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Pregnant (IVF) Worriers

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Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 16:46:22

Hi everyone,

This thread is for all you incessant worriers out there, not necessarily limited to IVF-ers, although I get the feeling the people who have had trouble TTC are more prone to worrying than others!

A few of us graduated from the IVF thread (link below) and are having a go at our own thread to get out of the other IVF-ers hair! So get your roomy jogging bottoms on for some virtual hand holding, mutual symptom spotting and staying sane until the next scan date.


dildals I'm here to spare you the shame of a failed thread.

We are having our roast dinner in an hour, drool. Are you still feeling any nausea?

Glad you're not stressed about the scan, everything should be fine since you had one a couple of weeks ago, wasn't it?

Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 17:05:53

Ah, thanks! :-)

I had low level nausea for about 2 weeks, then it stopped. No excessive tiredness either. I do want to be in bed by ten, then again, DH is no different and am pretty sure he's not pregnant. A bump is developing as well as boobs (although bump is still in lardy gut phase, rather than cute bump phase).

Had a scan at EPU Friday a week ago and they are doing fine, so just have to believe I am VERY LUCKY to have an easy twin pregnancy (for now)! I think I am going to bring the EPU one of my Lindt bunnies, such a good service!

I do feel the ligaments in my pelvis and hips loosening up, well, I think that's what it is. I checked with my heavily pregnant friend and she had the same around this stage, and her pelvis pain disappeared, so that's good.

I tried on some maternity jeans from my pregnant friend, but they're still too big (awfully comfy though!).

I did a bad thing the other day (apart from the half shot latte I had) ... I read up about diastasis, where the stomach muscles separate after you grow massive, I can recommend NOT reading up on that! ;-)

JethroTull Sun 31-Mar-13 17:16:41

Ooooh hello. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with an IVF baby. I was on the BESH thread in conception. Will follow this with interest, it's good to know there are others like me out there. Congratulations Didalls - twins? And Fairy. How many weeks are you?

Here I am girls, making myself comfy in the worriers corner! Don't worry Dildals. There's no way this thread will fail. There is far too much worrying to do smile

I don't feel too bad today. 7+6 scan is on Thursday. As long as we see a heartbeat and good growth I'll feel much better. Then it's moving on to worry about the nuchal scan etc. have either of you looked into harmony? I think I'm older than you both so our chance of a positive test is high.

I could kill a roast dinner today. Not literally obviously it would have to be dead first!

Enjoy your chocolate bunnies. I still haven't had any chocolate since my preparing for treatment cut out everything campaign. I'm too scared to reintroduce anything just in case.

Shaz xx

Hello Jethro

Welcome to the worriers!

Many congratulations on your ivf success. 13 weeks is brilliant.

Shaz x

Hello, can I join in? Not IVF but multiple second trimester losses and endless months ttc. I'm now 37 weeks and I'm absolutely terrified it's all going to go wrong at the last minute. I've been crying most of today and feel like I've completely lost my nerve. I finished work last week and it's as if the distraction and routine were keeping me sane - now I'm cut adrift and my anxiety is terrible. I've still got two weeks to go before my section date, I asked if they could bring it forward on mental health grounds but they said no. I just don't know how I'm going to get through another two weeks. I mostly think I won't, as it's all about to go badly wrong and I'll lose yet another baby, but at full term this time.

People keep asking me if I'm excited and I grimace and want to punch them.

Anyone else been through this or is it just me?!

Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 17:44:33

Welcome Jethro!

I did have a look at the 'Expecting in Oct 2013' thread, but there were so many people on there and lots of them were so chirpy and optimistic, whereas I at that stage was only worried about miscarrying and jinxing it!

I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday and yes TWINS! EEK! :-) Might as well get it over with.

shazza oh, how exciting, good luck for Thursday! I did look in to the Harmony test, but it doesn't work for twins. FMC does it as well as another centre, name of which I forgot, it's north of £400 I seem to remember. Suggest to have your 12 week nuchal test on NHS first and have the Harmony test book a day later, just in case. FMC does not charge cancellation fees (although worthwhile double checking whether this also applies to Harmony). I assume you have looked in to your chances, have you, I have seen them too, yeah ... not great is it. You might be totally fine though, lots of 40+ have perfectly healthy babies.

Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 18:00:10

Blimey Mariana that sounds horrible! Surely you will be OK at 37 weeks!? Have you tried anything to control your worrying, such as hypnosis? Such a shame you are not able to enjoy your pregnancy.

shazza I hope that post wasn't too blunt, in the style of your GP if you remember ... Didn't mean to exacerbate your worries!

Hi Dildals, my view is that nothing is guaranteed in pregnancy. I've had CBT and mindfulness therapy but it's all gone out the window now. I feel like I'm gritting my teeth and holding my breath the whole time. I have no concept of enjoying a pregnancy!

Hello marina

Welcome to the group.

I'm sorry that you are still so worried. It sounds like you have suffered some sad losses. Congratulations on this pregnancy. I hope that you can find a way to some peace this week and look forward to the arrival of your little one. I can recommend Hypno. I tried it before I started treatment and it really helped calm me down. Then last weekend I was freaking out that I'd lost this baby and I also had a 2ww until my scan and didn't know how to get through those weeks. But she managed to calm me and I've been listening to the tapes. It really helps.

Although your anxiety is completely understandable its a shame if you can't enjoy these last couple of weeks of pregnancy. I wish you loads of luck.

Thanks dildals. Don't worry about the post. I know the stats and yes they don't look good on paper but I'm praying that we will be fine. The trouble is that it seems that the harmony test has to be 10-11 weeks and I'll be 12+4 by the time the nhs scan comes round. We saved money on the treatment so I think I'll do it for peace of mind.


Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 18:16:18

Mariana and that is absolutely right, nothing is guaranteed. Anything can go wrong at any stage, not just in pregnancy. Do you think you will stop worrying after the baby is born, or will you just start worrying about other things? Having children is a constant source of worry!

My personal view is that, although I am aware that things can go wrong, I don't want to spend too much time worrying about it, because that way I would never actually have the time to enjoy my pregnancy and that just seems so unfair.
Pregnancy and having children inevitably means letting go of control. If things go wrong, that would be horrible, awful and traumatic, but I would still prefer to have been pregnant and experienced it rather than never having had the experience at all, if that makes sense.

I know this is super easy for me to say, with only one, first trimester miscarriage, and as I said, this is my personal opinion. I do hope things work out for you though & baby comes early and healthy!

Sorry Mariana we cross posted. Didn't want you to think I completely ignored what you said.

Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 18:17:54

shazza Oh I didn't know that (or I did, and conveniently forgot). It's a brilliant test though, I hope it gets cheaper soon so it will be provided on NHS for everyone instead of amnio / CVS!

Thanks Shazz.

I've been in trials for something similar. If it can spare people CVS or amnio it would be a huge step forward. I lost a baby after a CVS and it was horrendous.

Gosh Mariana I'm sorry to hear that. That must have been traumatic. This is my first pregnancy after 2.5 yrs TTC. I found out i was pregnant 9 days into our 1st ivf cycle. I'll be 43 when this one comes <touches wood> so I know I have to do the tests. I'll go for harmony and pray that my little miracle is ok.

It was dreadful, the baby had t21 and it took that appalling choice out of my hands.

I'm 40 and felt I had no choice but to have cvs again this time. It was absolutely terrifying, I'm very glad you have the option of Harmony..

Hi jethro nice to meet you. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow, I had my first cycle of ivf in Jan after TTC DS2 for 20 months. Still can't quite believe it but now I've seen the ultrasound it definitely worked!

Hi all - nice to meet you Mariana- so sorry about your anxiety. It must be dreadful having suffered the losses you have but it is only 2 weeks and then you will have your beautiful baby.

Dildals and Shazza- I just looked at the harmony test, I didn't know what it was. The clinics I looked at said you can have it any time after 11 weeks. I wouldn't unless the triple test and nuchal fold test came back with worrying results. BTW I think the standard age related risk charts for downs are misleading. My risk at age 34 with DS was supposedly 1 in 200 but my test results came back 1 in 15000. It really is an individual thing.

JethroTull Sun 31-Mar-13 23:00:06

Thanks for the welcome everyone. I posted a couple of times on the October thread too Diddals but it moves so fast & like you say everyone seems so confident, which is how I wish I could be!

Marina sorry you have had such a tough time. No wonder you are anxious. I hope the next 2 weeks are uneventful & that you find some peace & are able to rest.

Fairy I was also successful on our first cycle grin it's a miracle really because I didn't respond to the stimms very well at all. We were TTC for 3 years & went private in the end as the waiting list at our NHS hospital was so long. Can I ask where you had your treatment? We were at care in Nottingham.

I've had the NT screening. Should get the results next week. I'm 36 so imagine I'll be high risk. I'm trying not to think about it.

keepitgoing Mon 01-Apr-13 03:32:10

Hi all. I'm 5+3, so I think the newbie of the thread at the moment. Scan at 7+6, which seems ages away.

Well done Jethro on getting to 13 weeks. Are you more relaxed yet? I guess not until the NT results come back?

shaz your scan is v soon! Exciting! It will look like an actual baby I think.

Mariana I'm so sorry you've had such a difficult time. You so nearly have your baby now. I'm sorry you've not been able to enjoy your pregnancy, but hope once the baby's here it'll be easier. Well done on getting to full term. You never know, baby might make up its own mind and come early. Good luck, keep busy and stay calm.

Time is really dragging at the moment! I am desperate to tell my mum but dh has said no till after the scan.

Can I ask again what any of you have been told about exercise, as so confused. My clinic have said nothing till 12 weeks, but I'm in Thailand and think that's the culture. I am doing 30 mins brisk walking a day, but desperate to get back in the pool. Google seems to say clinics are split - half say do as normal, half say do nothing.

Hi keepitgoing, and congratulations. I'd tell your mum if you are close and if want to, after all, would you tell her if the scan gave you bad news? I've always told my mum as soon as I've known I was pregnant and she's supported me through all my losses. I can understand not telling everyone - there are still quite close friends I haven't told I am pregnant, but not someone you're very close to. My rule has become only tell people when absolutely necessary and even that has made me uncomfortable.

I've always been told that you keep doing exercise, obviously nothing too extreme but things like walking and swimming are fine. A friend of mine was still running at 20 odd weeks (which I thought was extreme but she had never had any problems conceiving etc. so seemed fairly casual about pregnancy.) I was told to stop yoga until 16 weeks and then find a pregnancy yoga class, which I couldn't find.

keep everything I have read says moderate exercise is beneficial throughout pregnancy and what is moderate depends on what level of fitness you have pre-pregnancy. Contact sports, scuba diving or anything involving heat (like bikram style yoga) are not advised however, but I think the risks there are pretty obvious. I would just do what you want to including swimming. I am a regular runner but haven't been for ages because stimming made me too bloated and then the nausea got in the way. I am keen to start again ( although at a moderate pace) but I have a chest cold and the current weather here is really off putting!

jethro I was at bourn hall in Cambridge. They were really good, very professional but down to earth in their advice. I hope your nuchal fold results are reassuring. Remember that is looking at the fetus itself and not your age.

Morning everyone

Keep I would also tell your mum. As Mariana said if it is bad news ( fingers crossed its not) you would want your mum's support anyway wouldn't you?

We've told our parents, my boss and a couple of friends who knew we were doing ivf and have started to ask me how it is going. Ive managed to avoid too many questions but it was supposed to be egg collection this weekend and one close friend texted me to wish me luck so I felt I had to tell her what had happened. I hope I haven't jinxed anything by saying too early!

Mariana you have been so brave to go through everything and still keep trying. You are so nearly there now. I hope that you can lose yourself in final prep these last two weeks and before you know it you will be cuddling your baby.

Thanks for the advice fairy. I know it is the individual and I've been so lucky so far I hope that my luck continues. I'll be nearly 13 weeks if I wait for harmony after the scan. I don't know what to do. Mr s and I are going on holiday week after next. I think we are going to have lots of time to talk about this.

I need to start some exercise otherwise I'm going to put on so much weight and my body won't be nice and strong for the baby. Where do you live Mariana? There are a couple of pregnancy yoga classes near me but that is south London.

I've decided to actually leave the house today after 2 days being cooped up. Enjoy the bank holiday.

Shaz xxx

Dildals Mon 01-Apr-13 14:16:37

keep I go swimming, but I think you already knew that. Like fairy I am a runner but had to stop during stimming. I run once a week now, I used to run about 3 times a week, I don't feel happy running too much, somehow it doesn't feel right, too high intensity. I must say at almost 12 weeks now my pace has dropped to a laughable pace, interspersed with walking! My heartrate goes up to 170 without too much work so I am sticking to cycling and swimming for now. I have also bought a pregnancy exercise DVD which has a different routine for each month of your pregnancy. I am planning to take up pregnancy yoga soon.

MrsHY1 Mon 01-Apr-13 15:02:19

Hi Dildals and everyone
Can I join for some hand holding and mentalling please? I am a mere 4+5 after finding out I was pregnant last Weds. It was my third FET after my fresh cycle was cancelled due to ohss in April 2012. I had two more FETs on the NHS, transferring two 'excellent' blasts each time, but two BFNs. I then switched to a private clinic and went dabbling into the dark arts of NK cells and blood clotting mutations. We transferred our last two embies (both good but the bottom of the pile ratings-wise), one had survived with 80% of its cells and the other 60%, so I think the first one stuck.
Going for my first scan at 7 weeks and totally shitting myself. I know it's far too soon to get excited but sometimes I can't help it. But then I visit some other threads and see how many IVF-related early losses there seem to be, then start shitting myself again. It's pretty brutal! Keep trying to tell myself that if this doesn't work out, at least we got further than ever before. Xx

Hi mrs welcome to the thread. We completely understand your terror! The day I went for my 7 week viability scan I was more anxious than I have ever been in my life. The nurse actually had to stop the scan because my legs were shaking too much! But it was all fine and I am 12 weeks today. It sounds as though you have had a lot of hard times getting here as well.

dildals what DVD do you have? Is it any good? I am desperate for more exercise than just cycling to work or walking but I also get breathless really easily.

I love the idea of pregnancy yoga but where I live is quite rural and there isn't such a thing. I will get back to a regular class as soon as my health allows. I do think it keeps me a bit sane!

Swimming is great to keep on with, as by the time you're enormous it's lovely to feel the weight lifted, even if you don't actually do more than a couple of lengths.

Had a better day so far today as we had visitors which kept me from obsessing for a few hours. Although I was of course, very uncomfortable with the frequent references to the baby. I'm going to arrange to see a midwife this week though and get myself checked over, they said I can go in to the clinic whenever I want for reassurance. I don't have a scheduled appointment until next Friday which seems ages off. I'm now going to do my kick counting which scares the living daylights out of me...

Hi Mrs, scans are utterly terrifying to me so I know how you feel. I cry uncontrollably during them and refuse to ever look at the screen. I feel ridiculous giving advice when I'm clearly such a mess but try to see things as little steps and only look to the next one, not the whole lot at once as it's easily overwhelming.

Hello ladies

I hope you have had a good day.

Welcome MrsH. I'm sorry you have had a rough ride but congrats in your success. We all completely understand the anxiety. Hence the need for this thread. The ante natal threads were just too scary at this stage. So feel free to mental away here. We are here to hold your handsmile

Mariana I'm glad you had a slightly better day.

I feel shamed by all your exercise efforts so I went for a brisk walk today for 30 mins. If I add that a few times a week to my twice weekly ballroom dancing do you think that will be ok for now? I'm rubbish at formal exercise. I like cycling but it's 9 miles to work and an hour each way on my bike is too much for me. Plus the roads are too scary.

Dildals I'd also like the name of the DVD. Exercise in the privacy of my own home sounds like a splendid idea smile

I felt abit funny this morning. Not sick exactly but definitely wobbly and queasy. I've taken it easy this weekend and I'm not looking forward to getting up at 6 tomorrow morning. I feel worse first thing in the morning.

Only 3 more sleeps til my scan. I'm praying that shazlett is in there growing well and it's not just an empty sac. That is my recurring nightmare at the moment.

Have a good evening girls.

Shaz xx

Kafri Mon 01-Apr-13 22:33:21

hi guys

im hi-jacking here.

I worried every single step of the way. I had a bleed at 6 weeks (onm
my bday of all days) so got an early scan-lovely little hb seen.
then uad my viability scan and was discharged from clinic to go to mw care. the all the routine appts from then on.
after each and every one i told myself i would stop worrying as i had seen/heard everything was ok. that lasted until, well pretty much until I got in the car to go home grin I worried about quite literally EVERYTHING. After 6 years and then IVF I had too much to lose.

I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, right up until 32 weeks when my bp started to dance about a bit and a touch of heartburn. in fact, had it not been for my huge bump, I wouldn't have known i was pregnant. (lucky i know)

anyway - the point being - 14 week ds is now sleeping next door and is just bloody beautiful. so, all the worrying was well worth it.

good luck ladies, hope all goes well. enjoy your pregnancies as much as you can. its over in a flash bet it doesn't feel like that at the min and for us IVFers, who lnows if we'll get to do it all again. xx

keepitgoing Tue 02-Apr-13 03:57:55

Hi mrsHY I think we met before. Congratulations!! I'm just a few days ahead of you, and feel exactly the same. Some disbelief, happy we've got this far, scared of seeing an empty sac only (ditto shaz!). I am trying to just keep calm and focus on being pregnant for now. It's still 16 days to my scan...

Hi kafri thanks for sharing your story, and congratulations on your son! I don't suppose you've stopped worrying now, though, have you? smile Wise words, though, thank you.

shaz that sounds like a good amount of exercise. But I agree road cycling not a good idea. Two days now!!

Mariana great that yesterday was a bit better. One less day, now. Can I ask, how is your husband/partner? Is he OK? You're nearly there, sweetheart.

Kafri Tue 02-Apr-13 08:07:00

I have most definitely not stopped worrying lol

I told myself that all would be ok once i could see him/her - we didn't find out the sex.

well - now its is he eating enough? is he warm enough? is his nursery the right temp? have i got the right toys for his development? am I playing enough? am I putting him down enough? the list is endless.

its still really strange having someone so dependant on you.

grin all worth it though! ! xx

Kafri, I bet you haven't stopped worrying! Congratulations on you're son though.

Only two more sleeps until your scan now shaz. There is something called the 'presumption of normality' that I read about once, in that 90% of pregnant women have this attitude because about 90% of pregnancies are problem free. Because you've already experienced infertility you lose this presumption but there is still a huge chance that you're in the 90% problem free category. (I hope this makes a bit of sense!)

