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First trimester, feeling like crap!

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MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 08:44:27

Hi guys,

I feel rotten for doing this as it seems so ungrateful, I am so happy to be pregnant but this is my first pregnancy and I was not expecting to feel like this, and wondered if anyone with a bit more experience has any advice for reducing/improving my symptoms, or can just let me know if its normal! I'm only seven weeks but for about a month I have felt like utter crap, like I'm constantly hungover/been hit with a sledgehammer, whilst swinging between nausea and no appetite and then the hungriest woman that ever lived and craving junk food; swinging between agonising constipation one day and then three or four 'very loose' movements the next day; constant period pains often combined with diarrhoea style cramps, stabbing pains in my lady parts that make me stop what I'm doing and take deep breaths; constantly dry lips, a sickly look on my face, pale, spotty, and by the evening so bloated I could pass as 5 months gone. Oh and urinating literally 12 times a day and unable to sleep more than 2 hours before needing to go! I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet as its such early days, my OH is no help on this stuff obviously, so I guess I'm just hoping for reassurance that this is normal and/or it won't last the whole 9 months!

Bejeena Mon 18-Feb-13 08:56:34

Honestly it will go by week 14 at the latest! I was ready to die at week 7 felt hungover all the time. But am now starting my 15th week and it is better, although am still tired and needing loo all the time. Congratulations on the pregnancy

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 09:01:52

Oh thank god! Thank you Bejeena! It sounds silly but just lying awake from 5 am everyday going, I wish I could just ask my friends about this, but not being able to, it's so nice to have someone tell you it's ok. I think I had a stupid idea that I would be eating amazingly and exercising 5 days a week but I can barely drag myself to work and was just feeling like such a failure and a weakling! Roll on 14 weeks! :-) xx

Meringue33 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:04:57

Totally normal! Will in all probability vanish at 12 weeks (tho some people are really unlucky). Hopefully you'll have a really glowing second tri. Just keep thinking - cute baby cute baby cute baby. Ours is five weeks and totally worth it! (Despite 2 hrs sleep last night!)

Meringue33 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:08:05

Just sleep as much as you can - it will be your last chance for a while! And eat whatever you like and enjoy. Ps lactulose is good for staying regular. Constipation is likely to get worse so stay in top of it by eating healthy fibre rich food when you can x

Locketjuice Mon 18-Feb-13 09:10:59

All normal I'm 15 weeks and still feel hungover most days, always tired, and looking rather round! My first it all went by 11/12 weeks so just waiting/hoping the symptoms go soon!


02011984 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:12:14

Hi everyone im new to the site but wondered if anyone could give me some advice... Ive had the mirena coil in for about 4 years now and never had a problem... I had a regular light staining in place of a period every month but i havent had a "period" since december which is now 2 months?? Ive also been very tired lately and over the past few days ive been experiencing diahorrea in the morning and late at night?? I have a four year old son and when i was pregnant with him i was constantly vomiting which I am not suffering now but is there a chance i could still be pregnant?? Ive done a few home tests which have all been negative but im still worried as ive heard that the hormone in the mirena coil can affect the test results?? Im going out of my mind... has anyone got any advice?? xx confused

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 10:06:41

Thanks everyone, I really hope it subsides. I can't imagine how senior managers or field sales type women cope with this stage of pregnancy, all I want to do is sleep! Lol!

02011984 I can't really suggest anything except maybe visit the doctor? Xx

02011984 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:11:33

yeah MissyTJ I know its probably the best thing to do but if terrifed if im honest lol... xx blush

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 10:33:31

Aw I know but better to know for sure than stay in that awful anxious state, it will just do your head in! X

mummyin9 Mon 18-Feb-13 12:52:57

Hi Missy TJ

I am 10 plus 4 weeks and feel rotten. Have given in today and taken time off work with head aching so much can hardly lift off the pillow. I am the same with urnating, lol so annoying! But i need to get used to waking up million times a night haha. By 3pm I want to sleep but apprently that is unacceptable in the work place lol. I have moved passed the stage of feeling guilty about moaning and feeling awful and maybe leaving work early etc, I am in no means lazy, I am a very hard wroker, but have to admit to myself that I am growing a new person and that my body is working hard and at the moment I am having to suffer. Important to take a step back and rest when you need to, I usually push myself but it is not just me to think about and my body needs rest too now. Hope it all eases up shortly for you. I am counting down the 10days till I hit 12weeks and start enjoying pregnancy. smile keep going x

