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Pregnant with no. 3 / 4 / 5..?! Thread #2

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LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 16:46:16

If you're pregnant with your third / fourth / fifth DC, come and chat.

This probably should be in antenatal clubs now (?) but I wanted to post this in the same place as the old thread so we can all find it!

Here is the old thread

LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 16:48:15

Stats as they were last posted:

Peterpie - DC3 12/11/12
SeymoreInOz - DC3 06/12/12
Cherrypiew3 - DC4 10/12/12
CODwidow -DC5 12/12/12 girl after 4ds
Annelid - DC7 20/12/12
SpringFlowers DC4 18/01/12
Icequeenkate - DC4 21/01/13 (will be ds4!)
AppleCrumples - DC4 22/01/13
LimeLeafLizard - DC4 8/2/13
Pinkpeony4 - DC4 01/03/13
Countmyblessings-DC4 13/3/13
Ood - dc4 18/3/2013
Bringonthetrumpets- dc3 10/6/13
Sams4lo - DC5 07/06/13
DontSweat - DC3 15/6/13

wishiwasonholiday Tue 13-Nov-12 16:50:50

Can I join? Expecting dc3 19/07/13, had a nightmare pregnancy last time so hoping its better this time but gp is concerned about my blood pressure and referring me to antenatal consultant urgently.

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 16:56:47

Peterpie - DC3 12/11/12
SeymoreInOz - DC3 06/12/12
Cherrypiew3 - DC4 10/12/12
CODwidow -DC5 12/12/12 girl after 4ds
Annelid - DC7 20/12/12
SpringFlowers DC4 18/01/12
Icequeenkate - DC4 21/01/13 (will be ds4!)
AppleCrumples - DC4 22/01/13
LimeLeafLizard - DC4 8/2/13
Pinkpeony4 - DC4 01/03/13
Countmyblessings-DC4 13/3/13
Ood - dc4 18/3/2013
Bringonthetrumpets- dc3 10/6/13
Sams4lo - DC5 07/06/13
DontSweat - DC3 15/6/13
WishIwasonholiday -dc3 19/7/13

Welcome wishIwas smile

LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 16:58:32

Hello, Wish, nice to see you. Hope this pregnancy goes well for you. You must be quite early on, then, with a July due date? I think I was only about 4 weeks when I started the other thread - time flies!

CODwidow Tue 13-Nov-12 17:03:07

Just signing in

Countmyblessings Tue 13-Nov-12 17:25:57

Just marking a nice snug spot getting comfy!
Will pop back!!!!

wishiwasonholiday Tue 13-Nov-12 17:49:58

Hi, yes am only 4 + 4, July seems like forever!

terilou87 Tue 13-Nov-12 17:57:07

marking spot .was due 07/11/12 so 40+6 today on baby no 4

Cravingtomatoes Tue 13-Nov-12 19:01:28

Hi everyone I've not posted in ages as RL has been quite hard (both with pg and everything else). Great to see this is on it's 2nd thread already! Congratulations to all you lovely ladies who have had babies and glad all is well with you and your LOs. 5kids so sorry to hear you've been so ill - can't believe they didn't really pick up on the PE before the birth. I hope you are well on the mend now.

So I'm now 34+2 - this is the exact time DC3 was born so am feeling a bit nervous. Will be happy if bump stays put till at least the beginning of Dec! SPD has been awful - at times I can't walk even with crutches; have been on antibiotics which have caused thrush; have been monitored twice in hospital as felt like I was contracting; and now I have a big itchy rash on my bump. Other than that all is well! And bump is well which is the main thing.

Sorry to hear that some of you have been suffering with SPD too, and lime hope you're feeling better after your funny turn at the supermarket. How awful for you.

Cravingtomatoes Tue 13-Nov-12 19:02:56

Peterpie - DC3 12/11/12
SeymoreInOz - DC3 06/12/12
Cherrypiew3 - DC4 10/12/12
CODwidow -DC5 12/12/12 girl after 4ds
Annelid - DC7 20/12/12
Cravingtomatoes - DC4 23/12/12
SpringFlowers DC4 18/01/12
Icequeenkate - DC4 21/01/13 (will be ds4!)
AppleCrumples - DC4 22/01/13
LimeLeafLizard - DC4 8/2/13
Pinkpeony4 - DC4 01/03/13
Countmyblessings-DC4 13/3/13
Ood - dc4 18/3/2013
Bringonthetrumpets- dc3 10/6/13
Sams4lo - DC5 07/06/13
DontSweat - DC3 15/6/13
WishIwasonholiday -dc3 19/7/13

Oo a sparkly new thread!

Welcome wish hope it flies by for you. How old are your dcs?

terilou wow you must be more than ready for baby to arrive! Was hoping that 4th babies turned up on time!

craving sorry your having a hard time at least you are on the home straight now!

Hello to everyone else <waves>

5kidsnobump Tue 13-Nov-12 19:37:28

Well things not going so well today. Had one day out of hospital, but then this morning mega headache back, blurred vision. Dh phoned midwife who came out and Bp sky high again at 165/100. Even she said that was a ridiculous reading given the amount of medication i'm taking sad

Consultant I saw this afternoon said they don't know why Bp is not under control on the medication. Starting 2 feel very depressed with the whole situation. DD1 was crying on the phone when she got in from school and realised I was back in hospital sad

Cravingtomatoes Tue 13-Nov-12 20:33:50

Yes Apple am almost there - good thing too, as am craving pâté like you wouldn't believe and can't hold out much longer!

5kids sorry you're still so unwell and not surprised it's bringing you all down. Hope that it's all under control really soon thanks

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 20:35:23

5kids poor all of you. (((()))).

terilou87 Tue 13-Nov-12 20:46:30

yeah sad me too but iv only one of my others were early so kind of expected it. any day now though smile

Lovely new thread, thank you Lime.

5kids... you poor thing, you must be so fed up. Have you got lots of help in rl? I really hope you start to recover soon. I know it's a long shot but please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Dd3 has rarely been ill so has been a bit affronted by her cough and cold today. She had a bit of a temperature and produced a magnificent poonami this morning. It was quite spectacular and resulted in many doors and window being opened and several items of clothing being binned. She hardly slept last night so I hope tonight she (I) can catch up a bit tonight.

Sorry for typos...too tired.

LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 22:20:36

Oh 5kids I am so sorry to hear you're back in hospital and really hope the docs manage to figure out soon what is going on. You must all be so fed up. Hugs to you x

terilou, hope things kick off for you very soon... we haven't heard from Peterpie for a few days but you're in with a chance of having the first birth of the thread!

Craving, lovely to hear from you but sorry you've had such a bag of health problems / symptoms. Hope things get a bit better from now on, and that you get through a few more weeks of pregnancy at least. Much as it is annoying to be overdue, I'm sure it is nothing to the worry of having a preemie. Was your DC3 in hospital for long?

Spring, yuck at poonami! You know it is a bad one when you have to throw clothes away! Hope she is better soon so you can both get some sleep.

Speaking of which, I'm feeling shattered. Night all!

cherrypiew3 Tue 13-Nov-12 22:42:39

Lime Thank you for the nice new thread.

Welcome Wish

Terilou I was also really hoping 4th babies arrived on time.

5kids So sorry you are not well and back in hospital again I really hope things improve soon.thanks

Craving Hope these next few weeks of pregnancy are better for you it sounds like it's been awful.

Spring Hope your dd is better and that you both get a good night sleep tonight.

One of the mums on the playground said to me today that my bump looked a different shape when I asked her which way she said it almost looks side ways not really sure what she meant by this.hmm

Cravingtomatoes Tue 13-Nov-12 23:22:50

Thanks Cherry. Sideways?! Hopefully it's just your baby changing position. Strange comment to make though!

Lime thanks too. DC3 was in NICU for 2 weeks but v poorly 1st week and I was quite traumatised by the whole thing, so yes, it was difficult. However, I can imagine that going overdue would be really hard and frustrating too. Hopefully your DC4 is on time!

Spring hope your DD is better soon - how awful for her and you (though had to smile at the term "poonami".)

Has anyone here had a rash on their bump? MW not overly concerned at check-up today, but it's getting worse and hot and itchy! I guess antihistamines are a big no-no in pg.??

Oh Craving check out PUPPS on Dr. Google. Usually it starts on the bump and then will spread over the body. The rash is very much the same in most women, so check out some pictures and talk to your midwife. I've had several patients with it as well as a friend. You can most definitely take antihistamines! Oatmeal baths and drinking nettle and dandelion infusions help to support the liver, which is a big proponent of the condition.

SeymoreInOz Wed 14-Nov-12 06:27:25

5kids so sorry to hear that, no wonder you are starting to feel depressed, I don't blame you. I really hope they get to the bottom of it asap. How was your BP during the pregnancy? Did you have anything similar with the other DCs?

teri good luck!!

Apparently baby is 4/5 engaged now, I guess it could be bobbing in and out though, I'm trying not to read too much into it!

For those with more than 2 DCs already, how do you cope with stress? I feel really, really stressed at the moment. I have just really shouted at the DC because they've been really trying this afternoon. Constant bickering, slamming doors, whinging, telling on each other etc. I'm just thinking that with a crying baby in the mix my head might explode! It doesn't help that DH works long hours and the family and friends I had for support last time are now on the other side of the world!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 14-Nov-12 08:35:32

Bringon many thanks for the info. I will definitely check that out and good to know it's very common, as it's burning like mad.

Seymore Sorry to hear you're feeling so stressed. We're the same with stress levels - the number of people also
means noise levels are so high, and I too worry about the extra stress/noise of a baby. I tend to cope at the moment by letting them watch more DVDs/TV, or keeping them all in separate rooms with a different activity (mine are all 5 and under so they're happy with sticker books and playdoh still!) I hope things get easier for you.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 14-Nov-12 09:49:55

I've never heard of PUPPS before - thankfully I don't have it, but boy does it make me sympathetic, Craving! Bringon I think I noticed you saying on another thread that you are a student midwife - have I remembered that correctly? You seem to give good advice, anyway!

Seymore I think stress is something all parents have in common! But yes, having several DC and being pregnant doesn't make it any easier. It is extra tough for you with half your support network on the other side of the world. My sister is in Aus and I sometimes wonder how she'll manage if she has kids (she wants them).
Personally I deal with stress by (a) having a good whinge and sometimes cry blush to DH and / or a good friend, and then (b) trying to work out what specifically is bothering me. E.g. DS2 is going through a phase of being really whiney, which makes his squabbles with his brothers really stressful to listen to. Working on his behaviour specifically - giving him different ways to respond - has helped a bit with the general stress level. It isn't easy though!

VodkaJelly Wed 14-Nov-12 09:55:14

Ooh Marking my place

DC4 - 25/12/12 - a girl after 3 boys smile

CODwidow Wed 14-Nov-12 10:01:10

Having one of those 'how will I cope with another' days sad feel like a bad parent and that I don't pay enough to each ds. Anyone else ever feel like this?? I'm sure it's just hormonal sad

So sorry to moan 5kids when your so ill.

GirlsGotInk85 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:35:51

Hi, I've just found out I'm expecting dc 4 on 16/07/2013. After initial shock I'm feeling rather positive. Would like to know if there is much difference going from 3 to 4??
Congratulations everyone x

CODwidow Wed 14-Nov-12 11:45:06

Congrats! Personally that was my easiest number, I found I was very relaxed with the changes going from 3 to 4 and he just fitted in with everything we already did. I became more organised but not in a bad way smile

cod I feel like that all the time! I feel like a terrible mum as im just so tired and struggling so much with this pregnancy. I keep telling them we'll have much more fun together in the hols next year once it's all over! Don't know how realistic that is but feel getting out with the pram will be easier than my current exhausted waddling.

I suffer from anxiety anyway and it feels worse at the mo sad

Welcome and congrats to girlsgot. Am on no4 now so will let you know how easy ( or otherwise) it is after jan! How old are your dcs?

5kids sorry to hear your still having problems, what a nightmare! I really hope they get it sorted soon x

CODwidow Wed 14-Nov-12 13:31:07

Thanks apple I have these days (even before pregnancy) when I feel I haven't paid one or all of them enough attention. But hey I will tell them all their lovely after school today! smile

Cravingtomatoes Wed 14-Nov-12 14:11:04

COD I seem to get those kind of days a lot at the moment, and we're home-educating our oldest too! So sometimes feel like a big failure. It doesn't help feeling so tired all the time and like I'm wading through porridge. Ah, when the baby is born, we will feel much more energetic I'm sure Apple. I'm having sleepless nights anyway.

Congratulatons Girls. We're about to go from 3 to 4 so know idea, but found 2 to 3 so much easier than 1 to 2 so hopefully the more you have the easier it gets grin - not that we're having anymore after this.

Cheers Lizard. I am a 3rd year student in the US smile. Not quite sure how I'm going to balance 3 LOs and continuing to apprentice...but I suppose if there is a will, there is a way.

Good to hear that 1-2 is more of a shock than 2-3. It's already so chaotic at our house that I'm sure just adding another screaming and loud creature won't be much of a change.

Cravingtomatoes Wed 14-Nov-12 17:49:59

I second that bringon!

Sams4lo Wed 14-Nov-12 18:16:03

Can totally understand, we are going from 4 to 5, and home educate ours smile I am grateful at the moment as there is no way I could do the school run, it nearly killed me yesterday getting out of bed by 9! Lol x dd1 did some reading to the younger ones today and then asked questions smile love my dc x

Oodthunkit Wed 14-Nov-12 18:42:58

Just marking my place. Too knackered to post properly blush

CODwidow Wed 14-Nov-12 20:36:59

sam I admire you! I'm going from 4to 5 and my main issue is school work and keeping up with it all! I feel so under pressure as there is so much to keep up with. Although after parents evening tonight with 4 glowing reports I guess I must be doing ok!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 14-Nov-12 21:47:28

Know what you mean about the school run Sam - I am in AWE now of any parent (especially the ones on this thread with 3 or more DCs) who get their DCs to school on time. We are always late for DC1's one "early" activity each week which starts at 9:30am. Great your DD1 is so helpful with the others too.

Well done COD with your DC's school reports!

Bringon impressive that you're training as a mw with 2 DCs and a LO on it's way - good luck with it all and it sounds like you'll get there no matter what. How many years is your training?

Cheers crave. It's usually around 3-5 years here just due to so many ways to get the education and to get clinical experience with different midwives. I'm going to take a baby-break for a while, so looks like I'll push out the timeline a bit.

Feeling like a crazy lady over here blush. What's the earliest you've felt your 3rd, 4th, etc babies? I'm 10+3 right now and I swear I've felt this one last night and today. It's SO early!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 14-Nov-12 22:35:11

bringon I think you know what the movements feel like after having 1 or more. People always say it's impossible to feel the baby moving so early, but I am also certain I felt DC2 around 11/12 weeks and this one the same! So I believe you smile

LimeLeafLizard Wed 14-Nov-12 22:55:49

bringon 10 weeks is early to feel movement..! I didn't feel anything until about 17 weeks this time, but perhaps I am just too inattentive. It is such a lovely feeling, one of the good bits about pregnancy.

Interesting comments about the school run - funnily enough the morning school run is the only part of my day that I really dislike. Although we've never been late, it always feels like we're going to be, and however organised I think I am, there is always this last minute rush of telling the DCs 400 times to put their shoes on! Sometimes I fantasize about home educating but by the end of the next school holidays I've decided against it!

Welcome Girls and VodkaJelly - I'll add you both to the stats. Vodka I think there are a few of us expecting a girl after several boys... funny co-incidence! You have a memorable due date - although perhaps you'd rather give birth on a different day so you can celebrate, and so that your baby doesn't have to share her birthday with Christmas?

LimeLeafLizard Wed 14-Nov-12 23:00:04

Terilou - DC4 07/11/12
Peterpie - DC3 12/11/12
SeymoreInOz - DC3 06/12/12
Cherrypiew3 - DC4 10/12/12
CODwidow -DC5 12/12/12 girl after 4ds
Annelid - DC7 20/12/12
Cravingtomatoes - DC4 23/12/12
VodkaJelly - DC4 - 25/12/12
SpringFlowers DC4 18/01/12
Icequeenkate - DC4 21/01/13 (will be ds4!)
AppleCrumples - DC4 22/01/13
LimeLeafLizard - DC4 8/2/13
Pinkpeony4 - DC4 01/03/13
Countmyblessings - DC4 13/3/13
Ood - dc4 18/3/2013
Bringonthetrumpets - dc3 10/6/13
Sams4lo - DC5 07/06/13
DontSweat - DC3 15/6/13
GirlsGotInk85 - DC4 16/07/2013
WishIwasonholiday -dc3 19/7/13

enjay0811 Wed 14-Nov-12 23:10:11

Evening all, jst adding myself to the stats

Terilou - DC4 07/11/12
Peterpie - DC3 12/11/12
SeymoreInOz - DC3 06/12/12
Cherrypiew3 - DC4 10/12/12
CODwidow -DC5 12/12/12 girl after 4ds
Annelid - DC7 20/12/12
Cravingtomatoes - DC4 23/12/12
VodkaJelly - DC4 - 25/12/12
SpringFlowers DC4 18/01/12
Icequeenkate - DC4 21/01/13 (will be ds4!)
AppleCrumples - DC4 22/01/13
LimeLeafLizard - DC4 8/2/13
Pinkpeony4 - DC4 01/03/13
Countmyblessings - DC4 13/3/13
Ood - dc4 18/3/2013
enjay0811 - dc3 19/4/13
Bringonthetrumpets - dc3 10/6/13
Sams4lo - DC5 07/06/13
DontSweat - DC3 15/6/13
GirlsGotInk85 - DC4 16/07/2013
WishIwasonholiday -dc3 19/7/13

terilou87 Thu 15-Nov-12 02:55:59

cant sleep ds2 throwing up all night sad, well sweep hasn't worked so far booked in for induction on monday not long nowgrin

Sorry your DS isn't well Terilou, very exciting about Monday though. Another thread baby! Also awake (obviously)...dd3 still getting used to sleeping in her own room and we've had frequent set backs as she was unwell and back in with us earlier in the week. Tonight, bed at 6.30, in and out of sleep between 11 and 12 and awake now. I'm shattered sad.