I personally didn't stop worrying after I had my daughter but it was a different kind of worrying. My worry is that my stupid unreliable body will let the baby down, whereas that is less of an issue once they're safely out. I have rather a negative attitude towards my body as I feel that it has let me down by being rubbish at fertility and pregnancy. Before all this I liked it and felt fit, healthy and strong.

I think road cycling makes you feel very vulnerable so I wouldn't do that!

My husband is lovely, keep, but also anxious about it so I can't offload onto him. He doesn't know nearly as much as I do about it all so when I tell him what I'm worried about it becomes a new thing for him to worry about too. I explained the importance of sleeping on ones left side to him the other day, which was new to him and now he's waking me up in the night to get me to turn over.

He's back at work today so I will be busy with looking after my daughter and housework. I hope this takes my mind off things. It's good to have a rest physically but mentally I just whip myself up into a panic.

Hope everyone else has a good day.

Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 09:12:49

On the exercise DVD, I got the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, which is a bit OTT of me, because it is not for sale in the UK. I managed to find a region-free version on ebay which I bought. I really liked the idea of having a different DVD every month, because your body is changing so much every month. I was worried about doing something 'wrong' if I were to carry on doing weight training on my own, so I was either going to hire a PT or buy this DVD. The DVD is cheaper ... The workouts are not easy, which I like, I get a bit of a rash when I am exposed to too much yoga, whale chanting and incense. The next person who tells me that I should focus on 'gentle exercise' I may have to not v gently slap in the face! I listen to my body, combined with common sense and do the exercise I feel comfortable with and that should be sufficient really. I have only done one DVD but it is all floor exercises focused on muscle strengthening. She exercises your stomach muscles by means of other exercises which is quite good, so no crunches. I am not used to doing these type of exercises so I had sore bum muscles for about five days. But I need to be strong to carry these 2, now and after they're born. And my god, if I carry on with these DVDs for nine months I will have an ass you can crack an egg on (somewhere under the maternal fat stores). ;-)

I am sure there are other pregnancy DVDs out there, I did a bit of MN research at the time and there's definitely other suggestions out there.

keepitgoing Tue 02-Apr-13 13:56:10

Happy 12 weeks dildals!

Hello ladies

I'm struggling at work today. For all my moaning about not having symptoms I'm full on queasy today.ive never noticed how many smells there are around. Especially on the bus. I thought I was going to punch the man who slammed my window shut when I was desperate for fresh air! And I'm so so tired. I just want to be at home.

Kafri thank you for sharing your story. That is really inspiring. Congratulations on your beautiful son. How wonderful for you. I feel reassured by your lack of symptoms even though some sickness has started for me today.

Keep I totally relate to the disbelief. I keep thinking that once I see the scan I'll be fine and not worry anymore but I fear that I may be like Kafri and that will last until I exit the building. Do you have any further contact with the clinic, blood tests etc? Or is that it now til your scan?

Mariana I hope you are having a good day at home with DD. thanks for the 90% reassurance. It's a really good point. I was wondering if most women worry like this but a friend of mine has just given birth and I can't believe for a minute that she worried at all. She is so relaxed about everything. (she's australian!). I hope you will feel better about your body once it has delivered a healthy strong baby for you.

My DP sounds very similar to yours. He is so supportive but more of a worrier than me. Every time I bring up something new he gets more anxious. The latest one is downs screening. For some reason he hadn't considered it. I'm panicking because we didn't discuss it before and feel terribly irresponsible.

Thanks for the DVD tips dildals. Is it the one that costs about £50? Is there much jumping around? I live on the 1st floor!

Hello fairy and MrsH I hope you are both ok today.

Well I'd better try to continue with work.

Have a good afternoon all.

Shaz xxx

Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 15:59:26

shaz NOOO I got it for £26 incl postage!

Oh, I couldn't go on the bus with all the smells, it's horrible isn't it? I don't really like opening the fridge either, too many smells coming at once.

keep thanks! Scan next week Monday. SO excited (maybe I don't belong on a worriers thread! ;-)

Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 16:00:30

Shaz and there is zero jumping around. Normally the Tracy Anderson DVDs are too 'dancy' for me, I feel totally uncoordinated if I ever try and replicate any of her moves, but these I can positively manage!

Kafri Tue 02-Apr-13 16:02:48

I tried to reason it out with myself in the end - I decided that being pregnant is precious to any woman but for us who've had difficulty in becoming so it was all the more precious and we sort of had more to lose. I'm not saying it's ok for anything bad to happen to someone who can conceive naturally at all, just that with all the effort and worry we've had in getting pg, to fall at the final hurdle would be awful.

I work in a particularly difficult field for being pg - kids with challenging behaviour and I very much wrapped myself in cotton wool throughout the whole 9 months thats a lie too, 40 weeks is nigh on 10 months but that thought would finish many a pg lady off I didnt care about the people that would say 'don't worry, you'll be fine' etc, I did everything I possibly could to make sure I was out of harms way.


keepitgoing Tue 02-Apr-13 16:03:49

Well you've had quite a few scans, dildals, so there's nothing to worry about! You can try and keep us calm...

Shaz, no, I have no appointment till the 18th. Glad you're feeling sick... I just said to dh I don't think I'm pregnant I feel so normal (except wind...) But he said hcg tests and seeing a sac don't lie.

Hi keep I know funny isn't it? Mr S said great when I said I felt sick. It's worse after eating. That's when I can decide what to eat that is going to make me felt the minimum sick possible! It has only been the past few days. The nutritionist told me not to worry if all I could keep down is fish finger sandwiches (for example) the baby will be fine for a few weeks feeling off my stores so I can afford to concentrate on eating foods that are ok for a couple of weeks if need be.

Your DP is right. You are definitely preggerssmile But I know how you feel. You are just over 5 weeks is that right? That's when I had no symptoms and was freaking out about it. I didn't believe everyone who said don't worry the symptoms will come. But don't worry the symptoms will come winkand if they don't then you'll be lucky!

Thanks dildals. I'll check out eBay. Sounds perfect.

Am on bus home. It's less busy so I can have the window open without loads of people moaning. I might try the train if I don't feel better. I'll have to wear the baby on board badge though (even though i'll feel like a fraud) otherwise I'll never get a seat and I can't stand all the way if I'm concentrating on not feeling sick.


Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 17:11:07

keep I have a loyalty card at St Thomas EPU. I love it there. Do you think I can rent one of those machines? ;-)

MrsHY1 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:01:24

Thanks for the welcome everyone!
Dildals I too would love to be doing a bit more exercise but I'm literally freaking out if I sneeze or cough at the moment (worrying I'll dislodge the embryo!) so I'd better not do too much. I have got an exercise bike and am going to try and get back on that (albeit at a lower intensity). Really like the sound of the Tracy Anderson DVD though.
Shazza that bus journey this morning sounds horrid! That said, I'm feeling really reassured about what you're saying re symptoms - at 5 weeks tomorrow I'm panicking that other than a funny pokey feeling 'up there' that comes on now and then I've got no other symptoms and have therefore convinced myself that two pregnancy tests (amazed I've not done more actually) and a HCG blood test are totally wrong. Am definitely liking the sound of fishfinger sandwiches though.
keepitgoing hi again! So pleased things worked out for you too. Your DH is right but mine is saying the same thing (albeit haven't seen a sac) and I keep telling him that he's talking rubbish. Poor sod. Your scan is the day after mine!
kafri I'm glad that basically this is the start of a lifetime of worry smile
Mariana I love the presumption of normality theory. Well, I don't like the fact that I'm 'in it', but it's made a lot of things make sense and has actually made me think more positively. Why should we sleep on our left? I do anyway but I'd like to know and it might give me something else to worry about ;)
fairypangolin I think I too will suffer from shaky legs (and everything else!) a fortnight tomorrow!

I've had a good(ish) day, work has kept me busy and I had to go to the clinic to pick up another 20 shots of Clexane (I'm getting some beautiful blue bruises all over my middle and both thighs, good job I won't be requiring a bikini body any time soon). Otherwise, not much to report! is it wrong that when I've posted this I'm quite tempted to check out the buggy reviews?? The problem is that I'm quite an optimist in real life so this constant state of pessism isn't agreeing with me at all. I'm off to see my counsellor at 8pm (who is worth her wait in gold) so if she passes on any gems I'll share!

Kafri Tue 02-Apr-13 18:24:48

MrsHY1 i'm not sure i'll ever have a bikini body again - DS certainly put paid to that with a little help from my pregnancy eating habits
I'm the same, i'm a really happy go luck person so it was completely out of the ordinary for me to worry so much - think i've got into the swing of things now though wink

For all of you who are wanting to throw darts at my head for having a symptom free pg, I can tell you I have paid for it since. DS has been a, er, handful, to say the least. He spent the first 8 weeks of his life screaming inconsolably. He has reflux and is on Pepti1 milk and Omeprazole to control it - but will, to this day, still not sleep on his back - just another thing I worry about given that everyone does the whole 'make sure baby sleeps on their back' and 'foot to foot' etc - WELL SOME BABIES JUST BLOODY WON'T. grin
He is only now beginning to settle a bit better but is still whiny to say the least.

Argh, don't want to panic people (further) but some people think you should try to only sleep on your left side when you're heavily pregnant. It's supposed to reduce the risk of stillbirth, but although there is reliable research evidence, it hasn't led to a formal recommendation from NICE or whoever.

(Of course, if you try to sleep only on your left side you will wake up on your right side or back on the hour, every hour and the resulting insomnia will make you even more bonkers!)

kafri if its any consolation, my DS also just would not settle on his back so at about 4 weeks old in desperation I put him on his stomach and he instantly slept for 3 hours! I asked the health visitor whether it really was that much more dangerous and she said well only a few years ago I was advising mothers to only put babies on their fronts... After that he always slept on his tummy and he was fine. I did keep checking his breathing every ten minutes for the first week though.

mrs I would say go and look at buggy reviews if it makes you happy!

shazza I don't want to say congratulations on feeling queasy but at least now you won't be worrying about not having symptoms. My current thing is I love drinking very cold water and sucking on ice. God knows why but it just feels delicious. Haven't told anyone in RL although I did buy DS some ice lollies so I could nick one.

Hi ladies

Fairy I've moved onto the OJ craving that you and dildals had. I keep denying any cravings and insist to DP that I just 'fancy' a glass of OJ and it is just a coincidence that I've suggested baked beans as a dinner accompaniment 4 times this week! Cravings me? Nooo!

I'm going to request to work from home tomorrow. I simply can't face that bus journey again. I'm off for 2 weeks from next week ( it was due to be my 2ww - who would have guessed id be where i am now!) and I'll be 10 weeks by the time I go back (fingers crossed everything is ok at the scan on thursday) so hopefully the queasiness will have passed.

Honestly MrsH I googled the hell out of '5 weeks pregnant and no symptoms' then '6 weeks pregnant and no symptoms' then I got tired and thought yippee a symptom then it went away and I googled 'waning pregnancy symptoms '! Im glad i can say this and not be judged a loon i darent fess up to that sort of paranoid behaviour in RL. I found scores of people who said that they also had no symptoms except.....and then went on to list symptoms. Also I did 9 tests and 1 hcg blood test and still didn't/dont believe it.

Gosh Kafri I'm afraid you are speaking another language with reflux and pepti! That takes worrying to a whole other level. I'm glad that your DS seems to have settled now. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have a little fella depend on you for everything. The decisions that need to constantly be made. I hope it comes with a manual grin.

Mariana have you had a better day? You are one day nearer!

Keep what did you decide re swimming?

Is anyone else massively constipated from the progesterone (sorry if TMI!) my tummy is so bloated and hard by nighttime it's so uncomfortable. I was trying to do my best ballroom dancing pose tonight but couldn't lift up out of my waist. There was no flexibility in my abdomen. I've only got fanny candles til Thursday. I wonder if I can stop them after the scan. Fairy and dildals when did you stop?
And on that note I will bid you goodnight smile
Night all.

Shaz xx

Kafri Wed 03-Apr-13 06:01:21

Shazza Well - if he came with a manual, i'm afraid my mw forgot to deliver that part when she was delivering him. grin
Believe me, I hadn't put ANY thought into what I would do if my baby wasn't the typical eat/sleep/poo machine you think you're going to get. But, somehow - you just get on with it.
The one thing I would say is that if you feel that something isn't right then persevere with the docs as they are quite happy to simply tell you 'oh, all babies cry, its what they do'. You will just know if there is something not right. For me, it was the endless crying - in my limited experience, no baby I have known has ever cried for the sheer length of time ds cried for. There was defo something not righ and I just had to keep on pushing the docs to listen. Pepti 1 is a formula that is Cows milk protein free so is easier for little tummies to digest. Sometimes, their tummies just aren't quite developed enough and cannot digest their milk properly. Most of the time this will right itself as baby grows and sometimes it is an actual intolerance to something in the milk (dairy allergy/intolerance etc) The Omeprazole neutralises the acid in the tummy so stops it burning when it comes back up the throat.

Sat here now as DS woke up at 4 and hasn't really settled since so now i'm not sure what the hell is wrong with him - he's had a feed, changed his bum etc so trying to settle him without 'playing'. don't want him in the habit now of thinking 4am is playtime!!


Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 08:01:08

shazza was wondering whether this orange juice craving (plus your baked beans) are to do with iron intake. Taking vitamin C improves iron uptake and lots of pregnant women are deficient in iron. Just a thought. I am still heavy on OJ, no ice cubes for me.

The sleeping on the left is to do with compressing the liver I think, i did read that somewhere, not so much of an issue if you are still in the early stages of pregnancy.

Sympathies Kafri, reflux is bloody awful but they do grow out of it, just keep reminding yourself of that. Also i think you've got it diagnosed really early which is good, sometimes it can be months and months before docs will listen. My daughter cried and didn't sleep because, I'm ashamed to say, she was often too cold. I followed all the SIDS prevention sleeping advice to the letter and she just wasn't warm enough and thus would only really sleep on me. Even now she wants to be very wrapped up in bed.

Shazz, constipation is the bane of my life when pregnant. I am currently on lactulose every day because it was so bad and even with this I am still constipated for most of the time. It's awful! At your stage though you just need to find what works for you. Experiment! Prune juice makes no difference to me, but eating a massive bowl of All Bran every day does. Also the usual about lots of fruit and veg and gallons of water. Pregnancy is very very unglamourous.

Don't worry about the pregnancy symptoms at all. This time I had very few symptoms, despite having had horrendous 24 hour nausea in my other three pregnancies right up until 14/15 weeks. I was upset as I kept thinking I must have miscarried as I felt too normal this time but it really is true that every pregnancy is different.

Hope everyone has a good day.

shazza I an still on the progesterone and will be for another 2 weeks! Getting v sick of it now. I had bad constipation a few weeks ago when I was at your stage but I found it helped to eat a bowl of high fibre cereal just before bed, then 2 prunes with decaf coffee first thing in the morning. Once I got this going I was regular again.

dildals I wonder if the iron theory is right. I have been thinking about taking iron anyway because I was anaemic with DS so maybe I will give it a try.

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 09:50:54

fairy at the booking appt they do check for iron levels, but they haven't given me a call to say I should start taking something. I do take a pregnacare vit which has iron in it. I am so cold the whole time as well, but I think that is just being fed up with winter!

shazza I carried on with the progesterone until about 10 days after my scan (which was at 7 weeks plus a couple of days). Because you fell pregnant naturally you should technically not need any progesterone support (since you did not have EC). If in doubt give Guys a call, I am sure they're happy to help with a prescription.

Will you believe I almost forgot about the fanny candles!

Can't help you on the constipation I am afraid! Agree with the unglamorous bit though ... the flatulence is wreaking havoc on my sex life, that's all I am saying.

Oh, shazz one thing, when you get to your booking appt you might want to look in to (asking MW) taking low dose aspirin after week 12. It's recommended for women >40, first pregnancy (or carrying multiples, history of high BP, pre-eclampsia etc). You tick (at least smile 2 boxes so you may want to ask your MW about this and/or do your own research. I found this in the NICE guidelines for multiples, not that my MW had any clue!

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 09:53:04

Two more thoughts for the day, and then honestly I will start some work:
- Am thinking of getting a big Baby On Board sign to sow on my hi-viz cycling jacket ;-)
- Entries have just opened up for my local & friendly aquathlon (500m swim+5K run), I will be 21 weeks by then ... I am delusional thinking I can actually enter that, aren't I? Surely I will be massive by then with twins? Still not 100% come to terms with this pregnancy thing!

DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 10:01:49

Can I join this thread? I feel like a bit of a fraud because this is a natural pg, but I had a loss at 8 weeks in 2010 (having tried for 8 years) then unsuccessful IVF, then got pg with IVF twins in 2011 who I lost at 20 weeks and then had one last go at IVF and now have an almost 1 year old beautiful daughter. Am now 10 weeks pregnant with a surprise natural pg, and have already had a few scans so I know there's a baby in there with a heartbeat... It's really hard not being totally paranoid and although I signed up to the October 13 thread it's too positive and happy!

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 10:37:45

Hi, can I join too? I float around the pregnancy board but feel completely out of place with all the positive happy ladies. I am 17, 4 weeks pregnant, 42 and this is an IVF baby. I also had IVF when I was 40 but lost the baby at 25 weeks which was very very hard. No solid reason can be found for it happening and it's been put down to a perfect storm of very bad luck. So this time around I have no idea what to worry about! I try hard to just enjoy being pregnant, watch the bump emerge and think positive. We even looked at travel systems and car seats last weekend. Progress!

Dachs and Mariana, I'm so sorry about your lost babies.

Gosh a lot of activity today. I'm working from home. Hurrah!

Welcome to Dachs and Expat. I'm so sorry for both your terrible losses how dreadful but congratulations on your pregnancies. You are most welcome here we can get through this minefield together.

Fairy another 2 weeks on the fanny candles! Wow. I guess they will advise me at guys tomorrow. They are playing havoc with any intimate activity if you know what I mean wink.

Fairy and dildals thanks for the iron tip. Good thought. I'll watch out for it.

Dildals I don't have my booking appt yet and getting worried about it. I'm 8 weeks on friday and it's supposed to be between 8-10 weeks. I left a message at st Thomas' yesterday so hopefully they will get back to me. I've got a growing list of questions. Personally I wouldn't do the aquathlon under normal circumstances let alone being pg with twins. But I guess it depends on what you would normally do. Maybe you walk instead of run?

Kafri thanks for the explanation. Poor little mite. It must have been so distressing for you both when he was crying. I'm glad that you seem to have found the answer. Thanks for the tip about perseverance with the docs. Thank goodness for mother's intuition.