bingeddybongo Mon 18-Feb-13 13:30:56

I really feel for youMissyTJ and mummyin9, I'm 8+2 and have been feeling horrific for weeks too now but the last week or so I have been feeling much better nausea-wise (I had this intolerable kind of carsickness type thing going on 24/7 and felt properly, properly sorry for myself). About a week ago DH got me B6 vitamin tablets from the chemist that I've been taking 3 times a day and also these hideous lilac-coloured travel sickness wristbands to wear. I am a total cynic and don't believe in the wristbands AT ALL but for whatever the reason - them, the vitamins or maybe it's just got a bit better of its own accord - I have been feeling a ton better nausea-wise... so I'm not taking them off!! So I just thought I'd throw in my 2p's worth - if you've got to the stage where you're willing to try anything I'd definitely recommend giving them a go smile

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 14:36:04

Mummyin9 I know exactly what you mean, I am not lazy either, but am finding I couldn't care less about working, I sit at my desk and fight the urge to just curl up in a ball underneath it and sleep! I go and sit on the toilet for like ten minutes and close my eyes. Thank god I'm only temping so I'm not really letting anyone down that much, but I'm also starting my own business in my 'spare' time (ha! spare time!) AND I'm moving house this week, so its like, being hit from all directions! However, I keep thinking that as long as I have horrendous symptoms it means all is going well! :-)

bingeddybongo that is really interesting thanks for the info. I'm taking a supplement (pregnacare) daily which I thank has B6 in it but I'm going to check. The travel sickness bands are such a good idea, thats exactly what my nausea is like, I never actually vomit (although I think the diarrohea I get is my body 'expelling' whatever it doesn't like - nice!) and I wish in a way I would just be sick cos at least there's that moment of relief when you are!

Tell you what, men really have no idea what we go through for them! Supportive as they are, they will never ever understand! This is before any of the later stage stuff, the pelvic pain, the weight gain and the actual labour! Lucky b**tards, LOL! :-) x

afrikat Mon 18-Feb-13 14:50:35

So funny reading your post missytj - this is pretty much exactly how I feel. I am 8+6 and just feel awful, all of the time. Sick, dizzy, exhausted, bloated, headaches, unmotivated, constantly peeing etc etc. I am just hoping this improves with the 2nd trimester - cant cope with 9 months of this! Oh and I have gone from running most days and eating super healthily to being too tired / sick to do any exercise and craving cheese and white carbs so already chunking out. Not a good start!

SeriousStuff Mon 18-Feb-13 14:53:49

I feel your pain! I'm nearly 7 weeks and after a first couple of weeks of feeling great with bundles of energy, I started feeling only slightly nauseous last week but today, bang! I've had that feeling of imminent vomiting all morning but nothing's come up.

I've managed to eat, and actually, while I'm eating I feel better, but when I stop it starts again. Went for a walk at lunchtime and the fresh air gave me such a headache!

I'm so tired! I have 3 hour naps in early evening and still get 8 hours sleep at night and it isn't enough. I work from home and have a very important deadline to meet at the end of today but all I want to do is curl up on the sofa until October...

I don't want to turn into a whinge ball with my DH, as I'm sure there's worse to come...

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 15:13:59

afrikat omg me too! I was getting back into shape after christmas and really enjoying exercise and now my lack of energy actually stops me walking 5 mins to the shop to indulge my hunger! lol! And also I am craving cheese and bread SO much! Despite being told I'm wheat and dairy intolerant, and not eating it the much in the past 6 months I had cheese on toast the other day for the first time in months and must've had 6 pizzas in the last 2 weeks! so so bad! And then, obviously, I panic that I'm a terrible person and I should be eating fruit and veg and no junk (and I am trying, I really am, I bought a blender and manage to have a fruit smoothie almost every day). But then I do wonder, maybe the growing embryo needs those foods, maybe it needs carbs and protein? Who knows!

seriousstuff hi again! can't believe even trying to be good and going for a walk makes us feels worse! Honestly, how on EARTH do people like Giselle and Beyonce and people manage to stay fit and healthy? Even if I had a personal trainer and a nutritionist right now I'd be like 'get stuffed, I'm moping on the sofa and bring me some pringles!!' LOL!!

I had a whinge today at my DH and he replied that he is under loads of pressure at work and struggling to keep it to himself and show me constant support (which, he is!) so felt soooo bad after that. Might keep schtum for a few days if I can! :-) xx

SeriousStuff Mon 18-Feb-13 15:17:18

MissyTJ tell me about it! I'm meant to be following the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Programme but have only managed it 4 times in 4 weeks so far!

