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Recommend a type of breast pads to use both in pregnancy and nursing

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rainand Fri 11-Jan-13 10:39:50


I've had a look into breast pads and though I'm still 20 weeks I want to buy them early as my nipple area as well as breasts are sore and I've already started using lansinoh cream.

There seems to be different types of breast pads (The NCT shop for example), from disposable to silk to cotton. Which one would you recommend?

Neiffer Fri 11-Jan-13 11:24:19

I never tried reusable so can't say about those. I did however try every brand going of disposable and by far the best we're the lansinoh ones. All the others would be screwed up into tiny balls if paper after an hour or so especially at night. Never ever happened with lansinoh and I never leaked either. Defo worth the extra money x

rrreow Fri 11-Jan-13 13:59:58

I tried reusables but found them uncomfortable. They moved around and after a few washes the edges became very rigid so they'd chafe / itch a lot (I live in a very hard water area).

I ended up using Johnson's disposable ones throughout breastfeeding and I really liked them. Very soft and the sticky tape on them works well. Despite being a branded product they were also actually cheaper than most other ones I saw in Boots/Superdrug, even own brand ones. I tried Boots own brand but the sticky tape was useless so they'd move around and their absorbency was also crap so I'd end up with leaks and milk just dripping everywhere in my bra.

I found for thd first few months I liked thicker ones I loved j and j in thd pink box were nice. I really rated the TT and lanosil ones when back at work as they were the only ones you coukdn't see under clothes and they stated put! I tried Boors own, asda, sainsburys, Mothercare own etc and found them to all screw up/wander if leak or to look ridiculously obvious with any remotely fitted tops.

PeachTown Fri 11-Jan-13 14:29:19

Lansinoh are by far the best I think. Very soft, don't leak and have two sticky strips to hold them firmly to your bra. They are part of the 1/3 off baby promotion on in Sainsbury's at the moment too.

Nicky1306 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:31:35

Another fan of the Johnsons disposable ones here x

DeathMetalMum Fri 11-Jan-13 14:42:42

Another fan of the johnsons disposible ones. Used them for the first couple of months or so. I later bought some reusables from boots they are also good though my supply had settled down so not sure if they would last long during the first month or so as I was very leaky.

I'm getting two packs of boots reusables and some disposibles to start of with this time hopefully needing to use less disposibles. Due to how much I leaked it was also quite expensive to get disposibles all the time as how many I would go through iyswim.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 11-Jan-13 14:46:01



You want the three layers one with the minky next to your skin. Mine never went crispy and I never tumble dried them.

MsInterpret Fri 11-Jan-13 14:47:48

I recommend Little Lamb bamboo pads v highly. On month 3 now and still lovely and soft and absorbent. I got I think mothercare reusables before and they did go all hard and uncomfortable with washing but not so with the bamboo. Also 5 pair pack so don't have to wash every single day. reckon Boots ultra slim disposables are ok too when I need them occasionally.

Neiffer Fri 11-Jan-13 15:08:49

How often do you have to wash the bamboo ones msinterpret? I'm pregnant with dc 2 now and am debating whether to go to reusable but I leaked soooo much I'm not sure how long one would last!

slightlysoupstainedbabygrows Fri 11-Jan-13 15:29:17

I have Boots reusables but find that they tend to leak out the bottom sad - also I can't chuck them in with muslins as they're apparently supposed to be washed at 40 C. Can you wash the bamboo/minky ones at 50?

Going to look out for Lansinoh/ J&J disposables now, given the recs here.

LoopsInHoops Fri 11-Jan-13 15:32:41

Lansinoh were a million times better than any of the others I tried. Didn't know about them first time round, heavily recommend after discovering them. Yes, more expensive but definitely worth it.
Individually wrapped, so perhaps wasteful but oh, so useful. Stay on - I had slippage problems with all the others, especially Johnsons. Also, they are folded so you can put them on without having to paw the front, which is good with the early days when you want everything nice and clean. They have lansinoh balm on, which moisturises and prevents cracked nipples. They changed early days breastfeeding for me. smile

LoopsInHoops Fri 11-Jan-13 15:33:51

Oh, and you can't see the Lansinoh ones under your clothes, which is a problem with all the others I used.

Woodifer Fri 11-Jan-13 15:38:16

Lansinoh - I found johnsons stuck to me ( like when you get paper stuck to damp lip)

LoopsInHoops Fri 11-Jan-13 15:46:36

Yes, and ripped bits of nipple tissue out! Ouch I remember that!

lovemybabyboy Fri 11-Jan-13 16:40:24

I loved both the johnsons ones and the tommee tippee ones. Johnsons are thicker but TT are thinner and less noticeable under clothes.

MrsBungleBear Fri 11-Jan-13 16:42:48

I liked the size and shape of Lansinoh ones. Sometimes when I ran out of those and couldn;t get them as readily as others - the tommee tippee ones were ok but lansinoh were the best for me.

lolalotta Fri 11-Jan-13 19:59:10

Johnsons disposable ones are shaped too, so dead comfy! smile

ipswichwitch Fri 11-Jan-13 20:02:04

Lansinoh were fab for me, and I had major leakage issues. They're a good size and never got lost in my bra (unlike some). A bit pricey but worth getting plenty in when they're on special offer

Mothercare have the lansinoh ones 3 for 2 which may work out cheaper than Sainsburys baby event?