Mariana how are you today? You are right about pregnancy being unglamorous I keep burping and I never usually burp. DP thinks its hilarious. What I want to know is when do I start blooming? Im bloated, burpy, constipated, spotty and worried. I thought I'd be wafting around in floaty skirts choosing nursery colours grin

I love this working from home lark. I must remember to actually do some work though.

Have a good day all.

Shazza xx

keepitgoing Wed 03-Apr-13 11:18:28

I was told to stop the fanny candles at 8 weeks. Am 5+5 today. Shaz, I don't have constipation but dreadful wind, my tummy's massive and painful by the evening. I'm trying very small meals, very often.

Hi dachshund you do belong here if you're not one of the 'bubbly carefree' preggos. What a tough journey you've had.

dildals I don't think most first pregnancies show at 21 weeks. Even with twins they're quite small at that point, no? Worth a try, and if you're big just do it slowly!

shaz your scan's tomorrow!!! Yay! At last.

Hi expatal well done on getting to 17 weeks and looking at baby stuff. I'm sorry for your losses.

I know Keep. I'm so nervous. I'm trying to clear my work just in case it's bad news and I don't go to work on Friday. I keep wanting to call guys to check that they have remembered that I'm going tomorrow. But I'm resisting. They really have MUCH more important things to be doing! I'll see shazlett tomorrow. I can't believe it. Please Please let it be ok. Xx

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 11:28:40

keep this pregnancy started showing at 10 weeks and on Monday (after 2 Lindt bunnies) I fitted nicely in to a pair of maternity jeans, so I reckon I will be showing alright at 21 weeks!
My GP stopped running at 15 weeks (singleton) because the pressure on her pelvic floor made it uncomfortable. I can already feel it now when I run, so realistically, I don't think it's a good idea.
I used to be able to run 5K in 22 mins, now I take 35 mins, I am not sure I will be able to go any slower!

Hi Expatal and Dasc, I lost my second baby at 22 weeks so I can empathise all too much. It's an absolutely heartbreaking, life-changing experience and means you can never be wholeheartedly positive about pregnancy again. I do have a pram hidden in the garage but have been utterly unable to buy nappies or a new cot mattress. People think I'm mad but so be it.

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 11:33:16

(the slowness is due to me getting out of breath so quickly, and taking longer to warm up, not my size! ;-)

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 11:40:45

Hi Shazza, thanks for the welcome. I am the burping glam goddess too. I think I read upthread that you're having a scan tomorrow. They're nerve racking but incredibly exciting. Every single symptom would disappear the morning of the scan.

So having read the rest of the thread properly:

Wow Dildals, twins! How do you feel? Completely agree with you about enjoying the pregnancy.

Shazza the statistics are just guessstitics. The fact that you are producing lovely plump eggs that can take is a great sign. This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I haven't been constipated at all and think my daily probiotic plays a big part in that. I also drink pints and pints of water and walk when I can.

Mariana you must be a teeny bit excited, no? Not long to go at all. I understand after so many losses it's hard to know what to feel but allow yourself to rejoice you've got so far.

Fairy congrats. 12 weeks is fab.

Congrats Jethro. My guesstitics theory applies to you too.

I know I've missed lot of people but am supposed to be actually working while I'm sprawled on the sofa so better send out some emails.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 11:46:58

Dildals have you thought about pilates? I do that and it keeps everything where it should be - probably even more important when you're carrying two. I think at 21 weeks you'll be pretty big but the bump should still be manageable. But would you really want to do all of that?

Thanks expat. I am also taking various probiotics and drink about 3 litres a day. I am 'going' but uncomfortably!

Can I ask a question please? I hope its not too personal. We are the same age. Did you opt for taking the combined screening tests? Did you consider harmony? I'm thinking about that.


DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 12:14:16

I'm having the harmony test at the FMC next week Shazza - they have a package where they give you a scan at between 10 and 10+6 and take the blood and then you have your nuchal scan at the usual time and they only charge the nuchal scan price (£180) - everywhere else charges >£400 for it so it's a good deal!

Thanks Dachs. I'll call them tomorrow after the scan. My nhs scan is booked but I'll be 12+4 by then so I was worried to wait until after. Gosh it's so nerve wracking isnt it?

Sorry Dachs how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 12:24:41

Shazza - I'm 37... I'm nervous about the scan partly because I'm over 35 but also because it was so hard to get pregnant I'm worried that there is a higher likelihood of having some kind of chromosomal problem.

Thanks Dachs. I know the feeling. I'm worried that if something goes wrong with this pregnancy that I won't get another go. I'm going to be 43 this year. It took long enough to get this one. At least ive got all the ivf drugs still in my fridge so we could go back to plan A and keep our fingers crossed. But hopefully that wont be necessary and everything will be fine. smile

Good luck for your test next week.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 13:10:54

Shazza, yes we had the combined test. By the time we had the scan we hadn't seen splodge for 5 or so weeks* and had convinced ourselves that all kinds of things were wrong. In the end our combined tests were good so we didn't go for any more tests but would have looked at doing harmony if we'd had to.

*disclaimer. I know that in normal pregnancies you only see your baby three times on the screen but us IVFers see them much earlier and get used to the reassurance so it's hard when you have to go without.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 13:11:59

And that was our fear too - that we had been incredibly lucky and it was pushing fate to have to try again. This is realistically our last chance.

Kafri Wed 03-Apr-13 14:07:09

my clinic gave me the prog pessaries through to 12 weeks - oh the joys. After I had a small bleed at 6 weeks, they suggested putting them in the back door, as the bleed may have been linked to the pessaries in some way. I didn't question it - just went along with it seeing as you can use either 'entrance' with them.

Oh, and as if 12 wasn't long enough - my consultant (I was cons led as I had lletz a couple of years back so was at risk of early labour - just to add to my worries) said I was 'eligible for a trial my trust were running where they give you pessaries to use in the third tri - half of women are given prog pessaries while the other half are given blanks - it was a research project to see if prog can stave off early labour.

keepitgoing Wed 03-Apr-13 15:17:36

So six months...?!
Did it work? Did you have early labour?

Dasch, I know way too much about chromosomal disorders having been struck by them twice in two consecutive pregnancies. I have never read of a connection between infertility, length of ttc and trisomies. Even at 40 plus the odds are still on your side. Yes there's a higher chance, but the odds are still by far in your favour as an individual. The harmony test sounds marvellous though.

Gosh Mariana you have had a rough ride. No wonder you are nervous. I really feel for you.

Thanks expat and dasch. I'm going to try to hang on to mariana's point that the odds are still in our favour regardless of age. Fingers crossed for everyone.

I have loved working from home. I've got loads done. I'd be lonely if I did it everyday though.

By this time tomorrow hopefully I'll have seen shazlett...I simply can't imagine at the moment what that will be like. X

Hi dachs and expatal - welcome to the thread! Expat- I think you popped up on the ivf thread in jan to say some encouraging things about not being too old to conceive, thanks for that. Glad to see everything is going so well. I am so sorry to hear of both your losses and mariana's. I have been so lucky in comparison. You all ate very brave.

I told my boss yesterday about the pregnancy since it is getting so obvious (keep I had a bump at 18 weeks with my first and 8 (!!!) with this one. It was enormous by full term with DS, I looked like I had swallowed a basketball). He was surprisingly relaxed about it so I must have caught him on a good day. We area very small team so anyone taking time off is hard to cover. I am v relieved to get that conversation over with.

My parents are visiting at the moment and my mum wants to talk a lot about the baby. It's funny, in a way I do but I feel very detached from it all. It is odd to have got what I wanted after wanting it for so long. I am really looking forward to feeling him or her move because that might warm me up a bit.

dildals you could sign up fur the aquathlon but give yourself advance permission to drop out if you don't feel up to it. Everyone is so different when pg. with DS I was still cycling on my mountain bike up til 2 days before I went into labour but I know a lot of people who found that impossible after the second trimester. I think a lot depends on your build and how the baby is lying.

Ps* shazza* good luck with the scan! I will have my fingers crossed.

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 18:07:22

Good luck shazza !!! So exciting!

Good luck Shazza!

Kafri Wed 03-Apr-13 23:10:10

keepitgoing I guess you could say I had early labour - he was 1 day early grin in all seriousness, that was one of the things I fretted about the most - esp once I got to like 20 weeks. it was like I was on countdown and with each week passing, baby had a better chance...

keepitgoing Thu 04-Apr-13 03:42:03

One day Early's about perfect, I'd say smile

shaz lovely I look forward to your news later and am keeping everything crossed for you. It will be amazing.

Thanks girls. I'm so nervous and keep trying to remind myself that the majority of pregnancies are perfectly fine. I just hope that it's not empty in there. I'm dreading that. I've been unbelievably lucky so far. I hope it lasts. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a good morning. Xx

Dildals Thu 04-Apr-13 10:05:05

What time is your appt shazza?

When I walked out the scan room with the happy news and a picture I was completely dazed, like walking on a bouncey castle, and part of me wanted to wave the pictures around in the waiting room, punching the air, shouting 'IT'S TWINS!' 'THIS IVF MALARKEY CAN WORK GIRLS, KEEP THE FAITH!' But decided against it, Brits don't talk to strangers after all, trying to fit in ;-).

shazza I dare you, I think you need to do it, for all the 40+s out there! ;-)

(I am totally optimistic about your scan :-))

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 10:16:12

Lol, I was the same Dildals. I wanted to say 'this woman got me pregnant and i'm really really old. Don't despair!'
But we walked out sedately with poker (I think) faces.

Good luch Shazza. Enjoy!

Thanks expat and dildals. The appt is at 1pm. Im soooo nervous! Im sitting at my desk trying to get all my work done cause if its bad news im not coming in tomorrow and then im off for 2 weeks. But I've got butterflies.

If all goes well I could walk out saying 'definitely keep the faith I got pg at the 11th hour even with these old eggs and they told me I couldn't do it!!!!'

I'm not particularly religious but oh please God let it be ok.


Ps did anyone see one born every minute last night? I don't usually allow myself to watch these progs but I did last night. There was a young couple and the lad went out for a cup of tea and a fag and when he came back he had missed the main event! Bless him he was gutted. Mr S is a big tea drinker and I can imagine him popping out for a quick earl grey only to come back and it has all happened. I've told him that if we get that far he is NOT allowed, under any circumstances, to leave me alone!

keepitgoing Thu 04-Apr-13 11:14:09

shaz I think you got pregnant at the 13th hour smile
Argh I thought you'd be done by now, 5pm here.
<holds hand from the other side of the world>

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 11:18:39

I wish it was 5pm here. Work is suffering but I can't make myself care.

Thanks Keep. <grips hand slightly too tightly!>

dildals and expat double LOLS! I kept quiet in the waiting room after the scan but I did announce to the receptionist that 'it worked!' I was afraid the other couples there may have had bad news but perhaps we are all too buttoned up here ( then again I'm not British either...)

shazza good luck again. I like your story re tea breaks and labour. When I was in hospital trying to give birth to DS at one point in the 48 hr ordeal DH went out and got a bag of crisps, came back in and sat there crunching whilst I lay on the bed immobilised and in agony from an epidural that only partly worked. I wasn't allowed to eat either in case if a caesarean. I got really annoyed and told him, "this is not a spectator sport!" Which the midwives found hilarious. I have since forgiven him.

Oh poor you fairy. I think that insulting DPs is part of it all isn't it?

Talking of which....so I text DP to say that I'm leaving work now and he calls me to ask why am I leaving so early, what time are we meeting? HE FORGOT TO CHANGE THE CLOCK IN HIS OFFICE!!!!!!! I left him running to try to leave the flat to get the train to London bridge meanwhile I'm on the bus wondering if he will make it and I could be doing this exciting/difficult experience on my own. confused

Oh poor you fairy. I think that insulting DPs is part of it all isn't it?

Talking of which....so I text DP to say that I'm leaving work now and he calls me to ask why am I leaving so early, what time are we meeting? HE FORGOT TO CHANGE THE CLOCK IN HIS OFFICE!!!!!!! I left him running to try to leave the flat to get the train to London bridge meanwhile I'm on the bus wondering if he will make it and I could be doing this exciting/difficult experience on my own. confused

Dildals Thu 04-Apr-13 12:50:33

OMG! Men!

You won't be doing it alone, we will all be thinking of you! And you can always ask them to wait for 20 mins or so with the scan because DP is running late? He better get a frikkin scoot on though!

MrsHY1 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:19:40

Just wanted to say welcome to Dachs and Expat and good luck to Shaz - I'm thinking of you right now!
Ladies - what would Jesus do. I'm going to see the GP tomorrow to record my pregnancy and get some more metformin (which has been prescribed to me for yonks to sort my PCOS symptoms out - way before I was TTC) and I'm tempted to test again - I haven't tested since 4+3. My logic is that there's no point going if I've lost the pregnancy and I get a negative, but I think this is just an excuse to test again. My rational brain tells me that a) I could get a negative and it could totally f*ck up my weekend and no doubt, life, but at least I'll know, or b) I could get a nice juicy pos (am planning to use a CB digi) which would be reassuring, but c) not conclusive anyway as even if I've lost it I could have HCG in my system. GAH. Did those of you who have been scanned at 6/7 wks test before/between scans? x

MrsHY1 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:20:13

PS I will be 5+2 tomorrow.

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 13:25:23

Oh no! Hope he makes it.

MrsH, I peed on a stick many many times just to see those beautiful two lines. Why do you think you've lost the pregnancy? I'm pretty good at negative thinking but this is doom gloom thinking even for me.

MrsHY1 Thu 04-Apr-13 14:59:28

Lol expat smile
I don't know - a combination of reasons I guess. The fact I got a faintish line on a FRER on test day when I thought it would show up blazing pink if it was a healthy pregnancy (even though HCG the day after confirmed good levels), the total lack of symptoms and the fact that I'd totally given up on this cycle working given the embie was the bottom of the bunch and only thawed with 80% of its cells intact. I am being properly doom and gloom aren't I! x

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 15:08:30

I'm sure you know that the brightness of the line depends on the amount of ink. Any symptoms you have now would be due to the hormonal supplements and the trigger shot, not pregnancy so worry not. In fact I always thought that no symptoms was best because early symptoms meant pmt.
I was once told that that it didn't matter how raggedy the embryo looked - everything depended on the powerhouse inside. And isn't 80% after a thaw brilliant?

Hello everyone
Thanks for all the encouraging words and supportive thoughts.

All fine. Phew!grin we are having a celebratory bowl of chips!

Mr Muppet made it by the skin of his teeth and we got whisked in. I hadn't realised it was going to be internal so I was allowed to pee. Very relieved I was too!

And then we saw shazlett. Her little heart was beating so fast. Oh my goodness it was amazing. I was half laughing half crying. My laughing kept making her jump around. She is the right length and so far so good. Nurse reckoned I'm 2 days behind estimate so 7.4 not 7.6 but having said that she has put 7.6 on the printout for us to keep. (print out also says my ovaries are 'unremarkable' they are amazing remarkable if you ask me the right one came up trumpssmile) And we've got pictures! Pictures of our baby. It's incredible. She pointed out the umbilicle cord and you could see the blood pumping through it.

The nurse said don't worry about symptoms. If I don't have too much sickness now then I'm probably going to be lucky. I felt sick today but not sure if that was nerves.

I'm so so relieved. I know that there is a long way to go but it feels like one milestone is reached at least.

And to add to the good news no more fanny candles! Yep I can go cold turkey apparently and not a moment too soon.

So I'm an official graduate of guys acu today. The nurse said to keep in touch and tell them how I'm getting on. Even though we didn't complete our treatment they have been great. So supportive and have always got time for questions.

MrsH I tested 7 times until 5 weeks then stopped after a hcg blood test. Then I had a panic at 6 weeks cause my 1 symptom went away and I convinced myself that it was all over. Sadly one of the ladies on the other thread did a CB digi conception indicator test and the dates went from 2-3 back to 1-2 (it should have been 3+ at that point) so she knew something was up. It was about the same time as my panic so I decided to do the same. I figured it was better to know and I still had 2 weeks to wait for this scan. Anyway I got 2 more CB tests and did one at about 6.3 and one this weekend just gone. Luckily for me both said 3+. I felt abit more reassured by that. I also felt like a fraud going to the GP cause i didnt feel anything and didnt believe i was pg. If you think that it is going to help do the tests. You've got nothing to lose but £10.99. Chances are everything will be fine and you will feel abit reassured. Good luck.

I'm going home after this. I'm going to call FMC to book the harmony now that I know shazlett is there. I can't believe that will be in about 2 weeks. It goes so fast.

Thanks again for today.

I hope you are all ok.

Love shaz xx

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 15:17:15

Hmmm, do you still have the trigger shot if it's a FET?

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 15:18:43

Shazza, hurrah! Brilliant news! So happy and relieved for you. smile

You might all like to read this. One of the girls posted it on the ivf thread. It's very reassuring re symptoms.


Thanks Expat. Xx

Dildals Thu 04-Apr-13 15:36:26

AAAAHHHH, finally! :-)
I have frantically been stalking and refreshing this thread for the last couple of hrs now! I was starting to get worried!


Your ovaries are only unremarkable compared to what they see usually, ie bloated ovaries due to stimming! I am still harbouring a 6cm monster follicle in there!

I told DH about your DP's gaffe ... funny in a way but also SO NOT funny!

What a lovely relief Shazz. Hope you're feeling very happy indeed.

Dildals Thu 04-Apr-13 15:45:52

Good to read that about spotting on your link, I didn't know that.

MrsHY1 Thu 04-Apr-13 15:57:30

Hi Expat, I did on this one because it was a natural FET with trigger, but I asked and it would have definitely been out of my system 16 days later, plus my HCG wouldn't have been as high as it was, so at least I can rule that out! Normally I'd say 80% was OK but my previous embryos were 100% so I guess I didn't believe it because of that!
Shazza I'm so pleased! Reading your little description of mini Shaz brought a little tear to my eye. You must be SOOOOOO happy and relieved. And thank you, what you're saying makes perfect sense. I've actually already bought the CB digital so that's my decision made. I suppose if it's 1-2 I'll be OK but ideally I'll be looking for 2-3. I think it's the conception indicator thingie that freaks me out! x

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 15:57:49

I can't make the link work. Am I doing something wrong?

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 15:58:37

Don't put much into the digitals. Mine said 1-2 weeks when my hcg was in its thousands.

I've probably not done the link right. I am using the MNapp so I copied the link from my browser. I remember when Tilly posted the link I couldn't get it to work and had to write it down. Abit laborious but worth it. It's a nice little blog and makes you feel better.

