40+ list. I am 45 years old and expecting my first December 15. A boy!!!

notsoold Tue 08-Oct-13 22:36:54

Mellie....welcome to the thread!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and a boy!!! How lovely!!
I am also expecting a boy (dc1 is a dd - 19 and dc2 is a ds 14)....

My goodness this thread is really quiet now!!!

Blueberry68 Tue 15-Oct-13 13:07:47

Hello been lurking about for ages - am 33weeks now - can't believe it!
45 years & having a little boy - 3rd already have 2 girls who are 11 & 9 - super excited!!
Due dec 2nd - have a feeling he might be a bit early - feel like its a miracle as conceived very fast!
Lovely reading everyone's stories!
Have a stinking cold at the mo mind you!!
Getting room ready now - soooo excited but bit nervy re sleepless nights etc again at my age!!

quickdowntonson Wed 16-Oct-13 21:27:05

Just bumping this up a bit! (sorry!!). I love reading this thread (TTC dc 3, 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months but living in hope).
Where have you all gone??
smile xx

scarecrow22 Fri 18-Oct-13 04:26:03

not been here for ages, but a couple of names I recognise. Just done night feed for my lo - ds is just 6mo - and wanted to say we have a new grads thread in Parenting, and we'd love to see notsoold and any others of you over there when you, well, graduate smile Pretty sure I remember notso and Blueberry at least from before I had ds. Good luck and safe arrivals all

notsoold Fri 18-Oct-13 04:51:05

Scare....will be joining you all soon I hope!!!

Blueberry....your girls must be very excited. As we only have ds with us (dd has her own place) and being 14, although excited it doesn't compare to how excited he gets with FIFA 14 smile

Quickdownton...that is the spirit!!! I had a mmc and a chemical pg before this lo...do not give up!!

Well the reason I am up is because today is the BIG day!!smile
C section or induction ( after a scan to check if lo is still breech). Very excited if somewhat scared as it is my first c section!!! Also I am glad that they booked me for 39 weeks as I feel like my body was starting to gear itself up for labour ( all the twinges, etc)


blueblackdye Tue 19-Nov-13 12:10:18

Very quiet on here indeed ! I am an oldie of this thread and have moved on the grads one a while ago : my second baby is now almost 16 mo and had her aged 41! Just wanted to say we are waiting to welcome you and baby on the other side...

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Nov-13 12:14:23

secon bbd's welcome on grads thread in parenting where many if us still hang out and support each other with advice, listening ears, poo stories, virtual expressions and so on

we are here

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Nov-13 12:15:11

virtual expressos ....though emoticons too grin

Avalon13 Tue 19-Nov-13 13:03:54

Just my luck, I was hoping to have lots of ladies to talk to and I find a quiet thread. Maybe more people will come along.

I'm 41 and I've recently found out I'm expecting, 6 weeks tomorrow. The father is an ex who doesn't want more children, so I haven't said anything to him yet. I've pretty much terrified myself so much with the risks of pregnancy and I'm hoping to find someone to chat to who shares my concerns so I don't feel quite so crazy. I'm worried this is my one and only chance to have a child...which is driving me more insane. How on earth will I get through 8 months of this and hold on to my sanity?

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Nov-13 13:39:03

Avalon congratulations first and foremost. until things pick up over here, do come and join us in the grads thread. We were all on here and would live to support you and "get to know you", so to speak. It doesn't matter to us that you are hopefully a grad to be! Most of us were in the same boat conceiving our first children to be born in our 40s - and you are by no means the oldest!

one thing many of us did is fork out for an extra (private) scan - I had mine at the Foetal Medicine Centre in London - as the risk assessment for Downs etc is massively more detailed and so accurate and by bot relying so heavily on age is less likely to be worrying. eg mine was c 1/200 via NHS and 1/2000 via FMC.

if you are not ready for the thread do PM me if you want some company. I'm now 43 and have a dd who will be 3 in Dec and a ds born on 9 April (I joined this thread when pg with him ).

take good care
Scarecrow x

blueblackdye Tue 19-Nov-13 14:52:59

Avalon, welcome ! You never know, there is always someone lurking and who might feel comfy enough to jump in ! Seconding Scarecrow, feel free to come to the grads thread for company if things remain too quiet here.

