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"personal maintenance" - sorry in advance if TMI!

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Tinkerbell43 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:48:12

Ok ladies, I can't be the only one with this problem..
At 40 weeks its a little bit of a chore keeping things "neat" down below, not being able to see past the bump and from fear of doing serious damage with a razor blade and a blind shave, it's become slightly neglected to say the least haha!!
Does anyone have any tips on how to keep up the maintenance (that doesn't include waxing!! I'm a wuss!) hahaa

polkadotsrock Wed 27-Mar-13 16:51:06

How squeamish is your dp???

AuntieStella Wed 27-Mar-13 16:51:59

Why do you need maintenance. I'd have thought that the later stages of opg were a time when you really needn't bother.

If you need to be shaved because of incision/siting of dressings with a CS, then you can ask MW to do it for you.

It took quite a lot of campaigning to eliminate the practice of compulsory shaving in labour.

TinaO99 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:53:30

haha could have been me writing this, I can't see a thing down there! I've had a go doing it blind but made a right mess - can you use a mirror perhaps? Or will your partner help out, they might enjoy it ;-P

AuntieStella Wed 27-Mar-13 16:53:31

Hit post too soon:

It took quite a lot of campaigning to eliminate the practice of compulsory shaving in labour. There is no medical need to remove hair unless you are having a planned section.

Teaandflapjacks Wed 27-Mar-13 16:54:41

I go with waxing - I have for years and years now, if I forget I sometimes do a quick 'tidy up' and then get a wax two weeks later - otherwise get DP or a VERY good mate to help you out, or you could sit on a bath mat, use mirror in front, bowl with warm water, shaving cream and razor job - but just do 'on top' don't go under (!) and then have a shower after to wash off excess foam? Also razor with in built gel (works when wet) is useful? good luck!!

RightUpMyRue Wed 27-Mar-13 16:55:12

Electric safety razor and the memory of where everything is.

Lower your expectations, don't expect a perfect job.

Flisspaps Wed 27-Mar-13 16:59:59

Just leave it until after the birth. You don't want ingrowing hairs or regrowth itch and stitches, bruising or general soreness.

RJM17 Wed 27-Mar-13 17:00:04

What about nair cream?? I always use that and u can use a mirror to put it on then just shower it off so u can't hurt yourself using it.
I use this anyway because I am a massive wuss and after trying waxing twice (6 months apart) I decided I couldn't put myself through that pain again lol. X

CityDweller Wed 27-Mar-13 17:10:15

This concern, which crops up frequently on here, perplexes me. But each to their own... If it really bothers you then suck up the pain and get waxed or use a mirror to just to a general trim of area with some nail scissors (but be careful!)

Veet hair removing cream. I bought some that comes with a little s scrubbing/ exfoliating brush that you use to remove the hair. It's safe as you cant cut yourself, doesn't help that you still can't see so difficult to know if your removing too much but your DH might not mind helping with that.

Quilty Wed 27-Mar-13 18:23:02

I'm with Citydweller on this one, just don't see why it matters. For what it's worth, I work with midwives and one of them was saying recently that the risk of infection is higher when women wax/shave right before the birth. I guess it makes the skin more sensitive and also more difficult to avoid ingrowing hairs as you don't want to be exfoliating down there post labour!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Mar-13 18:23:16

I tidied mine with an electric razor this week. At 36 weeks, it's no mean feat! I did it, then looked and realised it was rather uneven! Anyway it's tidied up enough but no, I'm just keeping it neat rather than bald because I don't want any sores or ingrowing hairs. It's going to be bad enough down there as it is! smile

yellowhousewithareddoor Wed 27-Mar-13 18:25:46

I had no idea so many people chose to remove hair down there prior to mn. I still find it a bit creepy!

Saundy Wed 27-Mar-13 18:31:19

I say a lady trimmer to keep things tidy should do it. Good luck!

MrsExcited Wed 27-Mar-13 18:35:53

I'll second the electric razor and trim rather than full on removal and i'm not pregnant.

I think in general people have there own way of feeling "tidy" down there, for some that may mean doing nothing at all and others its a full wax. I don't think pregnancy will change this for many people.

pegster Wed 27-Mar-13 18:41:03

I did Veet bikini cream applied looking in the mirror for keeping things a neat triangle

Dilidali Wed 27-Mar-13 18:46:06

Shaving prior is a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs. I remember the midwife saying she's going to shave me minutes before the energency c-section and before i had time to open my mouth she was there with the blade/ oh, why didn't you say you are shaved? Errrrmmm, causeI was trimmed by my husband and have absolutely no idea what exactly he's done?
At least she did not burst out laughing at the sight.
Anyway, trimming was my answer.

Dilidali Wed 27-Mar-13 18:48:03

Oh, done with his sideburns trimmer. Loool

ButteryJam Wed 27-Mar-13 19:39:40

OP, I'm also very particular about removing hair, and shave every couple of days (don't like the sweat that can build up). I'm 31 weeks so coping OK until now, but I think I will probably need to use a mirror.

I haven't used Veet cream in years. How soon does the hair grow back?

RJM17 Wed 27-Mar-13 19:57:40

I use it about once every two weeks sometimes more often but never more than once a week x

Mandytm Wed 27-Mar-13 21:25:56

auntiestella did they really used to shave all women before birth? That's so creepy.