I'm really happy. Me and shazlett just had a nap. Its been an emotionally tiring day. Thats one bit of pregnancy I'm enjoying. I never usually nap! I've also made my appts at FMC. 2 scans in 2 weeks plus harmony for £180. It will be worth the money for peace of mind. Then we have the nhs scan the following week. So we will be well acquainted!

I hope the testing makes you feel better Mrs H x

ExpatAl Thu 04-Apr-13 18:47:00

MrsH, did you pee? Are you agonising over whether a positive really really really means a true positive?

shazza what fantastic news! So happy for you and shazlett, it really is a miracle. I imagine you could forgive your DP for his spectacular clock-fail after that! They definitely are remarkable ovaries. :-)

MrsHY1 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:07:32

Nope, not peeing til the morning!

Well done MrsH I always did mine first thing as well.

Thanks fairy and everyone. I did forgive him in the end. It is spectacularly like him though. Dozy artist type what can I say?! And at least we have a tale to tell.

One more day of work then 2 whole weeks off. Can't wait.

Night girls.


Ps Mariana how are you today? The days are flying by smile x

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 04:37:41

shaz!! smile smile so happy for you. I still had a big follow last week too, which I wasn't expecting - I thought the sucked everything out. dildals you still have one? shock When are you going to Amsterdam? BTW I will be going on a 14 hour train ride at about 11 weeks if all goes well.

Mrs good luck for the cbd. I had a second blood test at 5+1 so did not do too many test. Plus on most they're just positive and then that's that. Re the 80% thing, I think little is known about embryos...

Right, can we talk about sex....? Who's done it and when. My doctor's said no, but he's said no to everything, so I'd like to canvass opinions. I've not done it since the night before ET. I agree with dildals that flatulence could be embarrassing. And there's the fact my fanny's like a waxy slide. But if we can get past this, what's the verdict on sex and more importantly orgasms.

MrsHY1 Fri 05-Apr-13 07:59:54

grin keep I've been wondering the same thing! I've not received any doctors advice but I'm both worried about the waxy vag (the old English expression about sex, 'to dip one's wick', would be very apt) and also the fact that a, ahem, special moment, might somehow dislodge the embie (although that must be incredibly unlikely, no?)
As far as I see it, we could:
1) Switch our candles to the back door and go for it (bit worried about changing my administration route though)
2) Switch to the back but not 'enjoy' sex- what's the point
3) Abstain
4) Not switch?

As you can see, my logical mind has been working this one over wink

AFM, I tested on my digi this morning and got pregnant 2-3, so at just 5+2 I'll take it. grin

Thanks Keep!

Oh thank God someone has mentioned the S word. I haven't done it since 5 march. I know this cause it was before we knew I was pg and it really hurt. I thought my insides were swollen from the DR drugs. Since then I've been 1. too put off by the (as Keep puts it) waxy slide, 2. Worried that we would be banging on shazlett's door with a battering ram and 3. Horror of horrors just not fancying it. Where are the sexy pregnancy hormones? Probably stuck in the same myth as my blooming rosy complexion, lustrious hair and maternal instinct wink.

However I can no longer request that DP refrains from pressing into my back of a morning and we are going on a weeks holiday next week. Also the nurse yesterday said it was perfectly safe. Added to this I stopped the pessaries yesterday. I am panty liner free today, fresh as a daisy.

Zita says no sex til 12 weeks but I think that I'm going to tentatively try next week. As for the big O to be honest I think that I'm going to be so preoccupied with protecting shazlett I'd be amazed if I manage that as well grin

Sorry that was long. This is clearly an issue playing on my mind. What thinks everyone else?

Hi MrsH we cross posted. Well done for you test. Yep you are def pg!

I'm impressed with your logical thoughts re sex. I had also considered the back door option but then had my 2. And 3. Problems still in the way.


mrshy yay! Glad you have that reassurance. You really are pregnant. I didn't believe it either for ages.

On the DTD front, my clinic said you might want to avoid it the first 7 weeks but don't be too hung up about it. I really don't think it could possibly dislodge an implanted embryo but if you did DTD and then had a mc you might always beat yourself up about it. I say go for it if you are that way inclined. Things have been rather subdued around here largely because my nausea got v bad in the evenings and with a 5yr old after bedtime is really the only time going. However the nausea is now better and DH loves my new bounteous bosom so hopefully things will liven up a bit before I become elephantine.

Waxy slide?! Sorry but that did make me laugh.

I think shagging is generally considered safe as long as you've had no bleeding. I am way too fearful to do it though, at all. I've basically told my husband that there is plenty of time for recreational sex once this is over with and he admits he'd be nervous anyway because of our history, so it would hardly make for anything momentous. Also I feel totally and utterly unsexy during pregnancy, no blooming here, or lustrous hair. Oh apart from on my belly, which looks like a massive kiwi fruit. I also have SPD, sciatica, constant nausea and constipation, none of which I find particularly aphrodisiacal!

So I reckon do it if you're up for it as you may well not be later on!

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 09:21:44

I finally managed to come up with a vaguely scientific reason as to why some clinics say no to sex.

Anyway so ... they always say that sex induces labour and they also use this sort of cream to soften the cervix to bring on labour (and for ERPCs). This is because both sperm and the cream contain prostaglandins, which softens the cervix.

So I guess the clinics must be of the opinion that the prostaglandins in sperm could cause a miscarriage. (although there is also scientific research that having sex around ET facilitates implantation - so go figure).

As I said this is vaguely scientific because this was just my recent light bulb moment.

As you all know entire populations have been created by the human species doing all the 'wrong' things, so if you want it go for it, go for it.

Personally I was quite keen to get back on the horse, basically because I want to keep DH happy. I really fancy staying married to him. Also, he'd be a great help in the double nappy changing stakes. I was also a bit scared that if we would fall out of the routine too long, it will be difficult to get back. But I am a bit paranoid about these things. I will litterally go 'we need to have sex now because it's been too long!'.

euro had some massive sexy pregnancy hormones going if you remember, but yeah, my headspace is pretty much filled with things baby (and food) and I occasionally try and make space for sex. ;-)

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 09:25:25

keep One? I have two!

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 09:25:46

Well, last time I looked anyway.

Mariana I know you have had a rough ride but I did smile at your list there. I also feel so unsexy (which is unusual). However I agree with dildals in that I'm worried that if we get out of the habit it is hard to start up again. We have had this before during a period of extreme anxiety so I know that it will be ok eventually but I'm very aware of the lack now. However now that dildals has put a very valid sounding scientific theory into the mix I'm properly confused again.

Fairy I am so jealous of the bounteous boobies. My boobs have never been close to being bounteous and I thought that this was my chance that they might at least wobble abit but nothing yet. Is it possible that they won't change? Or are they late developers (story of my entire life!) x

Dildals, get back on that horse then! But if it's any reassurance we have gone months without doing very much and it's always been possible to get back into it in between pregnancies. All it usually takes on my part is booze. My husband is extremely tolerant though, I'm often surprised he is still with me.

ExpatAl Fri 05-Apr-13 10:04:19

Aha. The big S.
We were told it didn't matter but that it might be uncomfortable for me. We did do it a couple of days before transfer with the dubious theory that our bits would be more likely to recognise each other. Well it worked! Haven't done it since - superstition reigns supreme.

Mariana, how are you feeling? The days are ticking away nicely.

Mrs H, hurray! The time before the first scan seems sooooo long. Will you get one at 6 weeks or so?

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 10:42:27

I am back on the horse, it's just difficult dragging DH away from the internet/bed/pub! ;-)

shaz but Fairy's clinic said until 7wks so you're fine to get back on said horse.
And those boobs, don't worry they will come along. My goodness. I think I need to start making money off mine, we'll need it when the twins come along! ;-)

Its obviously a big subject for everyone and seems to be personal preference and symptom/ inclination depending. I'm hoping that a nice quiet week in a cosy cottage will do the trick. Actually today is our anniversary so maybe even before next week smile

Work is dragging so much. Is it really only 11? How many more snacks can I have to pass the time?

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 11:08:29

dildals I was talking about huge follies, not babies! smile don't worry I don't have magical xray eyes.

/Mrs I was going to use the back entrance for the pessaries if/when we get round to it. I was musing on the whole thing and said 'well if we do it we'll have to put it in the other hole'. Meaning the PESSARY. Guess what dh thought I meant for hours smile

OK, am just as confused and unsure after this chat!. If dildals was the reason, though, they could just say 'use a condom'... Sorry...

Mrs congrats on the cbd! smile

BTW you don't have to DTD to keep him happy, dildals

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 11:16:41

keep Aaah! I do have a monster follie! 6cms BEAT THAT! ;-)

A condom ... I wouldn't have thought about that ... I don't even know what those look like anymore ... but extremely good point!

Oh yes I do. I don't mean in a submissive wife catering to his every whim, but I feel that the intimacy of regular sex is important in keeping a happy marriage, not just to keep him happy but also to keep me happy! That, and him not cutting his nails in the living room.

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 11:20:32

grin that's bigger than the babies!! I mean seriously, why are the follies still there?!

Here here to that dildals!

Maybe it's time to thank that follie for its perseverance but that part of the show is over now and it should just go home.


Ps I feel differently today. Pregnant somehow smile. Work is quiet because I did all my work yesterday and I'm actually tempted to look at buggies. Well slings to be more precise. It's amazing what a fuzzy, blurry photocopy of a blob can do to a woman. X

Pps. Keep I bet your DH thought it was Christmas for a while wink x

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 11:53:07

He did. What a wally!

That is so funny! When is your scan again? Is it in a couple of weeks? I can't wait for you to have it. It is very exciting. X

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 12:27:09

haha, oh, I missed keeps comment at first. That's funny.

They emptied the follie at egg collection but they all hang around and fill up with fluid. Joys of IVF. It will go down by itself.

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 12:38:37

13 days, at 7+6. I can't wait either, but it still feels ages off.

They barely mentioned mine dildals, but I was like wtf?

Hi all - I have a TMI question so apols in advance - I am now 12 + 5 and have been noticing an increase in cervical fluid, but just quite liquid and clear or whitish. This morning however I had some egg-white cervical mucus just like I used to get pre-ovulation. Has anyone had this? I had increased fluid when I was pregnant before but not EWCM as far as I can recall. I've consulted Dr Google but can't find a definitive answer. I imagine it is just due to a rise in oestrogen since I also got a lot of it when I was stimming but some of the online info suggests it can be a sign of premature labour. Surely that is not the case when I am onl 12 +5?

Oo same as me Keep I was 7.6 also.

Hhm don't know Fairy im afraid. All my books say increased mucus as a symptom but I couldnt tell cause of the pessaries. Is this in addition to the pessary gunk do you think?

shazza yes, the pessary leaves white waxy bits, not EWCM. It probably is nothing to worry about but well, when I have something to worry about why miss the opportunity? :-)

PS dildals I am with you on the importance of sex and no public toenail cutting for a happy marriage.

Bored at work I am delving into the dangerous world of mn baby names threads. Oh my, some of those people are scathing. Its like a sport. It is strangely addictive.

Dildals Fri 05-Apr-13 14:36:19

I just pm'ed you, you can entertain yourself reading that!

I know what you mean though ... why do I read up about turning breech babies?!?

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 14:56:30

I read that too sad

I know you start browsing and end up reading random things. I'm going to stop though cause I've moved onto antenatal screening and it's making me worried.

ExpatAl Fri 05-Apr-13 15:55:44

Stupid browsing on my part too. Was reading up on mmc. I find the names thread strangely fascinating too Shazza. Really must start doing more work.

Oh I've given up on work today. Only 25 mins to go now and it's highly unlikely that either of my male bosses are on MN and will realise that this is me!
Where to begin with the weirdo names that some people suggest. smile

ExpatAl Fri 05-Apr-13 16:13:57

Not just the weirdo names but the brutal comments from those that don't like said names!

keepitgoing Fri 05-Apr-13 16:37:05

I'm going for a bikini wax tomorrow. Copious googling suggests it'd fine. It's fine, isn't it?

ExpatAl Fri 05-Apr-13 16:43:18

Fine but I found it a lot more painful.

Oh I know. Is it really necessary to be so mean? But I guess anyone who posts a name is setting themselves up for it. Those who partake seem to really go for it and enjoy it. That's why I say it's like a sport.

I had a wax a few weeks ago Keep. It was abit more tender. Maybe not the time to try a brazilian? smile

I cannot wait to be able to tend to my bikini line again, no chance at the moment.

I had an ante natal appointment today and had hysterics all over the (lovely) midwife. I started crying when she asked how I was and then I just couldn't stop, I was such a snotty, red faced mess. She even got me a cup of tea to calm me down and offered me a daily appointment to check the heart beat. The kinder she was to me the more I sobbed. I am a loon. I obviously needed a good cry though as I felt better but exhausted. I'm quite embarrassed now.

ExpatAl Fri 05-Apr-13 21:45:18

You're not a loon at all Mariana. You've come so far and the stakes are high. Did you take her up on the offer of daily appointments or would it fuel the anxiety?

No, I decided it would fuel the anxiety more and also I'd have to get there and back each day which would be an hour out of my precious resting time when daughter is at nursery for 3 hours. Was kind of her to offer though, the midwives there are lovely. It's an amazing birth centre, brand new with each suite having a pool, en suite bathroom and garden views. They have a 3% c section rate compared with 28% at the local hospital. I'm too scared of complications to use it as the thought of having to be transferred by ambulance freaks me out, but I'm glad it exists for more other women!

Oh Mariana that's ok. <hugs> I'm sure they have seen it all. As Expat says you are not a loon. You are anxious and worried and tense and that's completely understandable. You have been through so much and I'm guessing the MW knows that? Have you ever tried Hypno? I did it before treatment started because I was so tense, anxious and believed it wasn't going to work before I'd even started and it really helped. It will relax you and therefore relax the baby also. If you could afford a couple of sessions before the baby is born it might help.

I hope that daily appts will help you to feel more secure. The MW is there to help and before you know it your lovely little baby will be here.

I hope you can have a good day today with your DH. I'm still in bed but I can see the sun is shining at least. smile xx

Oh we cross posted. That place sounds lovely. I want to go there!

I'm glad you made a decision based on what was right for you. That is sensible and you can use the time to rest and relax. Wishing you a peaceful day. Xx

Yes, my history is all over my notes and the medical staff are all exceptionally kind to me. I've tried CBT and mindfulness but not hypno. It kind of feels a bit late now to try something new but I'm always open to suggestions. I am 'very high risk' for post natal depression and also of not bonding with the baby (which I'm appalled by!) so they've already said they want me to have extra contact with services because of that.

When you get to that point Shazz, go and visit your local options for giving birth, I think there are quite a few of these midwife led centers about now. My nearest town is a right dump and if that has one I'm sure most places do.

Have a happy sunny day! Glorious here too - and I'm still in bed.

ExpatAl Sat 06-Apr-13 09:59:19

Thank goodness you were seen by a lovely MW. Dont be apalled - it doesn't mean that you will get pnd but if you do it'll get treated swiftly.

I think that when you have had a loss and my goodness Mariana, you've had a hard time, it is almost impossible to go through your next pregnancy without a constant rolling tape in the background going through all the things that can go wrong. I can't imagine what it's like to be at your stage and have had the pressure built so high. I'm already having meltdowns at 18 weeks so can well imagine what I'll be like if I get to full term. Frankly I think we're warriors by still functioning. Enjoy the day with your family.

ExpatAl Sat 06-Apr-13 15:45:47

My niece has just had a baby. God I feel old.

Hi Expat it's funny isn't it how pregnancy spans so many ages! I guess it would be harder if you weren't already pg. I found it difficult when those around me were getting pg so easily while we were still trying.

God yes, it feels like absolutely everybody else in the world does it once, gets pregnant and all proceeds without a hitch. Not actually true of course but it doesn't half seem that way. These days I suppose the reproductive age spans from 16 to 45, not surprising there's overlap but yes, at 40 I have often felt like the oldest bird in the AN clinic. Luckily, my oldest niece is 8 so I'm safe for a bit there yet.

keepitgoing Mon 08-Apr-13 06:09:34

Hold your horses, is this slight nausea I'm feeling?

Everyone ok? Mariana when's your section? This week?

One week today, Keep. I was pretty calm yesterday, although I did about five hours work which took my mind off things. I'm on mat leave but my job won't seem to let me go.

Anyway, I hope your nausea is enough to be reassuring but not enough to reduce you to only being able to eat tinned pears. I had hardly any this time which made things much easier - apart from worrying about why I didn't have it as bad.

Hope everyone else is ok.

Morning ladies

I hope the sickness isn't too bad Keep. Fortunately mine hasnt gone past feeling abit iffy and needing to eat toast for breakfast although I also feel dodgy today.

Wow Mariana a week to go. I'm glad you felt abit better yesterday. Not long now.

I was shattered this weekend. Hats off to all of you who are doing this with a DC already. How are you coping with the tiredness? All I was good for for most of the weekend was laying on the sofa.

I'm going away to Cornwall for a week. Am at the station now. Knowing what the mobile reception is like I'm not holding out much hope for internet but I'm sure we will get to a cafe at some point so hopefully I'll be able to check in and see how you are doing.

Have a good week. Speak soon.

Much love. Shazza xxxx

ExpatAl Mon 08-Apr-13 10:26:17

A break in Cornwall sounds fabulous Shazza. Have a great time.

It does sound lovely. I've been once and it was beautiful, lovely little villages, but the best thing was the pasties so I hope your nausea allows you a few of them!

The tiredness seems to be something you just learn to live with, I'm in bed by 8pm most nights though. Luckily my DD is really into colouring and stickers so we are doing a lot of sitting down activities.

Dildals Mon 08-Apr-13 14:41:20

Afternoon all.
Had my 12 week scan today! I was in there from 10 till 12.45! Baby Nr 2 didn't want to pose for the pictures, so they spend a lot time waiting for him to change position and find his nasal bone. We could sort of see it, but they need to have a perfect picture to be able to tick it off. I was very impressed with the level of detail the NHS scan went in to, stomach, bladder, kidneys, blood flow through the heart and umbilical cord, eyes, palate and counting hands and feet too! :-)
Risk was around 1:2268 so that's a risk we can live with, risk for trisomie was 1: 4000 something.

That's brilliant news - congratulations! That's a big step to have got through.

Hi dildals that's wonderful! I had my nuchal scan today too and they weren't able to tell me the odds yet since I just had the bloods done today but the sonographer said the nuchal translucency looked very good. Still only one too!

Shazza- enjoy your week away and accompanying naps.

Mariana- I'm glad you had a sympathetic mwife, you deserve it. Not long now. Glad to know I'm not the only one who views 8pm as "bedtime".