<<<waves to all the other lovely ladies>>>

5kidsnobump Thu 15-Nov-12 08:28:20

Well still in hospital. Although Bp levels don't seem so bad now, so wondering if they might let me back out. Still wondering if Bp will stay down once I'm at home with all the kids! 5 kids is probably enough to give anyone high blood pressure!

Not long now then terilou at least it will all be over soon!

cod I also struggle with the school work, and only 2 of mine r at school, and they r only in infants, so only reading and basic homework. I have been very bad at fitting it in while being knackered and pregnant. And as for the school run, I haven't even got organised with a triple buggy yet, was meant to be sorting that while dh was off, but hasn't happened as i've spent so much time in hospital sad

Oodthunkit Thu 15-Nov-12 08:47:50

5kids just go and start a thread and buy whatever MN recommends, let the Internet do the work!

learnermummy Thu 15-Nov-12 09:56:03

Hi I'm new on here. Surprise DC3 due 22.06.13, DS1 is 6 and DS2 is 3. Still quite shocked by it all and finding it hard to come to terms with as had convinced myself that two was plenty! Am also dreading telling people as I often said 2 was enough....
Don't feel pg at all which doesn't help although a scan last week showed a flickering heart beat so it's definitely in there!
Assure me it will all be OK in the end!!

icequeenkate Thu 15-Nov-12 14:24:26

marking place. knackered!

Good luck terilou!

Welcome learner. It will all be ok in the end! We all figure out how to make it work, and it's usually so much better than we anticipate it being. We are super mums!

Welcome learner as has been said earlier 2-3 is relatively pain free. Your already used to juggling 2 and 1 more just sort of fits in. My dd was kind of like an accessory as a baby as she just came everywhere with the rest of us!

As if I wasn't already uncomfortable enough my ear has been blocked the last couple of days. I can't seem to unpop it so I feel like everyone is talking to me through water. Practically deaf on that side and it hurts! Anyone had this?

cherrypiew3 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:12:03

Welcome Learnersmile

5kids Hope the bp stays down and you get out of hospital and this time it stays down.

Terilou Sweeps have never worked for me in the past. At least it's not long till Monday.

Had my growth scan today and baby is doing well and she is head down really pleased about that. So now I can start the raspberry leaf tea and tablets anyone idea how much I should take, I like the tea so don't mind drinking that do I start on 1-2 cups a day. How many tablets a day should I take? Also when they tested my urine I had +3 keytones in it she did not explain what this means but said they would send it to the lab, anyone know?

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

cherry have you been sick at all or had trouble eating/drinking? Ketones are what your body makes when you are dehydrated / malnourished. At 3+ ketones I was hospitalised and on a drip at 20 weeks (and this happened twice with dd as well). I still take anti sickness medication in hopes of not ending up in hospital again. Make sure you are drinking and eating as well as poss as I was told 3+ is a medical emergency in a pg woman and quite shocked they just sent you home!

cherrypiew3 Thu 15-Nov-12 22:31:14

Hi Apples

No not been sick and had just eaten breakfast before I went. She sent it to the lab so do you think they will ring if there is something wrong. Have never had ketones in any of my other pg so don't really know much about it wish I had asked her now. She seemed more interested in telling me about inductions.

The thing with ketones is that they can show up in your urine even an hour or two after you've eaten. If you didn't have anything to eat since dinner, you eat breakfast, and then head to the midwife where she does a dipstick, you are going to definitely be spilling ketones because your body is currently in the process of metabolising your breakfast and recovering from your "fast" over night. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some women have really fast metabolisms in pregnancy and will spill ketones unless they are eating like every hour. When there are other things showing up in the urine, including ketones is when I would be worried. Hth.

Sorry didn't want to worry you! Tbf last time I was in hospital after several drips I finally stopped showing ketones around midnight but after a nights sleep they went back up and I was feeling fine when I woke up (if a little frustrated)

hope everything ok bringon is right I was told something similar in hospital x

cherrypiew3 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:19:28

Apples and Bringon thank you I am not to worried in fact I feel really well this morning, this is a sign I am going to pop soon right.grin

Apples How is your ear feeling today?

5kids Hope the blood pressure stayed down during the night.

Cravingtomatoes Fri 16-Nov-12 10:49:17

Good luck terilou - no experience of sweeps but hope all goes well for you on Monday.

Cherry glad you're feeling better this morning

Apples I'm currently using ear drops leading to both ears being syringed next week shock! Hopefully your ear is better but if not worth getting it checked out, especially if there's pain?

Hope everyone else is well?

Starting to feel like I've been pregnant my whole life after 4 pgs in quick succession in exactly 6 years sad. Definitely want my body back now!

terilou87 Fri 16-Nov-12 11:36:12

thanks every one, sweep obv dint work still here but not long now im getting very excited/ nervous cravingtomatoes i felt like that with my first 3 there 5,4 and 3 yo now had a little gap between ds3 and 4 tho but i cant say i felt any better for it.

Ear driving me nuts! It feels like it wants to pop but it just won't! Am gonna try olive oil and ear drops to see if that helps. Then off to dr - a bit wary of dr he didn't even notice I was pg when I went for repeat anti sickness (actually asked if hospital knew what was making me sick I pointed to 6 month bump... Er this!?)

ShellyBobbs Fri 16-Nov-12 17:26:25

5Kids Poor you, I really hope that they can get to the bottom of all this for you, you must be so desperate and your poor children. Lots of ((hugs)) your way x

It already feels like we've had Tommy forever, even though he's only 5 days old grin

Oodthunkit Fri 16-Nov-12 18:49:37

apple sympathies. I get glue ear and its really frustrating!

Just dropped ds1 off at cub camp. He's going to be gone all wekend which will be wierd! He went last year and really enjoyed himself but it's only the 2nd time he's stayed away from home so I know I will worry all weekend!

(which is silly as I have to take ds2 up tomorrow as they are having a party for the beavers so I will actually see him everyday!)

SeymoreInOz Fri 16-Nov-12 21:37:48

5kids glad to hear BP is going down!

welcome learner I will let you know, surprise DC3 here too!

Apple I hope DS has fun at camp!

Cherry I had keytones 3+ in my last pregnancy. The doctor just gave me a grumpy chat about eating and drinking more (even though I had eaten but I did have flu) and that was that! I started on 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day, I haven't seen the tablets here.

teri sorry to hear the sweep didn't work. Did it hurt? I'm getting nervous about mine, I need to man up! Not long until your induction now though, exciting!

Craving I know what you mean, I'm looking forward to getting my body back, although I really don't like the first few weeks when you're all pillowy and leaking from various places!

Thanks for all the advice on coping with stress. I had a good cry the other night and that has helped clear the air a bit. I am really nervous about the birth which isn't helping my stress levels. I need to start looking into relaxation techniques (a bit late now!)

For the last 3 days I have had constant braxton hicks and I've started leaking a lot of colostrum (tmi sorry). I can actually feel the tingling let-down when it happens. Has anyone else had anything like this in the last few weeks? I've been convincing myself I must be about to go into labour, but nothing so far!

5kidsnobump Fri 16-Nov-12 21:50:05

Evening everyone.

Finally got let back out of hospital last night. BP just at an ok level when midwife came to check it today - but I had been in bed for about 4 hours before she came hmm . Got up and sorted kids for school this morning but started feeling really crap again - so just went back to bed - which obviously must have done the trick! Problem is DH is meant to be back at work Monday, after 3 weeks off. He is trying to get some more time off, as I reckon if I have to start running round after all the kids bp will be back through the roof, as it is only just ok with piles of pills and me having lots of rest during the day, which is completely impossible with all the kids to look after on my own!

Cravingtomatoes and terilou I also feel like I have been pregnant forever....5 kids in just over 6 years...I think I've forgotten what its like not to be pregnant! terilou how did you find things with 3 so close together - my youngest 3 are all only just over a year apart each - DC3 is 2yrs and 4 months, DC4 is 16 months, and then obviously the baby. Did you manage to get out and about much with 3 so close together? I don't know when I'll attempt toddler groups etc on my own with all 3! By the time DC3 was born my oldest was starting school, so only really had 2 at home together at any one time before!

Apple thats terrible they didn't even notice you were pregnant at the docs - it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence when they seem to have no clue about what is going. Sometimes I wonder if any of them actually bother to read the patient notes hmm

Cravingtomatoes Fri 16-Nov-12 23:43:08

5kids I can't believe the ordeal you're having to go through. Life is hard enough with a newborn and 4 other DCs without the high BP to contend with. Really hope that DH can get more time off so you can rest and get better before he has to go back to work.

Seymore sorry to hear you've been feeling so stressed. Are you worried about the birth as you've had traumatic past experiences? I think relaxation techniques are a good idea even this late in the pg if it'll make you worry less. My labours have all been really quick and straightforward but I am also worried about going through all that pain again (I don't deal well with it at all). I get very envy when I read women comparing labour pain to bad period pains! It sounds like things are moving for you with the BH!

Apple hope you get your ear sorted, as it's annoying when you can't hear properly. mine is wax-related (sorry TMI) and need to have ear drops for 10 days before they'll syringe. It sounds bad but the deafness is drowning out the kids' noise and DH's stressed ranting, so it's sort of nice. Hope Dr was helpful and shock at your Dr not noticing your being pg at 6 months - honestly!

Respect to you terilou and 5kids with DCs so close together in age (mine are 18-22 months apart, so I'm in awe). Do you find they get on really well together as they're similar ages?

Right, heartburn is getting a better so off to bed - goodnight everyone!

Conanchensee Sat 17-Nov-12 15:51:12

Hi, just saying hello again after being absent- I'm due dc3 13/06/13. This pregancy was a surprise so I found this thread when i was in a state of shock- dd is 3 and ds is 14 months so I feel like it's a scarily small age gap! It's been so reassuring to read everyone's stories and positive comments about having 3+ children smile

I'm just feeling human again after 3 weeks in bed- whole famliy had a bad noro virus/stomach bug which combined with morning sickness knocked me sideways. But although I've lost a lot of weight it's not turned into hyperemesis so I should consider myself lucky. Has anyone else had to cope with bad morning sickness and other children? My mum came to visit to help and my husband's had a week holiday from work but I'm back on my own next week and I'm wondering how on earth I'll cope with two lively toddlers!

On a happier note, I'm sure I felt a baby-like flutter yesterday, is this impossible for 10 1/2 weeks, what's the earliest other mums have felt anything?

Oodthunkit Sat 17-Nov-12 16:23:11

I thought I did at 11 weeks with this one. Then again about a week later.

conan am sending unmumsnetty hugs! I suffered horrendous ms with all mine and ended up in hospital at 20 weeks this time I wish I could tell you how I survived the early part of this pg with the other dcs but I really have no idea how I got through it! Dp was doing everything which helped and also the fact that my dcs are all
at school now meant I could put my feet up ( in the mornings anyway dd was only at nursery). I am certain I felt movements with this one from about 11-12 weeks.

5kids glad your out of hospital. Hope you dp can manage to be around for you so you can rest.

Ear still driving me nuts. Can't work out if heartburn or broken ear is worst! Have no money til tues so can't get any ear drops and haven't got any olive oil so just going to have to wait til then. Will make dr appointment too as it really hurts now

sorry to anyone I've missed <waves>

Conan I thought I was crazy because I was feeling this one move at 10.5 weeks too!

terilou87 Sun 18-Nov-12 19:10:13

baby leon arrived at 3.25 this morning weighing 8lb2, so glad i didnt have to be induced grin

Oodthunkit Sun 18-Nov-12 19:38:51

Congrats terilou smile how over were you in the end?

Yay congratualtions terilou! Hope you are enjoying lots of cuddles with baby leon x

LimeLeafLizard Sun 18-Nov-12 21:51:00

Evening everyone. I just got back from a weekend at the PILs and have loads to catch up on.

Congratulations Terilou, that is wonderful news, and welcome to the world baby Leon!

5kids, glad you're out of hospital now, hope BP stays down.

Apples hope you get to the docs soon and some relief.

cherrypiew3 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:58:19

Congratulations Terilou glad baby Leon arrived without the need for induction.

Apples How did your ds go at cub camp my ds went last year and loved it. Hope the ear is better.

Hope everyone is well.

Cravingtomatoes Sun 18-Nov-12 22:58:24

Congratulations terilou, that's excellent news! Lovely name too.

CODwidow Mon 19-Nov-12 09:24:17

Congratulations grin

cherry ds1 loved it, it was his 2nd time and when i dropped ds2 off on sat for beaver party all I got was oh hi before he disappeared! Only difficulty was spending the entire weekend driving back and forth from solihul ( we're in cov)!

Ear still driving me crackers, it's the deafness! Off for ear drops this am will make dr appointment but that could take ages!

cherrypiew3 Tue 20-Nov-12 16:48:10

Very quite on here hope everyone is well.

Apples Ds was like that last year I was so worried about him going it was his first time, he was not even bothered about saying goodbye to me.

Oodthunkit Tue 20-Nov-12 17:05:47

Just tired here. And sore sad

cherry ds was like that last year too and I was the same as you and so worried but they don't care!

ood sorry your tired and sore! How far are you? I feel like i'm all aches and pains at the mo!

Hope everyone else ok, that's the trouble with us all having a few dcs already we don't have time to be on here loads!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 20-Nov-12 18:37:27

Hi - just a quick post before sorting washing / tidying kitchen / starting bedtime. I wish I could have a glass of wine tonight <sigh>.

apples how is your ear? Hope the drops have helped.
ood you sound fed up... not surprising considering...

I was knackered this morning and feeling grumpy and low, but DS3 fell asleep on the way back from the supermarket, transferred to bed and I managed to get a whole hour's kip on the sofa before he woke up. It was amazing how much better I felt afterwards.

MW tomorrow. I haven't had the results of my glucose test but I have been told I'm anaemic despite already taking iron.

Cubs sounds great - might sign DS1 up.

Oodthunkit Tue 20-Nov-12 18:45:52

lime I've been told to have GTT this time. Have you had GD before? Mine is on BMI

apples 23 weeks yesterday. An but better than earlier but had just got I when I posted. Dh at work & I'd just been to hospital for Grandads care meeting ( long corridors not good when I can't walk far) to find they cancelled it after we arrived. Then dd1 to opticians , quick shop then home to make tea. So bit grumpyblush

5kidsnobump Tue 20-Nov-12 20:18:01

Congratulations terilou Glad your baby decided to put in an appearance without induction!

Lime and Ood I had GD with DC4 - somehow managed to avoid it with this last pregnancy though - not sure how come that was?! I was sent for GTT as they had changed the guidelines and as my BMI was just over 30 I had to have it. Was actually really surprised when I failed it!

Well went back to see the GP yesterday as still feeling like complete crap - unable to get through the day without spending 4 or 5 hours asleep - which is not really very practical with 5 kids confused . He said could be side effects from one of the BP medications and told me to stop taking one, as my BP had come down quite a bit from what it was. Have felt a bit better today - managed to get through with only a 1 hour nap, so a bit of an improvement! Am seeing the midwife tomorrow so with see if BP has stayed down without some of the drugs! On the plus side Docs signed DH off for 2 weeks, so at least we have another couple of weeks to hopefully get a bit more sorted before he goes back to work, as I still don't feel capable of looking after the 5 kids alone hmm

Lime I am also looking forward to the time I can have a glass of wine (or 2!)... currently feel too knackered and on too much medication to contemplate any wine....well I've waited 9 months, I don't suppose a few more weeks will kill me grin

Countmyblessings Tue 20-Nov-12 21:30:23

Welcome to the world baby Leon!
Huge congrats that you never had to be induced Terilou!!!!!!

Oodthunkit Tue 20-Nov-12 21:44:45

5kids medications not methadopa is it? I spent 3 months asleep ( well was only awake for 2 hours a day !) when I was on that.

LimeLeafLizard Tue 20-Nov-12 22:31:29

5kids, glad things are sounding slightly better for you and BP is down, although I can imagine that needing to sleep for 5 hours a day must make normal life impossible. (ood how on earth did you manage with only being awake for 2 hours a day?!) At least your DH has been signed off for another two weeks, must be such a relief for all of you to know that.

As for wine, well I have another 12 or so weeks to go, so your chances of beating me to a toast are good..! Here, put this in the fridge wine

I had the GTT because DS3 was a big baby. SIL had it because there is diabetes in her family. Add in BMI, women who've already had GD, well that is quite a variety of reasons you might be tested!

SeymoreInOz Wed 21-Nov-12 07:34:13

Congratulations terilou! Welcome baby Leon!

5kids I'm glad your BP is going the right way, I hope the tiredness starts to improve soon.

I'm also looking forward to a glass or 2 of wine, but the advice here is to abstain for the first 3 months if you are breastfeeding!! I didn't do that with the other DCs so I might allow myself the odd glass esp over christmas!

I had my sweep this morning, nothing so far apart from a bit of bleeding! The MW said I was only 1-2cm dilated so I'm not holding out much hope. I'm sleeping quite badly at the moment thanks to the braxton hicks and rib kicking. There's no room left!

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 07:42:19

lime I was asleep! Question should be how did everyone else cope wink dd1/2 were 9/10 so old enough to help & my parents/their Dad helped.

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 07:43:00

seymore 1-2 is better than nothing <optimistic>

5kidsnobump Wed 21-Nov-12 12:51:46

Yay - just got back from midwife appointment and have finally been discharged - just as well as baby is 4 weeks old on Sunday, and they had actually run out of space to write notes in my book it was so full!

Ood no medication was Labetalol. Am still on Nefedipine, but feeling less out of it now I've stopped taking the labetalol. Although BP had gone back up a bit, wasn't too bad, so hopefully can stay off so much medication! Ood how did you manage 3 months on medication. I have literally had a few weeks, and was feeling like I was going to go nuts. I hate not being up to form and not being able to do anything - one of the reasons I find it so hard being pregnant!

Cheers for the wine Lime . I will put it in the fridge next to the champagne the in laws bought us the day after DS3 was born....I have threatened DH on pain of death if he drinks it before I am feeling better enough to have a couple of glasses grin

Seymore how overdue are you (I'm assuming you're overdue if you're having a sweep!) I had a sweep while in hospital at 38 + 3, and they said I was a little bit dilated and DS3 was born 2 days later, so you never know...