Pregnancy is a journey some of us loathed and others loved. This little human being growing inside is a miracle, a gift. There will be worries, concerns but fx, all will end well with a healthy little newborn in your arms.

I am 42, DS is 5 and DD is almost 16 mo, joined the thread in March 2012 and very very happy to have all these Mums/friends to talk to about anything/everything !

Avalon13 Tue 19-Nov-13 15:42:27

scarecrow22 and blackbluedye, thank you both for replying. Think I'm just having a bad day cos reading your messages made me cry. lol. Maybe it's a pregnancy symptom? I'm already known for being an emotional stresshead and overthinker so more tears are just what I need.

I'm off to see if I can find the grads thread. Don't want to be dragging you over here just for me.

blueblackdye Tue 19-Nov-13 15:58:37

Avalon, Scarecrow has put a link to the grads thread in her last message, if you click on the blue "here" it will take you directly to it.
You will find that we cry, moan and laugh a lot too. At us mainly !

blueblackdye Tue 19-Nov-13 16:00:11

Sorry, not Scarecrow's last message but the one posted at 12.14 today

catdoctor Tue 19-Nov-13 16:31:33

Hello to all - haven't been around for ages - clinging to the wreckage, as they say!

I'll need to catch up with all the stories, I'm 45, Ds1 is 3, I'm due DS2 4.12.13 - so 2 weeks tomorrow!!

Better wash some baby grows!

Avalon I was significantly anti-baby till after I had my first - now I'm besotted - for me the best thing ever.


Avalon13 Tue 19-Nov-13 16:31:46

Thanks blackbluedye, I'd seen that message but it hadn't registered about the link.

oo00PIXIE00oo Tue 10-Dec-13 21:52:33

Hello ladies can I join? Am a prolific reader and post occasionally and am at the moment petrified!!

Am 43 have 1dd aged 11 (next week) at 2 step dd 15&18 - history mc at 6 wks in April 12, mc at 7 weeks in July 12 and an MMC May 13 at 10 weeks. Today I find myself with a bfp 7+2 and have had a bad headache for two days. Have resisted the urge to contact the local EPU as every time we go we get bad news sad but OH has insisted as I won't take anything for headache so phoned the EPU today and have an appointment booked for tomorrow morning at 10.40 I am SOOOO scared of what they may tell me tomorrow and I know I shouldn't think negatively but it's so hard not too...

Curlyweasel Wed 11-Dec-13 15:03:06

this is a quiet thread! maybe needs reviving/reposting?

new member - 44/19 weeks and scan on Friday. don't know (or want to know) what we're having this time (dd is 8 - how did THAT happen?).

pixie - how did you get on? fingers crossed for you.

oo00PIXIE00oo Wed 11-Dec-13 20:30:31

We got a heartbeat smile smile smile measuring 8+2 grinning from ear to ear

Curlyweasel Thu 12-Dec-13 10:29:30

oh that's brilliant xxx

JBrd Mon 10-Feb-14 13:24:57

Oooh, hello! I finally found this thread again, I thought you'd disappeared! Is it still active at all, does anyone still look at it? No posts since December...

In any case, some of you might remember me, I have been here before... A couple of times sad
But currently 6+1 and crossing everything that I'll be fourth time lucky.

There are a couple of others on the 40+ ttc thread, and I will send them this way to re-initiate this thread.

willitbe Mon 10-Feb-14 20:24:07

Hi JBd, yep I am here. 9+3 today, I would love it if some of last years 40+ Ladies would come back and update us on how they got on. Looking at the lists from the start of the thread they all should have had their babies by now!!!!