5madthings Fri 11-Jan-13 20:17:18

I loved the Johnsons disposable ones, I had major leakage issues and they were the best and I tried a lot!

JoulesM Fri 11-Jan-13 20:23:52

You could try silicone reusables...either mamma pads or Lily Padz. They are totally invisible and once your milk settles down (so you may need disposables for a few weeks after birth) great (you do have to keep properly clean to keep them sticky!). Perfect for now if you just want to put lansinoh cream on!


Sorry I can't link on my phone...

rainand Fri 11-Jan-13 20:42:45

Thank you everyone!! You are all fab! smile smile

So post birth the best vote seems to go for the Lasinoh or Johnsons (I think I will for Lasinoh as it has the cream on already).

During pregnancy however I might go for a reusable like Lily Padz, as I just need it to cover the Lasinoh cream. Actually it may be cheaper to buy the Lasinoh pads instead ...

stargirl1701 Fri 11-Jan-13 20:50:17

Little lambs bamboo are fab.

Wee Notions minky topped! Minky is sooo soft and non-scratchy

poppy283 Fri 11-Jan-13 20:58:04

Another lansinoh fan here, anything cheaper was a false economy as i'm quite leaky!

Buy cheap ones while you're still pregnant though, you won't leak very much at all.

NoTeaForMe Fri 11-Jan-13 23:25:00

Can I hijack and ask a quick question? Has anyone tried the lily pads ones? I like the idea of leaking less in the first place as last time sleeping was horrendous! The lily pads ones seem to say they apply a small pressure and therefore less leaking to begin with.

I found the johnsons ones were really thick and you could quite clearly see them through clothes-ok at night but in the day not so much!

JoulesM Sat 12-Jan-13 15:28:52

NoTeaForMe - the silicone ones i.e. the LilyPadz or manmapads work if kept clean with the proper cleanser. At night it depends on how well you re-stick them (so how awake you are during feeds). If baby isn't feeding at night then they will def stay put!

I loved lilypadz last time. Never leaked. But I had friends who were heavy leakers who didn't get on with them at all.

NoTeaForMe Sat 12-Jan-13 23:08:03

Hmm...I wonder if they're worth it then? It was night time that used to really irritate me, I'd wake up soaking and horrible-got me down after a while. Also the thought of having one side not leak while I breastfed from the other side would be nice!

How fiddly are they to get off and re-apply properly, oh and are they hard to clean?

Sorry for the hi-jack OP!

slightlysoupstainedbabygrows Tue 15-Jan-13 20:40:48

Haven't tried Lilypadz but night time leakage got an awful lot better when I bought a couple of sleep bras - they keep pads in place a lot better than my normal nursing bras (boobs tend to fall out the side of those all the time), and are more comfortable too.

I think these are the ones: www.mothercare.com/Blooming-Marvellous-Maternity-Blossom-Sleep-Bra---2-Pack/LY1546,default,pd.html

I found waking up soaking really annoying and depressing so was a relief to find that changing bra helped.

LittlePicnic Tue 15-Jan-13 20:58:27

I got some cotton reuseable ones from mothercare. Been using them for about three years now ( two babies and extended breastfeeding), with no problems.

NoTea, I found them easy to apply - turn them inside out and pushed the middle quite hard onto my nipple before flipping it back the right way (if that makes sense). You only need to properly wash them once a day - I used a dot of fairy liquid (you can use any liquid soap as long as there's no moisturisers or aloe vera type stuff in it). Sometimes I'd get a wee bit of milk leak in behind the pad, especially when I was feeding with the other side, but it would never leak out. Took a wee bit of getting used to, but I got on brilliantly with them. I was able to use them without a bra, which was the main advantage as I hated sleeping in a bra. This link is quite useful.

Like I said though, I recommended them to others and some didn't really get on with them so I felt bad for recommending them! confused

NoTeaForMe Tue 15-Jan-13 23:38:13

Thanks, I think I'll give the Lilypadz and the sleep bras a go. It was so horrible waking up all wet last time that I'll do anything to avoid that!

Do you have to buy the lillypadz online? Are they all one size?!

Sorry again for hi-jacking OP!

noblegiraffe Wed 16-Jan-13 08:55:38

I tried them all last time and Johnsons were my favourite. I got annoyed by the individual wrapping on the lanisoh ones, such a waste when I was getting through so many, doubling up at the start. I found that the thin ones that were folded in the wrapper tended to fold inside my bra too and the sticky bit would end up sticking to my nipple!
I did try reusable ones and it was like King Canute trying to hold back the tide, then I had to wait till they were washed and dried (and after a c-section I wasn't inclined to be putting washes on all the time) so I gave up.

I think I got mine online last time, NoTea - I'm pretty sure they're one size fits all, too. Hope you get on with them!

rainand Thu 17-Jan-13 19:33:09

I tried johnsons which is OK. I'd prefer one that stuck to my breasts instead of my bra. Which ones do that?

rcs19 Thu 17-Jan-13 19:43:22

Another vote for Lansinoh, they're cheaper on amazon than in the shops.

rainand Fri 18-Jan-13 00:20:05

Do Lansinoh ones stick to the breast or the bra?

LoopsInHoops Fri 18-Jan-13 07:58:52

the bra, but they stick really well, no gathering or slippage.

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