Sams4lo Wed 21-Nov-12 13:29:39

I also had labetalol with ds1 for a month post delivery, dd2 for 1month in pregnancy and 3 months post as well, and ds2 from 30wks but had him so early bp went down really quickly post delivery smile had one big spike but felt it happening so they could get it back under control very quickly smile no idea this time am just hoping midwifes wrong and don't get admitted from 28wks!

5kids so glad ur bp is starting to improve smile hope u can begin to relax a little and enjoy ur bundle of joy x

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 18:50:09

5kids they didn't realise it was the meds for ages, just blamed pregnancy/virus etc. I was 8 weeks when it started. Was on fortnightly appts with consultant and eventually GP twigged. Then had to spend a few days on gynae ward ( wouldn't let me on maternity as it was too early) while they monitored me coming off meds and were going to try beta blockers but I'm asthmatic so needed to be in in case something went wrong. In the end my BP stayed low without any meds.
This time I stopped meds when I got pg and it's still v low despite being high/uncontrolled between!

cherrypiew3 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:07:07

5kids Glad you are feeling better and the bp is staying down.

Had mw appointment today and dd is not engaged yetsad feel like I am going to go into christmas. Wish she would drop a bit at least the heartburn is killing me.

<waves to everyone else>

5kidsnobump Wed 21-Nov-12 21:27:09

sams4lo I guess you must have had BP problems with previous pregnancies then? I had problems with my first, but only in the last week of the pregnancy and everything went back to normal straight afterwards. Did the labetalol also give you loads of side effects? I have literally felt completely out of it since they put me on that. Feel loads better now I've had 2 days without it - and looks like BP is staying down now anyway without it.

Ood I can't imagine being on BP medication for months whilst pregnant. Being pregnant normally makes me feel knackered enough without lots of drugs to make it even worse!

Cherry when are you due? It must be really hard to keep going while pregnant, especially in the run up to xmas when things get pretty hectic anyway!

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 21:33:23

It's not normal to have the side affects though. I'm that 1/1000 person on the leaflet!

Countmyblessings Wed 21-Nov-12 22:21:09

Ohhhhh Seymour- hopefully the sweep will get things started! Spare a thought for the ones who are massive and still have months to go!!!
Next year is so far away!!!!!
Ahh cherry - I remember going to MW she told me baby was not ready that night my ds was born he was a week early!!!!

Trying not to moan or whine much but spd is kicking off again and work is draining don't know how long I can travel to work!!!!
At 24 weeks I shouldn't be feeling like this!!!!

Oodthunkit Thu 22-Nov-12 08:13:48

I'm like that count expecting to finish in next couple of weeks ( 23+3 today hmm)

Sams4lo Thu 22-Nov-12 08:14:53

5kids - sorry for delay, I've had preeclampsia with all 4, and they said that was the reason for the abruption at 34wks last time sad to be honest I was ok on the labetalol so just hope I'm the same this time! I'm on 3wkly check ups till 28 wks then 2 wkly! My bp normally starts about 28wks but each time it's started earlier so think that's why mw goal is 28wks! Seeing her again tomorrow, and got consultant in 2wks, so hope to get a plan in place smile must say am so worried about this pregnancy sad

Hope everyone else is ok smile x

SeymoreInOz Thu 22-Nov-12 14:24:25

Just checking in. It's 1am here and I can't sleep, I'm having contractions every 20 minutes but not sure if they're going to fizzle out or get going, I'm not in pain yet. I had a show this morning and a more pink tinged one this evening. I've never had one before so I was a bit confused/grossed out at first!

5kids I'm not actually overdue yet, I'm 38 weeks today (due 6th December) but they gave me an early sweep due to me being small and having and rough time delivering 8lb DS.

I hope everyone else is ok.

Oodthunkit Thu 22-Nov-12 14:41:45

Ooh can't be far off seymore good luck smile

Hello Everyone smile

5Kids How are you getting on? I have been able to read but not post for an age and you have really had a very tough time. I hope you are on the up now.

Seymore You sound in good shape, hopefully by now you will be snuggling your baby...

I can't look back to previous pages so hope there isn't any massive news that I am not commenting on. I have been signed off work now until my maternity leave starts in January so on the upside the horrific stress should eventually pass but on the downside I feel like a flake for giving up and letting everyone down. Lousy. There is nothing worse than feeling that you have disappointed yourself. All of that said, I'm now nearly 32 weeks and am totally shagged out. SPD, dodgy hips, back, ribs, groin, anaemia and exhaustion are hardly making for exciting days nesting at home. Yesterday I went to Bluewater and acted as if not pregnant. Ooof. I am in bits today.

I hope everyone is very well and looking forward to the weekend. Any exciting plans?

LimeLeafLizard Thu 22-Nov-12 15:59:26

Hi Spring, glad to hear you've been signed off. I understand why you might get that guilty feeling BUT I'm sure you know that really you've done the right thing - put the health of you and your baby first. And also hopefully your team will be able to justify some replacement cover so you don't need to worry about not being there.

I'm not surprised Bluewater was exhausting! I went to a tourist attraction last weekend and after just two hours walking and standing round on a guided tour in the cold I was shattered!

Seymore exciting to hear of your hopeful signs - hope the contractions develop into the real thing. I am kind of hoping they'll give me a sweep at 38 weeks this time for the same reason as you. DS3 was a very big baby so even though I'm not small myself it'd be great if this one were a bit more average!

Oodthunkit Thu 22-Nov-12 17:55:10

Good to hear you've been signed off spring

5kidsnobump Thu 22-Nov-12 20:01:38

Blimey Sam you sound like you have had a bad time with PE with all of yours then. Maybe it's just me the labetalol didn't agree with then...Feel miles better today - managed to take my 2 toddlers to the baby swimming session today, so definately must be feeling much better!

How exciting Seymore . Hope everything is progressing along nicely - sounds like you could definately end up with a Nov baby, rather than a Dec one!

Spring I wouldn't feel at all guilty at being signed off. I was signed off at 24 weeks with this last pregnancy, and started my maternity leave at 29 weeks - I knew work wouldn't be very happy as this was my 5th lot of maternity leave - so I just gave up caring what everyone else thought anyway!

Oodthunkit Thu 22-Nov-12 20:09:41

5kids wow 2 toddlers swimming , brave!

Thank you for the reassurance, I know it was the right thing. I've been signed off until Jan 15 when I will start maternity leave. Exhausted tonight, but wondering where Seymore is...

SeymoreInOz Thu 22-Nov-12 22:52:00

Hello, I'm still here! It all fizzled out around 3am, I feel a bit crampy but no actual contractions now. The midwife was right when she said third births are unpredictable! I bet this will go on for weeks. shock

spring don't feel guilty in the slightest, you're 32 weeks so would be going off soon anyway! I'm jealous of your trip to bluewater, although I can imagine you were shattered after. The high street here is not a patch on the UK, I really miss it!

cherrypiew3 Thu 22-Nov-12 23:14:47

5kids I am not due until 10th Dec so still lots of time for baby to move down I am just fed up. Glad you are feeling better and managed to get out hope the children enjoyed swimming.

Seymore* Fingers crossed it will all kick off again for you soon. My due date is 4 days after you and I have no signs of anything happening anytime soon and no sweep until 40 weeks.

Spring Don't feel guilty just try and rest when you can now and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

On something not pregnancy related but can anyone recommend any good books, dd is 10 almost 11 but loves to read and is very good she asked for 2 Jacqueline Wilson books for christmas which I have got. Tonight she mentioned that she would like some more books but wants me to surprise her and I have no idea what to get really.

Cherry During year six dd2 read the Twilight books, the Hunger Games books, she finished Harry Potter, read some of the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz, some Lauren St. John and I'm not sure what else. I'll ask her tomorrow. It's worth registering (free) with these people too as their book lists are fab: www.lovereading4schools.co.uk/login

Seymore My third labour stopped and started for two weeks before I actually went into labour. It was very frustrating.

Oodthunkit Fri 23-Nov-12 06:29:13

cherry check out later twilight books first though!

seymore frustrating! Hope it gets going again soon.

SeymoreInOz Fri 23-Nov-12 22:49:53

spring I think that's what I'm in for! I'm just trying to ignore any contractions now or I will drive myself nuts!

cherry how are you feeling? I'm getting really tired in the middle of the day now, which might be something to do with waking up every few hours at night! Can you have a sweep any time after your due date?

I'm not sure what to do about the next sweep on Tuesday (I'll be 38+5), I think I might decline it. The show and the contractions after the first one were frustrating and uncomfortable and I wonder if the baby is just not ready.

This sounds ridiculous but I am feeling huge pressure from lots of people to give birth now. It's the constant comments about how huge I am, how it must be overdue, the shock when I say no etc. etc. One of the parents at school just laughed at me yesterday, and then said "oh it's because you're so short, the bump just looks hilarious." I honestly don't know whether to cry or go in with windmills!!

cherrypiew3 Fri 23-Nov-12 23:59:33

Spring and Ood thank you for the book ideas the dc are away this weekend with grandparents so going to try and have a look.

Seymore I am very fed up now and ready to meet my baby. Seem to be sleeping lots and still struggling with heartburn. Think that's a bit rude for someone to laugh at you and comment about your bump like that, you did well not to say anything. I seem to be getting the opposite my bump is not very big which I know but people seem shocked when I tell hem how long I have left lots of people keep telling me I am not going to be having this baby yet and I really don't want to hear that. Should be having a sweep on my due date not going to hold my breath though they have never worked for me in the past.
Hopefully baby will come before Tuesday for you and you won't need to think about that sweep will keep my fingers crossed.

Hope everybody else is well.

Oodthunkit Sat 24-Nov-12 07:04:59

seymore think I'd have been pretty cross at that comment. When will people learn not to be rude to a pregnant woman?

Cravingtomatoes Sat 24-Nov-12 12:04:39

Hope you're all well and Seymore hope your baby makes an appearance very soon...

Came to hospital yesterday evening with cramps - "not in labour", but was kept in overnight for obs as DC3 was prem. Went into labour at 3am and DS born at 5:30am at 35+6 - almost got to the 36wk mark! DH didn't make it in till 10am as no one to look after other DCs until then, but was the best labour so far. DS's breathing not brilliant but hoping to avoid NICU.

Good luck everyone else!

Wow congratulations craving hope everything ok with you and ds x

seymore just shock at the rudeness of some people! I have the same prob as cherry am quite 'neat' in the bump department and 2 people asked me if I was pg this week as they weren't sure! I am nearly 32 weeks! Tbf I do have a lovely big swing coat that probably hides it a bit smile

I am also pretty impatient to reach the end now. I have a horrible pain in my rib get bump ache at night, restless legs which are driving me crackers, heartburn and am now a grouchy grumpy hormonal cow! The poor hapless people who have to live with me are also ready for this baby to arrive!

And I have somehow lost my pg notes grrrr....

Oh yes and 2 of my fellow pg ladies at school have popped in the last month and I feel irrationally annoyed that it's all
over for them now! I used to be a nice person but right now I'm not fit for civilised company... sad

Oodthunkit Sat 24-Nov-12 13:07:42

Wow craving had to re read your post cos it didn't click at first ! Hope your DS keeps out if NICU

annelid Sat 24-Nov-12 14:10:11

Oooh congratulations Craving!!!

Stressed81 Sat 24-Nov-12 14:40:21

Im on pregnancy no 8. Have a son 13 then i lost a baby at 23 weeks and another at 15 weeks. Then daughter 8 son 6 son 4 and son 3. Im now 22 weeks pregnant. Partner left me 2 weeks ago so all on my own sad

ShellyBobbs Sat 24-Nov-12 17:58:08

Wow Stressed what a lot you have had to cope with! Do you think there is a chance for your relationship? If not yhen massive ((hugs)), what a terrible thing to have to cope with on your own, especially given your history.

ShellyBobbs Sat 24-Nov-12 17:58:25


Cravingtomatoes Sat 24-Nov-12 18:03:03

Thanks for all the good wishes. Didn't avoid NICU and DS currently there sad though hopefully it's a shorter stay this time and he can come up to ward soon and I don't have to leave hospital without him. He's a good weight at 6lb7oz. SPD is still bad which is really angry as it usually disappears after the birth.

Apple hope yours comes soon too - it's so hard in the final weeks and even harder when others are having their babies and you're still waiting for yours. Have some "labour vibes" to get you going - you too Seymore. Can't believe you're getting rude comments too - imagine if you made a comment about her appearance.

Stressed so sorry to hear about your losses and that your partner has deserted you. I hope things work out ok for you.

5kidsnobump Sat 24-Nov-12 19:17:45

Congratulations Craving. Hope baby ,makes a quick recovery.

On no stressed sad. As Shelly said, is it definately over with your partner, or do you think its something you will be able to get through?

Hope things happen soon Seymore - I found all the waiting around for labour to actually start so frustrating. And had so many times I was having contractions, then it would all die down to nothing. Probably why I only got to the hospital about an hour before I actually gave birth - ended up being the quickest time wise from arriving at hospital until the birth, I think I had convinced myself it was just another false alarm grin

Odd the toddler swimming isn't quite as impressive as it sounds, as DH was with me - so effectively only 1 toddler each!

Oodthunkit Sat 24-Nov-12 19:33:27

craving hopefully it's just your body hasn't caught up with baby being early. Are you getting to NICU plenty?

stressed no advice but plenty of support here. I split from my xh when pg with dd2, took ages to get my head straight.

SeymoreInOz Sat 24-Nov-12 22:20:44

Congratulations craving!! He's a good weight (DD was less than that at 38 weeks!) so fingers crossed for a very short stay in the NICU. Sorry to hear that your SPD is still an issue, are you getting much rest?

Welcome stressed, as others have said, you will get lots of support here.

Thanks for all the labour vibes. I seem to be getting quite painful contractions at night that wake me up, but as soon as I get up they stop!

In this pregnancy I've been assigned to "group midwives" who work independently of the hospital midwives. It's been really good because I've seen the same midwife the whole way through and hopefully she will deliver the baby. She's really lovely which is great because this is the first birth that my Mum won't be at. The only problem is, when I go into labour I have to call her and she has to get herself to hospital. At this rate I can see me delivering the baby as soon as I get there (the hospital turns you away if your contractions are less than 5 minutes apart), hopefully she makes it!

ShellyBobbs Sun 25-Nov-12 16:26:41

Craving So sorry, I didn't see your post! Congratulations on the birth. Both my daughters were 6lb 8oz, the eldest was 2 weeks overdue and the youngest 1 week early.

I believe some prems need a little help with breathing and can still be a small issue even at 37 weeks. How is his sucking?

My SPD cleared up at when my little one was 12 days old. It was still just as bad as when I was pregnant at 9 days, at 10 days it faded slightly, same again at 11 and at 12 was barely noticeable. I can still feel it vaguely now at 14 days when I'm putting knickers and socks on, but am able to lift my legs now without being in pain, it's just there way in the background but not painful, just a bit of a pulling sensation now.

Good luck and I hope he is soon out of there. Rest and eat and drink plenty. x

peterpie Sun 25-Nov-12 17:28:58

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that baby Agatha was born on 12.11.12 by elective CS, she weighed 3.6 kgs which is about 8.4lbs!

We are doing well adjusting to life as a family of five. My 2 DS are very pleased with their baby sister although as predicted DS2 is somewhat jealous...hope it passes soon!

Good luck to everybody else and congratulations to the ladies who have had their babies already grin

Oodthunkit Sun 25-Nov-12 17:52:30

Congrats peterpie Agatha is a lovely name. smile

5kidsnobump Sun 25-Nov-12 20:15:31

Evening everyone.

Congratulations Peterpie . How are you finding life with 5? I have to admit I am finding things ridiculously busy - I'm sure it never seemed this bad with only 4 kids....maybe I just have a bad memory! Am starting to worry how I will manage all of them when DH goes back to work in a weeks time....

Hope things don't go on too long for you Seymore, and things work out with your midwife. I think it is much nicer when you see the same midwife. Due to all my BP problems I did end up seeing the same midwife afterwards, which is so much better, as you don't have to end up going through everything all again because it's a different midwife and they don't know what's going on! I also found I had contractions at night. I lost count of the number of nights I was up thinking things were starting, and then it would all have stopped by the morning, and I would just be knackered from no sleep....so I can definately sympathise!

Hi all

congratulations peterpie hope you all enjoy settling into this new life x

5kids how are things? Hope bp and everything settled now. You sound like you are doing well.

seymore really hope things kick off for you soon, it's the waiting that drives you crazy!

Welcome stressed wow really hope things get better for you, is there any chance of resolving things with x? I haven't ever experienced anything like this but lots of support coming your way, you sound like a fab mum.

Sorry for ranty post yesterday, just feeling a bit sorry for myself sad . Opened box of ferero rocher meant for MIL and ate most of them last night felt a bit better about things after that (if a little sick smile )

found pg notes so at least that's something! Would like to think this baby might arrive a little early but as the other 3 were all late I think it's unlikely, still only 8 more weeks and at least dcs are at school so I can rest/ relax a bit during week!

Cravingtomatoes Mon 26-Nov-12 12:43:13

Peterpie Congratulations! And a cool name too. Hope all is going well for you all and you're enjoying little Agatha.

Apple and Seymore - more labour vibes coming your way! Things will kick off for you both soon I'm sure!

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Ood think you might be right re my body not catching up with the birth yet, though Shelly, sounds like things take a while to settle with SPD, so I'm probably being impatient. Also, I hear bf also helps prolong it?

DS still in NICU with RDS and a small hole on one lung. Also on ventilator and had to be sedated with morphine to keep him still. Problem is I'm being chucked off the ward tomorrow at some point, so unless he's better and back with me, I'll have to leave him in NICU. Feeling a very sad but hopefully things will get better soon!

cherrypiew3 Mon 26-Nov-12 12:56:34

Congratulations Craving and Peterpie.

Welcome Stressed

Craving Hope your DS gets better soon so you can take him home.

Well 38 weeks today and I have no sign of going into labour really think I am in this for the long haul.

Oodthunkit Mon 26-Nov-12 18:37:14

craving according to a specialist bf doesn't prolong it and that's just something people say like all the other crap re bf

Right someone tell me I'm normal. Ds2 sent home today he has stomach cramps and has been sick a few times since. I'm doing my best to look after him but am freaking out a bit!