JBrd Mon 10-Feb-14 21:55:41

will That's probably why it's been so quiet here! Let's hope we can re-populate this thread smile

Irishmammybread Mon 10-Feb-14 22:56:33

Hello!!! I'm coming to join you!
29+3 today.
JBrd when will you have your first scan? I know it's impossible not to worry(I still start to freak out if I think I haven't felt baby wriggling for a while so I don't know if it's possible to ever completely relax after suffering pregnancy loss) but I'm sure you'll be fine. x
willitbe 9+3 already ! (though I'm sure time hasn't felt like it's going quickly for you!).Where are you up to with scans?

notsoold Mon 10-Feb-14 23:41:36

willitbe I was at the bottom of the list and have my baby Joe here snoring away and 4 months on the 18th!!!

So ladies get yourselves ready because your turn soon!! smile

RainyAfternoon Mon 10-Feb-14 23:48:22

I'll join you! 16wks today. Have just started to feel the baby moving, very exciting smile

JBrd Tue 11-Feb-14 08:47:34

Hello irish, good to see you here, and welcome rainy

I'm only 6+2, and I don't think that I'd want a scan before 8 weeks, just to make sure that there won't be any uncertainty. Waiting for the midwife to get in touch to arrange the booking appointment, and she will then arrange any scans and refer me to the consultant.
I have been feeling quite queasy and bleurgh since Sunday, desperately hoping that this is a good sign.

guthriegirl Tue 11-Feb-14 09:03:37

Hi. Can I join? I'm 30 weeks( and 42). Have checked this thread out a few times and am pleased to see it's up and running again. I've had a few issues this pregnancy and am off work this morning to go for another growth scan as my baby is very small ( below the 10th centile).My age has been mentioned as possible factor in this which is really helpful as there is nothing I can do about that! Anyway, congratulations to everyone!

blueblackdye Tue 11-Feb-14 09:11:29

Please do Ladies, revive the thread, it is great to read about your journey. Congratulations to all for the pg. Avalon has unfortunately had bad news and Notsoold has joined the parenting thread. We look forward to seeing you on the other side.
I have had wonderful support throughout pg with this thread, now the baby has become a toddler, 18 mo !

blueblackdye Tue 11-Feb-14 09:25:57

Btw, if anyone is interested in baby bath and bath support, you can have them for free. I am in NW, PM me asap. Toddler A wants to be in the big bath now with her big brother smile

blueblackdye Tue 11-Feb-14 09:34:30

Rainy, is it your first ? Feeling kicks at 16wks, wow, brilliant !!! I miss this feeling.
JBrd, I can't remember on which other thread I have seen your nn before, 6wks, only a few more and you will see HB on scan. I remember how emotional that was for me with first and second babies. After 2 mc.
Guthrie, let us know after the scan today. For my second, they found that she had short long bones so I had a few extra scans and ended up with amnio. All was good though and they said maybe it was nothing to worry about as I am not very tall myself ?!? Thank you for the extra stress, docs.

knottyhair Tue 11-Feb-14 09:48:13

Just popping on to say so glad this thread is up & running again! I found it invaluable during my pregnancy, especially as it was completely unplanned and I was coming up for my 44th birthday. DD is now 14 months (also have DS aged nearly 10), and we can't imagine life without our wonderful little girl. Good luck to all of you xx

dats Tue 11-Feb-14 10:26:31

Can I play? grin

I'm 41 and I'm 30 weeks today shock

Had an easy time of it so far, really - no sickness or fatigue in the early days and PGP kicked in about 23 weeks, which a bit of an arse (or a pelvis!) but manageable so far.

Nice to meet you all!

RainyAfternoon Tue 11-Feb-14 11:15:15

Thanks for the welcome! BlueBlack It's my third - I have DD6 and DD4. I had 2 miscarriages after my second. I'm now 42 - due a month after I turn 43. It'll also be my third August baby grin. I think that will probably raise more eyebrows than my age, but never mind!