Keep - yes it is nausea, enjoy! :-)

Hello everyone else.

keepitgoing Mon 08-Apr-13 16:50:00

Congratulations dildals and fairy!! Brilliant news dildals. Will you tell people now? I bet you get annoyed after a while at everyone's reactions when you tell them its twins smile

More good news! Hope that's a weight off your mind.

ExpatAl Mon 08-Apr-13 17:06:24

Great news Dildals. Must have been amazing to see two little beans wriggling away.

Fairy good news your scan looked good. Another big milestone passed!

Keep, probably only IVFers can rejoice that someone has morning sickness wink. A nice bit of reassurance while you wait for your scan.

Busy week for me - my penance for doing sod all last week. Hope everyone else is well. Jethro and MrsH, how are you doing?

Dildals Mon 08-Apr-13 20:12:03

fairy they did the bloods and scan at the same time and we got the results at the end of the appt - very impressed! Congrats the nuchal folds look good. I had done so much research that I feel like a semi-qualified monographer!

We went out tonight to celebrate and I had half a glass of prosecco :-) there's 2 of them, they can share the burden and get used to their alcoholic mum ;-)

shazza enjoy your babymoon holiday!

Impossible to do work today too ... And I need to decide on whether to tell work tomorrow. There's a new job coming up internally that I quite fancy. I could be super cautious and not tell anyone until I have been accepted/rejected for that job, but TBH I just want to tell people by now. And I can't be keeping this gut secret for long anyway, although it is not really a bump, more a flabby pot belly, it is still a bit of an odd shape compared to my old self.

I reckon I will just get some cakes in and spill the beans.

keep YAY morning sickness!

It's weird with these scans, you count down the days, and then when they come and are good, you expect champagne corks to start popping from several corners, but it doesn't of course, and then you are happy and just sort of carry on doing your normal stuff.

It's nice though, I now finally allow myself to buy a couple of baby books, the librarians already now what time it is from my peculiarly specific interests! Last time she looked at my belly with a frown when I checked out the twin book I had reserved :-)
Ditto for preggo yoga, maternity wear, I can now think about baby names, buggies (although I already know which one I will get ha!), holidays etc.

Ah, so the sonographer took a long time to find baby's nasal bone. DH during the (2hr) scan didn't say anything. Then at the very end he goes 'so will one of them not have a nose then?', the sonographer and I were in stitches. 'DH, with your genes, this is not very likely'. Poor guy ... hihi.

Dildals Mon 08-Apr-13 20:22:17

keep I don't think i will EVER get annoyed with the reactions to 'it's twins' and I can't wait until someone asks me 'is it IVF' and that I can then say 'NO, I HAD SEX TWICE IN ONE NIGHT!'. I am dying to see their reaction! (BTW I am happy to tell people it's IVF, it's just that I quite fancy saying the sex twice thing :-))

dildals ha ha ha! I love it!

V impressed with the service at guys too. I have to wait 4-6 days to get the stats but then my scan took about 5 min, not over 2 hrs! That is incredibly thorough, you must be very reassured.

keepitgoing Tue 09-Apr-13 02:25:40

Friend with twins (natural, numbers 3&4) gets annoyed at people saying, you must have your hands full... No, really, you think with four under five?

I expect lots of people will expect ivf, will be interesting to see how many ask. Or if they nose 'do twins run in the family...'

I've stopped being surprised at the things people ask you about pregnancy. I am quite vague about my troubled history but have had some very intrusive questions. We moved house recently and in only the second conversation with my elderly couple neighbours, the woman asked where I was having the baby, which led to me saying I was having a section and she asked about my daughters birth and I said I had had lots of complications. It then struck me that we were all standing about chatting about my fanny! At which point I collected the milk off the door step and beat a hasty retreat...

Dildals Tue 09-Apr-13 11:50:58

Twins actually do run in the family, so I have that excuse.

I had a good 20 min conversation with my neighbour (pregnant with no 5) about all the different contraception methods she had unsuccessfully deployed. I quite enjoyed that conversation actually. ;-)

MrsHY1 Tue 09-Apr-13 13:35:29

Hello all
Happy Tuesdays!
I do find the disclosure/not disclosure thing about IVF interesting. While I was going through it I told a few close friends and some people from work, plus some total randoms, e.g. a hairdresser I saw once, because strangely I found it very cathartic to witter on to people who I might never see again, who wouldn't feel obliged to ask how things were going etc!. I think if this pregnancy ends up being successful I will be quite open with talking about it, I feel desperately strongly that too many women experience feelings of failure at not being able to get pregnant 'naturally'. But while I was going through it, if I even sensed someone was trying to mine for information I'd get really narky! I think it's just such a personal and hugely emotionally complex thing.
My tits have started to hurt when I take my bra off at night - is that progress? Oh, and I was a bit knackered on Sunday and needed a nap, and a bit worn out yesterday evening, but that's it. Six weeks tomorrow. Waiting for this scan has been the longest bloody time of my life...

Sore tits is definitely progress. I am currently unable to ever not wear a bra as mine have been very sore throughout. I'm usually a fairly compact 32d so not huge and have never worn a bra to sleep in but that's been the only thing that has helped. I also have huge visible veins in them which look horrifying and one actual bulging varicose vein.


Dildals Tue 09-Apr-13 17:40:00

I have stretchmarks on my boobs - that's pretty attractive too.

MrsHY1 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:51:51

Ooooh mariana and dildals, you do paint a pretty picture!grin

Some people bloom apparently!

Stretch marks are one thing I don't actually have! Not through the careful application of lotions though, apparently it's genetic and merely down to skin type.

Morning ladies

I'm lying in bed looking over this sweet little harbour. I daren't move cause I've got a signal.

Congrats dildals and fairy on your scabs such a relief. How exciting to now be able to relax abit and look at baby stuff. Are you are st thomas' dildals?

Mariana I hope you are feeling ok. 8pm bedtime sounds great. Last night I stayed up til 11.30 but I did doze on the sofa from 6-8!

Keep how is the nausea?

MrsH welcome to the world of pregnancy naps!

Expat I hope work has calmed down. How are you feeling?

Hello to everyone else.

I'm having a lovely time. Felt sickish on Monday but ok yesterday. The enormity of it is hitting me abit. Late I know but I keep thinking of the massive responsibility of having a baby.

I had a really upsetting dream last night where DP wouldn't talk to me about names. He was adamant about one particular name that I felt was overused and wouldn't even entertain talking about it. I was beside myself with frustration and we ended up having a 1 yr old son with no name!

I hope you all have a lovely day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain continues to hold off.

Shaz xx

Scans not scabs!!!!! My fingers have pins and needles cause of the way I'm lying but I daren't move!

ExpatAl Wed 10-Apr-13 10:16:31

Hope you're having a lovely time Shazza. In Cornwall, staying by the harbour sounds perfect.
Everything is fine with me. I have a scan tomorrow so am feeling a bit stressy.

keepitgoing Wed 10-Apr-13 10:47:40

Ooh good luck al! Is it your 20 week scan?

8 days till my scan. Still a little queasy...

shaz have fun. I know what you mean, I think I've spent so long trying to get pregnant I've forgotten about the actual baby part!

Dildals Wed 10-Apr-13 10:51:17

ShazEnjoy your hoilday and no I am King's.

Good luck everyone with their scans!

ExpatAl Wed 10-Apr-13 10:51:29

Hi, no I'm just under 19 weeks. I have bi weekly checks of my cervix. They've all been fine but I can't shake the feeling before I get there that I'm just about to be given catastrophic news.

It's strange isn't it that you can spend a huge amount of effort and time in getting pregnant and then have a flap about whether you've done the right thing when you finally are! We really wanted a second chance and now that we have been so lucky to get one I'm having a little panic about whether I got pregnant for the right reasons and whether I'm good mum material etc. Nuts.

Sounds idyllic Shazza.

Expat, I sympathise as I have a severe scan phobia myself. This pregnancy has involved more scans than usual, but I'd not be able to cope with bi-weekly ones. I'm also terrified of the heart doppler which I do have to face more or less weekly. Good luck anyway, if everything has been fine so far there's no reason to believe things have changed.

I think if you have not had the easy path to becoming a parent that most people have, then you are bound to question things more. I think it's a good thing, anybody who worries about being a bad mother never usually is!

ExpatAl Wed 10-Apr-13 16:59:28

The heart doppler is horrific I think Mariana - am very grateful that each time I get an actual ultrasound of baby and heart rather than just an attempt to find a heartbeat while I lie there sweating. How's it going with you?

Keep, I bet the time is going so slowly. An IVF pregnancy feels at least as twice as long as a normal one. I exclude you Mariana because yours must have been slow torture too.

MrsHY1 Wed 10-Apr-13 19:22:41

Expat best of luck with your scan, although the bi-weeklyness of them must give you reassurance, I guess it's just more opportunity to experience feelings of anxiety. Let us know how you get on.

Mariana that sounds idyllic! Both the harbour views and the napping!

Keep not long to go until your scan now. Are we on the same day- I'm next Weds. You're a week or two ahead of me though, right?

Dildals, did you have your treatment at Kings too? I was there for my NHS attempts. They specialise in twin deliveries don't they. If this bun stays in my oven I will need to choose between Kings and Tommys. Kings is much closer to where I live but I'm afraid after my failed attempts and godawful stay with ohss (even though I was looked after really well every step of the way) I associate it with such bad memories hmm

MrsHY1 Wed 10-Apr-13 19:23:45

Sorry, blonde moment. It's Shazza by the harbour isn't it. Sorry Shazza and Mariana!

I wish it were me in Cornwall!

The midwives are pretty good with the doppler but it was a doctor who couldn't find it the other week and called in a scanner - I was on the verge of hysteria.

I'm not so good today, I'm on crutches now due to my SPD, as I just can't weight bear properly so walking is agony. It's a massive pain in all sorts of ways but I am trying to be stoical. I have always tried to not complain about pregnancy symptoms as I'm so grateful to be pregnant but this is a bit of a challenge. Luckily DH is working at home for the rest of the week so he can help out.

ExpatAl Thu 11-Apr-13 10:22:16

Crutches must be a major pain in the arse Mariana. Challenge is an understatemen. Maybe it's good because it gives you something else to focus on???? Nope, probably not.

Scan went well today. Next scan will be the anomaly one at 21 weeks.

Dildals Thu 11-Apr-13 15:22:55

mrsHY1 No I went to Guy's for my IVF. Their stats looked a lot better. They did a lot more IVF than King's as well. Practice makes perfect I thought.
I can walk to King's, DH was born in King's, so I just went for King's. I did consider St Thomas for the babies, mainly because it would be easy to go to for the antenatal appts, (and they have a nice birthing centre there - but not sure if they would let me on there anyway!) but DH said King's would be easier because the babies are likely to be premature and visiting would be a lot easier if they were at King's (no faffing aroudn with parking a car).
King's sounds like the place to go if you have a complicated pregnancy.

Getting SPD is one of my nightmares ...

Dildals Thu 11-Apr-13 15:24:01

I know what you mean re bad memories. When I went for my 12w scan I did note passing the clinic where they did my ERPC. Brrr.

MrsHY1 Thu 11-Apr-13 16:03:36

Makes perfect sense dildals. I can walk to Kings too. I'm just in East Dulwich. You can't be far away smile

Good scan news Expat.

Today I need no crutches, the strange thing about my SPD is it varies day to day. It is a right pain though as I can't even go for a little walk to the shop.

Bad memories is an odd one. I've had all my maternity care at the same hospital. My consultant offered to transfer me after my first loss but I feel safe at that hospital and no matter how utterly awful the things that have happened to me there have been, I have always been treated with sympathy and respect. There are two nurses there in particular who got me through some appallingly distressing events and I'll never forget how kind they were to me.

ExpatAl Thu 11-Apr-13 16:15:36

Dildals, do you do prenatal pilates? I've been attending a pilates class for ages so don't bother with prenal version but think it's brilliant whatever version you do and definitely prevents/helps spd. I imagine back ache might be a challenge with twins and pilates would be great for that.

mariana I had SPD with DS although it was not as bad as yours, I did need crutches to walk any distance beyond around the office or my flat. It was really miserable so I sympathise with you. Mine also varied a lot day to day which made it hard to predict how I would

I think I developed it because I was working very long hours at my desk (over 50 hrs p/w) and was very tense because I had only just started the job. I also did not get enough exercise apart from cycling (which I could still do, it was walking that was the problem). There are also individual predispositions to it such as being naturally very flexible with loose joints (which I am). So I agree with expat that pilates or yoga is a very good idea. I did pilates after the birth to help recover and I think it did make a difference.

That's interesting Fairy as I am fairly flexible with a few hypermobile joints and when I'm not pregnant, I do yoga. I had it mildly with DD but I believe it gets worse with subsequent pregnancies. I didn't know it could come and go as much as it does though, the physio told me it was usually a downward trajectory. I'm delighted I'm not on crutches today, I get very frustrated at being so immobile.

Dildals Thu 11-Apr-13 20:36:24

expat i have been meaning to take up antenatal yoga or pilates. Do you think one is better than the other?

MrsHY I live between Peckham Rye station and Denmark Hill Station so not far at all!

ExpatAl Thu 11-Apr-13 20:52:18

I'm also slightly hypermobile and have to watch I don't overflex my knees.

Dildals, I'm not really a yoga person and I don't think stretching with already relaxed pregnancy ligaments is really the way to go but I know tons of people love it so perhaps try it. I think some prenatal pilates can be a bit tame so I would probably join a normal class. A good instructor will have a small class and insist if you're pregnant that you have at least one private session before you join the class. I don't think there's anything that keeps your core muscles so stable and strong. Spd exercises (mutu system) are basic pilates moves. Advanced pilates is pretty tough - quite addictive.

Dildals Thu 11-Apr-13 21:37:21

expat I might just give different classes a go, antenatal yoga, pilates and normal pilates, and then see what I like best. I always find yoga a bit tame, it's not my usual cup of tea, but am looking fwd to the antenatal ones, just because I quite fancy chatting to fellow pregnant women! I am seeing one of my friends friends on Sat who is a pilates instructor. I shall ask her for her opinion!

I am not flexible AT ALL! Hopefully that means no SPD for me!

I started to get worried abt SPD because I started to get pelvic pain (around my SI joint) really early on. Then my hip joint started joining in. When I run I can feel my entire pelvis plus pelvic floor muscles and I pay for it for 2.5 days after! So that made a bit worried. I understand that for some women it's a first trimester thing and then it goes away. We'll see. I must say I haven't had any pains this week. I have a physio at work so if it gets bad I will just go to them asap, better to get help early before it gets bad I reckon.

Dildals Thu 11-Apr-13 21:37:52

Actually we have pilates at work as well I think! I'll give it a go!

ExpatAl Fri 12-Apr-13 09:35:51

Having poured scorn on it yesterday I spoke to a friend last night who absolutely raved about prenatal yoga so I'll give the local group a go.

I do want to chat with other pregnant women but I always get the inevitable question of 'is this your first?' and I never know what to say. I don't want them to be afraid for their own pregnancies or feel bad for me.

MrsHY1 Fri 12-Apr-13 13:35:54

Expat I do feel for you. How are you supposed to answer that? I wouldn't worry about what other people think/feel though, you have to answer in the way that makes you feel most comfortable.
On the pregnancy yoga front, I have a friend who loved it too. She didn't go to yoga before so this was a post-conception yoga conversion!
Having a bad day today. As the scan gets closer but the symptoms don't develop I convince myself something has gone wrong. I was thinking about this and I don't think anyone can really understand unless they are on progesterone suppositories/jabs like I am. The baby could have stopped growing over a week ago but I wouldn't know about it because of the progesterone keeping everything 'in place.' I know people not on progesterone can also experience missed miscarriages, but these are much rarer than the usual type. I don't know. I'm waffling. I just wish I could be sure that the absence of a period/bleeding meant I was still pregnant - after all that's what most women go on I guess.

ExpatAl Fri 12-Apr-13 14:06:38

MrsH, symptoms wax and wane in early pregnancy. I didn't feel really truly pregnant until after the 7 week scan.

I have no way of answering that makes me feel comfortable. I cry when I talk about him which is a teeny weeny bit of a conversation killer. I suppose I should face it more often and get used to handling it in a way that's okay for everyone.

ExpatAl Fri 12-Apr-13 14:09:12

And absence of bleeding is all good and not down to the progesterone. It's down to your own hormones and good quality egg. So it's all positive.

MrsHY1 Fri 12-Apr-13 14:51:03

Expat thanks for your reassurance. I also read my email back and my comment about 'do it in a way that makes you feel comfortable' is ridiculous and glib, I'm so sorry. You lost a son and it's never going to be anything other than shit.

mrs I think everyone in our group worries about having a mmc until 12 weeks. I did constantly until I realised my bump was growing and thought that even if a placenta was still producing hormones only a growing baby would be inflating me. But that wasn't until week 10 or so.

The symptoms really do come and go and vary tremendously between people.

expat I've been thinking about what I would do in your situation if someone asked if it were my first. I would probably lie in most situations and say yes just to avoid the painful conversation but be truthful when the situation felt right. After all even if someone you said yes to layer found out it wasn't true they would completely understand. But overall my heart really goes out to you.

dildals I wish my office had a physiotherapist and Pilates class! I've been inspired to try to ward off the SPD this time by signing up to a Pilates class starting next week.

I also got my combined nuchal fold and triple test results back today and am v relieved to be low risk - 1 in 6900. Almost starting to enjoy being pg although every time I look in the mirror I am startled, I look about 20 weeks!

ExpatAl Fri 12-Apr-13 18:29:20

Brilliant news Fairy!

MrsH, don't fret - your comment didn't offend me at all and in any case you're right, I do need to be more comfortable mentioning it because that will impact whoever I'm talking to. I've decided to go for breezy and have been practising on dh. He says I look deranged which I suppose is progress.

Fairy, lying hasn't worked out too well for me. My vet thinks I have a son at home and often gives me things for him. It's bonkers but I can't backtrack from the initial insane answer of 'ah erm, yes, I had a boy'

expat well I'm impressed how you maintain your sense of humour about something terribly painful! There really is no right way to go about it. If you feel up to it maybe just saying I had another baby but he didn't live is the way to go. Sometimes I think our society is too private about these things out of the belief it is better not to trouble others. It can make people feel very alone. I've spent a fair amount of time in Asia where people are much more willing to talk about life and death and people there seem to cope better. I'm just generalising of course, your situation is your own.