I find the whole shaving thing odd in general and am not sure why women feel they must do it. I will sort out my bikini line if I'm planning on wearing a bikini in public, but I think this would be the last thing on my mind when it comes to having my baby. But I guess each to their own, I'm sure the midwifes have seen all sorts of bizarre female topiary.

Sunnysummer Thu 28-Mar-13 04:51:03

My midwife said specifically not to remove hair by shaving or using creams in the lead up to birth, as can increase the risk of infection - as mentioned earlier, this is also why the standard practice of shaving was stopped in hospitals years ago.

Increased blood flow means I can't wax without bruising, so for now I am sticking to the electric trimmer with some help from DH. It's a whole new [slightly uncomfortable] relationship level! wink

Fluffeh Thu 28-Mar-13 06:50:02

My consultant advised against removing hair by shaving right before the birth as if it causes a rash it can lead to infection. She said most women don't shave before birth and if they need to remove any hair for cs etc they do it with an electric shaver to minimise risk of rash. She even said for emcs they usually don't have time to shave so just work around it.

leniwhite Thu 28-Mar-13 09:14:21

OH's beard shaver on the main bits, but now I'm overdue I'm just leaving it because it's been itchy as hell. MW's have seen it and said nothing so I assume whatever it looks like is at least workable! My only concern with leaving it to jungle was that they wouldn't be able to tell when baby's head was there...

I wouldn't do it....simply because along with the bruising and any tears etc, I can't bear the thought of that area being itchy.

fatandlumpy Fri 29-Mar-13 07:57:35

The OH was moaning the other week so I got some Veet for him to have a go. So far he's come up with many excuses (such as grouting, the garden and general house decluttering and clearance) as to avoid the 'job'.

I'm perfectly comfortable with having a 70's foo like a badger's armpit (... sorry!) as the house and garden are looking fab :D

scaredbutexcited Mon 01-Apr-13 21:26:46

I'm 38 weeks and planning to try again at the weekend with some veet wax strips.

I did the "ready to use" ones about 3 weeks ago and didn't find them that bad.

I figure doing it about a week before the day means everything will still be tidyish and won't have to worry for a few weeks after.

Did myself with a combination of memory and a mirror - very glamourous!

scaredbutexcited Mon 01-Apr-13 21:27:59

Oh - if you hold the skin tight as you pull them off it is a lot less painfull. If you don't do this it hurts/bruises.

Flisspaps Mon 01-Apr-13 21:28:06

fatandlumpy I do hope the Veet is for his bollocks.

5eggstremelychocaletymadeggs Mon 01-Apr-13 21:31:52

I have never shaved there! I do keep.it trimmed ie cut the hair short with clippers or just nail scissors and when preg dp did it for me, actually he generally does it for me but he first started doing it for me when i was preg with ds1.
Trimmed and short/neat i found better for afterwards ie not too much hair to grt matted with post partum bleeding but yhe thought of shaving or hair removal cream...yikes.

Lj8893 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:03:44

I'm only about 10 weeks and I've given up with it already!! Told my partner that soon enough I'm gonna have a bump and will be impossible to do so there's no point doing it now, he just laughed and agreed.

fatandlumpy Tue 02-Apr-13 06:12:07

Fliss - Hahahahaha! THAT would be hilarious! The tube was for me... and still remains unused as I'm refusing to do anything without a little assistance.

(Well... if he's going to moan... I'm perfectly happy the way I am... or at least I can't really be bothered to be 'unhappy' about it).

EcoHippyMum Tue 02-Apr-13 09:30:53

If you use veet make sure it's only going on the bikini line! My ex slapped it on his danglies and got a lovelie chemical burn lmao!

I do shave but have been for years, not sure if I will give up one at a certain point and go all out 70's bush style or if DH will become my 'barber' :D

sheeplikessleep Tue 02-Apr-13 09:40:05

Last two times I've just tried to trim a bit with nail scissors.
I think this will be 'cleaner' for the first few days after the birth with lochia. But just personal preference.
Wouldn't wax or shave that close to birth, because of risk of infection / irritation.

AmberLav Tue 02-Apr-13 14:05:38

In my last pregnancy, I went for a extended bikini wax at about 37 or 38 weeks, and then had a 3rd degree tear at 40+6. I was grateful that I had done the waxing, as all the bleeding and tenderness etc was yucky enough as it was without messy hair and clots!(I'm normally against extended bikinis after having a painful ingrown folicle a few years back). I was very glad I'd done it.

This time I waxed at 32 weeks (weekly swimming classes with DC1) and was planning to go again about now (38 weeks) but I just haven't had much regrowth, so think it will be a waste of time.

It's after the birth you need to worry about! If you have stitches you won't be able to touch let alone tidy down there for weeks. Lowering your expectations a bit before hand might help with getting your head round the idea that it's going to be one big mess down there for a while.

weeblueberry Tue 02-Apr-13 14:17:57

I'm certainly not planning to whip it all off but have tidied up the sides with a razor and am using my really bloody expensive Lady Gilette thing to keep the main bit from becoming forest like. I'm genuinely not doing it for vanity reasons though but, as sheep mentioned to do with making it easier with the lochia afterwards?

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