Irishmammybread Tue 11-Feb-14 13:35:07

JBrd feeling sick is a really good sign (though poor you!)
With my history of miscarriage, this pregnancy I phoned the EPU directly, before anyone else, and they booked me in for a scan at 7 weeks. It was only after seeing the heartbeat that I contacted my GP and actually started the ball rolling with registering the pregnancy and booking into the normal system etc. I was then rescanned at 9 weeks,then 12, though I had a few sneaky private scans in between!
Hope your growth scan goes well today guthrie. I had a growth scan last week at the hospital at 29 weeks and am booked for another at 34 weeks though everything seems ok so far. It is reassuring to get extra monitoring ,even if it's due to "advanced maternal age" as they put it ! I'm 45 but will be 46 by the time baby is born.
We must have nearly the same due date in April, dats too !
Rainy it's lovely to feel the baby move isn't it. My DD2 who's 10 spends ages sitting or lying with her hands on the bump waiting for movements and talking to the baby. My DD1 was an August baby ,DC4 will be my second April baby, due the week after our DS's 21st birthday!
Blueblack and knotty thanks for the welcome, it's nice to speak to some people "on the other side" !
Hello notsoold !

guthriegirl Tue 11-Feb-14 17:34:22

Hi all. Growth scan went ok. Baby has grown but not quite as much as they would like. Consequently I've to be monitored weekly till delivery. Been told they might induce me early should they deem it necessary. Better get that hospital bag packed just in case ! I'm still working full time at the moment and hadn't planned to stop till early April but might need to rethink that. I'll be 43 too when baby's born (due April 17th) Rainy. Move to Scotland. Aug babies ideal for school here. Dec/Jan ones you need to worry about! Though we can defer for a year if we wish.
Hope sickness isn't too bad JBIRD!

Morien Tue 11-Feb-14 23:41:22

Hello to everyone, those I know and those I don't. Good work on reviving the thread, jbrd! I'll join you for a few days - 40+2 now.

Went for my first session of monitoring at the hospital this morning - lay on a bed for half an hour with 2 monitors strapped to me, one for the baby's heart beat, one to check uterine 'activity'. Baby was absolutely fine, but uterus not doing a lot.

Saw my gynae this evening (here in Belgium you see a gynae, not midwives, all through pregnancy regardless of age or anything else) and she checked my cervix...which isn't doing much either. She gave me the number of a midwife who'll come to the house for future monitoring so I don't have to go to the hospital - once more this week, then every 2 days next week. She also booked me in for an induction at 40+15, but I hope it won't come to that. I'm really calm about the whole thing because apart from anything else I've never agreed with my EDD and have always thought I was about a week less pregnant than the doctors say. Anyway, the end is in sight...or should I say the start of the next stage?

EagleRay Tue 11-Feb-14 23:41:56

Hello everyone and congratulations to the newest members of this thread!

JBrd I remember you well, and so pleased you are here again. Wishing you all the best of luck and hope they monitor you as much as is needed.

I joined this thread back in May 2012 when I had a bfp at the age of 40. I'm now 42 and DD has just celebrated her first birthday smile. It's been an amazing journey and this thread was my lifeline, before and after the birth. And many of the posters are now RL friends now too!

Wishing you all the very best of luck for your pregnancies and I will keep dropping by to see how you get on - so glad this thread has been revived.

officelady Wed 12-Feb-14 06:56:23

Good morning ladies - can I join? I'm 42 and (very) unexpectedly pregnant with child number 3. If I make it to the end, it's siblings will be 18 and 16 yrs shock
Going by my LMP date I am 7 weeks pregnant and due on 1st Oct. I reluctantly went to the doctors this week to appease my dh who is worrying about Every Little Thing, especially the fact that I am clearly too ancient to have a baby. However the receptionist wasn't the least bit concerned and said I didn't need to see my GP, I filled a form in and apparently I will be contacted at about 10-11 weeks by a midwife for booking in.
Is that the same as everyone's experience? I've never actually been pregnant in the UK before, because we were living abroad when I had my other 2 babies, and with them I saw a doctor straightaway and a midwife at around the 8 week mark.
I am seriously considering having the Harmony test, there's a clinic not far from where I live that has just started doing them, £550 - eek. But I really, REALLY want to enjoy my pregnancy if I can, and feel like I need to know what I am dealing with here.
I will no doubt be back with millions of pointless and obvious questions - brace yourselves! grin