Dildals Fri 12-Apr-13 22:34:05

One of my bosses told me her story today over lunch how her baby girl died in the womb at 37 wks. We were both struggling to not start crying. I had to consciously count back from 100 to focus away. I appreciate her sharing, but i didnt really want to hear it, being pregnant. So I have had enough British/Dutch sharing for today...

Ah it's a tricky one. I have a script I can now say without breaking down any more, but if people ask further questions I find it hard. I tend to say that I'd rather not talk about it as I don't want to get upset and that usually warns people off. I am quite uncomfortable talking about my losses to people who haven't had kids yet or are pregnant, so tend to avoid it then unless directly asked.

ExpatAl Sat 13-Apr-13 10:59:37

I don't like to say I don't want to talk about it because it becomes an enormous awkward elephant. I think I'll just go with Fairy's suggestion and say I had a baby but he didn't live which gets it over and done with in a suitably vague way but opens it up enough for people to be friendly at a level they want. It's my experience that pregnant women and parents with kids always ask the question so good to be ready. I have been avoiding this situation a lot but it's time to be brave.

expat g

Whoops! Accidentally posted too soon. Good luck with it, I hope it will become easier with practice and with the new baby to distract/delight you.

mariana how many days until your caesarean? It must be soon now.

dildals sounds like a gruelling lunch but maybe your boss needed to tell the story. I'm sure you did her some good.

I have managed to start jogging again thank god - well really more like I jog for the first 10 min then collapse into a briskish walk. I just don't seem to be able to breathe properly and I get a side stitch. Gorgeous morning though.

keepitgoing Sat 13-Apr-13 11:49:29

Mrs I'm also convinced the progesterone is hiding sth sinister. Today some chicken I ordered had a bit uncooked so even though I'd hardly eaten any and I think it was just the one uncooked piece, I am mentalling.

Still, five days to my scan, four days to yours. I'm trying not to think I'm pg till after that.

Mariana two days!! Woo hoo! Are you ok? Ready?

dildals. have you started telling people then?
fairy glad you're -)fat and--enjoying it smile

ExpatAl Sat 13-Apr-13 12:14:52

Mariana, is it only 2 days away? How exciting!

Where are you Keep? Don't feel you have to answer. I'm in Belgium.

Beautiful weather here. We took the dog out early for a long walk in the woods and now I intend to do as little as possible for the rst of the day.

Yep, Monday. I am terrified! Have just screeched at DH about making lunch. My sister has just had a go at me for not having bought a cot mattress and my mum has had a go because I've bought nothing new for the baby. I just want to hide under the covers, I wish people could understand that I just can't do these things.

Keep, sympathies with your chicken paranoia.

Expat, you will find a 'script' that you're happy with. There's one work colleague who it definitely became elephant in the room with but that was after I started crying and she got all 'oh I knew I shouldn't have asked.' She's never been the same with me since.

Dildals Sat 13-Apr-13 13:26:31

My colleague is really open about it, she had mentioned it before, so I knew, she just told me in more detail on Friday. Fucking hell, what a traumatic experience. She's got 2 healthy kids now, just in case you were wondering.

fairy have you started jogging because you feel it's 'safe' now? Although I did 'jog' in the first trimester I felt conscious of what I was feeling the whole time. Now, this week, being safely in the 2nd trimester I was like 'let's get sweaty again!' and went for a spin session. Lovely. Not a very long one, and my heartrate was still fine, although I was working hard. Me and running have definitely fallen out of love though, it's just not working ... I did a time trial swimming on Thursday and took just under a minute off my 400m time, which is quite a lot, this must be due to increased buoyancy and blood doping! ;-)

mariana Oh good, the end is in sight. Not long to go now. Just ignore everyone else. It's a bit like getting married - it's your wedding, ignore what everyone else wants. (if you know what I mean :-)

keep yes, we had the scan on Monday and I was bursting to start telling people. DH is quite private, whereas I am a sharer. We have a group of friends that overlap so he didn't want me to talk to them, because he didn't want his mates to find out via their wives. So I was really keen for him to finally announce it. Also my SIL is so flipping nosey, I KID YOU NOT, she has been going through the bathroom drawers trying to find clues to me being pregnant (there was nothing there HA!). She cannot just wait until she's being told. I mean, as soon as it is obvious I have stopped drinking then usually it is a question of time right? Anyway. It's her hen this weekend (I refer to her as SIL, but they are not married yet, but have been together for ten years plus) and I didn't want to not drink there, without people knowing, because that would have been a right pain.
I have also told everyone at work, I think they were fine with it. My line manager gave me a 'congratulations with your baby' card the next day. Bit weird, but he means well ...

It's crazy by the way how quickly this belly grows! It takes me by surprise every couple of days. Bit scary as well. I was walking thru Canary Wharf shopping centre last night thinking 'well this is a bit of a futile exercise, I can't buy anything!', not long now before I can indulge in some maternity clothes shopping. On the upside, I don't think I am spending ANY money, not going out, not drinking, not buying clothes, I will be well flush by the time the twins arrive ;-).

So that's my download for the day!

Hope you all have a nice day, Mariana, good luck to survive the weekend! Enjoy the nice weather tomorrow (hopefully)!

ExpatAl Sun 14-Apr-13 20:01:15

Thinking of you Mariana. Wishiing you a wonderful day tomorrow. x

Dildals Sun 14-Apr-13 21:25:36

Good luck for tomorrow Mariana! You will meet your baby! So exciting! x

keepitgoing Mon 15-Apr-13 10:35:57

Help... Small amount of brown discharge this morning. Is this it? Am trying to move scan from Thursday to tomorrow.

Good luck Mariana, can't wait to hear your news.

ExpatAl Mon 15-Apr-13 11:25:30

No it's not it - far from it. Implantation process takes a few weeks to finish. Brown is good.

keepitgoing Mon 15-Apr-13 11:57:48

I've not had any implantation bleeding though, and am 7+3... Scan tomorrow...

ExpatAl Mon 15-Apr-13 12:21:31

You don't have to have it at a particular time, or at all. Anyway, I'm sure you're climbing the walls as I would be, so excellent that you've got a scan tomorrow. Try to keep calm, drink lots of water and take it easy. Sending you huge positive vibes. Please keep us updated - I'll be stalking this thread for news.

keepitgoing Mon 15-Apr-13 12:25:21


Lots of women have brown spotting and it is fine. Fresh red blood is more problematic. As expat says, try to keep calm although we all understand the anxiety!

MrsHY1 Mon 15-Apr-13 14:32:45

Keep, don't panic yet, brown discharge seems to be quite a common feature of pregnancy, both early and throughout! Good luck for tomorrow xx

Tanlee Mon 15-Apr-13 16:24:31

just discovered this thread, so thought I'd say hello. What a great idea! I do think if you've had a hard time getting pregnant and had to go through the IVF rollercoaster, that you worry more. I'm finally pregnant fro my 4th round of IVF. I thought the worry would go once I became pregnant, but now instead of worrying about getting pregnant, I'm worrying about the baby.

I think when you have IVF you are monitored so regularly that I've felt a bit abandoned now that I am pregnant. I had a scan at 8, 12 and 20 weeks, and have been worrying throughout. Was worried before 8 week scan that there wouldn't be a heartbeat (there was), was worried I'd be high risk (due to age) at 12 week nuchal/blood tests (I wasn't - 1/3200) and worried about anomolies at 20 week scan (none seen). Have been so anxious that went for harmony test (still waiting for results) and consultant did us an extra scan today (which again was fine - nothing sinister to worry about). Am hoping that when I get the harmony test we will be clear of downs and that I can then relax - but I'm sure something else will come up. Husband thinks I'm a bit nuts, so it's great to find this thread! smile

Dildals Mon 15-Apr-13 16:45:23

Hi tanlee yes I think you have definitely come to the right place!

Keep I had loads of brown blood (and red actually) spotting, even till after my 12 week scan, so, although it's hard to not worry about it ... try not to worry about it! ;-) Also, I read somewhere that all the IVF drugs plump up your endometrium duvet so nicely that you are more prone to spotting.

I am currently worrying about the nuchal chances I got 1/2268 which I was happy with, but now fairy has come in with her super score (and tanlee) I am starting to worry again ... how to drive oneself nuts ...

ExpatAl Mon 15-Apr-13 18:08:53

yep, indeedy.. there's always something to drive yourself nuts about.

Welcome tanlee! You've found the right place to worry about what you should be worrying about.

I have a big definite give the lady a seat bump now. I'm liking it and can't stop admiring my silhouette in anything reflective. Is anyone else as tragic as this?

tanlee good to meet you and your worries! How many weeks are you? Congrats!

dildals please don't worry! Only if you get a likelihood like 1 in 250 do you become high risk so really your results are fine.

expat yay for the bump! I think you admire yourself nonstop, I'm sure you are beautiful.

Dildals Mon 15-Apr-13 18:43:34

expat YES I am. And I just have a 'bump' that looks like I am just a bit overweight with an unfortunate genetic fat distribution. We have mirrors in the lifts at work and always have to check out the silhouette. I just find it fascinating to actually SEE something is happening in there. Every couple of days I am taken aback again how FAST it is growing (I am going to be massive). I was showing people my belly over the weekend as well :-). DH loves touching it too, I think it has become more real for him now that he can see something happening.

Keep, brown is good, 1/4 women bleed in pregnancy at some point and there are loads of innocent causes.

Hello tanlee, we're all worriers here.

Expat, hope you are actually getting the seats!

As for me, well my long long awaited little girl is asleep on my lap and I can't take my eyes off her. All seems to be ok with her (but I am obviously worrying anyway!!!) Thanks for all your kind words, it's meant a lot.

So, who's due up next...

Oh wonderful news, mariana, you must be so relieved! What does she weigh? Hope you are not feeling too rough. flowers

Relieved yes, she came out bellowing!

She is 7lbs. I lost a lot of blood so am pretty ropey if I try and stand up, they will see if I need a transfusion tomorrow. I couldn't care less about me though!

ExpatAl Mon 15-Apr-13 21:17:50

Mariana, terrific news! congratulations! A whole pile of new things to worry about now smile. In the meantime enjoy your precious girl. I'm so happy for you.

Dildals, it must be amazing to have a twins belly. Have you tried the pilates class yet?

Fairy, aww I'm blushing.

MrsHY1 Tue 16-Apr-13 07:44:58

Congrats Mariana! Amazing news grin

keepitgoing Tue 16-Apr-13 08:24:59

Congratulations Mariana!!!!

Welcome tanlee how many weeks are you?

I am delighted to say all was good at the scan, 7+4, we saw the heartbeat!! smile smile it was amazing and I wonder if now I'll start to think of myself as pregnant... He said he didn't know about the bleeding but said it might have been the sex on Friday, and told us sternly no sex or exercise until I tell you... Hmm, I'm not sure about that, will have to see...

Good luck for tomorrow mrsHY. How are you feeling?

keepitgoing Tue 16-Apr-13 08:42:07

Oh, expat, I'm in Thailand.

dildals wtaf at your sil?! Also, nice one on not having any preggo stuff lying around, I have loads.

ExpatAl Tue 16-Apr-13 10:03:59

Great news Keep! Yes, you should definitely think of yourself as pregnant.

MrsHY1 Tue 16-Apr-13 10:30:52

Ace news Keep! You must feel as if you've passed one important milestone. Was your DH with you? Lol at sex ban instructions wink

Wow, so you live in Thailand do you? And Expat, you're in Belgium? DH's parents were expats in Belgium for a number of years, just outside Antwerp. I loved visiting. The food was awesomegrin

I'm not bad Keep, thanks for asking. Am alternating between moments of excitement (when I'm visualising lying there tomorrow and being told that everything's as it should be) and moments of panic and sheer fear, quite frankly.hmm

keepitgoing Tue 16-Apr-13 10:59:23

Mrs the good thing is you can basically see right away that there's something there, though you're a little behind me. But dh said immediately 'even I can tell its there', then the doc mutters and measures for a while... Is it in the morning at least?

Yes, Bangkok, till August, when we move home. We'll have been here a year. Moving back at 22 weeks, moving house. No problem, right...?

MrsHY1 Tue 16-Apr-13 11:59:43

Cheers keep. It's at 1pm so not at the end of the day at least. Hopefully either way I'll be put out of my misery quickly. May even keep my eyes closed so not tempted to draw my own conclusions! And yes, am a bit behind you, 7 wks tomorrow. Not a scrap of nausea yet but boob pain when braless continues, as does stretchy/mild crampy/pokey type feelings in the uterus area.

Oh don't you worry, moving house at 22 wks will be a breeze grin

Tanlee Tue 16-Apr-13 17:46:00

Hi everyone,
I'm 21 + 3 weeks, and have finally got a bump (although not feeling much at the moment as my placenta is at the front, so it acts like a cushion). Just got in from work and going to have a sneaky nap for an hour...remids me of when I was a student!smile

ExpatAl Tue 16-Apr-13 18:02:47

Are you moving house and country Keep? It'll be fine! grin

Good luck MrsH. It's just lovely to see the hearbeat so clearly. I was pointed out the head etc too but have no idea how it was possible to tell. Come back and report.

carliepow Tue 16-Apr-13 19:55:09

Hello all,

Can I join please?

Fairy just invited me to join after seeing my lonely little worrying thread about being anxious after our second attempt at ivf. Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies. I'm 16+2 and finally believing that I'm pregnant but still so afraid something could go wrong. Really really want to enjoy my pregnancy, hoping it will come in time.

Good to see you carlie!

keep wonderful news on the scan. And moving when you are 22 weeks pregnant is better than moving when you have a 22 week old baby. Although I did that and survived (not between countries though).

dildals I meant to say I was v impressed at your swimming time trial! Maybe I will try swimming instead of jogging (well shuffling really) although I am a rubbish swimmer if I try to do real strokes. I only just started jogging again in the last couple of weeks not because I was afraid of harming the baby but because I was too nauseated or exhausted. And the weather didn't help. Went to an antenatal Pilates class today which actually was quite challenging and the teacher v knowledgeable. Quite a lot of wobbling around on large bouncy balls though.

Dildals Tue 16-Apr-13 21:20:29

fairy pretty pleased with it myself! Running gives you more of a workout though, and it's nicer to be outside, rather than stuck in a pool looking at a line on the floor. Not to mention smelling of chlorine for hrs afterwards ...

I just had to stop running, the pressure on my pelvic floor was just getting a bit too much. Am doing Kegel exercises pretty much every waking moment.

I went to my first pregnancy pilates class today as well. It felt adequately challenging, not too much not too little, but lots of little sore bits now walking home, muscle below my tailbone (does that even exist?) and sort of around my groin/ovaries? how random .. who was the pilates afficionado again MrsH or expatal? Is this normal? I haven't hurt the babies have I? I am ashamed to admit I have googled this just now ... I assume it is just because all my stomach & surrounding muscles are expanding and stretching ...

I also had a chat with the pilates instructor at work (who, incidentally also does the boxing class, what a combo!). He's more than happy to take on a pregnant woman with twins. Good stuff. So we'll try him out on Thursday.

My colleague married a midwife, who works at the King's labour ward ... what an excellent choice! And he's given me her email address AND she's happy to answer all my questions about twin births. How incredibly kind and fabulous. Looking forward to that, in a strange way.

Dildals Tue 16-Apr-13 21:22:56

keep good going on the scan, it's fabulous isn't it to see the heartbeat!

keepitgoing Wed 17-Apr-13 03:22:55

Yes - house, country, job.... <buries head>

Hi Carlie congratulations- 16 weeks is just brilliant. Have you felt any kicks yet? I'm clueless, BTW, at 7.5 weeks, so if it's too early for all that I've not said it to worry you.

ExpatAl Wed 17-Apr-13 09:08:31

Dildals, you should feel your muscles but not really feel sore and if you're sore under your tailbone the instructor wasn't supervising you enough - I guess you did some pelvic tilts - something like that? You shouldn't use your tailbone area to rise but your muscles instead. Did the instructor talk you through that? If not, make sure you mention it next time and ask to be shown. This is what all of pilates builds on so good to get it straight from the beginning.
I imagine that it might make you a little sore generally as you're making two in there so everything must be changing very quickly. Great that your work instructor is happy to take you on. Really stress with him that this is a very precious pregnancy and doing immaculate scissors isn't really high in your priorities.

ExpatAl Wed 17-Apr-13 09:26:29

God, what a bossy post. Sorry, in work mode.

carliepow Wed 17-Apr-13 09:43:03

Thank you keep. Not felt anything yet, apparently any time from now onwards I may feel something. That will feel like another huge step! Have an appointment with the MW later today so am hoping she'll confirm that and hopefully we'll hear the heartbeat. I think the MW can hear it from now any way? Everything is new!!!!! I feel like I have a question for absolutely everything!!

In regard to exercise -I've been doing an aqua natal class and love it. Its fun and nice to meet other mums to be, as well as making me feel like I've done some exercise!!

keepitgoing Wed 17-Apr-13 10:25:58

Ooh carlie how exciting, I hope you hear the heartbeat today!

ExpatAl Wed 17-Apr-13 10:58:05

Hi Carlie! Sorry for missing you out. Congrats on your pregnancy - 16 weeks is great! Good luck with your apt today. Hope you get to hear the heartbeat.

Hello Ladies
I'm back to earth with a bump and have just spent an enjoyable half hour or so reading all that has happened in my absence.

First and foremost congratulations to Mariana! How absolutely wonderful. I must admit that your description of your lovely little girl being asleep on your lap made me cry. I wish you all loads of best wishes and many happy times getting to know the new addition to your family.

Keep Congrats on your scan. What a relief! Such good news. Isn't it amazing to see the heartbeat?

Fairy and congrats to you for your nuchal scan results. Again such a relief. I'm glad that you are enjoying being pg now.

Carlie and Tanlee Welcome to you both. Lovely to have you on board.

Dildals can I ask you which prenatal pilates class you attended? I might sign up!

MrsH I hope that your scan goes well today. I think that you will be in there now.

Expat, I hope that your scan was ok. How lovely to live in Belgium. I am desperate to move now. After being in a tiny Cornish village, London is quite a challenge. Thank goodness that I'm off work this week.

Have I missed anyone? I hope not but hello to everyone else if I have. I'm glad that you are all well and things are progressing nicely.

AFM, I had my booking appointment with the MW yesterday. Amazingly she came to the house and apparently all my appts will be at home. She was absolutely lovely and I am very relieved to have abit of support. She will see us through now to birth and beyond. She mentioned having a home birth if I wanted. I'm not sure I'm ready to think about that yet. She said we don't have to decide until the day if I don't want to.