It's happened before that a bug has gone all through our house and we were all ill (longest weekend of my life). Last time I was pg I picked up 3 stomach bugs 2 landed me in hospital quite late on and on a drip. I'm terrified of picking this up. I'm a terrible mum as all I'm doing is cleaning everything and running around with anti bac wipes. I've already had 1 hospital admission for hyperemesis and am still taking anti sickness. Am I normal? What do you all do when 1 of your dcs gets sick?

Sorry for me me post but am frankly freaking out here sad

Apples how old is ds2? We all had a bug a couple of months ago. Dd3 who is just 2 got it first and there was no avoiding it on my part. She was so sad and snuggly. When my older children got it though I was much more matter of fact (not least as I didn't want it for a second time). I was religious about hygiene and spent most of the with anti-bac and wearing rubber gloves. I also insisted they showered and I changed their bedding once they'd finished throwing up. I hope you don't get it, I hate (Hate) bring sick.

Ds2 is 6 so tbh I have been able to avoid the snuggling, I just feel a bit bad that instead of being there to comfort him loads I am madly cleaning everything! He seems to be a bit brighter now but I am just dying to get all the sofa throws and his sheets onto a hot wash!

All I can do is hope we don't all go down. I think it's the not knowing what will happen just makes me really anxious sad

have not taken extra dose of anti sickness just in case

5kidsnobump Mon 26-Nov-12 20:29:29

Argggh - not the dreaded sick bug Apple! Probably not what you want to hear, but in my experience it doesn't matter how much scrubbing I do with the Anti-bac spray, those dam sick bugs still seem to go through everyone confused

We all had one last winter, and it actually took weeks to get round the whole family. Just when I thought it was finished, someone else would start being sick! Fingers crossed you don't get it Apple. Is it one of the 24 hour variety - the only good thing with those is that if you do get it at least you should hopefully be better after a day - probably not much of a consolation though hmm

5kidsnobump Mon 26-Nov-12 20:35:06

Forgot to add - had BP checked again today. Almost a bit of a panic attack, as nurse said it was high again confused but then had come down when she rechecked it after I'd been sat down for a few minutes! Hate to think what it probably is after I've got all the kids out of the door in the morning for the school run grin

Anyway have to stay on the tablets I'm currently taking for another 2 weeks, then they will review. Am desperate to get off the pills...although at least I don't seem to have any side effects with these ones, unlike the other ones which had turned me into a complete zombie!

Craving hope your DS is well enough to take home soon. It must be very hard leaving hospital without your baby sad

5kids that is my worry! What usually happens here is me and ds2 will go down with them whilst the rest remain redicukously healthy! The 1 time we all went down it was like dominoes and we all ended up on matresses in the living room. I could cope if I wasn't pg.

Sorry to hear bp still playing you up can imagine 5 kids would put anyones bp up tho! Hope you can get off the meds soon x

SeymoreInOz Tue 27-Nov-12 06:25:52

Congrats peterpie! Lovely name.

agh apple I hope you manage to avoid the sick bug, I'm still scarred by my recent bout of gastro. I'm amazed my pelvic floor stood up to all the vomiting!

I've had another sweep today and it was much less painful than the first one. Apparently I am 3cm, effaced and my waters are "bulging"... nice! I am quite tempted to have a bounce on the DCs trampoline and see if that pops them! I had a few tightenings after the sweep but nothing now. The baby is getting big so I really want it out soon, I don't want another tear!

I can't stop eating, I'm literally pigging out all day long. All I want is carbs and sweets though, nothing of any nutritional value!

Ooh seymore that sounds promising really hope it all kicks off soon.

Thanks for everyones support ds2 is currently jumping on sofa demanding food and chattering away (he naturally very bouncy anyway). You would never know yesterday had happened! Still worried and cleaning everything (his sheets on 90 degree wash) but clearly it was only a 24 hour thing so hopefully all will be ok! Am just so scares of ending up on drip again! Aarrgggh no more babies after this it's too stressful

cherrypiew3 Tue 27-Nov-12 12:00:46

Apples Glad to hear that your ds is sounding better really hope you do not come down with the bug.

Seymore 3cm it's sounding good hope things kick off soon.

5kids hope the bp stays down.

Felt unwell yesterday dizzy, sick resulted in a mega headache. Feeling lots better today have spent the morning bouncing on my ball really want to meet baby now.

Thanks cherry glad your feeling better. Hope baby puts in an appearance soon!

Frankly ds2 drove me nuts today! Way too much energy I can't wait to hand him back to school tomorrow (relieved though it's way too odd to see him quiet and sick)

hope everyone else is ok x

Oodthunkit Wed 28-Nov-12 20:41:49

Any news seymore ?

SeymoreInOz Wed 28-Nov-12 23:35:58

No news, I'm still getting the odd really painful braxton hicks in the night but nothing during the day. I tend to get 3 in 30 minutes and then it stops. I thought I felt my water pop this morning but nothing is leaking out so goodness knows what that was. This baby has a sense of humour...

On the school run this morning I had an entire year 1 class gathered round patting my bump and asking all sorts of questions. One of them had a listen and claimed to hear the baby say "Oh yeah!" grin

Oodthunkit Thu 29-Nov-12 08:38:50

At least they weren't saying 'have you not had it yet?' grin

Ive started getting BH with this one. Not really had them with the others, anyone else has this?

5kidsnobump Thu 29-Nov-12 09:46:24

Well Apple I can now join you in the sick club....My 1 and 2 year olds have both been throwing up all night sad. Currently trying to keep the baby and older 2 away from them at the moment - not that it will probably do much good.

Ood I had loads of BH with babies 3 and 5, and none with any of the others! Have no idea why that is - but is very annoying, especially towards the end, as I kept thinking I might actually be starting with labour, then it all would stop (much like Seymore is describing!)

cherrypiew3 Thu 29-Nov-12 10:08:28

Seymore grin at "oh yeah" that made me laugh.

Ood I have not noticed bh with any of the other dc but this time round I am sure I have been getting them.

5kids That's really rubbish hope the children get better soon and nobody else gets it.

Well had a sweep yesterday and was told that cervix is open and soft and I am 2cm dilated sure I have read somewhere though that you can be 2cm for weeks.

Oodthunkit Thu 29-Nov-12 19:04:53

I'm only 24 weeks so seemed early too. Glad others have had random ones tjough

Oh no 5kids that's the last thing you need! Really hope you and baby can avoid it.

ood I've had heaps of bh since about 14 weeks with this one and so many really strong ones for the last 10 weeks with dd that I was constantly thinking I'd gone into labour!

cherry and seymore really hope you get to meet your babies soon. At least you are nearly there smile

enjay0811 Fri 30-Nov-12 00:41:26

I've started having bh too Ood and am only 19+6. Had em with 2dd's but can't remember it being this early? Seems to happen at the slightest bit of over exertion (walked up 3 flights of stairs in work today) or if I'm a bit stressed. Had 20 wk scan this wk too but they cldnt tell the sex as cord was between the legs :-( also told I have a low lying placenta. Makes sense why I had a slight bleed a few wks ago now! Good enough reason to start slowing down a bit now tho, feelin knackered! X

Oodthunkit Fri 30-Nov-12 08:55:38

Yes mine are after over doing it ( though my body has a very low level of 'doing it' )

enjay I had similar at 20 week scan. Baby had legs not only crossed but tucked up under it's bum! Scan lady tried everything to make it move but we still don't know! Wish I knew what it is I'd feel more prepared!

Went into town yesterday as only way I could get raspberry leaf tea. Never doing that again! Everything hurt and I ended up spending 2 hours after lying on sofa to recover!

Oodthunkit Fri 30-Nov-12 15:04:59

Dc4 had legs crossed as I tried to peek & guess , didn't want to find out though. I like the surprise although it would be useful to know its nota girl and I could clear the loft

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 15:00:35

Any news seymore ?

LimeLeafLizard Sun 02-Dec-12 19:45:23

Haven't been on MN much lately and this thread had fallen off my active convos. Just marking my place to catch up later.

I'm liking your namechange Ood! smile

LittleNutTree Sun 02-Dec-12 19:58:47

Hi all! Can I join you? I found out about 3wks ago that I'm pregnant with DC3 who, all being well, is due in July! I have 2 DDs who are 4 and 21mths. At the moment I'm alternating between 'yay', 'eek', and 'am I actually pregnant?' grin

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 20:01:48

Congrats littlenuttree

Hi all

congrats and welcome littlenuttree takes a while to get your head round it all doesn't it?

ood loving the festive namechange!

< waves to lime >

hope seymore is too busy having baby to post!

Am starting to wonder how I'm going to get through the next 7 weeks! Am just thankful dcs are all at school or I don't think I could cope! Have loads of school plays to go to though the ds's are both in the evening which is annoying as dh works nights and ds2 has to go to all performances as he is Joseph! Was all proud til I realised that meant extra trips to school in the evenings!

5kidsnobump Sun 02-Dec-12 20:46:42

Evening everyone.

Seems to have been quiet on this thread - maybe everyone is finishing the xmas shopping grin

Well DH is going back to work tomorrow - so it will be my first day on my own with all 5 kidsconfused. Hopefully I will get through the day without having a nervous breakdown!

Oh and I paniced at the end of last week and ordered myself a triple buggy - so at least I can strap the 3 littlest DC's in on the way to school! Will report back tomorrow if I'm still alive hmm

Congratulations on the news littlenuttree

Things are very quiet from cherry and seymore - maybe that's a good sign! Right off to iron the school uniforms - that is one job I do not want to be trying to fit in in the morning!

SeymoreInOz Mon 03-Dec-12 08:09:11

Just a quick update, I had a baby boy this morning (oz time). He's 8lb 6oz and was born so fast his whole head is purple! I arrived at the hospital 6cm dilated and he was born less than an hour later.

I hope everyone else is doing ok!

annelid Mon 03-Dec-12 08:27:25

Congratulations Seymore!!

OodKingWenceslas Mon 03-Dec-12 08:29:55

Yay seymore congratulations smile

beckie90 Mon 03-Dec-12 08:48:42

Hey may I join in? I found out Friday I'm expecting dc3 I have 2 boys now. Bit of a shock as I'm only 22 and really didn't expect it, but its sinking in now smile
I think I'm due around 07/08/13
Congratulations seymore xxx

CODwidow Mon 03-Dec-12 09:19:59

Well thought dc5 was making an appearance last night but no the little madam kept me awake until 6am and then allowed me 1.5hr sleep before I had to get up for the school run.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 03-Dec-12 09:58:27

Right I'm going to work my way back through the thread and catch up on all the news..!

COD how frustrating - hope she puts in an appearance soon. (and you get some sleep today?!)

Hi littlenuttree and beckie and welcome!

Seymore Congratulations! thanks that is wonderful news. Well done on your super quick birth!

Hey 5kids good to hear from you, hope your first day without DH is going ok and that you have survived the morning school run.

Apple I have just realised the same thing about the evening school plays... lovely idea in theory but I'm not looking forward to taking the younger ones up to school in their pjs at 8:15 to collect DS1 from his play. I might try to get someone to drop him home for me. DS2's play is at 9am so not a problem.

Oh and I'll join the BH club as they have started for me now too - still after exercise mostly. I've been feeling knackered lately, think the anaemia might be making it worse. I can barely get through a day without sleeping at some point. Luckily DS3 still naps most days so I can try to grab 20 mins then.

Right DS3 and I are off to toddler group and then I'm going to try to start my Christmas cards...

LimeLeafLizard Mon 03-Dec-12 10:06:02

Just realised I had even more to catch up on...

Craving congratulations! Well done - you must have had a stressful time but glad to hear your DS arrived safely. Is he home now?

Peterpie congrats to you too! Welcome baby Agatha, what a lovely name.

Welcome to the thread Stressed, you must have a lot on your plate but hope you'll get some good moral support on MN.

Wow been a busy thread! Yay congratulations seymore

Welcome beckie.

Cod hope she put in an appearance soon, it's so frustrating waiting for things to get going!

5kids hope today goes well for you.

lime I got a friend to do extra drop off and pick up last year (ds2 always gets a part he's that kind of child) I'm hoping she will offer again this year as I'm really not much use in the evening right now!

Was easier as ds were together but this year all 3 at different stages!

cherrypiew3 Mon 03-Dec-12 16:16:11

Congratulations Seymore thanks

welcome Littlenut and Beckie

5kids How has today gone?

<Waves to everybody else>

Well 39 weeks today and really am very fed up last weeks sweep did not do anything so crossing my fingers that tomorrows will work.

5kidsnobump Tue 04-Dec-12 07:31:20

Yay - congratulations Seymore. Bet you are pleased he is finally here!

Fingers crossed Cherry and COD that things happen soon.

Welcome Beckie

Well things went completely pear shaped yesterday. Woke up at 5am throwing up - obviously caught the sick bug the toddlers had last week arrgg. So DH has ended up staying off work again and I spent the whole day in bed sad. On the plus side the docs signed DH off for another 2 weeks, so have help at home for a little while longer. Starting to think I will never be up to looking after all the 5 kids on my own confused.

LimeLeafLizard Tue 04-Dec-12 13:34:34

Sorry to hear it didn't go well for you 5kids... I caught the sick bug off my kids about 4 weeks ago and it was horrid. Just what you didn't need as you're recovering post birth / bp issues. You will get better of course, it just takes time, and sounds like your doctor understands that.

Sams4lo Tue 04-Dec-12 19:16:23

Hey all

Congratulations to everyone with new bundles of joy smile I'm so sorry to hear your poorly 5kids sad hope your better really soon x

Had my consultant appt today at 14 wks, and bp is through the roof sad cant get my head around it as, this is meant to be the stage when bp drops! They checked it 3 times, with regular intervals, and it kept going up sad so now on labetalol 3 times a day, so just hoping it helps control it, cause she thinks this may have been part of the problem with dc4s abruption! So much information to take in and now have a mind like a whirlwind sad

SeymoreInOz Tue 04-Dec-12 22:12:59

Thanks everyone! The birth was really intense but I'm glad I managed a natural water birth for my last DC. He has been really unsettled since day 2 though, if he's not latched on he's crying, he's cried himself hoarse and won't sleep unless I hold him! I think he's in pain from gas, just hoping he doesn't develop full blown colic like DD. DD and DS have been really understanding but I feel like I'm neglecting them!

5kids I hope you're feeling better, what a nightmare? Good news that DH will be around a bit longer though!

cherry and COD I hope you're not waiting too long now. It's so frustrating. I was convinced I was going into labour every day from 37 weeks, it finally happened a 39+4!

sams sorry to hear that, have the meds helped? What was your BP?

Congrats beckie!

CODwidow Tue 04-Dec-12 22:25:59

39 weeks tomorrow so at least the end is near! It's all very surreal though as I still don't feel the impatient/huge urge to meet her just yet. Not that I'm not excited I just feel very relaxed about it this time round. It's everyone else that is putting me under pressure to have this baby!

Congrats seymour

Hope you feel better 5kids

Sams4lo Wed 05-Dec-12 07:01:13

Seymore- I'm starting them this morning, but the headache woke me in the night! Bp started at 155/81 which she said was borderline then 30 min later 154/83, so they decided to do it once more 20 min later 159/94! So it's not as high as I've had it before but it's very high for me at 14 wks when it normally dips and starts to go up at 28 wks, she said its very high for this stage and now I'm thinking maybe the midwife was right I just need to get to 28 wks, and I jus have to accept scbu as what will happen and if the baby escapes that I'm blesses! The good news was no protein and the baby's heartbeat was amazing smile xxx

5kidsnobump Wed 05-Dec-12 14:37:37

Oh no Sam that sounds like a nightmare with the BP issues - and it is very early on to get it! Guess they will be keeping a very close eye on you then. I didn't manage to take any BP meds on Monday as I was so sick, but when I checked it on our home monitor on Tues morning, it was fine - so I'm hoping that means I can stop the meds when i see the GP about it at the end of the week smile

Well I think everyone in the family is destined to get this dam sick bug confused . DH was ill last night and DS1 has been sent home from school at lunch time after he was sick. On the plus side, at least nearly everyone has had it now - only DD1 and possibly baby not had it, although I'm not convinced he isn't ill anyway. At least everyone will hopefully be recovered by xmas!

Went to get Harry weighed today, as he hasn't been drinking much milk over the last few days. He is only 8lb 14oz - so has only gained half a pound in 5 and a half weeks! So not sure if he has caught a bit of the bug, although he hasn't actually been sick he is definately not that interested in feeding much. Some of his feeds he is only drinking 1 oz confused

COD you are very patient - by the time I got to 38 weeks I was desperate for the baby to arrive - you are doing very well to be so relaxed!

CODwidow Wed 05-Dec-12 17:11:01

Uh oh sadsad having one of those how will I manage with 4ds' and a newborn. So short tempered and emotional today.

5kidsnobump Wed 05-Dec-12 17:58:49

Hopefully you will cope better than me COD - I haven't yet coped with all 5 on my own as DH has been off work for 6 weeks now! Fortunately our GP has been really good and signed him off with stress (although it has been quite stressful with all the post-birth problems!)

Oh and to make things even worse Harry is literally drinking tiny amounts of milk at each feed now - only an average of 1oz per feed, now having a panic in case he is getting dehydrated sad . Think I may take him to the GP's tomorrow to get checked out - they will probably tell me I'm just a paranoid mum, like usual confused

CODwidow Wed 05-Dec-12 18:17:26

I'm sorry 5kids I know you have had it really tough and my worries really do not compare. I'm literally just having a moody day and it just so happens my kids are too! But 39 weeks today so I guess I'm also at the stage where this really is happening sometime soon!
I really hope Harry is ok and things get better for you soon 5kids

5kidsnobump Wed 05-Dec-12 19:40:48

thanks COD. Harry has just had 2oz of his tea time feed - so thats a little better. I just never know when I should be panicing. I would hate to think he's ok, to find out I should have done something sooner.

Think I'm also having a bad day though COD. I just feel like a bit of a failure this time around. I never found it this hard with any of my others. I know we will get through it eventually. I also am occasionally thinking it is my fault and 5 kids is too many...which is probably daft as I know some people have much more than 5 confused . hopefully things will go much more smoothly for you when your baby puts in an appearance!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 05-Dec-12 21:54:09

Congratulations Seymore! Hope all is well with you and LO.