JBrd Wed 12-Feb-14 08:44:15

Good morning! Nice to see the thread coming back to live and filling up, and great that some of the graduates are popping in to say Hello! Guess we can start a stats list soon smile

Guthrie Glad that your scan went well. I'm always puzzled by the plan of action when they think baby is too small or too big... I had a growth scan with DS as one point because I was measuring too big for my dates, and they also started talking about close monitoring, induction on my due date etc. Seems that induction is the plan for both too small and too big babies! Hope that it won't come to that and that baby has a growth spurt in the next 2 weeks smile

Hi Morien, wow, you're almost there! How are you feeling, have you got everything ready? Let us know if anything happens, you are probably the first of the revived thread that is going to pop!

Hi dats, nice to meet you, too! Is this your first baby? Lucky you with no sickness!

Officelady We are bump buddies grin I'm 6+3, due on Oct 4. And yes, the midwife getting in touch to arrange the booking in appointment is very common in the UK (although I think that 10-11 weeks is quite late...). I'm currently waiting for mine to get in touch, in my area we usually have it around 7-9 weeks, so they have enough time to arrange the 12-week-scan. But it's different everywhere!

Sickness is bad at all, I just feel quite bleurgh in the mornings at the moment, some days more than others. This morning I picked up DS's socks from the floor and then had to quickly sit down because a wave of nausea hit me... I'm taking the as a positive sign - for those of you who won't know my history, I had 3 miscarriages last year, so any symptom is a good thing for me at the moment! Currently doing one day at a time, knicker-checking like crazy and constantly repeating 'Today I am pregnant'. The next few weeks are going to be so hard, as this was the time were it went wrong in all the mcs... <<takes deep breath>>

IAteSomeofthePies Wed 12-Feb-14 10:07:33

Hi All. May I join? I've just read through the whole thread and was worried it would be defunct by the time I got to the part where I could join! I'm 41, hoping for DC1 in late August/ early September. EDD by LMP was 1 Sept. Had a scan for Verifi test (they're doing that instead of Harmony in my trust) last week with EDD of 28/8. Proper dating scan this Friday. If the scan and test results go OK then we could go public next week, as will be 12+ weeks. I really can't believe it, as had a mc in October and kind of thought that was our last chance. If only I'd found this thread sooner maybe I wouldn't have been so despairing.

On phone, so can't see everyone to name check, sorry.

Office I just had booking with MW last week at 10 +6. I hope this blood test will relive my mind, but DH is convinced I'll just find something else to worry about. He may know me too well. Also, it was £££. Ouch. I suspect that my feelings of value for money will be linked to whether or not I get the result I want.

JBrd having just read the whole thread, I'm so glad to see you back! Sickness is a good sign, but I found that to be of limited consolation when I felt so rotten. Hope you have just the right touch of reassuring nausea for about 20mins everyday.

. Morien good luck! I hope you get to meet baby Morien sooner than 40 +15. Yikes!

Guthrie hope the baby puts on a late growth spurt. I'll have to consider that move to Scotland if this is an August baby. (DH may be right about me just finding something else to worry about wink)

Dats lucky you with no sickness!

Irish it looks like you've got lots of "advanced maternal age" company around here.

Phew. Looks like we're getting a little crowd. How lovely! Sorry if I missed anyone. I'm so glad of the company.

dats Wed 12-Feb-14 15:58:05

Hello all!

Yes, Irish we must be close together - April 20 (although I know my ov dates and think it's actually April 22) and guthrie you must be similar too? How exciting smile

Yes - DC1 for me. Wanted children for a long time, unsuccessful ttc while in previous relationship a few years back, (turned out he had issues, which in hindsight was a blessing, I guess) and finally met DP 3.5 years ago. He wasn't sure about children at first, but happily, he came round to the idea of his own accord. After ttc for 9 months I had an early mc in Jan 2013, then tried again and voila up-the-duffness grin.

