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Hyperemesis sufferer...in need of some gentle words of encouragement

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Reebok Fri 30-Nov-12 19:52:42

Hi all, I'm 7 weeks pregnant and suffering from
hG since week 5. Doctor has put me on cyclizine today. Feeling so rough and awful. Got sent home from
Work on Thursday because I just couldn't cope. I'm a teacher and I'm finding it hard to get on with anything these days. This is my second pregnancy. Last time I had hG and I had a missed miscarriage. It was horrible cos I felt sick up until the day I had a d n c. Having hG again is just bringing back awful memories and I'm scared il miscarry again. Just can't cope! :'(

TwitchyTail Fri 30-Nov-12 20:46:03

Poor you sad

I have so much sympathy. I had terrible sickness until 17 weeks (was diagnosed with hyperemesis by my GP though not sure if it really was - it was awful anyway!). It was so much better after 20 weeks, although I still have the occasional vom.

You actually have a LOWER risk of miscarriage with more severe sickness, so take heart. Of course there are no guarantees, but there would be more cause for concern if you didn't have any at all.

I have no practical advice as nothing helped me, other than to say hang in there - it will end eventually, I promise! Take sick leave if you need to, rest as much as you can (cancel everything non-essential), get someone else to do all the housework, and just look after yourself.

ghoulelocks Fri 30-Nov-12 20:48:49

well I've done it in style with hitting weeks 34/35/36 in hospital and even that hasn't affected baby so do try not to worry.

I found metaclopramide worked MUCH better

nannyl Fri 30-Nov-12 21:04:52

sending you bigs hugs

im 11 weeks into my 2nd HG pregnancy.... last time was HG for the whole 9months

all i can say is that yes it is living hell, and im also living it now BUT the end result is worth it, and despite what i said last time about never again, i HAVE done it again

I agree spend as much time in bed as possible doing NOTHING.... and if you are signed off for the rest of your pregnancy (as i was last time) then so be it.

come on the hyperemisis support thread for lots of support XXX

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 19:14:54

Thanks ladies. Helps to know there are more women out there who feel like me. If one more person tells me it's just morning sickness and it will go, I will scream. Spent most of today throwing up. Cyclizine hasnt kicked in yet. @twitchy tail, really hope you're right about lower miscarriage rate cos I had HG last time and still miscarried. Think it made it worse cos I went through the sickness for nothing. Feel so awful. Can't bare to be around hubby at the moment. It's not his fault but everything he does seems to annoy me. Feel like such a cow! Well thanks for letting me rant. Trying to find current hyperemesis thread but there's so many! X

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 19:22:02

here it is http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/pregnancy/1535253-Hyperemesis-Support

come and join those of us who understand that HG is NOT MS!!!!!!

and if you keep being sick back to Drs..... while going to hospital is not fun, IV makes nearly all of us feel better for at least a short while. xxx

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 19:22:44
Inclusionist Sat 01-Dec-12 19:28:06

I was sick for my whole pregnancy. A week after the 24/7 'morning' sickness wore off the pre-eclampsia kicked in.

I am a teacher too- at the time was teaching KS1 kids with EBD. I stole a 'poang' (IKEA) chair that was knocking about in school and spent every 'quiet' minute sat in that. My LSA's did the energetic stuff for me. How understanding is your boss? If reasonably so, I would just make a nest in your classroom- line it with saltimes and gingernuts and try not to leave it unless a child is about to fall off a cliff.

It IS worth it so hold on. I hated every second of my pregnancy so much that I will not have another child. However, I love my son so, so much that I would go though that pain over again for him a million times. I know that is a contradiction and makes no sense, but you will understand it when you have your DC!

FeelingGreen Sat 01-Dec-12 19:32:05

massive sympathies coming from me! I know it is so frustrating when people with no idea make helpful suggestions like 'ginger biscuits', but there are also plenty of us out there who have been there and understand...

must be extra hard though after last time and I can see that that must make it harder for you to fight through it, but hopefully this time all will be well

keep speaking to your doctor(s) too when you're struggling, mine were great at giving me support (mainly by telephone appointments) when I needed it.

the thing that helped me the most in the end was taking minute sips of water all the time, such tiny amounts that I was basically wetting my tongue a little, but it just about kept me getting too dehyrdated whilst not being an amount my body would recognise and reject.