5kids so sorry to hear you've all been sick and you've been feeling down. You have had such a difficult start this time round with the PE and then illness. I am sure things will get easier for you once you're well and fighting fit again. I hope that all is well with Harry and he starts to take more milk soon. Is he having lots of wet/dirty nappies? I think that's a good indicator of dehydration?

COD hope things happen really soon for you. I got extremely grumpy in the few days before labour so maybe it's a sign of impending labour?!

Sam sorry to hear your BP is so high - how worrying for you. Hope that things resolve themselves soon and bP comes back down.

Hi and congratulations Becky!

Lime DS finally came home 3 days ago. He was so poorly that first weekend, but then seemed to get better quickly too. He's doing well, sleeps pretty much all the time (my last prem baby did that, then from
3 months - 15 mths woke up through the night constantly!)

I hope everyone else is doing well <waves>

MoonHare Wed 05-Dec-12 22:15:22

Hi all just popped in to catch up on how everyone is doing.

Congratulations seymore so pleased for you. What's your hair like?

No time to look back through both threads, so wondering what's the news about shelleybobs she was due about 4 wks ago I think from memory.

Sorry to see you're still poorly with high blood pressure 5kids, must be awful. Hope things get on to an even keel soon.

Babymoon is still doing well, she's fed well from the start and that really makes all the difference doesn't it. She'll be 5 weeks tomorrow, it has flown by. I was dreading the school run but it's been fine so far, as long as the eldest is dressed in her uniform then I reckon it doesn't matter if the rest of us are in pj's under our coats.

Best wishes for your pregnancies everyone!

cherrypiew3 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:02:46

Hi Moonhare glad to hear that babymoon is doing well.

5kids sorry to hear things are still not well with you and hope Harry starts to feed better soon. On the upside at least your dh has some more time off with you.

COD Not long to go now.

Well 39+3 today and feeling very emotional have a consultant appointment today to discuss the growth issue although at nearly 40 weeks not sure what they can do now apart from offer induction and if that's the answer wish they would just get on with it.

<Waves to everyone else>

Sams4lo Thu 06-Dec-12 11:03:32

Just got back from GP, and labetalol are working smile bp dropped to 128/78 yippee now hope the headaches start to stop!

How's everyone else doing?

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 12:15:45

Good luck cherry

5kids it's all to do with the rough start you've had. As everyone gets better you'll get into a routine and it will all calm down.

sam hopefully the meds are sorting you out

I've been signed off today. SPD/AND , not likely to go back until after mat leave now, 25+3 sad

Hi all

5kids sorry to hear you all got it glad you seem to have a really sympathetic dr. Wow what a start you have had with harry! Hope things all start to settle down for you now.

moon glad babymoon doing well agree with you as long as dcs are dressed for school won't worry too much about me and baby (when I finally get to that point).

cherry hope everything went well today. Not long now.

sam hope bp stays down for you now and no more headaches.

craving glad to hear baby home

ood hope you are ok and getting to put feet up. Never had spd but it sounds awful sad poor you. Is the AND down to the spd?

Had a bit of a funny moment today. Walking dcs home from school it's all uphill and now (33 weeks) I really struggle. I was properly waddling today and slowed right down as I had a bh too. Was walking with another mum I only know to say hi to and she got really concerned and asked if I was ok because I'd slowed right down with the waddling! Told her I was fine it was just the baby, what baby she looked really confused.

She had no idea and was really shocked when I opened my coat (it's a really roomy swing coat, hides everything) and showed her my baby bump! Before she realised I must have looked really odd walking like that!

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 20:04:58

I'm still hiding my bump apples people see my crutches first.

AND not helped by the SPD/being limited in mobility but I've had PND with all the others so high risk anyway

Ood poor you sad. Do you find you have to explain the crutches?

Are you getting any help with AND? I suffer from anxiety anyway but have founds it's really flared up in this pg. I really hope it gets easier for you. This pregnancy lark ain't all it's cracked up to be is it? Still will be worth it when they arrive smile

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 20:38:03

Yes , usually then followed by 'didn't know you were pregnsnt hmm

My PND/AND presents mainly as anxiety. Keep panicking about work/hospital appts/food confused I also hoard, last time was toilet rolls!

Oh that's horrible (the anxiety)! I get panicky prior to mw appointments etc so you have my sympathies (and some of these thanks

Maybe people don't realise we're pg because of already having plenty of dcs? I find lots of people (when they realise) are really stuck on the fact it's no4. Still that mums face today was absolutely priceless smile

Oh just meant to add I find I can keep my anxiety under control by doing something that needs all my attention eg at weekends with dcs we do puzzles and board games (and at the mo Xmas paper chains). While they're at school between bouts of cleaning I've been doing cross stitch kits so my mind can't go wandering and fretting x

cherrypiew3 Thu 06-Dec-12 21:01:57

Ood Take the time off to rest and relax.

Sams Glad the bp has dropped.

Apples I have to agree this time pregnancy has been awful but will be worth every moment of it.

Have put induction off for now will need to go back for scan next week if no baby. Consultant did a sweep and I am now 2-3cm dilated really hope something happens over the weekend.

Ooh Cherry exciting! You could have a baby by the weekend grin envy

fingers crossed x

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 21:41:56

<fingers crossed> for cherry

LimeLeafLizard Thu 06-Dec-12 21:56:18

Its been a busy evening again!

5kids Don't get down on yourself... considering you've had so much to deal with lately, you're doing amazingly well. Hope Harry's appetite picks up soon.

Moon Lovely to hear from you, glad babymoon is ok. Keep stopping by and updating us!

Craving So glad to hear your DS is home now and you can hopefully relax a little bit and enjoy the cuddles.

Sams sorry to hear about your BP scare - that must have been really worrying, even though you have some experience from previous pregnancies. Glad to hear the meds are working for you, anyway.

FX for you Cherry that things get going post sweep! And COD, sending labour thoughts your way, too!

Apple your story made me grin! I've had the same sort of thing - went out with the new bunch of Reception Mums last week and a few hadn't realised I was pg (tho bump quite large - def noticible). I was slightly concerned that they had just assumed I am always this big! Likewise it is strange that your companion hadn't noticed the distinctive pregnancy waddle!

Ood so sorry to hear that you have AND as well as SPD. It does sound as though there may be a link between them? I had AND in all three previous pregnancies and miraculously seem to have escaped it this time. It was a complete nightmare and my heart goes out to you and anyone else living with it. Can you get any help? I had counselling last time which helped a lot. Here, let me pour you a brew.

CODwidow Fri 07-Dec-12 10:46:03

39 +2 today and today is the first day I'd really just like this baby out now! I just feel 'ready' now but I do have a feeling that she is going to sit put until I have sweep on tues. I am hopeful that the amount of contractions and show I've been having means that things are happening so hopefully my cervix is doing me a favour smile

5kidsnobump Fri 07-Dec-12 11:23:36

ooo - show is a very good sign COD. With this baby I woke up at 5am with show/ some contractions and he was born later on that day! Fingers crossed it happens soon so you will have time to get settled down with the baby before xmas!

Fingers also crossed for Cherry. There have got to be some more babies soon!

Sam I found the labetalol actually gave me headaches! It actually made me feel almost as bad as when I had the PE anyway - only realised that when I stopped taking it and felt much better almost instantly!

Well Harry seems to have picked up a bit now, feeding a bit better so hopefully he is a bit more back to normal. They said to take him back next week to get weighed so will see how much he has put on then. He still weighs less than DS1 did when he was born, and he is almost 6 weeks nowhmm

Decided to start doing some decluttering while DH is still off work, as there will be no chance of that happening once I'm on my own with the kids! Does everyone else have loads and loads of 'stuff' with more than a couple of kids? I don't like to chuck stuff the older kids have had as can reuse for the younger ones, and it seems a waste - but I seem to be running out of space for everything! Does anyone have any tips? Have promised myself I will sort through the spare clothes mountain and get rid of the stuff that is too small for DD2 (youngest girl) and the small baby stuff, which Harry didn't fit in anyway!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 07-Dec-12 12:19:53

Yes, your show is a positive sign, COD, hope things get moving soon.

5kids you're brave tackling the de-cluttering! Yes, we have loads and loads of stuff. It doesn't all fit in the drawers and cupboards so I have to reorganise about every 6 months to move out of storage the things the little ones have grown into and move into storage the things the older ones have grown out of! I'm fairly ruthless about chucking / recycling the things that aren't often worn or played with.

5kidsnobump Fri 07-Dec-12 13:09:12

lime I'm just sick of stuff literally everywhere! I think if all the toys/ clothes were actually put away, there wouldn't be enough space for it all to be away at the same time! Now worrying about where on earth all the things the DC's get for xmas are going to live afterwards confused

Think I need to be much more ruthless!

Hey all

hope cod is off having baby now, a show sounds promising.

5kids i know what you mean about the accumulated 'stuff'. It drives me mad and I'm constantly trying to find ways of getting it all out of the way but can't throw everything out as that's such a waste when you have younger dcs you can pass them to. I do try to get rid of things whilst the kids are at school so it doesn't get too much!

I'm also a bit hmm about all the stuff they'll get for Xmas and it's ds2 birthday on Xmas eve!

OodKingWenceslas Fri 07-Dec-12 20:29:50

Good luck COD

5kids good luck on the decluttering, our loft is full of stuff for dc4 if a girl & dd2/3 to grow into.
Dd1/2 pretty good at small stuff now but am scared by dd3s Xmas pile

CODwidow Sat 08-Dec-12 08:56:31

Still no baby!

O cod was really hoping baby cod was putting in an appearance. Sounds like it will be soon tho, sending labour vibes your way!

Ood i haven't even finished my shopping yet. Ds2 has masses which i will split between Xmas pressies and birthday pressies. Am not so used to girls and dd has hardly anything yet sad so that's my job this week!

On a plus note my ear finally 'popped' last night and I can hear again - yay! Never went to dr as am crap at sorting these things out! It's really wierd to be able to hear tho...

Countmyblessings Mon 10-Dec-12 03:45:25

Oh COD - I do hope something positive is happening and this baby will appear soon!
I'm up have this baby dancing on my bladder!!!!!

CODwidow Mon 10-Dec-12 09:17:41

Hey baby Keira-Jayne born 8/12/12 at 15:53 weighing 9lb 2oz gringrin

OodKingWenceslas Mon 10-Dec-12 09:22:19

Congratulations COD

Yay congratulations cod! stalker alert.. I actually knew that as I've been stalking the December thread and trying to imagine when the jan thread gets to your point next month! Am so fed up of being pg now just need to remind myself that once December is over baby can come safely! grin

Ps wow good weight! Well done you x

cherrypiew3 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:44:08

Congratulations COD

Apples glad the ear is getting better.

5kids how are you doing?

Well today is my due date and I am no longer coping keep crying really wanted this to be over. 2 failed sweeps and one booked for tomorrow feel like this will never happen which is stupid cause I know full well it will. Just sick of the waiting. Sorry for the moan.

<waves to everyone else hope you are all well>

Countmyblessings Mon 10-Dec-12 12:00:56

Congrats to you COD - lovely name!!!
Apple - I hear that not too long for you, wish I could fast forwards to March!
Cherry - soon very soon you also will be having baby cuddles and looking at your baby!!!

cherry you are so nearly there! Sending positive labour vibes your way! It's crap all this waiting around for it to be over. I already feel like that and I still have 6 weeks to go!

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Dec-12 13:00:00

Ah Cherry I've been there - no sign of baby on my due date and it is so frustrating... hope it happens soon.

COD wonderful news, congratulations!

Apple great news that your ear finally popped - must be a relief. Or maybe after a few days of hearing the kids in full volume again you'll be buying ear plugs?!

5kidsnobump Mon 10-Dec-12 13:28:26

Yay! - congratulations COD. Come back and tell us all the birth details when you get time! (Love a good birth story grin)

Well another trip to the GP's today (feel like I live there at the moment!). They were meant to be deciding if I could stop more of the meds, but BP back up so now have to increase the dose - when I was hoping to decrease it. Bah - I give up!

Harry seems to have picked up and is back up to 3oz feeds again, so hopefully he will have a decent weight gain when he gets weighed on Weds.

Cherry I can't imagine how fed up you are - my latest baby was 39 weeks and that felt like I had been pregnant forever, so you have my sympathies sad

Decluttering not going well - did our bedroom about 5 days ago and have not got any further since. Maybe I just have to accept the house will be unorganised...probably for the next 5 years until all the DC's are at school grin

icequeenkate Mon 10-Dec-12 14:00:48

Congrats COD! grin

34wks and counting....

cherry 3rd sweep performed on due date worked combined with blush TMI alert blush several deposits from DH wink - DS3 arrived the very next day. Good luck!

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Dec-12 16:27:14

icequeenkate yes, I found a sweep worked when it was followed by sex blush! It was the last thing I felt like doing, but anything to get an overdue baby out..! Over to you, cherry (and Cherry's DP!)

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Dec-12 16:29:46

Oh and 5kids, sorry to hear your bp is up again... how frustrating. I think you're doing well to have managed any decluttering at all considering recent birth of DC5, your bp issues followed by sick bug - you deserve congratulations!

CODwidow Mon 10-Dec-12 18:11:45

My sweep with dc4 worked followed by sex also blush

cherrypiew3 Tue 11-Dec-12 19:42:12

5kids I would not worry to much about the decluttering you have had loads to cope with since lo came.

Well was going to take all your advice went for sweep and fully intended to jump on dh when I came back grin. However we had to rush straight out to school dh now at work sad so that's the end of that. Not holding my breath that the sweep will work so will be back at the hospital for scan on Thursday.

Hope everyone is well.

CODwidow Thu 13-Dec-12 20:52:49

How are you 5kids?

I'm beginning to feel totally overwhelmed with the fact that I have to actually do this by myself next week, it's only a week of school run but still no idea how I'll do it!

LimeLeafLizard Thu 13-Dec-12 21:41:26

Hello all,

Cherry how are things? Hope you'll be back with some good news soon. Or if you are still waiting, how did your scan go?

COD hope you are doing ok too... how are your boys taking to having a sister?! I can imagine how you feel about the school run... I am beginning to wonder how I'm going to do it and I still have another 8 weeks to go!

I am feeling a big crappy - stinking cold, knackered the whole time, far too many things to do / remember before Christmas. Plus this evening I have spent the last hour in tears because one of my loveliest friends has just had some bad news about her 12 week scan. It is just so sad. I want to be there for her but appreciate she might not want to talk to me atm since I am still pg. Life is so unfair sometimes.

CODwidow Thu 13-Dec-12 22:24:34

The boys are in awe of her and so pleased. I'm very teary today, feeling very lonely not sure why as dh has been here all week but just hormones I guess. Also feeling bad as the delivery was so quick and intense at the end and I was puffing away on g&a I can't really remember her first being born and for some reason I feel really guilty about that sadsad

LimeLeafLizard Thu 13-Dec-12 22:59:23

That is lovely that the boys are pleased to have her! I'm sure the way you are feeling is completely normal and due to hormones.
Sounds like you need a bit of time and space to come to terms with her birth. Was your DH with you and can he talk it through with you? There are some parts of all my labours that I have just forgotten and I have kind of taken DH's memories as my own! Sleep tight tonight.

5kidsnobump Fri 14-Dec-12 10:53:49

Still here COD! I actually did the school run on my own this morning as DH was sorting out all the rubbish that has built up in the garage. Was ok, apart from DS1 managed to stand in dog Sh*t on the way to school, and then stood on my shoe straight afterwards, so ended up at school with that all over the place confused. Apart from that we all got there and back in one piece, so hopefully will manage next week when DH is finally back at work! (I can't believe he has been off for 7 weeks now!). We are going to have to be mega organised in the morning. At least there is one week of school runs, and then mine are off for 2 weeks xmas hols, when we can slob about in PJ's and not worry about rushing around in the morning grin

My birth was also pretty quick once we got to the hospital COD. I was also not really with it for the actual birth bit (also only had G & A). I didn't actually notice that the babys heartbeat had gone through the floor, and the midwife had pressed the emergency alarm & loads of people came rushing in! DH pointed that out afterwards - fortunately Harry was born straight away so no need for any more panicing, but now I look back at it, I can't believe I wasn't really that aware of what was happening at the time hmm

Oh no Lime that must be hard for you. Hope your friend is ok. I think it's hard to know what to say in those situations sad

Hello all

5kids glad to hear it's going well. Hope next week goes well for you

lime that's really hard sad

cod I think everyone gets a bit teary etc after having baby. It's such a wierd time.

Saw mw this week and despite my worry baby was breach she assures me there is def a head low down and what I've been feeling is in fact a bottom! Relieved!

Ds1 had his Xmas show last which was lovely. Saw dds today and it's such a difference. Ds1 is yr 4 so all a lot older and more sure of themselves and dd was reception/nursery and they are all so little and cute!

Poor dd tripped on the way onto stage (with baby Jesus) and ended up with a load of teachers looking after her till she stopped crying! And then carried on with the show! Bless her grin

cherrypiew3 Fri 14-Dec-12 19:50:58


Well still here 40+4 sad scan went well her head is that far down they could not measure her hoping that is a good sign.

Lime hope the cold is better today.

Apples I love the christmas plays we have them next week unless a certain someone decides to make her appearance then. We did have dd this week I got all upset when I realised it will more than likely be her last. (High school next year)

5kids Hope next week goes well.

Cod and 5kids envy at the quick births hope I get one of them.

CODwidow Fri 14-Dec-12 20:28:12

cherry that has got to be a good sign, so frustrating though! But as so many of us have proved it can literally happen with no other signs and be over in a couple of hours so who knows, I hope it kicks off soon. Be thinking of you!

CODwidow Fri 14-Dec-12 20:38:35

5kids dh has just arranged to do the morning school run next week so that's a weight off and I told him today about not remembering so we sat and he went through it all and there's not actually a lot that I'm missing so feeling a little better about that now. grin

Managed to get to asda today and went for lunch without baby even waking so feeling a bit more hopeful about actually getting out during the day lol. I think it's just because she takes so long to feed I couldn't even stop whilst out as I'd be sat there for at least an hr and a quarter. But it's still early days and I know it gets better.