JBrd massive congrats and everything crossed for you. Do you have any distraction techniques lined up to get you through the early days? Have there been any investigations after your previous mc?

Morien what should your uterus have been doing, exactly? hmm Glad you feel nice and calm!

guthrie glad baby has grown a bit - why do they think it's age-related, is it to do with less effective placenta or something? I'm only saying that because of that thing about old biddy preggos being automatically induced at 39 weeks or whatever, in some areas because of the (very tiny) risk of placental failure.

officelady congrats on DC3! I would have had Harmony if my nuchal results had been high risk. Definitely prefer to know what I'm dealing with. I went to my GP in full knowledge that they'd say 'that's nice dear - make a mw appt' which is exactly what happened. Left GP until 8w, after mc at 6w and then I had a 'pre-booking' appt at about 10w (which was a bit pointless, tbh) and then scan at 12+3 + booking 12+4.

pies congrats! We seem to be in a similar boat with DC1 after previous mc. I still don't believe it either. I have a feeling it's not going to seem real until...I dunno. When the thing is here? Will I believe it then?!

I've not had any extra monitoring at all. Should I be alarmed?! No-one's even mentioned it (despite my paranoia that lots of folk would comment).

guthriegirl Wed 12-Feb-14 17:53:27

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your thoughts re growth scan. Trying to take it a week at a time, keep calm, eat well and rest as much as I can.
Morien can't believe you're nearly there. Remember you from conception thread I think. It was your post that first put me on to the Harmony test which came in very handy when I came back high risk from the combined test at 12 weeks. Thanks for that. Totally worth the money in my opinion. I have history of miscarriage so amnio wasn't for me. It gave me peace of mind and has allowed me to enjoy this pregnancy( well apart from the heartburn/restless legs/ pelvic girdle pain). I would recommend it Office lady .

Dats and Irish we are due at the same time. I'm April 17th!
JBird be keeping everything crossed for you. Those first 12 weeks drag. It's horrible. I had nausea this time and I think it really helped me believe that things were going to progress. Mind you I was( and still am) really nervous everytime I was due for a scan( so far I've had 7!). Anyway, hope it passes quickly for you.

Iateallthe pies Scotland is a great place to live so do come. Actually, my DS is a Dec birthday so I get where you're coming from. I'm worried about him starting school at 4 and a half. might have left him till 5 and a half but with number 2 on the way that's probably not going to be an option.

Anyway, hope everyone is well!

willitbe Fri 14-Feb-14 12:13:54

Stats from restart of thread:

Morien 40+5 now.
Irishmammybread due in April, 1ds, 2 dd, DC4. Age 45 but will be 46 by the time baby is born.
Guthriegirl due 17th April, age 42 I'll be 43 too when baby's born
dats due 20th April (or April 22) DC1 I'm 41
RainyAfternoon due 4th Aug It's my third - I have DD6 and DD4. I had 2 miscarriages after my second. Age 42 - due a month after I turn 43.
IAteSomeofthePies due 1st Sept. DC1 I'm 41
willitbe due 12th Sept 2ds, 1 dd DC4 (+12mc). Age 46
officelady due 1st Oct , this is DC3. I'm 42
JBrd due on 4th Oct. DS and 3 miscarriages. Age?

Hi all, having a wobbly day, thinking it must all be going wrong, but trying desperately to remind myself that "today I am pregnant". Hope others are more positive!!!!

dats Fri 14-Feb-14 12:35:17

Thanks for the list, willit Wah, I'm too near the top! confused

Is there any particular reason you feel worried? Or just one of those crap uncontrollable wobbles?

How's everyone else doing?