I was truly awful to my husband at times, feel bad about it now but I am sure they understand its just the illness meaning you're struggling

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 19:39:20

the thing is if you have HG you may not be able to manage to get out of bed....

HG and morning sickness are different.... i have never had MS so i cant necessarily comment but HG is not morning sickness, and most people can not work through it.

I agree its absolutely worth it, but (meant in the nicest possible way) HG and MS are different so while many people can and do struggle through MS, it is not nearly as easy or necesarily possible when you have HG.

My Dr did not hesitate to sign me off for the whole duration of HG... and there is no way i could have worked.... for over 2 months i only got out of bed to visit drs and go to hospital for IV (oh and to vomit of course)

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 19:39:55

Thank you nannyl, have found the thread.

Inclusionist, I doubt I have enough strength to make it make next week. Head can be supportive when she wants to be but I know she will freak out if I get signed off by doc. I teach reception so there are no moments when I can just leave them. Only thing that seems to work for me is coke. Takes away nausea for few mins.

Feeling green...thank u for your kind words. My doc is a bit of an idiot and just tells me it will pass eventually and to enjoy the pregnancy. How???? I can barely get out of bed except to leg it to the bathroom for a puke! Sorry for tmi.

Hubby bless him is not letting me push him away though no matter how hard I try. He's making me go hospital tomorrow if I continue to throw up as knows the doc is useless and I'll be better off getting an IV. It was the only time I felt slightly human last time. Those blessed drips!

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 19:43:30

Nannyl you're right about difference between ms and HG. My sister is preg too at the moment and has normal ms. She doesn't understand and says that she managed to work through ms and so should I. And always suggests stupid things to help me feel better. I had to get signed off last time but had to beg my doc. Going to have to do it again. Really need to change docs!

RooneyMara Sat 01-Dec-12 19:46:32

I'm sorry you're going through this, it's horrifying, I know.

I'd second metoclopramide. It was so great to have something that worked - well I still felt ill but it was reassuring to know it would help prevent the actual vomiting.

I tried to sleep a lot when things were bad, I spent a lot of weeks mostly in bed, lying down, trying to sleep through it so the days went faster. My other children coped well though it wasn't great for them.

It improved around 14-15 weeks and went away somewhere in the twenties...now 35 weeks and I don't think about it too much now, or remember how bad it felt. I know this is the last time I'll ever do it though.

Chin up and lots of luck from over here xxx

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 19:53:57

yes thats just it people dont understand angry

its like... just because you are color blind it doesnt mean you know what its like to be blind....
just because you may have a smear that detects abnormal cells, doesnt mean you know what its like to be told you have terminal cancer

and unless you have HG you have absolutely no idea what so ever what having HG is like........ and it is not comparable to having MS

and breath

rant over!!!! wink

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 19:55:44

Reebok i suggest you go and see a different dr!

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 20:01:02

Lol you've just said exactly what I've been feeling! Yeh I know I should but the only other doc that is close by is worse according to a few friends who live near me. Got my first midwife app on tenth so hoping I will get better care. Hospital is meant to be good for pregnancy.

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 20:04:40

@rooney, thank you. I tried that med last time. Didn't work on me and then they put me on cyclizine which took the edge off a little. Maybe worth a try now though this time round as cyclizine is defo not working.

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 20:30:43

My Dr has suggested i try that too rooney...

thing is although i still be sick on cyclizine (was on it the whole 9m last time and still sick every day) BUT I know it does help, and without it i am much much worse... and im a bit scared to come off it, incase the other one doesnt work so well.

In hospital i was always told that it wont stop me being sick, but might stop me getting too dehydrated... well it didnt work last weekend as i was admitted for IV on Monday, 6 litres later i came out tuesday.... but the doctors always stress that it wont stop vomitting, just helps to reduce dangerous levels of vomitting

oh its so not fun sad

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 20:36:52

Struggling to take my folic acid...end up throwing it up again. Been taking it at night cos heard that helps but it always gives me an awful taste in my mouth and makes me throw up.