SeymoreInOz Sat 15-Dec-12 03:24:24

Hello, just checking in.

cherry I hope you're not too fed up, it sounds like you're ready to go!

5kids I'm glad you survived the school run. I'm really worried about managing in the mornings. Thankfully (or maybe not!!) DD will be on her 6 week summer holiday from Wednesday. DS will still be in daycare 2 days a week though.

COD It really helps when you can get out and the baby sleeps. On Wednesday DS slept for 4 hours while I was shopping!! He was a nightmare yesterday though.

It seems like there's a few of us who had fast births. I do feel like I didn't get a chance to take it all in, but I'm also glad the really painful part only lasted 30 mins!

I've been really hormonal and focusing on the fact I want to go home! DH's parents are here until Tuesday and have been so helpful. They've been doing everything for the DCs while I hold the baby 24 hours a day. I feel so guilty even though the DCs are perfectly happy. I'm hoping I'll be able to spend more time with them soon.

Sams4lo Sat 15-Dec-12 08:17:45

Morning ladies

Sounds like everyone is doing really well and enjoying their bundles smile

Cherry - hope things are starting to happen smile

This end the bp tablets are working but my headaches are still there in the morning and sometimes during the day! Am starting to panic a tad as dc2 and dc3 could both have asd diagnosis before dc5 arrives, which is worrying me sad dc3 can't handle babies crying at the mo so this could be really fun! And I'm going to be out of action for 6 wks post section! Only saving grace is no school runs lol smile

LimeLeafLizard Sat 15-Dec-12 10:51:46

Blimey Sam you have a lot on... do you know when / if you're likely to get the diagnosis for your DC2 & 3? Hope it goes ok and you get the help and advice you need. On the up side at least the bp tablets are working.

seymore great to have your update. Your PIL sound nice and helpful! Do you think it is the post birth thing that is making you feel like you want to go home, or do you think it is a more permanent feeling?

Apple like you I've enjoyed watching the kids' Christmas shows, and noted the big difference in what they do in juniors vs foundation stage! I cried all the way through DS2's show... something about tiny children singing the traditional songs just gets to me!

COD glad your DH has helped you fill in some memory gaps.

Cherry good to hear from you and that your scan went well... fx today's your day!

I'm feeling a bit better, and a couple of my friends came over for a curry last night (as DH was out at an Xmas do) which cheered me up a bit.

Hello smile

I can't name check properly as am on my phone (due to the stupid time of night mainly). I am in awe of the school runners with lots of children. My eldest too are so old they get up, showered, breakfasted and out the door on their own for their school buses. I couldn't imagine having to get out the house early any more let alone when the baby is here.

Sam - I have worked with asd children in the past. Where are you with diagnosis? Many of the children have been truly delightful and wonderful to be around. You do have a lot on, I hope you're ok.

I'm fed up of spd, I find the nights really uncomfortable and getting up from sitting very painful. It results in several minutes of waddling, limping and instability. Does anyone know if it will affect my labour?

I hope everyone else is happily asleep...

Sams4lo Mon 17-Dec-12 07:34:43

Thanks lime and spring smile
Dc2 we r just waiting on the results, he's had the ados and 4 drs think its asd, so hope to get the answer in the next few weeks!
Dc3 is waiting for the ados again but dr thinks her last one she hid the asd, and the private therapist said oh yeah it's def asd, so hopefully in the next month or so!

Spring- I've had spd with dc2,3,4 and waiting this time for it to start sad my main problem is how long mine goes on after, dc2 was 10m post and dc3 was 2yrs post sad but dc4 was an early section and had probs after for 3m! The advice I was given is get a physio, support belt, crutches and get some string and measure the gap between ur knees that u can go to without pain and in labour give it to the midwife and say this is as far as I can go and they shouldn't let ur legs go any further apart so the after pain should be easier and less damage caused! Hope that made sense x

To ice the cake today back at the GPS as I think dc2 has picked and caused problems to his hernia which was repaired a while ago! He's a nightmare within 24hrs of surgery he picked all his stitches out so he was better he claimed lol x

Wow Sam so much to deal with. Hope dc2 is ok and you get diagnoses sorted. It's a lot to deal with without being pg too!

spring school run was ok up til now. In the morning what gets me there is knowing when I get home it's just me all day and I can rest if I need to. In the last week or so I've developed a pain in my left bum cheek/hip and it's now getting really hard to get there and back - even resorted to using car on Friday which I never do! Will be 38 weeks when they go back so am praying baby arrives then!

Apples - we are due at almost the same time I think. DD3 is currently at a childminders but when everyone else goes back to school and work she will be home with me. She is very easy and lovely to play with but I can't imagine how tired I will be. I don't want her to miss out because I decrepit!

Sam -I don't want to hear about SPD going on for months after! I thought it would go straight away! Nothing has really happened about it for me. I mentioned it to my gp who said it sounded like spd but nothing was every written in my notes and I've never been referred to a physio. As time has gone on I feel like I am suffering more and more but I haven't mentioned it to anyone. Maybe I should? How do you find life with asd children? It must be very challenging at times I would think.

I must stop mning and go to buy food smile !

Sams4lo Mon 17-Dec-12 13:54:18

Apples - to be honest I don't think the extra hormones help at all! Some days it feels like all the walls are coming in and however am I going to cope with a baby with the four we have already! But dh is working very long hours at the mo, which isn't helping so I'm hoping when he stops things will calm down smile

Spring- sorry to worry u about spd! I would def get referred to physio, ur midwife can do it! If it is spd ur better getting advise sooner rather than later smile my best friend and sister both had spd and were on crutches in pregnancy and it cleared up very quickly after birth (a few days max) think I'm the exception with it lasting months sad sorry again to worry blush x

sams I often feel like that.

spring I think we're pretty close dateswise. I know it's not long now but I find Xmas quite stessful anyway.

My mum just rang to say she she and my sis would be up on Xmas eve. She's all excited as it means she'll see ds2 on his birthday but I nearly cried as before she told me it would be sat! Sat is easier as I will b fully stressed by mon. I realise I am being unreasonable but I'm 8 months pg

Arggh stupid iPod!

Was trying to say am 8 months pg and feel entitled to be a bit unreasonable!

cherrypiew3 Mon 17-Dec-12 21:43:36


Sam you have a lot to deal with at the moment I hope the dc get diagnoses sorted soon.

Apples I feel for you with visitors coming at christmas. I really don't want any but know there's not a lot I can do about it.

Well I am still here 40+7 now really don't think dd is ready to meet the world yet and after listening to her brothers and sister arguing to night I don't really blame her.

<waves to everybody else hope you are all well>

LimeLeafLizard Tue 18-Dec-12 10:02:19

Hi Cherry, you sound admirably chirpy! By the time I got to 40+ I was in a complete grump! Hope the others will be quieter over the next few days to entice her out!

We don't have any overnight visitors at Christmas (well, just Dbro, SIL + 2DC at new year and my Dad a few days later), which takes the pressure off cooking etc. We'll have to do the driving / packing / visiting instead though...

elliejjtiny Tue 18-Dec-12 14:20:32

Hi, can I join? I'm expecting DC4 in July. Already got 3 boys aged 6, 4 and nearly 2.

Hello and welcome elliejjtiny. congratulations hope your enjoying your pg so far grin.

cherry am competly fed up and not yet at your point! Really hope baby comes soon for you.

lime I'm never sure if I prefer visiting (so I can leave when I've had enough) or being visited so I don't have to do the travelling! At least after mum and sis have been it will be just us. During this whole pg I've just wanted to hide away and am feeling pretty anti social now.

Am glad it is nearly all over!

cherrypiew3 Tue 18-Dec-12 21:15:31

Welcome Ellie and congratulations.

Apples I am also anti social and have been for a while now never been like this is any of my other pregnancies.

Lime How lovely to be on your own for christmas I normally don't mind but this year I am worried it might all be to much.

Well have seen mw and induction is booked for saturday cried all the way home really did not want to be induced but then don't want to be in hospital over christmas so not much choice.

cherry it could still happen before sat and at least you know it will soon be over and you will b holding baby x

I'm normally quite quiet anyway but this pg instead of just coping with people I've frankly been a bit rude at times blush

Have ds1 at home today. He has a nasty cold that I'm a bit worried might turn into chest infection as he's rattling like mad! Oh the timing I need to have all Xmas stuff done by friday and I still need some stocking fillers...

LimeLeafLizard Wed 19-Dec-12 12:24:12

Has anyone had the Whooping Cough Vaccine? Do you know if there are any side effects? (I should go and search for threads on this, I know!) I have mine booked for this afternoon and I'm hoping it doesn't make me feel ill over Christmas.

I saw my MW today and all is well, which is a huge relief as I've been irrationally worried since my friend lost her baby.

Cherry I understand how you're feeling, I've been there... on the up side at least you know it really won't be long now either way, and as apple says, you still have 3 days for baby to come of her own accord. If it helps at all, a couple of people I know who were induced with their 3rd babies said it was much smoother than being induced in a first pregnancy.

apple hope DS is feeling better soon... hope he's back at school in time for you to nip to the shops before Fri!

welcome ellie! My boys are 8, 4, and 2, so similar to yours...

elliejjtiny Wed 19-Dec-12 13:39:33

Thanks for the welcome, I'm enjoying some bits of pregnancy more than other bits, although no doubt a couple of days after I have this baby I'll be saying that the whole pregnancy was magical and want to do it all again grin. I'm more worried about the afterpains than the labour though which is probably a sign that I've got too many children already grin

Cherry if it helps both DS2 and DS3 decided to come naturally on the day I was meant to be induced. In fact I got to 3cm while they were getting the gel sorted out, to 5cm when they were getting the drip organised (so I asked the midwife not to bother with it). Then the placenta shot out while the midwife and I were talking about whether I should have the injection. There is still hope that your little one will come on his own.

Apple hope your DS feels better soon.

Lime I've had my flu jab but not the whooping cough as I'm not far along enough.

Hey cherry anything happening? Hoping silence means baby is arriving x grin

ENded up taking ds1 to dr as he was getting distressed when he coughed but dr says just a virus, lots of calpol. Ds2 gone to school in huff as he's not ill (even though he keeps trying to say he is) and dd is now off! Am sure ds2 will also come down too fun Xmas am shattered dealing with everyone and a bit frustrated that all the Xmas shopping I meant to do never got done ( and certainly won't now I'll have 3 dcs at home, dh has no time off till Xmas eve and that's ds2 birthday)

hope everyone else ok < waves>

Cravingtomatoes Fri 21-Dec-12 11:25:40

Just checking in to wish you all a good Xmas. Cherry sending labour vibes to get you into labour today. The best of luck this weekend and hope it all goes smoothly for you and you're home well in time for Christmas.

Lime I had both WC and flu vaccines. Neither gave me any side effects apart from a really dead/sore arm for a week.

Spring I had dreadful SPD in each pg, with DC4 it was the worst and I could barely walk (even with crutches) during the 3rd trimester. I was also worried about labour, but it was fine - I actually lay on my side for most of it (but my labours are v quick so don't need gravity helping by standing!) SPD didn't go away after birth this time (but it was definitely better than in pg), and feeling a lot better now nearly 4 weeks on. Still seeing physio too which has helped. Good luck.

Sam hope all's well with you - sounds like you have a lot on your plate atm. My nephew has ASD and my sister was v relieved when the diagnosis finally came when he was 9. He then got all the support he needed at school, and the family did too. Hope all well with your BP too.

Apple hope you get through Xmas ok with visitors etc. We are quite anti-social at Xmas at the best of times, so can't imagine how you must feel whilst pg.

<waves> to everyone else -on my phone so can't go back to previous entries.

DC4 will be 4 weeks tomorrow and all going well! Wishing you all a good, comfortable Xmas, espec all the ladies in the later stages of pg smile

Cravingtomatoes Fri 21-Dec-12 11:27:24

COD Congratulations on little baby Keira! Beautiful name and hope you're all doing well.

LimeLeafLizard Fri 21-Dec-12 16:29:02

Craving 4 weeks old already! Time flies. Hope he's growing well.

I echo your comments to Cherry, hope things go well for you...

Apple you must be shattered with your kids taking turns to be ill.
I have 5 boys in the house this afternoon (mine + friend's) aged 2,3,4,7,8 - and I am knackered. DH has a new phone and it kept making stupid noises in the night and waking me up, which didn't help.

WC jab went fine - sore arm but otherwise ok so far.

I'll probably be back here over the weekend, but just in case...
Merry Christmas everyone! smile

lime am frankly at the end of my rope now! Dp coughing and making sad faces at me earlier but seriously what the hell does he think I'm going to do?! Dd gone to bed early after refusing to eat any dinner (she had no problem with the ds's end of term sweets). Thankfully at 9 ds1 is able to look after himself to a certain extent and he has taken himself off to bed with a book. So I am left with the bouncy one...at least there are no more school runs and we can just lie around the house now til everyone is better!

5 boys sounds exhausting! Bet you were glad when their friends went!

craving hope your enjoying your little one, I can't wait to reach your point!

Cravingtomatoes Fri 21-Dec-12 19:22:00

Lime & Apple - LO doing well and putting on a lot of weight. He's lovely! Nights are a bit of an issue (he sleeps all day and is awake all night like a vampire like all newborns). However, having no sleep is much easier than the final weeks of pg, so I'm not going to complain.

Apple exactly a month to go and I hope that you can rest up more now there's no school runs for a couple of weeks. Your DC will be born before you know it. I hope your family are all better soon.

Oooh craving hadn't thought of that! Maybe this baby will be kind and arrive a little bit early...that would be lovely...

LimeLeafLizard Fri 21-Dec-12 20:34:25

at least there are no more school runs and we can just lie around the house now... hear, hear! Hope DH will let me have a lie-in tomorrow (he is usually really good about this).

My friend got stuck in traffic and finally collected her boys after 5 hours... I love my friend and her kids are great fun, but I was so tired I was glad to see them go! At least they all had a wonderful afternoon and I helped her out (and DS3 was asleep by 7pm for a change!).

Glad to hear babyCraving is doing well after his slightly early start in life. smile

wavesandsmilesatSanta Fri 21-Dec-12 20:52:54

Hello, could I join you please? I am expecting DC3 end of July and suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed! We will have a houseful, as I also have 2 DSSs who are with us every weekend and 2 nights mid week. So, it is a good thing that we already have a 7 seater car.... My youngest is 7, will be nearly 8 when LO is due so it is a very long time since I have been pg and whilst the basics are the same, it seems that I have forgotten everything important lots of things have changed.

Quite excited that this time next year we will be planning for Christmas with 5 DCs smile

MoonHare Fri 21-Dec-12 22:02:19

Checking in quickly.

So exciting to see all the new bundles arriving and how this thread is really thriving. Someone organised really should set up a post-birth thread in whatever bit of MN is appropriate.

All good here. Baby Moon is kicking and cooing on the changing mat at my feet right now. She's such a little smiler. She took pity on me and slept for 7 hours straight last night - bliss after 7 weeks of broken sleep.

School run (the bit I was dreading) has so far been fine. I'm currently seeking a 'statement hat' for those mornings when I have to go out with bed-head. I reckon an ostentatious winter hat says 'yes, I meant to wear this hat on purpose, it is a fashion statement and not a bad hair cover up'. There are some advantages to a winter baby, lots of opportunity to cover up.

Best wishes to everyone.

cherrypiew3 Sat 22-Dec-12 14:44:31


Just a quick up date will pop back later.

After my last post on Tuesday I went into labour all by myself in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Dd was born weighing 7lb 3oz and is perfect we are both home now and the dc are all smitten with her.

LimeLeafLizard Sat 22-Dec-12 18:42:48

Congratulations Cherry! wonderful news, just before Christmas.

Welcome wavesandsmiles, great to have you here... I'm sure you'll quickly get up to date with all the baby stuff. It seems to be mostly equipment which changes - updated car seats and prams, for example.

Moon, lovely to hear from you! Are you volunteering to set up a post-birth thread?! I guess it would fit in either post natal clubs or larger families? I would do it myself but another 7 weeks seems like a long time to wait! Good to hear you and babyMoon are doing well and that you've survived the school runs - that is the bit I'm dreading, too! I'll take your tip and keep an eye out for hats in the winter sales.

OodKingWenceslas Sat 22-Dec-12 18:53:14

Congrats on new babies & new people on the thread.Sorry am quite behind on this thread

I nearly suggested a PN thread a few weeks ago but thought you'd all leave & I'd be here alone blush

Yay congratulations cherry. glad to hear older dcs are smitten!

Having a bit of a what the hell have we done day today! First day of hols dd still not well and refusing to eat (after first demanding certain foods which were supplied and still not eaten)
ds1 clearly feeling better as has been sent to bed early after spending most of the day pushing ds2 around. Am completly stressed and baby is taking up so much room I am constantly uncomfortable and shouting isn't helping! sad

Doesn't help that dh hasn't had a day off in 2 weeks and won't be off till Xmas eve but won't actually be around then as it's nights so he needs to sleep. End. Of. Rope!

Hey all just thought I'd bump us as we're pages back now!

Hope everyone had a good Xmas and is off enjoying themselves and that's why it's so quiet

Keep having massive bh that make me all hopeful baby will soon be here. Oh how the end drags x

LimeLeafLizard Fri 28-Dec-12 21:58:43

Well done for bumping the thread... Merry Christmas to everyone!

I've been off MN for a few days. We're just home and getting sorted out now, trying to find space for all the new toys! confused Maybe I need to follow 5kids example and start de-cluttering?!

BH are a good sign Apple. Time is starting to drag for me, too (34 weeks today), but I haven't had any BH yet.

Hi lime the fact bh are getting stronger is good but I've been getting them since 14 weeks so not holding my breath! Still only 3 weeks left so the end is in sight - yay!

Did dcs get loads of new stuff? My dining/ playroom has been completly taken over and the mess is starting to make me a little bit crazy ( crazier )

HOpe everyone else ok

cherrypiew3 Sat 29-Dec-12 14:45:59


It's taken me a few days to get myself together dd is a little night owl so sleep is a luxury at the moment and we are struggling to get into any sort of routine.

Apples Towards the end I found myself thinking the same thing what the hell have we done and how are we ever going to cope I think all of a sudden it just gets very real. We did are first family outing the other day and I found myself looking at them all and thinking how did we end up having 4 children.