And as for DH, he already jokingly says, 'we have 8 months of this to go...' so I try and keep my moaning for when I feel particularly bad, or just use MN to vent!

I'm now waiting for him to come home with some cheese so I can have a cheese and tomato sandwich!

mizu Mon 18-Feb-13 15:28:51

Hi Missy. My girls are 7 and 8 now but I remember only too well the feeling of the 1st trimester. I felt TERRIBLE 24/7, constant nausea. At the time of being pregnant with my 1st I was teaching in the Middle East where the doctors had no sympathy for me and refused to give me any time off work!! I just had to get on with it. Lost weight initially as struggled to eat but then discovered that the only time i didn't feel sick was when i was stuffing my face.

Also remember finding it hard to cook as opening the fridge made me retch.

And then feeling like this again with the 2nd pregnancy with a toddler in tow...........

It did go around 13/14 weeks though, you just have to take it a day at a time.

Librarina Mon 18-Feb-13 15:39:09

Just to give you some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 24 weeks now and feel lovely after a 1st Tri that was pretty hard work.

I think my tips would be - nap a lot or if that's not possible make sure you go to bed early. Nothing's ever that good on TV anyway.

Eat what you fancy. I lived off breakfast cereal for the first 12 quesy weeks. It was bland but reasonably nutritious.

Gin Gins ginger sweets (which I bought from the health-food shop) helped me with the near-constant nausea, but I'd never recommend them to anyone with actual hardcore sickness as she'd probably bite my head off.

Get someone else to cook if possible. I found cooking smells much worst than actually eating a little.

And keep telling yourself that it will pass. For me it passed by 13 weeks, I know for other people it can be different either way. Hope you feel better soon. I'm really enjoying the 2nd Tri so hope you do too.

afrikat Mon 18-Feb-13 16:09:56

missytj - I definitely think the baby needs cheese! I had crumpets with melted cheese on today for first time in years (never normally eat white carbs - it was AMAZING!) My DH knows how worried I am about putting on too much weight so suggested I start reducing my portion sizes. He nearly got shot (despite it being good advice smile )

wispa31 Mon 18-Feb-13 16:13:52

ive been feeling shite since 8 weeks pg. (12 now) had been given promethizine to take for the sickness as couldnt stop being sick. had managed to get down to just being sick once or twice in morns when i woke but i ran out of my tablets on saturday sad been feeling like actual death since y,day and not stopped puking all day today. cant even manage sips of juice, making me sick. banging headache now too.
cant believe i feel this bad!! didnt expect to feel so ill! ditto on the napping, come 3pm thats it for me, lights out! only thing getting me through is the hope that it will start to ease over next few weeks.
ive been living on toast with dairylea on it and at weekend i bought some rice krispies. not my usual food choices but better than nothing i suppose.

WhirlingOut Mon 18-Feb-13 16:25:15

I'm 9 weeks and sick of feeling sick! I agree that cooking food is worse than actually eating it, but with a toddler, I have no choice but to get on with it. I've found that keeping a glass of dilute ginger cordial by my bed and drinking it first thing in the morning helps me to function. Takes me about 20 mins to drink it though!

Roll on 2nd trimester!! If I could live under my duvet for the next 3/4 weeks, then that would be my idea of bliss!

MissyTJ Mon 18-Feb-13 16:54:40

Ahhh you guys have made me feel so much better, even though it means you're all feeling like crap too! Ha ha! I do count my lucky stars that its just me and DH, I literally don't understand how you guys do this with a toddler, you are amazing women! X

afrikat Mon 18-Feb-13 17:26:41

wispa31 I think I need to man up - I don't have it anywhere nearly as bad as you do! Hope you manage to get the sickness under control, sounds horrific

It's ironic that the time you don't want to be telling people is the time you feel awful so you spend half the time hiding the fact you want to crawl under the desk and sleep / find all food nauseating / etc.

I really don't think I am going to be one of those people who enjoy pregnancy!

sjclarke86 Mon 18-Feb-13 18:34:35

Hi, Im 8 weeks +6 (i think) our booking appointment is tomorrow,( i say out, as i am making my husand come, is this the norm?)

I feel bad for you, I have slight sickness,I have been sick a few times in the morning, (once on the driveway hanging out of the car) it usually goes as long as I just keep eating.. but when I think about cooking it makes me sick, so i end up snacking on rubbish, I usually weight about 9st 8lbs, height 5ft 5. I have gone up to 9st 12, not sure how normal weight gain is this early. Anyone ?? I am sure I have a bump already although I am putting this down to bloating and constipation.