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 20:37:47

Defo not fun nannyl...starting to feel like an alien has invaded my body. Miss being me

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 20:52:52

There are other anti-emetics you can try - cyclizine didn't quite do it for me, I found stemetil better. You can always ask to try other drugs.

I know it feels awful having to take time off work. I was lucky to have a desk job a very short commute away and so managed to work through most of my pg, though I had HG for a good four months, and nausea for the rest of the pg. But this baby is more important in the long run than your job. Be honest with your head about how ill you are feeling, and if you do get signed off take the chance to rest and try not to worry about work.

Try and eat a tiny amount regularly, it doesn't matter if its junk food, plenty of people live on toast and crisps and weetabix for 6 months and the baby is still absolutely fine.

One teeny tiny good side - if you are sick and struggle to eat for most of your pg, you might find you don't gain much baby weight grin I was back in my normal jeans a fortnight after the birth. I know that's nothing you care about now, and we'd all rather than sickness free pregnancies and lots of baby weight, but if I was forced to see a good side than that would be it!

Hope you feel better soon. Use the HG thread for support and keep talking to your GP, change GP if you have to.

GoldenGreen Sat 01-Dec-12 21:00:57

Sso sorry you are going through this. I had MS in one pg and HG in the next and they are so, so different! I tell people to imagine the worst vomiting bug they've ever had and then imagine it doesn't go away within 48 hours - but carries on for months, plus utter exhaustion on top of that. It shuts them up. And they stop recommending ginger biscuits, which is a relief.

The idea of being signed off work is really scary if you never have been before, but there really isn't an alternative and quite frankly your health and that of your baby really is more important - after all, they are going to do just fine without you when you are on maternity leave.

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 21:06:50

i havent even attempted to take a folic acid since 6 weeks

no point as i puke them and loose precious fluids as well

for both pregnancys i took folic acid for many many months before concieving, and both times midwives have said not to worry about it, as i have lots built up from having it for so long before getting pg.
I figure my baby was fine last time (stopped at 7 weeks last time) so hopefully so will this one be fine too...

GoldenGreen Sat 01-Dec-12 21:09:10

I agree about the folic acid, nannyl - I am sure it's taking it pre-conception that makes the most difference anyway.

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 21:10:17

Golden, that's exactly how I used to describe it. It is essentially 4-9 months of food poisoning. If you weren't pg and had those symptoms, you'd be at the doctors on day 4 and they'd give you something!

TwitchyTail Sat 01-Dec-12 21:27:22

GoldenGreen, if ONE more person had asked me "Have you tried ginger biscuits?" I would have POKED their eyes out with my bare hands.

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 21:37:37

Thanks guys. I feel rubbish! Puked 3 times in past hour again. I want to die! Going hospital tomorrow. Need help! Going to force gp to sign me off because there's no way I can look after 4 year olds on this condition.

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 21:50:16

Are you managing to get any liquids down today at all? Have you tried ice lollies (not that I imagine you have many in the house this time of year!)

When I was first diagnosed by a very lovely GP who believed how bad it was, he told me to stop eating for a day solids for a day or, just have cupasoup and lucozade etc. On really, really terrible days I found this worked better than the 'little and often' of crackers etc., which worked when it was background nausea but not when I was violently ill.

But yes, if you are struggling with even fluids then just go to A&E.

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 21:53:50

Depends on how I'm feeling really. There are moments when I can sip water and times like now, where I can't hold down anything. I really don't feel like I can take much more! Sorry to rant but I hate this feeling. I want to love being pregnant...I should love being pregnant after my miscarriage...but I absolutely hate it!

Inclusionist Sat 01-Dec-12 21:53:54

My god. Reading this I realise the fact that I made it into work each day means I had nothing close to your experience.

TBH though, I think a new life should be worth the mother having time to support it. If you need to lie in bed for your entire pregnancy (rubbish as it might be for you) your boss and the law should understand. It's 10months. The little life may exist for 100 years.

I do hope it gets better though!

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 22:05:13

I remember being in proper hysterical, angry, self-pitying tears at about 14w because I felt like I couldn't take any more of it. I had moments where I felt I would have done anything not to be pregnant; I know that is awful, but when you are that sick and tired and hormonal things get away from you.