Lime 34 weeks not long to go once the dc go back to school time will fly by.

Well the last few days have been looking at where my little bump use to be and feeling sad that I will never do it again and that my pregnancy days are well and truly over. Feel a bit guilty that I wished them last few weeks away instead of trying to enjoy them.

Hope everyone else is well and try and enjoy your pregnancies Ladies.

Hi cherry I'm just gonna carry on and wish the last few weeks away! I remember before I got pg feeling a bit nostalgic for the bump days etc as we weren't having anymore! I think when its all over and you have a lovely baby and you see pg women you can get a bit 'rose tinted'. Am too uncomfortable and nackered to enjoy it ( though wierdly looking forward to quiet break when dcs go back to school which will only happen if baby stays put)

So no need to wish time away as ivy arrived super fast (5cm to 10 in 10 mins) at 2.40 am 01.01.13! 37 weeks exactly weighing 5lb11.

She is tiny and gorgeous and the dcs who only met her this morning are completly obsessed!

Happy new year!

LimeLeafLizard Wed 02-Jan-13 22:24:02

Hey, congratulations Apple, that is wonderful news that baby Ivy arrived quickly and safely. So glad I happened to check this thread to see your wonderful news!

Congratulations Apples <<stamps feet at queue jumping>>. My labours are a bit like that too. For me babies seem to be born within minutes of my waters breaking regardless of how dilated I am. It's quite shocking. Ivy is a lovely name and she sounds gorgeous!

<<<waves to everyone else>>>

Sorry spring! My others were all late and quitr long labours so we were completky unprepared and i went into shock after! It was all far too fast and intense so glad i will never do it again!

Spring i hope you get yours soon

freaking out now that im going to have to look after 4 now...

Oodhousekeeping Thu 03-Jan-13 16:15:02

Congrats apple smile lovely name.

Apples - you'll be fine. I've never gotten to 40 weeks so am assuming baby will be born before the 18th. I'll be totally unprepared if I go over! All my attention is now on birth, I haven't thought about having a baby for ages blush!

Sams4lo Thu 03-Jan-13 18:05:27

Congratulations smile x

Cravingtomatoes Thu 03-Jan-13 23:51:59

Congratulations Apple on Baby Ivy - that's wonderful news! And what a great date to be born!

Hmm bit mad realky as i already have ds2 a xmas eve baby. So now hqve xmas eve and new years day, next xmas will bankrupt us!

Just back from hosp as mw did blood test as ivy a bit yellow. Ended up in pead a&e where blood test done agai (& urine test - that wss an experience) & her leveld gone down so sent home!

Clearly ivy is determined to make her mark!

Ds2 currentky leaning over pram telling ivy no one will be allowed to hurt her!

Sams4lo Sat 05-Jan-13 17:04:09

Hey all just thought would let you all know how things are going my end smile

I went to the hospital and they want me to get to 28wks, and if we can a section a 34-36 wks is preferred! They think I had an abruption starting with ds1 as well and think I can't carry boys! Back at the hospital in 10 days for more checks smile will be having 2 wkly scans as well smile just hoping I can avoid being admitted. I'm struggling so much this time and the tiredness is awful, I thought the middle trimester u got an energy surge, I'm still waitin confused

Any way enough of my waffling on, I hope every one is ok and chat soon smile

LimeLeafLizard Sat 05-Jan-13 19:28:59

Hey Sam, just read your update. Phew, sounds like quite a lot for you to be thinking about. How many weeks are you now? Do they see you as being at risk of an abruption this time too then? I've never heard that about not being able to carry boys, although I have heard that boys are harder to carry, but not sure how / why. I'm sure it must be a worrying time for you and as you say, its hard enough anyway when you feel tired and are running round after all the others, let alone with this on top of everything. Hope the regular check ups and scans will help to reassure you and that you can avoid being admitted. Thinking of you, anyway.

Apple hope Ivy is still doing well, can't imagine trying to get a wee sample from a newborn. That is lovely that DS2 is so protective of her.

We've been doing a bit of preparation for the new baby in the house - rearranging the furniture in DS3's room to make room for the cot and getting new chest of drawers, shelves up etc. Also I have started to pack my labour bag. I find out at our scan next week whether I'll be allowed to go for the home birth or not. FX all is well.

cherrypiew3 Sun 06-Jan-13 13:06:23

Congratulations Apples lovely name.

Sam hope you are keeping well.

Lime Will keep my fx that you get to have a homebirth.

Still struggling with dd here she is very unsettled between the hours of 10pm - 4am so not getting much sleep, starting to panic a bit about dh going back to work he works nights so really hoping we can sort some sort of routine before then.

<waves to everybody else>

Cravingtomatoes Sun 06-Jan-13 18:56:50

Sam really hope you get to 34-36 weeks - how worrying. Hopefully there's not long to go? Funny about carrying boys being different, though. My DSs were both really low from the 2nd trimester and it felt like they were going to just fall out, unlike with the DDs. Do they think it affects the placenta then? Hope you're being closely monitored and you're managing to get plenty of rest in between looking after the DCs.

Lime yes, good luck with the scan next week as hope you have a positive outcome. What day is your scan? Nice that you're at the "getting ready" stage in the house too, and makes it all even more exciting and imminent.

Cherry I'm having the same problem with DS - he's now 6 weeks old, sleeps during the day and is really unsettled all night. In fact he won't be out down, but only a couple of times has he seemed colicky. As soon as I hold him he sleeps (he won't even co-sleep just wants me sitting/standing up holding him all him all night). 2 nights ago he almost went over the edge of the bed when I fell asleep h

Cravingtomatoes Sun 06-Jan-13 19:02:52

Sam really hope you get to 34-36 weeks - how worrying. Hopefully there's not long to go? Funny about carrying boys being different, though. My DSs were both really low from the 2nd trimester and it felt like they were going to just fall out, unlike with the DDs. Do they think it affects the placenta then? Hope you're being closely monitored and you're managing to get plenty of rest in between looking after the DCs.

Lime yes, good luck with the scan next week and hope you have a positive outcome. What day is your scan? Nice that you're at the "getting ready" stage in the house too, and makes it all even more exciting and imminent.

Cherry I'm having the same problem with DS - he's now 6 weeks old, sleeps during the day and is really unsettled all night. In fact he won't be put down, but only a couple of times has he seemed colicky. As soon as I hold him he sleeps (he won't even co-sleep just wants me sitting/standing up holding him all night). 2 nights ago he almost went over the edge of the bed when I fell asleep holding him shock luckily I woke up and caught him. A bit of a nightmare being so knackered in the daytime f. Help!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Cravingtomatoes Sun 06-Jan-13 19:04:00

Posted twice whilst trying to correct typos - damned phone!

Sams4lo Mon 07-Jan-13 07:28:48

Lime- keeping fx for your home birth smile
Cherry - thanks smile am feeling anxious and tired lol
Craving- I've had a few unsettled baby's they liked sleeping on my chest or dh chest! As dd2 got older had to get her a hip seat as she wouldn't leave me at all! Slings have helped with unsettled baby's, swing chairs are fantastic and saved me a lot of rocking smile as hard as this sounds a clingy unsettled baby is hard but I found they are amazing toddlers wink

I'm 19 wks so still got a way to go sad they think I'm at risk of abruption again both ds1&2 were not breathing, low birth weight, really low blood sugars at birth and both of their placentas were black sad ds2 was a complete abruption and ds1 is suspected abruption! But dd1&2 were easier i still had preeclampsia and gestational diabetes sad am just praying for a girl which sounds so selfish as everyone always says all they want is a healthy baby, which is why I pray for a girl as I'm so scared as ds2 was less than a minute from being here!

Hope everyone else is well x

LimeLeafLizard Mon 07-Jan-13 10:25:18

Sam in your case it is NOT selfish to pray for a girl - like all of us, you just want a healthy baby, and for you, a girl is more likely to be healthy. You are doing amazingly well to be having a 5th considering all the challenges you've been through in your previous pregnancies. Hope you are finding some time to look after yourself, it is hard I know.

Cherry & Craving sorry to hear your new arrivals are restricting your sleep so much. Hope they each settle into a good night and day routine soon! I am so looking forward to having my little baby that I am blocking out how much hard work it might be! I should make the most of the sleep I'm getting now - although interrupted, it is at least for most of the night!

VodkaJelly Mon 07-Jan-13 12:39:29

just checking in, my little girl was due on Christmas day but turned up on New year's day instead!! horrendous Labour, 23 hours in total,was 30 minutes away from an emergency c section but fantastic midwives (I had 3!) and consultant got her out, she was stuck and facing the wrong way. Lots of medical intervention including forceps so I am really sore.

but she was so worth it, can't believe how beautiful she is.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 07-Jan-13 13:09:58

Hi Vodka, congratulations on your little girl! Ouch your labour sounds very tough, so well done. Hope you make a quick recovery.

elliejjtiny Mon 07-Jan-13 13:18:56

Congratulations vodka.

sam it's not selfish to want a girl. I would prefer to have a boy as my boys all have a genetic condition which causes complications in pregnancy among other things. A boy wouldn't have those as he couldn't get pregnant. I hope you manage to avoid an abruption this time.

Congratulations vodka! Sounds like a bit of a marathon but great day to give birth grin

sams i think its normal in your situation to hope for a girl. In the end all any of us want is a healthy baby x reakky hope everything is ok and you mske 34 weeks x

lime hope your scan goes well. Thats great tgat your close enough to the end to start getting ready. I had forgotten just hpw exhausting a new baby is but am being rqpidly reminded!

Ivy is now back up to her birth weight after losing a little. Shes stil a bit yellpw but mw didnt seem too worried today.

Took her to pick up dcs from school and got mobbed! Shes so tiny and unexpectely early that i couldnt move for cooing mums smile quite enjoyed it!

Oh god proof reading! How many mistakes, im so tired...

A very quick update with more to follow later...our baby boy was born at 10.11 pm yesterday (16th). He is just lovely smile

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 05:55:11

Am soooo way behind on this thread. blush

Congrats to vodka - hope you are recovering ok!
Congrats to spring - did you know this was a boy? I can't remember blush youve 3 girls up until now havent you?

Sams4lo Thu 17-Jan-13 08:49:28

Congratulations smile

Went to hospital and the scan says boy sad to say I'm scared is the understatement of the decade, I've had a massive cry and got so emotional but feel a bit better today so am hoping the hospital look after us both! And to top it off the consultant wants me to have a vbac! I'm very confused and emotions are all over the place sad all we want is a healthy baby and just praying he's ok xxx

LimeLeafLizard Thu 17-Jan-13 12:06:37

Spring, many congratulations! thanks That is wonderful news... hope you're both doing well. Do post back and let us know.

Hello Ood, hope you're ok?!

Sams so sorry to hear that you're feeling scared knowing you're having another boy... I am sure the hospital staff will be doing everything they can to make sure you're both fine. You have a lot on your plate and plenty of time to consider whether you want a VBAC or not, so hope you don't feel too pressured.

I'm now 36+6 and starting to get quite impatient. Would still like another homebirth... but feeling a bit nervous this time too. My scan went well last week but they do think I'm having another big baby... so I'm hoping she comes a bit early and before she gets too big. They will induce me at 40 weeks anyway if I haven't already had her. It is all getting a bit scary now.

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 12:42:26

Oh sam can totally understand being scared, do you have a good relationship with MW to talk about it?

Sams4lo Thu 17-Jan-13 16:30:04

Lime - thanks smile I'm trying not to worry about delivery at the moment but its not always easy sad keeping fingers crossed for your home birth x

Ood - sadly I don't have a mw any longer as I'm consultant led and only seen at hospital by them or GP for emergencies! X

Becky2406 Thu 17-Jan-13 17:57:00

Iv just found out I'm pregnant with my 4th and it's my last !!!! I'm shocked and struggling ! Need to talk to ppl who are going throug the same please please please as feel alone !! sad

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 18:01:02

I don't have a MW either sam. Is there chance to go through it with cons or anyone who knows the situation? Even if you need to rearrange an appt.

Becky2406 Thu 17-Jan-13 18:13:19

Can I join the chat? I'm pregnant with my 4th dc I'm only few weeks about 6 so still in shock i need to talk to ppl who are going through the same. I don't have the support of my family my mum will kill me when she finds out sad my husband is over the moon and I told my best mate today thankfully she was happy and will support my thank gos I'm so scared to tell my family they going to go mad!!!!! sad

Glad to see this thread moving again!

Congratulations spring! Hope everythibg went ok x

sam sorry things so hard for you. It understandable that you feel worried.

becky you are exactly where i was nearly 9 months ago! Im afraid i never realky got over tge shock BUT i would now never b without my beautiful little girl! And so far having 4 isb't very diferent to having 3 (that said dh isn't back at work ti next week so...)

Ivy has been great so far. The jaundice is finalky starting to go and was weighed today and has gained 1lb 4 in just over a week 7lb now! This is down to being a greedy little monkey grin

LimeLeafLizard Thu 17-Jan-13 18:23:15

Hi Becky and welcome! Have a seat and tell us what is on your mind. <pours brew>
Why do you think your Mum will be cross? 6 weeks is early days, you have lots of time to get used to the idea and so does she. Great that your DH is happy about it, that counts for a lot ime. How old are your other DC?

LimeLeafLizard Thu 17-Jan-13 18:26:01

Hey Apples! Great to hear that Ivy is thriving. grin at X posting, me saying 'don't worry you've plenty of time to get used to it' and you saying 'I didn't get over the shock!' But it is a wonderful thing either way!!

Tbh i had a hard time at the beginning
and ending up in hospital at 20 weeks didn't help! it realky was all absolutely worth it tho smile

Becky the most important thing is that you and dh are happy about it. My dh was fab all the way through - mostly because he thinkd he has super sperm and was pleased with himself hmm glad to hear your best mate is supportive that helps x

lime yours was probably more helpful i just don't do pregnancy very well grin

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 19:21:07

hi becky wasn't ignoring you before just missed your post. tryIng to do too much at once

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 19:29:20

Congratulations Spring & Vodka - hope you and your babies are both doing well.

Hi Becky - sorry to hear you're worried about telling your mum. My mum wasn't happy when I told her I was having DC4 (I'm 39 for Christ's sake!) and didn't mention the pg at all for the whole 9 months not even to ask about scans etc. DC was born at end of Nov and she completely changed to being a doting gran once he was born. Hopefully your mum will be the same. And I second what was said above - as long as you and DH are happy, sod what anyone else thinks!

Sam sorry to hear things are even more stressful after the scan. It must be so worrying for you. Keeping everything crossed for you that everything goes smoothly for you, and that your DS is born not too early and nice and healthy. Is there a medical reason the Consultant is insisting on a VBAC? Thanks for the advice about settling dS. I think it's definitely colic as he's getting worse sad. The sling works brilliantly (thank goodness it's a comfy one) and he's better lying on my chest - I'm just afraid he'll roll off when I move (I'm a dreadful sleeper).

Lime really hope you get your HB. The last few weeks are so hard. Hopefully the fact you're having a girl means she won't be as big as your DSs were... Here's hoping and I hope you get through the lat few weeks ok.

Apart from the colic we're doing well here. DS is 7wks now and the sweetest baby! Hope everyone else is doing well too.

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 19:31:56

Ood how long have you got to go now and how's your SPD?

Apple grin at your DH feeling chuffed with his super sperm - mine was the same!

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 21:35:18

craving 8 weeks , SPD worse. Can walk around the house with crutches (room to room rsther than for long)but that's it , can stand without for a shower and now have a wheelchair for going out. Making me v frustrated & low

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 22:02:20

Ood shock how awful for you, poor you. Not surprised it's bringing you down - you must be in agony. Really hope DC comes a little bit early and you're getting lots of help with the other DCs.

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 22:35:22

Section is booked for 38 weeks which is another 7 weeks.

LimeLeafLizard Thu 17-Jan-13 22:35:56

Blimey Ood that is tough for you... I am frustrated enough with my discomforts, can't imagine not being able to go out. Poor you. I second everything craving has said about hoping baby comes a little bit (safely) early and that you're getting help with the kids. Who does your school run then?

Craving nice to hear from you too! It is good that the thread is going again. Can't believe your DS is 7 weeks already! Hope his colic improves soon.

Stay safe in the snow, everyone...

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 23:38:03

Ood I hope that the next few weeks go quickly for you. It's so unfair you have to go through all this added agony to the already difficult task of being heavily pg. Can't wait to read your post that your DC is here & hope that your symptoms ease quickly after.

Thanks Lime! Sure he will settle soon. Time's definitely flying - trying to make it slow down a bit as this is our last DC sad but it's not working. Your DD will be here before you know it too. Are your DSs excited? Yes it's good to see thread again. Really hope it snows here tonight (not had any yet) or DCs 1&2 will not be happy

Oodsigma Fri 18-Jan-13 04:57:04

Dd1 takes herself and dd2 should take herself but can't be trusted has dh in the mornings and my parents in the evening.
I keep 'comforting' myself with the fact that it's only me that's limited apart from dh putting up with me, baby is fine & well and dds have other people getting them out.

Hello Everyone, thank you for all the lovely messages. It is going ok and I feel more 'well' than I was expecting which is good. Baby doesn't entirely get the idea of day and night so I am quite tired. He wants to feed all the time which is quite draining and which has left my poor boobs wrecked. I think his latch is ok but I might need help if it doesn't improve. The Big Sisters have all been amazing including the two year old which has been lovely. Dd1 is home today as we think if she goes to school she won't be able to get home. She is quite a good helper at 14 so it's worked out well smile. My birth experience wasn't great but things are settling down more now and I am starting to feel better about it. The baby is so lovely and I am really enjoying newborn snuggles.

cherrypiew4 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:28:00


It's been a while since I have posted dd keeping me very busy.

Congratulations Spring and Vodka

Ood Sorry to hear that the spd is really bad at least there is an end in sight now that you have a date for your section.

Craving I am with you on the time flying by dd is now 4 weeks and I am trying to enjoy every day with her she is also our last.sad How is your ds during the night now is he starting to settle down?

Sam Thinking about you.

Apples how many weeks is your dd now think you had her pretty close to me having dd, glad to hear she is doing well.

Lime I think it does get a bit scary towards the end it suddenly becomes very real, fx for your home birth.