I have the Harmony test and 1st scan at FMC on Friday and then have to go back 2 weeks later for the nuchal scan and Harmony results. Then I have the NHS 12 week scan the week after. I really hope that the results are ok and then I think that I might relax abit. Only a little bit mind!

Well I'd better get some lunch. Its good to be back with you all and speak to you later.

Shazza xx

ExpatAl Wed 17-Apr-13 13:20:20

Shazza I have been wondering how you are. I'd be happy to swop places with you - I really miss London. My anomaly scan isn't until next Thursday - it will be just under 21 weeks then.
How many weeks are you now?

MrsHY1 Wed 17-Apr-13 16:27:42

Welcome newbies and welcome back Shazza!
Well, first hurdle completed, mini-me measuring correctly and yolk sack and heartbeat looking super. I was so grateful to the sonographer, she'd barely got the wand inside me before she pronounced that she could see the heartbeat! It really was amazing. DH got a bit teary. I thought I would, but instead I just wanted to punch the air grin
Still long way to go but today is a GOOD day.
Thinking of going in for a private scan at 10 wks to check everything still fine. I must admit I know next to nothing about nuchal and Harmony tests, can someone explain it if you can be at all bothered??wink Xxx

ExpatAl Wed 17-Apr-13 18:12:54

Hurrah! A GOOD day indeed! Great news MrsH, very happy for you. I don't really know the details of the harmony test so will leave that to an expert.

Fab news mrs! I don't know much about the harmony test either but I think it's a test of the mother' blood that can identify chromosomal abnormalities rather than just predicting the likelihood or having to have an invasive test like amnio.

Dildals Wed 17-Apr-13 21:41:25

Hi MrsH - fantastic news!

At your 12 week scan they take blood, to measure your free beta HCG and PAPP-A levels, and do the scan to measure the nuchal fold (the scruff of your neck), check for a nasal bone, look at the bloodflow thru the heart. The outcome of those plus your maternal age, whether you have done IVF or not, have multiples or not is then put in to a computer programme which spits out a probability. This is about 95% (I think , it was 90% accurate for twins) accurate for singletons.
It really only becomes worthwhile looking at further tests when your probabilities come close to the 1/150. This is because the diagnostic tests (which would give you certainty) have a risk of miscarriage of between 1-1.5% (1/100 - 1/150).
The beauty of the Harmony test is that they can give you an accurate diagnostic of downs etc via a blood test, so no risk of miscarriage. The Fetal Medicine Centre is doing a 'deal' (which is not on the net) of scan + test for £180.
Your chances, based only on maternal age, go up substantially the older you get.
So it depends a little on how old you are and whether you are happy to trust the NHS! My scan was so thorough that I didn't bother with a private scan, but Harmony wasn't going to work for me anyway cos of the additional fugitive I am harbouring.

For now just enjoy the good news before you start worrying yourself sick about the next step!

keepitgoing Thu 18-Apr-13 03:50:02

Yay!!! Well done Mrs!!! smile it's totally brilliant, isn't it? I have another scan at 9+4 private medicine and understand you wanting another Pre 12/13 weeks.

Hey shaz hope you had a good holiday. How are you feeling?

Hello everyone

MrsH brilliant news. So exciting! And such a relief. I have decided to have the harmony at FMC as dildals explains below cause at the grand old age of 42 I'm nervous about the results. The £180 covers 2 scans and the bloods. You have to do it between 10-11 weeks. I'm going for a dating scan (much like you have just had I think) and blood test tomorrow (I'll be 10 wks tomorrow) and then in 2 weeks time I go back for a nuchal scan and the results of the bloods. I've also got my NHS scan booked for the week after.

My midwife had never heard of harmony. So I'm going to do the NHS tests as well as back up.

I'm praying that the results will be ok and then I might be able to start to go with the flow abit. Although Mr Shaz commented on how calm and happy I am at the moment smile

Have a good day girls. Im enjoying this not going to work lark just abit too much.


carliepow Thu 18-Apr-13 10:57:49

Morning all, glad to hear of good news for some of you, a little reassurance makes the world of difference doesn't it!

I had my 16 week MW appointment yesterday, we got to hear the heartbeat which was just what I needed. Although a trainee MW was checking for the heartbeat whilst my regular MW was asking me all sorts of questions about weight, sickness etc at the same time. I don't think she realised how desperate we were to just listen to it and enjoy it. She's lovely, I guess its just her job so she must listen to little heartbeats all day long!

One thing that has confused me though......my due date had changed based on the results of my 13 week scan. The fertility clinic told us the due date wouldn't change at all as we know the date the embryos were transferred etc. It's only been brought forward 5 days, but that also dated me a week ahead, so I'm actually 17+3 and not 16+3 like we thought. Does anyone know why this might be or had a similar thing? Its nice to be a week ahead obviously, just unsure which date to go by?

keepitgoing Thu 18-Apr-13 12:02:52

That's great you heard the heartbeat Carlie. I think I'd go with the original dates, as you know exactly where you are. I guess the issue would come if you went over and they'd want to induce you a week earlier than otherwise. Did you explain/ask the midwife? Maybe she needs to check with someone as she'll just be going by the usual rules of size etc.

ExpatAl Thu 18-Apr-13 12:09:48

Hi all.
Carlie, this happened during my 12 week scan too. I was put as 13,6 weeks. My ob told me that it's because that was what the baby was measuring during the scan but the original due date would not change.

I completely understand those who want another scan before the nuchal one. I was a complete ball of stress by the time the nuchal scan came around and lost it completely when we saw the baby. It's a long time to wait when your insane mind is insisting that there's nothing inside your belly and you've imagined the whole thing.

carlie I would ring midwife and discuss the due date again. As keep says, the due date can become an issue if you go over and they start pressuring you to be induced. It's up to you of course but is rather avoid that if at all possible. The egg collection date really is key because that is when the baby was conceived, regardless of how big it is now.

Hello Everyone
Hope you have all had a good day.
Carlie, the MW said something to me about the possibility of my dates changing and to be honest I can't remember why now. So much information to remember. I would ask as well. Best to be clear rather than worry unnecessarily.
Got my Harmony bloods and 1st scan tomorrow at 10. Mr Shaz can't make it cause he has a meeting with a gallery than can't be changed. So my mum is coming. She is thrilled to have a chance to see Shazlett, they didn't have such things as scans in her day, and I don't have to go on my own. Suddenly my head is full of 'what ifs' again and I'm worried about it being bad news.
Oh on another note, the constipation is much better (thanks for the prunes tip Fairy) but I'm burping like a sailor! Is this normal? I never usually burp.
Have a good evening.

Shaz xx

shazza I burp all the time too. It's your uterus expanding upwards and squishing your stomach. Just another aspect of the magic of pregnancy!

On the plus side I have finally used my last progesterone pessary! It's farewell to fanny candles and bye bye bum bullets! I never ever want to see you again!

keepitgoing Fri 19-Apr-13 03:37:18

I have eight more days fairy, till 9 weeks. Can't wait either!

Good luck shaz! Enjoy!!

ExpatAl Fri 19-Apr-13 11:12:46

How can they change the due date if you've had IVF? My ob was very clear that they need to know the real date which is established when you're first pregnant from IVF. The scans automatically adapt according to the measurements but they can't change the original date. I would call the MW and check this because it could impact several scenarios later in pregnancy.

I have a new neurotic fear. This will sound like stealth boasting but it isn't. I have never suffered from constipation apart from in very early pregnancy. I was like that when I was pregnant before too. I thought I was just lucky but now it's occurred to me that perhaps my prog levels drop dramatically so I don't get constipated and maybe that's what went wrong last time. Also, if I am not is the baby absorbing anything? Will I sound like a loon if I ask to have my prog levels checked?

ExpatAl Fri 19-Apr-13 11:13:26

Shazza, Harmony and scan today! Good luck!

MrsHY1 Fri 19-Apr-13 12:42:37

Expat, bless you but stop mentalling. Ask for a prog check if you feel it would reassure you but despite being on the industrial grade progesterone fanny candles I've never had constipation. If anything, I've tended towards 'looseness' in that dept. x

keepitgoing Fri 19-Apr-13 12:54:38

No, I've not either. Just very farty...

Mrs how long are you on the prog?

ExpatAl Fri 19-Apr-13 13:43:45

Oh the farting Keep. It's not pretty.
The other day I walked past a whole group of guys outside a restaurant farting with every step I took. Longest walk of my life! Every time I turn over in bed I burp and it feels so good.

expat does the baby need to absorb progesterone? I thought it was just there to maintain the lining of the uterus.

Hello ladies

Oh expat I love the farting past the restaurant story. Hilarious! I'm also so farty. The other day I popped one out at home thinking that mr S was in the other room and it was so loud he heard it downstairs!

I'm sorry you are worrying about prog. If it is bothering you I would ask but its probably fine. I think you have been lucky in the constipation stakes.

Well done Fairy no more fanny candles. It's amazing how quickly you will forget them wink

Lovely scan this morning at FMC oh my goodness the room was 3 times the size of the ACU one. The dr asked if my dad wanted to come in as well and so he got to see shazlett as well. He has never seen a scan so it was good. Shazlett is fine but a day behind what we thought so I'm 10 weeks tomorrow. This means they couldn't do harmony and I have to go back next week (at no extra cost). It was lovely to see her again. She has hands and little feet and was waving them around. AND we heard her heart beat. AND saw the 2 lobes of her brain. Amazing. worth every penny.

I hope you are all ok. Have a lovely eve.

Shaz xx

ExpatAl Fri 19-Apr-13 18:16:42

Fairy, I meant that apparently digestion slows down so more nutrients can be absorbed. But if mine hasn't slowed down how can the baby absorb anything?

Shazza, lovely lovely news and woohoo you get to do it all again next week!!

It's a lovely sunny evening here so we're off out to make the most of it. Hope you're all doing okay.

MrsHY1 Fri 19-Apr-13 20:20:00

Loving the burpy fartiness! I'm not too farty at the moment but give me time...
Shaz your scan sounds incredible and how lovely your Dad could be there! For a very expensive clinic mine doesn't have the best scanner so not sure quite how much I'll see in 2.5 weeks (yep, have booked a ten-weeker).
Keep- I've been told to stay on the fanny candles until 12 wks. Also injecting clexane every day so have a delightful array of bruises on both thighs and my rapidly expanding (because of FAT, not baby!) belly. Also having my second IVIG on Tues, so get hooked up to a drip for 3 hours. But it is all SO worth it if I stay upduffed.
Have good weekends everyone xxx

Gosh MrsH that sounds like quite a regime. What is ifvg? I know what you mean about it all being worth it. It will pale into insignificance once you have your little one in your arms.

Thanks expat it was very exciting. Mr shaz just got home and the first thing he said before he'd even taken his coat off was can I see the pictures? It was very sweet. And he bought me a necklace today. Just to say well done for getting to 10 weeks grin

All is well in our house tonight!

Have a lovely evening all. Xx

Sorry i meant IVIG?

Expat - I think the baby will find a way to get what it needs even if your progesterone levels are low and intestinal transit time is normal. After all, if you complain to a midwife or dr that you are constipated while pregnant they advise you how to treat it, not to just suffer because otherwise the baby won't thrive. But if you are worried then I would say ask for a test because even if they say no, don't worry that might help to reassure you.

Shazza - so pleased your scan was such a happy event.

MrsHY1 Fri 19-Apr-13 22:59:37

Bless Mr Shazza! I need to tell DH to pull his finger out- no gifts here yet grin

IVIG is intravenous immunoglobulin. Essentially a drip comprised of blood matter from as many as 1,000 donors. I'm having it because a test showed I had a very high level of natural killer cells in my bloodstream, which some doctors feel can prohibit embryos from implanting. It's all a bit 'woo' , isnt even licensed for fertility treatment (although it is a licensed drug) and lots of very good fertility doctors challenge the evidence, but I was prepared to give anything a shot quite frankly.
Don't know if it was the ET technique, the Clexane, the IVIG, the hysteroscopy I had in Jan or just plain old luck- all I know is that this embryo has taken as opposed to the four implanted previously when I wasn't on treatment. And this one, bless it, was graded the poorest of all. But it's my superstar now grin

Dildals Sat 20-Apr-13 00:02:13

Intestinal transit time ... That made me laugh although I know it wasn't meant to be funny. I am going to use that in a sentence with DH one day!

Good work on te scan Shazza!

Argh so much to catch up on - forgive me for missing stuff.

Expat, that is top mentalling that even I couldn't come up with! I get diahrrea in early pregnancy and awful instillation later on. I'm sure both are normal. The baby always takes what it needs and even if you eat nothing for a few days because you've hot a bug the baby still takes what it needs. That's why our teeth go bad and we feel lousy! Get your prog checked if it will make you feel better but I assure you the baby will be getting what it needs regardless of your gut transit.

Shazza, great scan experiences. Hope the Harmony test can be done ASAP. Glad you had a nice break and lucky you getting a necklace. I think I should pester for some jewels! Unlikely now we're on maternity leave pay.

Good heartbeat news and fascinating science stuff MrsH.

I'm now worrying about the baby all the time. It's never ending this anxiety!

Instillation? Constipation more like...

Mariana I think you can be forgiven missing a few days. You've got your hands full! How is your little darling? And how are you coping?

Gosh MrsH that sounds revolutionary. I understand the feeling of not being sure why this time worked and therefore not wanting to change anything that you have been doing to help keep the baby inside. I had a couple of this that I did differently the month I got pg after over 2 yrs of trying, not least a very extreme diet. Now I'm scared to reintroduce foods. Good luck with the treatment. And I understand booking a 10 wk scan. It is reassuring to see the bubba.

Hello to everyone else. Hope you are all ok.

What a lovely day today. Im going to go out and about with my family.

Have a good day xx

Tanlee Sat 20-Apr-13 17:00:45

got our harmony test results - all clear/lowest risk possible for Downs, Edwards and Pataus. Finally feel now that I can start relaxing and enjoying it all (even the nausea, farting, burping, anaemia and exhaustion!!! ha! ha!) - it's only taken 22 weeks!!! Looking forwards to the next 18! I'm sure I'll find something else to worry about (prob the c-section!), but for now, the sun is shining and I'm going to relax and enjoy myself for a bit!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Coping reasonably well Shazza. I thought I'd be insanely anxious but I'm only normally anxious! I think it's normal to think that if you put your newborn down it will immediately stop breathing, choke etc. However, I think there's a relaxing effect of the baby feeding and sleeping on you. My mum is here this weekend and has done all the housework and ironing.

Tanlee that's great news. I hope you can relax a little now. Don't worry about the section. I was terrified before mine but it was ok. Some bits were a little scary but that was probably just me.

Great news Tanlee. Phew! I hope you had a good day.

Lovely Mariana. I can't imagine what it is like to have a new born and I understand your worries. I'm sure you are doing fine. And thank goodness for mums!

ExpatAl Mon 22-Apr-13 10:30:58

Morning ladies. Did you all have good weekends?
Thanks so much for telling me in the nicest possible way that yes, I am nuts.
Mariana, seems like pretty natural worries. Feeding and sleeping on you sounds just gorgeous.

Tanlee, Great news!

Dildals Mon 22-Apr-13 14:40:42

Afternoon all.

I went to Barcelona for the weekend, on a hen weekend. I had the best excuse to go home to the hotel after dinner. Still made it out till 12-1, lots of walking during the day, and now I am tired and pink!

I did notice that I have definitely slowed down! Bit scary. I can't walk as fast anymore, it hurts my pelvis! Flipflop-type footwear not helping of course.

I have a new worry to add to the list. Last night, after I had come back, DH casually mentioned that my bump looked smaller and I had actually noticed the same thing. Now I do know that bumps change shape etc, but mainly during the day. It had started to firm up but now it looks smaller and not so firm. Should I be worried? Or is this normal?

keepitgoing Mon 22-Apr-13 15:30:25

Isn't it still early for a bump at all? Could you be losing ivf blubber and it turning into babies? I don't know. When do you have another scan/appt?

ExpatAl Mon 22-Apr-13 16:03:24

Totally normal Dildals. You have all kinds of bloating after IVF and when that all calms down you look much more normal and yes, bump can be soft. But your bump is going to start growing really quickly from now on with two in there!

Dildals Mon 22-Apr-13 18:29:46

I lost the IVF bloat pretty quickly and from week 10 onwards something started bulging out that definitely wasn't a big poo or lunch. I know it is early, but remember it is twins, so it will start earlier. At first it wasn't firm yet, but it had started to firm up recently. Will see, maybe it was water retention from Barcelona that has now gone, who knows, will monitor the situation!

dildals maybe the babies have moved around and are lying in a different way that is more compact? Or maybe the placenta(s) have shifted? I can't imagine it's anything sinister.

To join in the list of worries, I started spotting this morning. Just very light, brownish spots which I go to the loo. I have no idea what's caused it, I would have thought at 15 weeks it is too late for hormonal 'breakthrough' spotting. I am quite constipated and according to Dr Google that can cause it through pressure on a cervix that is more filled with blood than usual. I also have read that fatigue can bring it on and I have had a really tiring week and weekend. I just wish it would stop. If it hasn't tomorrow I will ring the antenatal clinic.

expat we are all nuts from time to time.

mariana I am envious of you, I would love to have had the baby already! With DS I was quite enthralled with the idea of being pregnant and couldn't imagine actually having the baby. With this one I just want to skip the whole worrying pregnancy thing and have the baby to hold.

ExpatAl Mon 22-Apr-13 20:24:40

Oh Fairy it's probably nothing but just so worrying. I would definitely contact the antenatal clinic so you can put it out of your mind.

ExpatAl Mon 22-Apr-13 20:25:52

I didn't mean to say probably. What I meant was it's almost certainly nothing. I spotted at 16 weeks and it scared me to death.

MrsHY1 Mon 22-Apr-13 21:17:53

Hi ladies
Fairy- I totally agree with Expat, I don't think you have to worry but do call your midwife as she'll probably say the same but unlike me, has the qualifications to back it up smile
Dildals, same goes for you, I would imagine they've just had a wiggle round? Perhaps it was all the excitement from Barcelona?
Keep- I assume your spotting stopped?
Nothing to report here- 7+5 today. Have had (sorry for the tmi) a couple of tiny dollops of yellowish egg white stylie fluid, plus the boobs are still hurting (the bottom half- under the nipple!) but no real nausea as yet, only a churny feeling when I'm hungry (but that's not dissimilar to normal!). Just wish I could go for weekly scans to put my mind at rest, but a) I can't afford it and b) I think it could actually make my mentalling worse.
Am hoping there will be one point in this pregnancy when I can stop fretting and start relaxing, gah...