Not everyone loves being pg. Hell, a lot of women don't even like being pregnant. But at the moment the dehydration and exhaustion won't be helping either.

Try and take tiny sips of water (or lemonade or lucozade for the sugars etc if you think you can) and go to A&E early tomorrow morning. If you can't keep liquids down then it is never, ever wrong to go to the hospital.

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 22:09:00

I'm only 7 weeks Nelly. Feels like a lifetime away until I can feel normal again. Can't keep lucoZade down. Trying to sip ice cold water. And will defo go in morning. @inclusionist, thank u.

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 22:18:40

I'll be honest, it felt like a lifetime at the time I was feeling sick. Sorry if that sounds harsh, I just feel it is one of those things you shouldn't dress up.

But hopefully you will start to feel better very soon, and won't suffer from it too long. You will have good days and bad days. I found sleeping through anything that was bad the best idea grin

The majority of HG suffererers will feel loads better at the end of their pg, it is rare that it continues for the whole pg. And then you will be the mum who is practically sprinting through their last month or so of pg, everything being great simply because they don't feel sick!

Reebok Sat 01-Dec-12 22:21:45

No that doesn't sound harsh. Thanks Nelly, hope you're right. There is a light at the end of the tunnel eh!

nannyl Sat 01-Dec-12 22:31:00

there is light at the end of the tunnel

i had HG for the whole 9m but after 18 / 20 weeks its was much much easier than the first few weeks, which are living hell IMO

TheQueensDinner Sat 01-Dec-12 23:14:21

Hi Reebok. I thought about posting a similar thread last week.

I'm 8+6 and after 2 weeks of being unable to get out of bed and finally being unable to eat or drink anything, I self-referred to my local maternity unit and was admitted on Fri am with 4+ keytones. After 13 bags of fluid, I still have 4+ keytones but I definately feel better and where earlier in the week I felt utter despair, I've found a bit of fight in me again.

I'm very sorry you're having such a rough time but like you, it helps me to know that other women are going through something similar. I have 4 other DC and I feel overwhelmed at how far I still have to go and can't really imagine how I'm going to cope. Hope you have a better day tommorrow.

RooneyMara Sun 02-Dec-12 07:33:37

Ok I went to bed early so missed you post - sorry maxolon doesn't work for you. I'm the opposite - tried cyclizine the second time and it didn't work! smile

If you are this bad, and I wasn't, so I'm sorry if I'm all wrong about stuff - (I never really thought of mine as HG 'proper' as I managed not to throw up though it was a constant fight and I couldn't function for several months) I'd be asking for adsmission for rehydration - which can, I've heard make a HUGE difference to how you feel and how you cope, even if it only lasts a few days - and I'd also be asking for ondansetron (Zofran) which apparently is one of the best meds they can offer.

I've not tried it, but they should be giving it to you if things are like this.
Don't feel obliged to take your vits, don't feel obliged to drink water. I didn't, I drank milkshake or squash or had lollies or anything I could bear to put in my mouth basically.

Pressure to eat and drink the 'right' things makes it worse. Just get by however you can ok x

glossyflower Mon 03-Dec-12 07:55:13

Oh my goodness I feel for you I really really do. I have HG also although now it's controlled and I'm planningin going back to work next week.
Mine started gradually from about 6 weeks and was severe until about 17 weeks. I had two hospital admissions and moved into my parents - even though I had just been newly married- because I couldn't do anything for myself and my husband didn't know how to handle it.
I was completely confined other than appointments, for weeks. My mum did a lot for me, made my food, helped me wash and dress, gave me moral encouragement. I lost a stone and a half in two weeks. I felt so sick I begged my husband and parents to take me for a termination. My mum would say, "you're only saying that because you feel sick not because you don't want the baby, give it til 12 weeks and see". I'm so glad I didn't have a termination as it all would have been for nothing but those few weeks were the worst of my life.
I was fed up of people saying to me, it won't last forever and it'll all be worth it when you get that baby in your arms. And I had people saying to me it was MS and everyone gets it, but when they saw how much weight I'd lost and that I could only manage to eat a few mouthfuls of food each day (and still vomit it up) they realised it was serious.
I'm now 20 weeks and still on ondansetron cyclizine thiame and ranitidine. I have been trying to cut down the meds but every time I do I get sick so will continue on them.
My top tips are to get yourself some ketostix from the chemist if you haven't already done so, ketones of plus 3 is an immediate hospital admission. They should check ketones at the GP too. Don't bother running to the bathroom everytime you are sick, you'll just waste energy and feel worse - I got an old plastic mixing bowl and used that. That bowl never left my side for weeks even when I went to the toilet. And don't be afraid to ask your friends and family for help. I felt terribly guilty that I relied so much on my parents, my dad has been ill himself and had a bone marrow transplant this year, but I really wouldn't have got through it without their help and now I feel better they are pleased for me I can finally enjoy pregnancy.
Ask for a second opinion in regards to your GP and be forceful. Similar thing happened to me because I was new to this and the GPs don't always know much about HG. Now I know more about it, I speak to my GP and tell them what I want to happen assertively.
I really do hope you feel better soon. Xxx