JBrd Fri 14-Feb-14 14:01:50

Morien 40+5 now.
Irishmammybread due in April, 1ds, 2 dd, DC4. Age 45 but will be 46 by the time baby is born.
Guthriegirl due 17th April, age 42 I'll be 43 too when baby's born
dats due 20th April (or April 22) DC1 I'm 41
RainyAfternoon due 4th Aug It's my third - I have DD6 and DD4. I had 2 miscarriages after my second. Age 42 - due a month after I turn 43.
IAteSomeofthePies due 1st Sept. DC1 I'm 41
willitbe due 12th Sept 2ds, 1 dd DC4 (+12mc). Age 46
officelady due 1st Oct , this is DC3. I'm 42
JBrd due 4th Oct. DS and 3 miscarriages. Age 42

Thanks for the list, will! I've added my age... Hang in there, it's nearly the weekend! But I know what you mean <<hug>>

I'm also having a wobble - I had a bit of brown discharge since Wednesday, and this morning, when I inserted the progesterone, there was red blood sad. Nothing since, but I am walking on egg shells today - I have been at this point too many times before... It just can't happen again, can it?!

willitbe Fri 14-Feb-14 18:14:02

Dats - yes it is just one of those silly wobbles, my nausea has got worse over this last couple of days, and this happened before each miscarriage, so instead of reassurance I am more concerned, never happy are we!!!!!

JBrd - probably just cervical irritation from the progesterone? I got this when using prog vaginally, so switched to the alternative option, and no bleeding or spotting. It is so hard not to worry though.

How us everyone else?

Cheekychops73 Sat 15-Feb-14 11:22:45

Hi Girls,
can I join you here? I'm currently 23 + 4 with No. 3 (age 40) and due 10th June. Have two boys one who is 20 & one who will be 15 when this little fella joins us. As you can imagine it was a bit of a shock discovering that I was pregnant shock but we are so excited about it now I can't believe we never done it earlier grin.

I'm finding this pregnancy so far so good. I'm a bit tired but over the nausea that lasted 4 months plus thankfully. Have not had any negative reactions to being a wee bit older and pregnant (something that I was worried about when I found out).

So glad to have found this thread big hello to you all Xxx

IAteSomeofthePies Sat 15-Feb-14 11:24:42

Willitbe and JBrd I hope your worries are unfounded and that they pass quickly. Sending reassuring thoughts your way.

Guthrie what little I've seen of Scotland was gorgeous. I can believe that it's a nice place to live.

I had a good 12 week scan yesterday so got to tell my parents last night. So exciting!

I hope everyone else is well.

IAteSomeofthePies Sat 15-Feb-14 11:28:48

Sorry, Cheeky we posted at the same time (takes me ages to tap then out.) welcome! That's brilliant that you've planned for a family with built in babysitters. Very sensible! I've been a bit worried about comments, too. So far have only told my nearest and dearest, so they would hopefully be unlikely to say anything negative, anyway. We'll see what comes, I guess.

Cheekychops73 Sat 15-Feb-14 11:40:35

Thanks Iatesomeofthepies smile just saw you had a scan such a relief to get it and see all is well. I can honestly say no one has said anything about our ages but it was a worry. Are you telling more people now you've had the scan or waiting a while? Only negatives I've had was someone in work telling me it was a shame I was having son number 3 and not a girl angry and a couple of family members making that oh what a shame face when they were told the gender. I politely told them that baby was healthy and amnio & anomoly scan were clear and that I did not give a flying fook that it was a boy just that he was healthy and growing Xxx

IAteSomeofthePies Sat 15-Feb-14 12:30:51

Thanks, Cheeky! It was a huge relief. We also did the early NIPT blood test for trisomies, and got clear results on Thursday, so it was a week of good news. I don't know yet how public we're going right away. Still thinking about it.

I told DH that I wanted a big family of all boys, so that sounds perfect to me! People are so weird in what they feel entitled to comment on/ care about in your life, aren't they? I'm impressed that you could be so polite.

officelady Sat 15-Feb-14 14:07:56

It's lovely to see so much activity on this thread - makes me feel like I'm not doing this crazy thing alone!!
cheekychops if you don't mind