My breasts are swollen and solid, I found sleeping in a bra really helps too, thats when im not fidgeting, I moved myself to the spare room last night. Luckily I'm not peeing more than usual yet.

My symtoms are slight compared to some of you, which I'm hoping is a sign of one baby, as my sister has twins two years ago, not sure we could cope! EEK!!

This is my first post, hope I havent ranted on too much

Thanks for everyones comments, it's really helpful for us first timers!

wispa31 Mon 18-Feb-13 19:17:24

afrikat - i had counted myself lucky until today! was doing ok with the tablets and managing to eat and drink. hadnt had a bad day like today in weeks, actually thought i was maybe starting to feel better. clearly its the tablets doing their job. not managed to eat a thing so far today, cant even take a drink without rushing to be sick. i hate being pregnant.

afrikat Mon 18-Feb-13 19:46:24

So sorry wispa31. Hope you can get some more tablets and it dies down soon. Never expected pregnancy to feel this bad!

sjclarke86 - I had my booking today and my husband was meant to come but couldn't and I was quite glad in the end - mostly boring form filling. We have done quite a bit of reading together so there wasn't really anything she told me we didn't already know but it would probably be useful if your hubby wants to understand more about the tests they do etc

I have put on about 5-6lbs already I think which is too much - apparently you should only put on 3-4 lbs in 1st trimester (if that) but I refuse to worry anymore. I feel too crap to run / do much exercise and cheese / bread helps the nausea!

sjclarke86 Mon 18-Feb-13 19:53:47

Thanks afrikit ! Hubby isn't one for reading so that's why I'm dragging him along smile hopefully he will learn a thing or two. I'm not worrying about the weight too much, just hoping no one notices my trousers undone in the office! Ha

Teaandflapjacks Mon 18-Feb-13 20:11:30

MissyTJ and to the other poorly ladies - poor you!! Sympathy all round. I felt exactly like MissyTJ says until about week 13 ish, I am about 15 weeks now and have about 4 days ok, then a day feeling really awful again and so on. I threw up every day until week 13, and lost nearly a stone in the process, and put back on 5 pounds as soon as could eat in the last two weeks ( I suspect some water too). TBH I would eat whatever I could manage (also loved cereal). I also thought I was wheat and dairy intolerant (was diagnosed with this years ago with severe IBS which came on sporadically) but interestingly, since being pregnant, no IBS at all, and no issues with wheat and dairy. I wonder how much is affected by thinking- i am sure there is a link in intolerance's and anxiety about 'trigger' foods. I think maybe in some way body's needs to have carbs for fuel for baby overrides this link.

I crave brown bread sandwiches with grated cheddar cheese and pickle, crusts cut off like a child! Now I can manage meat (well only ham really) again, I also have the same with just ham and mayo mixed with mustard. Do not worry about the weight - it all evens out pretty much in the end apart from the unlucky few. You will gain about 2 stone at least whatever you do, and you are growing another person! whatever makes you feel better instead of feeling like you have had a session with two bottles of vino the night before (oh the irony!=- go for it!! p.s. salt and vinegar pringles - fricking lifesaver! :-)

wispa31 Mon 18-Feb-13 21:54:33

tea - im liking sound of cheese and pickle sambo. unfortunately i have been soo sick today sad ive been sick 15 times already and will keep being sick til i get to sleep i think. so far lost 10lb since finding out im pg.

SeriousStuff Mon 18-Feb-13 22:27:33

Well, DH came through and I had not one, but two cheese and tomato sandwiches. They were the best cheese and tom sandwiches I've ever had!

I had a craving for beer the other day so DH bought me some Becks Blue non-alcoholic lager today. Unfortunately, it didn't hit the spot and has left a sickly sweet taste in my mouth. Yuck!

MissyTJ Tue 19-Feb-13 09:16:22

Hey sj and congratulations! I am refusing to weigh myself as I'm sure I've put on a few pounds already which is crazy! I am moving house this week though, right opposite our gym! So hoping I will combat my crazy appetite with a lot of gentle cardio.

Just to add to my whingeing yesterday...I've woken up with an absolutely stinking cold! Ugh! Gimme a break! Lol!

Hope everyone else is feeling better today :-) xx

MissyTJ Tue 19-Feb-13 09:17:02

Oh and wispa31 you poor thing! Hope that eases off very very soon!! Xx

SeriousStuff Tue 19-Feb-13 10:13:36

I hope everyone's feeling a bit more human this morning. I'm soooooo tired already! And my usual fix of marmalade on toast was not making me feel great this morning so settled for dried toast instead. Nausea disappeared for about 30 seconds and now it's back again.