Reebok Mon 03-Dec-12 18:31:42

Thanks ladies. Still feeling like I'm at deaths door. Have spent past 2 nights in hospital after I had to be rushed in on sat night for vomiting blood. I hate HG!!!

nannyl Mon 03-Dec-12 21:47:17

HG is truley awful

at least we are in good company with Kate Middleton...

lets hope she raises awareness of this awful condition, and that the press stop refering to it as bad morning sickness.

Hope you start to feel better soon, otherwise suggest you go back to hospital

did they give you ondasnatron? that worked well for me, had it IV first so couldnt vomit it

Paradisefound Tue 04-Dec-12 10:28:22

I was in hospital with Hg twice back in September. I found cyclazine was the only med that had any impact, I tried several. I started to feel better about 16-17 weeks. Now 21 weeks and still sick sometimes in the morning. If possible get yourself signed off and rest until you are better. Best of luck.

Reebok Tue 04-Dec-12 13:29:49

Hi guys, my doc is a complete twat! 'relax! The medicine will work slowly!' I wanted to pick up the chair I was sat on and smack him around the head with it!! They tried bucastem on me at hospital through tablet but just made me more sick. So told me to continue cyclizine. No Lucinda, I haven't gone back to a n e, but if I feel worse later on, will do. Trying to avoid it to be honest cos it was a horrible experience. I was put in a ward with elderly people with catheters and bed pans because there was no gyno dept. They only admitted me as an emergency.

So far today, only vomited once...thanks to crummy acid reflux! But have managed to eat a banana...hoping it holds! How are you ladies doing?

Reebok Tue 04-Dec-12 13:32:51

Nannyl just realized I wrote Lucinda in wrong thread. Am clearly not with it today!

nannyl Tue 04-Dec-12 22:16:20

hey dont worry

i have HG too, and i dont think id have even noticed wink

also (and i have this issue) my nearest hospital does not do pregnancy / birth (there is a midwife birth centre,a and an EPU but thats it)....

therefor i always go to the A&E at the hospital that i would go to if i were to go to hospital to have a baby (I dont, i choose homebirth) because at least there there are maternity and gyn wards, so you end up with midwiives and obstetricians, who actually understand and deal with HG as part of their job on a daily basis.

this hospital is 45+++ min drive away (much longer journey at peak times) but its worth being there to be in the right place.

Having HG is truley horrendous, but at least being with other women of child bearing age, some of whom may even have (or have had) what you have is better than being on a general ward of "old people"

I do hope you start to improve soon..... honestly one day you will and the first few weeks of HG are so so much harder then the later weeks. (yes all are crap, but really the beginning is worst)

nannyl Tue 04-Dec-12 22:18:15

also ask for ondasnatron..... its is a very expensive drug but its good, and you can have it IV as well as tablet form.

tinyshinyanddon Wed 05-Dec-12 12:13:18

I am recommending zofran too - routinely given in the USA for ms and hg. Also just helped dh and I through the seasonal vomiting virus.

Reebok Wed 05-Dec-12 13:10:16

Thanks Nannyl I hope so too. Doc won't give me anything new just yet as wants to see if my body will adjust to cyclizine. He says that as I reacted well to it through IV it should work in tablet form too....erm yeh right!! My first midwife app on mon so I figured if doc doesn't help me soon, I will beg midwife too!

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