Well dd finally seems to be settling at night although I dare not say to much. After almost 5 weeks at home dh goes back to work on Monday I am dreading it I have not really done any school runs and if I have dh has been with me, and life has been so easy having him at home.

We have loads of snow here today so dh and the boys have been out most of the day.

Cravingtomatoes Fri 18-Jan-13 16:55:37

Cherry good to hear your dd is settling better at night - it must be a relief to be sleeping better. I hope your school runs go ok when your DH goes back to work. We're lucky not to have to do them, and I guess it will take some getting used to. I'm sure once you're all in a routine it will get easier? Good luck with that. No, ds is not settling at night. I think he has colic and it seems to be getting worse. We'll get there in the end, though!

Spring glad you're doing ok though sorry to hear you had a difficult labour. Hope you're getting lots of rest in the day despite the sleepless nights.

Hope everyone's coping with the snow!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 18-Jan-13 17:07:44

There is quite a lot of snow here too... having been longing to get to the 37 week 'term' milestone in the hope that baby might come a bit early, I'm now hoping to goodness she doesn't come until the snow has melted, just in case we can't get to hospital / MWs can't get here / family can't come and collect the boys!

Great to hear your news Cherry, glad your DD is settling better now. Maybe with all the snow your school run will be further delayed?!

Spring sorry to hear that the birth didn't go so well for you. It is lovely that your DDs are all happy to have their little brother, your DD1 sounds very helpful! Funny to think that a year ago we were posting on the TTC threads!

cherry ivy is 2 weeks now. Glad to hear dd settling well. I will join you in school runs as dh back at work on tues night - am a little nervous!

spring sorry to hear birrh was hard. Hope your gettinf some rest now.

ood poor you it must be a relief to have a date when it will def b all over.

lime so close to the finishing line! i had ivy at 37 weeks exactly so you never know tho i understand your worry about snow etc. I had to get taxi to hosp at 11 on mew years eve which was scary as their pretty busy then!

Ivy had to come to ds1 merit assembly today. We got a massivr awww from yhe other parents thrn had to leave early when she needed feeding!

Countmyblessings Sun 20-Jan-13 20:57:42

Ood - my heart really goes out to you the spd sounds awful I dare not complain about mine as I can still get around and so independant and no need for any assistance!!! I have another 7 weeks am really hoping baby will come early about a week which is still fine for me! The snow is no joke and the school sent text saying they may have to close early so thinking why bother send ds8 to only have to collect him early! Did that on Friday!!! Also ds2 has scarlet fever so have had no sleep for 3 nights as so restless and clingy!!! It's a fight to give him his med its nasty!
For all who have had babies I can't wait for baby snuggles and hugs and all that good stuff that erases the last 9 months!!!!

Sams4lo Thu 24-Jan-13 07:39:34

Sorry ladies not been on for a while sad ood poor you with spd sad

having to record bp twice a day! Damn doctors are getting on my wick now and my cpn is involved as I'm getting so low! Last time the drs mucked me around so much I wanted to cut him out at 28 weeks! So now worried I will feel this way again sad drs are saying that I can go into spontaneous labour at 39 weeks shock I've always been induced and last time was a csection at 34 weeks! All this stress is causing awful headaches and stress, am so worried! And to top things off my spd has started and am laid up in bed!

With dc2 I had pain post delivery for 10 months and the physio with dc3 said to have a section and the drs ignored her so with dc3 my spd it was so bad I had pain for 2 year post delivery and felt something go during delivery, then dc4 was a csection and had crutches for 3 weeks, it was amazing, still had physio for my spinal condition for a few months but nothing like dc3!

What do I do? I'm so worried sad do I push for a section or have an induction? My OCD is in overdrive and am scared to make the decision sad any thoughts are welcomed smile x

Oodsigma Thu 24-Jan-13 08:49:04

I would ask to see a different consultant. Get a second opinion. I would want to be clear on the risks of a VBAC against a planned section. Can the CPN support you at an appt. it's v easy to get talked down and questions not answered by Drs especially when you are anxious.

LimeLeafLizard Fri 25-Jan-13 16:32:45

Sorry I've not posted much as been ill and ended up in hospital last night. Now posting from my bed and can't type well on tablet thingy. Still feel crap but baby is ok. Just want to be well and delivered of healthy baby!

Sam you sound in a really bad way, puts my probs into perspective. I'm Not with it enough to offer good advice but have you thought about starting a thread on here specific to your situation. think you need some help you sound overwhelmed. Have a brew and a hug from me.

Oodsigma Fri 25-Jan-13 17:25:35

How long left lime ?

LimeLeafLizard Fri 25-Jan-13 18:22:20

38 weeks today, so officially 2 weeks to go. Had hoped early sweeps might mean early labour but am not strong enough to push out a baby atm so hope she hangs on until I am.

Oodsigma Fri 25-Jan-13 19:02:24

Not too bad then. Enough time to recover hopefully.

Cravingtomatoes Sat 26-Jan-13 18:58:25

Sam sorry to hear about all the stress you're under. Ditto what Ood said about getting a second opinion and knowing exactly why they are advising a VBAC through induction. Your SPD sounds horrendous and I can see why you may want to have a CS earlier than 39 weeks. Hopefully once you have all the facts you can then make an informed decision. You're having such a difficult time - really hope the next few weeks go quickly for you.

Lime sorry too to hear you've been ill in hospital. I hope that both you and baby are okay? Hope you're better now and home again. Again, I hope that you get an earlier birth than the last ones. The last weeks are so hard without the added illnesses etc. Sending labour vibes your way.

Countmy hope the last few weeks go quickly for you too. It won't be long until you're cuddling your LOs and these difficult pgs will be a distant memory.

We're ok. DS seems to spend a lot of time a sleep, and wants to be held all the time. It's fine during the day but hard at night. Co-sleeping is the only way forward!

cherrypiew4 Wed 30-Jan-13 16:13:28


Lime and Sam How are you both doing?

Have had a busy 2 weeks here dh back at work and I am struggling to find a routine. Dd is hard work at night finding it hard getting her to go down its early hours of the morning before she goes to sleep. Then I have to wake her for the school run.

Hope everyone is well.

cherrypiew4 Wed 30-Jan-13 16:15:32

Craving how is the co-sleeping working out? Dh works nights and I am thinking about trying it.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 30-Jan-13 16:41:53

Thanks for asking I am much better and apart from a persistant cough and runny nose you'd hardly know just how ill I was last week. It helped that MIL came over for a few days to help with the house and kids so DH could get back to work.

Now I am back to hoping that the baby comes soon! I have a sweep booked for tomorrow so we'll see how that goes... I have all the usual niggles (braxton hicks, period pains, pressure low down, etc) but I'm trying not to get too optimistic as I might have a couple of weeks left to wait!

cherry that sounds tiring, and quite a few on this thread seem to be juggling sleep deprivation at the moment! Hope she starts settling earlier soon. If your DH isn't there at night anyway I can imagine co-sleeping might be easier.

Sam, hope you're ok

<waves to everyone else>

Cravingtomatoes Wed 30-Jan-13 19:08:41

Cherry sorry to hear you've been having difficult nights too. DS stays up with me till I go to bed. Then co-sleeps and it is MUCH better. Last night he woke at 3am then 6am which felt much more normal (before he was literally awake the whole night until 5am then went to sleep just before the other 3 woke up. It was exhausting).) DH is sleeping in spare room as I was a bit paranoid with DS being prem and the HV warning me not to co-sleep as he was prem. But I think the risks are low (never smoked etc).. So we all feel better having more sleep! Definitely worth a go especially if your DH works nights. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight - let us know how it goes.

Lime good you're feeling better and good luck with your sweep - hope to hear news of Baby Lizard very soon smile.

Hope everyone else is doing well - Ood and Sam hope you're both coping with the SPD.

Countmyblessings Thu 31-Jan-13 23:22:48

Ood- how are you coping with your spd on a day to day basis? Was forced to give up work on Monday as went work and was in so much pain I was in tears!!!! So unofficially on sick leave until next week then mat leave starts!!!! DH went out tonight and bought me a small stool so I can step into bed,bath with screaming in pain!!! Turning over and getting up at night to go loo is my worsed right now!
Is there anywhere that I can trade in this body to get a better one, spd has made this pregnancy not as enjoyable as my passed 3 which is sad as I do love being pregnant!!!!

ShellyBobbs Sun 03-Feb-13 11:52:29

Not been on here for ages!

Tommy is now 3 months old and he has just slotted right into family life. He's slept in bed with us from day 1, as did the other 3. He sleeps on my chest as this is his preferred place, we have bought a cot but i'm in no hurry to put it up as i'll really miss him (even though he'll be right at the side of me grin).

SPD is a bitch! Hugs to everyone suffering from it.

Oodsigma Sun 03-Feb-13 12:08:50

Count- crutches, wheelchair , my mum comes when dh is at work to help with tea. I can manage bed time with older dds to help. I can stand enough on my own for a shower but lean a lot, not tried a bath. I was signed off at the start of Dec and officially start may leave on 18/2 as I stayed sick until last minute (36weeks). It's getting out that's a problem as I usually need someone to take me & drop me at the door. We only have on street parking so I can't always get to/from the car.

Cakestar Sun 03-Feb-13 15:31:11

Hello! I'm expecting dc4 in September, surprise pregnancy pretty scared about it all, we're coasting along quite well with 3, but now I'm plunged into awful nausea / dread cycle beginning every morning at 5 am and lasting all day! I know I'll feel better once trimester is over but it seems an absolute marathon each day! Not looking forward to work tomorrow, any positive words from anyone would be gratefully received...

LimeLeafLizard Sun 03-Feb-13 17:07:31

Massive sympathy to all those of you with SPD, it sounds horrendous. Pregnancy is tough enough anyway, without all that to cope with as well. At least we all know it is worth it in the end.

Shelly nice to have your update - can't believe Tommy is 3 months old already! Time flies.

Welcome Cake, and congratulations. How old are your DC? I had terrible nausea with DC3, so I understand how you feel. Hope it does get better for you as the first trimester ends. Getting up so early doesn't help... I always found it wasn't so bad if I'd had a lie-in.

I'm now 39+2 and feeling pretty impatient. Had two sweeps so far, some progress being made but nothing that is actually triggering labour! I just want to avoid induction and get my homebirth! But as you all know, it is just a waiting game.

Countmyblessings Sun 03-Feb-13 18:57:11

Ood-my gosh what a nightmare to have to deal with crutches, wheelchair just to get around daily!!!!!!! It's just awful to get to the finish line with our babies the pains we endure! I give you a gold star - not long now!
Congrats - Cake - dc4 - it's nice to share our journeys together!! Sorry for the sickness - as your not new to it, Hopefully it will pass soon.
Shelly - 3 months time does go quickly but I'm sure your enjoying every second of it!
Lime - ohhhh I'm so sorry that nothing is happening but I'm
Sure it will be real soon and I hope you get your home birth!
It's just as I said the last weeks just seems too drag!!!
Roll on March!!!!! Whoop!

Oodsigma Sun 03-Feb-13 19:11:29

Welcome cake & congratulations. I think the first trimester is awful as you don't tell people you're pg but feel rough & have to hide it. Fingers crossed it settles down soon.

Hello Everyone, sorry to hear about the spd, how awful. I did have it myself but it was mild in comparison. I could still do everything I usually would, just slower and with (bearable) pain. I'm really glad to say it went almost immediately after DS was born.

Lime - you are so nearly there! The last few days are so tiresome and it feels like you'll be pregnant forever! I'm looking forward to hearing your news.

All is well here. DS is very lovely and fairly easy going. Not a lot of crying at all (providing the cuddles come thick and fast) and we are getting into life with two littlies. I'm lucky that have no school runs as the older children are at secondary school and both go by bus. Dh went back to work this week and it has been ok. I'm tired as there are obviously night feeds but I think I'm lucky as we go between three and four hours between feeds with no real unsettled periods. Some of the ladies on the January thread seem to be having such a horrendous time I feel I couldn't post as I'd just sound annoying!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 08-Feb-13 22:10:34

Thought I'd post an update to mark the reaching of my due date. There is not a glimmer of a baby in sight, unfortunately, despite several sweeps! I've been a bit crampy but experience tells me this can go on for weeks so I'm not holding out much hope. Induction booked for a week tomorrow, so there is still a reasonable chance I might go naturally before then.

Spring, lovely to hear your update... DS sounds like a little gem! I bumped into EmpireBiscuit (from the sleigh) on another thread (about being overdue!) and she said to send you her best wishes. Think she'll have been induced by now so I'm keeping an eye out for updates.

hope everyone is doing well.

<<<waves to Lime>>> I'm thinking of you, hopefully you'll go into labour on your own xxx

Becky2406 Sat 09-Feb-13 09:09:51

Can I join I'm pregnant with ddc4 eecckk I'm in shock I have 3 dds 8yrs 5yrs and 4yrs I have got rid of everything have nothing baby in the house I'm 10 ish weeks had my booking in apt with mw and have scan booked for march. My family don't know and will not be happy when they do I'm very scared of telling them but not sure if its due to being fat (bmi 30+ ) (size 18) or baby number 4 but I'm already "showing" my belles rounded off and I carnt get into any of my clothes my tummies hard too. It gets in my way. Anyway hope after this moaning I can still join smile thank you

Hello all

spring i'm in the same boat. Feeding going really well and Ivy sleeps well between feeds at night - like you i don't want to go on jan thread and boast smile

Ood i really feel for you spd sounds awful. Hope you are getting plenty of help.

Lime hope things kick off soon, at least the end is in sight and you will soon be enjoying newborn cuddles smile

Sam hope your ok

Cherry snap! My dh is on nights too. Its been ok getting used to having 4. Once the school run is done its just me and Ivy which is lovely.

Thingd are going well here. Weekends are a bit mad but think they will get easier , just a mattet of getting everyone out or tgey go crazy! Ivy feels huge now (almost 6 weeks) and is finally no longer yellow! she's just lovely and the others absolutely dote on her!

Only problem is dd1 who now throws tantrums on the way to school.but we are handling it x confused

cherrypiew4 Tue 12-Feb-13 23:45:24


Welcome Becky and congratulations I felt the same about being pregnant with number 4 did not really want to tell family to my surprise they took it really well hope this will be the same for you.

Lime Hope you are having baby cuddles right now.

Spring Lovely to read your update and glad that ds is doing well, I at last also have a baby that seems to be settling.

Apples I hate dh working nights and I am finding it hard to get back into the routine without him. Ds2 is also playing up in the mornings going to school once we hit the class room door he bursts into tears and won't let go of mesad but he has to go and I have to deal with it.

Well there was no need to try co sleeping dd is doing well now and finally sleeping although she does not go down till late but at least I get sleep. Had my postnatal today and everything is fine just waiting for my periods to return. Dd is having her 8 week jabs on Thursday and we are suppose to be making an appointment to book dh in for the snip, although we don't want anymore I am not sure about doing this but dare not say anything to dh.

Hope everybody else is well.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 18-Feb-13 10:27:53

Hello everyone,
at last I am having baby cuddles! DD arrived safe and well on Saturday lunchtime.

I was induced on Friday, started off a bit slow but once I got going it all happened quite quickly. It was very painful but I didn't have time at the end to have anything except gas and air, and I ended up having a waterbirth so quite a good experience overall.

Hope everyone is well...

Countmyblessings Mon 18-Feb-13 13:21:19

Huge congrats - Leaf and welcome to the world to your baby girl! Enjoy all the baby cuddles and sorry that the beginning of your birth experience wasn't nice but glad for your happy ending!
Cherry - so how does DH feel about the op? If he doesn't want it will you tell him how your feeling?
Welcome Becky - I hope things have settled now with your feelings about being pregnant again! And I'm sure when your family know they will support you fully!
Apple - glad to know Ivy is doing well hopefully your DH night shift will not be for long!
How is everyone coping with the children on half term!
I'm just glad it's now and really praying by the time Mothers Day comes I would of had my baby!!!!! ( please please baby)

Pinkbump3 Wed 20-Feb-13 23:25:44

Hi all can I join I'm 11 weeks (I think scan on Monday) with dc4! It was a total shock! We absolutely where not planning any more and got rid of every trace of baby items from house. There was a lot of tears but now starting to get over the shock but I do feel a bit sheepish as if its a bad thing don't really know why maybe because I feel older.im 35 next week and dp is 44 we have a 13yr old a 12yr old and a 3yr old (4in April )
I have only told 2 close friends so far who where really positive about it.
I have to admit I'm really not looking forward to doing the whole baby years again and I hope this feeling passes X

Countmy dh has been on nights for years its better money.

Cherry we've managed to get into a routine and nights with just me and ivy are sort of easier. Also it meabs dhhas uninterrupted sleep and is better abke to help.

Lime so glad to hear your news! Massive congratulations. Hope your enjoying new baby cuddles

Welcome pink, hope your over tge shock. Trust me it is akk ok in the end x

cherrypiew4 Sat 23-Feb-13 23:09:39

Lime Congratulations on the arrival of your dd hope you are both well.

Welcome Pink hope your feeling well and starting to get over the shock.

Count I have spoken to dh about the op and he wants to have it so I have not said anything. Half term went fast for me and we did not really do much. How may weeks are you now?

Apples I am starting to get into a routine at night now and it is getting much easier still wish dh worked days though.

Can not believe that dd is now nearly 10 weeks it is going so very quick. She is now weighing 11lb and is getting a little pudding the other dc still adore her I thought it might of worn off by now she is one very lucky little girl.

beeingfruitful Sat 23-Feb-13 23:46:15

May I join you please? I am 41 and 10 weeks pg with number 11. I'm also new to Mumsnet.

Being welcome and crikey 11 shock how do you manage? 4 is absolutely my limit!

Wow cherry it goes so fast doesn't it? Ivy is 8 weeks on tues. Glad your okder dc are still besotted, mine are constantly asking for a hold - currebtly the whole house is working hard for thosr gorgeous smiles Ivy is reallu mean with them smile

Hope everyone ekse is ok

LandsN Sun 24-Feb-13 10:52:06

Hi I am 5 weeks with dc 3 I have 1 ds 11 and a dd 8 I have had 3 mc's since then so fingers crossed this time is ok, omg 11 that must b a handful do u think this will b your last or will u have more?