This feels like a really long hangover - you know when you get spins and dizziness, your brain feels all dried up and if you can stomach anything, it's usually unhealthy!

Unfortunately, my mum informs me that this is exactly how she felt when pregnant so there's not much hope for me! I'm not necessarily worried about putting on weight as I love my exercise and know that (time permitting) once the baby is here, I will get back on it. It's the stretch marks that bother me! My mum didn't get any which should make me feel better, but I already have some on my hips and lower back from growing as a teenager. So all this leads me to the conclusion that maybe I should buy shares in Bio Oil!

MissyTJ Tue 19-Feb-13 10:47:37

I'm getting some bio oil as I feel exactly the same, I can exercise once the baby is born, but stretch marks need working on from day one!

I am in bed with a stinking cold, had diarrhoea twice already this morning and have those awful diarrhoea cramps combined with the menstrual cramp type pain...such joy! Lol! I am trying not to but may have to tale some paracetemol later just to feel remotely human. I made the mistake of looking in the mirror just now too ugh Xx

afrikat Tue 19-Feb-13 11:30:35

Well I am attempting to get thru a day of work despite a banging headache, fighting the desire to crawl under my desk and sleep and for some reason I am super emotional so may burst into tears at any minute! Not sure I can stomach lunch. Tempted just to sneak away and go home, get on sofa and try again tomorrow...

Teaandflapjacks Tue 19-Feb-13 11:39:16

just to try and make you feel a 'bit' better - my gyn. and my sister (also a doctor) told me that as awful as you feel, it means the pregnancy has really 'taken hold' which means it is a strong pregnancy - so it is actually a good sign.. Not sure if that is any comfort though!

SeriousStuff - i tried becks alchohol free and found it a bit too 'fizzy' - I live in germany and they have this awesome beer here called Erdinger alchohol free - it is so great - might be able to get it at tesco or sains. I make it into a shandy, tastes just like the real stuff, and not stupidly fizzy (heartburn...). :-)

MissyTJ - crap tv, paracetemol and feel better! LOVING bio oil... and apparently stretch marks are created much lower down in the skin - so it is mainly genetic TBH... but bio oil can't hurt hey?!

Wispa31- poor you - I had that until about week 10 - constant vomiting - but it did get better. I found slightly fizzy drinks helped, or really diluted ribena very cold - god know why!

PinkApple86 Tue 19-Feb-13 11:39:26

Hi hun I totally feel your pain. I just feel ill and gross I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. What's more is my throat is red raw from all the puking. It's horrible having to suffer in silence. I told my best friend but she doesn't have kids so she doesn't really understand but she keeps checking I'm ok which is nice. Can u tell your mum? I did, as I thought even if the worse (god forbid) happens I would need my mum to support me. Hope u feel better soon.

SeriousStuff Tue 19-Feb-13 12:12:18

Teaandflapjacks thanks for the tip! I'll have a look for it.

I'm now working horizontal on the sofa under a blanket with the heating on full blast! If only my clients knew!

MissyTJ Tue 19-Feb-13 14:00:57

teaandflapjacks thanks for that thought, I do keep thinking that myself, at least if I feel horrendous it means things are happening!

hey pinkapple, so sorry you are suffering so much. I hate my nausea and horrific bowels but I think I'd still rather have that than actually vomiting all day. Poor you. I keep wishing I could tell people but I feel its still too early, maybe at 8/9 weeks I will. I wouldn't tell my mum for a long while anyway as she's not really a normal mum, we don't really talk and I definitely don't trust her! I think that makes it a bit harder tbh, I can't ask the one person who could make me feel reassured about what I'm going through. BUT - I have you guys! I'm loving the support on here :-)

healthymama5 Mon 22-Sep-14 16:40:59

ok seriously whilst typing this i am in tears........i feel sooooooooo crap, so so so tired, hungover, i cannot work, function, play with my kids..... i try to explain just how i feel to my husband and he has been fabulous, trying by all means to assist, run my errands plus work, cook etc etc. Also our nanny is supportive....extremely! but, all i do is throw up everyday and been hospitalized for awhile on iv's for hyperemesis gravidarum plus was given zofran. When i came home i can barely lift my head off the pillow. I have been lying in bed for about 3 weeks straight. I am 3 weeks away from 12 weeks and praying To God to give me strength....its not easy being a woman .......sad so i feel for all of u. People tell me to be strong i just do not know how so for now i wanna tell u all that i am with u all in this sad love u all

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