Thanks, expat. I just had a couple of prunes in an attempt to speed up 'intestinal transit time' (that was for youdildals :-))

And thanks, Mrs HY. My nausea started as just an unsettled feeling when I was hungry so maybe that is what is lurking for you. It came on full about a week after that.

MrsHY1 Mon 22-Apr-13 22:06:49

Oh goodie, something to look forward to, thanks Fairy grin
Enjoy those prunes!

Fairy, if you're constipated it could be bleeding from cervical erosion. This is where the cervix becomes slightly grazed and hypersensitive due to preg hormones and become prone to slight bleeding that will have gone brown by the time it reaches the exit. Constipation can cause a bit of cervical bleeding. You can get your GP to have a look at your cervix and tell you if it's eroded. I had this once and knowing it was that helped with the anxiety. Anyway, google it, it's dead common.

That's how I felt about my pregnancy, absolutely no sense of enjoying it, just wanted it to go ok and for the baby to be out and healthy. I do feel huge relief at her being out but you do just transfer worries onto the baby. I was talking to my mum last night who was saying she still worries about us the same as she ever did when we were little. I guess that's just parenthood.

Dildals, bumps do change size and shape for all sorts of innocent reasons, and your own physiology will affect how you look. Any bloating will make your bump look bigger when it's got nothing to do with your actual uterus. I am having terrible post natal bowel trouble and yesterday looked about 7 months pregnant whereas today I'm far flatter.

Anyway, will be up all night as madam will only sleep on a person, not in her cot and DH has to work tomorrow am so he can't take over. Thank god for the iPhone for keeping me awake.

Sending you all calm vibes!

Morning all

Sorry for missing a day. The first day back at work after 2 weeks off was abit traumatic!

Mariana I hope your nighttime marathon was ok.

Fairy I hope the spotting has stopped. What everyone else has said sounds entirely plausible but if you are worried then best to check. I'm tucking into my prunes as I type. They are my new best friends smile

Dildals I hope your bump has settled. Again sounds normal. You'll have a big enough bump soon enough!

Expat is your scan this week?

Wow time is passing quickly MrsH 7.5! Keep you are a little ahead of that aren't you? How are you feeling?

And I hope everything is ok in all other camps.

All good here. Highlight this week is going for another scan and harmony bloods on Wednesday. I've got everything crossed that it's all clear. The next 2 weeks are going to be a tricky wait.

Have a good day.

Shaz xx

ExpatAl Tue 23-Apr-13 14:04:02

Fairy how are you doing today?

Shazza, enjoy your scan tomorrow. Mine is on Thursday.

Hi all- thanks for the supportive comments. The spotting has stopped apart fr microscopic traces that only a paranoid former IVFer would have noticed this morning. And the prunes worked. So I think it must have been a tiny bit of cervical erosion or inflammation (erosion is such a scary word!)

Shazza - hope your next scan is equally enjoyable.

Mariana- DS wouldn't sleep in his cot as a newborn until I put a pillowcase I had been using over the mattress. I guess it smelled like me and was therefore sufficiently reassured that he slept fine in there after that. Might be worth a try.

Oh good luck Expat. Fingers crossed.

I'm enjoying having my little secret at work. I feel different about it all.

Quick question have you signed up for NCT (those in the UK)? I haven't done that yet but someone said that they have a waiting list.

Shaz x

keepitgoing Tue 23-Apr-13 16:22:23

Hi all! fairy is all normal again?

MrsHY I just had about twelve hours of spotting, thank goodness. Sex is now banned and nothing else so far. 8+4 today, and feel queasy when I think of food, but OK once I start eating. I read today 10/11 weeks is the worst, but am hoping it won't get much worse. I have another scan a week today.

keepitgoing Tue 23-Apr-13 16:23:32

X post. Great stuff fairy.

I think 10 weeks is the worst for sickness, keep telling yourself that anyway and hopefully it'll soon pass.

I was thinking of putting a worn tshirt in her cot but a pillowcase would be better in terms of lying something flat. She's spending most of the night sleeping on my chest, absolutely lovely but against all the rules. Strangely she'll sleep in her cot in the day with no problem. Babies are a continual mystery to me!

I've never joined NCT and have heard mixed reports about it. It's like buying a group of friends who are all at a similar stage to you, but also that the groups can be quite competitive as you're not really friends, just happen to be having a baby at the same time which is no guarantee you'll get on famously. I met people through local playgroups etc but it depends if there's much like that where you live and how sociable you are. I think there's quite a lot of groups about these days, I recently moved to a rural village and we have a baby group at each church and the library and children's centre in a nearby larger village have stuff going on. When I lived in the inner city there was lots going on, you just had to be brave enough to walk in and be friendly!

Erosion does sound scary but it isn't and is really common. It's often the cause of spotting after sex in pregnancy too - you've been warned!

Hello ladies

I hope you are all ok.

Thanks Mariana. I emailed re the local NCT group and it is £360! The classes are the same time as our antenatal classes so I'm not sure it is worth it. We would have antenatal on Friday afternoons immediately followed by NCT on Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. Might be abit much?

Keep I was lucky re sickness and only felt mildly queasy occasionally after eating but my mum has just lent me her seasickness bands that you wear on your wrists. There is a little knobble on each one that presses on an acupressure point. Apparently they worked wonders at sea and work on morning sickness as well. I've been wearing them for 4 days now and feel fine. But like I said I didn't have much before. Worth a go though I reckon.

I'll see shazlett this afternoon again when I have the harmony bloods done. Can't wait!

Have a good day all.

Shaz xx

ExpatAl Wed 24-Apr-13 10:23:20

Morning all. Beautiful day here. Have just arranged a lunch meeting so I can sit for a long time in the sun :-)

360 Shazza! That's outrageous. What do you get for all that dosh?
BCT membership (the brussels equivalent of NCT) charges 180 euros for full membership and I think I'll use it a lot as it has lots of meet ups, dinner nights, running groups etc.
Anyway, far more importantly have a lovely time gazing at your little bean this afternoon.

£360 is loads, hardly an equal opportunities service! Thinking about it, it was the wealthier people I knew who joined. (The ones with Bugaboos and Trust Funds.) They spent a lot of time complaining that the meet ups consisted of people showing off about how advanced their baby was. That happens at ordinary baby groups but at least you haven't paid £££ to be irritated by it. I still remember the girl who was insistent her 9 month old baby was talking.

Enjoy your scan Shazza.

keepitgoing Thu 25-Apr-13 03:53:32

Shaz, how was it? When do you get the results?

Never realised nct was that much. Everyone I know just joined to meet people, which is silly if you think about it!

When I had DS 5 years ago it was £180 for a weekend NCT course in Cambridge. £360 sounds a bit absurd. I did a hypnobirthing course instead, which was useful but I didn't get the social element that some of my friends had with NCT and enjoyed (although overwhelmingly middle class).

Dildals Thu 25-Apr-13 08:30:23

I joined NCT, everyone kept saying I should, that they really enjoyed meeting people that were in a similar boat, so I did. We are of course overwhelmingly middle class, so we fit right in. Lots of my friends still have regular catchups with their NCT friends.

Dildals Thu 25-Apr-13 08:30:41

Shazza - how was the scan yesterday?

I found that it was mostly overwhelmingly middle class types (including myself here!) who used the children centres and church playgroups. The indigenous local working class population seemed to stick to family and school friend groups, probably because they were significantly younger.

By charging £360 they are ensuring their groups remain middle class, although we wouldn't be able to afford that having just moved house and me being on mat leave.

keepitgoing Thu 25-Apr-13 11:31:10

Dildals you joined already?!

ExpatAl Thu 25-Apr-13 15:46:07

Hi all. Anomaly scan went well. Splodge wouldn't stop flipping about so it was a bit of a challenge. The scanner couldn't see the eyes so I need to go back in a few weeks. Cervix is also a good length so paranoia is at bay for a week or two.

How are you all doing?

MrsHY1 Thu 25-Apr-13 16:27:21

Hurrah Expat that's great news.
Have been reading the NCT posts with interest. I've found that the best way of keeping my mind busy and away from constant mentalling that something has gone wrong since last Weds is to go into overdrive, booking myself onto NCT and a f*cking hypnobirthing course! shock I've figured that nothing I do or not do is going to affect the outcome so I may as well get organised. I draw the line at purchasing any tangible 'things' yet though, not ready for that yet.
Had such good news last week, a close family member is also newly pregnant after her first round of IVF (I didn't know she was having it but she ended up in hospital with mild ohss and it all came out). I therefore shared my news. If it works out for both of us our due dates are three weeks apart grin

Dildals Thu 25-Apr-13 17:27:55

Yes I have already signed up keep because loads of people told me the courses book up really quickly in this extremely middle class suburb of London! I am quite looking fwd to be told that breast is best and that I am a heathen for wishing for a C-section ;-).

I did look in to hypno birthing, but am holding off on that because I am hoping baby no 1 presents itself in breech position :-). Also my friend who gave birth 11 days ago did the hypno birthing thing and I am quite keen to hear from her whether it helped. She had quite an arduous and long labour, so I wouldn't be surprised if she has fallen off the hypno birthing bandwagon.

I have also joined TAMBA I'll have you know. I am v organised.

On the C-section bit - I read the protocol for twin births in Lesley Regan's book and no person should be forced to have that as a birth experience is my personal opinion. It reminded me of a veterinary A&E reality program. I am actually quite an advocate of natural birth, but reading those 2 paragraphs put me off completely. No option of pool birth, no active labour, due to constant double monitoring, immediate epidural, stuck on your back, and 30 mins to push no 2 out, no pressure though, the epidural is because the consultant goes in with his/her hand to fetch no 2, which apparently is quite painful, no shit. Then when the consultant has managed to traumatise baby no 2 sufficiently by pulling it down the uterus, they get the forceps out. Great. If you want anything else, it sounds you are pretty much in for a fight. Which I don't fancy. I might be too negative, I am happy to hear otherwise from the consultants when I finally get to see them. The midwife I saw was pretty useless for info, she wasn't even aware of the NICE guidelines on low dose aspirin for multiple pregnancies. If I do have to give birth naturally I will arrange a midwife or doula who has experience with natural twin births. Because of the protocol they are losing this experience.

Apologies if I have ranted about this before and am repeating myself!

Dildals Thu 25-Apr-13 17:31:03

On the organisation front - I have also pretty much decided on buggy. DH has decided on car :-).
We haven't decided on names though or childcare, although I do need to get an idea of that, because of waiting lists and costs! DH wants to get his head around childcare costs we will be incurring in Oct 2014 onwards!

Was Shazza not due to have a scan yesterday? We haven't heard from her have we? Or did I miss a post? Hope everything is OK.

ExpatAl Thu 25-Apr-13 18:38:28

Yes, she had a scan yesterday. I was hoping for news last night.

Hope all is well Shazza.

expat great news re scan and cervix, one more hurdle crossed.

I did hypnobirthing with DS on the recommendation of my midwife. It was helpful for the first 24 hours of my labour...but really I think the ideal they promote of a peaceful, empowering stress free birth will only happen if you also are lucky enough to have a straightforward short labour. Once the baby gets stuck or whatever you can't keep visualising rainbows endlessly. And after wanting a natural birth and ending up with a complicated emergency caesarean I think my hypnobirthing practice actually contributed to my feeling inadequate for having failed to give birth naturally ( I know I know but that's how I felt). So I would recommend it as useful but with a grain of salt.

dildals I really don't blame you for wanting a caesarean if that's the twin birth protocol. What's the point? It sounds horrendous.

At the risk of sounding crazy I got a nursery place for the little one the day after I had my 11 week scan. I wanted him or her to go to the same nursery as DS and it is a horrendous wait list so I couldn't wait. Now I feel v smug blush

keepitgoing Fri 26-Apr-13 02:26:21

Ooh my goodness to everything, you are all so believing and confident. I still can't believe we might have a baby in November.

MsrHY when's your next scan?

Keep, I'm the opposite! We didn't once discuss names until she was a few hours old (which I felt was odd but on my ward 3/4 of us had no name chosen). The baby doesn't have a nursery but a chest of drawers and wardrobe in the spare room. My husband had to dash out and buy a cot mattress and assemble the cot once we were home from hospital and I've done nothing about nursery places (although unlike Fairyp that won't be a problem here in the sticks.) We had all the stuff from DD already but I just couldn't bring myself to get it all ready.

Dildals, I would go straight to section after reading that protocol. I had an intervention filled delivery with DD and it was awful. I'm all for natural childbirth if that's what the woman chooses, but it doesn't look like much of a choice in your case. I also think childbirth is deeply overrated!

Hope Shazza is ok.

Hello ladies

Sorry for radio silence and causing worry. All fine. Sadly we were at the funeral yesterday of DPs granny. A long sad day but she was 97 so fair doos she gave it a good go.

Scan was ok although shazlett wasn't playing ball and we became well acquainted with her spine! And the dr said something about the nasal bone not developed yet and the profile we saw briefly was light reflection. So now I'm in a panic about DS trying not to mental. Luckily I'm somewhat reeled in on the frantic googling cause my mobile bill was HUGE last month. I'm guessing from the 3 hours on googling whilst commuting each dayblush

I've had the harmony bloods done and now have the torturous 2ww (I didn't have an IVF 2ww in the end so this is my 1st).

I'm sooooo impressed at all the organisational activity. I had a tentative look at buggies with my mum at the weekend. Luckily the parental unit is making that purchase for us. We didnt decide on anything i want to try to carry the baby in a sling anyway but they are all insisting that we must have a pram as well. But that's about it so far.

I've got until 7 may to decide about NCT. Mariana I laughed outloud on the train about the talking 9 month old. Hilarious. I'm against coughing up so much dosh but mr s's sister sings the praises of it so of course he wants to do it. Dildals how much is yours if you don't mind me asking? Apparently it goes in bands. It sounds to me that Streatham is in top band. Maybe I should try Croydon smile we have 6x 2 hr antenatal classes already on the NHS surely I will learn all I need to know and make friends there? Ok they may not live next door but I'm having a baby not an elephant. I can travel with it! And I've got friends on here also grin

Expat excellent news on scan results. Really great.

Dildals twin birth sounds awful and distressing for all 3 of you so of course go for c- section. Half of me is hoping for the same. I think I'd be able to imagine rainbows for all of about 5 mins til the pain kicks in.

MrsH that's nice news on your friend.

Fairy and keep I hope you are both ok. Keep things are moving along now so I hope you will feel more relaxed soon. When are you due to see the little one again? Have you got a nickname yet?

Nearly at work. I could do without it to be honest. Oh well weekend tomorrow. Hurrah!

Have a good day all.

Shazza xx

Try to remember these things are soft markers and not at all diagnostic. The waiting is awful but time passes eventually and the odds are firmly on your side. When I was waiting for my cvs results this time I made a concerted effort not to google - I was high risk anyway and for my own sanity I had to keep away. I ended up addicted to daft games on my iPhone instead.

Sorry about DP's grandma, that's a fine old age.

I have a new pram, it's a Mamas and Papas one that I got for half price. It's well posh! With DD I had a rickety third hand effort that I gave away once she was old enough for a buggy. It's odd to think that the baby stuff we have will not be used again, although DH said the other day 'You're only 40, we could have another'. My face was like Munch's The Scream.

Dildals Fri 26-Apr-13 09:38:46

Shazza Baby No 2 didn't want to show its nasal bone either, and it ended up not really making any difference to the stats, so DON'T WORRY!

mariana how did you get it half price? I have been looking at second hand buggies. Would you go for a second hand one, or are they so battered after 3 years that they fall apart at the seams?

shazza I am pretty sure we paid the same. I didn't get offered NHS antenatal classes either though. I have tried googling but couldn't find anything at King's either.

Dildals Fri 26-Apr-13 09:39:42

shazza oh, and we can hang out together when we're on mat leave :-) We can meet in the middle somewhere!

ExpatAl Fri 26-Apr-13 09:43:22

But Mariana you could! grin

Shazza, great news flowers. Don't mental. It's very common not to see the nasal bone. Didn't see one at my nuchal scan either.

Fairy, wow, organised indeed. I shuold get a move on and find a creche now - the good ones, especially ones near work are always full. I just can't bring myself to have such faith at the moment.

ExpatAl Fri 26-Apr-13 09:45:45

Dildals, I hear NCT has great sales.

Thanks for the encouragement girls. We have the full nuchal scan on the 10th when we get the harmony results. I know the odds are in our favour and mrS says I'm so healthy little shazlett has the best environment to live in so hopefully it will be ok.

Dildals we can definitely hang out whilst on mat leave. We will have to arrange a trip to Cambridge for fairy, Belgium for expat and Bangkok for keep! I'm not sure where Mariana and mrsH are based but we will take this show on the road!

Have we got any lurkers? We had some new members but they've gone quiet. Hello to anyone else out there.


Dildals, it was ex display and then in a 20% off sale in a small town department store. I then went to their outlet store and got a carseat to go with it.

I would go for secondhand but they do get pretty battered so I'd have a good look at it first. Mine was from my sister and we were just glad to save a few hundred quid. When DD was 6 months I bought a Maclaren Quest buggy for about £120 which I then used constantly for 2 years, it's filthy and battered but was lightweight and sturdy and I highly recommend them.

Expat - Nooooooo. Never again!

Shazza, I live in rural Lancashire. Miles away from civilisation.

keepitgoing Fri 26-Apr-13 12:07:54

Mariana, I don't think I'll be as late as you to buy things... smile

If you want to tour here you'll have to come in the next three months, then we're coming home don't know where or what job..

Shaz, glad all is ok, even if baby a bit shy. We have another scan on Tuesday, at 9+4. I'm looking forward to it, though know I'll be nervous when we go. I'm reading my UK book about all the tests they do, so hope all can be done here.

Mariana when we take the tour bus on the road we will head north until we reach you smile. Keep, ok then maybe we'll come and find you in the UK. We'll be like Priscilla queen of the desert!

Keep I can't believe you are over 9 weeks. It goes so quickly. But then again I'm 11 today. Crikey! Youll be amazed at the difference in just a couple of weeks. So exciting.

I feel pregnant today so I'm happy about that. No symptoms particularly but I'm aware of my tummy. It feels abit tight and I've got a tiny bump now that isn't going away. You wouldn't notice unless you were looking but I've taken to wearing leggings that sit under my belly. I wore tights yesterday and by the end of the day it was too much around my waist. Another few weeks and i reckon I'll be cracking open the maternity jeans grin


Shazza, do it sooner rather than later as there's nothing worse that a slightly too tight waistband and if you're mental like me you become convinced you are damaging the baby in some way. I found empire line dresses with maternity tights or leggings under them the comfiest and most discreet combo.